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Past Horizons: Rewriting the history of Glastonbury Abbey.

... the site of Arthur’s ‘grave’ was revealed to be a pit in the cemetery containing material dating from the 11th to 15th centuries, with no evidence linking to the era of the legendary King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.” Aw, rats.

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Guardian.UK: Scientists finally get under the skin of a 13th century publishing mystery.

It was a craft industry where the skills have been handed down from father to son, and stay within families, and we don’t know how they did it anymore.

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Telegraph.UK: Secret pagan basilica in Rome emerges from the shadows after 2,000 years.

There were lots of cults worshipped at the time and the empire was in general fairly tolerant towards them.” Hmmph. ‘At the time.’ Constantine enjoyed practicing many cults much later than the family in the article (300s AD), and did not get baptized until shortly before death ... and even that, by an Arian bishop (heretical). Another case of journalists not knowing what the hell they’re writing about.

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Archaeology News Network: Prehistoric teeth reveal how our ancestors ate 400,000 years ago.

Grab some aurochs steak – or whatever is on the menu – with one hand. Grip it between your teeth and, with your other hand, use a small flint blade to slice off a manageable bite size. But watch out because those flint tools are sharp and if you’re not careful, you could chip or graze your own choppers.

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Chronicle of Higher Ed: Bringing Up Genius.

The best have both talent and fanatical practice habits. But if one student is lazier, talent can’t compensate — the one who practices more comes out ahead.

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Guardian.UK: Centuries-old Incan mummy’s DNA reveals untold story of ancient lineage.

It’s another brick in the wall ... [snip] ... people came to the Americas quite rapidly and then groups stopped in isolated places, creating their own demographic complexities.

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ByzantineBlog: Byzantine ‘flat-pack’ church to be reconstructed in Oxford after 1k years

You show your power by planting churches. He [Justinian] sent out flat-pack, self-assembly churches – Ikea churches.” Justinian, for you non-classicists, is the Byzantine emperor who built the Hagia Sophia, among other things. A very interesting individual. The set of laws in the Code of Justinian illuminates a great deal of Roman history, and at his decree, paganism was outlawed ... and the Greek schools of philosophy shut down for good.

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ArtDaily: Treasure hunter Ruben Collado seeks gold in sunken British ship off the coast of Uruguay.

The Argentine adventurer spent 14 years searching for the wreckage before finding it by accident in 2004, when the propeller of his boat struck a sunken mast as he trolled around the River Plate estuary. ” After fourteen years, that must have been an *amazing* moment.

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BloombergBusiness: What’s Really Warming the World?

Fantastic use of interactive animation. Scroll through it all.

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Register.UK: D-Wave heads for New Mexico.

In other words, conventional supercomputers can only do so much nuke-simulation, and if quantum annealing works as it says on the box, it’ll help give the US a shiny new arsenal without having to actually blow things up.

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Popular Archaeology: Earliest church in the tropics unearthed in former heart of Atlantic slave trad

During the excavation several tombstones of local dignitaries were recovered. One enormous stone found in the side chapel belonged to Fernão Fiel de Lugo, a slaver and the town’s ‘treasure holder’ between 1542 and 1557.” Well, if he could get buried in the church, you certainly shouldn’t have to concern yourself with red Starbucks cups.

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Mashable: Archaeologists have discovered a giant graveyard of Greek shipwrecks.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, the Bermuda Triangle has *nothing* on the Mediterreanean. Greater traffic over a longer period of time.

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SciAm: Historic Rosetta Mission to End with Crash into Comet.

Gathering more valuable info ... though I have to point out, it’s a bit of littering, too. Driving around NM, the thought keeps returning to me: “We humans really know how to junk up a beautiful spot.”

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Prestigious medical journals rejected stunning study on deaths among middle-aged whites - The Washin

An increasingly pessimistic view of their financial future combined with the increased availability of opioid drugs has created this kind of perfect storm of adverse outcomes.

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Archaeology News Network: 2,500-yr-old female warrior grave found in Altais.

Their women, so long as they are virgins, ride, shoot, throw the javelin while mounted, and fight with their enemies. [snip] They do not lay aside their virginity until they have killed three of their enemies, and they do not marry before they have performed the traditional sacred rites.

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Guardian.UK: Half of world’s rare antelope population died within weeks.

This is not really normal for a biological system. It’s bizarre, extremely rare and doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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TED/Ideas: Should you stop eating fish?

Some vectors most don’t consider.

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Archaeology News Network: Black hole has major flare.


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Western Digs: Nearly 9k Artifacts Uncovered in California Desert, Spanning 11,500 Years of History.

Unlike most stone tools, obsidian can be dated, using a technique called obsidian hydration analysis, and it showed that these deeper components of the site seemed to have been used several times, from 8500 to 6500 years ago.” Learn something new - I didn’t know obsidian could be dated.

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Smithsonian: Arsenic and Old Graves - Civil War-Era Cemeteries May Be Leaking Toxins.

... in 2002, a USGS-sponsored survey in Iowa City found arsenic levels at three times the federal limit near an old cemetery.” War, the gift that keeps on giving. Arsenic back then, depleted uranium today ...

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NCBI: Fungal infection in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

The Economist (paywall-hidden) has an article about fungal infection as being a potential vector for Alzheimer’s. Closest ref I could find.

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Archaeology News Network: Chicken study reveals evolution can happen much faster than thought.

By studying individual chickens that were part of a long-term pedigree, the scientists led by Professor Greger Larson at Oxford University’s Research Laboratory for Archaeology, found two mutations that had occurred in the mitochondrial genomes of the birds in only 50 years.” Sure to scratch up some interest, that.

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LA Daily Post: Hitching A Ride On The Pumpkin Bus ... Historic NM CubeSat Ready For Low-Earth Orbit.

Another corker from friend Roger Snodgrass up at the Los Alamos Daily Post.

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WesternDigs: T. Rex Fossil Found in Wyoming Reveals Cannibalism Among Tyrannosaurs.

Pass the salt. Grandpa just croaked.

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WaPo: The ‘driest place on Earth’ is covered in pink flowers after a crazy year of rain.

Cool. I came within a millimeter of being hired to shoot the lithium mine(s) in the Atacama, last fall.

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