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Dazed: Why I chose to have an illegal abortion.

Irish residents are not covered by the NHS and so have to go private – meaning that between flights and the procedure itself, you could be paying up to 1500 euros (£1186), possibly more. The abortion pills in comparison cost me 80 euros, and the fare to Belfast to pick up the pills was only 20 euros.” Not the coat-hanger variety of Texas and the rest of America. Guns are OK, safe and easy abortions are not. Interesting that both are designed to end human life, but are treated very differently. Be a good riff for a longer article.

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Archaeology News Network: Influence of religion and predestination on evolution and science.

The author notices that despite conclusions that evolution is not a linear process, biologists have never stopped seeing and contemplating ‘preadaptations’ and ‘regressive evolution’, when speculating on phenomena such as the lack of eyes in some exclusively cave-dwelling animals. Such choice of words can be easily traced back to assumptions of linearity and, therefore, predestination, common for various religions.” Western Civ permeates.

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PS Mag: Can Holy Lands Become Holy Democracies?

A very good, if somewhat light, read.

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Inverse: This Community in Sulawesi, Indonesia Keeps the Dead in Homes for Years.

If deceased persons and buffalo sacrifice bother you, don’t watch the video.

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Archaeology News Network: Mexican archaeologists find early burial in first colonial cathedral.

Good Christian practice - reuse all the pagan works.

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Dazed: Could you now be prosecuted for having a miscarriage?

Miscarriage is traumatic enough. This shall not stand.

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NY Times: New Evidence on When Bible Was Written: Ancient Shopping Lists.

... if the literacy rates in the Arad fortress were repeated across the kingdom of Judah, which had about 100,000 people, there would have been hundreds of literate people ...” Arguably more literate than today.

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National Geographic: Isaac Newton’s Lost Alchemy Recipe Rediscovered.

Newton’s 1855 biographer questioned “how a mind of such power” could take seriously “the obvious production of a fool and a knave.” And the sophick mercury recipe is only now resurfacing in part because Cambridge University, Newton’s alma mater, turned down the opportunity to archive his alchemy recipes in 1888.” Talk about the aforementioned ‘complex individuals’. Newton was the penultimate.

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WaPo: Switzerland shocked by Muslim teens who refused to shake hands with female teachers.

The Swiss Muslim community has largely suggested that the boys are misinterpreting Islamic teachings with their refusal to shake their teachers’ hands.” Isn’t the overriding consensus that immigrants fully integrate to the dominant culture within two generations? If so, accommodation of such fringe interpretations just hinders that process. Esp. when it’s not the consensus interpretation of Islamic teaching?

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Mashable: Bones of Christian saint found in rubble of ISIS-destroyed monastery.

Words fail me.

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ArtDaily: Syria’s Palmyra scarred forever by IS jihadists.

While the temple’s outer walls, main entrance and courtyard have survived, the main cella or prayer chamber has been destroyed, according to AFP journalists who visited the world heritage site.” So the earlier, more optimistic reports were wrong.

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DiscoverMag: Can Science and Religion Co-Exist?

Harrumph. Ask Isaac Newton.

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ArtDaily: Son begins quest to bury Khaled al-Assaad known as ‘father of Palmyra’.

The man’s a hero. He deserves at least this.

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Indian Country Today: The Excruciating Legacy of NAGPRA.


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The Atlantic: The State of Palmyra’s Ruins.

The best news, he said, was that the 2-ton Lion of al-Lat ISIS blew up ‘could be put back together––we didn’t lose this great statue.’

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Italian Ways: The crypt of the Holy Sepulcher reopens in Milan.

Think about the white, polished stones under your feet: they once paved the city’s 4th-century, Roman forum – which means Saint Ambrose, Saint Augustine and Emperor Theodosius all probably walked over them just like you.” Open for the first time in 50 years? Bucket list.

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Archaeology News Network: The conflict between science and religion lies in our brains.

You can be religious and be a very good scientist.

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Italian Ways: Michelangelo’s wonderful “Pietà” photographed.

Appropriate Good Friday posting!

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Italian Ways: The Runaway Madonna in Sulmona.

“Running” to the resurrected Messiah.

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Business Insider: ISIS trained 400 to attack Europe.

Estimates range from 400 to 600 Islamic State fighters trained specifically for external attacks, according to the officials ...” Not good at all.

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KARE11: Church discovers 30,000 cars in donated house.

Amazing. In that you don’t often run across folks like this anymore. It’s not hoarding, it’s a deep abiding love of all things auto.

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Guardian.UK: Catholic school condemns chants of ‘You killed Jesus’ at Jewish opponents.

Medievalism. When you think you’ve got it tamped down, another sprout shows up.

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The Australian: Memory stick reveals names of thousands of jihadist recruits.

Modernity sinks the medieval.

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Discover Mag: Are Stone-Throwing Chimps Performing ‘Sacred’ Rituals?

More study please.

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NY Times Sunday Review: What’s the Point of Moral Outrage?

We suggest that expressing moral outrage can serve as a form of personal advertisement: People who invest time and effort in condemning those who behave badly are trusted more.” Better a moral judgment than another selfie, no? At least some grey matter is being used.

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