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Guardian.UK: Revised AP history standards will push ‘American exceptionalism’.

Many of the comments we have heard about the framework reflect either a misunderstanding of US history or a very limited faith in history teachers’ command of their subject matter.” I wonder if they still include discussion of the 1836 Gag Rule. Or Sand Creek. After all, they’re part of our ... *ahem* ... national heritage. We learn more from mistakes, right ... ?

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Vox: How conservative media helped the far-right take over the Republican Party.

How swiftly we forget. Not even a peep about the Fairness Doctrine, which some of us miss very much ...

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The Hill: Trump’s rise hurts Rubio, Carson, but helps Jeb Bush.

Channeling all teh crazy in one direction? Auto-play video warning.

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Guardian.UK: In US, 8 million baby boomers go hungry amid health and economic challenges.

Increasing chronic disease and disability in baby boomers can have consequences beyond poor health and higher medical bills. [snip] Disability can lead to unemployment and lower income, and lower income can lead to having less money for essentials such as food.” OK, candidates. Ball’s in your court.

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nakedcap: How Big Corporations Are Starving Public Schools of Billions of Dollars.

For shame. And many of these companies are supposedly producing educational software and systems. A vicious circle; schools can’t afford to upgrade and buy more product because companies are loopholing taxes.

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Politico: Jon Stewart’s secret White House visits.

He’s an expert shamer.” An astute observation.

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SciAm: What You Don’t Understand about Suicide Attacks.

Until suicide attackers are widely seen for the desperate, traumatized, and mentally ill people they really are—instead of ‘psychologically normal’ altruists—America will continue to suffer Islamic mass shooters who seek glory and heavenly rewards through death.” Yes, but there will always be depressed, isolated, vulnerable people. You will never cure those maladies in any effective manner. I hate to pick on the internet, but getting radicalizing texts and videos is exponentially easier today than in the recent past. We are seeing this result: a sick mind can be turned in days, instead of years.

I think of going to the library in my high school years, trying to find a copy of ‘Mein Kampf’ just to *look* at it. Not even cracking it. I think every librarian tailed me as I went into the aisle to view the single copy (I’d asked at the desk). I wouldn’t doubt they called my parents, even.

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Guardian.UK: Obama breaks with protocol in Africa to criticise Republicans’ ‘lack of decorum’.

Mistake. This is the kind of thing Obama does frequently that boggles me. He immediately becomes a target for invective, while vivifying his political opponents - raising their stature in the news cycle. He must be an awful poker player. Leave ‘em to cut themselves to pieces, rather than enter the fray as an outsider; the behavior is predictable - they’ll all turn on you, man.

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Dallas Observer: Fracking Sucking Up Vast Amounts of Texas Water.

My God, south Texas. Are you folks in the UK observing this?

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CounterCurrentNews: Native American Activist Found Dead In Jail Cell After Traffic Fine Arrest.

Not to discount the Bland tragedy, but some minorities seem much more important than others, don’t you think?

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RISD Fleet Library: Special Collections/Dazzle patterns for ships.

Wild, man.

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NY Times: Aging Infrastructure Plagues Nation’s Busiest Rail Corridor.

Plagues?!?!” This was true in 1980. 35 years ago. To call it an embarrassment, is simply not enough. Federal, state and local authorities have all passed the buck year after year, decade after decade. If maintenance had been done continuously, properly ... many extensive replacements would likely not yet be needed. This is going to cost the taxpayers dearly.

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Register.UK: Q. How much did Google just spend applying political pressure? A. $4.6 million.

The spending makes Google one of the top ten biggest lobbying organizations in Washington: the top being the US Chamber of Commerce, and the rest rounded out by four medical industry companies, plus Boeing, General Electric, the National Association of Realtors, and Business Roundtable.

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Vox: Hillary Clinton’s favorability among Americans is at its lowest since 2007.

Still feel comfy, oh “she’s-got-unprecedented-approval-levels” Dems? And the race isn’t really started yet.

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The Mischiefs of Faction: Many Men, Many Supporters, United in Anger.

I don’t know. The Democrats have had veritable Muppet Shows of characters running in previous primaries, esp. when there are no strong candidates. Every shade of Dem from left to center. Reflections of the base, in the full spectrum of philosophies (I’m being kind). I don’t think it’s worth overanalyzing.

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Vox: Living in Switzerland ruined me for America and its lousy work culture.

If you didn’t read this the other day, you should. And now here we have Jeb Bush saying he wants to scrap Medicare. What kind of America do we want? We’d best speak up this election season.

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PS Mag: There Are 22 Million Angry, Impulsive Americans With Guns.

... they advocate gun restrictions based on indicators of this personality type, such as convictions for misdemeanor violence, DUIs, and restraining orders. This, they think, would do a much better job of reducing gun violence than a focus on certified mental illness.” How about both?

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Guardian.UK: Apache tribe brings battle for Oak Flat to New York’s Times Square.

The company claims they will create 3,700 jobs over the next few decades ...” Oh, please. This ‘creating jobs’ routine is already old beyond years. Mineral extraction and oil outfits are getting carte blanche in Republican-governed states; frackers are encroaching Chaco NHP here in NM. It’s past time for a step back.

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SF New Mexican: Ex-spy Valerie Plame accuses Mayor Gonzales of turning a deaf ear to constituents.

Bravo, Ms. Plame. Old Pecos/Old Santa Fe Trail is the best and most picturesque way to enter Santa Fe. I recommend it to all visitors. It’s already seen too much development in recent years, IMHO. We certainly don’t need more development along that stretch, nor do we need the requisite increase in traffic.

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Guardian.UK: Government makes ‘outrageous’ U-turn over fracking in precious wildlife sites.

The government has made a U-turn on its promise to exclude fracking from Britain’s most important nature sites, arguing that the shale gas industry would be held back if it was excluded from them.” If I were in Britain, I would be *furious.*

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Politico: The Appeal of Donald Trump.

Nah. The GOP establishment’s been indulging ignorance, prejudice and sensationalism ... and it’s come back to roost in an unexpected way. I think it’s perfect justice [as long as it’s defeated at the ballot box].

Later:Mussolini with a comb-over ...” HAHAHAHAH.

Even later: I beat the NY Times Opinion page to this conclusion. *Score.*

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TG’s Political Wire: We Could Be Headed for Another Government Shutdown.

Of note.

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nakedcap: Health Insurance Prices Take Off: Worker Pay Stagnant.

Most of us will pay an unconscionable amount to be underinsured and still face financial obliteration from one major health care episode.” Exactly. Precisely. This is the groundswell that may tip Clinton to failure, if nominated. The ACA has reached into everyone’s wallet and ripped out cash to no good effect except at the lowest levels of income. The WSJ was linked to by one of my most liberal friends today. One who *never* posts anything but optimism.

Dems, you’d better start listening. The ACA is not your magic carpet to the Presidency; rather cement shoes.

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Vox: Bernie Sanders has raised more money than every GOP campaign so far. Except.

Yet when the full picture of presidential fundraising is taken into account, this only bolsters Sanders’s case that the super wealthy have too much influence on our electoral system. Because when outside groups that can accept huge donations are taken into account, Sanders is getting swamped.

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Guardian.UK: Women rarely regret their abortions. Why don’t we believe them?

Yet for most women, according to this study, however complex their feelings are, they still believe abortion was the right choice.” Noone says it isn’t painful, heartrending. Choice needs to be preserved.

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