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Archaeology News Network: Ear bone of Neanderthal child points to anatomical differences.

... we do not yet know the relation between these morphological differences and hearing in the Neanderthals. This would constitute a new challenge for the future.” Now there’s something mindbending. More or less sensitive hearing?

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Reddit/Sci: Folic acid lowers stroke risk in people with high blood pressure - large clinical trial.

Read the comments before slamming folic acid tabs.

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CosmosUp: Catastrophic Collapse Of Universe Is Imminent, Physicists Say.

Better than an eternal expansion. At least there’s a chance of another bang.

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SciAm: Memories May Not Live in Neurons’ Synapses.

The idea that synapses store memories has dominated neuroscience for more than a century, but a new study by scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, may fundamentally upend it: instead memories may reside inside brain cells.” Hmmm. Bad for PTSD sufferers, but potentially good for Alzheimer’s patients.

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Popular Archaeology: Archaeologist Discovers Mysterious Ancient Maya Citadel.

Let’s hope it’s undisturbed.

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Guardian.UK: Richard III DNA tests uncover evidence of further royal scandal.

... before we raise questions about the legitimacy of the Yorkist kings and the Lancastrian kings, there are questions higher up the line, raising doubts about nearly all of the Plantagenets.Sewing the seeds of familial discord in the Plantagenets. You may quote me.

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New Scientist: Should we thank god for civilisation?

The most important is Göbekli Tepe in Turkey: a cluster of 11,000-year-old buildings with spectacular statues and other monumental architecture. The archaeologists who found it interpreted these as having a ceremonial purpose: a “cathedral on a hill”, as one put it. Yet the people who built them were nomads, not farmers. So the radical suggestion now is that it was not agriculture that drove the revolution, but religion.”  Chaco research would seem to indicate that settled farming appeared alongside ceremony; big, dramatic to-dos to guarantee crop success. Drought threw them back to nomadic lifestyles. In fact, they were so p-d off at the failure of religion and its trappings in the face of drought, they burned the buildings, carried out the contents and broke everything in the middens piles.  But this is only one of many theories. Thought it worth mentioning. As climate change settles in, who’d want to be a minister?

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Archaeology News Network: Mummified pre-Inca baby found at historic tomb complex in Peru.

In the last 60 years researchers have examined just 10 per cent of the historic site. So far they have uncovered 2,000 mummies, ceramics and hundreds of pieces of textile, silver, copper and gold.

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Archaeology News Network: Acropolis of Athens built to withstand earthquakes.

The modular columns, other than the fact that they were made to be constructed and transported more easily, they are designed so that they have excellent seismic performance properties” But can you prove it was intentional.

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Past Horizons: Rare first edition of ‘The Map that Changed the World’ unearthed.

Since then, its ‘disappearance’ means it has rarely been exposed to light, preserving the incredibly bright original colours.” Again, the frequency of finding ‘lost’ original works simply makes me believe forgers are having a field day. Perhaps I’m wrong, but the near-weekly occurrences are beggaring my belief system.

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Legislative Explorer.

A one of a kind interactive visualization that allows anyone to explore actual patterns of lawmaking in Congress.”  Fascinating.  Takes a bit to learn what it does.  Pull the left-hand slider and zoom in, first. You’ll take off from there.

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ProPublica: How Much Water Do You Use? Help ProPublica Investigate Water Use in the U.S.

Survey form. Let’s give ‘em a gout of info, shall we?

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Our Pluto.

Help us put names on the maps of Pluto and Charon!” Choose early weblog names for features.  I mean, why not?

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Archaeology News Network: Study raises questions about cause of global Ice Ages.

Of interest.

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People’s Daily Online.CN: The most complete ancient crossbow unearthed with terracotta army.

The best crossbows’ shooting range could double that of an AK47, reaching almost 800m ...

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SciAm: Alzheimer’s Drug Slows Mental Decline in Early Study.

Perhaps some hope. Already in human trials.

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BBC: Rosetta’s comet is spinning down.

The gas jets coming out of the comet - they are acting like thrusters ...” Totally cool.

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ArtDaily: Study by Mexican anthropologist says elites’ clash led to Teotihuacan collapse.


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Authority Nutrition: MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) - Good, Bad or Downright Toxic?

If you personally feel that you react adversely to MSG, then you should avoid it. Plain and simple. But if you can tolerate MSG without any symptoms, then there doesn’t seem to be any compelling reason to avoid it.

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Vox: A new study concludes there are too many scientific studies.

Use RSS? Subcategorize. Tag. Then everyone could keep up via RSS aggregators. I suppose paywalls make this impossible; another reason to disdain multiple walled gardens.

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Collectors Weekly: New Evidence of Ancient Child-Trafficking Unearthed in Maya Sacrifice Cave.

“Though the data is still being crunched (the full report will be published when Lorenz presents her thesis later this year), initial analysis indicates that the children whose bones littered the Midnight Terror Cave did not come from the surrounding Upper Roaring River Valley, where the cave is located, or even from Belize. In fact, the young victims appear to have been brought to this spot from as far as 200 miles away (an enormous distance in the 9th century), before being taken deep into the earth to have their beating hearts cut from their chests to appease any number of angry gods.” Hmmm. See the chicken link of yesterday.

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Popular Archaeology: Study Lends New Support to Theory that Early Humans were Scavengers.

Perhaps, if someone’s looking for a ‘literal’ paleo diet, they might want to copy coyotes. Scavenge and forage. Though one would think we’d have stronger digestive adaptations to handle bad meat.

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The Tico Times/BREAKING: New explosions at Turrialba Volcano.

Costa Rica. Nice animated GIF.

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SciAm: Beyond Resveratrol - The Anti-Aging NAD Fad.

How excited should we be about all this? If I were a middle-aged mouse, I’d be ready to spend some of the nickels and dimes I’d dragged off the sidewalk to try NR supplements. [snip] But the paucity of human data gives me pause. Nobel laureates notwithstanding, I plan to wait until more is known before jumping up from the supper table to run out for some NR.”  Wasn’t resveratrol proven to be a hoax? Or am I behind the times?

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ABC.AU: First pictures of Tonga’s newly-formed volcanic island.

Wowzer. Wouldn’t mind checking it out, m’self.

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