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Washington Post:

Katrina’s Cost May Test GOP Harmony.  “One indicator many Republicans are watching to gauge whether Bush is becoming a liability for the party is in Pennsylvania, where Rick Santorum, the No. 3 Republican in the Senate, is trailing state treasurer Bob Casey Jr. by double digits.”  My italics.  Whether this is the result of Mr Bush, or Mr Santorum himself, is an open question as far as I’m concerned.  Karl?

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CJR Daily:

Who is Francis Fargos Townsend, and why it should be in the news.

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Before the oil runs out: How US can cope when gas prices surge.  Since Reagan stripped the solar water heaters off the White House, fuel efficiency has gone nowhere.

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SF New Mexican:

Two from Governor Richardson: tax rebate for gas and heating relief, and calls for refunds on price gouging.

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SF New Mexican:

Rio Rancho, a development north of Albuquerque, seems to admire Intelligent Design.  Scientists rip district’s evolution policy.  No molecular biologists will ever come from this part of the state, I guess.

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Chief Justice Rehnquist dies at 80.  Rest in peace, sir, while all hell continues to break loose here on earth.

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Will the “New” New Orleans be Black?  Via Mr Random.

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NY Times:

Gulf Oil Operations Remain in Disarray.  In addition to the human tragedy, there’s an environmental one occuring as well.  Oil spills.

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Video had me curious,

because I saw some aged Hueys being used for rescue.  I know those sliding side doors; visions of Vietnam.  The apparent backstory on this 1950’s era aircraft, and why they’re still the US military’s workhorse when the chips are down.

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Mother Jones

lists the opportunities to avoid this hurricane’s tragic outcome.

American Radioworks has a series on “Nature’s Revenge” specifically about the New Orleans area, written in 2002 (all sections intelligently linked via breadcrumb trail at the bottom of the page).  Read all four sections, but particularly start with the hurricane risk section. Terribly poignant now.  “... maybe the city will be lucky .... [snip] ... on the other hand, if a killer hurricane does strike New Orleans, then you and the rest of the nation’s taxpayers will have to pay the mind-boggling costs of dealing with the carnage and destruction.”

The last paragraph of the conclusion, romantic as it sounds, rings very hollow against current news reports.

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NY Times:

Teaching of Creationism Is Endorsed in New Survey.  “... a poll released yesterday found that nearly two-thirds of Americans say that creationism should be taught alongside evolution in public schools.”  Next up:  American math classes teach how to pick lottery numbers.

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Just because.  “Karl Marx Was Really a Free-Marketeer.”

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“Despite the strength of the US economy, the number of Americans without health insurance in 2004 climbed for the fourth consecutive year to a record high of 45.8m and the poverty rate also increased, according to official figures yesterday.”

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The Economist:

The damage that Katrina could still wreak.  “As a rule of thumb, every $10 sustained increase in the price of a barrel of oil is estimated to result in a loss of something like half a percentage point of GDP. In a research report from Merrill Lynch, David Rosenberg, an analyst, calculates that every one-cent rise in the price of a gallon of petrol takes $1.3 billion out of consumers’ pockets, which could trim as much as a full percentage point off consumer spending this winter.”

How much has gas jumped in your area?

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The Katrina factor and energy prices.  “There are 19 days of gasoline relative to demand.”

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Washington Post:

General Wesley Clark, Before It’s Too Late in Iraq. “Resolve isn’t enough to mend a flawed approach—or to save the lives of our troops.”  Via Booknotes.

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Shakespeare, subversive.

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Pennsylvania, land of the nonprofits.  And here I thought Santa Fe was unusual in their large number of such beasts.

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NY Times Letters to the Editor:

America and the U.N.  The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization has a website.

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Gas prices too high? Try Europe.  “In Paris, for example, about half the trips people make are by foot, by bicycle, or on public transport, says UNEP’s Mr. Fulton. In America, that figure is more like 20 percent.”  And only that high in urban areas, I’ll warrant.

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Editor and Publisher:

Berkeley Breathed On His ‘Jailed Journo’ Comic Strips.

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SF Gate:

FBI demands library records; Request in Connecticut, allowed by Patriot Act, is first of its kind.

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NY Times Editorial:

Snowmobile Deceit.  Call a spade a spade.  Lying with statistics.

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The Economist:

Black and white ... and red all over.  “If it is true that history is not the past—merely what we have now instead of the past—then we must tip our caps to Mr Schama for reminding us of the grotesque events whose scars still sting today, more than a century afterwards.”

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Senator Frist is targeted by evangelicans in Iowa.  With friends like this, who needs enemies?

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