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Washington Post:

DeLay seeks Senatorial support.  “Attendees said DeLay, in extremely brief remarks, told the senators that, if asked about his predicament, they should blame Democrats and their lack of an agenda.”

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NY Times Editorial:

Questioning Mr Bolton.  Another unqualified appointment, I’ll Grant.

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Washington Post:

Senators may have blown the cover of a CIA operative, during the Bolton testimony yesterday.  If so, this will diminish the Plame incident, and boost Bolton.

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Boston Globe:

“Americans may love to hate the French. But a Parisian scholar says that American Francophobia is nothing compared to the 200-year-old Gallic tradition of Yankee-bashing.”  “A vast undertaking to pervert science and art and degrade culture is taking place in our country in imitation of what is happening in the USA ... [snip] ... The French do not want to become robots, nor intellectuals the trusts’ mercenaries.”  And that was a 1951 critique.  I love the illustration; France fights to keep cultural identity.  I approve. 

The French have a right to object, and so do we.  I will remind folks that the ‘hypermarket’, the big-box commercial store concept that is blighting our landscape originated with Carrefour, a French company, in the ‘60’s.  Too bad subsequent copies didn’t adopt the same roller-skate-powered sales associates.  The next American/French disagreement will not find patriots burning down Wal-Marts or Home Depots, which are more French than today’s fries [which might be Belgian, really].  They’d have to buy their kerosene there first.

The irony makes me really miss Monty Python.  No nation is an island, these days.  I care more about avoiding the genericization of culture, which the French also seem to value.  If it’s more expensive to be original, it’s worth it.

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All it took was five days?

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The Economist:

You need us and we need you.  What wind will blow down the house of cards?

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Gas bonanza shakes dust from Western towns.  “The BLM should have helped us to better prepare ... [snip] ... It’s mind-boggling that the people who have permitted the gas drilling drilling claimed there would be no significant impacts. And now they’re getting ready to turn it up another notch.”  How many times have we heard that one?  Alaska, next.  Only caribou aren’t granted post-drilling interviews.

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Policy Review:

A libertarian looks at marriage.  “Advocates of gay marriage are fond of pointing out that civil marriage confers more than 1,049 automatic federal and additional state protections, benefits and responsibilities, according to the federal government’s General Accounting Office. If these governmentally bestowed benefits and responsibilities are indeed the core of marriage, then this package should be equally available to all citizens. It follows that these benefits of marriage should be available to any grouping of individuals, of any size or combination of genders, of any degree of permanence.”  As they ask, is the state the ultimate source of social order?  I believe Rousseau said politics comes after society. Submission to the state is an act of renouncing our ‘natural freedoms.’  I’ll have to go re-read JJ ...

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NY Times Letters to the Editor:

‘Just I.O.U.‘s,’ the President Says.

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SF New Mexican:

Abstinence aimed at grade-schoolers.  “In a survey of New Mexico middle-school students, 30 percent of eighth-graders, 20 percent of seventh-graders and 15 percent of sixth-graders reported being sexually active, according to a Youth Risk Behavior Survey now five years old. Most did not use condoms.”  My italics.

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NY Times Op-Ed:

Kristof, Nukes are green.  A bit fluffy.  You still have to safely solve the nuclear waste issue ‘in perpetuity.’  Many of the ‘problems’ with nuclear plants have been the result of governmental or corporate ‘low bid’ construction techniques.  I briefly worked at a concrete plant in between semesters at college; the mix must be right, and rarely is.  And expert heli-arc welders are few and far between these days.  I would also note, wind may not be 24/7 everywhere, but there is rarely a day without some in the Southwest.  Solar needs more development, IMHO, to bring prices down and power yield up.  But I’m no expert ... and neither is Mr Kristof, obviously.

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NY Times:

G.O.P. Consultant Weds His Male Partner.  Hypocrite.

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NY Times:

E.P.A. Halts Florida Test on Pesticides.  “A recruiting flier for the program, called the Children’s Environmental Exposure Research Study, or Cheers, offered $970, a free camcorder, a bib and a T-shirt to parents whose infants or babies were exposed to pesticides if the parents completed the two-year study. The requirements for participation were living in Duval County, Fla., having a baby under 3 months old or 9 to 12 months old, and ‘spraying pesticides inside your home routinely.’”

There’s a lot of outrage over this, as written here (and other sources).  But in reading the actual documents, this is an attempt to measure effects of pesticide use on children in normal households.  The government isn’t spraying pesticides in homes.  They’re merely monitoring families with young children who routinely use pesticides.  I see fellow online left-leaners carelessly throwing about the descriptor “Mengele” without reading the actual study information. 

Realistically, with a cash and bling reward such as this, mostly low-income families will respond ... and they seem to be, from news reports, the ones marketed to ... so the selection process should be opened up to public scrutiny.  But the howls in the media are so at odds with the actual study information itself, I can’t tell which way is up on this one.

Read the actual site itself, then read the news reports. 

[Of late, it seems even my favorite sources of news are getting so ideological (on whichever side), I must postpone posting until hitting as close to the actual source of information as possible.  I almost took this one at face value, and howled outrage myself.  The media are making us work very hard to find facts these days.]

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Senate Democratic leader defends filibusters.

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The Secret Service is protecting an expectant duck.  Best not tell Michael Moore.

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Dissent Mag:

All God’s Children Got Values.

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NY Times Letters to the Editor:

DeLay’s Troubles: Everybody Does It?

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NY Times Travel:

From the depths, a cathedral emerges.  “... sometime in the next several weeks the winter snow melt will begin refilling the reservoir. The bureau expects the water level to climb as much as 45 feet by mid-July, once again submerging the Cathedral and dozens of other newly revealed features.”

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From email this morning:

Hillary in 2008.  Flash w/sound.

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these two to the falling dollar, and Mr Bush has another ‘trifecta.’  Maybe I should buy a horse ...

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NY Times Editorial:

Shameless Photo Op.  Media Matters has some interesting observations on this, as well.

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SF New Mexican:

I’m surprised this hasn’t hit the national news media yet.  Governor Richardson has signed the bill mandating ignition interlocks (breathalyzers in cars) for convicted drunken drivers ... including first timers.  Most aggressive interlock law in the country, in a state where driving while intoxicated is way too common.

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Patriot Act: What’s not known feeds debate.  “One reason, critics say, is that the most invasive powers of the Patriot Act are exercised secretly, some accompanied with gag orders.”  My italics.

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“Developing countries that have amassed large US dollar reserves face a growing threat of big losses from a sudden decline in the dollar, the World Bank warned on Wednesday.”  Noone’s going to want to carry our debt.  The crisis looms.

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Washington Times:

What would happen if those millions woke up to the fact they could easily overthrow the Italian government by sheer force of numbers?

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