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The Atlantic: Are Higher Minimum Wages Eliminating Restaurant Jobs?

Misleading. When Santa Fe increased the minimum wage, the businesses that were operating on a shoestring failed almost immediately. Restaurants cut back on personnel and portion size, but that was neither sustainable nor sensible (customers dwindled) ... so eventually supplies were re-sourced, economies found, prices raised a smidge or so ... and hiring resumed. So any ‘elimination’ is temporary at best.

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And cold. Roads are still icy. School’s shut, some state offices. Sun’s out though, so things should clear up soon.

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SF Reporter: New York City transplant is rescued by Search and Rescue teams in Carson National Fores

Proper prep is key. Eric [‘from Santa Fe’], were you in on this one?

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Register.UK: D-Wave heads for New Mexico.

In other words, conventional supercomputers can only do so much nuke-simulation, and if quantum annealing works as it says on the box, it’ll help give the US a shiny new arsenal without having to actually blow things up.

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NM Museum of Art, B/W.


  NM Museum of Art, b/w. by Garret Vreeland on 500px.com  


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SF Reporter: Bobcat Bites It - Sale would end tradition along old Las Vegas Highway.

Maybe. Unless someone buys and revives it.

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SF New Mexican: Mayor seeks $50K to launch city film commission.

Announced from the Red Pony bar set from Longmire.

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SF New Mexican: Passenger traffic still on decline at Albuquerque airport.

It’s not just passenger numbers that are in decline — the average number of daily departures has fallen by about 40 percent since 2008.” Hmmm. Makes one wonder where NM True is getting their shiny positive numbers from, including increases in air visitation (Here, check “Visitor Profiles”, 2013 and 2014, two PDFs about halfway down the page). I suspect some flaws in their econometric analyses.

Later: I should mention, these taxpayer-funded tourism campaigns are slowly coming under scrutiny (reference). News orgs, time to do some investigative reporting.

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JunkCulture: Bureau A Recreates Stonehenge out of Shipping Containers in the Center of Geneva.

Harrumph. I preferred Santa Fe’s “Fridgehenge” in the old waste facility overlooking downtown; long gone now. Spoke more to the timelessness of consumer garbage, IMHO.

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SF New Mexican: Bootleg trails remain a mystery, but officials hopeful culprits will be found.

This is the most-discussed news in our local area at the moment. Cutting down our gorgeous trees ... chainsaws in our dry forests! ... a whole lotta outrage simmering.

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Re/code: T-Mobile Will Let Subscribers Bring Tiny 4G LTE Towers Into Their Homes.

This made me prick up my ears. Santa Fe still suffers from dead spots, particularly inside heavy adobe architecture.

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naked cap: The New York Times Covers ObamaCare as Enrollment Opens.

Oh yeah. In NM, now that BC/BS has pulled out, Healthcare.gov shows three providers: Molina, Christus (Catholic) and Presbyterian. All HMO. NM Health Connections screwed up something, and won’t be available on the Exchange until the 15th of the month.

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LA Daily Post: Hitching A Ride On The Pumpkin Bus ... Historic NM CubeSat Ready For Low-Earth Orbit.

Another corker from friend Roger Snodgrass up at the Los Alamos Daily Post.

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Examiner: Netflix officially renews ‘Longmire’ for season 5.

Great news!

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KOB.com: Family grieves 4-year-old girl killed in road rage attack.

Albuquerque, yesterday. Dominating our local news cycles at the moment. No news on the shooter.

Later: News on the shooter. Head to the bottom of the article. A real prince.

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USA Today: Billy the Kid photo purchased for $2 in junk shop, could sell for $5M.

I know you’re wondering. It looks legit; historians down in Fort Sumner have apparently pegged the building, and even the foundation-stones. Totally great find.

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NMiD: New Mexico is at cutting edge of change—climate change.

Our tall pines are burning up, and won’t be coming back. Scrub. Will tourists flock for adobe and scrub? I suppose if we go the Disney route ...

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Photo shoot early; links soon.

Making hay ...

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Guardian.UK: Petition demands Maze Runner cast apologise for ‘thefts’ from Native burial site.

Air-headed actors/actresses. I hope they’re brought up on charges. Howzabout they help clean up Navajo lands, after the Animas River spill?

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SF New Mexican: Hurt mountain biker near Taos airlifted out.

Made me think ... we never see how many fails happen for every successful GoPro extreme sports video ...

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SF New Mexican: NM School for the Arts closes deal to buy Sanbusco.

Oh, man. When Borders closed, it was on life support, really. Now, with Sanbusco closing and World Market moving to Santa Fe Place mall ... how long will REI maintain its store?

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FishbowlNY: Santa Fe Journalist Penned Her Own Obituary.

Walk on into the beauty.

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ABQ Journal: It’s a cover-up! Hot tub high jinks prompt change in clothing-optional policy.

I do recall a friend telling me many years ago of a visiting friend who went to the communal tub, was blissfully soaking away her cares, only to have a man approach and ask, “May I touch?” Well, at least he was polite enough to ask. But still. Creepy.” Having lived here for so long, one hears all sorts of stories about that tub.

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Haven’t shared a photo on the blog in ages.

In process, sunset. Nice detail.

On the walk tonight.

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NY Times: ‘Longmire,’ Revived on Netflix, Continues Its Embrace of Western Traditions.

If you feel that what TV needs right now is a modern-day Gary Cooper or Joel McCrea, well, he’s already here.” Yesindeedy. And available for streaming as of midnight last, from what I understand. NO SPOILERS PLEASE.

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