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KMBC, Kansas City: Cars Pile Up On Slick Highways.

Holy Hannah. Someone didn’t get the bulletin. Scratch that - *everyone* didn’t get the bulletin.

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Discover: Listening to Rush Limbaugh Kills Beetles’ Appetite and Libido.

Stop playing John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High” in the mountain states, and trade it for Limbaugh ... perhaps via this delivery method?  I could love the smell of dead beetles in the morning.

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Neatorama: Do We Have a Moral Obligation to Seed the Universe with Life?

“Michael Mautner of Virginia Commonwealth University says that part of the human condition we enjoy is a responsibility to ensure life continues after our home, Earth, dies.  It will happen, someday.  And panspermia missions now will fulfill our moral obligation to see that life on other planets gets a fair chance, even if we won’t ever see the results.

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BBC News: Sat-nav devices face big errors as solar activity rises.

Completely ignoring the Sun when it was unpredictably quiet, the media now want us to worry about the Sun’s predictable solar maximum.

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NY Times: East Coast Braces for Another Snowstorm.

Looks like you folks back East have gotten whacked with snow again. Hope you’re all doing well, staying warm - finding food at the supermarkets.

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BBC News: How do you judge a camel beauty contest?

“Most of the competitors are female because ... females look better.

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Photo.net: Now there’s a serious expression ...

that’s difficult to take seriously.

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My Modern Metropolis: American Cowboys.

Some very evocative images here.  I need to spend more time with the gee gees.

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Wired: Stunningly Preserved 165-Million-Year-Old Spider Fossil Found.

“Spider fossils from this period are rare, because the arachnids’ soft bodies don’t preserve well. The pristine fossil pictured in these photos was probably created when the spider was trapped in volcanic ash. The ultrafine clay particles squashed the spider without breaking up the animals’ delicate cuticle as more coarse sediment would, Selden said.”

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Wired: Lightning Reveals Its Power in Slow Motion.

“Tom Warner documents the powerful beauty of lightning with an array of optical and electromagnetic sensors. He often uses a Vision Research ‘Phantom’ high-speed camera.”  Stunning video.  Watch the lightning discharge upwards from the TV towers.

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SF New Mexican: Surveyors hope above-average snowpack will lead to good runoff.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s that season again ... worrying about spring runoff. Look at NOAA; we’re up for more snow almost this entire week. Certainly we could use more on the higher slopes; we’re only at six feet of depth. Shoot it up to ten, the worriers will calm down.

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Snow and deadlines.

Links when I can. Snow over ice here. Got most of the driveway cleaned off, one car’s free.  Hopefully the sun will do the rest ...

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Discover Magazine: Oscar The Death Cat ... I Haz Sniffed Many Deaths.

Purrrrrrrr you.

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NatureScapes.Net 2009 Images of the Year.

Some great captures. Via Rob Galbraith.

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BBC News: Fish oil supplements ‘beat psychotic mental illness’.

“A three-month course of the supplement appeared to be as effective as drugs, cutting the rate of psychotic illness like schizophrenia by a quarter.

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Discover Magazine: Will Genetically Modified Eucalyptus Trees Transform Southern Forests?

The new kudzu, perhaps.

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BBC News: World’s most famous ‘unseen’ diamond.

Beautiful. I need to go rent “To Catch a Thief” now.

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I had no conception of how difficult a shot like this was. Took me a dozen tries to get a decent, sharp drip. Could have used a flash, I suppose, but it was the timing that really got me. Even with the 50D on ‘high’, it still took a lot of trial and error. I always seem to be out of rhythm with the drips. I have a new respect for such images now. “B” shot on the photoblog shows what happens after icicles like this fall, and get refrozen.

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NY Times: Mudslides Trap Tourists Near Peru Ruins.

“When we left there were many, many American tourists who were frantic, realizing they might get stuck there for days,’ Mr. Kolton said. ‘Our guide said food and water are getting short, prices are skyrocketing for the remaining food and water, and people are getting anxious.” And the rescue helicopters have to work at high altitude, not their optimal operating envelope. I hope everyone gets out safely.

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FOXNews: Biggest and Brightest Full Moon of 2010 Tonight.

“Tonight it (the Moon) will be about 14 percent wider and 30 percent brighter than lesser full Moons of the year, according to Spaceweather.com. As a bonus, Mars will be just to the left of the moon tonight. Look for the reddish, star-like object.”

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CNN: Arizonans dig out from massive snowstorm.

Get one foot back East, you’d think it was the end of the world.  Arizona gets more than half a dozen feet of snow, it’s an also-ran story. Good thing we’re pretty much self-reliant out here in the West ...

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Discover Magazine: Engineered E. Coli Bacteria Produces Road-Ready Diesel.

“The bacteria can work on any type of biomass, including wood chip, switchgrass, and the plant parts that are left behind after a harvest–all contain cellulose, a structural material that comprises much of a plant’s mass. Study coauthor Jay Keasling and his colleagues report engineering E. coli bacteria to synthesize and excrete the enzyme hemicellulase, which breaks down cellulose into sugars. The bacteria can then convert those sugars into a variety of chemicals – diesel fuel among them. The final products are excreted by the bacteria and then float to the top of the fermentation vat before being siphoned off.”  Knew I should have bought that VW Jetta TDI.

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NPR: Atmospheric Dry Spell Eases Global Warming.

“It turns out that starting in the year 2000, a narrow layer of the stratosphere dried out quite rapidly. And water in the atmosphere traps heat, like glass in a greenhouse. So less stratospheric water means less warming.”  As scientists find more mitigating factors, factors they did not know of when they declared the globe warming, one wonders how all these new pieces fit into the ‘story’ of climate change.  Is there a current ‘overview’ site of some kind?

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Don’t know what Santa Fe in town is like,

but here in Eldorado (near Glorieta Pass), we’ve got clear and wet roads.  The weather forecasters seem to have overdone themselves (again).

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Monstrous Beasts: 14 Bizarre Dinosaurs and Extinct Species.

These are incredible. 3D artists, start your engines. Movie creatures have a long way to go to compare with nature.

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