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NY Times:

Student, 19, in Trial of New Antidepressant Commits Suicide.  I’m no psychologist.  But I have to wonder if depression and moodiness are not simply stages of growth in teenage years ... stages that shouldn’t be interrupted.  I had black moods in teenage, but if someone had medicated them away, I would have never gained my capacity for healthy introspection.  These incidences of teen suicide combined with antidepressants are quite sensational at the moment, but I wonder where they really fall in the total statistical incidence of true antidepressant ‘side effects.’  After all, as I understand it, suicide is a borderline risk with all clinical depression, not just severe depression.  Eliot?

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

“The Stars Have Voted.”  Appropriate that it originates here in Santa Fe.  Horoscopes for the candidates, though the horoscopes betray a close empirical observation of the candidates, to my mind.

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NY Times:

Linking religion to economic development.  Mix this with the below, are all skeptics poor?

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Washington Post:

On the importance of being dubious.  “Many believers are suckers for prophets of doom and are prone to witch-hunting to persecute apostates. Their passionate convictions mix weak facts with strong emotions. And through it all, each believer, no matter how fanatical, is certain of being an independent thinker.”

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Antidepressants too risky for kids?  There have never been comprehensive studies done, neither short nor long term.  Children are not ‘small adults’; one can’t simply adjust the dosage by weight.

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Tales of the unexpected. “On one side, the narrators: those who are indeed intensely narrative, self-storying, Homeric, in their sense of life and self, whether they look to the past or the future. On the other side, the non-narrators: those who live life in a fundamentally non-storytelling fashion, who may have little sense of, or interest in, their own history, nor any wish to give their life a certain narrative shape.”

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Jish rocks.  I’ll add a plug for following your heart.

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Chronicle of Higher Ed:

The Debriefing Debate: One popular therapy is called into question.  “The debate over stress debriefing is emblematic of a broader concern that psychology does a weak job of establishing the safety and efficacy of new therapies.”

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Washington Post:

Modern Flirting.  “‘Any woman can flash skin,’ says Southern author Ronda Rich, ‘but the most irresistible damsel is the one who seduces and flirts with a sharp, knowledgeable mind.’”

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