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Fubiz: Black & White Backstage Portraits at Cannes Festival 2016.

Verité at Cannes. Refreshing.

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DP Review: Nikon D810 in-depth review.

A lot of you will be asking why it took so long. That’s a good question.” And the answer’s lame, IMHO. This is, and has been, an important camera. They’ve done Nikon sales no favors. The review itself. This page specifically talks about the noise difference I saw between the D810 and the 5DRs. Shadow is distinctly more recoverable with excellent quality on the Nikon. The Canon 5DRs has 5D MKIII quality hamburger-mush. The mirror vibration section - why did they not include all shutter options, as they did for the Canon? There’s a Quiet-Continuous mode that seems to minimize shutter vibration (to my untrained hands). A big deficit in the testing here.

[Caveat: I’m replacing my Canons with Nikons. And the D810 is my current main tool.]

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Macworld: Corel AfterShot Pro 3 update sharpens competition with Lightroom.

... you don’t have to abandon Adobe to use AfterShot Pro: Not only can it integrate directly with Photoshop, if you choose, but its file-based system lets you avoid importing images into a catalog—a quick, lightweight advantage for some users.” Affinity Photo, ON1 and a couple of others are on the cusp of releasing DAMs (Digital Asset Managers). Stay tuned.

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Instagram Blog: A new look.

Generic. As old as skeuomorphism is, their old icon stood out. It’ll be harder to pick out of a group of icons now. And note - gradients are slipping back into designs. The ‘80’s keep coming back, like Godzilla.

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Hyperallergic: In Quest for Selfie, Tourist Scales and Smashes 126-Year-Old Statue

Self-absorption continues to escalate ...

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c|net: This quick-release parachute could save drones from going kersplat.

Ballistic parachutes for drones? I’m surprised noone thought of it before. Even me!

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Gorgeous day at Pecos yesterday ...

Gorgeous day at Pecos National Monument yesterday ...

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First year in a long while that they haven’t been nipped early by frost. The fragrance is a near-orgasmic pleasure.

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DP Review: Canon catching up? Canon EOS-1D X II tested in our studio.

Too little, too late?

Later: EOSHD begs to differ. They don’t admire it much. I’ve wondered about the larger photo sites - their chronic inability to fairly judge Canon quality. DP Review *still* hasn’t done a complete review of the D810, but already has an 80D full review up. I rented the 5DRs on the basis of such reviews, and was terribly disappointed in noise and shadow quality. The big sites are still avoiding direct critique of this failing.

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SF Reporter: All the adoration of Pie Town has brought business, change, to a timeless destination.

A case of where period photographs x social media = renaissance.

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“The Swirl.”

'The swirl.

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Autoweek: Planes of Fame photo gallery.

Omigod, omigod. Just about every plane I ever built as a plastic model kit when I was a kid. *fainting*

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New York Post: Massive fire engulfs historic church on Orthodox Easter.

Scroll down to check out that shot of the facade burning.

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PDN: Leica Reimagines Digital Rangefinder with the Stripped-Down M-D

No LCD for image review. Interestingly, as I use digitals more, I use the LCD less in landscape photography. I’ve visualized what I want, and I don’t attach a lot of expectations. For portraiture, I use it quite a bit to verify focus.

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PDN: Ilford Brings Black & White Film Developing to U.S.

Missed this on Monday! Time to roll out my old film cameras again!

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Engadget: Hover Camera is a safe and foldable drone that follows you.

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to a future of dishwasher racks overpopulating the ozone.

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NY Times: Cindy Sherman Takes On Aging (Her Own).

Although Ms. Sherman expresses contempt for the superficialities of social media (“it seems so vulgar to me”) her new images of old-time film stars also hint at our digitized present. Ms. Sherman shot herself against a green screen, then used a computer to insert the landscapes behind her, many of which show off their digital origins.” If I may be so bold, and not incur wrath ... ditch the dye, embrace the grey. I have. Healthy acceptance of the hallmarks of age - and, hopefully, wisdom.

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PS Mag: Constraints Can Be a Catalyst for Creativity.

Ask any photographer. Butofcourse, silly. Give me one fixed focal length lens, and tell me to go get great shots. I never do as well creatively with a zoom as I do with a single prime. I’ll get more usable photos with the zoom. But I’ll get more aesthetically pleasing stuff with the primes.

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ScottKelby: Another Little Instagram Tip - Better-Looking Text In Your Posts.

Cheat to add line-breaks.

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Coolist: 17 Vintage Cameras for Going to the Shutterbug’s Ball.

Convenient lever for a rant. So many young authors think they’re being clever calling the Canon AE-1 a ‘classic’. It was a plastic piece of junk that needed a battery to function (heaven forfend!). Anyone who was into photography in the 70’s can tell you - the camera recommended to all beginners was ... drumroll ... the Pentax K1000. All-mechanical, except for the meter (as all cameras were). If the meter gave out, you could still take photos. You could pound nails with it. So enough with the AE-1. Photographers used to joke that if you left an AE-1 in the sun, you’d come back to a puddle of goo. Such were the times. The AE-1 was a camera for the masses, not for the serious photographer.

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DP Review: Photographer Brian Ach shares his experiences of working with Prince.

A number of news agencies have called me asking if I have unpublished photos of Prince. I do - I have tens of thousands of them.  But they aren’t mine to share.

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PDN: What Photographers and Filmmakers Need to Know About Thunderbolt 3.

Thunderbolt 3 uses a Type C port just like USB Type C. That means, in practice, there’s no physical difference between a Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type C cable and port. And, like USB Type-C, Thunderbolt 3 has identical plugs on either end of the cable so there’s no longer a ‘right’ way to plug them in.” You mean there’s no longer a ‘wrong’ way to plug them in, hopefully ...

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Odd weather continues.

Odd weather.

Looks like Sauron woke up.

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Way too early for such big T-storms to be forming.

Way too early ...

It’s usually more a May sort o’ thing.

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IP: Impossible I-1 Analog Instant Camera.

Kinda resembles a dial phone.

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