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OneHeadlightInk: Large scale feature film casting. [BEARDS!]

Turkish beards needed. Into growing facial hair? This is the casting call for you.

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Naked Cap: Fade OPEC.

Oil prices sustained in the low $50s is the level that seduces more capital in shale ... thus Saudi better be careful what it wishes for. We already expect supplies to flatten out in the US in early 2017 with limited increases in rig activity. A rebirth of activity could prompt a rapid rise in US oil output within 6-months, offsetting OPEC’s efforts once again.” Oh God, please spare Mora County ...

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Santa Fe Concorso ...

... shot, downloaded, backed up. Doing a third backup (Time Machine), just because. Three days of nonstop really physical shooting activity. Between all the fitness work I put in, along with a well-focused choice of rentals ... I call this a total success. And I never call things successes. I’m really happy with how things came out, how my body and mind stood up to the challenge. Images will trickle through as I begin the post-processing effort.

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NM Political Report: Audit - NM didn’t collect $193 million in taxes from insurance companies.

It will take us a year to finish this. We haven’t lost any of this money. If it’s there, we will collect it.” Um ... if it’s there?

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Storify: NM Pubic Defender Crisis Tweetstorm.

My local attorney friend goes on a rant. And it’s IMPORTANT. Pass it around, NM’ans.

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Another busy morning.

Links when I can. Photo and video shoots today - and it’s cloudy. Rain, hold off for just a little, please ...

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OneHeadlightInk: Netflix mini-series “Godless” filming in New Mexico.

Michelle Dockery, in Santa Fe? This’ll be amazing. Juli’ll have people asking her for autographs.

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Love this old place.

Prime real estate.

Should be back to a marginally normal blogging rhythm tomorrow.

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The Atlantic: The Plight of the Overworked Nonprofit Employee.

These responses expose a gap between the values that many nonprofits hold and the way they treat their own staffs. There’s no doubt that nonprofits today face serious financial difficulties and constraints, but do they have no choice but to demand long, unpaid hours of their employees? Putting questions of fairness aside, is their treatment of their workers limiting their effectiveness?

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SF New Mexican: Tensions soar as more and more drifters call national parks home.

I’ve not encountered this. Yet.

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Just before the light diminished.

Just before the light went.

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SF New Mexican: Mayor opens dialogue on Santa Fe fiestas.

Tuesday’s meeting comes nearly a year after a group of demonstrators staged a protest during the re-enactment of the so-called peaceful reconquest of the city by Spanish conquistador Don Diego de Vargas. The protest was followed by calls from city officials for a more ‘truthful’ narrative of the city’s history.” See previous link.

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KPCC: Coyote attacks are increasing in Southern California. Why?

Of note. Esp. to NM’ans. Though this happened in CA, we had a wet beginning to last winter, and rodent populations skyrocketed. Those populations are dwindling now, so we have a lot of coyotes without a lot to eat. Careful while hiking with kids, walking pets or passing fixed garbage collection installations.

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KOB: Restaurant selling ‘Black Olives Matters’ shirts following social media backlash.

And you thought “All Lives Matter” was as controversial as you could get ...

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SF New Mexican: New Mexico pension funds miss targets for returns.

The New Mexico Public Employees Retirement Association that oversees pension funds for state, county and municipal workers along with judges and volunteer firefighters is reporting a return on investments of less than 1 percent for the fiscal year ending in June.” Major ouch.

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Wikipedia: Granite Mountain (film).

They were filming part of this over by La Tienda the other day, just 3/4’s of a mile down the road. Haven’t seen any of the stars ... yet.

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SF New Mexican: Santa Fe residents, tourists, business owners decry spike in parking rates.

... under an operating budget that Mayor Javier Gonzales and city councilors approved in May after wrangling with a shortfall of up to $15 million, on-street parking meter rates increased from $1 an hour to $2 an hour for the first two hours and then $3 for every hour after that.” Revenues would be higher, if the city would market to the demographic who can afford to purchase the merchandise for sale in Santa Fe. Instead, with their emphasis on youth and social media, we have higher foot-traffic, all tchotchke-buyers and significantly less revenue in city coffers. You’d have to be blind not to see it. A simple survey of business owners in Santa Fe would give the city an education.

As I like to say, Santa Fe can’t exist as one of the top three art destinations in America through sales of $3 burritos and postcards. A ‘margarita trail’ was one of the city’s latest brainchildren. Again, completely wrong targeting. Margarita buyers are going to purchase five-digit-price artworks? Like we need more tipsy people on the road, in a state that ranks on the bottom for drunken driving. Work out how many $9.75 margaritas you have to sell to equal the revenue of one $50,000 artwork. Round it, you don’t even need a calculator to see the problem.

