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The Atlantic: 1491.

Indians were here far longer than previously thought, these researchers believe, and in much greater numbers. And they were so successful at imposing their will on the landscape that in 1492 Columbus set foot in a hemisphere thoroughly dominated by humankind.” I take issue with this article. They ignore the Dutch explorers, my own ancestors, dammit. Much to cause controversy inside, I suspect - some conclusions seem based on best-news-sensationalism, rather than scholarship. Still, a worthy read.

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Daily Beast: Sex In 2050 - More Robots, Less Humans.

It is hard to predict what sorts of sex AIs will invent for their own amusement, but likely they will do so. [snip] This is another area we’ll need to protect from hackers.” The things we find to worry about ...

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History: Is Photo of Jesse James with Killer Real?

This is it, just huge, like finding a T-Rex leg bone.” Well, maybe not. But still pretty neat. Jesse, is that a gun in your fly?

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Guardian.UK: World’s oceans facing biggest coral die-off in history, scientists warn.

The fact that 2016’s bleaching will be added on top of the bleaching that has occurred since June 2014 makes me really worried about what the cumulative impact may be. It very well may be the worst period of coral bleaching we’ve seen.” ‘May be’. Let’s hope for better than the worst-case, shall we?

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Archaeology News Network: Ancient Roman mosaic found in Tuscany.

Gorgeous, except for that portrait. Nightmares.

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The Atlantic: What Happens After Intelligent Life Is Discovered.

My bet: “Can you PLEASE stop broadcasting reality TV?”

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SciAm: Antioxidants May Make Cancer Worse.

Eschew the mega-doses. I’ve wondered about this. Everyone I knew using vitamin supplementation for cancer seemed to end up with an accelerated demise.

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Archaeology News Network: Reeves - Tutankhamun’s treasures may have originally belonged to Nefertiti

Making the most of his time in the spotlight. Hope he’s right.

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OpenCulture: 20 New Lines from The Epic of Gilgamesh Discovered in Iraq, Adding New Details.

Boss. I still suspect we’ll learn more of early Bible tales, in the archaeology of Iraq.

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Authority Nutrition: 7 Nutrient Deficiencies That Are Incredibly Common.

Nice that AN lists edible remedies.

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Guardian.UK: Petition demands Maze Runner cast apologise for ‘thefts’ from Native burial site.

Air-headed actors/actresses. I hope they’re brought up on charges. Howzabout they help clean up Navajo lands, after the Animas River spill?

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PLOS One: Does Publication Bias Inflate the Efficacy of Treatment for Depressive Disorder?

The efficacy of psychological interventions for depression has been overestimated in the published literature, just as it has been for pharmacotherapy. Both are efficacious but not to the extent that the published literature would suggest.Via MeFi.

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Atlas Obscura: Hand of Hercules.

As one guide put it, ‘the rest of Hercules became Amman’s countertops.’” Keeping them clean is no doubt a fitting ... Herculean ... task.

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Flickr: Project Apollo Archive.

Allow significant time.

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Authority Nutrition: Do Multivitamins Actually Work? The Surprising Truth.


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Archaeology News Network: Scientists solve the riddle of deep ocean carbon.

There has been a long outstanding question about whether hydrothermal vents are a source or sink of organic carbon to the oceans. We have shown that hydrothermal vent fluids contain almost none of the organic carbon which accumulates in the oceans, which means that vents are a sink for this unreactive ‘stored’ carbon.

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Archaeology News Network: Archaeologists uncover secrets of Revolutionary War site.

Lexington. “Watters’ favorite discovery is the button. ‘It is gorgeous,’ she said. ‘It has a fox, a windmill, a bridge on it, and to think something this delicate has been sitting here for so long is incredible.’

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CNet: Stephen Hawking says nomadic aliens might crush us.

Nick Bostrom also had an interesting take on this subject. His contention: if we’re not contacting aliens, there must be some challenge, some barrier that advancing civilizations hit, that rubs them out. The fact we’ve survived this long, means our greatest test is before us, not behind us. Worthy of many an hour of contemplation, that. Is it even possible to prepare effectively for an unknown extinction-level event?

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Archaeology News Network: Ancestral background can be determined by fingerprints.

Anthropologists have looked at fingerprints for years, because they are interested in human variation. But this research has looked at Level 1 details, such as pattern types and ridge counts. Forensic fingerprint analysis, which is used in criminal justice contexts, looks at Level 2 details—the more specific variations, such as bifurcations, where a fingerprint ridge splits.

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Ahram Online: Anticipation grows at possibility of Tutankhamun tomb’s hidden chambers.

Eldamaty has promised that on 4 November, the same day Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered, the radar results of scans on the two walls will be announced.” Dang, this is exciting.

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Guardian.UK: Mormon church issues call for calm as ‘blood moon’ sparks apocalypse fears.

Would it be so bad if the world ended, and nobody noticed?

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The Atlantic: Should Stuttering Be Treated, or Embraced?

If you had a magic pill, would you take it? And for me, the answer is no.” Hard one to swallow; the average listener is getting more and more impatient. I leave just a second open, and I’ll never get back to the point I was trying to make.

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Guardian.UK: Shady dealings of William Shakespeare’s father ‘helped to fund son’s

There seem to be two tracks on ol’ Shakes. One is doing serious research, the other is expending efforts to deny his existence.

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Wired: The Bizarre, Bony-Looking Future of Algorithmic Design.

Explicit design is when ‘you have an idea in your head and you draw it,’ he says. ‘Generative design is when you state the goals of your problem and have the computer create design iterations for you.’

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SciAm: Antibacterial Soap Has Poor Killing Power.

It does no better than plain soap against 20 strains of bacteria.” I was happy to see in the local grocery, that Lava is still available.

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