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Bloomberg: That $5,000 TV Ad May Run $100,000 Now for Political Conventions.

Ugh. “Just the facts” won’t exist this political season.

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Prospect.org: Who’s to Blame for Brexit? The Elites.

If Europe responds to Brexit by consolidating more control, they’ll have learned nothing from the yearning for people to free themselves from the yoke of unaccountable external rule, and the UK won’t be the first to leave.” Great find from Kevin [GitM] on FB.

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Brexit. They actually did it.

Between Trump and this event, it feels like hordes of ignorance are taking over the world. Western Civilization is practically poised to fall, thanks to narrowminded pursuit of profit at any cost ...

Later: I’m being melodramatic, but my excuse is, ‘tis the season ...

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AP: Clinton Failed to Hand Over Key Email to State Department.

Since when did AP go right-wing? I understand the issues, but this sounds like it was written by GOPAC back in the day.

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Trump Ipsum: Make Placeholder Text Great Again!

Offered sans comment.

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naked cap: Sanders Has Leverage But Clinton Will Never Bargain.

As Nate Silver noted last month, “her lack of support from Sanders voters is harming her general election numbers.” A YouGov/Economist poll in late May found that “Only half (50 percent) of Sanders supporters pick Clinton over Trump in the general election trial heat.”” She won’t want to limit herself with pre-election promises; same as any other politician in the position of power. To expect her to is unrealistic. Question is, will she decide she needs those votes, and how far will she risk her ‘freedom’ to capture them? And ... will she keep her word after election? She’s a politician, same as any other. Promises as piecrusts.

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Truth-in-journalism request.

If a speaker’s using a teleprompter, it should appear in any videos taken. Likewise, kickback monitors (video screens at the foot of the stage, a la Steve Jobs fictional ‘ad libbing’) should be cut to occasionally, so viewers know the source of the rhetoric.

Anything else is fiction. Journalism isn’t supposed to be perpetrating fiction.

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BillMoyers: America Has a Republican Problem — and the Media is Partly to Blame.

... the Republican Party, with its history of dog-whistle racism, sexism, homophobia, nativism, and gun addiction, salted now by incipient fascism, has been legitimized by the mainstream media for years.” All in the interest of keeping the old Fairness Doctrine at an arm’s length. And it ain’t just happening for the Red side of the aisle. Get the DLC dinos out of Washington. They’ve been ‘legitimized’ way too long as well.

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Trump speech hype.

A few hours of hype - for a teleprompted speech (keeping him on message). “Look at our trained monkey.” Ugh. This time they used his phrasings, I see. Notice almost noone video’d the man with the prompter glass in-frame, so most think he’s speaking off-the-cuff. Not portraying truth, IMHO.

Later: And now much of the media is featuring all of it. They reward fools when they can appear cognizant (I like using it as a noun, though not commonly accepted in grammar circles), backchanneling candidates of greater value.

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FiveThirtyEight: With Trump In The Race, The Battleground Is Everywhere.

The source’s recent inaccuracies over Trump has made them introspective. I wonder if it is not overdone.

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NY Post: Trump has been giving out fake diamond cuff links for years.

It’s just very Donald.” Make some hay, Clinton campaign. This one’s been dumped in your lap.

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BBC: North Korea missiles ‘a serious threat’ after new tests.

From my reading, these are conservative estimates of range. Accuracy, however, esp. over a polar route, is another question. Soviet missiles were woeful during the Cold War. Aim at Phoenix, hit Akron ... that kind of inaccuracy.

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BillMoyers.com: Inside the Shadowy World of America’s 10 Biggest Gunmakers.

You’ll notice something in the infographics. Not a single revolver (except for Dirty Harry). The military started using the Beretta in ‘85, and it was featured in Lethal Weapon in ‘87. You can track the exponential increase in the market for semiautomatic pistols to those dates. Before then ... revolvers. Mass shootings were a fraction of their current frequency when revolvers were the majority of the market. Hollywood is complicit with gunmakers, IMHO.

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Political Wire: Trump Declared No Income In 1984.

Unsurprising. Followers will probably approve.

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FishbowlNY: NY Times - NRA Is Complicit in Terrorism.

I think the boldness of the NY Post is forcing forthrightness at the Times. That’s a good thing. A salutary aspect of 80’s/90’s Manhattan was simple matter-of-factness.

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Political Wire: GOP Lawmaker Reads Gays ‘Worthy of Death’ Bible Verse.

Well, maybe some will wake up that the Quran isn’t the only problem in the world today ...

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Recode: Here’s the leaked opposition research on Trump that’s circulating the web.

Hmmph. If this is all the Dems have cooked up by now, they better get busier. Looks like tarted-up initial research by an intern.

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Guardian.UK: Donald Trump speaks to shrunken Atlanta crowd as poll numbers drop.

The suspicion of protesters reached a point at which Trump supporters were informing on each other for not being “real” supporters.” Nazi Germany, at a similar stage, must have been just delightful. [Not.]

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Storify: A Trump Rally in Greensboro “Anger in here is palpable” (with tweets).

Knew it was bad, not this bad. Is there nothing we can do to stop this?

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Politico: Sanders scripts his primary-season finale.

He hasn’t sent a fundraising email for his own campaign in six days. He’s also not holding a rally tonight, making it the first Tuesday with voting that he hasn’t held one this year. In other words, Bernie Sanders isn’t really running for president anymore.” My italic emphasis.

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Politico: Hill Republicans despondent over Trump.

I’m not going to be commenting on the presidential candidates today.” Hillary should just ignore Trump and run her own campaign regardless of his statements or positions. There’s no point in even debating him.

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TPM: Gingrich - Let’s Create New Version Of House Un-American Activities Committee.

Wait. Wait. WHAT?!!!!!

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TG’s Political Wire: Clinton Opens Up Wide Lead Nationally.

Keep opening your cakehole, Donald.

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Techdirt: Both Trump And Clinton Suggest Expanding Mass Surveillance, Bogus Watch Lists.

Not for the first time, someone locked up on a questionable basis is making a lot more sense, and sounding a lot closer to the ideals of America, than either of people running to lead the country.

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Slate/Trumpcast: Is Trump helping to invite terrorist attacks?

Of course he is. (Didn’t bother listening to the podcast, just using this as a lever). Just a month or so ago, he said: “There will be attacks that you wouldn’t believe. There will be attacks by the people that are right now coming in to our country.” There is a Manson-like psychopathy here. Inflammatory dialog begs for response.

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