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Catapult: Their Body, Themselves.

Parents usually learn this early. It’s all in how YOU react. Not others.

Story from my past. My father loved recounting when my sister first asked about “How do you make a baby?” He was reading the paper, as he normally did on Sunday ... nose buried deep in the NY Times. My sister walked up, out of his line of sight, and asked the question. Now, a normal parent of today might put the paper down and start into a longwinded, overwrought explanation. Not ol’ Pops. Dad slowly lowered the paper, and looked over his glasses ... and saw my sister standing there with a crayon and a piece of paper held out. She wanted to know how to *draw* a baby. Dad’s comment: “Never answer too fast.”

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FishbowlNY: Even The WSJ Has Had Enough of Donald Trump.

The notion that Trump would one day become sane is laughable. This is the GOP’s great unraveling, and it’s all their fault.

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Atlas Obscura: The First Published Study About Chemtrails Is Here.

There is no better way to identify one’s self as an idiot, than proclaiming belief in chemtrails. It is so simply debunked, even elementary school children can understand.

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The Economist: Conversation and the sexes - Why men interrupt.

What evidence shows that male and female styles differ? Among the most compelling is a crucial piece left out of the “simple sexism” explanation: men mansplain to each other.” Oh God, this is SO needed. Once again, as a stutterer in the past, it was always easy to step on my conversation and dominate. And so many did. Both sexes, but certain males ... jeezus, my eyeballs would practically pop out for needing to express myself while being pummeled with irrelevant self-aggrandizement ...

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NY Times: Donald Trump Is Making America Meaner.

Art gallery personnel in Santa Fe, many of whom I associate with, have noticed a sharp uptick in unmannered, bigoted, self-centered people imposing their deeply-held manias on others. Past time for someone to shut the guy down.

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PS Mag: How Incivility Breeds Incivility.

The team found that experiencing an inconsiderate or insulting act can drain an employee’s self-control, making it more likely he or she will act out in a similar way later in the day. Importantly, this cycle of abuse was only found in workplaces perceived as highly political.” Office politics - the worst. Absolute worst.

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Quora: Is the term (and concept) ‘stochastic terrorism’ new?

Stochastic terrorism” seems to have been made up by a poster on Daily Kos after the Tucson shooting of Giffords. Not that it is not a beneficial concept, but it is not scholarly, as far as I can tell. Depending on your definition of ‘stochastic’, it could also just mean ‘unpredictable random terrorist acts’ - in which case it is useless as ideological condemnation (the most popular use on this newsday).

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Civil War Memory: General Edmund Kirby Smith, Black Confederate.

As you can see, the Hankerson believes that Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith was black. Readers will also be surprised to hear that Kirby Smith attended the ‘prestigious Southern school’ at West Point.” Smith was white, and West Point is in NY. Geez, man.

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The Atlantic: ‘The Second Amendment People’.

With 90 days until the election, one nominee has joked about the other being shot to death, and as of this moment his party elders stand with him.” Back off teleprompter again. Shades of Reagan aides, slapping their heads and saying “The Governor’s winging it again!

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Politico: Clinton-Trump debate sites plan for a third podium.

So they should. Until the trends are clearer.

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Catapult: The Crematorium.

Great piece. So many familiar points.

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NY Times: Hillary Clinton Addresses a Rare Audience - Journalists.

This seems more and more like a tempest in a teapot, the longer it goes on. The exact Comey quote: “We have no basis to conclude she lied to the FBI.” Now, here’s the double-standard. If they cannot conclude she lied, then ... she told the truth (as far as they know)? I’m no Hillary fan (holding my nose for lack of options), but if you held Trump to this standard ... ?

Fair’s fair. Judge people equally. That’s all I’m saying.

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Politico: Insiders to Trump - Drop out.

Yeah, that bad. Don’t believe it? Here, too.

One problem for Dems in this scenario (amidst others). If they replace him with another candidate, the media will focus their 24/7 harangue-machines so tightly on the new candidate, that individual will get exponential free publicity to put the race back into a 50/50 horserace. If it happens, you just watch if I’m not correct.

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Vox: The science of choking under pressure — and how to avoid it.

Pretty much the same advice as for a person with a stutter.

