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Seattle Times: It’s official - Kennewick Man is Native American.

Obviously we are hearing an acknowledgment from the Corps of what we have been saying for 20 years. [snip] Now we want to collectively do what is right, and bring our relative back for reburial.

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Archaeology News Network: Khafre pyramid much less dense than believed.

The interior is likely made of remarkably lightweight limestone that is produced in surrounding areas.” Yep, ‘only’ 3.98 million tons, instead of 5.5.

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CNRSNews: The Lost City of Akhenaten.

The video eventually gives some scale to all this.

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New Scientist: Cassini gears up for final fiery plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere.

Can’t wait to hear about the data.  And no, Saturn won’t blow up.

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Quanta: The Evolutionary Argument Against Reality.

On one side you’ll find researchers scratching their chins raw trying to understand how a three-pound lump of gray matter obeying nothing more than the ordinary laws of physics can give rise to first-person conscious experience. This is the aptly named ‘hard problem.’ On the other side are quantum physicists, marveling at the strange fact that quantum systems don’t seem to be definite objects localized in space until we come along to observe them.” My italic emphasis.

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DiscoverMag: Remnants of a Supernova Are Pummeling Earth.

Iron-60 is made in supernovae, and it has a half-life of 2.6 million years, so that means there was a supernova not too long ago not too far away.” Right out of the pages of sci-fi, but real.

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PS Mag: Tell a Good Tale, Find a Great Mate.

Research finds storytelling ability increases men’s attractiveness as long-term romantic partners.” Now, THAT, I believe.

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BBC: Scientists say parechovirus causes brain damage in babies.

Now that Zika has everyone frightened, folks will realize that many viruses can cause brain damage in babies. Pregnant women should seek medical help to reduce fever any time they’re ill.

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Archaeology News Network: High status female found buried at Aspero archaeological site in Peru.

Gorgeous boneworkings.

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Discover Mag: Does Evidence Support the Artistic vs. Scientific Mind Stereotype?

These findings clearly show that the stereotypical view that scientists and other logical thinkers are less likely to be artistic or creative fall wide of the mark.

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Archaeology News Network: The first fossilised heart ever found in a prehistoric animal.

The possibility of finding well-preserved soft tissues in really ancient fossils was widely thought to be impossible.” Astonishing.

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DiscoverMag: Life After Almost-Death.

Makes one wonder if this isn’t a pre-coded routine in the brain for death preparation. Easing the transition.

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Inverse: This Community in Sulawesi, Indonesia Keeps the Dead in Homes for Years.

If deceased persons and buffalo sacrifice bother you, don’t watch the video.

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Guardian.UK: Message in a bottle, promising finder a shilling, bobs up after 108 years.


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Civil Eats: FDA to Start Testing for Glyphosate in Food.

This is from February, but I deemed important to post. In the past, I’ve cast aspersions on GMO for celiac/wheat intolerance issues. Research is making stronger and stronger links to glyphosate, the herbicide inextricably linked with GMO, as a possible culprit. The increase in celiac diagnoses and the overabundant use of glyphosate to ‘dry out’ non-GMO wheat for harvesting - the increases seem to match very closely when you view them on a chart. We are getting larger doses than we would imagine, even while making ‘smart’ food choices. Some major research was done on this subject back in 2013, seems to have been a harbinger. Not ‘proven’ yet, but getting closer.

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Scotsman.UK: Protein that works on mice could be key to treat Alzheimer’s.

Good progress.

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Guardian.UK: Do hay fever tablets shrink your brain?

New research has concluded that people regularly taking popular drugs including Clarityn and Piriton for hay fever and other allergies, the sleeping tablet Nytol, and Night Nurse Liquid containing promethazine did worse in cognitive tests and showed signs of loss of brain cells and connections.” Probably my vivid imagination, but I always felt mentally dull after taking Alka Seltzer Plus back when I’d commute to NYC (trains/subways/planes were petri dishes).

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BBC: Head and neck cancer drug ‘game changer’.

After a year, 36% of patients treated with nivolumab injections were still alive compared with 17% of those on chemo.

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Atlas Obscura: The Last Flight of Germany’s Glider King, Who Inspired the Wright Brothers.

I wonder if young people still, upon reading about Lilienthal, attempt building their own wings and running down hills. Fond memories.

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GlobalPost: Where did the Etruscans come from? The linguistic and genetic clues are piling up.

I am personally convinced that Herodotus was, for once, right.” Once again, there’s little harm in listening to one’s elders ... ?

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New Scientist: Why so much science research is flawed – and what to do about it.

Listening to When I’m Sixty-Four by The Beatles can make you younger. This miraculous effect, dubbed ‘chronological rejuvenation’, was revealed in the journal Psychological Science in 2011. It wasn’t a hoax, but you’d be right to be suspicious. The aim was to show how easy it is to generate statistical evidence for pretty much anything, simply by picking and choosing methods and data in ways that researchers do every day.” Why I try to ignore statistics; they’re like the internet itself. One can create a fantasy world to support just about any contention.

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Freddie Mercury—analysis of speaking fundamental frequency, vibrato, and subharmonics.

Random find. Related note: I felt American Idol should have ended after finding Adam Lambert. The competition was always weighted towards finding a new Freddie Mercury; all the critique/comments tended in that direction from Day One of the show. Lambert is about as close as a television contest would ever get.

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Archaeology News Network: Scientists crack secrets of the monarch butterfly’s internal compass.

Monarchs use their large, complex eyes to monitor the sun’s position in the sky. But the sun’s position is not sufficient to determine direction. Each butterfly must also combine that information with the time of day to know where to go.” Assuages one of my childhood curiousities!

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Archaeology News Network: 17th cent. silk gown found in Dutch shipwreck.

Astonishing find. I’d love to see more detailed photos.

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BBC: Roman villa unearthed ‘by chance’ in Wiltshire garden.

A stone planter which had been holding geraniums by Mr Irwin’s kitchen was also identified by experts as a Roman child’s coffin.” Ya never know.

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