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Oil Surges to a Record on Concern Demand Is Outpacing Supply.  The ANWR ain’t-a-gonna help us, neither.

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CJR Daily:

Stacking the deck for DeLay.

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In These Times:

An Indecent Act.  The chilling effect isn’t just the winter cold.

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NY Times/AP:

Current Account Deficit Hit Record $665.9 Billion in 2004.  “... private economists are worried that the huge level of resources being transferred into the hands of foreigners will eventually result in lower U.S. living standards.”  The Republicans no longer represent the interests of fiscal conservatism.

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NY Times:

Liberal Bloggers Reaching Out to Major Media.  Must we demand amplification for left-wing thrice-editorialized unsubstantiated rumor?  We get enough of the right-wing variety.  How about less sensationalism, more fact, all the way around?

What value are weblogs adding?  That’s the key.  Do we need more editorials?  More independent voices analyzing and chewing over news articles?  How do you judge quality?  To whom do you mortgage your common sense on which issues?

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chooses to make Mr Greenspan’s latest assessments sensational. He’s been mentioning the ‘2008 deadline’ consistently for a while.  Nevertheless, tax cuts were a dumb idea that noone wanted, in the 2000 election.  It was the issue that galvanized noone.

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The Economist:

Back in their pomp.  Weren’t folks arguing back a while ago, that ‘neocons’ didn’t exist?  “The limits of neo-conservative influence may well be shown by Iran. It is axiomatic in neo-con circles that Iran cannot be prevented from acquiring nuclear weapons by a combination of diplomacy and bribery.”

Diplomacy, bribery ... and a big stick.

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Will Boomers cash in?  In a word, yes.  They’ve been panicked by the Bush Administration’s moves, and are going to grab what they can.  I’ve heard it over and over and over again in social situations.  There’s going to be a flood.

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Boston Globe:

Re-Branding America.

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NY Times:

Bush to Permit Trading of Credits to Limit Mercury.  Sounds like lend-lease to me.  “I won’t make you clean it, but you can lend it and pretend it doesn’t exist”

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The US trade deficit continues to grow.  “China accounted for more than a quarter of the shortfall.”

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Algerian star slams ‘censorship’.  I guess censorship has left us all American idiots.

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The National Interest:

Downloading Democracy.  It is semantically ironic that Republicans are pushing democracy, and Democrats seem cut off from the philosophy at present.  On the other hand, “majority rule” is much of what we’re hearing from inside the Beltway these days.

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

Rescission Time in Congress.  “If Republicans really want to cut spending and reduce the deficit, they have more weapons than any political party has had in decades.”  They haven’t been putting their money where their mouth is.

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NY Times:

The only sure thing in politics ... road infrastructure improvements.  Can’t go wrong with an ‘up’ vote.  Fix our potholes on Old Las Vegas Highway, puh-lease.

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NY Times:

Bracing for a bankruptcy rush.

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NY Times:

G.O.P. Senators Balk at Tax Cuts in Bush’s Budget.  Wasn’t opposing tax cuts spun as ‘new taxes’ just a while ago?

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now that the bankruptcy bill has passed, I expect a cut in interest and hidden charges on charge card bills.  Don’t you?  Will we see it?  Nope.

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Dissent Mag:

Speaking to the working class.

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NY Times Editorial:

The World according to Bolton.  American Enterprise Institute, Yale summa cum laude.

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Retailers want 16-hour trucker workday.  Good lord, they’re bad enough drivers as it is.  Wal-Mart should invest in rail, and do the country a good turn.

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Like clockwork,

I can always count on Holy Schmoly to alert me when a new Digital Journalist is out.  Donncha, if you have questions about the 20D, ask away.  I’ll even send you a RAW file to play with, if you wish.

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Bill Clinton will undergo another heart operation, to remove scar tissue.  Best of luck, sir.  Sleeping on the floor probably didn’t do much for the fluid situation.

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Fukuyama, US parties and their foreign policy masquerade.  If you remember, you will also wonder at the disappearance of Republicans’ shouts that “we’re not the world’s police force.”  I surmise they found a way to make it profitable.  Gulf War I was particularly far in the black.

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also has a sort of ‘roundup’ of stories on the Italy/US ‘row.’

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