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Santa Fe New Mexican:

Grave concerns.  Contractors, in leveling the ground and resodding, removed gravestones from the National Cemetery.  But they ‘guarantee’ stones will be replaced accurately.  No doubt, this will worry family members.  They should have convened and elected a set of said family members to oversee the work, to the satisfaction of all.

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The Eaves Movie Ranch, just down the road, has a website now.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

You can’t imagine my joy.  State wins uranium-processing plant.  At least it’s far downwind, and far downriver.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

Blackout in Santa Fe.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

Three of interest.  Median Santa Fe wage is $13.64.  “... 33 percent of Santa Fe’s renters cannot afford a one-bedroom apartment, 40 percent cannot afford a two-bedroom apartment and 54 percent cannot afford a three-bedroom apartment.”  On water issues, Elephant Butte reservoir may not recover swiftly.  “... looking at historical data such as Rio Grande inflow, evaporation and releases, projects it would take two to three years to fill Elephant Butte Reservoir even if it received 200 percent of its average runoff from the Rio Grande ...”  And finally, the Forest Service is beginning to reseed the areas burned by summer forest fires.  They also need to get working on Nambé Reservoir.  The Forest Service made the choice to let the fire burn; the mess in the Reservoir is theirs to clean up.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

Three local stories about this past weekend’s Indian Market.  Annual Art Extravaganza shows signs of economy rebound.  Rain at Indian Market seen as fortuitous by some.  And, the regalia competition, which I attended and got some great photos of.  Gallery coming.

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Indian Market update:

There seem to be fewer people this year.  The weather was much cooler than last year, as well.  Good artwork, some great ... but the ‘vibe’ didn’t get going until much later in the day.  Usually everyone’s bustling by 8 AM latest.  Today, it was at least 10 before the place started to bulge at the seams.

Just a taste.  [Heh.]  Having some “assimilation” problems with the Canon G5; the zoom has fewer steps than I’m used to, and the autofocus is decidedly pokey.  The shutter release is a different timing than my old Kodak, so I’m misjudging peak moments.  All these complaints are part of getting used to new hardware, but it’s frustrating.  Nothing like an event to get you in congruence with your camera.  Tomorrow should see better results.

Did part of the “Parade of Homes” tour [Local builders let us in to see their latest creations].  We’ve seen grotesque affluence simply for the sake of bragging (over the top, and proud of it, ~10,000 sq. feet, 3 bedrooms), affluence masquerading as Nazi gas chamber (medicinal green tiles and threatening chrome fixtures in decidedly dark, gloomy squared-off bathrooms), a gorgeous Tuscan-themed Southwestern creation (you’d have to see it to really appreciate it) that I’d like to plump down on my property ... and I’ve gotten my rear-end thrown out for taking pictures.  Interesting, and exhausting day.  The Native American regalia competition is tomorrow morning; I hope to be there, with a good view.

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One Last Indian Market post:

Some local color.  The sleepers are settling down.  Who are the sleepers?  Those who have purchased tickets to get first dibs at the artwork tomorrow morning.  The load-in begins at 5 a.m., and folks are camped out on the Plaza, rather like the stereotypical tickets-for-the-rock-concert sleep-ins; only this tradition is seemingly much older. 

I’m going to miss the company we had last year.  I’ll be thinking of smart, perky and always-smiling Andrea, focused yet easygoing André, and the imperturbable, irrepressible Hal as I walk the booths.  I sincerely hope there won’t be any more patriotic-themed kachinas ...

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Indian Market Weekend note:

According to a couple of Canyon Road gallery owners, visiting tourists are taking the prize for rudeness this year.  On entering a gallery, one says: “So, are you jacking up your prices like everyone else tomorrow?”  No “Hello”, no looking around.  After hearing an answer in the negative, they turn and simply walk out without so much as a by-your-leave.  And I’m hearing even worse incidents that embarrass me as a fellow human being to relate. 

If you come to Santa Fe, please bring a ready sense of humor, patience, and manners.  Streets and doorways are narrow; mindfulness of others is always paramount.  We’re a slow little southwestern town.  Things don’t happen fast here.  Even Fedex ‘overnight’ takes two days most of the time ... now that tells you something.  So if you order food, and it doesn’t show up for an hour, best have a conversation topic ready.  It’ll be worth the wait, but don’t expect we’ll change our nature for the sake of a two-day mob of tourists, no matter what kind of invective you spew in our general direction.

Oh, and bring a hat.  You an always tell first-timers by the fact that they’re not wearing one.  It gets very hot out on the Plaza, in amongst the booths.  The lobsters are very recognizable, by Sunday.  I figure that to brave a sunburn that’s that severe, they must be staying in a high-price joint with A/C, and hold stock in the company that manufactures Solarcaine.

For those of you who read this in Santa Fe, I’ll be down in the Plaza EARLY tomorrow.  I can’t say what I’ll be wearing, other than mirrored Oakleys, shorts and a t-shirt of some light color, but I’ll be dragging around a black Canon G5, a black LowePro OrionAW bag (around the waist), and wearing a less-than-intelligent-looking brown REI hiking cap ... which you can see here.  I also usually carry a damp red bandanna somewhere about my person, when walking in the heat.  If you see me, come on over and introduce yourself.  I might even put you in the gallery I plan to post for this event.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

Three today.  St. John’s gets a 10 million dollar donation.  If you don’t know about St. John’s, it follows a “Great Books” curriculum.  If I’d known about it in high school, I would have greatly desired to attend.  Also, a prescribed burn is scheduled for 10 miles east of Pecos, New Mexico.  Hopefully this one won’t rage out of control; we’ve certainly had enough rain, I deem.  Finally, conservationists sue to protect endangered species, including one in New Mexico.  Not the Rio Grande silvery minnow, however.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

In reference to our tree issues.  Locals Claim Systemic Insecticides Can Rescue Trees.  A systemic called “Acecap” is inserted into a drilled hole, and disseminated via sap.  New Era of Trees Takes Root in Santa Fe.  Recommendations for pest- and drought-resistant species.  Finally, Helpful Hints for Water-Stressed Trees.  Best thing you can do, is water your piñons enough for them to make plentiful sap.  The recent monsoon rains should help.

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Friday night arts crawl.

Time to head into Santa Fe for the Friday night art openings.  Free wine, cheese, crackers, fruit cups ... freeload and get a dose of culture.  How can I refuse?  The new G5’s in hand.  See y’all later.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

Senator Maes upset over Santa Fe Plaza’s lost “magic.”  Dressing it up is only one aspect; as many visitors have mentioned, the overbearing presence of the American automobile (read: SUV) also ruins the experience.  These ancient, narrow streets weren’t meant for steel behemoths or unmuffled superbikes.

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What to do with my excess cholla.

Edible no risk plant harvesting. I don’t exactly call dicing with cactus spines ‘no risk,’ unless one is wearing armored gauntlets.  But it’s a thought.  I’ve got a lot of cholla still to clear on my property.

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Just on a personal note, the heat wave broke about the same time I took this weblog down.  The monsoon season has been a bit late, but full-bodied, roaring through just about every afternoon with a loud gullywasher.  The piñon trees are sprouting young green ends on their branches, the parched foliage is recuperating, and our traditionally-brown grass is getting that well-watered olive tinge.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

New Mexico a ‘Poster Child’ for water crisis.  “Iím not sure the public understands how serious the problem is.”  Well, I’m not sure the politicians do, either ...

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