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Gorgeous cloudage this afternoon, after the very welcome rainshowers.

Gorgeous cloudage ...

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Reverse zed, with petroglyphs.

Reverse zed, with petroglyphs.

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Photo shoots and meets this morning.

Links at noonish, Mountain time.  Best laid plans and all that ... the day’s cloudy, when I was hoping for sun. More lighting equipment must be gathered ...

Later: Still running to catch up. Nothing like leaving your expensive rainjacket at a client’s, a half-hour away ... on a rainy day. Having to burn an extra hour to retrieve it.

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CookPolitical: Focus on the Fundamentals, Not the Scooby Van.

At the end of the day, when you put all the assets and liabilities on the table, it’s hard to see anyone but Rubio, Bush or Walker as the ultimate nominee.” Walker has largely no relevance in NM. If I read the tea leaves at all correctly, I predict NM Repubs will go for Rubio or Bush.

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SF New Mexican: Adam Sandler film angers Native American actors, who walked off set.

Judging third-hand; so I shouldn’t comment. They were filming just down the way, at the long downhill RR bend to Lamy on 285. I didn’t get to see if they’d shipped in a vintage locomotive ... the site had two sinister-looking State police vehicles in attendance. I figured if I whipped out my DSLR with long black telephoto, I’d get nailed.

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DiscoverMag: Missing Magma Found Beneath Yellowstone Park.

And now scientists say that volume has been underestimated. New studies of the volcano reveal a deeper magma reservoir that holds more than four times the magma volume previously known.” Here’s a dumb question. Dumb only because if it’s so, it’s dumb. Really dumb. Is anyone putting fracking chemicals into deep wells nearby ... ?

Later: Proposed. Good lord. 80 miles ain’t far enough, in my book.

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Atlas Obscura: Bandalier National Monument.

Bandelier. You could take the time to spell it correctly. And color balance the photos so they’re not so blue (we’re at altitude; you have to balance your camera to warm up the light).  A fun fact: one of the residents could carve out a new room in a day, it’s that soft.

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Sittin’ on the back porch, feet up, taking it all in.

Just another sunset.

Enjoy your evenin’, folks.

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I see one kid with a red backpack, walking home from school.

There is hope for the world:

so much relies
a red back
glowing in the
along the hike/bike

Apologies to William C. Williams.

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Guardian.UK: Landscapes we don’t want to lose - New Mexico’s Jemez mountains.

Doesn’t tell you enough. I went up to visit the Jemez shortly after the Las Conchas fire cooled off, and put a gallery on Flickr.  Read the descriptions on the images, for the whole story.

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CJR: Is the Times’ coverage of the super-rich alienating millennials?

This propensity for tone-deaf stories about people of vast wealth may pose a problem for the Times as it seeks to expand its digital domain. The coverage sends the wrong message for a newspaper that must attract younger readers and reinforce the unique quality of its brand for the digital future.” This emphasis on attracting a ‘youth’ audience gets me. Seen the stats lately? From my reading, the only demographic that will be increasing consumer spending in the next ten years is 55-65. Not to say that writing for the 1% is a terribly good idea. But let’s get real. Millenials aren’t big consumers. Yet.

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The road goes ever, on and on?

the road goes ever, on and on?

Actually, it ends about 400 yards ahead of this shot. Still working on the perfect graphic B/W long road shot. This wasn’t it. Still worth posting, IMHO.

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Iglesia Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, looking fine this afternoon.

Iglesia Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, Galisteo, NM.

Read about the ol’ girl here.

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Long, angled and blue blue blue.

long, angled and blueblueblue

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Lifehacker: The Salary Required to Be “Middle Class” in Every State.

One more from LH, just because. $43,872 to be ‘middle class’ in NM? Southern NM, perhaps. In Santa Fe gas, food and sundries are *expensive*. Stuff gets re-shipped from Albuquerque [major transport hub]: Extra transport costs. I’d raise that at least another $20k.

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Spring bokeh (heh).

Spring bokeh.

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KRQE: *Seven* fires sparked in the Albuquerque Bosque in two days.

They’ve got a suspect in custody.

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Guardian.UK: New studies link pollution to a variety of health risks.

Specifically, for us in the West: “Peterson said that in less urban areas, exposure to pollutants from wildfires, agricultural burning and hazardous waste sites might be more relevant, and that women and children should remain indoors and use air conditioners as much as possible to avoid the airborne products of these fires.” My italics.

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Mashable: This organic, wheat-based kitty litter caused a nuclear waste leak.

LANL must go gluten-free ...

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WaPo: A ‘megadrought’ will grip U.S. in the coming decades, NASA researchers say.

North America’s last megadroughts happened in medieval times, during the 12th and 13th centuries. They were caused by natural changes in weather that give megadroughts a 10 percent chance of forming at any time.” We should be planning ahead, in the Southwest. Will we? Likely not. I think of Burt in Soap (snaps fingers, pretends he’s not corporeal).

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KOB: Amtrak says Southwest Chief’s New Mexico routes to remain.

The announcement ends more than two years of fear and uncertainty in Northern New Mexico’s smaller communities about whether Amtrak would alter the route.” But for how long, unless we infuse some money into infrastructure repairs ... ?

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Morning visitor.

Look who came for a drink this morning. I offered coffee, and this was the look I got.

A photo posted by Garret Vreeland (@dangerousmeta) on


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Nice to have the windows/doors open again.


A breath of wind, a streak of sunset light ... the feeling. That’s all.

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Well, to my surprise, a Eurasian Collared Dove.

Afternoon visitor.

If you’ve got a better ident, let me know.

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Got my camera back from service.

3/26 sunset one.

Only took two tries to get all the crap off the sensor. Nice to have that blotch gone from the top-left of my frames (requiring constant spotting). A second, closer view.

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