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Archaeology News Network: Potential jousting casualty unearthed at Hereford.

... there is a considerable amount of evidence suggesting this man was involved in some form of violent activity and the locations of his injuries do match quite closely what might be expected from taking part in mock battles. The fact that he was still doing this after he was 45 suggests he must have been very tough’.” ‘Tough’ ain’t reserved for the young, writer.

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Archaeology News Network: New clues cast doubt on ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’.

Great detective work. Very much worth the read, for armchair sleuths.

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VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal: The cost of delaying action to stem climate change: A meta-analysis

This analysis concerned the cost of trying to hit the same climate target with a later start date for the policies. It showed that the cost of achieving a given target would rise by about 40%. This, however, is only one factor to consider in assessing the timing and magnitude of action on climate change.

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NASA: ‘Bright Spot’ on Ceres Has Dimmer Companion.

The brightest spot continues to be too small to resolve with our camera, but despite its size it is brighter than anything else on Ceres. This is truly unexpected and still a mystery to us.” Completely cool. I’m betting on the Guardian of Forever.

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Guardian.UK: Stop calling for a Muslim Enlightenment.

Marked for later reading.

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Forbes: New Mexico Considering Legislation To Sell Spaceport America.

I predicted this result was likely.  Betting Virgin Galactic or SpaceX picks it up for pennies on the dollar. Just a waiting game now.

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ScienceDaily: Scientists bring oxygen back to dead fjord.

Of interest.  Could be classified as minor geoengineering.

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BBC: The pioneering female astronauts who never saw space.

[Jerrie] Cobb was bought out the tank after nine hours and 40 minutes ‒ a record at the time, as no man had endured more than six hours and 20 minutes and no woman more than six hours. On top of that, Cobb had not suffered any hallucinations.

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Luxor Times: Egyptologists prove Pharaoh was brutally killed in a battle away from home.

The King was probably on his horse when he was attacked and hit at his lower back then ankles till he got on the ground when the attackers brutally killed him with their axes on his skull.” Ouch.

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Pacific Standard: Who’s Really to Blame for the Black Death?

I get tired of every friggin’ event getting viewed (or bodily into) a climate-change lens. You know I believe in climate change; it’s just that it’s become the go-to culprit for every historical crisis now, to the exclusion of all other influences.

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Guardian.UK: Facebook will lose 80% of users by 2017, say Princeton researchers.

Scientists argue that, like bubonic plague, Facebook will eventually die out.” Linked for that quote ... yet, this FB plague continues to change and adapt, more like HIV ...

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AuthorityNutrition: Gluten Sensitivity is Real, and “Wheat-Free” is Not Just a Fad.

This study made headlines all over the world, claiming that gluten sensitivity had been disproved and that gluten was safe for anyone except people with celiac disease. However, this is completely false. What this study does show, is that gluten probably isn’t a very big factor in irritable bowel syndrome, in which case FODMAPs are the main player. This study also happens to support the fact that many people (IBS is very common) are intolerant to wheat, and should make an effort to avoid it. It’s just that the mechanism is different from what was previously believed. The solution, a gluten/wheat-free diet, is still the same, and just as effective as before.” My italic and underlined emphases. I got into a dustup over this study on FB; this reinforces my contentions there.

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Discover/Neuroskeptic: Right-Wing Brain Surgeons - The Case of Surgical Neurology International.

Good lord. I suppose we’re used to climate change/GMO science being perverted, but health now, too? In such a particularly difficult field, it seems extremely inappropriate and wasteful.

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Chemical Heritage Foundation: Mummies and the Usefulness of Death.

But as mummy medicine became popular in the West, merchants found new ways to satisfy demand. Tomé Pires, a 16th-century Portuguese apothecary traveling in Egypt, wrote that merchants ‘sometimes pass off toasted camel flesh for human flesh.’” Yum, yum.

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National Interest: Are Submarines About to Become Obsolete?

I suppose you could set ‘em up in shoreline parks, as they’ve done with old nukes and aircraft. I suspect a smidge too big for that sort of end.

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Science: Drones and satellites spot lost civilizations in unlikely places.

When ecologists look at the Amazon, they see ‘virgin wilderness’ untouched by humans, Iriarte says. But thanks to the discovery of large-scale earthworks called geogylphs and terra preta — ‘black earth’ that was purposely enriched by humans in the past — archaeologists have concluded that at least parts of the rainforest must have been home to large, agricultural settlements.

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BBC: HIV vaccine that transforms cell DNA brings fresh hope.

After so many false alarms, let’s wait and see how long this one lasts before debunking.

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American Meteor Society: Fireball Tracking System Analysis.

I was wondering if the perceived uptick in meteor sightings was newsworthy. Yes and no.

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Archaeology News Network: Mysterious object unearthed at Stone Age site in Norway.

To my eyes, it looks like something to wind a scroll with.

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SciAm: Pig Poop Fouls North Carolina Streams.

Well, I happen to know that NC universities are working hard to try to come up with ways to deal with the problem in-situ. My aunt worked in such research for one of those scholarly institutions. We used to make all kinds of jokes, but after living downwind of a small pig farm, I have to say it’s incredibly important. Until you’ve experienced it, you have NO idea. A smell so bad, you almost vomit on the first wafts to your sinus passages.

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BBC: Alien star system buzzed the Sun.

Larry Niven would take this and run with it!  Thanks, Bill L!

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Aeon: Is the Many Worlds hypothesis just a fantasy?

But this is (speaking as an ex-physicist) very much a physicist’s blind spot: a failure to recognise – or perhaps to care – that problems arising at a level beyond that of the fundamental, abstract theory can be anything more than a minor inconvenience.” As I noticed with hard-core physics grad students at Princeton, they have a terrible time with the world beyond the chalkboard. I forgive them a bit of fantasy.

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PS Mag: When It Comes to IVF, Who Should Call the Shots?

As each failure occurred, I ended up doing more IVF research. Looking back, I cannot imagine having triplets and caring for their needs.

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Phnom Penh Post: Naked temple shoots perplex.

Far from being harmless fun, the behaviour was deeply offensive to Khmer culture.” I suppose, with easy smartphone photography at your fingertips, everyone wants to do a fashion-quality (high production value) selfie. Narcissism run up against cultural mores. More will occur.

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Guardian.UK: Alzheimer’s researchers find molecule that delays onset.

It doesn’t stop the initial formation, but it stops it becoming a chain reaction.”  Unfortunately (you knew this was coming), “Brichos is unlikely to be suitable as a drug because it would be absorbed by the body before having the chance to work in the brain.”  It’s another step in the right direction though.

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