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FourHourWorkWeek.com: Are Saunas the Next Big Performance-Enhancing “Drug”?

Please don’t be stupid and kill yourself. It would make us both quite unhappy. Consult a doctor before doing anything described in this post or on this blog.” Tim Ferriss finds another body hack. I would second the ‘dangerous’ admonitions; every time I’ve gotten into life-threatening situations, it’s heat that’s been the culprit. I acclimate carefully when June rolls around, so as not to turn my exercise routines into a funeral procession.

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The Atlantic: America’s Rebel Band of Custom-Bike Builders.

Right now is the Golden Age in custom frame building. [snip] There have never been more builders producing, and the quality has never been higher.” Prices, too. $15K means the 1% are buying bikes? I’d like to see a followup on who the market is, and how the bikes are actually used.

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BBC News: Altitude sickness ‘two illnesses’ says Edinburgh University study.

For more than two decades we have thought of altitude sickness as a single disease. We have now shown that it is at least two separate syndromes that happen to occur in the same people at a similar time.

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BJSM: Midsole hardness of standard cushioned shoes on running-related injury risk.

Body mass and intensity/frequency seem to be the problematic factors, not the fancy running shoes.

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Vimeo: Yosemite HD II.

My recent experiments with timelapse make me appreciate this effort all the more.

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Runner’s World: The Seven Most Common Running Injuries.

Great tips, thanks to Jason Levine (Twitter) for bringing them to my attention.

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HiConsumption: KtraK Snowmobile Mountain Bike Kit.

Oh, man … someone needs to rent these.

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Telegraph.UK: How to choreograph a theatrical fight scene.

Cool. In my calendar, too.

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NathanSports: LightSpur.

Bike ridin’ cowpokes in NM ought to purchase a set of these.

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New Statesman: We still don’t really know how bicycles work.

It turns out that taking into account the angles of the headset and the forks, the distribution of weight and the handlebar turn, the gyroscopic effects are not enough to keep a bike upright after all. What does? We simply don’t know.

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Q by Equinox: The Elements Of A Perfect Workout.

What always bugs me about articles like this, is for all the great ideas, it’s peppered with new fitness devices I don’t own.

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USA Today: Medical journal - ‘Case closed’ against vitamin pills.

Food variety. And weight-bearing exercises.

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Startin-Sport.com: BASE Jumper crashes against a cliff.

Nope. Won’t catch me BASE jumping. [Site is translated.]

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New Yorker: Deathwatch.

Worse than that, as advancing age creeps up flexibility, strength, and other intangibles start to diminish. Wait too long, you’ll be trying to write your magnum opus through Coke-bottle glasses while sitting uncomfortably with an artificial hip (that’s likely been recalled). My advice: use it, or lose it.

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Youtube: How to chop wood without messing around.

Oy, dude. You’ve got clear lovely wood. Piñon and juniper are knotty, ugly wood. Smell great, but a total bear to chop. I have to chop the stuff we get narrower for our fireplace, and the resinous knots make it a nightmare. Entertaining fires afterwards mildly salve the muscle aches.

BlessThisStuff: Blinker Grips.

Brilliant. Hopefully there’ll be a place to buy other than eBay, soon.

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SF New Mexican: Ski resorts may be allowed to charge ‘uphill’ fee.

“Once people accept that as reasonable, as many in Aspen apparently do, the possibilities for monetizing the backcountry are endless.”  My italics. No friggin’ way.

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Youtube/GoPro: Backflip Over 72ft Canyon - Kelly McGarry Red Bull Rampage 2013.

Good grief.

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The Observer: The open spaces where we played are cruelly lost to today’s children.

Is there a sorrier sight than playing fields that are empty on a Saturday morning?” Rickets was unheard-of when I was a child, relegated to the distant past.  I suspect the modern solution will be … skylights.

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PS Mag: Study—Musical Feedback Makes Workouts Feel Easier.

But … if you’re blasting it to drown out bad ‘musak’ at the gym, beware for your hearing.

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LRB: On Knickers.

The surgeon’s knife is the new corset, and surely, in terms of discomfort and effect, a step back from my mother’s supple rubber device pricked with tiny airholes to allow the skin to breathe. Or if we can’t manage the knife, from squeamishness or lack of money, there’s changing the shape of the body by the rigorous manipulation of muscle and fat into our notional perfect form.”  A diverting read.

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Runner’s World: Does Arm Exercise Make Your Legs Tired?

Apparently so. Can’t say as I’ve ever noticed the effect.  But then, I usually do large muscle groups first, ending with the smallest ones.

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redOrbit: Thrill Seekers Less Adventurous Than A Generation Ago.

The decline in the sex difference in thrill and adventure-seeking scores could reflect declines in average fitness levels, which might have reduced people’s interest in physically challenging activities.” Healthy grain of salt for these interpretations. For instance, it costs more to do these ‘risky’ activities now. Find a young man willing to solo a rock face with no protection these days. Thin, thin on the ground.

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PS Mag: Are We Really Getting Sicker as We Age?

A new working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research concludes that disease rates are being “compressed” into the last year or two before death. That means we’re living longer, but also living healthier in our advanced years up until the last year of life.” From a purely unscientific viewpoint, modern elderly seem less fit, more frail, than the seniors of the 60’s and 70’s. We were a more active population then - with better diets.

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BBC News: Why is cycling so popular in the Netherlands?

We aren’t cyclists, we’re just Dutch.” More to it than that, however. Read the whole article.

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