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PS Mag: Trouble Ahead for Ritalin?

Meanwhile, many American parents seem to struggle with their decisions to medicate their kids, worrying about how difficult it can be to draw a bright line between behavior that’s restless, but “normal,” and behavior that’s worthy of treating with drugs.” I’m betting most kids are simply bored spitless at being ‘helicopter parented’.

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Slate: Howard Axelrod’s The Point of Vanishing, reviewed.

... if there was a crazy man in the woods, a wild bearded loner liable to do anything, I was him. I am the crazy man.

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Chronicle of Higher Ed: Bringing Up Genius.

The best have both talent and fanatical practice habits. But if one student is lazier, talent can’t compensate — the one who practices more comes out ahead.

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Hopes&Fears: Can you get high on art?

Some, perhaps. Depending on the art, I certainly get a feeling of ... the ‘numinous’.

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HuffPo Science: 18 Habits Of Highly Creative People.

A little too ‘new age’ for my taste. I’d like to see a definition of a ‘highly creative person.’

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The Economist: The right to fright.

Ridiculous. Have none of these kids ever seen “Animal House”? Yale has the “Skull and Bones” group on-campus. Reality is completely weirder than National Lampoon - college teaches valuable lessons in this vein. I give you the immortal John Belushi on propriety ...

Later: Seems Yale is also succumbing to ‘microaggression theory.’ I’ve warned folks, this latest psycho-fashion is becoming pervasive on college campuses. It has no theory by which empirical tests can be performed.

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TechDirt: Instead Of Fashionably Killing The Comment Section, Medium Quietly Tries Giving A Damn.

A recent paper published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication found that all it took to improve civility was someone with the vaguest semblance of authority showing up and treating people like actual human beings. Treat comment sections like unmanageable troll playgrounds, and that’s generally what they’ll become. And they’ve only become that because many editors and authors either don’t want to see corrections to their stories made quite so visible, or they’re too myopic to see the public’s role in the fluid conversation that is modern news.

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Guardian.UK: Why I love a man in Carhartt jeans: an ode to masculine self-sufficiency.

Just when you think the world’s gone Kardashian ... something like this pops up.

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Dazed: Aussie model furious at lack of likes on Instagram photo.

The really truly sad aspect is, this isn’t The Onion. Social recognition, a new ‘right’?

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Aeon: Reading should not carry a health warning.

At universities around the world, students are claiming that reading books can unsettle them to the point of becoming depressed, traumatised or even suicidal.” Today’s students sound like ‘70’s parents, wanting to hide certain magazines behind solid shelves. I think there are solid arguments to be made for age appropriate reading (some books cannot be appreciated without meaningful life experience). Yet I hear of wide swaths of college freshmen popping Adderall and Xanax like Pez. Different world from mine - I’d say the education system needs a rethink, if kids are drugged up to their eyeballs.

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Political Wire: Carson Has a New Theory About the Pyramids.

Cranks should be disqualified. Where, exactly, in a pyramid is there significant population-supporting storage space? Diving into Google, one finds *ahem* creative interpretations over the Step Pyramid of Djoser ... debunked thoroughly.

I would hope, if I started spouting something similar, like “I believe the Eiffel Tower was secretly designed by the Illuminati for communications with Mars”, the DNC or RNC would bodily toss me out.

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Adweek: Watch People in Other Industries React Hilariously to Being Asked for Free Spec Work.

Folks buying photography need to see this.

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JSTOR: Linguistic Anarchy! It’s all Pun and Games Until Somebody Loses a Sign.

A farce to be reckoned with, as they say.

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Grist: No BFF? You’re not alone, sad adult. Wait, never mind, you’re very alone.

The problem, of course, is that friendship is about more than FaceTime: It’s about face time. A tribe 3,000 miles away can’t pick you up from the airport or give you a couch to sleep on when your roof caves in.” I’m afraid that, except for a few wonderful exceptions, our attempts at friendship have been “What can you do for me, for free?” relationships. Is this a Santa Fe only situation, or encountered across the country?

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BillMoyers: The GOP and the Rise of Anti-Knowledge.

English unfortunately doesn’t have a precise word for the German “Fachidiot,” a narrowly specialized person accomplished in his own field but a blithering idiot outside it.” However - we know ‘em when we see ‘em. Some of us, anyways. Fachidiot is now permanently in my lexicon ...

Later: You know, I take that back. When below the Mason-Dixon Line in America (the “South”), the term “Yankee” can conform pretty well to fachidiot. Southerners think Northerners are very smart with “book-learnin’”, but don’t have the God-given wits to accomplish any basic tasks. “How smart can you be, if you can’t chop wood or adjust a carb?”

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Slate: SXSW canceled panels - Here is what happened.

At some point, event organizers are going to have to embrace the controversy and bite the security bullet. Better to get this stuff out in the open, than leave it to fester in the dark holes of the ‘net. SXSW could have gotten out in front of this, been a shining example. Unfortunately, it’s not what it used to be. Grown beyond relevance.

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Salon.com: Wil Wheaton is right: Stop expecting artists to work for free — or worse, for

I’ve always admired the phrase, “Work for free, work for your rate ... but never work for cheap.” I’ve always felt I’ve had control that way.

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c|net: The cult of productivity, and the obsession with ‘getting things done’.

Technology is a great tool and a horrible master.

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MIT Tech Review: Why Self-Driving Cars Must Be Programmed to Kill.

Ejection seats, like I said before. Too expensive? Individuals won’t be owning self-driving cars. Companies will. You’ll rent them like Uber. You’ll call on the phone and ask to be picked up and delivered. Big disruption coming, mark my words.

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Guardian.UK: Why too much choice is stressing us out.

In the real world outside economic theory, every business is successful exactly to the extent that it does something others cannot. Monopoly is therefore not a pathology or an exception. Monopoly is the condition of every successful business.” Monopoly should be a temporary state, in a healthy economy [IMHO]. Monopoly until they have their clocks cleaned by a better competitor. The problem with monopoly as practiced, is the amount of time and money spent perpetuating an inconvenient monopoly. A successful monopoly that has overstayed its welcome. No longer efficient. And worse.

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Guardian.UK: Classical music isn’t a secret society unless we allow it to be.

I wonder if the old myths about classical music stick among younger people – that unless you know the language, have been brought up around it, it feels like visiting a foreign country. And that once there, you won’t understand the language and you’ll stand around feeling like a bit of a dill.” Some days, I can’t tolerate anything but classical. Esp. on commercial radio.

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LA Review of Books: Are You Out of Your Mind?

Do you think you have what it takes to make it through this entire review? Though it’s not long, it will require patience. And though it will be interesting, it will require concentration. It deals with important topics — technology, craftsmanship, philosophy, psychology — and big questions ...” Love it when someone challenges us. Most important read o’ the week.

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Valet.: Why You Only Wear 13% of Your Clothes.

As these figures show, most guys feel so attached to a handful of items that they will be worn until they are falling apart.” Guilty. Oh so guilty.

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FishbowlNY: Playboy to Stop Featuring Nudity.

You’re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free. [snip] And so it’s just passé at this juncture.” Remarkable event, really.

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Daily Beast: Sex In 2050 - More Robots, Less Humans.

It is hard to predict what sorts of sex AIs will invent for their own amusement, but likely they will do so. [snip] This is another area we’ll need to protect from hackers.” The things we find to worry about ...

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