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Morning visitor.

Look who came for a drink this morning. I offered coffee, and this was the look I got.

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Youtube: Photography Tips - Don’t be afraid to get it ‘wrong’. Fear is a creativity killer!

Good advice. Then I realized where I’d heard it before. Country music, for the win. And, bonus points ... the young lady at the end of Castaway.

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Mashable: Rare color photos of 1928 England, full of soul and spunk.


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Nice to have the windows/doors open again.


A breath of wind, a streak of sunset light ... the feeling. That’s all.

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Well, to my surprise, a Eurasian Collared Dove.

Afternoon visitor.

If you’ve got a better ident, let me know.

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SLYT: Lightroom Workflow - A Super Easy Way to Keyword.

Nice tip. Spray your keywords.

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Got my camera back from service.

3/26 sunset one.

Only took two tries to get all the crap off the sensor. Nice to have that blotch gone from the top-left of my frames (requiring constant spotting). A second, closer view.

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DP Review: Amazon launches unlimited cloud photo storage for $11.99 per year.

Oh, interesting.  For $11.99, they might be sorry I saw this (85,000+ RAW files and growing constantly).

Later: Terms of use ... “You may not use the Service to store, transfer or distribute content of or on behalf of third parties, to operate your own file storage application or service, to operate a photography business or other commercial service, or to resell any part of the Service.” Hmmm. I do photography professionally. Backing up to this wouldn’t be ‘operating a business’, but it is part of a business’s operations. Legalese. No matter how well written, you can drive a bus through verbiage.

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Photographers ... Paul Buff has passed away.

With great sadness we announce that our founder, Paul C. Buff, passed away this week at the age of 78.” The inventor of AlienBees, White Lightning, and other lower-cost excellent lighting gear. An entrepreneur and pioneer. Enabler of visions. RIP, good sir.

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Nautilus: How to Make Art That Withstands the Test of Time.

Wood, rabbit-skin glue, and oil paint have certainly stood the test of time.” Making an inkjet-style device that spits those compounds onto wood planks. My next billion-dollar idea.

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Italian Ways: The mixed beauty of Villa della Pergola’s Gardens, in Alassio.

A vision for your Monday morning.

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c|net: Photoshop’s new camera support suggests Lightroom update.

There may be some big changes coming. Read it, and keep your eyes and ears open.

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Gear Patrol/Photo Essay: Remembering Kodachrome.

I’ve got loads sitting around too. Princeton in the ‘70’s. Big Bend in ‘78. Grand Teton in ‘73. Starting to artfully fade. I need to get a film scanner, sooner than later. Then print.

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Even though my 5D’s just sitting in the box waiting to ship to Canon service ...

... I feel naked, bereft. Maybe this will be good? Detox.

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Everyone pulls a boner at some point in time.

Two huge bits of dust on my 5D Mark II sensor - one dead center, immovable with a blower.  Pulled out the sensor cleaning brush, got the big stuff, left two patches of small dust. One more time, and managed to smear oil (from someplace) all over the left side. 5D’s aren’t supposed to have oil around the sensor, according to my reading ... so ... I get to try out Canon Professional Services.  I get five free cleanings for joining.  I’ll let them clean it off ... the camera could use a check after two years, anyway.

Relegated to my poor old 50D for a week. (sad face emoticon, if I had any.)

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500px ISO: A Designer Shares 6 Tips for Getting More Out of Your Licensable Images.

Good advice. The images you post may not be great standalone photographs, but if text and graphics can be overlaid without losing the essence, they can be great for licensing. I have to physically restrain my right index finger from cropping ...

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Motherboard: The FAA Says You Can’t Post Drone Videos on YouTube.

Must’ve been one of those Washington folk who’ve only sent two emails in their lives ...

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The Register.UK: Google chips at Amazon’s Glacier with Cloud Storage Nearline.

Of note. Particularly photographers who get nervous ‘n’ jerky when they can’t have instant access to their backups (guilty) ...

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Luminous Landscape: Peter Lik - Like Him Or Not.

Like him or not, Peter has certainly made a business success out of selling postcard image landscapes.  Crank up the contrast and bump the saturation up and make the image as colorful as possible.”  Loosely and humorously filed under “Small Business”.

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More virga.

Trying ...

Looks like it might have reached the ground over in the mid-southern Jemez. Spreading towards SF and Alb, nothing. It all evaporates away.

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Princeton Today: Rain and More Rain. [Linked for photo.]

Oh, god ... I remember waiting there. For thirteen years I stood on that platform for 50 weeks a year. Makes me rather want to celebrate the lack of moisture here in NM, come to think of it.

Later: You know, I can still recite my fifteen-place NJ driver’s license number, because I had to write it on my check for NJ Transit monthly passes.

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Rent drones.  NYC-only, it seems.

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Behance: Dancing Calligraphy, by Jeffrey Wang.

These are gorgeous.

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VideoMaker: Video Production Nightmares - How One Mistake (almost) Ruined My Shoot.

Use a checklist, and always run a test. Rather than run everything on my primary, I’ll always shoot a spare sequence on my backup. You want to leave with multiples - not just the one, supposedly-good take.

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