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Italian Ways: Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A, luxury for the United States.

Note the size of the tires. These things are huge. Here’s the one I shot at Concorso a couple of years ago.

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DP Review: KitSplit is a peer-to-peer rental service for camera equipment.

Of interest.

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Zeldman: Instagram to third-party developers: drop dead.

Flickr, while it yet lives, provides me with far richer layers of experience and capability than even the most tricked-out third-party Instagram app could dream of. I always used Instagram under protest, as a poor cousin. I used it because people were there, not because I liked it.” Preach, brother.

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Last year, window on the High Road.

Window on the High Road.

Felt like doing a scritchy b/w on it.

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Petapixel/Opinion: A Disturbing Trend in Photography.

There’s a bit of ‘get off my lawn’-ing here, but many photographers of my age are reposting this. I still say we don’t have enough creative blur anymore. Check 500px “Popular”, and look for artful blur. Blur that evokes emotion, that has meaning. Not much out there right now.

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Mama Nature’s being dramatic [photo].

Given the drama ...

Given all that drama, you’d expect a gullywasher. We’ve still got dry spots! Not fair to tease, Mother Nature.

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Italian Ways: Etruscan cities - a journey of discovery.

Oh, those mysterious Etruscans.

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ArtDaily: Annie Leibovitz talks high-fliers and photo phobics at Hong Kong show.

Looks like my office. Almost. I’ve been comparing car prints. Easiest to do with a pushpin on the walls. Wife’s having a fit because I’ll have to patch holes. Little pushpin pricks? Toothpaste.

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Gizmodo: How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet.

There are other signals as well. On Stellar.io, a favorites aggregator that tracks what people are linking on Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr, the latter’s links fail to show up even daily in my stream.” *ahem* Stellar.io is dead in the water, dear author. Flickr’s not quite that bad yet. What infuriated me most, besides the Yahoo login, was the updating of the interface, making terrible design choices as they recrafted the experience. It still only rates ‘sorta usable’, IMHO. I surely do miss all the old activity. But as with Twitter over weblogging, Instagram offers a single crappy photo and a bit of text (sometimes). Less investment, less time. Just push, no pull. And Instagram’s far from perfect. It’s not a place to store your images - not at all. None of the current photo services get it right. None. That’s something I’d love to have input in, at the design/concept level ...

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Hyperallergic: Why Museums Are Granting Google Free Access to Their Collections.

Of note. I wonder if this won’t actually depress museum visitation; Americans already consider ‘authentic fakes’ acceptable. Digital reproductions are the next best thing ... they won’t have to lift a finger to actually experience art. I suppose I’m a Luddite (once again). There’s a numinous feeling in the great museums.

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DP Review: Back to the action - Nikon D500 Review.

Potential companion to my D810 ...

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AI: Pixelmator for Mac gets new Quick & Magnetic selection tools, Retouch extension for Photos.


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Adobe PS Blog: Introducing Content-Aware Crop - Coming Soon to Photoshop CC.

Here’s how you will be able to use it: Move the horizon by adding more sky or ground; Change the aspect ratio by adding content around the edges of your image; Fill in the corners when you rotate an image so you don’t give up any of your pixels … and probably more we haven’t even imagined ourselves.” Oh, gimme.

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Italian Ways: San Giovanni alle Catacombe and Saint Paul’s preaching.

What a spectacular backdrop this would be for portraits, etc.

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Photo Attorney: YIKES! Photos Go Into Public Domain for Entering Photo Contest.

Every photo entry received as part of the contest becomes property of the Tahoe National Forest and will be considered as public domain to prevent copyright infringement. The forest will have non-exclusive, unlimited use of the photo(s).” Yeah, pretty much you want to really read the fine print on ANY photo-contest.

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PVC: Adobe Bridge CC - your “free” DAM.

Interesting! If Lightroom gets up your nose, you have another option in the same CC universe.

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DP Review: LandscapePro software promises simple steps to dramatic changes.

This kind of software makes me crazy. I saw an article by a photographer the other day, who changes the size of features in his landscape shots via Photoshop. Makes mountains taller, seashells bigger/smaller, that kind of thing. The result is a complete fantasy. Sure, that has a place in photography, but it should be labelled as such. Fantasy. Fine art shot. Not reality. Very hard to place the line between sometimes.

Bad enough we alter colors and ranges of contrast routinely. Worse that we photograph crowded places during slow times, giving the impression that beauty and solitude are guaranteed (Santa Fe, this is getting very hard to do with all the tourism pushes). You see a photo of Santa Fe Plaza empty - it’s fiction. The place always has people in it.

It’s good, occasionally, to ask one’s self “What exactly am I portraying and why”.

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Luminous Landscape: Michael Reichman passes away.

Oh, for God’s sake. Fuck cancer. I’ll miss Michael terribly. Luminous Landscape and Michael have been a regular stop for me since they started. RIP.

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Atlas Obscura: Johnnie Meier Classical Gas Museum.

Great place. Been there a coupla times. Looks like he’s added some stuff. I’ll have to haul my larger MP camera up there soon.

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Fubiz: Black & White Backstage Portraits at Cannes Festival 2016.

Verité at Cannes. Refreshing.

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DP Review: Nikon D810 in-depth review.

A lot of you will be asking why it took so long. That’s a good question.” And the answer’s lame, IMHO. This is, and has been, an important camera. They’ve done Nikon sales no favors. The review itself. This page specifically talks about the noise difference I saw between the D810 and the 5DRs. Shadow is distinctly more recoverable with excellent quality on the Nikon. The Canon 5DRs has 5D MKIII quality hamburger-mush. The mirror vibration section - why did they not include all shutter options, as they did for the Canon? There’s a Quiet-Continuous mode that seems to minimize shutter vibration (to my untrained hands). A big deficit in the testing here.

[Caveat: I’m replacing my Canons with Nikons. And the D810 is my current main tool.]

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Macworld: Corel AfterShot Pro 3 update sharpens competition with Lightroom.

... you don’t have to abandon Adobe to use AfterShot Pro: Not only can it integrate directly with Photoshop, if you choose, but its file-based system lets you avoid importing images into a catalog—a quick, lightweight advantage for some users.” Affinity Photo, ON1 and a couple of others are on the cusp of releasing DAMs (Digital Asset Managers). Stay tuned.

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Instagram Blog: A new look.

Generic. As old as skeuomorphism is, their old icon stood out. It’ll be harder to pick out of a group of icons now. And note - gradients are slipping back into designs. The ‘80’s keep coming back, like Godzilla.

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Hyperallergic: In Quest for Selfie, Tourist Scales and Smashes 126-Year-Old Statue

Self-absorption continues to escalate ...

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c|net: This quick-release parachute could save drones from going kersplat.

Ballistic parachutes for drones? I’m surprised noone thought of it before. Even me!

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