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PS Mag: The Solar Revolution That Wasn’t.

According to scientific observers from the Department of Energy who studied the plant, bursts of smoke can be seen roughly every two minutes as birds, insects, or other objects cross the mirror’s intense rays. It happens with such frequency that plant workers developed their own term for the phenomenon: “streamers,” so called for the trail of smoke left in the burnt feathers’ wake.

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Harpers: The Neoliberal Arts.

This is education in the age of neoliberalism. Call it Reaganism or Thatcherism, economism or market fundamentalism, neoliberalism is an ideology that reduces all values to money values. The worth of a thing is the price of the thing. The worth of a person is the wealth of the person.” Good read. Read ‘o the day.

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Mashable: 2 black bears cozied up to a hiker but she just wasn’t having it.

Don’t be scared.” She *should* have scared it. It needs to stay away from humans. Bears need roughly 20,000 calories to fatten for winter, and this is prime bear time. For god’s sake, don’t offer it food or drink. The result of this encounter, for this bear ... means being put down.

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Archaeology News Network: Pharaonic mummy gets facial reconstruction surgery.

This facial reconstruction stuff ... I don’t know. This guy looks like he was the Royal lemon-sucker. I’d send the specs out to more than one outfit, and correlate the results.

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Mashable: NASA flies you past Pluto in new animation.

Neat. I wonder if the ‘wobble’ on approach is the various thruster operations required to stay on target?

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Guernica: Fukushima and Beyond.

There seems to be no way that deep nuclear disarmament can occur as a result of international diplomacy without a parallel process that involves phasing out the nuclear energy option for all countries.

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NPR: Oliver Sacks, Renowned Neurologist And Author, Dies At 82.

I have been lucky enough to live past 80, and the 15 years allotted to me beyond Hume’s three score and five have been equally rich in work and love.” RIP, good sir.

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Phys.Org: Researcher argues that there’s more to the genus Homo than we may think.

Interesting theory. Bound to shake some folks up.

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ArtDaily: Archaeologists unearth ancient Greek palace with important inscriptions near Sparta.

No sign of Gerard Butler’s CGI abs, though. [Teasing.]

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Guardian.UK: Activists threaten lawsuit against EPA over fracking-induced earthquakes.

Other groups involved in the lawsuit include the Natural Resources Defense Council, Earthworks, Responsible Drilling Alliance, San Juan Citizens Alliance, West Virginia Surface Owners Rights Organization, and the Center for Health, Environment and Justice.” Go, Earthworks, go!

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Guardian.UK: Black holes have a way out, says Stephen Hawking.

The existence of alternative histories with black holes suggests this might be possible. The hole would need to be large and if it was rotating it might have a passage to another universe. But you couldn’t come back to our universe. So although I’m keen on space flight, I’m not going to try that.” So, when this Universe turns into a puddle of lukewarm dark goo, we just find a black hole to travel through.

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New Yorker: Shipwrecks Under Istanbul.

All they wanted to do was simply dredge the harbor. Then “... the real problem was the large number of Byzantine shipwrecks that began to surface soon after the excavation began, in 2004. Dating from the fifth to the eleventh century, the shipwrecks illustrated a previously murky chapter in the history of shipbuilding and were exceptionally well preserved, having apparently been buried in sand during a series of natural disasters.Thanks, WiredFool.

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SciAm/Q&A: Why Is Blue Light before Bedtime Bad for Sleep?

I just checked out Amazon - there used to be a whole market of ‘blue light generators’ to *enhance* sleep. Thankfully, they’re disappearing fast. Only a few ‘aurora’ ceiling projectors left.

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Israel21C: Shipwreck linked to Baron de Rothschild.

Imagine what you’d find if you drained the Mediterranean. Which, BTW, place a Bermuda “triangle” over any spot in that body of water, you’ll find more historical disappearances ... probably x100.

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Archaeology News Network: The pronoun ‘I’ is becoming obsolete.

Recent microbiological research has shown that thinking of plants and animals, including humans, as autonomous individuals is a serious over-simplification.” There is only ‘we’.

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Archaeology News Network: Oldest case of leukemia found in Neolithic skeleton.

Many people seem to believe leukemia is a post-industrial phenomenon. You can educate them it’s not so.

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Archaeology News Network: Divers raise wreckage of Confederate warship.

Tons of scrap metal. Ironclads were pretty much cobble-together jobs with available parts. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a frying pan or three patching holes.

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LA Daily Post: New Santa Fe Institute Director David Krakauer Has No Plans To Keep A Low Profile.

Krakauer is a charming academic with a playful otter-like intellect and restless energy. An avid reader and futurist, he alluded to several science fiction authors and novels, including Kim Stanley Robinson (of the Mars trilogy and most recently Aurora) and Neal Stephenson (Cryptonomicon and most recently Seveneves), who will be visiting the institute soon.” Written by my friend Roger Snodgrass, this sounds like a new chapter for Santa Fe, much less SFI.

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BBC: Dementia levels ‘are stabilising’.

Even if a statistical anomaly, 2% fewer than predicted is a good thing.

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Guardian.UK: Aztec skull trophy rack discovered at Mexico City’s Templo Mayor ruin site.

Heard of these, never seen one until now.

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GlobalPost: It’s official. Earth just had its hottest month ever recorded.

Well, with El Niño, it was quite wet and mild here in Santa Fe. No 100+ degree sweltering-nights weeks. I should be thankful for small favors in the midst of ecopocalypse.

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The Register.UK: Retired space shuttles cannibalised for parts.

This week, four water storage tanks are being yanked from Endeavour - the most up-to-date of the shuttles. It made 25 flights to the ISS between 1992 and 2011 and is now on display at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. But it is not the first shuttle to be picked over for parts. Similar tanks were stripped from the Atlantis shuttle in May.” How the mighty have fallen. NASA, put up a ‘donate’ button on your website. Some of us still want to fuel our dreams.

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Authority Nutrition: Aspartame, Good or Bad?

Safe. Unless, perhaps, you’re prone to headaches or a child susceptible to seizures. Didn’t seem to have any studies about what it might do to the gut biome - a concern these days. Sucralose plays hell with the gut.

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NASA: New Online Exploring Tools Bring NASA’s Journey to Mars to New Generation.

Looks like they color-balanced to remove the usual red tone of the atmosphere? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Aeon: Is archaeology better off without religion?

The history of archaeology is a history of writing history.” Um ...

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