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Trump comes to NM.

Thought you’d like a local perspective. Money quote: “There were plenty of Hispanic New Mexicans in the audience but it was predominantly Anglo, reflecting Trump’s particular appeal to White conservative males.” His attack on Martinez is ill-considered; she’s generally liked, though less so after some recent incidents.

The crowd was 8,000. Bernie attracted ~7,000 just a few days before, during working hours. Just to give you comparison.

There were reports of shots being fired, but it turns out protestors tried to break through a glass door, and the resulting star-pattern on the glass had people speculating.

Later: On multiple trips into town, I seem to notice an uptick in Green Day’s “American Idiot” being played on the radio ...

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PS Mag: We’re Inching Closer to Making Solar Power as Cheap as Regular Electricity.

... the SunShot Initiative could create 290,000 new jobs by 2030, and 390,000 new jobs by 2050, if all goes to plan.” Bring it on.

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Atlas Obscura: Johnnie Meier Classical Gas Museum.

Great place. Been there a coupla times. Looks like he’s added some stuff. I’ll have to haul my larger MP camera up there soon.

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SF New Mexican: Albuquerque weighs getting more power from solar sources.

300 plus days a year of sun, probably 120 days of wind a year (at least). You’d think it would be a no-brainer. If we’d invested in solar and wind instead of oil and gas, we’d be financially healthy today. But no ... New Mexico must keep its head firmly wedged in its colon. [Excuse the graphical-ness. I’m in the mood to not suffer fools gladly. This was foolish fifteen years ago. Today it’s simply insane.]

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Ruidoso News: Judicial candidate gives bold answer to gun question [local color].

Nedbalek replied that for hikes in the Hondo Valley he prefers his AK-47 assault rifle ‘and a couple of 30-round magazines,’ because aggressive dog packs roam the area, and a solitary hiker might not be safe without enough firepower to stop a dozen or more at once.

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Mashable: Climate pendulum is swinging rapidly from El Niño to La Niña.

... they remark, drily.

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OneHeadlightInk: “Wolverine” 3 will film in New Mexico.

No doubt we’ll see Jackman or Stewart at Whole Foods one o’ these days.

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Mashable: U.S. upgrades its weather forecasting system, but still lags behind competitors.

Yeah, well ... weather here in the Southwest could use some computer upgrades. Meteorologists do their best, but I still carry multiple jackets in my trunk. Mountains take the complexity up by exponential amounts, or so I theorize.

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PS Mag: Land Grab Duplicity.

These lands are owned by us — the American people — and held in trust by federal agencies like the Bureau of Land Management and the United States Forest Service. Should the transfer movement succeed, however, they’d be ours no longer.” That’s for bloody sure. Fight this tooth and nail, my friends. Our Federal lands are an investment for the future. These scoundrels want to frack and mineral-extract themselves silly, take the companies bankrupt, and then give the land back to taxpayers once it’s ruined and all but unusable.

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Gorgeous day at Pecos yesterday ...

Gorgeous day at Pecos National Monument yesterday ...

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Bicycling: Pro Rider Finishes Tour of the Gila on Fan’s Mountain Bike.

... Allison will probably go down in Gila history as the first pro rider to finish a stage on an old Stumpjumper ...” Oh, this rocks, in just so many ways ...

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My own name for these kinds of ridges. Literally covered in petroglyphs. More Anasazi ruins in the Galisteo Basin than around Chaco; the only difference is, these ruins are all on private ranchland now. Better that way, actually. Less tourist foot-traffic and destruction. Much hasn’t been touched in 50 years - imagine what modern techniques could learn, if excavated with modern respect for Native cultural mores.

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SF New Mexican: Were neon green orbs hovering above Santa Fe a UFO?

Hmmmm. On an afternoon of high winds - note, right after they’d calmed - I saw a dot grow in size. Blacker than black. Moving west to east, about 2500-5000 feet in the air. Never gained or lost altitude - just kept moving East until out of sight. It revolved slowly (not perfectly round). No odd accelerations, no movements that defied physics. Occam’s razor. I’m telling myself it was a black garbage bag caught in laminar airflow overhead. My story, I’m sticking to it.

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Guardian.UK: Man allegedly lured Navajo girl in to van to sexually assault her but left her to die.

Horrible in every possible way.

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SF Reporter: All the adoration of Pie Town has brought business, change, to a timeless destination.

A case of where period photographs x social media = renaissance.

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Atlas Obscura: House of Eternal Return.

Santa Fe’s latest attraction gets Atlas Obscura’s attention. So if you wonder where ol’ George has been spending his time (rather than writing), you need look no farther.

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“The Swirl.”

'The swirl.

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OneHeadlightInk: Today’s NM Film Fix – with Cassidy Freeman.

“Cady” on Longmire.

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SF New Mexican: Land commissioner slams attempt to create two new wilderness areas.

With the huge drop in oil and gas revenues, beggaring the state’s coffers, it may be a harder sell than they think. [I’m always for more protected lands.]

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SF New Mexican: Tens of thousands set to gather for nation’s largest powwow.

If you haven’t experienced it, put it on the bucket list.

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PoG Photo Archives: Corner of Martinez Street and Hillside Street, Santa Fe.

Might even be the same building over on the right.

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SF New Mexican: La Farge library running out of time.

Closing La Farge would be a terrible shame. Hope they can find a new location, rather than just shut it down. It’s the most convenient full-service library to Eldorado. Our little Vista Grande Library is wonderful, but they don’t have the selection the main Santa Fe library system has. I can call and reserve a book, pick it up the next day on the same run I make to check the PO box.

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Yeah, this kinda blew my mind, too.


First little T-storm of the year, happens late in the afternoon, Sun drops below clouds, and I see this as it moves East. I friggin’ ran outside the house in the rain, up the hike-bike path to get it.

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AP: Las Vegas, N.M, eyes ‘damn authentic’ campaign for tourism.

Everyone’s gone insane for tourism in this state. Las Vegas’ plaza is the star of the show Longmire; so damn authentic, it’s supposed to be Wyoming. I wish ‘em luck.

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Youtube: The Magnificent Seven, Teaser Trailer.

Nowhere near the swagger of the original. Or the crazy casting of the original. But New Mexico.

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