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SF New Mexican:

Ex-cop on armed patrol: Piñon pickers drive him nuts.  Some local color.  When fall hits, the piñon pickers come out.  Pickups and cars parked on every interstate, every rural route that has piñon trees.  Extended families take part.  All to harvest piñon nuts from the pine cones of piñon trees.  Some for personal use, some for sale.  You see individuals parked, usually on south St. Francis, tailgates down and bags of nuts priced and on display.  After reading the article, you might say it’s the season for nuts ... but pecans are more Novemberish.  NM exports more pecans than Texas does.  That fact surprised the hell out of me.

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CNN Money:

“Drill, baby, drill” becomes “Chill, baby, chill” in the face of $75 oil.

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NY Times Magazine:

The era of cheap and abundant food may be over?  “Did you notice when you flew over Iowa during the campaign how the land was completely bare — black — from October to April? What you were seeing is the agricultural landscape created by cheap oil. In years past, except in the dead of winter, you would have seen in those fields a checkerboard of different greens: pastures and hayfields for animals, cover crops, perhaps a block of fruit trees.”

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SF New Mexican:

Otters make return to New Mexico waters.  Might have seen one at Cochiti this year, but it was such a fleeting glance, it could have been a muskrat or other water mammal.

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SF New Mexican:

Governor backs state park designation for Pecos Canyon.  It’s an area that’s being loved to death, terribly overused.  Needs serious management and upkeep.  Great idea.

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Weird bloody weather.

It’s raining cats and dogs, and yet I’m sitting here watching a gorgeous sunset.  Gotta love New Mexico.

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NY Times Environment:

Arctic Ocean Ice Retreats Less Than Last Year. This short-term result will, no doubt, be used to buck the long-term trend and kick polar bears off the endangered list ... all for cheap political points.

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NY Times Dining & Wine:

Whenever the old man would put something we didn’t like to eat in front of us, he’d call it “moose meat and turtle eggs.”  My stomach still turns over when I hear the phrase.

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If you see smoke above Santa Fe today,

there’s a prescribed burn going on in the watershed.  Great timing ... I have a photo shoot to leeward.

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Court Rules Against Bush Plan to Allow Snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park.  Cross country skiing gives bison a fair shot at snowmobiling over you ... a more invigorating experience overall.  Give me the jungle over the zoo.

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Santa Fe New Mexican:

Ancient beast had armor down under.  A spiked chastity belt, in nature.

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CNN iReporter:

Civil war ship uncovered by Ike.  One, Two. The authorities are probably busy, but I hope the locals are making sure noone picks the wreck clean.

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‘Certain death’ warning over Ike.  Reports I’m reading are saying storm surge is 20’ ... and Galveston’s seawall is 17’.  You don’t need to be an LHC physicist to figure that one out.  I’d get the hell away from the Houston ship channel, too.

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Missed this back in July ...

Kinetic sculptures.

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Discovery Channel:

Songbirds Duel With Duets. Next discovery.  Raven croaks as you leave your house.  Translation: “You humans are slow, ugly and your feet stink. Why don’t you leave your garbage can open, for once?”

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SF New Mexican:

BLM oil shale plan ready before technology.  “The BLM said in its draft plan and regulations that it doesn’t know what kind of technology will be used, the potential environmental effects or the economic impact of oil shale development ...” My italics.  Ex situ is a straight mining process, destroying the landscape.  In situ is still in the ‘commercial viability’ stage.  This is a bum rush so that oil and gas folks can get in cheaply, without regulation.

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I worried about honeybees earlier in the year.

Shouldn’t have.  My spirea bushs are chock full right now.  Hardly dare walk by them.

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Ars Technica:

Arctic ice shelf splits; ice loss 10x expected this summer.  “Ellesmere Island’s ice shelves are estimated to be around 4,000 years old, and experts do not expect them to reform under current climate conditions.”  That’s the understatement of 40 centuries.

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Raining like no tomorrow.

We’ve been getting gullywasher after gullywasher here.  Drove up north to do some green chile pickin’, and got gullywashed there, too.  Brought home a peck or two of roasted green, a bushel of mud.  Had some baggage on one of my peppers, just prior to pickin’.

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National Science Foundation:

Yellowstone’s Ancient Supervolcano: Only Lukewarm? Molten plume of material beneath Yellowstone cooler than expected.

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NY Times Business:

Wind Energy Bumps Into Power Grid’s Limits.  The grid infrastructure’s old, and needs updating.  But who wants more power lines strung across their counties?

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NY Times:

Woods Hole is creating a replacement for “Alvin.”

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On the theory of avian appreciation of sunset aesthetics.

I only notice it around this time of year.  I’ll go out to water between 7 and 8 o’clock, and all the trees are populated with birds.  Not flitting about, as you might imagine, calling to each other and busily making baby birds.  No, they’re sitting perched on the tops of the highest trees.  Sitting still.  Every one of them facing west, watching the sunset.  I only see them doing this on days when there’s a middling to spectacular sunset.  They never sit there for the cloudy, dull ones.  Nor the completely clear ones. 

Every so often, they’re accompanied by a rabbit or three.  Facing the same direction.  Never chewing grass or leaves.  Just sitting, watching.

Now a scientist will probably tell me the birds are resting before nailing a few mouthfuls of insects after the sun sets (because nocturnal insects probably rise after sunset).  The rabbits are probably on the lookout for coyotes before they head for their dens.

I like to think the birds and rabbits simply enjoy a good sunset performance. 

You’re not going to convince me otherwise.

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SF New Mexican:

Suit claims global warming threatens mammal.  “More than a third of the documented pika populations in Nevada and Oregon have disappeared, and elsewhere they are moving upslope to avoid rising temperatures ...” The Rockies wouldn’t be the same without the chirps of pikas.

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SF New Mexican:

Apparently, we had tornadoes over the weekend.  I did notice that at one point, my silver lace vine had been partially stripped of leaves, and the pillows in the various backyard seating areas had been whipped across the courtyard ... indications of unusually high winds.  60mph won’t do that ... we get those windspeeds in the springtime ... had to be higher.

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