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An article on Scientific American ...

... clicks through to “QuickAndDirtyTips.com.”  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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NY Review of Books: Age of Ignorance.

Stupidity is sometimes the greatest of historical forces.

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Guardian.UK: Aspirin and a stiff upper lip are best remedies for a broken heart.

‘Take two aspirins and call me in the morning’ would be a cold-hearted response to a friend’s late-night report of fresh heartbreak, but it has a solid basis in the research.

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New Statesman: Is it possible to live a modern contemplative life?

FOMO lingers, I suppose. Most of the early bloggers were young enough, the start of their married lives and families nuked the FOMO habit. For myself, commenting on politics started to erode it, the overall casual/sensational trend in news further gullywashed it ... and now ... well, I just look for stuff I like for the most part. Things I would be reading anyway, and believe appropriate to share. As I’ve said for ages, continuing the virtual extension of my physical self.

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BBC: Why grammar pedants miss the point.

Personally, I simply want to be able to understand what I’m reading. Spelling and grammar have a minimum-acceptable level, IMHO. If someone’s in a rush, I’ll forgive mistakes. News agencies with editorial and proofing staffs ... I’ll be ruthless.

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Slate: How do you differentiate good acting from bad acting?

I agree.

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PodioBlog: Stop giving me productivity tips.

For me productivity is all about getting started, and getting started is all about motivation. So I make sure that I actually want to do most of the things that I have to do, and they are relevant and interesting for me. I check regularly that I am happy with what I am doing (you don’t need any tools for that).

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Science of Us: It’s (Mostly) Smart to Trust Your Fellow Humans.

In other words, over time, the gains you get from choosing more often to trust your fellow humans tend to outweigh the rarer losses.”  Hmmm. Maybe we should ask Richard III (see previous link in today’s blog-scroll).

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Have Fun/Do Good: Text Your Big Vision Buddy

I really like the Big Vision Buddy concept. Would work really well for short-term low-commitment mentoring.

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NY Times: The Death of Adulthood in American Culture.

Every white American male under the age of 50 is some version of the character he plays on “Louie,” a show almost entirely devoted to the absurdity of being a pale, doughy heterosexual man with children in a post-patriarchal age. Or, if you prefer, a loser.”  AO Scott rips out a doozy. Tangentially, I’ll also mention that A&E reportedly not only dropped “Longmire” because they didn’t own the franchise, but because the fans were too old. God forbid you should have a plot that plays out over months and is delightfully unpredictable, even if you’ve read the novels. Then again, the fault may be worse than simply an inability to mature ... it may reside in the fact we don’t read at all {link via Euan Semple on FB}.

Later: If you want a book that embodies the ‘adulthood’ points mentioned by the author above, you might wish to try Daniel Martin, by John Fowles. An incredibly rich book. Discussing this tome is the first time I ever described prose as ‘loamy’. I’m still learning how to write from it. Try the library first though, see if you like it. Definite difference from YA-style modern novels.

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NY Mag/Science of Us: Your Fondest Childhood Memory May Not Be Real.

It’s good in that it’s really useless to have a literal playback of what happened in the past — there’s too much trivial detail that we don’t need. We just need the main, relevant points to make better decisions in the future. It’s bad in that it leaves us open to mis-remember or to confabulate our memories, to mix them up.”  Makes ‘now’ even more precious.

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A Conversation On Cool: Frida Kahlo image and quote. [Great.]

I used to think I was the strangest person in the world but then I thought there are so many people in the world, there must be someone just like me who feels bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do.

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The Atlantic: Why Would Anybody Buy an Apple Watch?

Build it, and the demand will come.

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Slate: Reading insecurity - The crippling fear that the digital age has left you unable to read deep

“You should take a 20-second screen break if you’ve been gazing into your computer, smart phone, iPad, or e-reader for more than a half hour. I’ll wait. It’s OK if you don’t come back—we both know by now that most people won’t finish this article. If you do return, though, I’d like to bring up something that has been bothering me: reading insecurity.

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Forbes: Early Intervention In Babies May Eliminate Autism Symptoms By Toddlerhood.

The study was extremely small, and will need to be replicated in a randomized trial of a larger sample of infants. But if the results stand up to more testing, it would suggest that screening in infancy might not only be beneficial, but it might need to be standard.”

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Aeon: The warped world of 1950s marriage counselling.

