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ArtDaily: Guarding the skeletons of more than 185 wooden steamships of Mallows Bay.

Never heard of this before. If I had, I’d've been down there with Tri-X decades ago. Google Image Search on “Mallows Bay.”

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Intelligent Life: The Tri-X factor.

All you needed was a Nikon F camera — expensive but tough and absurdly easy to use compared with today’s professional cameras — and a few rolls of Tri-X and, maybe, a darkroom in your bathroom, and suddenly you could call yourself a photographer.” Or a Nikkormat.

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DP Review: Canon EOS 5DS / 5DS R In-Depth Review.

Move the little square on the image to any shadow area. That’s why I’m switching from Canon to Nikon. The Canons would be a great studio camera, and likely very good for HDR work. But that shadow noise, and noise in general, is the showstopper for me. Canon doesn’t seem to be improving fast enough against their competition. I’ve done prints at 11x17, 13x19 from my Canon 5DS/R rental. The shadow noise is visible in those sizes of prints, more obvious in the larger prints. Perhaps only a pixel-peeper would notice, but we all put our noses in prints these days. If you have a broad area of shadow, it’s awful.

Note, DP Review seems to carry water for Canon. They’ve rushed through the above review, but still haven’t done their in-depth review of the D810, out for much longer. I’m finding the Nikon a significantly more capable tool for a professional shooter. The available controls and adjustability are just incredible. My Canons feel like toys in comparison.

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Macworld: Hands-on with Adobe Post - New photo app creates Instagram-worthy graphics.

My suggestion ... “Keep Calm and Avoid Instagram.” Heh. Now I’ve GOT to download it and spam the hell out of the service with platitudes.

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DP Review: Sigma Announces Protective Lens Made of Clear Glass Ceramic.

Sigma’s Clear Glass Ceramic offers very high transmittance, making it ideal for use as optical glass.” I usually eschew protection filters. Each layer of glass lowers transmittance (including multiple glass elements inside the lens). But in certain situations ... nice to know these are available.

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Hyperallergic: UK Affirms that Photographs of Public Domain Art Are Fair Use.

The notice clearly acknowledges that the use of ‘specialist skills’ to improve images cannot ‘be considered as ‘original’.” Interesting. Could we apply this to pharmaceuticals?

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PDN: FAA Drone Registration - What You Need to Know

According to the FAA, registrants will need to provide their name, home address and e-mail address. When they’ve registered, they’ll receive a Certificate of Aircraft Registration/Proof of Ownership that will include a unique identification number for the UAV owner—an ID which must be marked on the aircraft.

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The Register.UK: Adobe - We locked our customers in the cloud and out poured money.

Missing the point. They also locked out pirates, who were bleeding them dry. I used to run across many people using pirated stuff. I’d read them the riot act, to no avail. I like CC, I like having all the latest toys faster. I just hate the CC desktop widget. A more problematic piece of crap, I’ve never seen. Since the last update, it crashes on every bootup. I restart it, open Activity Monitor, manually quit “Adobe Desktop Service”, and then within a couple of minutes it works again.

[That being said, Dreamweaver needs a complete redesign and rethink. I don’t even crack it open for the sitemap feature anymore. Waste of hard drive space.]

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OLAF kick scooter - puts a spin on your usual commuting experience.

I love this. Would be great for photography - would make it more difficult for some random person to take off with your gear.

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Pro Video Coalition: Affinity Photo gets major update and is App of the Year.

Beware of low-cost Photoshop substitutes. Or, just don’t count on them for anchoring your ‘production suite’. Why? Many major features are missing, compared to PS. Before you invest in any for photo editing, do a search on ‘software-name white balance’. You’ll see what I mean. This is just one major function that most of these competitors short-shrift. Post-production is the most costly aspect of photography; don’t handicap yourself.

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MessyNessyChic: Keeping up with a Time-Travelling Victorian Couple.

The wife gets all the points here, for wearing a corset.

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Pro Video Coalition: From the National Drone Show: What I Learned On The Floor.

The last person you want flying your RPV is a real-plane pilot.” Not true. I sincerely doubt a pilot would be any worse than another untrained drone operator. Knowledge of airspace, weather, weight and balance, responsibility - ‘pilot in command’ - and other intangibles is important. It brings a seriousness to the endeavor, rather than a videogame/toy mentality. Treat it as a toy, people/animals/property get hurt - as we’ve already seen, and frequently. No doubt a subset of a PP license is the better solution.

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LA Times: Oscar Castillo’s photos of Chicano life and protest are essential for understanding LA.

Looking through, I seem to detect how hyper-sexualized women’s clothing’s become in the last decades ... ?

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BBC: The photographer who charmed Picasso and Muhammad Ali.

The stories he can tell ... amazing.

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Autoweek: The Petersen Museum’s $90 Million Makeover.

I’ve gotta visit! Petersen sends their cars to Concorso here, so I have shots of a small subset of their beauties.

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EOSHD: Rumours claim Nikon have acquired Samsung’s NX technology.

Logically however, this is a rumour that adds-up extremely well ...

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NY Post: Daily News offers buyout packages to staff photographers.

I can only imagine what kind of insane big-grab freelance photographer contracts they’ll come up with. Don’t forget to report on those, Post!

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A better sunset is denoted by warmer colors.” Yeah, we’ll see about that. Via Mefi.

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KelbyOne Learning Center: What’s new (this morning’s CC update).


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Mashable: Toddler loses an eye after consumer drone spins out of control.

Just what I’ve been warning about. Use bladeguards, people. Even if you think you don’t need them, or want to save battery life. You never know what you’re going to hit.

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Italian Ways: Parilla Slughi 99, slender and strong.

Hey, you’d think electric cycle manufacturers would snitch this design.

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PDNPulse: After Staged-Photo Debacle, World Press Changes Rules.

Ethics in photo processing. Leaves out ‘fashion’, I suppose.

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MessyNessyChic: The Fashion World’s Best Kept Secret.

Hey, he used a Spitfire in a fashion spread. The paint is wrong, but what the hell. My new fave fashion photog. Surrealism rules! His site, directly.

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MessyNessyChic: The Art of Homemaking in a World War Dugout.

Documenting the creativity ... and ridiculousness ... of war.

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PS Blog: Is TIME Screwing Photographers?

For sure.

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