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SF New Mexican:

Border Patrol spokesman confirms agency considering shutting stations.  Seems very short-sighted to just concentrate on the border itself.  The diaspora of those who pass through our borders needs attention, too.

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Canada’s largest city has a dirty secret: It ships its raw garbage to another country, the United States.

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NY Times Op-Ed:

Delusional thinking in the Senate.  “The gulf might well yield enough natural gas to make a difference in price. But there is not enough oil there or anywhere else in the United States to make a difference in the price of a barrel of oil or a gallon of gasoline at the pump. Why the Senate persists in deluding itself on this remains one of the mysteries of the age.”  Not so much a mystery, as election-year politics again.

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SF New Mexican:

Border agents let fake IDs go through.  Of course they do. They barely have the time to look at the pictures, much less anything else.  “... agents sometimes cannot verify more than 8,000 different kinds of currently acceptable IDs without significantly slowing border traffic.”

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SF New Mexican:

Enrollment begins this weekend for uninsured children.  “Often, she says, parents tell her they deal with their sick children at home unless the illness is severe enough that a hospital can’t turn them away.”  My italics.  Are the profits of the affluent so much more important than comprehensive health care reform?  I don’t think so.

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Evolution opponents suffer setback in Kansas.  The school board goes from 6/4 against evolution, to 6/4 supporting evolution.

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SF New Mexican:

Colorado governor signs illegal immigration crackdown bill.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Big words, not much substance.  Target employers, you’ll change the situation.  Target the poor, the infirm ... you’re just a schmuck.

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SF New Mexican:

Panel: offshore tax havens cost billions.  “The investigative subcommittee of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee said the havens allow Americans to avoid paying $40 billion to $70 billion in taxes each year, with the help of “an armada” of professional advisers.”  You’d think the Republicans would jump on this; that cash would help offset War costs ... but then, it is mostly the affluent who engage in such shenanigans.  One can safely predict that this will only be lightly dealt with by the majority, with an obvious loophole or two.

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SF New Mexican:

Britain and California to join forces on global warming.

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NY Times Washington:

G.O.P. Nears Vote to Increase U.S. Wage. I think the successful passage will shatter the old-time conservatives from the present GOP.  They used to hate the minimum wage with a verbal violence, in decades past.  That this is a purely a last-minute political move based in shallow self-interest, rather than a genuine desire to make lives better, is clear and garners my thoroughgoing disdain.  They’ll probably find a way to mitigate the rise via tax law, or other shenanigans later on, once they’ve maintained their majority.  I’d rather they stuck to their political philosophy, in spite of the benefits a higher minimum wage would realize, and beat them in the court of public opinion.  Wishy-washy turnabout politics is worth less than nothing. Going to the voting booth is useless, when candidates flip-flop on their core philosophies. 

And they wonder why voter turnout is down ... harrummmph.

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The Economist:

The ethics of war.  “Both sides in the argument presume that proportionality in war has some broadly accepted meaning which rational people can discuss, refine and apply to real situations. Are they right?”  Further explanatory site on bellum justum.

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SF New Mexican:

“Fran Mainella, head of the National Park Service since 2001, said Wednesday she will resign from the agency that has often been at odds with environmentalists and Westerners.”  The Park Service isn’t necessarily the problem, but the change in philosophy in the last ... six years.

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SF New Mexican:

Richardson scandal!  Teddygate!  Bark, bark, bark ...

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Washington Post, The Fix:

John McCain’s Blogger.  Oh, how short the memory.  Does noone remember the Editthispage site, McCain’s Navy?  Grassroots is always better for a politician, IMHO, but I suppose they’ll never listen.  Wayback archive, for those interested.

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CJR Daily:

On the Left, the Sound of Silence.  Hmmm. My silence on the issue is predicated from a nearly total lack of knowledge of the issues involved, the reasons for the war.  I’m against war in general, of course, but to say so is a rank platitude right now.  I’m gradually climbing up on the historical context for the conflict, but I still don’t feel informed enough to comment.  To compare to Iraq, we’ve been steeped in that for the last 15 years, at the minimum.  We’ve only had a couple of weeks of this current conflict in the mainstream news; a dubious source of definitive facts, if there ever was one. 

Speaking more generally, I am very careful who my readership might believe I’m mortgaging my opinions to.  Hitching a ride on others’ opinions is always weighted down with baggage, so I prefer to ‘roll my own’.  It is easy to point to other sources of opinion without a personal commitment of assent or dissent when you’re a prolific link-logger, as I have been ... but the further I get along in weblog years, the more I feel a need to make clear my positions when linking.  But for the political opinion weblogs, even the ones who lead those aspects of the metacosm, I disdain the practice of linking sans personal opinion.  Readers go there *for* the personal take.  Too often, when the weblogger links a strong opinion without comment, s/he seems to have no idea where to stand on the issue; after the fact, you’re gifted with the “Oh, I pointed out that article because it was so wrong” when the link they chose turns out to be assinine. The practice allows opinion to be formed while the action is happening, and one won’t ever be perceived as wrong.  The echo chamber audience then applauds the clairvoyance, even though the weblogger normally only posts links that are congruent with their opinions.  Back to business-as-normal.

There’s no downside, no discouragement of the practice, because there’s no judgment.  So judge, in order to be judged.  It’s good for all of us, maintains our integrity.  Post the comment, “Okay, but where do *you* stand on the subject?”

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SF New Mexican:

Richardson talks about gun rights.  Trying to ‘not get painted as a liberal.’  NM is an open-carry state; you can wear your Desert Eagle or your .454 Casull on your hip, any old time.  Long predates Bill.

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Venezuela’s Chavez to sign Russia arms deal.  More fallout from the Bush ‘doctrine of pre-emption.’

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CSM Commentary:

Lebanon as a Middle East turning point.  Arab nations must now forcefully and vocally deal with radical Islamic elements.

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NY Times Opinion:

Drain America First.  Congress has wigged out.  We need great statesmen more than ever.

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SF New Mexican:

Valle Vidal battle moves to Senate.  Read further down; the Senate has its eyes on drilling close in to Florida.  Disney and diesel.  It’ll be fab.

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ABA: Bush violating Constitution.  From Monroe to Carter, there were 75 ‘signing statements’.  From Reagan to Clinton, 322.  Read how many Mr Bush has issued in a single term.  And some more interesting theoretical discussion.

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NY Times Washington:

By a Vote of 98-0, Senate Approves 25-Year Extension of Voting Rights Act.  “‘So far, the Department of Justice has favored states’ rights over federal enforcement,’ Mr. [Jesse] Jackson said. ‘We see a pattern.’”  In other words, you know what “states’ rights” stereotypically means.

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SF New Mexican:

City, county fail to find common ground on water/Buckman diversion costs.  “The county water system has less than a 10th the number of customers as the city has.  City officials should appreciate that the county is paying half the project’s construction costs, even though it will never have half the water ...”  Read the comments.

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SF New Mexican:

State panel to study universal health care.  “In tackling New Mexico’s problem with health-care access, the governor started with children. This month, a larger pool of poor children age 5 and under will be able to sign up for Medicaid coverage. The state will distribute information about the program at various venues, including Smith’s supermarkets, Wal-Mart stores, the state fair and schools.”

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SF New Mexican:

House panel approves wilderness legislation.  “The unanimous votes in the GOP-controlled committee were unusual, particularly since they involved wilderness expansion, virtually always a contentious process.”  You can say that again.  But the right side of the aisle needs to curry what favor it can before the fall elections.

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