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SF New Mexican: Zika carrier mosquito found in 4 New Mexico counties.

It’s in-state. Clear off your water-holding junk in the yard.

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Reason: Gary Johnson and Libertarians as the Sane Centrists in a Mad Election.

Deserves a place at the debates. I’ve met and talked with Johnson a couple of times in social situations, post-governorship. He’s a good guy. Yet I don’t make my voting choices based on “who you’d invite to your barbecue”.

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SF Reporter: A top lawmaker says New Mexico is spending more than it has.

Non-renewables have been a bad investment lately. Illogical in a place with over 300 days of Sun, and almost as many days of wind a year. But you’ve heard that from me before, umpteen times ...

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Albuquerque Journal: Man with BB gun, scope won’t face charges, police say.

A responding field officer went into a nearby building and saw the man with a rifle, scope and bipod. The rifle was pointed north down University Boulevard.” What an idiot.

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OpenCulture: 4 Interactive Maps Immortalize the Roads That Inspired Jack Kerouac.

Apparently the staple myth in Santa Fe of old Rt 66/Kerouac is untrue. Amazing what happens when you actually read a book ...

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Santa Fe Craigslist: 1955 Chevy “Handyman”.

Worth every penny.

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SF New Mexican: Photographer reaches $50K settlement over state police stop.

Pierre-Louis — who is 6-foot-2, African-American and now in his 50s — was pulled over and ordered to kneel while handcuffed on the pavement. The suspect who had allegedly pointed a gun at another man was later described by the victim as a 5-foot-2 Hispanic man in his 20s.

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Guardian.UK: Allergic to life - the Arizona residents ‘sensitive to the whole world’.

Long and interesting. I thought Santa Fe’s anti-wifi, anti-cell-tower folks were the extreme.

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SF New Mexican: Albuquerque police receive directive after Dallas shootings.

Two-up ... and nervous, methinks. Be nice, everyone.

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SF New Mexican: Group seeks to restore historic forest fire lookout tower.

The proposed project would restore this National Historic Place and launch the Santa Fe National Forest’s cabin rental program to share these spectacular views with the public and bring revenue to the forest for maintenance, recreation and future projects.” It’s about time!

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Had to deal with car servicing, work issues.

Links as I can. And Folk Art Market’s this weekend - traffic’s a snarl. Be safe out there.

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The Economist: Ride ’em, cowboy!

Mr Polhamus paints a romantic portrait of a West ‘that believed a handshake was as good as a contract, when faith was practised openly.’ The announcer is proud that rodeo scorns the all-shall-have-prizes culture: many competitors are thrown off almost at once, or fail to lasso their steer. ‘If they win, they’ve earned it,’ he rumbles.” Less negative, Economist, than I expected. The mythology of the West is still worshipped in many quarters, and that’s not a bad thing.

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SF New Mexican: New Mexico announces 4th year of ‘record-breaking’ tourism.

For tourism data, Longwoods International conducts surveys for New Mexico as well as states and cities worldwide. The estimated 33.4 million trips in New Mexico was based on a national survey of 337,164 trips and extrapolated from 2,860 of the trips that visitors said took place in New Mexico.” As you know, I have big doubts about the folks parsing the tourism data. I’d like to see competing, or triangulation of, separate firms.

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OneHeadlightInk: Longmire - Will they or won’t they?

Season 6? Walt and Vic? Gotta wait and see. Speculating immediately after series wrap is of no use at all ...

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MessyNessyChic: Streamliner Trains that Oozed the Elegance of Old World Travel.

I believe there is an old El Capitan car down at Lamy. I’ll have to recheck my photos. And one of the art-deco dining cars (triangular tables).

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NM Fire Info: Lightning-Caused McClure Fire 30% Contained.

Great work, firefighters.

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SFR: Major resources on tap to fight fire that began Thursday in the Santa Fe Watershed.

Pray, people, and put our faith in firefighting skills acquired from years of devastating wildfires.

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NMFireInfo: Battleship Fire on Santa Fe National Forest.

Shit. There’s no other word for it. Be safe, firecrews.

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Guardian.UK: Woman attacked by bear while running marathon in New Mexico.

Welp, it happens. Running + mad momma bear = big trouble. There tends to be more fauna in the Valles Caldera, because of its isolation in past decades. Carry bear spray.

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Once Upon A Time In The ... Heat.

Once Upon A Time in the ... HEAT.

Tipping 100F right now.

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ABQ BusinessFirst: Santa Fe’s Vista Clara Ranch and Spa Resort sold to Chi Center.

Finally! It’s a gorgeous property. I look forward to being able to peek in again.

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Smoke from the Dog Head Fire blankets our area.

I walked out to check the horizon. Can barely see the Jemez Mountains. Sandia Crest is obscured, as are the Manzanos (where the fire actually is).

I couldn’t believe it though - two people jogging, and a couple of bicyclists? Crazy. I stupidly went out during the last days of Las Conchas on my bike, drew enough into my lungs to be hacking up black stuff for a day and a half.

Experience talking - just DON’T.

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KOB: ‘Dog Head Fire’ burns nearly 700 acres in Manzano Mountains; wind stokes flames.

Big gout of smoke to the south, this time. It may settle over us shortly. Here we go ... AGAIN. We end up having to close up the house, right at the hottest time of the year.

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Political Wire: It’s Over Bernie.

I understand his fervor. I prefer Bernie’s platform over Clintons, yet realize that it is unrealistic in a President’s four years. It is a blip of sense that has to be cajoled over a longer period of time. If Sanders does not want to end up a Nader-like figure for the future, today’s contests should elicit different rhetoric and behavior from him. Shove the party around, sure. Bolster the candidate now; shore up the weak points, resolve to hold her to high standards and stop tearing her down. Fight for the working class *within* the existing system. It’s a harder, less utopian route. But Sanders would have had to face reality at some point anyway.

There was an irony here, locally. A Sanders volunteer came to our door, tie-dye shirt and Bernie buttons, complaining that the older Democrats and Republicans just wouldn’t cooperate. Tie-dye shirts and ‘hippie’ memorabilia is 50 years gone. A groovy ‘cosplay’. That was no way to win the swings. No way at all. In this particular case, I would advise not adhering to stereotype and arriving well-kempt, well-dressed, and on-point. There was an opportunity to surprise and impress. Lost.

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Atlas Obscura: New FAA Flight Plans Making Life Very Loud for Some Americans.

... now that the GPS network is being implemented, planes can be positioned more closely together, creating new flight path opportunities.” About a year or so ago, a flight path was crafted over our development, which put small commercial jets about 1200 feet over our house. Unpleasant. Something changed, we don’t hear them anymore. But the military in the area continue to play ring-around-the-development as they test the rotorcraft in for repairs at the Santa Fe Airport. Some sound like unmuffled Wankels, they’re so loud.

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