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Wispy sunset.


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Messy Nessy Chic: Laundry Basket Cars.

Someone mentions wicker sidecars ... here.

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InstantShift: 50 Most Beautiful Animal Migration Photos.

Mind-blowing, some of these. I’d like to see them enlarged, someday.

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Messy Nessy Chic: Saving Pie Town - The Last Pie-O-Neers of the American Dessert.

Pie Town is a place you really have to want to see, by itself.  No longer a crossroads; it’s more a passing glance on a two-lane between nothing in NM and nothing in AZ. There’s a ‘Y’ in the road a couple dozen miles east of the town that takes you south to Glenwood and Silver City. So it has slowly dessicated in the desert.

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Science: Drones and satellites spot lost civilizations in unlikely places.

When ecologists look at the Amazon, they see ‘virgin wilderness’ untouched by humans, Iriarte says. But thanks to the discovery of large-scale earthworks called geogylphs and terra preta — ‘black earth’ that was purposely enriched by humans in the past — archaeologists have concluded that at least parts of the rainforest must have been home to large, agricultural settlements.

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Flickr: Tinkerbots’ Photostream.

I could just stop blogging today with this ... something I’ve always meant to do myself, but oh-so-wonderful to see someone, anyone doing it.

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The Luminous Landscape: Sony A7II and Tamron 150-600mm in Antarctica.

Given this, I have to believe the Tamron 150-600 I rented was a bad specimen. Look at those pix!

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Phnom Penh Post: Naked temple shoots perplex.

Far from being harmless fun, the behaviour was deeply offensive to Khmer culture.” I suppose, with easy smartphone photography at your fingertips, everyone wants to do a fashion-quality (high production value) selfie. Narcissism run up against cultural mores. More will occur.

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From 2006, a stuccoed and painted wall in downtown Taos, NM.

2006, Taos wall.

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Italian Ways: Urban Geometry.


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AtomicObject: Setting up Cheap, Long-Term Backups on Glacier Storage.

Of interest.  Rather than collect local hard drives ...

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Another nice’un.


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Mashable: The FAA just proposed regulations for commercial drones.

... frighteningly sensible ...

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Sunset tonight.

2/12 ... start.

If you click the above image and view large on Flickr, you can go back through three more photos as the evening wore on.

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Github/alebedev: git-media.

GitMedia extension allows you to use Git with large media files without storing the media in Git itself.”  Anyone used it? Opinions?

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Slate: Reuters/Ipsos poll shows 42 percent of Americans support private drone ban.

Seventy-one percent said drones should not be permitted to operate over the property of others, while 64 percent said they hope their neighbors won’t add drone flying to their list of weekend pursuits.” Folks want privacy, I understand that. Irresponsible operators are already flying over properties without warning or clearance.

On a side note, I just heard about a recent dismissed arrest. There’s a new use for “selfie sticks”. Pervs are going out to do ‘upskirt’ shots in public. Seems some courts feel that walking in public, there’s no expectation of privacy.  Wait for that one to hit the social channels (the media won’t react until Twitter does, anymore) ...

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PS Mag: How Learning Artistic Skills Alters the Brain.

My first 365 project had this sort of effect. But ‘forced’ creativity isn’t the same as working towards a set of creative goals, IMHO. I’ve been shooting some events lately, and it opens up new ideas for framing, gets my timing skills down (to capture fleeting expressions). You want to get better at something, do it more often. Iterate faster, make better mistakes faster.

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Colossal: Hubble Spots a Cluster of Galaxies That Looks like a Massive Smiley Face.

There you go. Some will no doubt swear it’s proof of intelligent life.

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Macworld: Your Photos for OS X questions answered.

Photos is not an Aperture replacement. It doesn’t offer Aperture’s organizational powers, brushes, versions, and so on. You can certainly be disappointed that a free bundled app doesn’t replace one that once cost a couple of hundred dollars, but all that’s going to earn you is frustration. Apple’s moved on and it seems you’ll have to as well.

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OLYMPUS/News Release: Olympus Air 01.

A self contained lens/shutter unit that mates to your smartphone. 16MP. I find this curiously attractive as a snapshooting alternative. Might even rate as the digital equivalent of a Polaroid.

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South on 285.

South on 285.

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Omnibounce or Flashbender?

Event. Small, dimly lit venue with CFLs. Flashbender for the win. No comparison.

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EOSHD: Canon 5DS takes a backwards step for video - severe rolling shutter, moire ...

Not every DSLR needs to have video ... this is a play for the high-resolution stills market, not a video play. This market *does* still exist. Studios. Landscape and architecture. Etc. Those who have dreamt of medium format, but didn’t have the green.

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DP Review: Go wide! Hands-on with Canon’s 11-24mm F4 L.

One big hunk of glass. The Nikon 14-24’s incredibly sharp; this lens had best be competitive with that level of performance.

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Mashable: Apple’s Photos app for OS X Yosemite.

The new Photos app might note sate all hardcore professional Aperture users, but frankly, it doesn’t really have to. Adobe has made a great product with Lightroom and if you’re a pro, that’s probably what you should use.” I’d wait for other reviews, of course; this is the first mention I’ve run across. I’m in Lightroom and very happy. I would be unhappy with having to dig through simplistic icons to get to advanced adjustments - I would hope there’s a pref to turn off/on the little icon dock. No mention of how it behaves with plugins.

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