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ThinkProgress: Kim Davis Held In Contempt Of Court, Now In U.S. Marshals’ Custody.

Attorneys representing the same-sex couples in this case reportedly offered a deal, that Judge Bunning agreed to, which would allow Davis to leave jail if she permitted several of her deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. According to multiple sources on Twitter, however, Davis has refused this deal and elected to remain in jail.

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TG’s Political Wire: Ex-Clinton Staffer Will Plead the Fifth on Email Server.

People, let’s get something straight. Pleading the Fifth is *not* an automatic admission of guilt. It limits prosecutorial fishing expeditions, IMHO. Bad news for Clinton, however.

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Center for Politics/Sabato’s Crystal Ball: The Populist Revolt against Brain-Dead Politics.

Hilarious observation: “The public often feels isolated and cut out of the loop by the powerful, yet if the voluble Biden ever concocts any secret insider plan, odds are the plan won’t stay secret for long.” Maybe Biden is the perfect candidate to counter a GOP-official Trump.

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Guardian.UK: Can Shell afford Arctic oil?

No-one can have any surety about what is trapped in the rocky structures 2.5km below the surface until the company has drilled into them (the process may take a year). Despite good prospects they may find nothing, as happened to Cairn Energy in Greenland. It could also be gas. If either of these occur, the company has said it will take the hit and walk away.” Interesting backstory we haven’t generally heard.

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OilPrice: Why Did Oil Prices Just Jump By 27 Percent In 3 Days?.

But another major reason that oil prices shot up at the end of August was due to very significant revisions by the EIA on U.S. oil production data, pointing to sharper contraction than was previously assumed. The EIA released new survey-based data, which is more accurate than their mere estimates based on extrapolation, and the new data showed that between January and May, the U.S. actually produced 40,000 to 130,000 fewer barrels per day than the agency previously reported.” Pretty shoddy extrapolation, if you ask me, given the nervous eyeballs watching this sector.

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Civil War Memory: Portrait of J.E.B. Stuart Removed From Courtroom in Virginia.

Of note. Even if you only have time to skim, don’t miss the judge’s original printed statement. Save it for later reading, if necessary.

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Slate: Did Republican establishment donors create the spoiler they fear?

... by imbuing the Bush operation with more primary cash than has ever been seen, they have already ensured that the Bush campaign — even a clumsy, poll-trailing Bush campaign — can go deep into the 2016 primary calendar. Unless Bush can really turn his image around, that means that the process of settling on an establishment candidate will play out far longer than the party may prefer—and perhaps even throw the nomination to the dreaded ‘outsider’ candidate of the establishment’s worst nightmares. Go ahead, fellas: Clutch those pearls.

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BBC: Five Chinese ships seen off Alaska coast, Pentagon says.

With our President up there, it’s interesting timing.

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NY Times: A Once-Sunny Jeb Bush Appears Irked in Donald Trump’s Shadow.

Jeb on ‘The Donald’: “He should be treated like a front-runner, not like some kind of alternative universe to the political system.

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NPR: Why Are Migrants Surging Into Europe Now?

If the goal is to stop the migration, that would require ending the conflicts in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. Almost all refugees say they would go home if they could.” The point.

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Guardian.UK: Obama secures Iran victory as 34th senator endorses nuclear deal.

The 34-senator milestone represents a resounding defeat for efforts by the Republicans and the Israeli government to derail the agreement, but it is by no means the end of the political struggle.

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NY Times: Is Ben Carson Really the Anti-Trump?

Good lord. Another hot mess.

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Vox: Hillary Clinton’s declining favorability numbers, in context.

A majority of women (51 percent) now view her unfavorably.” Trump, and the email controversy, both serve to subsume her actual campaigning in the 24/7 news cycle. The email thing, being released in small batches, is like water-drop torture.

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SF New Mexican: New Mexico court schedules arguments on assisted suicide.

Of note.

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naked cap: Proof of Ongoing Foreclosure Fraud and Mortgage Document Fabrication, in Five Emails.

Be warned.

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Guardian.UK: US stock markets finish down to close out worst August in three years.

*Sigh*. I have a feeling if the interest rate hike doesn’t come, the market will climb in spite of China. Wall Street is well-versed in blackmailing the Fed.

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Atlantic: The 2015 Interest-Rate Hike Watch - Jackson Hole Edition.

In which the Atlantic dances around and tells us nothing new.

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TG’s Political Wire: Trump Continues War Against GOP Establishment.

Well, the positive thing is he’s bodily shoving the GOP around. Maybe he can do something about the preponderance of beehive hairdos at conventions.

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Mischiefs of Faction: Trump, Biden and The Politics of Consumption.

The best explanation for Donald Trump’s candidacy is that he enjoys running for president, and the attention that the process gives him. The campaign is its own reward.

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The Atlantic: Even Though it Has $50 Billion of Oil Money, Alaska Can’t Pay Its Bills.

Was going to tease that Alaska might be able to purchase Greece - but Greece’s debts are at least 6x the Alaskan nest egg.

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NY Times: Bernie Sanders Warns Democrats They May Not Win in 2016 Without Him.

To be completely accurate, he’s not being so egotistical as that title sounds: “The people of our country understand that given the collapse of the American middle class, and given the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality we are experiencing, we do not need more establishment politics or establishment economics.

Meanwhile, over in the Clinton camp, their territory is shrinking.

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Can we (should we) talk about Trump’s signage?

The typography is *horrible*. Is he using Elance or something? “Here’s a blue rectangle. Slam this type in there.”

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SF New Mexican: New Mexico insurer is pulling out of state health exchange.

The house of cards will come falling down. Folks I talk to, cannot find doctors to take some of the other exchange options. Not good.

Later: What happens if the ACA fails in a single state? Oh, people may be covered, but they may not find physicians to take that coverage. What happens then?

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Jacobin: Why the Rich Love Burning Man.

To these young tech workers — mostly white, mostly men — who flock to the festival, Burning Man reinforces and fosters the idea that they can remake the world without anyone else’s input. It’s a rabid libertarian fantasy. It fluffs their egos and tells them that they have the power and right to make society for all of us, to determine how things should be. This is the dark heart of Burning Man, the reason that high-powered capitalists — and especially capitalist libertarians — love Burning Man so much.” How far do we have to go, before we call the 1% what it is ... an hereditary aristocracy. I declare we are the New Third Estate.

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NPR: FDA Says Cigarettes Can’t Be Marketed As ‘Natural’.

American Spirit is, of course, based here in Santa Fe. Time to call the graphic artists.

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