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PRI: Two psychologists say they’ve identified a long-lost (and misattributed) work of Shakespeare’s.

I’ll wait for other corroboration.

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Discover: Smoke From Wildfires in Canada Stream Across Much of the Central United States.

Gee, thanks ... we’ve had plenty, really.

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Montana’s getting some heat.

Nope, climate change ain’t real ...

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c|net: Professor warns robots could keep us in coffins on heroin drips.

Hmmm. This kind of result is exactly what Nick Bostrom was talking about here in SF the other week.  I’m current reading his book, “Superintelligence.

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Re/Code: SpaceX Rocket Explodes Shortly After Takeoff on Elon Musk’s Birthday (Video).

Two things come to mind. One, in the case of an ‘anomaly’, it seems all audio goes dead (or is erased before publication). No soundbites for the media. Two, this points out how difficult it will be to determine when to initiate the manned Dragon capsule’s abort procedure ... will it get far enough away from the Falcon before such an explosion damages structural integrity? This seems an exciting system so far - these payload runs would be an excellent method to test this function.

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c|net: Slumbering black hole in Milky Way roars back to life.

Someone turned on the galactic garbage-disposal?

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SciAm: Researchers Study 3 Promising Anti-Aging Therapies.

Of interest.

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Hyperallergic: Another Treasure Lost in Iraq - The Story of Mar Behnam Monastery

The demolition of the mausoleum of Imam Yahya ibn al-Qasim and the tomb of Imam Ibn Hassan Aoun al-Din wiped out two of Mosul’s prominent medieval landmarks. When another explosion obliterated the Imam Dur mausoleum in Samarra, it wiped out the earliest example of a muqarnas dome in the world.” Not just the well-known landmarks are being destroyed. They’re blowing up *everything*.

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BBC: Freeze sperm at 18, bioethicist urges men.

... the risks from fathering children later in life were ‘really quite small’.” Yet in America, you can’t donate to sperm banks over the age of 39. So who’s right?

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Archaeology News Network: Mummified 17th century bishop a unique time capsule.

An unexpected discovery that emerged from the CT scan was a four- or five-month old foetus ...” Well now that’s creepy.

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SciAm: Should Italy’s Prized Olive Groves Be Burned to the Ground?

The bad news, of course, is that as the trees are dying, so is a culture that has prevailed for millennia.

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PubMed/NCBI: Effect of antiperspirants on whole body sweat rate and thermoregulation.

Our data show clearly that although antiperspirant prevents sweat production in the axillary area, this does not impact the ability of the body to thermoregulate following a rise in body core temperature. Thus, recent consumer questioning over this aspect of antiperspirant use appears to be unwarranted.”  I wondered. I was out doing physical things over the (hot) weekend, and got a touch of heatstroke. I wondered if antiperspirant contributed. Apparently not.

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Guernica: The Arts and Humanities Aren’t Worth a Dime.

A liberal arts education teaches you how to think, not what to think; it produces informed, skeptical citizens capable of absorbing, weighing, and creating all sorts of knowledge. It may not teach you how to change your oil or program a website, but it prepares you to learn any skill, and most importantly, to question how any task is performed, challenge conventional wisdom, and introduce new processes.

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Guardian.UK: Exposure to mixture of common chemicals may trigger cancer, scientists find.

The finding supports the idea that chemicals may be capable of acting in concert with one another to cause cancer, even though low-level exposures to these chemicals individually might not be carcinogenic.

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NewsQuench: 8 million mummified dogs found in Egypt.

... this was a surprising and very pleasing find ...” Dog lovers won’t be so pleased.

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History Today: Mysticism and Machines.

In everything from the Biblical teraphim (mummified oracular heads) and Haephestos’s handmaidens, endowed with speech and sentience, to the Chinese practitioners of khwai shuh, who sought to bring images and statues to life to serve as slaves, Cohen’s focus is on the mystical origins behind the search for perfect human imitation.” Sounds like fun.

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SciAm: The Isolating Effects of Anxiety.

... anxiety, more so than anger or disgust, blinds people to others’ experiences.” Of interest.

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Archaeology News Network: Cremains in Vergina Royal Tomb give up few secrets.

Perhaps we’ll have the tech to untangle the mystery. For now, a solid ‘maybe.’

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SciAm: How Dinosaurs Shrank and Became Birds.

... recent research suggests that a few simple change — among them the adoption of a more babylike skull shape into adulthood — likely played essential roles in the final push to bird-hood. Not only are birds much smaller than their dinosaur ancestors, they closely resemble dinosaur embryos.

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BBC: Dawn probe sees Ceres’ spots in more detail.

The best guess is that their brightness stems from the presence of ice or salt.” Just be sure you say the right words after. Suggestion.

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Guardian.UK: North American scientists call for end to tar sands mining.

... researchers said tar sands crude should be relegated to a fuel of last resort, because it causes so much more carbon pollution than conventional oil.” Sense.

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PS Mag: Even Atheists Intuitively Believe in a Creator.

Of note.

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Discover Mag: 75-Million-Year-Old Blood Cells Discovered in Dinosaur Bones.

This discovery indicates that blood and other cells might be preserved much longer in fossils than previously believed. And studying these cells in the future could give us brand-new insights into how dinosaurs looked and behaved.” 

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Archaeology News Network: Amazonian ‘Wonder Woman’ found on Greek vase.

The image, drawn on a cyindrical box with a lid used by women of antiquity to keep jewelry or cosmetics showed an image of a woman embroiled in battle against a Greek warrior. More intriguingly, the woman, much like the DC Comics Heroine Wonder Woman, has a lariet, a lasso, that she is preparing to throw over the warrior as he crouches behind his shield.”  My astonished italics.

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NPR: Lost Posture - Why Some Indigenous Cultures May Not Have Back Pain.

Hell, I’ll try anything.

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