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Coolist: NASA Space Launch System Is The Biggest Rocket Ever.

“Is the?” Will be. If/when built.

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Quartz: Archeologists are scrambling to excavate a 2,600 year old city before it becomes a Chinese c

Said it just recently, I’ll say it again. It’s a wonder we have any visible remnants of history at all these days.

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Dazed: No ice? Gaza is doing the Rubble Bucket Challenge.

If you haven’t got ice ...

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Dissent: Presidential ADD.

No topic seems to hold his interest very long, and so he bounces around without ever persuading the American public.” Given that, the perfect President for our burgeoning social media culture.

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NY Times: U.S. Tried to Take Foley and Other Hostages From ISIS.

That Operation Eagle Claw feeling again. Sorry, just couldn’t help it.

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Vox: Five fascinating charts on the plummeting teen birth rate.

I’d just heard about the dropping rates via radio on the way home, and here’s extra info.  Saves me having to go dig.

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ProPublica: What to Look For In Dueling Autopsies of Michael Brown.

Hmmm. There’s an elephant in the room here, to me. Police today are trained to shoot at center of mass, not extremities. Sans other evidence, the head shots in particular sound punitive.

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Dazed: Palestinians tweet tear gas tips to Ferguson residents.

This is ineffably sad.

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ProPublica, Report: Drillers Illegally Using Diesel Fuel to Frack.

For many years fracking industry groups insisted their member companies never used diesel fuels in their operations. Then, in 2011, a congressional investigation found that in fact between 2005 and 2009, 12 companies had injected 32 million gallons of diesel fuel or fracking fluids containing diesel fuel in wells in 19 states.” This has been known, and ignored and/or buried, for at least a half-dozen years. Companies rely on semantics to dodge legal bullets.

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The Rumpus: My Nixon Years.

Even though he was an adult in the 1970s, when I was a child, he seemed just as confused as I was by the changing social structure. I wished, when I was 7, for things to be comprehensible, controllable; I wonder if he felt the same way.”  I am more of his grandmother’s ilk - noone post-‘74 ever again expressed to a child, “if you study hard, you’ll grow up and be President someday!” That phrase died on Nixon’s resignation date, and I don’t think we’ll ever hear it again.

Paramilitary police are in the news today, but in the ‘60’s we had CIA and military with automatic weapons in our neighborhood thanks to the Institute for Defense Analysis protests [IDA contained the supercomputer that made the strategic decision to invade Cambodia] right after Kent State. I will not forgive Nixon posting such weapons less than 60’ from the backs of my friend’s houses, about a football field from my own. M-16’s have a lethal range of about what ... 5 football field lengths or so? 

Nope, I will not forgive Nixon. History should not, either.

Cue CSNY, Ohio.

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Guardian.UK: Get used to toilet-to-tap water, Californians told.

The state’s main sources of water, snow melt from the Sierra Nevada, imported water from the Colorado river, and groundwater, are all in decline.” We know that feeling here in NM. Of course, folks don’t think about the fact that all sorts of animals are defecating in river and reservoir water. And ... fish spit! Nematode armpit excretions! Such great stuff to imbibe. If mere human excreta were going to poison you, you’d be dead already.

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Reuters/Exclusive: U.S. to spend up to $550 million on African rapid response forces.

The United States announced on Wednesday plans to spend $110 million a year over the next three to five years to help African nations develop peacekeeping forces that can be rapidly deployed to head off militant threats and other crises.” Question. How do you guarantee we’re not training up future opponents?  Just asking. Too often in the past, this kind of move has seemed like a marketing ploy to keep the flow of American weaponry sales high (and the ‘military/industrial complex’ in profits).

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Bloomberg: The 1% are more affluent than we think.

Failure to get a better handle on the actual amount of wealth and income means economists and policy makers don’t have a proper understanding of the degree of disparity, which represents a hurdle in addressing it.

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SciAm: Global Warming Has Become “Normal” Climate for Most People.

Global warming has been going on for so long that most people were not even born the last time the Earth was cooler than average in 1985 in a shift that is altering perceptions of a “normal” climate, scientists said. Decades of climate change bring risks that people will accept higher temperatures, with more heatwaves, downpours and droughts, as normal and complicate government plans to do more to cut emissions of greenhouse gas emissions.” Which makes mitigation efforts all the more complex. I was wondering when this would become a political factor.

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naked cap: New Oil and Gas Drilling Financed Largely With Debt.

“Through the various peculiarities of the tax code, oil and gas companies already pay a much lower effective tax rate than the statutory 35 percent. ExxonMobil for example, paid a 19.3 percent effective tax rate between 2009 and 2013. But by deferring taxes, oil and gas companies can wind up paying even less than that. But the heady days of drilling might be drawing to a close.

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Civil War Memory: The Problem of Southern Thinking From a Southerner.


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NPR: The ‘Bridge’ From Watergate To Reagan, Masterfully Drawn.

Perlstein does an admirable job recounting the political stories of the era, but it’s his keen understanding of larger social and cultural trends that make the books in his series so essential.” On my reading list! Sometimes, one needs to verify one’s memory.

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TG’s Political Wire: GOP Lawmaker Says Migrant Children May Carry Ebola.

Seriously? Again, this kind of idiocy should trigger an ejection seat from the US Capitol.

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Buzzfeed: The Rise Of Europe’s Religious Right

We believe — strongly — that there is a global tea party movement,”  I don’t.  At least, I pray there isn’t.

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Yahoo News: Worse than Watergate - New revelations from Nixon tapes 40 years after resignation.

He realized if Saigon fell before Election Day 1972, it would take his chances of a second term down with it. [snip] You can hear him discussing that in his keeping the war going, sending more Americans to fight and some to die; and it’s for political reasons.”  Those amateur graffiti of ‘Nixon’ with a swastika replacing the ‘x’ were not just hyperbole.

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The Nation: Hillary Clinton Joins GOP 2016 Hopefuls in Bashing President Obama.

Clinton is courting Wall Street, bashing Obama’s diplomatic efforts and saying that George W. Bush made her ‘proud to be an American.’ Sounds like there’s a country song in their somewhere.”  Speechless. Utterly speechless.

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Mischiefs of Faction: Public Opinion on Israel-Hamas Conflict Has Little to Do with the Conflict.

The American public’s endorsement of current Israeli policy largely isn’t a reaction to that policy because most people aren’t following the details at all.” The same can be said of most political issues, no?  Most never venture further than their favorite pundit ... or parent.

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BBC: In pictures - World War One battlefields 100 years on.

Seeing a lot of these galleries of late; better than most.

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nakedcap: How Fracking Is Blowing Up Balance Sheets of Oil and Gas Companies.

It’s a horrendous treadmill. Just to maintain production, companies have to drill more and more and incur more and more debt, even as revenues are disappointing.”  Fracking is the methamphetamine of the oil and gas industry.

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ProPublica: Report Criticizes EPA Oversight of Injection Wells.

ProPublica’s investigation found that the EPA did not know exactly how many wells existed in the United States or what volume of waste was being injected into them, and that it did not possess complete records required to be collected under the Safe Drinking Water Act.”  My unastonished italics.

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