We’re used to thinking of the 1950s ‘housewife’ as a vague, happy caricature on gift-shop mugs and postcards – vacuuming in pearls, offering a post-work martini to the returning husband. In its intimate individual details, this advice column resurrects a sharper history, showing the array of cruelties that this kind of marriage could entail, the number of wives who resisted their roles, and the way that mainstream culture tried to put them in their place.” Hence “mother’s little helpers.” A wife not far down the street used to get cases of Johnny Walker Red delivered weekly. When she pulled out of the driveway, we all knew to hide behind something substantial.

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Dazed Exclusive: The Other Side of Fashion Week.

Birdwatchers of female beauty driven by love or loneliness (and sometimes both), the men featured do not make money from their images, although some have been doing it for almost a decade. At times both humorous and poignant, The Other Side of Fashion Week takes a humanising look at the lives of the men featured ...” Plenty of women of all ages doing this, too; arguably more than men. The focus on men seems to be intended to court a bit of controversy.

Related, tangential: Note that Scott Shulman [The Sartorialist] and Garance Dore just broke up a couple of weeks ago. She humanized him, he brought her greater audience.

Some fashion forums and comment-areas talking of this are busy trashing Scott, or so it seems. A woman who tries, pushes their personal brand hard, is celebrated. A man who tries, pushes his personal brand, is a creep.

I’m having a hard time reading some of the comments, because the double standard is blocking my view.

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Boston Review: Against Empathy.

The comments are almost more interesting.

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HuffPo: What Neuroscience Has To Say About The ‘Tortured Genius’

The ability to imagine things, to be able to see things in your mind that don’t actually exist—everybody can do that. You don’t need to be mentally ill for that to occur.” What a relief. Still, beware the source.

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MIT Technology Review: Evidence Grows That Online Social Networks Have Insidious Negative Effects.

Eschew the tweet, prioritize the meet.  Interesting comment about moderation in the last paragraphs. Via Karl Martino on FB.

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SciAm: Do Antidepressants Work?

Linkbait. From my understanding, SSRIs when combined with conventional talk therapy have proven very effective. To prescribe an SSRI without accompanying therapy, there is little benefit. To phrase it in my own language, the SSRIs put the brain into a more receptive state for change ... or that is the remnant of my admittedly ‘90’s knowledge of the subject.  To test them in a virtual ‘test tube’ is worthless. IMHO. I’m not defending, I’m just pointing out discrepancies. The fact that family practitioners used to (and may still) hand out these things like Pez, just fills the coffers of the pharmaceutical companies.

The drug ain’t enough. You’ve gotta talk it out. [See the comment thread; I’m wrong.] And picking a suitable psychiatrist/psychologist/social worker is like trying to find a good suit. Takes time and money.

A warning: If any doctor is handing you books about anxiety and you’re starting to manifest every symptom in those books - you’re getting played, in a most cruel and inhuman way. I saw this happen with about a dozen people in NYC in the 90’s. It’s a racket. Get you on benzos and then let the half-life of the drug addict you both to the medication and the therapy. SSRIs are added to the mix. Next stop: Agoraphobia. It’s not pretty, and the climb out is long and torturous. It can be done, however. And a normal life can be restored.

A step on the way.

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NPR: Viewer Beware - Watching Reality TV Can Impact Real-Life Behavior.

This is one form of media that may appear harmless, but I think our research provides a little bit of evidence that there can be some negative outcomes as well.

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TechDirt: Why Do Police In Suburban St. Louis Have More Powerful Weapons Than Marines In Afghanistan

What we’re seeing here is a gaggle of cops wearing more elite killing gear than your average squad leader leading a foot patrol through the most hostile sands or hills of Afghanistan. They are equipped with Kevlar helmets, assault-friendly gas masks, combat gloves and knee pads (all four of them), woodland Marine Pattern utility trousers, tactical body armor vests, about 120 to 180 rounds for each shooter, semiautomatic pistols attached to their thighs, disposable handcuff restraints hanging from their vests, close-quarter-battle receivers for their M4 carbine rifles and Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights. In other words, they’re itching for a fight.” Carry lethal weapons that you train with frequently, build skills, never get to actually use them as trained ... the itch gets overwhelming.

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Paris Review: What We See When We Read.

Really interesting thought experiment.

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Bookanista: Here be sea monsters.

All of them seem to have had breasts, however, by all accounts quite remarkable breasts, though some allowance must be made for the inevitable inventions of lonely sailors.” 

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