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fires off an excellent post on the Foley matter.

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In global trade, wheels greased by greasing palms.  The ‘bribery index.’

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SF New Mexican/AP:

NATO chief warns Afghans may switch allegiance to Taliban unless lives improve.  “We do not want the Taliban but then we would rather have that austere and unpleasant life that that might involve than another five years of fighting.”

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NY Times Editorial:

The White House and Mr. Abramoff. Watching “Abramoff, Inc.” on PBS the other night, made me physically ill.  LobbyWatch.

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NY Times:

Bush Urges Quick Action on North Korea.  Here we go; I surely hoped we wouldn’t tread this path.  “Mr. Bush said he ‘remains committed to diplomacy,’ but that any transfer by North Korea of nuclear or nuclear-related missile technology to ‘any state or non-state actor’ would ‘be considered a grave threat to the United States.’”  Rhetorical wimp. ‘Grave threat.’  He doesn’t dare declare transfer of nuclear weapons technology as an act of war, because it would tie our own hands. The permanent members of the Security Council are making too much money in nuclear technology sales ... and there isn’t a country in the world who wouldn’t sell a bomb to a baby for the right price. 

Blast from the past, read the Gilpatrick Report submitted to President Johnson, 1965. The most obvious problem, comparing today to 1965, is that we must stop trading our long-term nonproliferation goals for short-term strategic interests.

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The Economist:

Bread and circuses.  The average voter is motivated more by the lightness of their own wallet, than by any ideology.  Or so I theorize.

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Washington Post:

Bush Policy Irks Judges in West, Rulings Criticize Agencies for Not Protecting the Environment.

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Washington Post:

In Border Fence’s Path, Congressional Roadblocks.  “... shortly before recessing late Friday, the House and Senate gave the Bush administration leeway to distribute the money to a combination of projects—not just the physical barrier along the southern border. The funds may also be spent on roads, technology and ‘tactical infrastructure’ to support the Department of Homeland Security’s preferred option of a ‘virtual fence.’”  I do wonder at the absence of shrieking pork-opposing blogger phalanxes on this item, but then this doesn’t match their particular shading of ‘nonpartisanship.’  This was a great ruddy bait-and-switch orchestrated in time for elections, which will likely end up being frittered away on the status quo.  A waste of money in anyone’s book.

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Washington Post Analysis:

New Media a Weapon in New World of Politics.  Democrats fall into the old Bloom County Beacon trap [first two panels].

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Garrison Keillor

fires a broadside at the dumping of Habeas Corpus.  “None of the men and women who voted for this bill has any right to speak in public about the rule of law anymore, or to take a high moral view of the Third Reich, or to wax poetic about the American Idea. Mark their names. Any institution of higher learning that grants honorary degrees to these people forfeits its honor.”

Related: CSM, New lawsuits challenge Congress’s detainee act.

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SF New Mexican:

Big-government foes seeking campaign records around West.  One could ask, where were these sorts of folks in the runup to Iraq?

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SF New Mexican:

Bankruptcy filings take a dive.

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Washington Post:

Waterboarding Historically Controversial.  “In 1947, the U.S. called it a war crime; in 1968, it reportedly caused an investigation.”

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NY Times Business:

Oil Prices Rise on Reports of Possible OPEC Cuts.  Some of the more conservative sites have been crowing about lowering energy prices as a boon for the fall election.  OPEC made clear at least a couple of months ago, they will not allow the price per barrel to drop below $60.  Watch, as the high-gas-price blame game gets redirected from ill-conceived nation-building and foreign policy jitters to that ‘bad old OPEC’ once again.

Related: The Energy Diet.

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Clinton interview on Fox News leads to spitting match over which President did most to bring Bin Laden down.

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‘NewsHour’ faulted for lack of diversity.  Hmmm.  A news show should probably break down partisan sources by electorate (balance of political philosophy in the populace), rather than electee (percentages of the House and Senate).  One is liquid, one is cast in stone for a long period.  Shows how thoroughly the ‘left’ tag has been tarred and feathered, however.

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NY Times Washington:

In Bill’s Fine Print, Millions to Celebrate Victory.  I sure wish they’d included a definition of what victory looked like.  I’m getting mighty sick of this little addendum, tacked onto so many news reports of late: “... Republicans are likely to portray as an effort to embarrass them five weeks before the midterm election.”  Any critique is a ‘planned attack’ or ‘orchestrated embarrassment’.  I would suggest it is the predictable defensiveness over the familiar corruptions of an embedded majority.  They protesteth too much, with too little action, in my opinion.

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Iraq war draws foreign jihadists, but not in droves.  “The total number of foreign fighters in Iraq is between 800 and 2,000, according to estimates by the Brookings Institution, a think tank in Washington. In contrast, the total strength of the insurgency is more than 20,000 people ...”

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SF New Mexican:

As the Foley ‘scandal’ continues to expand, we find our own Representative had connections with the page program.

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London Review of Books:

Neo-con futurology.  “Promoting democracy requires a sophisticated understanding not only of specific cultures but also of the relation between institutions and organised interests.”  Boy, if that ain’t the understatement of the century.  A ... shall I say “spirited?” ... review of Fukuyama’s latest.

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CNN Money:

U.S.: Gas prices lowest since February.  NewMexiKen reports gas at $1.94 around DC.  It’s still closer to $3 here, than $2. 

Again, I hate conspiracy theories and having to be cynical all the damned time ... but I was educated about gas prices in Santa Fe last legislative session by Yvonne at WeAreNotSheep (another SF’er).  The local gas cartel lowers the prices for the duration of the legislative session to prevent untoward legislation that might come their way.  We saw the effect clearly this spring. Certainly the larger oil and gas corporations know what side their bread is buttered on ... expect gas prices to drop quite a bit before election, then creep back up after.  Economic issues, the ones that hit at home, get more voters to the polls than any other item these days ...

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Washington Post:

“It’s absurd to fence off 700 miles of the border and leave the other 1,300 miles open; besides, the government lacks the manpower to prevent migrants from defeating the fence with tunnels or ladders. But if blowing billions on this symbolism is a sop to right-wing nuts, why did 26 Senate Democrats vote for the bill while only 17 opposed it?”  Good question.  Where’s the courage of conviction?

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SF New Mexican:

Quarry owners say [H-2B] visa program keeps them in business. Another point of information for possible upcoming immigration mishegaas.

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SF New Mexican/AP:

Attacks cost Iraq oil exports $16B.  “Among problems was plumbing so bad that dirty water from sinks and toilets drained through concrete upper floors throughout the building and dripped into first-floor cadet dormitories, threatening health and possibly weakening the structure.”  Remember the furor over using American construction companies for rebuilding Iraq?  Sounds like a great big skim-off of profits, to me.  I’ll say again, for the umpteenth time: Where’s the oversight?

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SF New Mexican:

Candidate-veteran blasts Bush on Iraq.  Can’t think of a better to replace Henry Hyde, of Clinton impeachment fame (and low, low profile since).  The Republicans may face a strong “been-there, done-that, you suck” minority come ‘08.  I hadn’t considered that possibility ...

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