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Ah, dinosaurs were airheads ...

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“Authorities in Nevada say an increasing number of domestic horses are being abandoned by their owners because of the worsening economy.”  Cruel.  See any Friesians trotting around loose, let me know.

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Blivet 2:

Arches is safer, but not all is well.  Read Hal’s link about BLM’s leases near Arches and other National Parks.

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Discovery Channel:

Wild Birds Learn Foreign ‘Languages’.  Next revelation: birds ‘social network.’ 

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SF New Mexican:

Lack of snow delays Ski Santa Fe opening.  First full season where Taos will allow snowboarders.  Taos is a place for skilled skiers; casual conversations around SF revolve around speculation over the body count at the end of ski/snowboard season.  I personally don’t think it will be so ... Taos has a long history of professionalism in management of their ski area. 

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Panda bites student seeking a hug.  As a famous Scot once said: “Nature lovers.  Put ‘em out in nature, see how much nature loves them.”

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SF New Mexican:

Here, kitty kitty ... mountain lions spotted up in north Santa Fe.  Just remember, they like to be up high and pounce on prey.  So when walking in deep arroyos, keep your eyes peeled ... and keep your kids near you at all times.

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SF New Mexican:

Balmy fall may give way to wet winter.  Read the entire article, you’ll be just as unsure as before.  We know whether there will be weather, and that’s the bottom line.

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NY Times Opinion:

Aren’t There Enough Trails?  It’s a national park, fer goodness sake. If you want to go solo, grab your skis or snowshoes.  Otherwise, coach it.

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For those who were freaked out ...

The sun’s making sunspots again.  Spaceweather.com, SolarCycle24.com.

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Steady, heavy winds out here again.

I tell you, this has been the ‘year of wind’ out here east of Santa Fe.  I’m getting to the point where I’m going to have to tie down all the flappers on the various roof vents.

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Geologists say drilling caused Indonesian mud volcano.  Doing a little further digging, the Geological Society of America indicates that the drilling company was using poor fracturing techniques, almost guaranteeing a blowout.  I quote, “... well-bore pressures following drilling problems in Banjar Panji-1 reached magnitudes in excess of the fracture pressure and thus were sufficient to create fluid flow pathways in the subsurface.” 

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Britain is seeing their farmland bird populations fall to lowest level on record.  Multifarious factors.

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Reason Online:

Cloning dogs for love and profit.  “To clone a dog, you need multiple lab animals. Some serve as sources for ova, others are used as surrogates to carry the embryos that scientists create by enucleating an egg and fusing it with cells from the dog being cloned. All those animals, according to the Humane Society/AAVS anti-cloning report, are ‘subjected to painful hormone treatments and invasive surgeries.’” 

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NY Times Environment:

Thoreau Is Rediscovered as a Climatologist.  “In 1851, when he started recording when and where plants flowered in Concord, he was making notes for a book on the seasons.  Now, though, researchers at Boston University and Harvard are using those notes to discern patterns of plant abundance and decline in Concord — and by extension, New England — and to link those patterns to changing climate.”

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SF New Mexican:

Fire-charred mountains fuel wildfire policy debate.  “... Some of his neighbors cleared a swath of land around their homes, and they still burned while others did nothing and escaped the flames ...”  Thinning and clearing may not keep deep-forest homes safe.

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WCVB Massachusetts:

Horseback Riders Endangered By Trail Traps.  Sick and demented. 

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SF New Mexican:

Ex-cop on armed patrol: Piñon pickers drive him nuts.  Some local color.  When fall hits, the piñon pickers come out.  Pickups and cars parked on every interstate, every rural route that has piñon trees.  Extended families take part.  All to harvest piñon nuts from the pine cones of piñon trees.  Some for personal use, some for sale.  You see individuals parked, usually on south St. Francis, tailgates down and bags of nuts priced and on display.  After reading the article, you might say it’s the season for nuts ... but pecans are more Novemberish.  NM exports more pecans than Texas does.  That fact surprised the hell out of me.

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CNN Money:

“Drill, baby, drill” becomes “Chill, baby, chill” in the face of $75 oil.

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NY Times Magazine:

The era of cheap and abundant food may be over?  “Did you notice when you flew over Iowa during the campaign how the land was completely bare — black — from October to April? What you were seeing is the agricultural landscape created by cheap oil. In years past, except in the dead of winter, you would have seen in those fields a checkerboard of different greens: pastures and hayfields for animals, cover crops, perhaps a block of fruit trees.”

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SF New Mexican:

Otters make return to New Mexico waters.  Might have seen one at Cochiti this year, but it was such a fleeting glance, it could have been a muskrat or other water mammal.

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SF New Mexican:

Governor backs state park designation for Pecos Canyon.  It’s an area that’s being loved to death, terribly overused.  Needs serious management and upkeep.  Great idea.

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Weird bloody weather.

It’s raining cats and dogs, and yet I’m sitting here watching a gorgeous sunset.  Gotta love New Mexico.

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NY Times Environment:

Arctic Ocean Ice Retreats Less Than Last Year. This short-term result will, no doubt, be used to buck the long-term trend and kick polar bears off the endangered list ... all for cheap political points.

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NY Times Dining & Wine:

Whenever the old man would put something we didn’t like to eat in front of us, he’d call it “moose meat and turtle eggs.”  My stomach still turns over when I hear the phrase.

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