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DP Review: Hands-on with Zeiss’s Milvus lenses.

Much as I love Zeiss, I see one flaw. The smooth exteriors. How many times I end up juggling a lens by mistake, and the exterior details are the only thing that allow me to maintain a grip and not drop it. Imagine one of these in rain. Seems a minor quibble to most of you, I’m sure. But I’ll be wrapping a rubber band or two around the clear metal areas for grip when I rent one.

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I mark 9/11 with Joe McNally’s “Faces of Ground Zero”.

You see it in the eyes. No maudlin text is necessary.

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Autoweek: First drive, AEV Ram Prospector.

Linked for one reason. That hero shot. This is where PR flacks get it all wrong ... beauty shots don’t attract me. The suspension travel in that opening photo hits me right in the gut. I want to DO that. (But with a rental ...)

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B&H: Zeiss Soars with Milvus Lens Family for DSLRs.

*Drool*. I rented the older 50mm Makro, and it was stupendous on a 5DMIII. I can only imagine what you’d get on one of the 50MP monsters.

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NBC: Road America to host IndyCar test on September 22.

Drats. If Concorso didn’t start three days after, I’d make the effort.

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DP Review: Camera Restricta concept blocks photos of over-photographed subjects.


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WaPo: How copyright is killing your favorite memes.

In the week since it publicized its battle with Getty, getDigital released its own, illustrated version of Socially Awkward Penguin meme, free for anyone to repost or remix.” No doubt shakedowns. But. The result is what aficionados should have done in the first place - made their own. Spin this whole thing on its head: One could argue that right-click copy culture is killing creativity. How long did it take to draw their own socially-awkward clone?

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Luminous Landscape: Past, Present and Future Of Photography.

A Video Interview With Brooks Jensen, Michael Reichmann and Kevin Raber.” I screened bits - it’s excellent. Save it for when you have 45 minutes free.

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DP Review: Red Dot Camera wants to bring the Leica experience to your iPhone.

$2.99 for a faux-Leica. Worth the pittance.

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HDR in real estate, tourist publications ... really, really bad.

What are photogs thinking? Eyebleeding saturation, Photomatix color-mush ... worse. I know everyone’s getting paid chickenscratch, but you’re producing chickensh-t. Back off the HDR!! Or hire a real photographer.

I can’t believe anyone’s actually buying this crap, much less publishing it in national magazines ...

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Luminous Landscape: Compelling Photographs - The Elements and Principles of Design.

Much to enjoy learning.

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TechDirt: More Experts Realizing That The TPP Is A Horrible Deal On Copyright.


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Medium: Take better selfies.

This seems to be getting popular. I would mention, don’t forget you can use proper lighting and a DSLR, transfer the image to your phone, and then post to the social channels. Many Instagrammers are *not* using their phones for their photos. If you’ve wondered why you can’t approach their quality - that’s why.

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Luminous Landscape: DxO One Hands On Review.

Scroll down to “The Final Word.” You might be better served waiting for the next generation of mobile phones.

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Microstock Diaries: Scoopshot Pivots to Become Uber For Photographers.

Through their initiative “Everyone’s private photographer” –that counts with 1800 accredited photographers in 55 countries, at the moment– they will make it extremely simple to commission work. This platform will feature photographer’s portfolios (limited to only 9 photos) and also a bid engine for professionals to bid on assignments.” Ruh-roh. As if it wasn’t already hard enough to make a living.

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DP Review: Polaroid Snap instant digital camera prints 2x3” photos.

99 smackers. Didn’t see a price for the internal paper/dye supplies.

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The Griffith Institute: Tutankhamun, Anatomy of an Excavation.

The process-of-excavation photos are fascinating. I have to say, the unwrapping of Tut looks like a rushed hack-job compared to today.

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MessyNessyChic: A Hidden Island Treasure of Lost Antique Machines.

Great stuff. I’ll take it all, just about.

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DP Review: Tamron relaunches SP series with 35mm F1.8 Di VC USD and SP 45mm F1.8 Di VC USD.

Generally vibration control is pretty much wasted on wide angles. This may be a play for the popular (and very variable in quality) ‘street photographer’ niche.

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DP Review: The Raw and the cooked - pulling apart Sony’s Raw compression.

... on a camera as expensive as the a7R II, which is likely to be used for quality-critical shooting, it’s hard to justify clumsy compression that can, depending on the image, throw away data you were expecting to have access to.” Shame on you, Sony.

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Vanessa Jackman: Weekend Life ... Thames Path Walk, Pangbourne to Goring-on-Thames.

Pretty and pastoral.

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DP Review: BSI Boss? Sony Alpha 7R II added to studio scene.

Nice. Compare it to the new high MP Canon ... slide that box over the top of the champagne bottle in the studio scene, you’ll notice the Sony has better shadow detail.

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Colossal: An Impressive Aerial View and Timelapse of Record-Breaking ‘Sail Amsterdam’.

Dat’s alotta ship.

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A Continuous Lean.: Escape to Maine II.

Wish we had antique shops like this.

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DesignYouTrust: The Truth Is Somewhere Upside Down.

Weird, yet wonderful.

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