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“The Swirl.”

'The swirl.

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OneHeadlightInk: Today’s NM Film Fix – with Cassidy Freeman.

“Cady” on Longmire.

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SF New Mexican: Land commissioner slams attempt to create two new wilderness areas.

With the huge drop in oil and gas revenues, beggaring the state’s coffers, it may be a harder sell than they think. [I’m always for more protected lands.]

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SF New Mexican: Tens of thousands set to gather for nation’s largest powwow.

If you haven’t experienced it, put it on the bucket list.

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PoG Photo Archives: Corner of Martinez Street and Hillside Street, Santa Fe.

Might even be the same building over on the right.

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SF New Mexican: La Farge library running out of time.

Closing La Farge would be a terrible shame. Hope they can find a new location, rather than just shut it down. It’s the most convenient full-service library to Eldorado. Our little Vista Grande Library is wonderful, but they don’t have the selection the main Santa Fe library system has. I can call and reserve a book, pick it up the next day on the same run I make to check the PO box.

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Yeah, this kinda blew my mind, too.


First little T-storm of the year, happens late in the afternoon, Sun drops below clouds, and I see this as it moves East. I friggin’ ran outside the house in the rain, up the hike-bike path to get it.

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AP: Las Vegas, N.M, eyes ‘damn authentic’ campaign for tourism.

Everyone’s gone insane for tourism in this state. Las Vegas’ plaza is the star of the show Longmire; so damn authentic, it’s supposed to be Wyoming. I wish ‘em luck.

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Youtube: The Magnificent Seven, Teaser Trailer.

Nowhere near the swagger of the original. Or the crazy casting of the original. But New Mexico.

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Youtube: Santa Fe, NM by Drone in 4K.

Much is being made of this. You’ll see a whole lot of flat roofs - zooming away from you. Why backwards? Who knows? Some herky-jerky footage. Obviously done in a rush.

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SciAm: Archaeologists Uncover Another Branch of the Silk Road.

I’ll wager there were lots of branches. Not an exact comparison, but I’ll mention this: The original Santa Fe Trail didn’t really have one definitive route once you turned north into Santa Fe. It looked more like a rake - everyone heading directly for whatever side of town they wanted to reach, while avoiding the ruts left by decades of previous users.

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NOAA/Climate.gov: April 2016 El Niño/La Niña update - What goes up …

If El Niño was so unusually unproductive, I fear how hot La Niña is going to end up being next year ...

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Odd weather continues.

Odd weather.

Looks like Sauron woke up.

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TBTimes: At Tampa Bay farm-to-table restaurants, you’re being fed fiction.

Hmmm. I wonder about other ‘local source’ restaurants around the US. Santa Fe, we’ve had our share of pretentious hokum over the years. A local newspaper should do an in-depth story.

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SF New Mexican: Sandia Peak owners eye mountain roller coaster in New Mexico.

The continuing Disneyfication of beautiful outdoor locations ...

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SF New Mexican: Owner of state’s largest coal mine seeks bankruptcy protection.

If a company that has self-bonded cleanup work ends up filing for bankruptcy, critics said, the state and taxpayers could end up covering the costs — work that often comes with a price tag of hundreds of millions of dollars.” Story of the American West. This happens every goddamned time. Politicians giving such companies tax breaks and other perks should be ridden out on a rail. If you can’t pay to clean up, you can’t extract/drill. Sorry, but this gets me hopping mad.

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SF New Mexican: Sotomayor, in Santa Fe, discusses court qualifications, her childhood.

... in response to a student’s question, she did say that U.S. law has become too complicated for anyone without extensive legal experience to step into the job.

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Straight outta the camera, a few minutes ago.


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Telegraph.UK: From his medieval lair in New Mexico, George RR Martin conjures his Game of Thrones.

Spin, the creator of the windows, is a good friend. Way to go, Spin!

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ABQ Free Press: APS to Pay Critic $59K Settlement.

The Albuquerque Public Schools will pay $59,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging it violated the first amendment rights of an Albuquerque photojournalist and long-time ethics advocate who said the APS board limited his ability to attend and photograph board meetings.” Score for free speech.

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NPR: New Mexico’s Truth - Stunning Vistas And Child Poverty?

I do think it’s critical that we draw attention to what’s going on with our children and our families here in New Mexico, but I think there’s a way to do it that’s actionable and that’s positive, and unfortunately I think they did it in a way that was destructive and divisive.” It is an unfortunate parody, but if you cannot get attention any other way, what choice do advocates have? NM Truth seems to push early education. We’ve found NM has a cultural resistance to early education. I’ve heard the term ‘indoctrination’ bandied about by parents. Perhaps a better strategy is one of pushing parents to educate their children to a higher level than themselves - and helping them feel comfortable about it. Early education isn’t the only education.

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Guardian.UK: If you don’t want people to pee in the streets, build more public toilets.

We should be prosecuting individuals who don’t make use of public toilets. But if those public toilets don’t exist, handing out fines and naming names is completely unacceptable.” You’d think Santa Fe, a tourist town, would be better with this. Most people rely on the La Fonda when downtown. The parking garage bogs can be creepy. There are some nice ones in the back of the Arcade (where the original Woolworth’s used to be), on the Water Street side.

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Two from tonight.

'Set one.

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SF New Mexican: Eldorado can raise chickens following appeals court ruling.

Instead, writing for a unanimous panel, Judge Jonathan B. Sutin, cited a New Mexico Supreme Court ruling in a 1996 case that set a precedent for interpreting ambiguous covenants ‘in favor of the free enjoyment of the property and against restrictions.’ Sutin suggested members of the homeowners association could vote to amend their covenants if it is their intention to prohibit chickens.” This has cost our local association a huge amount of $. Over flippin’ chickens.

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SF New Mexican: Mugger injures woman in downtown attack.

Not a whole lot of people there, but certainly a regular flow of cars. These events usually run in cycles; danger of copycats. The Outdoorsman over at De Vargas has personal-size pepper sprays.

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