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WSJ Opinion Journal:

Chessboard Endgame.  As I’ve said before, the ‘problem’ with chess is that you have ‘perfect knowledge’ ... you can alway see exactly what your opponent is doing, where his forces are arrayed.  The real world, as in places like Iran where we have to guess about hidden nuclear development, is completely different.  Reference Von Neumann’s work on game theory.

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The Objective Standard:

The Decline and Fall of American Conservatism.  “... Americans had to work 86.5 days just to pay their federal taxes, as compared to 78.5 days in 2000 under Bill Clinton. In other words, the average American has worked 10.2 percent more for the federal government under George Bush than under Bill Clinton.”

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NY Times Magazine:

Open Source Spying.  “Could blogs and wikis prevent the next 9/11?”

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WSJ Opinion Journal:

Ms Noonan asks for grace in political discourse.  She wasn’t an advocate of such grace in 2000, praising Tim Russert’s “happy-killer mug” as he pursued trying to get a straight answer out of Mr Gore.  Moral consistency isn’t necessarily moral wisdom, but it still begs the question why should we who won, be gracious to the losers?  Why the sudden preference for Athenian over Spartan?  Would Democrats get any respect if they did so?  Was there such grace in 2000, in 1994? Who called ‘mandate’ after promising bipartisanship? In the rapacious political environment we see today, ‘grace’ will be seen as weakness, and exploited ... and I say that with a deep sense of chagrin. Mr Reagan, Ms Noonan’s favorite, led by example perhaps ... but that was the Administration who closed the door on the Fairness Doctrine; the subsequent Republican majorities and their media hacks have set the current vicious political tone of blinkered editorializing and ideological water-carrying.  Who was it who said, “I don’t need equal time, I am equal time?”  It wasn’t a Democrat. If you can’t take the heat you’ve generated, get out of the Beltway.  It is going to take decades for the crucible to cool, if it ever does.

There’s a certain percentage of all of us, across both parties, that cringe at the thought of hysterical right-wing radio’s rantings over the moves of the newly Democratic Congress.  A little grace there, would be more appreciated than curbing Mr Webb’s actions.  His behavior is certainly not without more grave precedents.

Later: It would be ungracious of me not to point out this fallacy: “The last people with grace in America are poor Christians and religiously educated people of the middle class.”

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What really disturbs me about this radiation poisoning, is that terrorists are very likely getting the idea that they don’t even need to make a cheapo ‘dirty bomb.’

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SF New Mexican:

“Los Alamos has been identified as one of five possible sites for a new center to build plutonium pits—the triggers at the core of the country’s nuclear weapons.  However, the National Nuclear Security Administration this week said scientists have determined the county’s existing stockpile of plutonium pits should last decades longer than previously believed.”  So why rush to build more plutonium pits now, when waiting a while will bring better technology ... ?

Tangential: New Mexico bombing range cleanup could cost $22 million.

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NY Times Opinion:

The War Last Time.  This Administration has learned none of the lessons of the Tet Offensive, preferring to not learn from history, and walk in the faded footprints of its forebears.  “We have been too often disappointed by the optimism of the American leaders, both in Vietnam and Washington, to have faith any longer in the silver linings they find in the darkest cloud.”  Everyone seems to forget the Korean War, the archetype for Vietnam and and even better archetype for Iraq (Truman chose when to wage war, not Congress, after going to the UN; prisoner maltreatment, etc.).

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SF New Mexican:

Governor’s task force calls for axing eminent domain.

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The New Yorker:

Killing Habeas Corpus.  Perhaps ‘bodily murdering’ would have been more clever.  Great quote, from Senator Leahy: “... every Tuesday since Bush has been President it’s been like a Mafia funeral around here. There are, like, fifteen cars with lights and sirens, and Cheney and Karl Rove come to the Republican caucus meetings and tell those guys what to do. It’s all ‘Yes, sir, yes, sir.’ I bet there is not a lot of dissent that goes on in that room. In thirty-two years in the Senate, I have never seen a Congress roll over and play dead like this one.”

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The New Yorker:

When did Lou Dobbs become a populist?

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NY Times:

Frist Will Not Run for President in ‘08.  Spares us some boredom.

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SF New Mexican:

Base officials confirm F-16 was from Cannon; say pilot wasn’t.

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It seems that

restoring a military dictatorship to Iraq is on the minds of some, even to the point of reinstalling Saddam.  Bush Sr.‘s ‘91 decision to leave Saddam in place, vindicated?  Priceless Dick Cheney quote, in that piece.

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Times Online.UK:

Slaughter in the mosque: a new terror for Iraqis.

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Photo journal, America’s Other Border.

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NY Times Opinion:

Global Warming Goes to Court.  An ironic position for the Administrative proponents of “state’s rights.”

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Pilot of crashed U.S. fighter jet missing in Iraq.  We’re interested in this, here in NM, because the pilot was from Cannon AFB, over in Clovis.  We all hope he gets away safely.

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Daily News:

I’m assuming this library may have only one book ... “The Pet Goat.”

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London Review of Books:

A wry look at Hitchens’ latest, on Thomas Paine.

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Gotham Gazette:

Three views of Rudy Giuliani, upon leaving office.  One, two, three.  One must recall his political efficacy and performance, or lack thereof, before the 9/11 filter.

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gets personal for Gordon Coale’s family.  I hope everyone stays safe and well, Gordon.

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Gore Vidal, living through history.

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NY Times Europe:

West Germany’s equivalent of America’s Cheyenne Mountain complex, restored.

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As some of us suspected, gas price manipulation during elections?  In Santa Fe, it is a well-known phenomenon when the Legislature’s in session.  If it walks like a duck ...

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Washington Post:

Weapon Of Mass Destruction.  A short history of the AK-47; perhaps it should have been titled ‘bang for the buck.’

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