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Rosemary ...

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Not even a snip of post.

Not even a snip of post. Enjoy.

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SF New Mexican: This will not stand - Margot Robbie insulted New Mexico on ‘The Late Show’.

Lotta missing teeth.” I get the idea #newmexicotrue won’t want to have anything to do with this one. Got an address we can send dried cow chips to?

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Atlantic: Should the U.S. Adopt Water Markets Like Australia’s to Solve the West’s Water

Many droughts will occur. [snip] Many seasons in a long series will be fruitless.” My distant relation, ladies and germs.

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SF New Mexican: Longtime Zia Diner owner says eatery was part of city’s zeitgeist.

We’ll miss it.

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Philly.com: ‘Cold Mountain’ opera ready to be scaled at Academy of Music.

The open-air Santa Fe Opera is one of the most beloved venues in the country. But one hears of comments about not having to compete with Mother Nature, and how singing after stage combat is easier when not at a 7,199-foot elevation.” Wimps. (wink)

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ArtDaily: New Mexico Museum of Art opens “First Folio! The Book that Gave Us Shakespeare”.

Oh, MUST-SEE. More info.

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SF Reporter: Too Much Prosecution?

Oh, joy ... the Koch brothers in New Mexico. How to make my day.

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East of the Sun(set), West of the Moon.

East of the Sun(set) ...

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Harvard Gazette O’Neal, MacGraw revisit youthful ‘Love’.

As for Jenny’s famous line — ‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry’ — MacGraw said, ‘I never questioned that — except for the next 45 years.’” Ms MacGraw lives here in Santa Fe, and volunteers for many good causes.

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Quartz: The US bet big on American oil and now the whole global economy is paying the price.

... does Saudi Arabia seriously believe the oil age is coming to an end?Via Avelino Maestas on FB.

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MeFi: World’s oldest surviving inscription of the Ten Commandments? Not quite.

Road trip.

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SF New Mexican: Road extension stirs fears in Eldorado about increased crime and traffic.

I’m not doing anything anyone should be alarmed about.” Every additional road, another wedge.

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PS Mag: Beyond the Bundys - The Far Right and the Future of Conservation.

Yes, well ... click this additional link, to what happened to NM when we hitched our wagon to ‘easy’ oil revenues, giving these outfits near carte blanche. We have thousands of square acres that are perfect for solar and wind and cows/ranching. The industries we should be handing carte blanche to are a no-brainer, but the Legislature is blinded by the shortfalls at the moment.

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SF New Mexican: Lawmakers move to address slowly failing cavern in Carlsbad.

The brine well first came to the state’s attention in 2008 after two other wells in remote locations collapsed and spurred a review of all brine well operations in New Mexico. Produced by injecting water into underground salt formations, brine is used by the oil and gas industry for drilling operations.” It’s gonna take out US 285 at some point, unless the highway is shifted. Of course, the company who owned the brine well outfit has gone bankrupt. Extraction companies love to lard this stuff on taxpayers’ backs. And folks wonder why we hate fracking ...

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Photo: A gentle morning three.

A gentle morning three.

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Getting to be that time, time to wander around the SW.

Once the Sun gets a little higher in the sky, it’s time to spend some weekends, perhaps a weekday or two, roaming for photos. Normally I invite folks to tag along, but it often drives people insane. Long drives, lots of starting and stopping at locations, long slogs to good spots, often long waits for light/clouds, and ridiculous amounts of turning around and rescanning previous ‘good’ spots. When I get focused on a subject, I become a machine. Bright spot is interesting convos, and creative DJ’ing on the way.

Anyway, if anyone’s in the area and interested, email me privately [my first name at the obvious domain] and I’ll let you know when I’ve got a venture planned. Oh, and it probably goes without saying ... you have to be comfy with emptying bladders and such behind bushes, etc. I do try to hit bogs, but they’re not always within range when you need one. This is NM, middle of nowhere, after all.

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Guardian.UK: Is going off the grid selfish? For many, it’s the only option that makes sense.

New suburbs and sub-divisions are being proposed that will not be connected at all, preferring instead micro-grids that rely mostly on renewable energy and storage. Retirement communities – keen to lock in and control costs – are considering doing the same.” Santa Fe should be doing this!

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Haven’t posted a piccie here in ages.

Just past 'set.

Just after sunset. I daren’t go out in the road, I’d be up to my calves in mud. Snow/ice is melting, making for a quagmire. I take my life in my hands checking the mailbox each day.

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NM Legislative Session: “No Bloggers Allowed.”


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Guardian.UK: New Mexico to sue EPA after massive mining spill filled rivers with toxic waste.

No mention of where any awarded monies will go to. One would imagine cleanup, but history shows this isn’t necessarily a guarantee.

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Bowie in NM: Film locations for The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976).

Didn’t know this.

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Los Alamos Daily Post/Roger This: 800 Years Of The Magna Carta.

The event was memorable, McKechnie added, ‘because of its clear enunciation of the principle that the caprice of despots must bow to the reign of law, that the just rights of individuals, as defined by law and usage, must be upheld against the personal will of kings.’” Point taken, Roger. Some will no doubt scream, “I thought American law was based on the Ten Commandments!”. I run into fewer and fewer people who know Blackstone’s Commentaries. Try “Of the Absolute Rights of Individuals.

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Time: Adam Sandler’s Western Was Netflix’s Most-Watched Movie Launch.

Ugh. And that’s no Native American joke, either.

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Politico: Libertarian Gary Johnson launches presidential bid.

More entertainment! I’ve run across him at social events. A very nice guy, no matter what you think of his positions.

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