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Sociological Images: White American Male with a Weapon White American Male with a Weapon ...

Interesting way to parse it all.

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DesignYouTrust: How to Be Productive During Daily Commute.

This! This is what’s wrong with America. I listened to music and SLEPT on my morning and evening commute. I put everything into my workday. If I slept the hour and a half back to P-town, I might have some energy to go out for a drink.

Here’s to the unproductive commute. Firewall work from home, if it works for you. No guilt.

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Guardian.UK: Picky eaters may grow into depressed and anxious kids, research suggests.

To pathologize something that’s not pathological.” Still, I don’t know how far “If you eat your broccoli, you’ll be happier when your older” will take a parent.

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Psychology Today: Anti-Intellectualism and the “Dumbing Down” of America.

Famous science fiction writer Isaac Asimov once said: ‘There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” My italic emphasis.

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Vox: Most Americans think miscarriage is rare. Most Americans are wrong.

Yes, but will Americans hear, understand and start to empathize?

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SciAm: How the Brain Purges Bad Memories.

Drugs that alter the cannabinoid system could provide a way to modify the fear circuit, thereby—possibly—alleviating anxiety. Neurostimulation technologies, including transcranial magnetic stimulation and even optogenetics, could also potentially be used therapeutically to augment standard anxiety treatments.” A lot of people could see relief.

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New Criterion: Dying art.

Sounds like a fun read. Tie culture down and poke it with a judgmental finger.

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Daily Beast: The Death of Satire.

This is the formula for successful late-night TV comedy in the present day: an absurd or ridiculous clip that can make the rounds on YouTube the next day.” Been ages since I’ve taken in a current comedy. Banal, indeed. The legitimate media’s gotten too close to The Onion; often more tragedy than comedy, IMHO.

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The Toast: Visible Faith - On Grad School and Ageism.

... I was surprised by the degree to which the more mature male professors seemed unnerved by my presence, and they became the main source of my day-to-day anxiety. One of them, a jeans-wearing survivor of the pseudo-hippie revival of the ’80s, once announced to our class that Thomas Hardy only began writing poetry after he reached his sixties. ‘Just when the brain is atrophying for most people,’ he said, staring at me, ‘the man became a world-class poet. Imagine! You’ve got to be some kind of brilliant to defy those odds.’The more fool he.

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SciAm: What You Don’t Understand about Suicide Attacks.

Until suicide attackers are widely seen for the desperate, traumatized, and mentally ill people they really are—instead of ‘psychologically normal’ altruists—America will continue to suffer Islamic mass shooters who seek glory and heavenly rewards through death.” Yes, but there will always be depressed, isolated, vulnerable people. You will never cure those maladies in any effective manner. I hate to pick on the internet, but getting radicalizing texts and videos is exponentially easier today than in the recent past. We are seeing this result: a sick mind can be turned in days, instead of years.

I think of going to the library in my high school years, trying to find a copy of ‘Mein Kampf’ just to *look* at it. Not even cracking it. I think every librarian tailed me as I went into the aisle to view the single copy (I’d asked at the desk). I wouldn’t doubt they called my parents, even.

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HowlRound: The Actor’s Body.

Greater lessons here.

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c|net: Man tries selfie with rattlesnake, gets snakebit for $150,000.

Another?!!! Okay, people. Wild animals do NOT do selfies. Just don’t.

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Mashable: Man jumps off Tower Bridge in London, calls it ‘stupidest idea ever’.

Ya think?

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MeFi: “Where’s My Cut?” - On Unpaid Emotional Labor.

Read the linked article, and then read the long comment thread. I’ve opined elsewhere that the patriarchy’s back. The thread of comments here points to an almost-Victorian split of gender roles. I feel sorry for humanity as a whole. Each sex talking at each other, bouncing off like Teflon.

True emotional labor generally begets emotional rewards. I find many (of both sexes) who are not willing to share the emotional rewards (small as they sometimes are, in comparison with the work), thereby discouraging any continuance of burden-sharing.

I blame crummy role models. We need to see Wolverine flex his biceps cleaning a toilet. Supergirl using the command line to remove a virus from her work computer. Self-sufficiency without archetype or stereotype. Boiling a pot water has been conclusively shown to not affect a man’s testicles (unless you inadvisedly dunk them). Changing a tire has no effect on a woman’s ovaries (unless you forget to set the parking brake).

Maybe a national ‘switch roles’ day.

Though, given the current trends, that might destroy ‘marriage’ faster than any gay marriage legislation ever could.


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Guernica: Stars in My Pocket Like Bits of Data.

... the average American encounters a total of 34 gigabytes of information daily.” No wonder I just tried to shelve the milk in my vitamin cabinet ...

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PS Mag: Link Between Religiosity, Good Health Debunked.

Any protective effect of religion is the result of fitting in comfortably with one’s surroundings — not the religious preference of those surroundings — and the reduced stress levels this alignment produces.

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Why Time Flies.

Jeebus, how depressing. I’d best get my arse in gear and do more stuff.

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Politico: The Appeal of Donald Trump.

Nah. The GOP establishment’s been indulging ignorance, prejudice and sensationalism ... and it’s come back to roost in an unexpected way. I think it’s perfect justice [as long as it’s defeated at the ballot box].

Later:Mussolini with a comb-over ...” HAHAHAHAH.

Even later: I beat the NY Times Opinion page to this conclusion. *Score.*

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The Rumpus: Is Writing Useless?

Sure to inspire some interesting commentary. If writing is masturbatory, what of blogging? And, I must ask, does it make for a healthy prostate?

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The New York Review of Books: The Key to Rereading by Tim Parks.

But when a key—for example, a new poem, or a new species of animal—is first met, there is no lock yet ready for such a key. Or to be precise, the key is not even a key since it does not open anything yet. It is a potential key. However, the encounter between the brain and this potential key triggers the making of a lock. The next time we meet or perceive the object/key it will open the lock prepared for it in the brain.” Oh, that’s a lovely way of thinking about it. Certain books meant nothing in high school - one had to have life experience before appreciation allowed the key-turn.

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Guardian.UK: Women rarely regret their abortions. Why don’t we believe them?

Yet for most women, according to this study, however complex their feelings are, they still believe abortion was the right choice.” Noone says it isn’t painful, heartrending. Choice needs to be preserved.

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99U: Kelly McGonigal - How to Turn Stress Into an Advantage.

But actually, stress can be a barometer for how engaged you are with the things in your life, that bring love, that bring laughter, that bring learning and that bring growth. That stress actually seems to go along with the things that we most desire, the love, the happiness, the success, the wealth, the satisfaction, and the meaning in our lives.” Stress is not a single magnitude or polarity; there are many shades/types of stress. A bridge with a 1000 pound weight limit too often finds out the difference between good stress and bad stress.

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BBC: Washington state plane crash girl, 16, hikes to safety.

Remarkable common sense. Follows a water source to a road. Good on her.

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Public Books: Thinking Critically about Critical Thinking.

Critical thinking, in either context — as a practical skill or as a rugged comportment toward the ineffable — would seem to function as a second-order fantasy, hovering above the very thing that we cannot come to terms with in a satisfying way: the role of liberal arts in higher education.” Add curiousity in the mix, and you’ve got a potent combination. IMHO.

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Guardian.UK: Psychologist who warned of torture collusion gets her due.

Former president Koocher spread false gossip about her family to try to undermine her credibility. [snip] No one in leadership stood up and protested.” Psychologists psychologizing each other. Except with nefarious purpose rather than parlor talk.

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