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Reuters: Romney tops Republican poll for ‘16; ahead of Clinton in election.

Among possible Republican candidates, Romney’s 19 percent put him ahead of former Florida governor Jeb Bush with 11 percent, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Ben Carson each with 8 percent each, and U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky with 6 percent.”  I. Can’t. Even.

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naked cap: Who Will Wind Up Holding the Bag in the Shale Gas Bubble?

The taxpayer, ultimately.

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PS Mag: Yes, Republicans Can Still Win the White House.

Of course they can. The closest-to-center wins, usually. Remember “Reagan Democrats”? I found the referenced article (“Blue Wall”) an invitation for Democratic complacency. That’s a strategy for catastrophic loss, IMHO.

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WSJ: Drone Flights Face FAA Hit.

Paywall blocks reading it for me, but some of you may have access. Sounds like the FAA is going restrictive, as I expected.

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Guardian.UK: Taxpayers to fund hundreds of fracking boreholes across the country.

One of the most bone-headed concepts I’ve ever heard. Every single one of those boreholes will have to be capped with concrete, and then monitored in perpetuity. Paid for by taxpayers, of course. “Manage the subsurface safely.”  What a crock.

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Daily Beast: Hillary Adviser/Bush-Portman Ticket Could Doom Dems in 2016.

But closer-to-centers win, generally speaking. They should grow beards and run as the vintage/hipster ticket, really.

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Ted Cruz has lost it. Quoting Cicero v. Catiline?

Catiline was a Senator wanting to overthrow the Republic.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

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CJR: Texas reporters fight for access to fracking facts.

Let some sun shine in. To me, this policy bespeaks a great deal of fear.

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Stanford.EDU: Stanford archaeologist reveals health care in the ancient world.

At Deir el-Medina, we see two health care networks happening. [snip] There’s a professional, state-subsidized network so the state can get what it wants – a nice tomb for the king. Parallel to this, there’s a private network of families and friends. And this network has pressure to take care of its members, for fear of public shaming, such as being divorced for neglect or even disinherited.

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Photo Attorney: Forest Service Chief Issues Directive on Photography Permits.

Cut to the chase: “I also want to emphasize that commercial photography only requires a permit if the photography takes place at locations where members of the public are not allowed, or uses models, sets, or props. Commercial film and photography permit fees should be primarily viewed as land-use fees. If the activity presents no more impact on the land than that of the general public, then it shall be exempt from permit requirements.” My italic emphasis.

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the interpreter: ISIS beheadings are a grotesque media strategy

None of these actions are designed to dissuade Western military intervention in Iraq or Syria, or even to goad the West into becoming decisively committed on the ground, because ISIS understands this is unlikely to occur. Rather, it has a much more short-term aim: to get ISIS’s military and political setbacks out of the media cycle and replace them with bloody imagery that demonstrates ISIS is still a force.” It is very unsettling to see social media and personal branding strategies used for these purposes.

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NY Times: In Compromise Plan, Limited Fracking Is Approved for National Forest in Virginia.

No. There should be no compromise in defense of our national forests. They exist to preserve forests, not mineral extraction technologies.

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WaPo: German town plays prank on neo-Nazis.

This was a brilliant solution. Like a moral Möbius strip; the more you walk, the less you actually accomplish.

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BreakingViews: Good news for guns is bad for gunmakers.

No fear, no gun sales. Gun manufacturers are facing large inventories and larger debts. There are already right-wingers spreading the idea that the reason IS is so successful is that Americans don’t own more guns. Stick that in your personal Enigma machine and try to parse it - I can’t.

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Dazed: UK students graduate with even more debt than Americans.

According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, students will graduate with an average of £44,035 of student debt. America’s class of 2014, on the other hand, will only graduate $33,000 in debt. ” Doesn’t seem so much until you convert Pounds to dollars [scratching on paper ... roughly] $68,900 or so. Double American students’ debt.  Shame on you, Britain, for being taken in by capitalist shpiel.

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NY Times: The Civil War’s Environmental Impact.

Man has too long forgotten that the earth was given to him for usufruct alone, not for consumption, still less for profligate waste.”  A useful word for upcoming drone issues, methinks. Or knocking Ms Nockett.

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BBC: Napoleon’s hat expected to fetch 500,000 euros at auction.

Wow. Allegedly worn at the Battle of Marengo. Never thought I’d actually see one of Nappy’s hats. The internet still manages to amaze me from time to time.

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Can someone please inform the media there’s no such thing as a cell *tower* in an airplane?

Cell tech, yes. A tower, no. Ridiculous headlines. And everyone’s doing it.

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Slate: The Anti-Obamacare FAQ.

... if you don’t read the conservative press, you might have no idea why those of us on the right side of the political spectrum are so worked up about Obamacare. To promote cross-ideological understanding, I’ve prepared this little FAQ.

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CJR: Why ISIS coverage sounds familiar.

Complete with lessons from previous conflicts, including new data-driven research on how the bombings of civilian areas during the Vietnam war ‘systematically shifted control in favor of the Viet Cong insurgents,’ the toolkit’s mission was clear: Let’s not repeat the mistakes of the past.

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WaPo: Typewriters are back, and we have Edward Snowden to thank.

From the point of view of keeping secrets, the most primitive method is preferred: a human hand with a pen or a typewriter.

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Guardian.UK: Republicans vow to use expanded powers to thwart US-China climate deal.

As we enter a new Congress, I will do everything in my power to rein in and shed light on the EPA’s unchecked regulations.” New Republicans, same as the old Republicans. Gird thyselves.

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Mashable: Read Ronald Reagan’s expert apology to Margaret Thatcher.

Reagan went ahead, anyway, without a second thought for his ally. He also, it later emerged, faked a letter from the island’s Governor-General — the Queen’s representative — asking for American aid.” A chillingly Hitlerian move; old Adolf did this a couple of times. I’m surprised Parliament didn’t chuck Thatcher.

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Mashable: Intelligence report details close encounters with Moscow.

Offense or defense? With everyone getting worked up over Ukraine/Crimea, Russia may be directly confirming non-mobilization by reconnaissance. Given their experience in WWII (“The Great Patriotic War”), they have a reason to fear a sucker punch from allies; I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised our ‘younger’ media forgets this.

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TG’s Political Wire: Lowest Midterm Election Turnout Since World War II.

Here’s your mandate ... [*cough* *cough*] ...

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