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NY Times Editorial

section wakes up to reality.  Attacking a free judiciary.  I shan’t belabour the point.

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NY Times:

$626 Million to Protect Wildlife Along Colorado River.

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NY Times:

Illegal Immigrants Are Bolstering Social Security With Billions.  This is an eye-opener, for sure.  I’d like to see more of the numbers and ideas behind it.  Remember during the ‘Contract with America’ days, when Mr Gingrich discussed ripping away SS from green card holders?  They’d pay for the privilege of working in America, but couldn’t collect.

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NY Times:

Creditors can’t seize IRA’s, says the Supreme Court.  Let’s hear any of the reform-Social Security crowd make a peep in defense of the ‘poor’ credit card companies.

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The Economist:

Torturing the United Nations.  “In the case of the principal exhibit against Mr Annan—oil-for-food—there is an especially strong argument for reserving final judgment until Mr Volcker issues his final report.  That is because this programme was set up and run closely by the Security Council itself. Mr Volcker has yet to pronounce on how much blame lies with Mr Annan and how much with his political masters.”  My italics.

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WSJ Opinion Journal:

Can Justice Scalia Solve the Riddles Of the Internet?  “What a weird ethic. Some who will spend hundreds of dollars for iPods and home theater systems won’t pay one thin dime for a song or movie. So Steve Jobs and the Silicon Valley geeks get richer while the new-music artists sweating through three sets in dim clubs get to live on Red Bull. Where’s the justice in that?”

Later:  Because I have trackbacks turned off, I note that Megnut responds to this article.  Meg, it’s the Wall Street Journal.  But I know, some things you can’t let slip by without a comment.  Enjoy Paris; sure wish I was there.

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NY Times Letters to the Editor:

Wanted: A New Path for Democrats.  Comments on the same Bradley op-ed I pointed to earlier in the week.

I’ll also point to The G.O.P. Takes a Hard-Right Turn here.

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NY Times:

The ‘Magical Mystery Social Security Tour’ seems a failure.

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NY Times:

A Fierce Debate on Atom Bombs From Cold War.

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NY Times Letters to the Editor:

The Legacy of Terri Schiavo.  All excellent.

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NY Times Editorial:

Before the fall.  Batten down your financial hatches.

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CJR Daily:

Banned from teaching the Declaration of Independence?  No.

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Colorado governor apologizes for ‘natives’ remark.  Remember Sand Creek; a Governor of Colorado should know better than to make this kind of statement.

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Fox News:

GOP Goes on Judicial Offensive.  I told you so, did I not?  I’m surprised there wasn’t a single Democrat to decry this as I did, long before it happened.  This managed ‘outrage’ could have been made impotent.

Instead, we get opera.  Leavened with cable-television wrestling.

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NY Times:

Panel Warns That Defense Against Germ Attack Is Weak.  As with the medieval plagues, cities will be the hardest to defend ... everyone coughing on everyone else.

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

Bill Bradley, A Party Inverted.  The Heritage Foundation started in ‘73, the Cato Institute in ‘77 ... interesting dates.  Each one nearly perfectly correlates with a Republican loss (Nixon impeachment, Carter win).  Off-the-cuff, I’d say reactionary, not pro-active; Goldwater was a decade before.  Nevertheless, Reagan’s win in ‘80 shocked the hell out of everyone, Republicans included.  Carter was weak going into the election, but the Iranian hostage crisis nailed his coffin.  It was not won on ideology or think-tanks.  Mr Bradley, as many Democrats do, gives the ‘Republican machine’ more credit than it deserves.  I think today’s conservative talk-radio phenomenon was more about self-aggrandizement and making money than long-term ideological plotting.  You can dig in the archives of both Heritage and Cato and find opinions that run directly counter to the present Administration’s.  Looking back, it looks like structure.  Having lived in it, it looks like slouching into victory.  If the Republicans ‘slouched’ so victoriously, how much worse it makes the performance of the Democrats.

But Mr Bradley really loses me when he says, “When the Goldwater Republicans lost in 1964, they didn’t try to become Democrats” then goes on to recommend we copy Republican structures.

Can’t we do something better?  Or is ‘fight fire with fire’ all we’ve got?  Can we not take our losses, and *really* plan for the long term?

[Bill and Karl, read this one.]

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NY Times Op-Ed Contributor:

Former Senator John Danforth, Episcopal Minister, chides the Republican Party: In the Name of Politics. “As a senator, I worried every day about the size of the federal deficit. I did not spend a single minute worrying about the effect of gays on the institution of marriage. Today it seems to be the other way around.”  Well said, sir.

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NY Times Op-Ed:

Kristof, When Marriage Kills.  “So I wish Mr. Bush would reach out beyond the ideologues to a real expert ...” A lot of folks wish that.

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59 Ex-American Diplomats oppose the nomination of Bolton.  What you might call ‘bipartisan opposition.’

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NY Times Books:

James Madison Online. Direct link here.

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London Review of Books:

Degrees of not knowing.  On Iraq.  “We were grateful when you arrived. But you did not listen to the right people. You failed to provide security or basic services. We lost our trust in you. Only now security has improved. You ask why we will support the new council? Because, you, Mr Rory, chose the last council. We elected this one ourselves.”

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Washington Post Opinion:

William Raspberry, Whose Life Are We Supporting?  Ignore the jabs about ‘liberals having a field day’, and read.

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Washington Post:

Judging the judges.  An interesting back-and-forth with online participants.  “I prefer an entirely neutral definition of activism: a judge is activist whenever he or she strikes down a federal or state law. This definition doesn’t make a judgment about whether or not a particular activist decision is justified; it’s purely descriptive. Armed with this neutral definition, it’s clear that both conservative and liberal interest groups are enthusiastic supporters of judicial activism, and neither side is willing to allow the most controversial political issues to be decided in legislatures.”  My italics.

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NY Times:

Court Declines to Review Abortion Law.  “In 2001, there were 738 abortions performed in the state, a drop from 1980, when 2,553 were performed, according to state statistics.”  It’s informative to peek at some of Idaho’s statistics for this.  White 20-somethings are the most common, by a large margin - not teens.

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SF New Mexican:

Congressman proposes expansion of WIPP dump site.  As Yucca Mountain continues to be challenged, many are starting to slaver over the Carlsbad dump site.  We’ve got nuclear waste passing by our neighborhoods every day, and we were hoping for an end to this risk.

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