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Bicycling: New Pro Gear at the 2014 Tour de France.

Ceramic bearings and more.

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FiveThirtyEight: Dying at the Grand Canyon.

Erm, go observe in person. When I visited the park, the number of both American and European tourists prancing [I chose that word carefully and accurately] down the Bright Angel Trail with just a single water bottle stunned me.

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HiConsumption: Solo Sleeping Bag & Tent.

Gimmicky, IMHO. You can get a whole three person tent for less money … and more importantly, less weight.

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Bicycling: A PSA on PSA for Cyclists.

“Our study does not show cause and effect relationships and so we do not conclude cycling causes prostate cancer. [snip] It is likely that cycling affects the way people are investigated rather than making them more likely to develop prostate cancer.

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Outside: Cyclists - Shaving Makes You Faster.

Come spring, I always find an excuse to shave. This makes convincing the wife a bit easier. Besides, I’m over the big 5-0 now. I’ve worn off quite a bit of my former gorilla fuzz - and it don’t ever come back. Via Will on FB.

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Bicycling: Tour de France Riders vs. Regular Cyclists.

Of interest.

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Valet: Do Some Pushups.

I don’t recommend pushups as a sole exercise; overstresses the shoulder joint, esp. in out-of-shape people. You’re only exercising the front of the deltoid, creating an imbalance in the joint. You need to strengthen the other portions of the shoulder (kickbacks, lateral raises) to avoid soreness — and if that soreness is ignored long term, injury.

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Youtube: Ultimate Crossfit Fails Compilation.

Gawd. No spotters. Inappropriate equipment and facilities. It may go against the CF grain, but the best advice I ever got was from Steve Ilg (“The Outdoor Athlete”): Always use perfect form (and have others, qualified trainers especially, help you with this because it can be very hard to self-detect small misalignments that can cause injury). If you can’t, injury is inevitable. See the above video for generous, ample proof.

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CycleEXIF: Mercatone Uno Bianchi.

Bianchi green is the only - the ONLY - green I like.

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Mashable: Scientist Falls 70 Feet Into Mountain Crevasse — And Lives.

Climber’s nightmare.

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Guardian.UK: Clipless pedals: why you don’t need to be scared of switching.

The twist can play hell with vulnerable knees.

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Runners World: Large U.S. Army Study - Foot Strike Doesn’t Affect Injury Rate.

The Army videotaped all 1,027 runners, and found that 83 percent were heel-strikers. This was true for both men and women. The runners were asked about any injuries they incurred in the past 12 months, and two clinical experts divided these into acute and overuse injuries. The results showed no significant injury-rate difference between heel-strikers and non-heel-strikers, with 15 to 18 percent of the runners reporting an overuse injury. The rate among women was higher than among men, 27 percent versus 14 percent.”  My italic emphasis.

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NY Times: A Sherpa’s Final Moments.

Tensions between Sherpas and Nepal’s government boiled over when state officials offered a compensation package of just $400 to the families of the dead men.”  No way.  No wonder they’re angry.

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Spotify: One of the most insanely great workout playlists ever.

Mike just keeps adding and adding. Be sure to tick ‘shuffle’ before your workout … I doubt you’ll ever hit a repeated track unless you live at a gym. Clubs should just play this, rather than the other pop junk they spin.

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MeFi: Two fatal Air India crashes on Mont Blanc - jewels and conspiracies.

Another great FPP.

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FourHourWorkWeek.com: Are Saunas the Next Big Performance-Enhancing “Drug”?

Please don’t be stupid and kill yourself. It would make us both quite unhappy. Consult a doctor before doing anything described in this post or on this blog.” Tim Ferriss finds another body hack. I would second the ‘dangerous’ admonitions; every time I’ve gotten into life-threatening situations, it’s heat that’s been the culprit. I acclimate carefully when June rolls around, so as not to turn my exercise routines into a funeral procession.

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The Atlantic: America’s Rebel Band of Custom-Bike Builders.

Right now is the Golden Age in custom frame building. [snip] There have never been more builders producing, and the quality has never been higher.” Prices, too. $15K means the 1% are buying bikes? I’d like to see a followup on who the market is, and how the bikes are actually used.

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BBC News: Altitude sickness ‘two illnesses’ says Edinburgh University study.

For more than two decades we have thought of altitude sickness as a single disease. We have now shown that it is at least two separate syndromes that happen to occur in the same people at a similar time.

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BJSM: Midsole hardness of standard cushioned shoes on running-related injury risk.

Body mass and intensity/frequency seem to be the problematic factors, not the fancy running shoes.

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Vimeo: Yosemite HD II.

My recent experiments with timelapse make me appreciate this effort all the more.

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Runner’s World: The Seven Most Common Running Injuries.

Great tips, thanks to Jason Levine (Twitter) for bringing them to my attention.

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HiConsumption: KtraK Snowmobile Mountain Bike Kit.

Oh, man … someone needs to rent these.

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Telegraph.UK: How to choreograph a theatrical fight scene.

Cool. In my calendar, too.

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NathanSports: LightSpur.

Bike ridin’ cowpokes in NM ought to purchase a set of these.

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New Statesman: We still don’t really know how bicycles work.

It turns out that taking into account the angles of the headset and the forks, the distribution of weight and the handlebar turn, the gyroscopic effects are not enough to keep a bike upright after all. What does? We simply don’t know.

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