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American Yoga School: The Colossal Failure of Modern Yoga.

... head on over to social media, where the world spends a whole lot of time. See there that yoga rock stars like to teach how to “get” fancy poses with a few words that are not based on reality, and are always accompanied by a flattering photo. Or scroll down a bit further and find teachers who share videos of people they’ve deemed to be bad getting killed, posted along with their clucking comment that this is karma, revealing that they are profoundly misguided about what karma is and what a yoga teacher’s job is.” I’d wondered how bad it was getting. The use of stock photography seems rampant on yoga school pages, in yoga social channels. Thanks, Craig Jensen on FB.

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Mashable: Andrew Lincoln on his ‘Love Actually’ character - ‘He is a stalker.’

Hmmm. He’s not following her outside of normal social interactions. The video is not an attempt at an upskirt. He’s not stealing things she leaves on tables, or snitching stuff she leaves at her boyfriend’s house. He keeps making her experiences with her boyfriend/husband amazing, only because he wants to see her happy. I don’t think that is ‘stalker’ territory. I think that’s “mooning over a girl you’re briefly obsessed with.” He steps out of propriety with the cards at the end, but it’s his final gesture before he moves on.

This also reinforces, subtly, that men are the majority of stalkers. I was never a ‘looker’. But I had male friends who were constantly pursued by girls. These young ladies would make friends of the sisters so they could rummage around the guys’ stuff in their own house. Does that count as stalking? If it’s earlier than 13 years of age? Older? Does it matter? Creepier than Love Actually, no?

Another needless kneejerk that harms a reasonably-enjoyable movie. It’s a fantasy.

Later: You know, in rethinking, the actor does matter. Rethink the role if it had been Colin Frissell (Kris Marshall) ... personality context matters, too.

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NPR: What Kids Need From Grown-Ups (But Aren’t Getting).

I think there’s a little bit of a repair process that we need to engage in. Because if you’ve got a kid who’s used to going to a million lessons and only uses toys that have one way of using them and then, suddenly, you put them in a room with a bunch of boxes and blocks and say, ‘Have fun!’, the kid’s gonna say, ‘Are you kidding me? What?!’” Sad. I hear my old man, walking through the living room, deftly snapping off the television on a Saturday morning, saying “No more. Get outside.” And we’d disappear until dinnertime.

Back to the article, I believe I see this lack of flexibility of mind, paucity of imagination, deficit of curiousity in the youngest journalists appearing online. So cocksure, missing so much in their surety of the narrow education and restricted experience in their lives.

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McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Ayn Rand’s Objectivist House Hunters.

Hah, but also sad.

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Arcade/Stanford: How Cervantes Made His Characters Seem Real.

Cervantes’ success in creating characters that feel like “real people” depended in part on his rich descriptions and his attentiveness to their voices; but underlying all his characters was his fascination with how different people might experience differently the same situation.

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WaPo: Scientists open the ‘black box’ of schizophrenia with dramatic genetic discovery.

In patients with schizophrenia, a variation in a single position in the DNA sequence marks too many synapses for removal and that pruning goes out of control. The result is an abnormal loss of gray matter.” Bad news for sufferers, but good news for their children, if a cure is found.

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Valet.: Embrace Your Mess.

Being in a messy room led to something that both industries and societies want more of: Creativity.

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Driving thoughts.

I realized today why I don’t bother to make Spotify playlists and just save entire albums. There’s no tactility. The fun of making mixtapes was the physical act of dropping the needle perfectly, tapping the pause button on the tape player. There was endless pleasure in having crafted a mixtape (a cassette, of course) that had perfect pauses between songs, that one had calculated the song selections to maximize Side A and Side B. Every time I shoved a custom mixtape into my player, I relived the crafting of that tape, and experienced once again the sense of satisfaction. The digital equivalent loses all that. Dragging to assemble a list, with unlimited length is just that ... a drag.

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WaPo: Kids would rather play Xbox than make money shoveling. It’s pitiful.

