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Reuters: The ruins of Donetsk airport.


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NPR: FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules For ‘Open Internet’.

Good news: “... the policy will ensure ‘that no one — whether government or corporate — should control free open access to the Internet.’

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Public Policy Polling: Americans divided on Williams return.

Of note.

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The Economist: Energy controversies - A frack too far.

Cash in and move out, I assume. They feel left out of the bounty.

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Vox: Elizabeth Warren is furious over Obama’s proposed trade deal.

Listen to Liz.

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Time: Jeb Bush’s Sense and Sensibility.

He is a political conservative with a moderate disposition.” I’ve warned and warned. I will warn again: s/he who seems (to the public) to embrace the most centrist position, wins. Remember the mythical “Reagan Democrats.” Hillary, so far, is a cartoon of no real substance.

Later: Absolute allegiance necessary.

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TechDirt: The Guardian Details The Horrors Of Chicago Police’s ‘CIA-Style Black Site’.

Now, it’s roughly around here where you’re thinking one of two things. Some of you are thinking that such a claim as this is so outlandish that there’s very little chance that it’s true. Others must be thinking that the accusations of abuse and the denial of rights are rare mistakes made by a tiny percentage of officers. Too bad this secret wasn’t all that secret.”  I saw the Guardian’s link earlier, but was waiting for independent corroboration of the accusations.

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Guardian.UK: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s ‘self-appointed supporters’ allowed to demonstrate.

They referred specifically to an incident outside the main entrance of the courthouse before Tsarnaev’s final pretrial conference in December, when Marc Fucarile, a man who lost his right leg in the bombings, had an exchange with the demonstrators. Some of the demonstrators believe that the injuries and deaths caused by the explosions were faked as part of a conspiracy, while others question whether authorities have proof that Tsarnaev is responsible for the bombings.” You’ve got to be kidding.

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WaPo: Why Turkish troops entered Syria to reach a medieval tomb.

Over the weekend, a column of Turkish troops and armored vehicles motored about 20 miles across the border into Syria. In the dead of night, they approached an old mausoleum, held a brief prayer ceremony and removed the site’s historical artifacts and relics. Then, they lowered the Turkish flag that flew over the site and demolished the complex.” The relics would have ended up on the open market, of course.

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Forbes: New Mexico Considering Legislation To Sell Spaceport America.

I predicted this result was likely.  Betting Virgin Galactic or SpaceX picks it up for pennies on the dollar. Just a waiting game now.

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Youtube: Rare Footage of Civil War Veterans Doing the Rebel Yell.

They do resemble coyotes.

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Tampa Bay Times: Jeb Bush’s private investments in fracking dovetail with public advocacy.

The intersection between Bush’s private and public life — calls for fracking have been a part of his speeches and came as recently as last month in San Francisco — triggers questions of disclosure.” Double-ugh.

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WaPo: The making of Hillary 5.0: Marketing wizards help re-imagine Clinton brand.

It’s exactly the same as selling an iPhone or a soft drink or a cereal.” Ugh.

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Pacific Standard: One Way to Weaken Political Polarization.

The key, they write in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, is willingness to ‘consider the perspective of a specific person with an opposing viewpoint.’ In other words, you need to understand your opponent well enough to be able to make an argument from their perspective.

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The Mischiefs of Faction: Party rules are made to be broken.

If policy demanders and other elites continue to nominate candidates who are perceived as ‘unpopular’ with the base, it seems like a situation ripe for institutional change – especially since the nomination process is so informal.”  Two Republican parties ... an observation I’ve made mentally, but never put words to.

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NY Times/First Draft: President Obama Has, In Fact, Expressed Love for His Country.

Is there any sillier political subject to be arguing over?

I swear, let’s chuck the whole current crop of politicos and start over. The childishness is way beyond ‘11’.

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Discover/Neuroskeptic: Right-Wing Brain Surgeons - The Case of Surgical Neurology International.

Good lord. I suppose we’re used to climate change/GMO science being perverted, but health now, too? In such a particularly difficult field, it seems extremely inappropriate and wasteful.

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National Interest: Are Submarines About to Become Obsolete?

I suppose you could set ‘em up in shoreline parks, as they’ve done with old nukes and aircraft. I suspect a smidge too big for that sort of end.

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Guardian.UK: New hopes that tar sands could be banned from Europe.

It would be incredibly useful for responsible investors to be able to look at the carbon intensity of different oil companies’ products – to put pressure on them to reduce it, and speed the shift to a a low carbon economy.” Indeed.

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Vox: Clinton Foundation’s foreign donors are exactly why Hillary’s un-campaign is so risky.

She ought to be developing her positive message about this time, not handing critics ammunition in the form of direct financial ties to foreign governments.” There’s a disturbing level of arrogance that bodes ill for the Democrats in ‘16. Jeb has a very good shot, IMHO, and getting better by the week. Side note - I have to laugh at the news reports saying “Romney backers move to Bush” - they were originally Bush backers in the first place, waiting for his ‘nah’ in previous contests.

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ThinkProgress: Oklahoma AP US History - Ten Commandments, 3 Speeches By Reagan?

2016, OK AP student: “I aced Bonzo!

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Vox: Another oil train explodes in West Virginia. Here’s why this keeps happening.

Oh, come on. Infrastructure, Vox. America’s rails are in worse shape - much worse shape - than America’s roads and bridges. One can walk along just about any set of rails and pull up spikes with your bare hands. I hear even the folks running the NE Corridor no longer have the technical knowhow to thaw switches in a timely manner. Tax cutting has gifted us with this situation. Now, when the same “drill baby drill” folks want to rely on the system, it fails. Nice going, politicos. No doubt you’ll lard the fix onto our backs.

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Oil and Gas Wells in Northwest New Mexico.

Encroaching Chaco. Bad form.

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Slate: American oil - Unlike the rest of the world, it isn’t cratering.

Aha, working to lower the break-even price. Do I need to say it? They’ll be eliminating any costly environmental procedures. Wait for it. You’ll hear about contamination within three months, I’ll bet.

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TG’s Political Wire: How Jeb Bush Used Family Connections to Get Ahead.

He’s used a hell of a lot more than that - and you’ll know that if you’ve read here for any amount of time. Former Bush operatives, according to my sources, have surrounded Martinez since her campaign days.

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