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Guardian.UK/book review: Why capitalism has turned us into narcissists.

Happiness is excellent for business. A cheerful worker is as much as 12% more productive.” Extra points if you remember Steve Martin suggesting Richard Nixon get a banjo for his press conferences. “Everything’s FINE!”

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Political Wire: Bonus Quote of the Day.

Trump is Trump. You can pull somebody out of the insane asylum and staff him with the best people in the business ...” Ya gotta read this one.

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Pacific Standard: Learning to Love My Anxiety.

As you know, I grew up with a speech impediment. Speaking off-the-cuff in class terrified me. If anyone had described ‘anxiety’ or ‘panic attacks’ to me, I would have been a basket case. I would have needed every drug under the sun, therapy, just to face a single day of school. As it was, at that time, no such diagnoses were offered. So I found coping mechanisms. As in, I thought it was ‘normal’ and just ignored the anxiety. Later on, when an adult, I had a period where anxiety became overbearing. Seeking help from a psychiatrist, I received a dose of Xanax, and fell into the hole of chasing benzo half-life and endless useless therapy sessions. After some terrifying experiences (very mild dose, BTW), I said “SHIT” on the whole scheme. It seemed like a purposeful moneymaking track to increasingly powerful drug addiction. Three months to come down from the benzo-generated panic attacks. I would classify that period as the most disempowering experience I’ve ever had in my life. I pity those on that horrific path. Better facing the anxiety head-on, than the ‘fixes’. Yet it seems every other person in America is on this drug/therapy journey. Psychology needs to step in and break up this little profit-party.

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TPM: Trump - ‘I’m Afraid’ The General Election’s ‘Gonna Be Rigged’

He also promised a ‘bloodbath’ if the Democrats attempt to ‘steal’ the election.” Good Christ, the man wants to commit murder-suicide if he loses.

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The Value of Talking Politics.

Providing them with an independent source to help them sort through the deluge of information through a unique communications channel — face-to-face engagement — is critical to that evolution.” HAH. Find an independent source that any side trusts!

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TPM: The Reviews Are In = Conservatives Say The DNC Was ‘Disaster’ For The GOP

I referenced Martin Seligman’s “Learned Optimism” before. You should take it out of the library, borrow it, read the chapter on predicting Presidential election outcomes. I believe the observation was the candidate with the more optimistic rhetorical style wins, every time. A change in tone - even at the last minute - can tank a candidate. Makes the upcoming contest even more interesting.

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CNN: Trump urges viewers to skip Clinton speech as Democrats rack up ratings wins.

Overnight Nielsen ratings indicate that Wednesday night’s DNC viewership was about 15% higher than last Wednesday night’s coverage of the RNC.” Next weeks polls become even more interesting.

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Aeon: Thinking positive is a surprisingly risky manoeuvre.

Positive thinking impedes performance because it relaxes us and drains the energy we need to take action.” Um, there’s something wrong here. I was just doing a modified set of burpees yesterday (instead of just jumping up, I jumped up to do a full pullup, then back down for the pushup). I was only able to perform a handful. After five sets, my trainer said, “Let’s do three more than last time in the set.” I said, “No way.” He said, “You can do this. Big guy like you. Let’s go.” I steeled myself, muscles already screaming, and I did them. If he hadn’t have changed my mindset (which was already defeated), I’d never have done it.

Later: This is from a book, and it does reference Seligman’s “Learned Optimism” theories. So I won’t dismiss it as swiftly as I did above.

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The Atlantic: Charles Duhigg’s Productivity Tips from Smarter, Faster, Better.

Why is it that the more work I have to do, the more the internet beckons me into its endless maw of distraction?” Timely.

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Guardian.UK: Children spend only half as much time playing outside as their parents did.

TRAVESTY. Take the electronics away, kick ‘em out on the weekends. You’ll end up with smarter, happier kids.

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New Republic: How Exhaustion Became a Status Symbol.

Today, exhaustion still hints at status, but of a different sort. To say that you’re exhausted is to telegraph that you’re important, in demand, and successful. It’s akin to the humblebrag of ruefully describing yourself as ‘so busy’—naturally, since exhaustion follows from busyness.

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