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Youtube: AAA video analysis provides shocking results among teen drivers.

Ouch. Important to watch this; you’ll drive all the more defensively now. The way I used to cure this, was to have kids learn to drive a stick shift. No automatics until good driving skills are ingrained. The eye/hand/foot coordination required by shifting relieved boredom, and served to keep handheld distractions at a minimum. Not to mention that being able to disengage the engine via clutch in emergency situations saves lives. Via Cam Barrett on FB.

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Politico: Hillary Clinton seeks clean slate with press.

... Clinton said she was ‘all about new beginnings…. A new grandchild. A new hairstyle. A new email account. A new relationship with the press. No more secrecy, no more zone of privacy ... After all what good did that do for me?.”  I had to double-check to be sure this wasn’t the Borowitz column or something similar. I suspect she’s speaking jokingly to her audience ... ?

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NY Times: A Sucker Is Optimized Every Minute.

The gut is dead. Long live the data, turned out day and night by our myriad computers and smart devices. Not that we trust the data, as we once trusted our guts. Instead, we ‘optimize’ it. We optimize for it. We optimize with it.” Optimization = pablum.

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Re/code: Monica Lewinsky Gives Poignant TED Talk on Cyberbullying.

A marketplace has emerged. [snip] Shame is an industry. [snip] The more shame, the more clicks. The more clicks the more advertising dollars.” And she’s right.  No link, Re/code? Shame.

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Project MUSE/Postmodern Culture: Zombie Apocalypse as Mindfulness Manifesto (after Žižek).

The terror of the zombie apocalypse is not the xenophobic fear of alien invasion, but the horror of our own radical (and contagious) dehumanization (perhaps resulting from foreign contamination); it is precisely our imagination of the human condition after the death of the ego.”  A distant acquaintance discussed arming themselves for the ‘coming zombie apocalypse’ the other day. Some people really believe this stuff. I’ve only had time to skim the article, linked for my audience and for deeper reading later. I feel like a zombie myself sometimes, what with the seeming lockhold of corporations over government. Via always surpassingly excellent wood s lot.

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On the uses and abuses of ‘charity’.

Lance Armstrong. Will Ferrell. Compare, contrast. For the TdF, I can see how they wouldn’t want Armstrong and his legacy anywhere near their event, charity or no. Because a given effort benefits a ‘charity’, does that automatically make it ‘right’?

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EOSHD: Top Gear inquiry begins.

Not saying I agree, but I have run up against the situation where what one says is interpreted into text that has none of the context or nuance to understand the statement. As I’ve complained before, playing Devil’s advocate is most likely to get you socially abused. It’s a good argument for being generic ... and an argument I’ll ignore.

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ProPublica: Echoes of Hillary Clinton’s Past as Emails Put Her on Defensive.

They’re not going to let up. [snip] They’re just going to keep coming at us, no matter what we do.” Nope, they’re not. Obama’s had it bad, but in spite of the persistent racism, I would say the Clintons got worse. Obama’s never been accused of being a murderer (Vince Foster), hasn’t had to face a trumped-up impeachment, etc.

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BBC: Telford ‘jump’ call onlookers condemned by police.

It was almost like a form of entertainment for them ... kids were screaming, running to the other side to see if they could get a better view.”  And some still attack empathy.

See the comments here.

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Even though my 5D’s just sitting in the box waiting to ship to Canon service ...

... I feel naked, bereft. Maybe this will be good? Detox.

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Can’t find anything to get the ol’ blogging momentum going.

I’ll try again after lunch. Sorry for the Google duo, but ... it’s what caught my eye in the aggregator this morning.

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Guardian.UK: Capitalism was supposed to reduce red tape. Why is bureaucracy worse than ever?

People must be encouraged to compete fiercely and amorally against each other, motivated solely by personal gain, yet also prevented from taking this to its logical conclusion and simply killing or stealing to get the other guy’s stuff. That necessitates big police and legal bureaucracies, just to begin with.” Man, and people say I’m a pessimist.

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OpenCulture: The “Ad Hominem,” “Strawman” & Other Fallacies Explained in 2-Minute Videos.

Oh yes! Keep these handy for the upcoming political season. Refer arguers to them, when necessary.

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Guardian.UK: The death of writing.

Walking the streets of Lahore’s old town, festooned by the 1950s with electric cables, he describes being struck with a sense of having come ‘too late’ to see the vanished, ‘real’ Lahore; although he knows that the ethnographer who came here 50 years before him felt the same thing, and that the one who’ll come 50 years later will wish he’d come 50 years earlier to see what he, Lévi-Strauss, failed to see right there in front of him.”  Wallow in this one, folks.  Enjoy it.

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The Register.UK: USA’s most powerful men explain why they’re scared of email.

I’m afraid that if I was emailing, given my solid, always calm temperament that I might email something that I might regret. You could send out an email that you would regret later on and would be maybe taken out of context.” Well, that sure gives Hillary a convenient ‘out’.  Almost as entertaining as having the late Strom Thurmond give you friendly advice ... “Speak into the may-chine” [meaning talk into the microphone].

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The Week: Why a Clinton-Bush presidential race fills me with nothing but despair.

They’ll both say they are for the middle-class families. They are friends of small business and the little guy. They want border security and a path to citizenship. They want to put the social safety net on a secure footing, but keep taxes low. They want a strong assertive foreign policy that confronts our enemies but not with the costs of the Iraq War. Perhaps they’ll venture that they want to make health care better and cheaper. It will be like the presidential campaign of 2000. But darker.” I was just gathering up to write such a piece. Now I don’t have to.

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FishbowlNY: Study - Fox News is Loved and Hated.

It’s better to be loved and hated than to be ignored.” Which is exactly why I ignore them.

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MetaTalk: Sixteen Years.

I can only imagine the stress, Matt. Best wishes on your new endeavours!

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JUMP FOR JOY! Photo Project: Group #jumpforjoyphoto with fun International Students at the beach!

Made me smile, after a physically exhausting week.

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Vox: These twins can teach us a lot about racial identity.

Heavenly, the miracles Mother Nature throws at unappreciating bigots.

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Pondering the confluence of ‘the dress’ and Scott Walker.

Both subjects of no real value, overdramatized. We live in a meta-world where a name mention — whether positive or negative — increases saturation for that subject, ultimately proving a boon. Instead of feeling the need to express an opinion, there’s significantly more value in just ignoring such things.

And if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, I stand up and applaud in your general direction.

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Exception Not Found: Doing it Right vs Getting it Done.


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Dare I admit ...

... that the latest spate of animated GIFs in my feed on Facebook make me nostalgic for the abhorred BLINK tag ... ?

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Time: Jeb Bush’s Sense and Sensibility.

He is a political conservative with a moderate disposition.” I’ve warned and warned. I will warn again: s/he who seems (to the public) to embrace the most centrist position, wins. Remember the mythical “Reagan Democrats.” Hillary, so far, is a cartoon of no real substance.

Later: Absolute allegiance necessary.

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The New Yorker: Why Mornings Don’t Make You Moral.

I never thought they did. Tempest in a teacup.

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