A couple of teens going door to door in New Jersey last year were stopped by police for operating without a license, just like the summertime lemonade-stand crackdown. Politicians actually debated whether kids should have to get a $450 business license to shovel Old Lady Johnson’s walk down the street before passing a bill giving them special permission to shovel. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) signed it into law last week, just in time for the snow.” My incredulous italics. Via Medley on FB.

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f.lux Forum: Seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Interestingly, I believe I experienced this effect. Correlation is not causation, but it was the only factor that was altered in my normal daily routine. My SAD got significantly worse after about a week of use. I think f.lux is great - I was sleeping peerlessly - but I’m saving it for summertime. If you’re using it, and you notice an uptick in melancholy/depression/‘downs’, you might want to experiment a bit over a few days.

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HuffPo: A Fake Politico Reporter Is Becoming Facebook Friends With Lots Of Journalists.

Just noticed? Kinda behind the eightball, kids. You should click on a few links of your latest Twitter followers. I seem to have a lot of sexy-lookin’ women whose URLs point to unpopular Kindle ebooks. Every week, block and report for spam ... block and report for spam ... failure of the Panopticon.

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Guardian.UK: Acupuncture no better for menopause than ‘fake’ method, says researchers.

But, after eight weeks of treatment, both led to a 40% improvement in the severity and frequency of hot flushes, which was sustained six months later.” My bolded emphasis.

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Alternet: How Corporations & Politicians Use Numbers to Lie — and How Not to Be Fooled.

A misunderstanding of numbers can also lead to fear-motivated behavior, and you can be sure the marketers are aware of that fact.

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NY Times: Donald Trump’s Existential Pickle.

Donald Trump has a problem that the other candidates for the Republican nomination don’t. He’s put an obstacle in his path that they haven’t. He doesn’t merely assert dominance. He claims something close to omnipotence.

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Guardian.UK: Extrovert character traits shaped by background, study finds.

Not just childhood. I had a crisis in my early 20’s. I could have given up, curled into a ball and stayed a terrified painfully-shy introvert. Instead, I got so low I said to myself, “What on Earth have I got to lose? Look like a fool? Better than being a scared sad putz.” And I changed. In changing I found amazing strength of will. I’m not a classic extrovert, but neither am I a classic introvert anymore. So this trait can be gained later in life than ‘childhood’ or ‘background’.

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Guernica: Ted Cruz’s Stone-Age Brain and Yours.

Storytelling can save us. Never a doubt in my mind.

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Slate: How Facebook’s news feed algorithm works.

Facebook’s news feed algorithm can be tweaked to make us happy or sad; it can expose us to new and challenging ideas or insulate us in ideological bubbles.” “Trends” seems designed to depress the hell out of me.

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Guardian.UK: Heavily armed men offer ‘security’ for Oregon militia at wildlife refuge.

Put out the call to militias, beggars can’t be choosers. You sometimes get what you don’t expect.

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Macleans.ca: The collapse of parenting - Why it’s time for parents to grow up.

A functional family unit hinges on the one social construct that contemporary society has been working hard to dismantle: hierarchy.

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Paris Review: The Nineteenth Century Obsession with Premature Burial.

We’re always so fascinated by death.

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The Atlantic: From ‘Avatar’ to ‘Jurassic Park,’ ‘Beowulf’ to ‘Jaws,’ All Stories Are the Same.

Good read, but tap world myths. Plenty of variety there; common themes if you want them, but some decidedly surprising storylines.

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Pricenomics: How Young Adults Spend Their Time,  2004 vs 2014.

Of mild interest.

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Salon: Does speaking a second language really improve cognition?

Seems the jury’s out, and not likely to render judgment for a while yet.

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Mashable: 10-year-old is pissed her parents ‘ruined her life’ by revealing the truth about Santa.

Can we say “trigger warning”?

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PS Mag: Trigger Warnings on College Campuses Are Nothing but Censorship.

Rather than engaging in dialogue about how these writers viewed their world, students want to see only that which supports their own point of view.” Is this something the internet’s exacerbated?

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