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Sam’s Club had Ilford Galerie Smooth Gloss, 100 sheets, for around 25 bucks the other day.  Forgot to mention it.  If you need something comparable to Epson Premium Gloss, try it out.  I’ve been happy with it.

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It’s dead around here.

Afterlife, Streatham Cemetery.  Four seasons by photographer Jonathan Clarke.

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DP Review:

Pre-production review of the new Canon EOS 300 Digital Rebel.  Happy to see my G5 holds up pretty well ... for a P&S.

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Photojournalist stripped of award.  This isn’t directly applicable to photojournalism, but ...

Ansel Adams:  “Many consider my photographs to be in the ‘realistic’ category. Actually, what reality they have is in their optical-image accuracy; their values are definitely ‘departures from reality.’ The viewer may accept them as realistic because the visual effect may be plausible, but if it were possible to make direct visual comparison with the subjects, the differences would be startling.”

Equality for both traditional and digital manipulation, please.

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A sunflower for your Friday.

Okay, cut the ‘Henry Gibson’ comparisons.

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A Cooper’s Hawk came to visit just now ...

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DP Review:

SanDisk upgrades Extreme CF and SD cards.  9 MB/sec write, 10 MB/sec reads.

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Magnum Photos:


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For my G5:

The Canon Powershot Pages.  Add Photosolve to that, and Lensmate.  And more—from “Digital Photography FWIW” ... Black & White Digital ...  Exposure Strategies [scroll way down for testing Dynamic Range and Zone System]; from Luminous Landscape, Achieving an 8-10 Stop Dynamic Range and Contrast Masking.

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DP Review:

Hitachi announces 2 and 4 GB microdrives.  And they’ll work in my G5.  Happy day.

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New image gallery:

My photos of Santa Fe Indian Market have been tacitly sorted and put into an image gallery.  Having some display problems in Firebird, however.  Let me know if you see the “double shadow” effect.  My second day covering this event with the Canon G5 was much more successful.

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Sunset tonight:


The third pic, as the sun went down, just didn’t capture the grandeur.  But you can see the rainstorm over the Jemez Mountains, bringing relief to the topography in more ways than one.

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Memories of Green:

Ed, I haven’t seen grass like that in something like four years.  I feel like I just had a fresh salad.  Thanks.

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Playing with B&W:

The channel mixer makes it fun:

Good cloudage today.  Been waiting for these kinds of clouds for six blasted months.

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Learning about the world through photography:


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Barbed wire, no roses:

This one’s pretty big, 650px, but it had to be so you could see the creative application of barbed wire:

I need me one o’ them half-ND filters, in order to get a proper exposure on the ground ... exposing for the sky makes it too dark and saturated.  I could slap a couple of adjustment layers on it, but I’ve got other things to do ...

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Sunset tonight:

These two are 600 px:


These are 450px:



Some experiments using reflections in car window, motorcycle exhaust.  Enjoy.

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Canon announces the EOS-300D Digital Rebel.  A feature-reduced 10D, at a much lower price.

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Strangechord has some nice sunsets, too.

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Sunset tonight:

I’m a little green around the gills ... summer cold, or virus, or something.  Didn’t think it was advisable to be climbing on the roof with my balance a bit off.  But this should still satisfy.

08/17/03 • 06:31 PM • Photography • (2) Comments

Sunset tonight:

An interestingly intense yellow, with the pinks and slate blues of post-storm cloud breakup.  I had to drop the saturation quite a bit to keep it somewhat accurate; the camera didn’t render the subtlety.

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I immediately thought of Monsieur ColdMarble when I saw this the other day, and forgot to post it.  There are a set of four of these humorous art pieces.  At least, *I* thought they were humorous.  Other folks didn’t see the joke; unfamiliar with each artist’s style, I guess.

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Canyon Road.

Click a thumbnail to see a larger view.



I keep seeing so much great artwork I want to own, but can’t afford.  Ah well.  At least I can *visit* it.

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has the scoop on the new Sony DSC-828, Sony’s new flagship 8 megapixel super point-and-shoot.  8 1/2 x 11 at 300 dpi, folks.  Due mid-November.  This means, I hope, that 10 megapixel digital SLR’s will show up this winter at D100/D10 price points.

Full selection of links at the bottom of the article.

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Rob Galbraith:

Preview of the new Nikon D2H digital camera.  “... Nikon has set out to build not just a camera that matches the sexier specifications of the EOS-1D, but one that stomps all over its Canon competitor in the thoroughness of its design.”

And a beauty it is, too.

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