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National Review, The Editors: Trump, Alack.

Even if you don’t normally take in articles from this orientation, do read.

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Mother Jones: Clinton Releases a Brutal Anti-Trump Ad.

If I were Clinton, I wouldn’t debate him ... on the grounds that he cannot have any cogent arguments to make. Let him scream and yell on his own. I’d make the argument the opposing party failed to field a qualified candidate.

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NY Times: John Kasich Drops Out of Presidential Race.

After Cruz bowed out, it would have hurt Kasich’s brand if he persisted.

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Vox: The media needs to clearly call out Donald Trump on his bigotry.

Too little, too late. Didn’t I say that already today?

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HuffPo: Plan C - Third-Party Run A Daunting Task For GOP Establishment

Around Washington, chatter about the possibility of an independent run by a traditional conservative is becoming louder.” Can’t be serious, except as a bit of bluster to try to maintain the appearance of integrity.

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Washington Examiner: GOP donors - Not a dime for Trump.

Repelled by Trump and convinced he can’t beat Hillary Clinton, wealthy GOP contributors are abandoning the presidential contest and directing their lucrative networks to spend to invest in protecting vulnerable Republican majorities in the House and Senate.” Terrible autoplay music on mine.

Tangential: Rollcall - How the downballot campaigns will handle Trump. “The campaigns also want to keep the races as focused on local issues as possible, hopeful to avoid a potential anti-Trump national wave.” Of course, this is exactly where you can’t trust ‘em. Once they get to Washington ... ideological lockstep. Your choice be damned.

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Vox: These key Republican figures say they are voting for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump.

Yeah, but I hear Gingrich is so excited he’s drafting a ‘Contract with America II’. Over my dead body.

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Unexpected. See what TedCruz.com says.

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The Atlantic: The Average 29-Year-Old.

The median income at 29 is about $35,000. Talk of a steady ‘career’ for most young people is more aspirational than descriptive. Jobs are still temporary for twentysomethings. The average American has had more than seven jobs before she turns 29, and a third of them lasted less than six months.” Jeebus, just read it.

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BBC: US accuses Russia of nuclear sabre-rattling, amid Nato tensions.

I’d certainly like to hear more in-depth info about this situation than our candidates.

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BBC: Trump links Cruz’s father to Kennedy assassination.

In an interview with Fox News, Mr Trump brought up a story that recently appeared in the National Enquirer.” That any candidate would be taking information from the National Enquirer ... my brain melts. I don’t think it can get any worse, and this man finds another way to lower the intelligence level.

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WaPo: The question of the moment: What would Trump be like as GOP nominee?

I think the election’s going to be incredibly competitive. It’s going to be close no matter what.” I predicted early on, that’s the way the media wants it. They’ve done everything they can to level the playing field by apportioning attention. They need controversy, not a shoe-in, to maintain ad impressions. A Teflon candidate is only Teflon if the news ignores their basic responsibility. I’ll repost the journalist creed.

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NY Times: Andrew Sullivan on Trump and Tyranny.

Dark, dark read.

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Denver Post: Colorado Supreme Court rules state law trumps local bans on fracking.

I have to imagine those who approve of this measure, have never even visited a fracking area. They’ve not experienced the smell, the noise, the devastation. Or understood the fact that your average fracking well produces for a very limited number of years. Half-life is two years - with multiple ‘frackings’ during that time. Noise, stench, effluence. Hence the huge land-grab - they need acres and acres of new land. The industry wants to destroy as much landscape as possible for their bottom line - and taxpayers will end up on the hook for cleanup and remediation. Keep up the fight, people.

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Techdirt: The Chilling Effect Of Mass Surveillance Quantified.

A study from PEN America writers found that 1 in 6 writers had curbed their content out of fear of surveillance and showed that writers are ‘not only overwhelmingly worried about government surveillance, but are engaging in self-censorship as a result.’” Hell, I know I’m thinking twice, thrice before posting certain phrases for fear of misunderstanding.

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Register.UK: F-35s failed ‘scramble test’ because of buggy software.

During the first 30 flights with Block 3iR6.21, which accumulated 75.6 hours of flight time, no less than 27 power cycles were required to get all systems functioning between initial startup and takeoff. These power cycles varied in degree – from “cold iron” resets, where the aircraft had to be shut down and then restarted, to component or battery power recycling.” This is simply ridiculous.

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NY Times: Drastic Cutbacks in Illinois.

Not just Kansas.

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The Atlantic: Opting Out of Coastal Madness to Live a Low-Overhead Life.

So it turns out you can get richer simply by moving to where people are poorer. That is horrifying. And some might find it insensitive to praise the virtues of living a middle-class life in a region beset by deindustrialization and poverty, where the low cost of living is enabled, in part, by the difficulty so many have in scratching out a living.

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Guardian.UK: I hate this US election and the dopey faux-confusion it inspires.

You hate it now; you weren’t old enough to experience the - *ahem* - entertainment of the first Clinton Administration, the misogynist attacks against ‘Hillarycare’, the birth of talk radio histrionics, the infamous GoPac memo/Contract with America loonybin, the impeachment, and oh so much more. Load your fridge with protein shakes. You’ll need ‘em.

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Politico: Insiders - Clinton would crush Trump in November.

Could be close if Trump starts to act normal.” I remember 1980 all too well, and remain concerned. Bozos can surprise you. My major hope: I don’t think Trump could ever mind his mouth. The bigger issue is Clinton, can she rise above and stay Teflon-coated? It is going to be much harder than the pundits imagine, I think, to run against a candidate who can say anything, do anything, and never be held accountable.

Biggest target on Clinton: Clinton Foundation. I’ve been doing some digging. Jeebus, but it’s going to be an investigation-attractor like you’ve never seen. Benghazi on steroids. She’s going to die the death by a thousand cuts, just from this one endeavor.

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American Prospect: The Real Stakes in the Veepstakes.

Worth the read. I still consider VP a rather dead-end job, in spite of what’s said here. I couldn’t see wasting Elizabeth Warren in this fashion; Hillary would never cede enough power for EW to do anything of worth.

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Farmington Daily Times: San Juan County earns failing marks for ozone.

As I’ve mentioned many a time, it is a terrible shame scent cannot be broadcast. If so, you would understand why the oil and gas areas are worst. You know, amazing things might happen if we had a way to share smells across long distances. I wonder if anyone’s working on such a device.

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NY Times: Colorado Weighs Replacing Obama’s Health Policy With Universal Coverage.

The system would be financed by payroll taxes of 3.3 percent for workers and 6.7 percent for employers. It would impose a 10 percent tax on investment income, people who are self-employed and some small-business income.” Sounds reasonable, if it can be supported on such. Yet 10% for self-employed ... ouch. Double-ouch. Compared to ‘workers’ and ‘employers’. We small businesses have a hard enough time. But if we could actually *use* it, we could bear it.

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Portside: Time to Transform Bernie’s Campaign Into a Permanent Organization.

Sanders supporters, it’s your most important read of the month. If you don’t want all your efforts to go to waste, you must organize and become something more than just a one-candidate flash-in-the-pan. America needs you, the world needs you.

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DJ: ‘All Belgians to get iodine pills’ in case of nuclear accident.

The reactor pressure vessels at both sites have shown signs of metal degradation, raising fears about their safety. They were temporarily closed but resumed service last December.” Show some sense. Close ‘em down.

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