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WaPo: In new poll, support for Trump has plunged, giving Clinton a double-digit lead.

Interesting, how news titles are being created. Notice T is mentioned first, in nearly every case.

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Guardian.UK: Tony Robbins event attendees burned after walking on hot coals.

Only after he does it first.

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Trump Ipsum: Make Placeholder Text Great Again!

Offered sans comment.

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Pacific Standard: Our Memories Are Deeply Flawed, and We’ll Be Happier If We Accept It.

The recovered-memory movement in the 1980s and ’90s emboldened people to root out their supposedly forgotten pasts — usually with the help of a therapist — and confront their tormentors, often their own parents, while fueling an adjacent hysteria about uncovering clandestine, sometimes occult-themed, networks of sexual predators.” God, the damage this movement did ...

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99U: How to Fight Through Intellectual Discomfort.

Deeply intellectual work is soul work that takes more time and energy.” All I have to say is ... run a weblog. Longer the better.

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The Atlantic: The Existentialism of GPS.

... the knowledge that we are not where our maps say we are is now part of the background noise of daily life.

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Political Wire: GOP Lawmaker Reads Gays ‘Worthy of Death’ Bible Verse.

Well, maybe some will wake up that the Quran isn’t the only problem in the world today ...

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99U: Do You Have to Be a Jerk to Be Successful?

Hmmm. I’ve found those who focus only on ‘success’, tend to be the people who get attracted to the ‘Dark Side’. I’ve seen young programmers go from white hat SEO down the toilet hole to full-on black hat SEO, for instance (back in the ‘old days’ of SEO). Then, as the algorithms changed, drop from sight and change careers, only to have accepted a work ethic that is based on ‘gaming the system’. A personal, one-person boom-and-bust cycle appears.

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NY Times: AR-15 Rifles Are Beloved, Reviled and a Common Element in Mass Shootings.

‘Many of the new shooters attracted to tactical guns for their first firearms purchase will think that they know guns because they’ve played a lot of first‐person shooter video games. (snip) Gamers inspired by Call of Duty to purchase their first gun will eventually discover that they have a lot to learn.’ But despite such admonitions, the gun industry has used the popularity of these games to sell its products to ‘a youthful, aggressive, technologically savvy generation’ ...” Yep, it’s all harmless, right? Video games, assault rifles, the mentalities encouraged ...

Far be it for me to impose my ethics on any of you, but the longer I live, the more I believe that violence should not be recreation. Especially for children. Quote me all the stats you’d like to, I will not yield. In this, I’ll be a stubborn son-of-a-bitch. The above is one of those quotes that simply blows away all the video game/violence stats, because it’s a consequence researchers haven’t noticed.

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SciAm: Psychology’s Credibility Crisis - the Bad, the Good and the Ugly.

... psychologists cannot even agree on basic methods for arriving at ‘truth,’ whatever that is.

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SciAm: Relaxation Benefits Introverts More Than Extraverts in Boosting Creativity.

When you’re “up tight”, relaxation can only help.

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Lancet: Efficacy and tolerability of antidepressants for depressive disorder in children.

Old-fashioned Prozac seems to be the only one that manifests actual results. Again, children are not ‘small adults’ - they respond differently to meds.

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PS Mag: No, the Media Didn’t Screw Over Bernie Sanders in California.

I disagree. There’s a reason we don’t announce election results before the polls close. In this particular case, California uses a great deal of provisional and write-in ballots, so the effect was muted. Sanders never organized enough to thwart this early voting issue. But still. We’ve seen in past elections that Americans love to vote for ‘winners’. The polls were running very close before the contest on Tuesday. Now we see Hillary pulled ahead. I’d like to see the final tallies (walk-in versus write-in) in July.

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WaPo: Top supporters of Bernie Sanders gently tell him: It’s time.

The super-delegates are set aside when you make the judgment that you have a majority of the pledged delegates. [snip] I would not support a battle that involves trying to flip super-delegates.” Even the allies are saying it. Trying to flip superdelegates isn’t just wrong, it’s silly now that the pledged delegate count has been surpassed. He was trounced in NJ and CA - CA, being so blue and his last hope - he must ‘(wo)man up’ and face the music.

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Guardian.UK: Hillary Clinton celebrates ‘milestone’ victory but Sanders refuses to quit.

