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ProLost: Impressions of the Sony a7R II.

Good article on the A7RII.

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DP Review: Can the iPad Pro be a serious editing tool for imaging professionals?

Despite being a much more powerful device than other models in the iPad line-up, with the software that is currently available the iPad Pro remains an additional tool for specific tasks in your editing workflow, but not the centerpiece.” My italic emphasis.

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My day is just not going according to plan.

Links when I have an opportunity. I’d forgotten about the endless photo requests from the major auto mags ...

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Register.UK: Flaky Flickr’s pic upload faulty for weeks, fume fed-up photographers.

The site’s getting less and less usable, IMHO. The mobile emphasis in the new designs, the ‘smart’ features ... are all adding needless complexity to doing a simple function: publishing photos. Now it seems they can’t even do what the site was designed for.

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MessyNessyChic: Chasing Ghosts in an East London Time Capsule.

Impressive. And, perhaps, a little oppressive.

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The things you run across on the ‘net ...

Normally, I’d say NSFW ... in this case, I say Not Safe for Mental Health.

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Santa Fe Concorso, next three days. Few updates.

I’ll be running around shooting, downloading pix ... no time for blogging. See you on the other side!

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PS Blog: Color Film was Built for White People. Can Film Be Racist?

Another lens through which to view the past. Kodak had a whole lot of films with different color balances. Which one are they calling racist? Vericolor was brown as all hell.

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Pro Video Coalition: The end of shaky videos.

Cool idea. But uses weight instead of a gyroscope.

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PS Blog: Did I Just Give My #Permission? The Hashtag as Consent.

The Times article quotes a spokeswoman for Olapic, a visual marketing company, as saying, ‘brands do not always need to ask for permission to use a photo on their websites because users can give implied consent by tagging a company in their posts.’

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JSTOR Daily: “Let the Traumatic Image Haunt Us”.

Perhaps — and I’ve expressed my unease with this before — the trick is to *not* send professional photographers to cover crises. The proverbial ‘straight photograph’ elicited the reaction here. A famed photographer would have tried to frame the little body artistically, finding a graphical beauty in the tragedy. As it was, the snapshot was enough.

For instance, I love a rusty wrecked vehicle as much as the next artful photographer. But what happened to the gas and oil, leached away into the ground to disturb our water-tables, the rubber degrading and offgassing ... what does it really represent? And repeated so many millions of times over our land.

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Haven’t shared a photo on the blog in ages.

In process, sunset. Nice detail.

On the walk tonight.

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Look who’s on Instagram.

Eugene Richards. Some background.

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PS Blog: Should I Take a Selfie at a Memorial?


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DP Review: Sony brings uncompressed Raw to a7S II, a7R II and ...

Wait for tests.

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Junkculture: Dizzying Photographic Collages Made from Thousands of Aerial Images of Large Ships.

Dizzying, but cool.

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DP Review: Hands-on with Zeiss’s Milvus lenses.

Much as I love Zeiss, I see one flaw. The smooth exteriors. How many times I end up juggling a lens by mistake, and the exterior details are the only thing that allow me to maintain a grip and not drop it. Imagine one of these in rain. Seems a minor quibble to most of you, I’m sure. But I’ll be wrapping a rubber band or two around the clear metal areas for grip when I rent one.

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I mark 9/11 with Joe McNally’s “Faces of Ground Zero”.

You see it in the eyes. No maudlin text is necessary.

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Autoweek: First drive, AEV Ram Prospector.

Linked for one reason. That hero shot. This is where PR flacks get it all wrong ... beauty shots don’t attract me. The suspension travel in that opening photo hits me right in the gut. I want to DO that. (But with a rental ...)

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B&H: Zeiss Soars with Milvus Lens Family for DSLRs.

*Drool*. I rented the older 50mm Makro, and it was stupendous on a 5DMIII. I can only imagine what you’d get on one of the 50MP monsters.

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NBC: Road America to host IndyCar test on September 22.

Drats. If Concorso didn’t start three days after, I’d make the effort.

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DP Review: Camera Restricta concept blocks photos of over-photographed subjects.


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WaPo: How copyright is killing your favorite memes.

In the week since it publicized its battle with Getty, getDigital released its own, illustrated version of Socially Awkward Penguin meme, free for anyone to repost or remix.” No doubt shakedowns. But. The result is what aficionados should have done in the first place - made their own. Spin this whole thing on its head: One could argue that right-click copy culture is killing creativity. How long did it take to draw their own socially-awkward clone?

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Luminous Landscape: Past, Present and Future Of Photography.

A Video Interview With Brooks Jensen, Michael Reichmann and Kevin Raber.” I screened bits - it’s excellent. Save it for when you have 45 minutes free.

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DP Review: Red Dot Camera wants to bring the Leica experience to your iPhone.

$2.99 for a faux-Leica. Worth the pittance.

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