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HowIRound: Andrew Jackson Is Not As Bad As You Think—He’s Far, Far Bloodier.

The lessons of Bloody Bloody are seen in American society today. Today, Native women are murdered at a rate higher than any other race in America. The majority of the perpetrators of violent crimes against Native women are non-Native men. The ‘jokes’ in Bloody Bloody about killing Indians are not ‘jokes.’ They are a reality.” Never give a native individual a $20 bill in change. Never.

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Snow’s supposed to be moving in tonight.

Snow's supposedly moving in.

Unsettled at the moment. Clouds are torn into different layers. Yesterday’s dawn shot of the Ortiz to the south.

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Forbes: New Mexico Considering Legislation To Sell Spaceport America.

I predicted this result was likely.  Betting Virgin Galactic or SpaceX picks it up for pennies on the dollar. Just a waiting game now.

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KOAT: DWI checkpoint signs not a good idea in NM, attorney general says.

Well, the Supreme Court of our nation generally sides with law enforcement on this one.

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CultWestern: Two Upcoming Westerns.

Eva Green? Done. I have to say, Mikkelsen, Green and Morgan are three I’d never have thought of sticking in a western. It looks good, though.

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Wispy sunset.


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Messy Nessy Chic: Saving Pie Town - The Last Pie-O-Neers of the American Dessert.

Pie Town is a place you really have to want to see, by itself.  No longer a crossroads; it’s more a passing glance on a two-lane between nothing in NM and nothing in AZ. There’s a ‘Y’ in the road a couple dozen miles east of the town that takes you south to Glenwood and Silver City. So it has slowly dessicated in the desert.

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SF New Mexican: Allow buns on campus, advocates say, to deter rape.

BEST TITLE EVAH. Click it before it’s gone.

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Archaeology News Network: Vandalism found in Petroglyph National Monument.

Unfortunately, the park is nestled in the western section of the city, a city that already has an overage of graffiti. Without 24/7 surveillance, this will continue to be an issue.

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Oil and Gas Wells in Northwest New Mexico.

Encroaching Chaco. Bad form.

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KOAT: Chimayo man spots Virgin Mary in his truck.

Local color.

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Another nice’un.


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Sunset tonight.

2/12 ... start.

If you click the above image and view large on Flickr, you can go back through three more photos as the evening wore on.

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Guardian.UK: How George RR Martin is helping stem Santa Fe’s youth exodus.

The youth exodus is variously blamed on the city’s high cost of living, lack of affordable housing, uninspiring nightlife and limited employment options.” As fun as this sounds, it does very little to alleviate any of these situations other than hire a double-handful of young folk. The elephants in the room are not addressed. PR flacks are making lots of money, the politicians are buying it ... existing businesses aren’t seeing it.

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WSJ: Cowboy Culture, Alive and Well.

Given the historic relevance of cowboys and ranchers to the settlement of the American West and to American cultural identity generally, it is curious that art depicting cowboy life tends to be looked down upon in a way other regional forms of artistic expression — Appalachian bluegrass, Delta Blues, Amish and Shaker culture — are not. [snip] ... the art associated with them is often reckoned to be naive, little more than kitsch.” And that’s a shame. Though myth is thick on the ground, there is much to enjoy.

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South on 285.

South on 285.

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Sunset tonight: Last image of three.

2/4 end.

Two, and One.

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Snowy tops.

Snowy tops.

The Sun was intense enough to melt the snow off the trees at low altitude, but not at high altitude. Pretty!

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Hail, hail ... the gang’s all here.

Hail, hail, the gang's all here ...

And, I’m in terrible trouble with one of these little buggers ...

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Snow’s run off to the mountains; it’ll be back shortly, after dark.

Silhouette against snow clouds.

View of the foothills. Pea soup about 1,000 feet up.

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c|net: The sixth ‘Game of Thrones’ book won’t be released in 2015.

Not especially surprised. He’s been busy doing PR, operating the Jean Cocteau theatre, driving his purple Tesla ...

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SF New Mexican: Flying Star Cafe closes in Santa Fe, Bernalillo.

She said the higher minimum wage in Santa Fe is not a factor in the closing; the lack of foot traffic around the Railyard and the still-sluggish Santa Fe economy is.” The Railyard has not performed as promised. With Flying Star gone, how long will REI last? Will the Railyard return to abandoned hulks, once again?

Further, everyone keeps talking about how “#NewMexicoTrue” is revitalizing Santa Fe. I beg to differ. The campaign is bringing more people in aggregate - that is a success, certainly - but not the right demographic. Social media is not the best spot to engage the affluent tourists that Santa Fe requires. Gallery and store owners are not impressed. Lots and lots of foot traffic, uninspiring sales for the amount of people passing through. You need big spenders, not cheap-tchotchke-buying tourists who gawp at all the expensive artwork, take selfies, leave naught but footprints and a bit of wrapper from a bargain burrito.

It’s a terrible thing when you see a fine art gallery selling postcards, keychains and gag gifts to help pay the rent. $5.00 purchases next to $50,000 artworks. Just terrible. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

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Cloud detail.

Cloud details.

And another ‘set.

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KRQE: Santa Fe diner named one of the best in the nation.

The Pantry.

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Fresh from out back ...

fresh from the back portal ...

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