Congratulations, Ms Clinton. History has been made. She won it fair and square (as fair and square as the system is, at present). As you know, I don’t believe she’s a strong candidate - she was beaten by a freshman with a teleprompter the last time around, and almost lost it to a grey-haired socialist this time. But there’s a great deal of sour grapes, childish to the extreme, being batted around the social media. I have no intention of adding childiotic fuel to the fire. I remain surprised Sanders performed as well as he did throughout this race. Given his nearly-unbelievable weakness in foreign policy, he’s not been what I’d call a ‘strong’ candidate either. (I’ve been of the opinion that we could solve November’s contest with one question: Give the candidates an unlabelled map, and have them point to which country they believe is Syria. The one who identifies it correctly is President.)

The question is, what does Bernie want? Other than to win without the required votes? He can’t win. Even if the email scandal brings down an indictment, there are no guarantees that the DNC will allow Sanders to run in her stead. He’s burning bridges with alacrity, at this date. His followers are bitter, angry. I don’t know how (or if!) this group can be reassimilated into the whole. Politico has one hell of a piece up today. Read it. Even that, followers won’t accept as reality (or trustworthy!). Bernie was the great hope of the economically beaten-down. That hope is now shattered. A whole lot of sad, angry despairing Democrats today. Be gentle. Bernie is the only one who can pick up the pieces. Can or will he move from potential candidate to statesman and rise above? He has a powerful movement at his fingertips. I hope it is not squandered.

On another note, the Republicans just blew it in California.

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Goins, Writer: The Painful Practice of Putting Your Art Out There.

Yes. Interestingly, the Evernote Clipper will not function on this site. I can only bookmark it. I wonder if that’s purposeful.

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Vox: I was really bad at sports in high school. This new study helps me understand why.

Overall, she says the finding is a strike against the popular ‘10,000 hour rule,’ which implies anyone can become master at an activity if they were to just devote the time to it. The research in sports, and in other activities such as music, games, and education, just doesn’t back that hypothesis up.

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Vimeo: Bullshit!, with philosopher Harry Frankfurt.

Mostly agree. I think we cannot do without a certain amount of bullshit in our lives; what of the enormously entertaining ‘tall tale’, for instance? How dull life would be, without having someone pull our leg from time to time.

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Hyperallergic: Why Museums Are Granting Google Free Access to Their Collections.

Of note. I wonder if this won’t actually depress museum visitation; Americans already consider ‘authentic fakes’ acceptable. Digital reproductions are the next best thing ... they won’t have to lift a finger to actually experience art. I suppose I’m a Luddite (once again). There’s a numinous feeling in the great museums.

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HyperAllergic: Kids Smash Art at Glass Museum While Adults Stand by Filming.

Speaking of parenting ... I was at Whole Foods the other day, and a gaggle of kids were rushing down the aisles knocking down boxes and packages. I said, “Whoa, whoa, WHOA”, the parents glared at me. They started to walk away, but I’d popped at that point. “It’s not up to others to do your job for you.” The husband really wanted to take a swing! I walked over to the info desk and let the WF people know about the mess. They said “It happens all the time. We’re supposed to ignore it.”

My uncle used to have this flat paddle hanging by his back door, with the words “Board of Education” printed on it, enhanced by an image of children getting paddled. [Later: Found online.] When we’d have dinner over at his house, I’d be stuck at a folding table next to that paddle. I don’t think I ever behaved so perfectly in any house as I did at my uncle’s. Perhaps an idea for stores. You don’t have to ever USE it. It just sits there as an imagination-generator.

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BoingBoing: Technology’s “culture of compliance” must be beaten back in the name of justice.

Of note. Thanks, BillSaysThis!

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Vice: ‘GoT’ Confirmed My Immigrant Parents’ Suspicions That Americans Are Violent Psychopaths.

I think that America has problem, enjoy this kind of movie, really have problem. No wonder they vote for Trump. They crazy.” I’ve been considering this too. When you want to relax in the evening, the choices of untraumatic, non-violent (or simply gun-less) fare is thinner than it should be.

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The Millions: Dear Novel - On Breaking Up with Your Manuscript.

Every fiction writer thinks they need to be in a long-term relationship.” Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sometimes the arc is naturally short. Trying to lengthen it, it just gets worse and worse ... and the self-pressure dials to 11, 12 ...

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Catapult: The Fierce Triumph of Loneliness.

I moved through these scenes like a ghost yet felt astoundingly whole.” Well-expressed.

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Slate: Grit - A bold new idea or the latest self-help fad?

Grit matters, but only in specific situations that require strength of will.

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