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New Left Review:

A Republican Proletariat.  Linked here for later reading ...

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Washington Post:

Groups on Right say Christmas is under attack.  A news story that will abruptly vanish tomorrow.  Next up:  Easter under attack! Crucify the pagan anglo-saxon bunny.  Roll out the extended version of “Passion” ...

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NY Times:

For Rumsfeld, ‘surprise’ Iraq visits mean never having to say you’re sorry.

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Department of Education to tighten Pell Grant eligibility.  Educational opportunity should be widened, not narrowed.  So wrong, I can’t even express the wrongness.

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NY Times:

On a Deadly Day in Iraq, Republicans Step Up Debate Over Whether Rumsfeld Should Stay. Why not do both?  Find a scapegoat, sure ... but fix the problems, right now.  Our troops’ lives are on the line while you guys point fingers.  I have a friend who’s son is going over to Iraq in the next couple of weeks.  I’d like to see him walk home in one piece.

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NY Times Movies:

Revisiting Rwanda’s Horrors With an Ex-National Security Adviser.

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The Economist:

The last personality cults.  “Be reassured, Eyadéma, You were crowned by God! Be reassured, Eyadéma, The people are behind you!”  Am I the only one hearing similar things on religous TV channels here in America?

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In articles pertaining to the demise of Mrs. Gore,

they mention that Al Gore Sr. refused to sign the Southern Manifesto of 1956.  Gee, does that language sound familiar?

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NY Times Editorial Observer:

Farewell to a Hawaiian Native.  As invasive species attack, Hawaii becomes less Hawaiian.

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The Economist:

The cost of borrowing.  “Budget deficits, as Mr Mankiw has pointed out, ‘are a mechanism whereby one generation of taxpayers passes the buck for its spending on to future generations’. ”  Okay, let’s take you back to the 1990’s, when the Republicans said deficits were irresponsible and dangerous [disingenuous, after the immediately preceding reigns of Reagan and Bush Sr.; Mr Reagan escalated deficits to never-before seen heights, numerically and percentage-wise], and the Democrats said a small deficit was fine.  Cut to today, where the Republicans now say managed deficits are fine, and the Democrats say these deficits are too large and are loaded on the backs of future generations.  And the Republican fiscal conservatives maintain, consistently, that deficits are a bad thing.  Pack the blue voters with the fiscally-conservative Republicans, and it would seem a majority in the US stand against the Bush Administration and their idealogical cohorts in budget and financial matters.

I will also note, the conservative-leaning Economist believes in evolution and natural selection, not ‘intelligent design.’ 

Let’s hope our next financial evolutionary phase is a viable one.

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Daily Times.PK:

Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid turns up in a burka.  Appropriate, that the cloak of fundamentalism is seen to threaten a woman.

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The Economist:

The apocalypse is the locomotive of capitalism, the inspiration for revolutionary socialism, the bedrock of America’s manifest destiny and the undeclared religion of all those pseudo-rationalists who, like The Economist, champion the progress of liberal democracy.”

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NY Times:

Bush Says Social Security Plan Would Reassure Markets.  As others have said more eloquently, the failure of the markets was the reason Social Security was needed.  This isn’t reassurance; this is a big fat donation dropped in their laps.

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North Korea warns Japan on sanctions.  At some point, the bluff must be called ... and pray it is bluff.

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Washington Post Opinion Columnist:

Mallaby, Flaws of Private Accounts.  I say again, the Bush strategy will not increase Americans’ savings rate.  In this article, the author can even visualize a reduction:  “A higher savings rate means more capital, lower interest rates and so more investment and growth—which in turn generates extra tax revenue to pay for the baby boomers’ retirement. But this advantage isn’t decisive either, because nobody knows whether a new savings culture would really take hold. Conceivably, some who currently save might stop if they acquired their own Social Security accounts. So savings might even diminish.”  Why do a 401(k) or an IRA, with this new privatization scheme?  A reduction is more than likely, courting further disaster.

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Buckley, What did Goldwater mean? “A few years before his death in 1998, Goldwater started taking positions different from those of the conservative constituency at large. Conspicuous here was his defense of Supreme Court decisions involving abortion, gay rights, and the separation of church and state.”  An interesting item with which to enliven any political banter.

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US recession in 2005?  The odds are shortening.

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NY Post:

The FCC must have a bored bunch of people in their ‘enforcement’ division.  We’re turning into a nation of prudes, nine more people every four years ... at this rate, we’ll be overrun when?

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Foreign Affairs:

Did North Korea cheat?  “It is high time for the United States to switch course and deal with North Korea’s plutonium first.”  Hear, hear.

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NY Times Op-Ed:

Kristof says what needs to be said: “The bottom line is that the West has been suckered by Mr. Putin. He is not a sober version of Boris Yeltsin. Rather, he’s a Russified Pinochet or Franco. And he is not guiding Russia toward free-market democracy, but into fascism.”  Mr Bush, get real with Russia.

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NY Times Editorial:

No bang for our cheap buck.  Good time for foreign tourists to visit America, I guess.

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SF New Mexican:

Recount in doubt.  The Green and Libertarian parties have demanded a recount, but they’ve got to cough up $1.1 mill to get it going.  “Bush won the state by less than 6,000 votes, which is less than 1 percent of the total.”

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Jenna Bush to teach at charter school.  English.  You know the pithy comment is coming.  I wonder if “My Pet Goat” is on the reading list?

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US Missile Defense test fails.  But this: “... scrubbed each one for a variety of reasons, including various weather problems ...”  My italics.  All NK need do is launch in inclement weather to avoid interception?  Fair weather defense.

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NY Times Editorial Observer:

Adam Cohen, Undoing the New Deal.  Quick, name a Republican initiative that has worked so well for so long.  I know you can’t.

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