There’s a virtually silent fight going on, for the soul of Santa Fe. What is Santa Fe to be, looking towards the future? As with politics, noone’s really listening to the businesses who MAKE the character of the town. Another crazy thing ... allowing food trucks on Canyon Road. The premier art destination in the West, and some poor galleries are going to have exhaust, generator-noise and cooking smells permeating their galleries (and expensive artworks). I don’t even want to think about the garbage issue. Too many are already walking into expensive galleries, asking to throw away their smelly food garbage.

And while I’m at it, build some public restrooms. No food trucks without access to bathrooms. For goodness sake, the La Fonda and the 225 Compound can only bear so much abuse. They’re actually private, but bear a huge weight of public use. Even marked on city maps as ‘public’! [Ever used one of the bogs in the parking garages? I rest my case.] They’re taking it on the chin for the team, and deserve some city monies for upkeep, IMHO. A great spot would be west of the big tree on the SW corner of Alameda and Paseo, halfway from downtown to Canyon. And FLUSH. Not a bloody pit. Come to think of it, they could pave a pullout and have their food trucks THERE. The retirees might have a fit, across the river. Or perhaps not. Something to watch, as their time ticks down. Never know unless you ask.

One last. If you live here, and you’ve not been down Garcia lately, go. They built a sloped curb on the west side of the street. Not sure why. Looks nice, people are still trying to park on that side [for FREE, so imagine the popularity for locals], but it’s turned Garcia into a virtual one-lane road. Can’t park as far over as previously. Keeps the sidewalk clear, but pedestrians still walk in the street. More dangerous for pedestrians and vehicles. They need to simply stop parking on that side, if they want two-way traffic. So many who live on the road have dumped boulders out to prevent parkers. But that’s also where Canyon Road workers park their cars so they don’t take up precious customer spaces. Eliminate one problem, create a dozen more. That’s Santa Fe. “Gotta love it.” I’d add a New Mexico True hashtag, but I’d get roasted for not being cloyingly positive about all these details. Never offer a tourist a reason to go elsewhere! If you read the article above, you’ll see they’re finding out on their own ...

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ArtDaily: SITE Santa Fe opens second installment of reimagined biennial series.

Always fun to see Santa Fe galleries in the national news. Hasn’t been happening as much as in the past.

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OilPrice: Despite Low Oil Prices, Saudi Arabia Stabilizing Economy.

All I have to say is, New Mexico better unlink revenue from oil and gas, and move into renewables. Like, yesterday.

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SF New Mexican: After series of break-ins, experts chime in on psychology of suspect.

Creepy as hell. I went to a party up on West Houghton last night - no wonder people were creeped out as I walked back to my car, alone. I’m way too old for the demographic, but at night - noone sees grey hair. Couple of women smoking on their front porches, dead eyes raked past. I’d wondered at the strange vibe, mentioned it to my wife. Now I know.

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SF New Mexican: Triple-digit temperatures, lack of moisture dry out the Rio Grande.

Under a 2003 plan from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the river is legally allowed to go dry south of Albuquerque during irrigation season.” Good grief. If I were a fish, I’d complain. But I’d be dead.

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Guardian.UK: Treasure hunter who went looking for $2m in gold found dead in New Mexico.

Well, they finally discovered his remains.

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SF New Mexican: Proposal for food trucks on Canyon Road moves through committee.

Um ... bathrooms and garbage come to mind. Bathrooms in particular, are in short supply on Canyon’s mile-plus stretch. The City even *advertises* some private bathrooms as being public in their printed materials. That’s not right. Build some bogs, legislators. You’ll have more tourists taking the walk.

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Storm over the Ortiz.

Storm over Ortiz Mtns.

A gorgeous one, as I walked out to check the mailbox (not the one in the photo) today.

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During yesterday’s visit to the gym, I’m working on the ellipticals behind all the other rows of equipment. I don’t watch television as I work out, but I can see what others are watching. As various people are watching RNC reruns, and and others intently gazing at media wonks placing bets on Wasserman-Schultz’ departure, the music on the overhead loudspeakers changes from the usual bump-thump to something strangely familiar. I realize I recognize it, through the haze of sweat ... and I nearly fall off the trainer laughing. “Sheep”, by Pink Floyd. Followed by ... “Reason to Believe”, by Springsteen. And, as people will do, they all start to step/pedal/ellipticalize to the songs’ rhythms. Then it all went back to current bump-thump music.

Just for a moment, it seems Clear Channel (or whatever service the gym uses) had an individual with a perspicacious sense of humor.

A moment I’ll treasure, courtesy a spin of life’s dice.

Repost from Facebook today.

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