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ReadWrite: Weaponized Drones Are Now Legal In The U.S.

The law’s author, Representative Rick Becker, originally wanted to require police to secure a warrant for drone surveillance. But then local law enforcement managed to sneak in the right to equip drones with tasers or rubber bullets by amending the original prohibition against lethal and non-lethal force to just limiting lethal weapons.

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Time: The Next Revolution in Photography Is Coming.

For obvious commercial reasons camera manufacturers are careful to reconstruct the digital image in a form that mimics the familiar old photograph and consumers barely noticed a difference in the resulting image, but there are very few limitations on how the RAW data could be handled and reality could be reconstructed in any number of ways. For as long as there’s an approximate consensus on what reality should look like we retain a fingernail grip on the belief in the image as an objective record. But forces beyond photography and traditional publishing are already onto this new data resource, and culture will move with it whether photographers choose to follow or not.

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PS Blog: 9 Pieces of Gear I Wish I Hadn’t Purchased.

Hah. Everyone’s different. I use some of these daily.

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Italian Ways: “Il Borro”: a mix of old and new beauty for splendid relax.

They had me at the garden, but the cellars made me swoon.

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Mashable: Newark airport stores will stop selling drones ‘immediately’.

Airports. Selling drones. I ask you. How idiotic can one be?

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DP Review: Sony Alpha 7R II can match or beat DSLR low light AF performance.

I’m getting the distinct feeling this camera is going to clean Canon and Nikon’s clocks for them. Very excited to rent one.

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NY Times: The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t.

If the prices of traditional media keep falling, then it seems logical to critics that we will end up in a world in which no one has an economic incentive to follow creative passions. The thrust of this argument is simple and bleak: that the digital economy creates a kind of structural impossibility that art will make money in the future.” My italic emphasis.

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DP Review: iFixit tears down Sony’s new a7R II to find its secrets.

Of interest.

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HSW: ‘Open Letter’ to Landscape Photographers - It’s Time for an Etiquette Check.

Only at events have I been challenged by this behavior. Though, come to think of it, during autumn in the Sangres, I will be standing to take a photo, and some SUV will come roaring out of nowhere, skid to a halt, and an earnest photographer will jump into my recently-vacated spot for a quick snap before leaping back in their car to copy the next photog they see.

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Luminous Landscape: Zeiss Batis 85mm and Batis 25mm Lens Review for the Sony E Mount Cameras.

Fun and informative article.

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NASA: New Online Exploring Tools Bring NASA’s Journey to Mars to New Generation.

Looks like they color-balanced to remove the usual red tone of the atmosphere? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Microstock Diaries: 500px Modifies Pricing Structure In Marketplace.

Most I’ve talked to found the prices too high.

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Printing contact sheets for a client.

Seems the Yosemite upgrade [or a Canon or Adobe update] blew away my printer prefs. Ah’s me. Not a big problem, but I wish I’d known to reset them before this morning’s rush.

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Luminous Landscape: Hand Held Focus Stacking.

Reference. Into Evernote you go, quick as a flash.

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Adobe/Kost: How to Rename a Lightroom Catalog.


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Flickr: Das Schloss in den Bergen.

Saw this on one of my morning feeds. WOW.

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DP Review: Under the hood - A closer look at the Sony a7R II.

What?! I’d linked other stories that the RAW files weren’t lossy. Apparently they still are? Bummer. May not matter though, with such huge resolution.

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Youtube: Can You Spy With a Consumer Drone?

Tests how much you can actually see at common and uncommon distances. Useful for those who are nervous about quadcopters.

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Motherboard: Wildlife Drones May Stress Animals Out, Study Says.

As I’ve mentioned before, when you encounter one at a crowded event, stalking you for a photo opp, they’ll get your predator-alarms going too.

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Autoweek: Must-see scenes from the spectacular 2015 Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance.

Aw, man. I take good shots of SF Concorso, but Pebble has the water behind many shots - can’t beat that. The photog should have taken more advantage of the scenery, IMHO ... I go out each year, and try to pick the best backgrounds on the route. I plot my tripod spots. Important to make split-second choices, but any prep you can do makes for much better results.

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Youtube: Lana Del Rey - High By The Beach.

3:40. Feel strongly about papparazzi, do we?

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Microstock Diaries: Is it Too Late to Get Started in Microstock?

Manage expectations.” Indeed. True everywhere in this economy.

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Autoweek/Mega gallery: McCall’s Jet Party lands at Monterey Car Week.


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DP Review: Elinchrom, Phottix and Sekonic form wireless common standard partnership.

Smart. Phottix as the low cost solution for the amateur, which can then allow you to add pro-level gear without breaking the bank. Keep those company coffers full!

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Colossal: A Pair of Butterflies Photographed While Sipping on Turtle Tears in Ecuador.

Absolutely beautiful.

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