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SciAm: Here’s why 76 beavers were forced to skydive into the Idaho wilderness in 1948

Now, here’s a quirky link I just couldn’t resist. Skydiving beavers. Who’d a thunk?

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Archaeology News Network: Ancient skull from Galilee cave offers clues to the first modern Europeans

The skull has a distinctive ‘bun’-shaped occipital region at the back. In this way its shape resembles modern African and European skulls, but differs from other anatomically modern humans from the Levant. This suggests that the Manot people could be closely related to the first modern humans that later colonized Europe.” Pretty big news, all in all. Surprised more haven’t picked up on it.

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New Yorker: The Man to Know in Ancient Rome.

That I am safe, neither, as yet, do I believe, nor do I rejoice.” I think you had to be there. Sure to get the serial comma folks all nervous and jerky.

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29 years ago, I got a call on the telephone.

One of my freelancers was flying back from Florida, and got on one of the early in-flight phones and yelled “It just fucking BLEW UP.” She saw it from about 20,000 feet up - perhaps even before the ground crews, she saw the pieces flying off. After a bit of hysteria, I understood the Shuttle was in trouble. And even though we were a leading A/V firm, we didn’t have any TVs set up in the office. I raced down to the warehouse, grabbed a monitor with an RF hookup, and strung a huge piece of speaker wire outside the bathroom window so it dangled about 60’ down the building and used it as a makeshift antenna. From that point on, everyone in the office gathered in temporary groups as the drama unfolded.

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Guardian.UK: Tutankhamun’s botched beard: conservation chief demoted to royal vehicles role.

Last week, her duties included the conservation of one of the world’s most important collection of artefacts, including Tutankhamun’s fabled death mask and jewellery, as well as hundreds of ancient mummies, tombs and statues. From now on her role will be limited to overseeing the contents of Egypt’s royal stables.”  A judgment worthy of Hatshepsut.

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SciAm: What Do Farmers Think about Climate Change?

Given the stats, that looks to me like roughly 68% would be open to attenuation and preparedness measures. That’s a pretty good ratio.

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Archaeology News Network: Site of SS Great Britain ‘shipwreck’ located.


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AdWeek/TVNewser: Why 2 Feet of Predicted Snow Was More Like 8 Inches.

The Weather Service has launched the new multi-million dollar GFS Model, to compete with the European model.”  They got the right forecast, they just didn’t believe it.

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CosmosUp: Oldest Star System ‘could Point to Extremely Advanced Alien Civilisations’.

Planetary systems around stars have been a common feature of our galaxy for a long, long time.

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CBC: Archaeologists find casket with Don Quixote author’s initials.

No real new information, but photos.

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BBC: Dementia ‘linked’ to common over-the-counter drugs.

Hmmm. “The study estimated that people taking at least 10 mg/day of doxepin (antidepressant), 4 mg/day of diphenhydramine (a sleep aid), or 5 mg/day of oxybutynin (a urinary incontinence drug) for more than three years would be at greater risk of developing dementia.”

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ArtDaily: War injuries key to Spanish search for ‘Quixote’ author Miguel de Cervantes’ remains.

We are looking for a skeleton of a male, of around 70 years, that has six teeth or less in the mouth and with injuries in the forearm and the left hand.

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Globe and Mail.CA: Are we taking the flu (shot) too seriously?

“We (the authors) got our flu shots last year, as we have done every year. The vaccine is safe and some protection is better than none. We’ll get our shots this year. too (in the fall when they do the most good) because the vaccine components will be new. But the year after that? We’re not so sure.

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ArtDaily: Works by Leonardo da Vinci on display the Phoenix Art Museum for the first time.

The exhibition is focused around the Codex Leicester—comprised of 18 double-page and double-sided sheets (72 pages total). This is the only manuscript by Leonardo in a private American collection and one of the world’s most important intellectual manuscripts.” Oh man. I just might have to take a drive.

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Archaeology News Network: Ancient ‘red numbers’ discovered on Colosseum.

It’d be even cooler if they could find Roman documents discussing a weekend meetup in section 62, row 2 for the pagan-eating lion event ...

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Archaeology News Network: In theory, the Milky Way could be a ‘galactic transport system’.

“If we combine the map of the dark matter in the Milky Way with the most recent Big Bang model to explain the universe and we hypothesize the existence of space-time tunnels, what we get is that our galaxy could really contain one of these tunnels, and that the tunnel could even be the size of the galaxy itself. But there’s more ...

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Archaeology News Network: Graeco-Roman necropolis uncovered in Alexandria.

Ooooh. You know that Alexander’s tomb is still yet to be found ...

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SciAm: BPA Exposure May Change Stem Cells, Lower Sperm Production.

BPA and other estrogenic compounds hamper development of the stem cells responsible for producing sperm in mice, which suggests such exposure could contribute to declining sperm counts in men ...” Familiar contention. Testing in humans, how ... ?

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Guardian.UK: ‘Three suns’ appear over Mongolia in rare anthelion phenomenon – video.

It’s that time of year.  Cool.

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Archaeology News Network: New theories on Amphipolis Tomb occupants.

Tough calls.

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The Art Newspaper: Pompeii to stage exhibition of objects returned by tourist-looters.

There is a colourful legend that says that those who steal from Pompeii will be persecuted by bad luck.” That probably does more than all the warning signs and CCTV.

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HuffPo/Science: King Tut’s Mask Damaged; Beard Snapped Off During Botched Cleaning.

Click the Twitter pic link in the panel, center. Oh. My. Freaking. God. Heads should roll for this.

How *anything* comes to us intact from antiquity, amazes me. Even artifacts become opinion.

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Telegraph.UK: Experts say two mummies in the Vatican Museum are fakes.

A medieval shinbone in one. Not even the Vatican’s immune.

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BBC: ‘Safer GMOs’ made by US scientists.

What we’ve done is engineered organisms so that they require synthetic amino acids for survival or for life.” Plants as slaves? You know someone’s going to say it.

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Coconino National Forest: FS seeking info on vandalism.

If you can identify any of these individuals, won’t you help the Forest Service out?

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