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NY Times Travel:

Looks like China will get Beijing clean enough, pollution-wise, for running the Olympics.  Unfortunately, the Gobi Desert has other ideas.

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Tornado Warning for parts of Santa Fe County.

Check the NOAA site, see the warning, read the watch, and then view the composite loop [Java applet animation] to see if you’re in the track.  I seem to be only edging it, at the moment, but it’s a long way from 9PM (when the watch cancels) yet.

Update: New Mexican says 4:30 PM is cutoff.  From where I’m sitting, I see two huge cumulonimbus formations, one southeast, one northwest, both heading northeast.  I’m in sun, with really crazy winds going every which way.

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NY Review of Books:

Freeman Dyson reviews two books on global warming.  I believe that if we try man-made ‘corrections’, we’ll just continue to destabilize the environment.  Better to control population, reduce our impact back to early-industrial levels ... back to where Earth can manage her own systems herself. 

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SF New Mexican:

Storms, snowmelt mean Santa Fe River will flow.  “The city is looking at holding a trout fishing event next weekend and will ask the state Department of Game and Fish to stock the river for it if there is enough water to support the fish.”  My italics.  Pretending it’s a normal river, when it is really just a spigot.

Oh, if you’re living in Pecos or Glorieta, boil your water.  E.coli risk.

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Child Recovering After Wild Animal Attack.  It’s hot and dry here, the larger predators have been seen moving down the mountains for better pickings.  Keep your kids sandwiched between adults, and watch ‘em at all times.  Cats like ‘guaranteed’ success, so watch high overhanging rocks and such for ‘pouncers.’

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SF New Mexican:

“Keep an eye on your picnic basket, Boo Boo. Hungry bears descended on Santa Fe today ...”  Just FYI, t’ain’t no grizz in NM.

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NY Times:

Three Baby Hawks Are Most Likely Dead.  City’s a tough place.

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Paul Stamets: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world.  View other videos there, too.  Thanks, Jeremiah.

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“A survey of bee health released Tuesday revealed a grim picture, with 36.1 percent of the nation’s commercially managed hives lost since last year.”  I’ve heard tell that organic bee farms are not affected.  Only hearsay, however.  Grim news, considering the food and grain crisis that is upon us.

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New Scientist Space:

Aquarids to peak on a moonless night.  Gotta dig out the loungers ...

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Ah. Finally.

Our winds have calmed quite a bit.  The birds are venturing out from the center of the junipers and piñons ... the white-winged doves are about, the scaled quail are doing their morning constitutionals, curve-bill thrashers are fixing their violently red eyes on delicious bugs, the piñon jay is taking a long, dramatic drink ... and the spotted towhee is yelling at the entire crew, in his bob-head manner.

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SF New Mexican/AP:

Reno, Nevada is being rocked and rolled by an increasing frequency of earthquakes.  “What they can’t say [scientists] is whether the hundreds of temblors that have rattled the area for two months — the largest a magnitude 4.7 Friday night — are subsiding or a prelude to bigger things to come.”

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Times Online.UK:

Summer hiking in the Alps.  “At some point in the past 40 years, something happened to the Alps. They became unfashionable in summer. While you can’t move for folk on the slopes in winter, most of us wouldn’t be seen dead on an Alp once the temperature rises above zero.”

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National Geographic:

Ancient Praying Mantis Found in Amber.

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NY Times Environment:

Levels of Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere Increase.

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Here’s a meta-meta-meta link for you:

Treehugger, Mother Jones energy Issue.  It still amazes me that noone is discussing population control.

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a cloud of smoke rose from the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus.  The vid’s hilarious.

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NY Times:

Prairie Birds Flirt, and a Town Livens Up. 

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SF New Mexican/McClatchy News Service:

Fading pastime? Hunters becoming diminishing breed.  I wonder how much is due to concern over Lyme, plague, and prion diseases.

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NY Times Business:

As Prices Rise, Farmers Spurn Conservation.  If you don’t let land lie fallow for a period, yield goes down.  And throw away those harrows, or you’ll create another Dust Bowl.  The winds will roll up the fertile soil and drop it all over in Ohio and Kentucky.

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SF New Mexican:

State to impose fire restrictions. Oh crap, here we go again.  Better get your hiking in while there’s still snowmelt on the mountain ... come June, if we don’t get good spring rain, they’ll close the national forests again.

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Hey, a positive link!  Clay May Help Fight Drug-Resistant Germs, Researchers Find.

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SF New Mexican:

A wild ride: Healthy snowpack makes for raging rapids, happy rafters.  We may not have the scenery of the Grand Canyon, but if you like whitewater, make your plans now to come and experience an incredible snowmelt.

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SF New Mexican:

Officials protest oil and gas lease sale.  Here we go again.  Why not lease the land out for solar and wind, instead?

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Orion Mag:

Managing the trees of Arlington.  “The age of the trees is all the more remarkable, Dihle says, given the constant digging at the cemetery and the corresponding risk of damage to tree roots. Arlington is home to twenty-eight to thirty funerals each day.”  I’m surprised they’re not going ‘condo’ yet.

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