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The Economist:

Now for the good news: George Bush’s education reforms may be working.  Straight to the horse’s mouth: the National Assessment of Educational Progress Report.  The NEA doesn’t even have a mention of it on their home page, as yet.

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Washington Monthly:

When real men wore heels.  “The dress industry then employed a third of wage-earners in France (many of the lace factories were founded by finance minister Colbert), and if members of the Third Estate were busy stitching sleeves, they had less time to plot rebellion.”  Flip-flops, blue jean shorts and t-shirts are subversive ... ?

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Lawmakers move to extend daylight-saving time.

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Washington Post:

Court Nominee in the eye of the blogger swarm.  “The lightning-quick attacks came after 50 top liberal bloggers held a 45-minute conference call Tuesday night.”  I sincerely hope these webloggers are disclosing their affiliation.

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The Economist, Opinion:

America’s great sorting out, The missing rungs in the ladder.  “Republicans are, generally speaking, reluctant to spend more money—partly because they represent people in richer school districts and partly because so much cash has already been wasted (America spends much more than other countries). Meanwhile Democrats, enslaved to the teachers’ unions, are generally unwilling to countenance reforms such as school vouchers and testing; and they are also keener on affirmative action, the system of race-based preferences which makes universities less competitive and keeps the poison of race in a debate which is best focused on income.”

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NY Times:

Court Nominee’s Life Is Rooted in Faith and Respect for Law.  Linked simply to make a comment.  In seeing photos of the Bush announcement (see #10), the children struck me.  Saddle shoes on the boy?  And outfits straight out of the Kennedy early 60’s?  That does spark some thought, along with the membership in The Federalist Society.  The Left fears a ‘stealth’ conservative; the Right fears loss of control.

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NY Times:

China revalues the yuan.  I doubt we’ll see a change in consumer pricing.

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SF New Mexican:

Otero Mesa lease sale attracts only one bid.  “I’m not surprised there were no other bidders ... [snip] .. It’s political , and we may never get to drill.”

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The Economist:

Rove in the spotlight.  “If Mr Rove is cleared of breaking the law by the special prosecutor—perhaps because it cannot be proved that he knew Ms Plame was undercover—Mr Bush may decide that the “appropriate action” for leaking secret information is no action at all. The administration that prides itself on its discipline would then look weaselly.  [snip] After all, no further investigation into the matter is likely to come from a Republican-dominated Congress.”

How much ya wanna bet this is how it plays out?

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Times Online.UK:

A Britain/Pakistan connection, seemingly, in the bombings.  Oops, you need to read about the bombers themselves to parse that first link.

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An ideological comment spammer

is trying to infiltrate my con-Republican posts, by idiotic and tedious manual entries.  WordPress makes it easy to moderate and/or remove them, so you can stop wasting both your and, more importantly, my time now.

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NY Times Editorial:

A few thoughts on Karl Rove.  Here’s a thought: If Mr Bush is so ‘intellectually dependent’ on Mr Rove, is it safe or prudent (at this juncture in current events) to dump him? 

There’s always Karen Hughes, I suppose.

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NY Times:

Sharp Increase in Tax Revenue Will Pare U.S. Deficit.  Just in case you wondered, the Bush tax cuts *still* aren’t paying for themselves.  What was that last figure we saw for the Bush tax cut costs?  2 trillion over ten years?

Related: Does cutting tax rates increase economic growth?  Extra points if you know for whom Arthur Laffer sketched out his famous “curve” on a cocktail napkin.

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The Pentagon is now using a marketing firm for recruitment.

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NY Times Editorial Observer:

In Hawaii, a Chance to Heal, Long Delayed.

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NY Times:

The oil uproar that isn’t.  They let the auto industry and politicians off too easily in this.  As I recall, light trucks, vans, SUV’s got a relative ‘free ride’ in the CAFE standards ... and that’s where a large portion of vehicle growth occurred.

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NY Times:

Zarqawi’s mentor tells him to cool it, and he gets indignant.

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NY Times:

White House Still Silent on Rove’s Role in Leak.  For an Administration (and a party) that loves to parse semantics, there’s still a bit of wiggle room.  Given past behavior, they’ll only abide by the statements if Bush *directly* said them, allowing McClellan to fall on his sword for the others.  “Violated law” is the key phrase, I think.  I wouldn’t be packing Rove’s bags quite yet.

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NY Times:

A bit of a reversal, now the London bombings were the result of suicide bombers.  Sometimes the drive for ‘this-instant’ news results in worthless information. I knew better than to link that ‘timer’ article ...

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“For two years, the White House has insisted that presidential adviser Karl Rove had nothing to do with the leak of a CIA officer’s identity. And President Bush said the leaker would be fired.  But Bush’s spokesman wouldn’t repeat any of those assertions Monday ...”  My italics. It will be interesting to see how the Administration will wiggle out of this one.  Ignorance is certainly no less dangerous than intent for Mr Rove.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Patriot Act foes gain a toehold.

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NY Times International:

Report Says Mitterrand Approved Sinking of Greenpeace Ship.

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NY Times Op-Ed:

Krugman, Un-Spin the Budget.  “But the fact is that revenue remains far lower than anyone would have predicted before the tax cuts began. In January 2001 the budget office forecast revenues of $2.57 trillion in fiscal 2005. Even with the recent increase in receipts, the actual number will be at least $400 billion less.”  After the Reagan supply-side fiasco, I thought the Laffer Curve was forever banished.  The Reagan tax cuts on the rich never, ever came even within spitting distance of paying for themselves.  I never looked to relive history; indeed, I expressed this concern in the campaign of 2000, when Mr Bush leaned heavily upon these same bankrupt economic policies.

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Washington Post:

Transcript of an open discussion with Mike German, an ex-FBI Agent and Terrorism Analyst.  Gems within: “Carlos Marighella, a Brazillian Communist terrorist from the 1960’s wrote the ‘Mini-Manual of the Urban Guerrilla’, a how-to manual for terrorists. In it he says the terrorist attack will draw an over-reaction from the government which will heighten oppression against the innocent and drive them to the cause of the terrorist. We need to start paying attention to what their goals are in devising our strategies.”  My italics.

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CSM Commentary:

The chilly ripple effect of a jailed reporter.  “‘Journalists are not entitled to promise complete confidentiality - no one in America is,’ Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald told the court.  That is debatable.  Confidentiality is observed in doctor-patient relations, priest-penitent relations, and, yes, lawyer-client relations.”  Repeats many other statements I’ve read, but that excerpt is worth pulling out and posting.

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