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TechDirt: Leaked TPP Chapter Shows How It’s A Massive Gift To Big Pharma And Against Public Health.

Oppose TPP. Let your Congresspeople know. Period.

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Vox: Bernie Sanders’ $15 million fundraising haul is a really big deal.

The Vermont senator banked $15 million, a surprisingly robust fundraising haul, in the three months that ended June 30. It’s one-third of the $45 million that Hillary Clinton hauled in for the second fundraising quarter of the year. But the number of donors — 250,000 — suggests Sanders will be able to go back to the well to keep his campaign running.” Good for Bernie. Make it a horserace, son. American needs it.

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SciAm: Water Use Rises as Fracking Expands.

Oil and natural gas fracking, on average, uses more than 28 times the water it did 15 years ago, gulping up to 9.6 million gallons of water per well and putting farming and drinking sources at risk in arid states, especially during drought. Those are the results of a U.S. Geological Survey study published by the American Geophysical Union ...

In which case, the technique should be banned in any drought-risk area. Common sense, please?

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PoliticalWire: Bush Leads GOP Pack Nationally.

Told ya. ‘Twas only a matter of time. The players behind the scenes are falling into line now, I’d imagine.

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Aeon: The allure of ISIS resembles that of Tolkien.

... many readers, it seems, thrill to the notion of finding a king to whom they can pledge their swords without scruple or hesitation. Indeed, it is sometimes claimed that the patently adolescent politics of Tolkien’s Middle Earth represent a true and valid model for real-world humans.” Bound to ruffle some feathers.

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InTheseTimes: How the TPP Will Hand Corporations the Reins to Our Government.

Sure, corporations may still be considered people under U.S. domestic law — but under American trade policy, they get far more rights than almost everyone else.” I’ve never agreed with the ‘corporations are people’ judgment. If they were people, they’d make Scrooge look generous to a fault.

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Guardian.UK: US stocks tumble as market reacts to Greek crisis with biggest fall in two years.

Sh-t. “... wiping out all of the gains made so far in 2015.” And it’s not over. This has been known for years now, discussed and re-discussed on various media channels, and still here we are. And now it’s going to cost us all $$. My mattress is looking better and better.

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Vox: A day of global terror - horrifying attacks strike France, Tunisia, and Kuwait.

Well-expressed. Could have been much worse, yet ... without powerful and immediate international response, it likely will be.

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Slate: Clarence Thomas same-sex marriage dissent: “Slaves did not lose their dignity.”

... human dignity cannot be taken away by the government.” One can tell immediately he has never applied for welfare or unemployment. I propose a new rule - you can’t judge, legislate or litigate unless you’ve direct experience.

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Naked Cap: Who was Alexander Hamilton? Militarism, High Finance and Checking the Democracy.

Well, I’m a good Princetonian. Give me Aaron Burr Jr. any day.

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Civil War Memory: Removal of Confederate Flags Marks the End of the Civil War Sesquicentennial.

Hmmm.  As I mentioned yesterday, I wonder what rationalizations will come forward to excuse the use of slave-built structures in Washington, D.C. [in the addendum of that post] ... you know that shoe’s gonna drop soon.

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NPR: Supreme Court Declares Same-Sex Marriage Legal In All 50 States.

And, I expect Roberts to hope this will mollify Conservatives over the previous ACA ruling: “But do not celebrate the Constitution. [snip] It had nothing to do with it.” Of course, he has a point. Marriage is not mentioned in the Constitution at all. His statement is perfectly ‘safe’ - too subtle for most to understand. Even most of our modern media.

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Guardian.UK: New report estimates enough natural gas is leaking to negate climate benefits.

The leaks are the equivalent to the greenhouse gases produced by 5.6m cars.” Man, I don’t doubt any of it.

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The Nation: Bobby Jindal Broke Louisiana So Badly That Even the GOP Doesn’t Want Him.

Things are so bad for Jindal that his constituents would rather vote for Hillary Clinton.” Hillary could use this as a textbook case of what Republican toe-the-line rule would gift to America.

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Politico: Fox dumps Sarah Palin.++

Article states that she’s out, and then follows up with incredible amounts of popularity statistics. Popularity, as I keep banging on about, has no polarity. Yet it’s continually being used as a measure of worthiness.

I can tell you right now, Lucifer’s Twitter feed would have more followers than his traditional opponent. Following doesn’t make him worthy; it just makes you susceptible.

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NakedCap: TPP - 13 Dem Senators Invite Republicans to Make Them Laughing Stocks ...

I’m very, very uneasy about these under-the-table trade deals. See the bottom of this article for some scenarios. It seems more and more like a huge handout to multinationals ... and hasn’t Obama gifted enough to the pharmaceutical industry already? NAFTA hit us in unexpected places. These deals look to be even more ill-advised. The rush, the political force makes me even more wary.

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LRB: Scott Ritter · ‘We ain’t found shit’.

When Iraq finally told the truth about its weapons programmes, no one believed it. We used to joke about how often we came back from an inspection empty-handed, repeating the saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

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Civil War Memory: Black Confederates to the Rescue … Again.

Expected this.

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NY Times: Senate Hands a Victory to Obama on Trade Pact.

It is a great day for the big money interests, not a great day for working families.” My concern also.

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WaPo: While GOP candidates stammer, Clinton directly confronts race.

She waited until Saturday, no doubt waiting to see which way opinions would swing. Bernie Sanders knocked it out of the park on Thursday, as BillSaysThis reminded me the other day. Vested interests, WaPo?

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The Nation: Is Walmart Hiding $76 Billion in Overseas Tax Havens?

According to the financial investigation, Walmart is stashing ‘at least $76 billion worth of assets in 78 subsidiaries and branches located in 15 overseas tax havens.’” And a subset of folks in America believe buying at Walmart is ‘patriotic’ ...

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Aeon: People are violent because their morality demands it.

They know that they are harming fully human beings. Nonetheless, they believe they should. Violence does not stem from a psychopathic lack of morality. Quite the reverse: it comes from the exercise of perceived moral rights and obligations.” At times like this, I reread Chapter One of Scaramouche. Change laws, change politicians like you change clothes ... for little real effect. We have to change our populace, and that is a much more complex task.

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Surely a candidate should be able to come up with something better ...

than “thoughts and prayers” for the shooting victims. Just about every single one riffs off this tired old chestnut.

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Guardian.UK/Video: Can the Republicans halt climate change?

Good point.

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The Mischiefs of Faction: Of Course Jeb Could Win.

... by next March, or April at the latest, we’ll likely have a Republican nominee, and he or she will have plenty of time to mend fences. Besides, even though the losing candidates and their supporters will be angry, they won’t be so angry that they’d be willing to hand the White House keys to Hillary Clinton.” Exactly why I’m not wasting a whole hell of a lot of time on political prognostication. The media’s acting like it’s a horserace already, when it’s still a Punch ‘n’ Judy sideshow.

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