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First year in a long while that they haven’t been nipped early by frost. The fragrance is a near-orgasmic pleasure.

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DP Review: Canon catching up? Canon EOS-1D X II tested in our studio.

Too little, too late?

Later: EOSHD begs to differ. They don’t admire it much. I’ve wondered about the larger photo sites - their chronic inability to fairly judge Canon quality. DP Review *still* hasn’t done a complete review of the D810, but already has an 80D full review up. I rented the 5DRs on the basis of such reviews, and was terribly disappointed in noise and shadow quality. The big sites are still avoiding direct critique of this failing.

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SF Reporter: All the adoration of Pie Town has brought business, change, to a timeless destination.

A case of where period photographs x social media = renaissance.

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“The Swirl.”

'The swirl.

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Autoweek: Planes of Fame photo gallery.

Omigod, omigod. Just about every plane I ever built as a plastic model kit when I was a kid. *fainting*

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New York Post: Massive fire engulfs historic church on Orthodox Easter.

Scroll down to check out that shot of the facade burning.

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PDN: Leica Reimagines Digital Rangefinder with the Stripped-Down M-D

No LCD for image review. Interestingly, as I use digitals more, I use the LCD less in landscape photography. I’ve visualized what I want, and I don’t attach a lot of expectations. For portraiture, I use it quite a bit to verify focus.

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PDN: Ilford Brings Black & White Film Developing to U.S.

Missed this on Monday! Time to roll out my old film cameras again!

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Engadget: Hover Camera is a safe and foldable drone that follows you.

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to a future of dishwasher racks overpopulating the ozone.

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NY Times: Cindy Sherman Takes On Aging (Her Own).

Although Ms. Sherman expresses contempt for the superficialities of social media (“it seems so vulgar to me”) her new images of old-time film stars also hint at our digitized present. Ms. Sherman shot herself against a green screen, then used a computer to insert the landscapes behind her, many of which show off their digital origins.” If I may be so bold, and not incur wrath ... ditch the dye, embrace the grey. I have. Healthy acceptance of the hallmarks of age - and, hopefully, wisdom.

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PS Mag: Constraints Can Be a Catalyst for Creativity.

Ask any photographer. Butofcourse, silly. Give me one fixed focal length lens, and tell me to go get great shots. I never do as well creatively with a zoom as I do with a single prime. I’ll get more usable photos with the zoom. But I’ll get more aesthetically pleasing stuff with the primes.

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ScottKelby: Another Little Instagram Tip - Better-Looking Text In Your Posts.

Cheat to add line-breaks.

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Coolist: 17 Vintage Cameras for Going to the Shutterbug’s Ball.

Convenient lever for a rant. So many young authors think they’re being clever calling the Canon AE-1 a ‘classic’. It was a plastic piece of junk that needed a battery to function (heaven forfend!). Anyone who was into photography in the 70’s can tell you - the camera recommended to all beginners was ... drumroll ... the Pentax K1000. All-mechanical, except for the meter (as all cameras were). If the meter gave out, you could still take photos. You could pound nails with it. So enough with the AE-1. Photographers used to joke that if you left an AE-1 in the sun, you’d come back to a puddle of goo. Such were the times. The AE-1 was a camera for the masses, not for the serious photographer.

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DP Review: Photographer Brian Ach shares his experiences of working with Prince.

A number of news agencies have called me asking if I have unpublished photos of Prince. I do - I have tens of thousands of them.  But they aren’t mine to share.

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PDN: What Photographers and Filmmakers Need to Know About Thunderbolt 3.

Thunderbolt 3 uses a Type C port just like USB Type C. That means, in practice, there’s no physical difference between a Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type C cable and port. And, like USB Type-C, Thunderbolt 3 has identical plugs on either end of the cable so there’s no longer a ‘right’ way to plug them in.” You mean there’s no longer a ‘wrong’ way to plug them in, hopefully ...

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Odd weather continues.

Odd weather.

Looks like Sauron woke up.

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Way too early for such big T-storms to be forming.

Way too early ...

It’s usually more a May sort o’ thing.

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IP: Impossible I-1 Analog Instant Camera.

Kinda resembles a dial phone.

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Archaeology News Network: French tourist arrested for Colosseum drone flight.

No droning in Italy, without prior approval. “For most urban flights people will need to obtain a permit and we invite people to read our guidelines before they try anything.

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Colossal: Drones Rigged with LED Lights Dramatically Illuminate Landscapes at Night.

Neat as they are, it’s another technique that’s going to ruin the wilderness experience for us all. Drone racket *and* LED lights. Ed Abbey’d be out there with a shotgun, methinks.

04/11/16 • 09:40 AM • ArtsLawNaturePhotography • (2) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

PVC: Helium Core helps iPhoneographers add accessories to the camera.

This looks completely brilliant.

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NY Times: When the Oil Fields Burned.

I turn, and remember Red Adair.

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DP Review: Lee announces very hard neutral density grads for seascapes.

You often notice an abrupt increase in quality of landscapes, after photographers discover neutral density grads. Pricey, though.

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Straight outta the camera, a few minutes ago.


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Kickstarter: The Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens by Lomography.

One could always buy cheap 85mm lenses and go crazy with vaseline. Once you have it perfect, put a skylight filter over it?

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