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SF New Mexican:

Sounds like we’re going to have nuclear waste shipments down our 285 corridor for some time to come.

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SF New Mexican:

Oil and gas leases bring $2.7M to New Mexico.  Read the price per acre ... quite a deal, water or not.  Would you turn down land at $200 bucks an acre?

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Priceless Iraqi relics recovered in Delaware County. How much more is slipping through?

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NY Times:

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Ruling in C.I.A. Leak.  Apparently six journalists were the receivers of leaked information.  How come only two are getting the strong-arm?

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Washington Post:

After Bush Leaves Office, His Budget’s Costs Balloon.  Bush Sr. got the benefits of Reagan’s poor fiscal policies.  Hard as Democrats want to win, I don’t know if ‘08 is the time to do it.  I think I’d work on changing the balance in Congress first and foremost.

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A poor Valentine’s Day present for the Administration.  The Pentagon can’t get it up ... speaking strictly of missiles and missile defense, that is.

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Montana debates a “Wal-Mart Tax.”  “Montana’s state legislature is targeting the big-box megastores that have taken the place of the old Western general store, weighing a special tax to offset welfare costs for low-paid employees of the retailers.”

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Sperling, Bush’s Budget Means Cutting Only Peanut Butter.  “Yet while these cuts add up to only about $6.5 billion a year, no one is supposed to mention that in the same budget Bush calls for implementing two obscure tax provisions that increase personal exemptions and itemized deductions that the top 2 percent of Americans can use to reduce their tax payments to the tune of $115 billion over the next decade.  That’s enough to prevent all these cuts and still reduce the deficit by $55 billion.”  My italics.

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The Economist:

Not quite right.  We aren’t as red as we seem to think.  Which underlines my own recent line of thought that it’s the character of the Democratic party that needs addressing.

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China to push N Korea back to talks.  It’s in their interest, surely.

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NY Times Editorial:

The importance of being earnest.  “It’s not hard to see what brought the United States to this juncture. Mr. Bush’s first-term tax cuts were too expensive and too skewed toward top earners to work as effective, self-correcting economic stimulus. Instead, predictably, they’ve driven the nation deep into the red. Having reduced tax revenue to a share of the economy not seen since 1959, the cuts are a huge factor in the swing from a budget surplus to a $412 billion deficit.”  As I have been saying since before the election in 2000, when Mr Bush unveiled this retread of ‘80’s voodoo economics ... it never has worked, it never will work. Remember the basis on which this scheme is sold by proponents: it turns our economy into a ‘job creating machine’, and that it ‘increases revenues.’  See my first post of today for what I think about those two statements.

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NY Times Letters to the Editor:

The real crisis is Medicare.  Well put.

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NY Times:

Hastert Warns Not to Hurry Overhaul of Social Security.  “He believes there needs to be a national dialogue, an education campaign on the current state of Social Security and its future.”  Get ready with your baloney detection kits.

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The Economist

on North Korea:  When the partying has to stop.  “Pulling out of the talks will only deepen North Korea‚Äôs isolation.”  Ever hear the story of the cornered dog, Ms Rice?  The first person to get too close, or to stick a hand in, gets bitten.  My fears are not necessarily for the US, but more for our most obvious and proximate trade partner, Japan.  And Japan, I believe, has mentioned in the past that they’ll build nukes if NK has them.  There are more negatives to this situation than the media are delineating, bad as it is.

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Social Security isn’t America’s biggest entitlement problem.

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SF New Mexican:

Radioactive material lost by Halliburton in October turns up in Boston.  They reported it one day before it was found, months after the loss.

Feel safer?

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on saving Social Security, 1999.  The Heritage Foundation’s reply, at the time:

“USA accounts would not save Social Security from insolvency.
Instead of dealing with Social Security’s problems, President Clinton would start a whole new program in addition to Social Security. Using part of the budget surplus to fund a new program would do little to avert Social Security’s impending financial crisis. As proposed by the Clinton Administration, USA accounts would spend more tax money without helping the federal government to make any painful decisions about the future. Social Security still would face insolvency.”

Absolutely priceless.  And USA accounts were in addition to ‘regular’ Social Security, not a remake of the system.  Bad idea in a surplus, means it’s a worse idea in deficit?

Later: NY Times talks a bit about the harder work.

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NY Times:

One more, just because Mr Rich does it good.  The ridiculous accusation of Dirty Harry turned Commie.

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NY Times:

US Trade Deficit at record high.

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NY Times:

North Korea has nukes.  South Korea, Japan, China ... and the US ... are in a pickle.  After all, the North Koreans have bought Soviet submarines (with nuclear missile launch capabilities).  Even Janes has been talking about it for an extended period; nary a peep in the mainstream media.  Thank goodness we’ve got a fully-functioning anti-missile umbrella to protect us, eh?  The enormity of this continuing diplomatic screw-up is beyond comprehension.

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NY Times:

9/11 Report Cites Many Warnings About Hijackings.  The Bush Administration hopes that the longer it blocks the release, the less outrage and accountability.

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And you can help

reduce the indebtedness of the US, by making direct contributions to the debt [via NewMexiKen].

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Journalists under fire in US/Mexico border drug war.  “Mexican journalist Francisco Arratia used to tap out daily columns sounding off against the drug traffickers and corrupt cops that blighted his home city on the U.S. border. When the cartel enforcers came for him, they spread his palms out wide and shattered his fingers with a hammer-like blow. Then they poured acid into the wounds and pummeled him until his heart stopped beating.”

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Senate Rebuffs Change to Class Action Bill.  Once again, the hypocrisy of “states’ rights only when convenient.”

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Imperial waltz.  Past empires colonized their imperial conquests; America doesn’t.  The British brought spice trade back from India; what have we brought back from Iraq, other than casualties?  If this is empire, it’s through a ‘fuzzy-logic’ filter, IMHO.

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