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Mashable: Kuwait sizzles in 129-degree heat, setting all-time eastern hemisphere record.

Not good at all.

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Archaeology News Network: Where women once ruled.

Studies of the remains of Moche priestesses show they were physically strong and well-fed, another clue to their status and nobility, which may have influenced their positions of power in society.” Cool.

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Mashable: Brits not happy about advice to take vitamin D supplements.

Silly. Take it. Esp. if you’re male and advancing in years. Your weight will be lower, your T levels slightly higher, your mood better. Saves me from the depths of SAD every winter, too.

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SciAm: Human Brain Mapped in Unprecedented Detail.

Yet until now, most such maps have been based on a single type of measurement. That can provide an incomplete or even misleading view of the brain’s inner workings ...

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BBC: Hottest June ever recorded worldwide - NOAA.

Sure as Hell. Someone doubts global warming, I’ll give ‘em a kick in the keister myself.

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Guardian.UK: Newly decked out Mary Rose reopens after £5m makeover.

Lots of good info in that short article.

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SciAm: Why Does Time Seem to Speed Up with Age?

... our early years tend to be relatively overrepresented in our autobiographical memory and, on reflection, seem to have lasted longer. Of course, this means we can also slow time down later in life. We can alter our perceptions by keeping our brain active, continually learning skills and ideas, and exploring new places.” And that, my friends, is the meat of this article.

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Guardian.UK: South African super-telescope reveals distant galaxies and black holes.

At only a quarter of its eventual capacity, the MeerKat radio telescope captures 1,300 galaxies in tiny corner of universe where only 70 were known before.” Excellent.

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OpenCulture: Fashionable 2,000-Year-Old Roman Shoe Found in a Well.

Reminds me of the old clip-in bike shoes. I suppose everyone thinks of togas and sandals, for Romans.

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ANN: Vatican Library digitises 1,600 year-old manuscript containing works of Virgil.

Virgin Virgil. Nice.

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The Register.UK: Newly-spotted distant dwarf planet orbits the Sun every 700 years.

Excellent. Still new things to spot.

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ANN: Another 23 shipwrecks located off the Greek island of Ikaria.

If one could simply drain the Mediterranean for a six month period ... the mind boggles as to everything we’d learn. Make a triangle in any part of that body of water, it would put the Bermuda Triangle to shame.

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SciAm: What Makes Spiders Scary.

I had a disturbing dream the other day ... flying tarantula-sized bloodsucking spiders. Hordes of them. With a particular style of orange hair ...

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NY Times: For Effective Brain Fitness, Do More Than Play Simple Games.

Truth is, there is no known cure for dementia, or any evidence that exercising the brain in different ways can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s.” Good advice in here, however.

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SciAm: Do Statins Produce Neurological Effects?

In 2015 my colleagues and I observed that women taking statins, on average, showed increased aggression; men typically showed less, possibly because of reduced testosterone levels. Some men in our study did experience a marked increase in aggression, which was correlated with worsening sleep.

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Pacific Standard: How Physician-Assisted Suicide Happens Around the World.

There’s some evidence that physician-assisted suicide doesn’t always work as smoothly as hoped.” 30 hours, in WA.

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ANN: First fossil facial tumor discovered in a dwarf duck-billed dinosaur from Transylvania.

Hah. Well, not for the hadrosaur. For those new-agers who claim modernity causes tumors and cancers ...

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Guardian.UK: Eating more saturated fats raises risk of early death, says US study.

Duelling pistols at dawn. Is it ill-advised to recommending listening/looking at your own physique and digestion? I eat bad things, I pay for them one way or another ...

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Atlas Obscura: The Buddha’s Skull Bone May Have Been Found in a Chinese Crypt.

All we have, then, is the inscription, written by someone known only as Deming, who tells a complicated tale about how the Buddha’s body was separated into 84,000 pieces after his death, with 19 of those sent to China ...” So, if you meet a hunk of Buddha’s skull on the road ... what do you do?

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BBC: ‘Civil war’ in immune system can fight disease.


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SciAm: Antarctic Ozone Hole Is on the Mend.

Good news. A rare thing these days.

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Archaeology News Network: Seven shipwrecks located off the shores of the Greek island of Delos.

Check the depth. You could wade some of that. Remember Teddy Tucker, in Bermuda? He started off with a pail with a piece of glass inserted.

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SF New Mexican: Douglas Schwartz, a “towering figure” in archaeology, dies.

Last year, Denise McCluggage. This year, Douglas Schwartz. All these amazing, astounding characters I have been fortunate to meet in Santa Fe are passing by. I should be grateful for the time I spent with them, but all I can think of is that they had so much more to give to the world. RIP, Doug. I hope to talk to one of your collaborators about my theory of where that mica you found at Arroyo Hondo came from ... and I can’t friggin’ believe you were eighty-seven. Seventies, yes. Eighties? No way.

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Quartz: Man of the “Future Shock” - Remembering Alvin Toffler.

Many read it, but few expected it to happen. RIP.

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Nature/SciReports: Occupational markers and pathology of the castrato singer Gaspare Pacchierotti.

That ‘castrati’ were particularly tall has been known since antiquity, even Aristotle observed that ‘all animals, if operated on when young, become bigger than their unmutilated fellows’.” Didn’t know that.

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