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ArtDaily: Skeleton from Greek mystery tomb to be identified next month.

The result of macroscopic study of the bone tissue (identifying) sex, age and height will be announced in January.

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Archaeology News Network: Secrets of Roman concrete revealed.

The mortar resists microcracking through in situ crystallization of platy strätlingite, a durable calcium-alumino-silicate mineral that reinforces interfacial zones and the cementitious matrix. [snip] The dense intergrowths of the platy crystals obstruct crack propagation and preserve cohesion at the micron scale, which in turn enables the concrete to maintain its chemical resilience and structural integrity in a seismically active environment at the millennial scale.

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Archaeology News Network: Dental plaque reveals key plant in prehistoric Easter Island diet.

Sweet potatoes, not bananas or taro or breadfruit.

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Stanford: Stanford psychologists show that altruism is not simply innate.

Digging deeper.

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DiscoverMag: Aspirin May Help Prevent Skin Cancer.


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Art Daily: Hebrew U. archaeologists find 20-meter-high corridor at Herodium National Park.

Better and more photos, please.

Later: Two impressive interior photos here.

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USA Today: Dramatic video shows turbulence rock AA flight over Pacific.

Commercial airliners are, if my memory is correct, able to handle -1.5 to +3 g’s.  Unspoken as yet, turbulence seems to be on the rise. Global warming, one assumes.  We certainly see more lenticular clouds over the mountain ranges here, than in past years. Lenticular clouds have (as opposed to the above article) broken even military aircraft to pieces.

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BBC: America’s ‘ringing’ rock arches recorded.

The field is very well established in civil engineering; it’s called structural health monitoring. We’re just the first to extend that to natural rock arches.” Coolness.

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Ancient Origins: Ancient Humans Bred with Completely Unknown Species.

What it begins to suggest is that we’re looking at a ‘Lord of the Rings’-type world - that there were many hominid populations

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Ancient Origins: Intriguing discoveries from million-mummy necropolis in Egypt revealed.

OK, wow.

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Archaeology News Network: Chickens and turkeys ‘closer to dinosaur ancestors’ than other birds.

Gee, that means I just ate (yesterday) a green-chile-and-dinosaur tamale ...

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SciAm: Exercise Counteracts Genetic Risk for Alzheimer’s.

Several others reported that frequent exercise — at least three times a week in some studies; up to more than an hour a day in others — can slow cognitive decline only in those carrying the high-risk gene. Furthermore, for those who carry the gene, being sedentary is associated with increased brain accumulation of the toxic protein beta-amyloid, a hallmark of Alzheimer’s.”  Git movin’.

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ScienceMag: Wealth may have driven the rise of today’s religions.

Once people’s worldly needs were met, religion could afford to shift its focus away from material rewards in the present and toward spiritual rewards in the afterlife. Perhaps once enough people in a given society had made the psychological shift to long-term planning, moralizing religions arose to reflect those new values.

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BPSResearchDigest: Use of torture in “time bomb scenarios” influenced by desire for retribution.

Moreover, their finding that people’s support for torture is influenced by the identity and the culpability of the suspect shows that the practice is often endorsed as a form of punishment, not as a way to extract information. Taken altogether the researchers conclude their findings “cast serious doubt on the use of ticking time bomb scenarios as an argument for legalized torture”.” Interesting.

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Guardian.UK: Rosetta discovers water on comet 67p like nothing on Earth.

Measurements from Rosetta’s Rosina instrument found that water on comet 67P /Churyumov-Gerasimenko contains about three times more deuterium – a heavy form of hydrogen – than water on Earth.” ... assuming all comets are the same.

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Atlas Obscura: Quietly Growing Among Us, These Trees Flew to the Moon and Back.

There’s a bit of trivia that’s new.

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Archaeology News Network: Opulent clothing unearthed in Ming Dynasty tomb.

Fine needlework.

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BBC: Why is diesel now bad news?

First, there have been problems with the particle traps - some drivers have removed them because they sometimes don’t work properly unless the car is driven hot. Second, the diesels are still producing nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which irritates the lungs of people with breathing problems. Diesels make several times more NO2 than petrol cars.” ‘Clean Diesel’ is apparently a misnomer.

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Archaeology News Network: Danish Bronze Age glass beads traced to Egypt.

The analyses revealed that the glass originate from the same glass workshops in Egypt that supplied the glass that the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun took with him to his grave in 1323 BC.” Atenism? Proselytized internationally? Lordy, what a find. This should shake western religion to the core.

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PS Mag: Facts? We Don’t Need No Stinking Facts!

New research suggests that, if options such as relying on biased sources of information prove insufficient, many of us simply rely more heavily on “unfalsifiable” assertions—ones that cannot be definitely proven or disproven.” We are wonderfully, illogically human after all.

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NY Times: Run to Stay Young.

Of interest. As many studies have noticed, walking is nice, but not enough.

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Vox/Study: Left-handed people earn 10 percent less than righties.

Most of this gap can be attributed to ‘observed differences in cognitive skills and emotional or behavioral problems,’ he writes, adding that since lefties tend to do more manual work than right-handers, the gap appears to be due to differences in cognitive abilities, not physical.” What about poor ambis?

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Inside Higher Ed: Princeton U. Press launches open, all-digital version of Einstein Papers Project.

The launch of the Digital Einstein Papers includes more than 5,000 documents that span the first 44 years of Albert Einstein’s life. As the organizations collaborating on the project—the California Institute of Technology (the project’s home), the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (which houses the Albert Einstein Archives) and Princeton University Press—work to sort through tens of thousands of articles and letters, the website will grow to one day feature what the publisher said may be the first free digital collection of a prominent scientist’s complete works.” Yay, PU Press!

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Youtube: Liftoff of Orion.

Feels good.

Later: And back safe. But you knew that already.

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SciAm: Can Fear [Anxiety] Be Erased?

Give oxytocin to people with certain anxiety disorders, and activity in the amygdala — the primary fear center in human and other mammalian brains, two almond-shaped bits of brain tissue sitting deep beneath our temples — falls.

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