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NY Times Environment:

Warming in Antarctica Looks Certain. “From 1957 through 2006, temperatures across Antarctica rose an average of 0.18 degrees Fahrenheit per decade, comparable to the warming that has been measured globally.  In West Antarctica, where the base of some large ice sheets lies below sea level, the warming was even more pronounced, at 0.3 degrees per Fahrenheit.”

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NY Times, NY Region:

A 1916 Bird Strike, the First Captured on Film?  If it were not taken in France, I’d have said it must be Pale Male’s great-great-great-great (ad nauseam) grand-uncle.

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NY Times Escapes:

The Mountain and Mother Nature.  “The intense wind and snow and ice all make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  You’re not going to find wind like this even on taller peaks out West.”  *ahem*  Try New Mexico in winter, sir.  We’ve been clocking 60’s and 70’s way below the mountaintops.

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NY Times Opinion:

Geothermal Future.  Local governments should be getting ready for the ‘boom.’

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The weatherpeople are out of their minds again.

We’re getting whipped with heavy winds, not a mention in the forecasts of last night or today.  I tell you, convince your kids to report weather.  Get a good paycheck, noone really cares whether you’re accurate at all.

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SF New Mexican:

A sensational snowpack: December’s storms offer above-average precipitation, but it’s still early in the season.  When snowshoeing up on Borrego, it didn’t seem that there was as much snow as last year.  Then again, this was a wetter snow ... I don’t sink as far.  As long as the mountains have a healthy amount of snowpack to runoff into reservoirs and aquifers, I’m happy. 

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NY Times:

Fatal Avalanches Rattle Ski Country in the West.  Be safe.  Normally that would mean staying in-bounds, but brushing up on your avalanche training wouldn’t be bad this season.

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This pic ...

makes me miss Cardinals.  We don’t get ‘em here in Santa Fe. I remember helping band them back East ... they bite hard.

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SF New Mexican:

Mining, drilling possible at 2 parks.  They want to further ruin Aztec Ruins here in NM.

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If you’ve got nothing better to do ...

why not eBird

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Sure beats havin’ a good time.

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I can’t keep ahead of the snow.

I’ve come back inside.  We’re nearing a foot of snow ... and try as I might, I can keep neither the cars nor the walks clear.

9:23 AM: Here’s a grab shot, after one cup of hot coffee.  That hulk is my outdoor fireplace.  I was going to go outside to take some pix, but forget that until I warm up more.  I need more hot drinks ... hot chocolate, here I come.

9:42 AM:  NOAA’s out of their minds.  “Less than an inch today.”  Check their ‘composite loop’ [Java], and you’ll see I’m under some kind of trough (the sharp curve downwards on 25 east of SF).

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Be extra careful out there.

One of my clients just totalled their car.  They’re not hurt, thank goodness.  Not their fault; it’s the other idiots on the road you have to worry about.  See Kahunaburger for more.  We’ve got a storm sitting over us for a few days.  Watch out for that black ice below the layer of snow.

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SF New Mexican:

City streets an icy mess.  There’s a steady fall of confectioner’s sugar right now.  I have to say, school administrators must be trying to make up for November’s lack of school days ... it’s pretty dangerous driving out there.  Lots of black ice from yesterday’s slightly-melted snowfall.

Later: Apparently somebody woke up and noticed the snow.  Schools will be out early ... though they shouldn’t have been in session at all. Be very careful picking up your kids ... nothing like harried parents in SUVs swooping around on icy roads.  Many don’t realize 4WD is no guarantee of traction when slamming brakes on ice.

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Woke up to hurricane winds and no snow.

Turned over, went back to sleep, woke up in about 2 inches of the white stuff.  Only sticking to tree branches on the leeward side.  Low grey clouds, threatening to reveal the sun and melt all.  Occasional very fine snow, but it can’t really accumulate with the current temps.  If the pattern sticks around, the heavier cloudage after dark will bring more benefits, I think.  I’m assuming the Sangres got socked.  Maybe ski season will be salvaged after all ...

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Right next door ...

to a black hole.  I’d call that the feel-good link of the day, putting perspective on the financial crisis ...

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Ah, dinosaurs were airheads ...

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“Authorities in Nevada say an increasing number of domestic horses are being abandoned by their owners because of the worsening economy.”  Cruel.  See any Friesians trotting around loose, let me know.

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Blivet 2:

Arches is safer, but not all is well.  Read Hal’s link about BLM’s leases near Arches and other National Parks.

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Discovery Channel:

Wild Birds Learn Foreign ‘Languages’.  Next revelation: birds ‘social network.’ 

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SF New Mexican:

Lack of snow delays Ski Santa Fe opening.  First full season where Taos will allow snowboarders.  Taos is a place for skilled skiers; casual conversations around SF revolve around speculation over the body count at the end of ski/snowboard season.  I personally don’t think it will be so ... Taos has a long history of professionalism in management of their ski area. 

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Panda bites student seeking a hug.  As a famous Scot once said: “Nature lovers.  Put ‘em out in nature, see how much nature loves them.”

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SF New Mexican:

Here, kitty kitty ... mountain lions spotted up in north Santa Fe.  Just remember, they like to be up high and pounce on prey.  So when walking in deep arroyos, keep your eyes peeled ... and keep your kids near you at all times.

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SF New Mexican:

Balmy fall may give way to wet winter.  Read the entire article, you’ll be just as unsure as before.  We know whether there will be weather, and that’s the bottom line.

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NY Times Opinion:

Aren’t There Enough Trails?  It’s a national park, fer goodness sake. If you want to go solo, grab your skis or snowshoes.  Otherwise, coach it.

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