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Well, to my surprise, a Eurasian Collared Dove.

Afternoon visitor.

If you’ve got a better ident, let me know.

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Got my camera back from service.

3/26 sunset one.

Only took two tries to get all the crap off the sensor. Nice to have that blotch gone from the top-left of my frames (requiring constant spotting). A second, closer view.

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New Scientist: Should we thank god for civilisation?

The most important is Göbekli Tepe in Turkey: a cluster of 11,000-year-old buildings with spectacular statues and other monumental architecture. The archaeologists who found it interpreted these as having a ceremonial purpose: a “cathedral on a hill”, as one put it. Yet the people who built them were nomads, not farmers. So the radical suggestion now is that it was not agriculture that drove the revolution, but religion.”  Chaco research would seem to indicate that settled farming appeared alongside ceremony; big, dramatic to-dos to guarantee crop success. Drought threw them back to nomadic lifestyles. In fact, they were so p-d off at the failure of religion and its trappings in the face of drought, they burned the buildings, carried out the contents and broke everything in the middens piles.  But this is only one of many theories. Thought it worth mentioning. As climate change settles in, who’d want to be a minister?

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Pecos National Historical Park: Civil War Weekend 2015.

Oooh, if’n I get my camera back from service, I may have to stop over.

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A reminder from the proprietor ...

As the weather warms up, the frequency of my weekend postings drops to zero. It won’t happen yet, but you are already noticing a significant decrement. Simply letting new readers know this is ‘normal.’ NM homes require a great deal of maintenance and yard work.

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SF Reporter: New Mexico Legislature Ends Session With No Capital Outlay Bill.

In the end, the House passed the capital outlay bill on party lines with just 15 minutes to go in the session. The Senate, in return, didn’t hear it.

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Everyone pulls a boner at some point in time.

Two huge bits of dust on my 5D Mark II sensor - one dead center, immovable with a blower.  Pulled out the sensor cleaning brush, got the big stuff, left two patches of small dust. One more time, and managed to smear oil (from someplace) all over the left side. 5D’s aren’t supposed to have oil around the sensor, according to my reading ... so ... I get to try out Canon Professional Services.  I get five free cleanings for joining.  I’ll let them clean it off ... the camera could use a check after two years, anyway.

Relegated to my poor old 50D for a week. (sad face emoticon, if I had any.)

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ProPublica: Hillary Clinton is Just the Latest Politician to Avoid Official Email.

My point, previously. And they forgot the entertaining ‘underwear receipt’ Martinez personal email release from the NM Attorney General’s office. And more.

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SF New Mexican: House approves bill limiting local control of oil and gas development.

Kill it. The NM Senate is still Dem majority. Fingers crossed.

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Valet: The Denim Shirt.

Boring without western yokes; they broaden your shoulders from the rear.

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More virga.

Trying ...

Looks like it might have reached the ground over in the mid-southern Jemez. Spreading towards SF and Alb, nothing. It all evaporates away.

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Still worth snapping the shutter.

Sunset, 3/8/15.

After tomorrow, we may be going into a dry period, so I thought I’d add to my already overextended library of sunsets ...

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Guardian.UK: El Niño finally arrives but is weaker than expected, says US agency.

Better than the obverse. We’ll appreciate even trace amounts of moisture.

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Mashable: “Let women fly!” Remembering history’s first female aviators.

Do more research, M. What of Katherine Stinson? More. Buried here in Santa Fe.

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HowIRound: Andrew Jackson Is Not As Bad As You Think—He’s Far, Far Bloodier.

The lessons of Bloody Bloody are seen in American society today. Today, Native women are murdered at a rate higher than any other race in America. The majority of the perpetrators of violent crimes against Native women are non-Native men. The ‘jokes’ in Bloody Bloody about killing Indians are not ‘jokes.’ They are a reality.” Never give a native individual a $20 bill in change. Never.

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Snow’s supposed to be moving in tonight.

Snow's supposedly moving in.

Unsettled at the moment. Clouds are torn into different layers. Yesterday’s dawn shot of the Ortiz to the south.

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Forbes: New Mexico Considering Legislation To Sell Spaceport America.

I predicted this result was likely.  Betting Virgin Galactic or SpaceX picks it up for pennies on the dollar. Just a waiting game now.

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KOAT: DWI checkpoint signs not a good idea in NM, attorney general says.

Well, the Supreme Court of our nation generally sides with law enforcement on this one.

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CultWestern: Two Upcoming Westerns.

Eva Green? Done. I have to say, Mikkelsen, Green and Morgan are three I’d never have thought of sticking in a western. It looks good, though.

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Wispy sunset.


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Messy Nessy Chic: Saving Pie Town - The Last Pie-O-Neers of the American Dessert.

Pie Town is a place you really have to want to see, by itself.  No longer a crossroads; it’s more a passing glance on a two-lane between nothing in NM and nothing in AZ. There’s a ‘Y’ in the road a couple dozen miles east of the town that takes you south to Glenwood and Silver City. So it has slowly dessicated in the desert.

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SF New Mexican: Allow buns on campus, advocates say, to deter rape.

BEST TITLE EVAH. Click it before it’s gone.

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Archaeology News Network: Vandalism found in Petroglyph National Monument.

Unfortunately, the park is nestled in the western section of the city, a city that already has an overage of graffiti. Without 24/7 surveillance, this will continue to be an issue.

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Oil and Gas Wells in Northwest New Mexico.

Encroaching Chaco. Bad form.

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