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Love this old place.

Prime real estate.

Should be back to a marginally normal blogging rhythm tomorrow.

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Upcoming schedule for blogging here ...

I have a particularly strenuous photo shoot over the next few days, and I also have to make a push to comp up a rather complex site. That means I need to hunker down for a while, which diminishes my efforts here on the blog. I’ll try to look in from time to time and post something new, but my frequency will not return to normal until next week sometime.

As always, thanks for your continuing readership, and I’ll peek in when I can!

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Just before the light diminished.

Just before the light went.

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DYT: ‘Underneath We Are Women’ Photo Series Features 100 Women In Lingerie.

You go, ladies.

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DP Review: Kipon introduces reducer to fit Nikon F and Leica R lenses to Micro Four Thirds bodies.

Hmmm. Uses optics. That usually sounds warning bells (quality) ...

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Cascable: The Professional WiFi Camera Remote.

Got a wifi enabled camera?” Play.

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Dazed: Everything you need to know about Werner Herzog.

Of note.

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DP Review: Throwback Thursday - a fresh look at the Sony Mavica FD-91.

This was a high end model. The basic Mavica I started with, I figured out a way to get the images into the old VideoShow hardware (synched to a Compaq Portable). Never did get it to automatically trigger from AVL slideshow setups, however.

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Italian Ways: Seven eclectic castles.

Eclectic is right. My eyes! There are some overly-tiled bathrooms in Santa Fe, but a couple of these take the cake.

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Italian Ways: The imposing Castle of Catajo.

There are mighty staircases built for the passage of horses, and huge gardens with redwoods from America.” And not a single photo of a staircase? Come ON!

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Hyperallergic: Photog Files $1 Billion Suit Against Getty for Licensing Her Public Domain Images.

In December, documentary photographer Carol Highsmith received a letter from Getty Images accusing her of copyright infringement for featuring one of her own photographs on her own website. It demanded payment of $120. This was how Highsmith came to learn that stock photo agencies Getty and Alamy had been sending similar threat letters and charging fees to users of her images, which she had donated to the Library of Congress for use by the general public at no charge.” This is why I never listed anything on Flickr as Creative Commons. You ever see my photos used, let me know. I give personal permission, not blanket permission.

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Fubiz: Adorable Cliches of a Photographer’s Shy Girlfriend.

Yeah, any photographer knows their spouse/partner/significant other gets terrible sick of the snapping. I’ve given up. I ask permission first and always.

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DYT: Former Playboy Models Photographed 60 Years Later.

Normally, I wouldn’t link this. But I feel strongly that age is being given short-shrift. There is beauty in all ages. Once you get over trying to see ‘what they once were’, you can see the beauty in what they *are*.

And for you photographers - it’s nearly impossible to take a bad photo of a beautiful girl. When you can take a great, character-filled and gorgeous photo of an older individual (without resorting to B&W and goosing black levels to enhance wrinkles and skin imperfections), you know you have some craft.

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DP Review: Venus Optics to launch ‘world’s widest F2.8 rectilinear lens’.

Welcome. From what I can tell via the video, look for excessive softness in the corners of the frame. The Sigma 12-24 has the same problem. Rent it first!

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Macworld: Adobe brings Lightroom to the living room with an Apple TV app.

This’ll be FANTASTIC for previewing edits to clients from my large-screen television. So much easier.

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Storm over the Ortiz.

Storm over Ortiz Mtns.

A gorgeous one, as I walked out to check the mailbox (not the one in the photo) today.

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VSCO: Retiring VSCO Sync as of August 12.


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DP Review: Nikon D500 versus D750: Which one is right for you?

Short, sweet ... and most importantly, helpful.

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DP Review: Flickr ownership changes hands as Verizon acquires Yahoo.

Sit and wait.

Later: Ruh-roh. Via WSJ, “Verizon is building a portfolio of online content and aiming to monetize it via advertising.” Maybe we want to get the hell off Yahoo!, just to save our sanity (and inboxes).

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NY Post: Victoria’s Secret retoucher reveals her techniques.

I’ve made jokes before about the Jockey catalogs when they arrive. Missing limbs, belly buttons, more. I guess that’s where retouchers go to learn from their mistakes, before going to a premium brand ...

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Atlas Obscura: Photographing a Superpod of Sperm Whales.

Gorgeous creatures.

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MessyNessyChic: Honeymooning on the Battlefields of WWII.

Bit weird, but fascinating from our time-perspective.

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DP Review: CASE Remote Air is the world’s smallest smart camera controller.

Of note. Having a wireless way to preview shots on a larger LCD is great.

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Anandtech: Seagate’s New ‘Guardian Series’ Portfolio Brings 10TB Helium HDDs.

Photogs, prick up your ears. But you’ll probably want to buy them in pairs for backup purposes. $$$.

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Luminous Landscape: Whither Adobe? Issues With Accurate Printing From Lightroom and Photoshop.

Roll back or wait for final prints in August. Needs a faster fix, IMHO. This is important software for many.

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