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NY Times/FirstDraft: Bernie Sanders Makes Rare Appeal to Evangelicals at Liberty University.

But as a Christian, I think the responsibility to help them falls to the church, not the government.” Such naivete is no longer charming.

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Pacific Standard: Conviction of Things Not Seen: The Uniquely American Myth of Satanic Cults.

The period of nationwide moral hysteria that came to be known as the Satanic Panic began in 1980 with the publication of Michelle Remembers, a biographical account of the repressed memories of the childhood ritual abuse ...” I can stop right there. The insinuation of ‘regression hypnosis’ tells you everything you need to know. Move on.

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ThinkProgress: Kim Davis Held In Contempt Of Court, Now In U.S. Marshals’ Custody.

Attorneys representing the same-sex couples in this case reportedly offered a deal, that Judge Bunning agreed to, which would allow Davis to leave jail if she permitted several of her deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. According to multiple sources on Twitter, however, Davis has refused this deal and elected to remain in jail.

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Guardian.UK: Jeb Bush joins conservatives in call to defund Planned Parenthood.

Yes, this is predictable, given his past. Fan of Crisis Pregnancy Centers. About those. What tends to happen, way too often, is after a young pregnant woman says ‘no’ to abortion, the organization disappears. If women make this choice, it’s support they need, not here-today, gone-tomorrow ideology. These organizations helped women *make* the choice - they have a responsibility to follow through. IMHO.

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Slate: How to undermine ISIS with one simple trick.

Since many ISIS wannabes interact with charismatic online middlemen—even just to discuss the logistics of getting to Syria—the governments of the world could overwhelm ISIS’s recruiting system by creating hundreds of fake ISIS-curious individuals to interact with recruiters.

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Guardian.UK: Islamic State leader raped Kayla Mueller before she died in captivity, officials say.

I dream of “The Count of Monte Cristo” solution to this.

More info, if you have the stomach for it.

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New Yorker: The Chinese Lingerie Vendors of Egypt.

Fascinating look at how cultures coexist.

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SF New Mexican: Long-time priest at Santuario de Chimayó dies.

Rest in eternal peace, good sir.

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LRB: Owen Bennett-Jones reviews ‘‘We Love Death as You Love Life’.

... the fact that more British Muslims are fighting for Islamic State than for the British army demands an explanation.

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New Yorker: ISIS Rises in Libya.

Nature abhors a vacuum. American foreign policy hasn’t learned this lesson yet.

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KOAT: Explosive devices detonated at 2 churches.

Worrisome. And another.

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Vox: How conservative media helped the far-right take over the Republican Party.

How swiftly we forget. Not even a peep about the Fairness Doctrine, which some of us miss very much ...

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SciAm: What You Don’t Understand about Suicide Attacks.

Until suicide attackers are widely seen for the desperate, traumatized, and mentally ill people they really are—instead of ‘psychologically normal’ altruists—America will continue to suffer Islamic mass shooters who seek glory and heavenly rewards through death.” Yes, but there will always be depressed, isolated, vulnerable people. You will never cure those maladies in any effective manner. I hate to pick on the internet, but getting radicalizing texts and videos is exponentially easier today than in the recent past. We are seeing this result: a sick mind can be turned in days, instead of years.

I think of going to the library in my high school years, trying to find a copy of ‘Mein Kampf’ just to *look* at it. Not even cracking it. I think every librarian tailed me as I went into the aisle to view the single copy (I’d asked at the desk). I wouldn’t doubt they called my parents, even.

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ArtDaily: Nepal quake forces ‘living goddess’ Bajracharya to break decades of seclusion.

Perhaps the gods are angry because people don’t respect traditions as much anymore.” I wonder how she feels about smartphones.

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PS Mag: Link Between Religiosity, Good Health Debunked.

Any protective effect of religion is the result of fitting in comfortably with one’s surroundings — not the religious preference of those surroundings — and the reduced stress levels this alignment produces.

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Guardian.UK: Does the Bible really say that global warming will make the Earth ‘vomit us out’.

A theological image, or a story, is not anchored to the historical world in any fixed way. It has its own interior logic and coherence.

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Guardian.UK: Women rarely regret their abortions. Why don’t we believe them?

Yet for most women, according to this study, however complex their feelings are, they still believe abortion was the right choice.” Noone says it isn’t painful, heartrending. Choice needs to be preserved.

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Bloomberg: Islamic State Is Selling Looted Art Online for Needed Cash.

They bring in their own trucks, their own bulldozers, hire their own work crews and pay them salaries.

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Aeon: The allure of ISIS resembles that of Tolkien.

... many readers, it seems, thrill to the notion of finding a king to whom they can pledge their swords without scruple or hesitation. Indeed, it is sometimes claimed that the patently adolescent politics of Tolkien’s Middle Earth represent a true and valid model for real-world humans.” Bound to ruffle some feathers.

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NY Times: ISIS and the Lonely Young American.

Exactly what I’ve been concerned about. I suppose ‘pen pals’ no longer exist? The last thing I want to see is a young, lonely, hormonal teen be used by these folks. We need to give them alternatives. Now.

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NPR: Supreme Court Declares Same-Sex Marriage Legal In All 50 States.

And, I expect Roberts to hope this will mollify Conservatives over the previous ACA ruling: “But do not celebrate the Constitution. [snip] It had nothing to do with it.” Of course, he has a point. Marriage is not mentioned in the Constitution at all. His statement is perfectly ‘safe’ - too subtle for most to understand. Even most of our modern media.

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Archaeology News Network: Mummified 17th century bishop a unique time capsule.

An unexpected discovery that emerged from the CT scan was a four- or five-month old foetus ...” Well now that’s creepy.

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BBC: Saint-Donatien in Nantes in ruins.

Very, very sad.

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Hyperallergic: The Demolished Buddhas of Bamiyan Are Reborn as 3D Projections.

Much as I appreciate the effort, 3D projection will not stand the test of time, I’m afraid.

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PS Mag: Even Atheists Intuitively Believe in a Creator.

Of note.

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