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Archaeology News Network: Research shows how Spanish colonists changed life in the Middle Rio Grande

I was expecting to see a turnover in the mammals people ate – a change from wild mammals to introduced domesticates, like sheep, goats and cattle - relatively early in the 17th or early 18th century. You would start with wild fauna which would then be mostly replaced by things like sheep, and goats and cattle. [snip] What I actually found was that this change doesn’t seem to occur until very late in the game in the late 19th and early 20th century.”  History still lies very close to the skin here in New Mexico.

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KOB: Former CNN reporter shoots, kills armed robber at Westside motel.

The big news here in the state. Former CNN anchorwoman Lynn Russell and her husband were attacked. They both have CCWs, and together they played along with the assailant until one of them could arm themselves. Long story short, Ms Russell’s husband got to a gun first and is in the hospital, took three shots, two bullets in the abdomen. The assailant is dead.

Unsurprisingly, they recommend CCWs. Best wishes for your swift recovery, Mr de Caro.

Later: I have to comment further ... usually the most lethal things at a Motel 6 are the rugs. No, wait. And the bedspreads. I’ve been known to lay trails of clean towels from the bedside to the bathroom, some have been that bad.

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SF Reporter: Munching on Trees.

Unnerving to see, but the foliage will be back full next year. Saying it’ll ‘sort of’ recover by fall is a bit much, IMHO. The buggers eat all the foliage, leave ugly tents that fall away to dead leaf-skeletons.

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“Flight of fancy ...”

Flight of fancy ...

Another from last eve ...

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A LaSalle on the “Great Race.”

Got some great photos, but it’ll take time to finalize ‘em.

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Oh damn!  The Hemmings Motoring News Great Race is coming through Santa Fe tonight.

Gathering my gear in a small bag, heading over now ...

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Coffee. Then linkage.

Coming off two days of punishing heat, with little relief during the nights ... a lovely storm last evening brought beautifully cool temps. Nice to get a good night’s sleep again. Grateful this morning, even if the cool is tinged with the smell of smoke from wildfires.

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Something you’ll enjoy, from Motorado yesterday.

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SF Reporter: Laissez-faire approach to fire in Santa Fe National Forest is clearing out dry fuels.

TThe blue haze seen on Santa Fe’s horizon over the weekend was the result of a 3,500-acre fire burning west of Socorro just outside the community of Magdalena in the Cibola National Forest and Grasslands.

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Now, that’s a proper Southwestern skull.

Yessirree. I’ll take one of those for over my fireplace.

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Mashable: Searchers find body of missing ex-White House chef.

I suppose I’d wager a heart event. Less than two miles from the trailhead. The Taos Ski Valley trails start at 9,200 feet. Noting of course that I can and probably will be abundantly wrong, I just thought couching it in a word of caution about acclimatization would be the best way to introduce the item.

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SF New Mexican: NM still down 21,000 from recession.

When politicos and media crow that the recession is over, I really - really - want to punch ‘em in the nose.

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Not your stereotypical Santa Fe door.

Not the stereotypical Santa Fe door ...

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NWS ABQ - Drought Information.

We’re actually doing pretty well, all things considered.  We’re 98% of precip for a ‘normal year’, and drought is easing. Upcoming months look normally wet, too.

Back courtyard’s a jungle.

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SF Reporter: American Idol Comes to Santa Fe.


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Another night of cloud pageantry.

another night of cloud pageantry.

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Stormy eve begat stormy night ...

stormy eve begat stormy night ...

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NY Times: Surveillance States (june 11).

In Iran surveillance and violence against citizens are naked and obvious. Here it is insidious. Here we are threatened by indifference.

I was annoyed when I went to the local library to query my past book-borrowing; I was told: “We don’t keep your borrowing history - patrons are concerned about privacy and government surveillance.” So much for that novel I hadn’t finished, and wanted to. Our local library’s small ... I can’t imagine anyone getting chucked in Guantanamo for reading “Lad of Sunnybank” or Mark Twain.

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Cellphone service in the strangest places.

This weekend I was surprised to find Route 550, heading up to Cuba in far western NM, has *better* cellphone reception than downtown Santa Fe. Seriously. Solid five bars. I don’t even get that on famed Canyon Road. 550 used to be the middle of nowhere. I assume thanks to the mineral extraction folks doing business up in Farmington? It felt as incongruous, given the landscape, as having the Duke whip out a cellphone to call in reinforcements in an old Western. I was able to sneak a text through, standing on a small hill on a grotty dirt road, fifteen miles from 550 (thanks for that tip, Eric from SF).

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San José de Gracia in Trampas, NM.

San José de Gracia in Trampas, NM.

This was what I call a “drive by shooting.”  Two others in sequence after this, showing how green NM is getting, for all this rain.

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Mashable: A cat library in New Mexico encourages office workers to check out kittens.

Offered sans comment.

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SF New Mexican: NM Oil production surpassing 2014 levels.

Our major state revenue-maker. Unfortunately. Bad news for the environment, good news for our pockets.

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BusinessInsider: Most affordable small towns.

BWAH-HAH-HAH. Waterflow, NM sits between two powerplants - true. Tip of the iceberg. Surrounded by oil wells, some of the worst air quality in the country. Unlined waste pits. Still seem like a bargain?

Nagasaki, Dresden, etc. were probably cheap too.

This post puts Business Insider on my ‘probation’ RSS list.

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Native American art from the collection of Mario Luraschi on offer at Bonhams in fall 2015

he spent filming in the United States, he frequented Santa Fe, New Mexico, and other centers for Native American art, turning his love for the Old West into a remarkable collection from which Bonhams is pleased to offer a selection of the very finest pieces.”  I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more about this locally, in short order.

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Evenin’ at the watering hole.

Evening at ye olde watering hole.

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