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Luminous Landscape: The Art Of The Photograph, Essential Habits For Stronger Compositions.

Nice. And no buying an ebook on this one, either.

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Observation: First time shooting an event with a drone zooming overhead.

I have to say, shooting the “Great Race” the other day, with a large drone zooming by overhead making almost as much noise as a small lawnmower, was terribly disconcerting. I suspect there’s some deep genetics going on, about having large dark things hovering over one’s head. The drone flew by at both unnaturally slow and amazingly fast speeds, obviously going for various ‘looks’ ... but man. Made it hard to concentrate. I suppose as a photographer I’m too attuned to ‘different’ movement, which might mean a good picture. My head kept swivelling around because of the damned thing.

Behaviors that will end once drones are more mainstream: Some people stop dead to look up at it once they hear it, causing all kinds of bumps and bruises for those not expecting such behavior. I got walked into a couple of times as I was kneeling for a photo, by those mesmerized into following the drone. People were even *taking photos of the drone* itself. A couple of angry ‘Big Brother’ folks were stomping around looking for the operator (presumably in a second story window or on a balcony, to remain inconspicuous).

I suppose the point of this is to warn you when you attend your first drone-attended event. Be ready for some nonstandard human behavior.

I hope the FAA requires bladeguards on any drone used in crowd situations. The thought of what a drone of this size - with uber-sharp carbon fiber blades - would do to all the aged flesh shuffling around.

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NewtBoot gets second life.

Reminds me. I bought a ‘NewtBoot’ for my Apple Newton, when they were still in vogue. A two-compartment case for Newton and other items (pen, card slots).  These days, when going out to shoot in the heat, I’ll carry my DSLR with wide angle zoom, and the NewtBoot will contain polarizing filters, pocketknife, energy bars, other bits and bobs in organizer pocket, iPhone in outer pocket. The main NewtBoot compartment holds an insulated water bottle! Strapped across my chest in opposition to the camera, it’s a good light portable rig. Until I find something better.

I’m having a hard time at the moment finding a good carrying solution, now that I’ve added a 70-200 to my arsenal.  The old Lowepro waistpack can’t handle it without straining the zipper, and it’s just too heavy. Looking at slings and things.  Any suggestions welcome. I like to be able to operate without having to put stuff down ... the waistpack format was perfect for my operating style.

[And for Newton purists, I can’t find my little rubber Newt. My wife stole him, because she thought he was so cute. He’ll eventually turn up in a storage box somewhere, I’m sure.]

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DP Review: The Zeiss 85 F1.4 Otus Comparison.

Oh, ouch. Set the Canon to the 85 1.8 wide open, you’ll see what I mean. The price? RENTAL.

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NPR: What Happened To The 9-Year-Old Smoking In Mary Ellen Mark’s Photo?

Just about what you’d expect. I suppose this is what bothers me about documentary photography; I’d want to help everyone.

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Luminous Landscape: A New Perspective On Landscape Photography.

So why would any photographer in their right mind choose to place Rufus the homeless rock below a background of inspirational light and land? The answer is simple: that photographer is addicted to a wide-angle lens.” Rufus the homeless rock! I love it. So very true. And Percy, the artful dead plant. Wally, the meaningless puddle of water. And so many others.

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“Flight of fancy ...”

Flight of fancy ...

Another from last eve ...

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A LaSalle on the “Great Race.”

Got some great photos, but it’ll take time to finalize ‘em.

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Oh damn!  The Hemmings Motoring News Great Race is coming through Santa Fe tonight.

Gathering my gear in a small bag, heading over now ...

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Something you’ll enjoy, from Motorado yesterday.

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EOS HD: Interesting insights into the new Sony A7R II and RX sensor technology.


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Not your stereotypical Santa Fe door.

Not the stereotypical Santa Fe door ...

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incase: DSLR Camera Organizer.

Retrofit an existing bag into a camera bag. Nice to know it’s available.

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BlessThisStuff: DxO One.

Same MP and sensor size as the new Canon G3X. It all hinges on the quality of the lens, methinks.

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Another night of cloud pageantry.

another night of cloud pageantry.

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Luminous Landscape: Rediscovering Craft.

As for 35mm, as far as I’m concerned 135 film is simply not competitive at all against any digital camera. If you like it, fine, but history has moved on.” That triggered a memory - a time when we obsessed over whether 6MP [the latest digitals at the time] was equivalent to the best 35MM films, and whether it was time to switch. Just at the beginning of the ‘00’s. How time flies.

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Guardian.UK: Public images are increasingly limited.

It seems to me, from a photographic point of view, that the public space has become privatised, with CCTV everywhere and the lone photographer increasingly unwelcome.”  Britain, of course. We photographers in America need to continue to stand against this sort of behavior.

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Italian Ways: Allemano’s Maserati A6 G 2000: designer coupé.

You know, I was largely ignorant of the beautiful Maserati coupes. Until Concorso last year. Here, and here.

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Stormy eve begat stormy night ...

stormy eve begat stormy night ...

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Italian Ways: The Nesso waterfall - “beautiful, majestic, and terrible”.

Beautiful, indeed. Welcome as we approach ‘hump day’ for the week.

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Vimeo: Jordan from the Air.

Nice, though it seems to devolve into a drone-selfie. The entire Matador channel on V is worth exploring.

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EOSHD: First Sony A7R II user experiences - global shutter and native ISO 800?

Forget the other news - this makes it a serious contender for a possible switch to mirrorless: “Photographers meanwhile will appreciate user reports that Sony have moved to 14bit raw for the A7R II’s massive 42MP stills, vs the compressed 11bit raw of previous cameras.”  Soon as I see it in the rental lists, I’ve got to try it.

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San José de Gracia in Trampas, NM.

San José de Gracia in Trampas, NM.

This was what I call a “drive by shooting.”  Two others in sequence after this, showing how green NM is getting, for all this rain.

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Fubiz: A House Optical Illusion Made With Mirrors.

Oh man, these shots hurt my brain.

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YT: Pentax dust and weather sealing in Afghanistan.

This will sell a lot of Pentax’s.

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