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DP Review: Olympus PEN E-PL7 First Impressions Review.

I have a soft spot for film Oly Pens. Perhaps this is worth a rental, to see if it would be a good spot to venture into mirrorless.

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Whoopsie ... gotta back up photos.

Doing a 365 project on a 5D Mark II uses a whole lot more disk space than a 50D. Gotta move stuff through LR over to the 4TB backup drive, and then dupe that over to the failsafe.  I’ll be a little slow with links again this morning. I’d nibbled my internal HD down to under 50GB.  No wonder programs were so pokey.

Later: Soon as I free up over 100GB, the system starts getting snappy again. Such a dope.

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365/2: 237 ... end of season already.

365/2: 237. End of season already.

It amazes me that every year, immediately after Indian Market, the weather shifts subtly into the autumn pattern. We’ll still get hot days, but the leaves are suddenly browning, yellowing on the edges. The fuse has been lit for an explosion of winter. Until then, the marigolds are still happy ...

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Flickr, again.

I’m on Comcast Blast! service. Very fast. But Flickr continues to get worse and worse. The interface doesn’t paint for whole decades of seconds. The share features work some days, not on others. I don’t know what they’re doing, but it totally sucks. Rather than move, I just wish they’d stop fiddling, make up their minds and stick to a design for a month or three. I need to find some email address so’s I can b-tch and moan.

For the umpteenth time, I’m tempted to blow everything away and find someplace else to park stuff.

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DSLR Video Shooter: Metabones Finally Releases Canon MFT Speedbooster.

List $599. Dat’s a lot o’ bones.

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CSM: US government - Monkey selfies ineligible for copyright.

“Marking an end to the controversy surrounding the “monkey selfie,” a self-portrait snapped by a particularly photogenic macaque in Indonesia in 2011, the US Copyright Office noted on Tuesday in a public draft of the Compendium of US Copyright Office Practices, Third Edition, that to be eligible to register an original work of intellectual property – be it a patent, trademark, or trade secrets – one must be a living, breathing, Homo sapiens.

And that’s the end of that. No more monkeying around.

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APOD: Milky Way over Yellowstone.

What a shot.

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365/2: 236. The precious gift of rain.

365/2: 236.

They’re tearing up our road again - gravel on the westbound side.  Lots of traffic noise - sorry. [Click through to Flickr to play video.]

Later: Storms breaking up.

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DesignYouTrust: GoPro Fetch. Mount a GoPro to your pooch.

You know, might be a really useful tool for search & rescue folks.

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DP Review: Fujifilm X30 First Impressions Review.

A lot of buzz, a lot of articles today. Slide to the last two paragraphs.

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Wired: Hyperlapse, Instagram’s New App, Is Like a $15,000 Video Setup in Your Hand.

Um ... I’ve been using Emulsio (iDevices) for a while now to smooth out smartphone/tablet video. No hipster cred, but it doesn’t impose that fast-speed routine on your footage.

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365/2: 235. Sandra and Skeeter Doo.

365/2: 235.

Given the affinity, methinks a tinydog may be in my future.

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Observer.UK: Why I love my Leica.

That kit was invented 100 years ago this year in Wetzlar, a small town in Germany, where a 35-year-old technician invented a camera that would shape the way we perceived the world for the rest of the 20th century.”  100 years of Leica, that optimal form-factor. Longer read, short for a history, eminently worth it.

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365/2: 234. “Play it again, Sam.”

365/2: 234.

Had the nicest compliment today. “Experiencing all this was wonderful, but having your imagery to remember it by makes it magical.”

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365/2: 233. Butterfly Dancers at SWAIA Indian Market today.

365/2: 233. Butterfly dancers.

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365/2: 232.  Cast Iron shapes.

365/2: 232.

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DP Review: Pics.io, a browser-based Raw editor built on Google Drive, goes live with public beta.

Instead of storing your images on its own servers, Pics.io connects to your Google Drive account. Not only does this provide you with an extremely reliable cloud connection, but it also means that you won’t lose your photos if you stop using the Pics.io service, or they ever shut down.

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365/2: 231. Cobalt blue skies today, gorgeous wispy clouds.

365/2: 231.

There was also a gorgeous sundog at sunset, but I was too busy flappin’ my gums.  Visitors for Indian Market. Those of you who know me directly, know how fast and relentless I can be when I start talking history and culture ...

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SP Review: Sony a7S used to shoot Chevrolet commercial.

Check the pic. OR ... you could just rent a real professional video camera.

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365/2: 230. FAIL.

365/2: 230. FAIL.

Clouds looked promising, so I drove down to a good spot, only to have them all disappear. Ah well. It happens. Next time.

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Men’s Journal: The Only 8 Moves You Need to Be Fit.

Yep. Remember: perfect form. If you cannot do an exercise with perfect form, stop. Continuing is the road to imbalances and injury. I may actually use most of this over the next month - I’m way behind on my warm-month fitness regime. And my biggest shoot of the year is at the end of next month. I need to be able to walk 10 hours, ~15 miles, squatting hundreds of times, carrying ~45 pounds on my back and ~5-8 in my hands. Photographing cars at Concorso ain’t no picnic.

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My last attempt at using an ‘office chair.’

My final office chair experiment, before I build a standing desk.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed standing. But before I make the investment in building a standing desk, I thought I’d try to maximize my sitting investments and try one more style of ‘chair.’  With this, I figure I will shortly break the plastic seat ... but ... BUT ... I can replace it with a real, metal vintage tractor seat.

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365/2: 229. Welcome to Lamy, NM.

365/2: 229. Welcome to Lamy.

The colors, the colors.  And, the outtake, a vintage ‘dome’ car, out to pasture.

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The Luminous Landscape: A Digital Zone System.

Worthy. Long read, needs some brain-saturation to get everything. Save it for a weekend.

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The Luminous Landscape: Remembering Uwe Steinmueller.

Digital Outback Photo was one of those groundbreaking early digital photography weblogs that got into my hand-typed links list immediately. I found out about so many techniques (‘expose to the right’, early HDR) there first. I’m very sad to learn of his death. My condolences to his family!

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