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Times Online.UK:

Moose with wind are worse than gas guzzlers.  Aye, you just can’t make this kind of title up.  I think hunting season on vehicles might meet emissions goals faster.

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Times Online.UK:

“Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?” always makes me feel like shouting the answer, “Because Doing It In The Garden Is Better.

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Marburg virus may be linked to fruit bats.

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Scientists Discover Methane Ice Worms On Gulf Of Mexico Sea Floor.  Now that’s sci-fi-ish.  Makes Sagan’s theories of gas-entities on Jupiter less unlikely.

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Princeton scientists confirm long-held theory about source of sunshine.  “The findings show that science’s understanding of the chain of nuclear processes that make the sun shine is essentially correct, as least as far as the part of the chain that involves beryllium is concerned ... [snip] ... The reaction does not generate a large percentage of the sun’s energy, but confirming that we understand it makes us more certain that we know how the other processes that create sunlight work.”

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NY Times Opinion:

Losing Patience.  “This is its first lawsuit against the government, and one it did not undertake lightly — in part because it is not a litigious group and partly because the hunters and anglers who make up the bulk of its membership tend to be largely Republican.  That the partnership is now going to court shows how distasteful the administration’s public lands policies have become and how little they have changed since Vice President Dick Cheney, in his notorious energy report, ordered up a full-court press for domestic oil and gas resources regardless of the environmental consequences.”

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SF New Mexican:

Adjusting wild New Mexico.  Killing non-natives, and culling overpopulation.

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New Scientist:

Squirrels wield a hot, secret weapon.  This gives me a little more respect for our lousy, skulking, plague-carrying groundsquirrels.

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Dallas Morning News:

“The sudden heat wave has brought something more menacing than sunburns and higher electric bills. The latest sign of summer just might be spontaneous combustion.”  Once upon a time, when catalytic converters were first installed on cars, there was a blanket warning not to park on piles of autumn leaves.  Converters operate at very high temps, and stay that way for quite a while.

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SF New Mexican:

Today, the New Mexican has a photo of the tranquilized mountain lion that ‘burgled’ a downtown jewelry store.

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A surprise.

Walked out quietly to water some plants this morning, put my head under a piñon ... suddenly, I realized I was face-to-face with a coyote.  He bolted, I bolted.  Opposite directions.  He was one healthy specimen, none of the usual skulking boneyness ... this one was filled-out and had a full, glorious coat.  Never seen one so well-fed.  I’d heard we had a rodent overpopulation due to the wet winter ... I can see who’s reaping the benefits.  If the whole pack that howls around here is that healthy, I’d recommend keeping a close eye on pets.  Tobias had a similar situation a short while ago.

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SF New Mexican:

You’ll love this.  A mountain lion decides to go shopping in the Santa Fe Plaza.  Do read the comments.

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The Economist:

Tit for tat.  “They found that, over the course of the breeding season, deserting the nest once eggs had been laid boosted the number of descendants produced by the bird that fled. Whether male or female, the more often a bird deserted its clutches, the more mates it had and the more eggs were laid.”

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NWS: Tornadoes Slam Brooklyn, Staten Island.

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NY Times:

New York City Transit System Crippled by Flooding.  I feel for ya, New Yorkers.  Don’t forget the walkway-tunnel between 42nd and 34th, from the Library to Herald.  Hard to find, but handy in rain or other crisis.

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Chestnut tree poised for a comeback.  As a child, I heard so many stories about our former majestic stands of chestnut forests ... this is quite exciting.  Almost makes me want to move back East to grow a couple of acres.

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UK battles foot-and-mouth outbreak.  Foot and mouth.  Foot in mouth is popular in political circles ...

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New Scientist Environment:

Never try to fight a fire on a steep slope.

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NY Times, Frugal Traveler:

From Wyoming to Montana on Foot.  “That evening, on a swell above Night Lake, we pitched our tent, fired up the portable gas stove and feasted on prepackaged but organic Annie’s macaroni and cheese, Maine beef jerky and swigs of good Scotch from my flask.”  Hmmm.  I’ve never found that wilderness ever needed alcoholic accompaniment.  Maybe they needed it to choke down the mac ‘n’ cheese.

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SF New Mexican:

Well, you can’t do the “Enchanted Circle” drive at the moment.  Mudslides west of Red River have blocked the road to Questa.

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have been popping up over Eldorado over the past couple of days, growing from nothing into big T-bumpers that head over to SF and Albuquerque.  We’ve got another one that’s just formed, the lightning crashed about ten minutes ago, and now the rain has begun.  Past weeks have seen these storms grow over the Sangres and hit Santa Fe without gifting us in Eldo any moisture, but it looks like the pattern’s shifted now.  The plants in the courtyard are extremely happy ... beats hose- and rainbarrel-water any day.

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Fisherman catches ‘living fossil.’  “It looked similar to the coelacanths found near Africa, but genetic analysis revealed that the genomes differed by about 3.5%, and it was described as a new species called Latimeria menadoensis.”

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NY Times Americas:

Brazil, Alarmed, Reconsiders Policy on Climate Change.  Lose the Amazon, you lose your ‘free money.’

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Westerners say federal rules make wildfires worse.  In this particular case, it sounds like they would have had a mess of barbecue ...

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New Scientist Tech:

The North Pole, Russian?

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