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SF New Mexican: Report: Rescue effort after chopper crash marred by chaos, miscommunication.

Massive communications failures brought on by bad weather, poorly functioning radios and remote terrain hampered the effort to find and rescue three people involved in a state police helicopter crash last June, according to a report. In addition, bickering and hostile accusations among the volunteer search and rescue teams that responded to the crash added to the chaos and may have contributed to the inherent danger involved in the mission, according to the report from search and rescue officials that was posted online late last week.”  I understand there’s a repeater on Tesuque Peak, maintained by local amateur radio enthusiasts. Perhaps it cannot reach down into the Lake Katherine notch in SF Baldy?

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New Scientist: Mathematics of ancient carvings reveals lost language.

“Elaborate symbols and ornate depictions of animals carved in stone by an ancient Scottish people have given up their secret – to mathematics. Statistical analysis reveals that the shapes are a forgotten written language. The method could help interpret many other enigmatic scripts — and even analyse animal communication.

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Preview for Discovery’s “Life.”

Lovely video captures.

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New Scientist: Ice plumbing is protecting Greenland from warm summers.

”Mathematical models suggest the higher temperatures in Greenland cause lakes of meltwater to form on the ice sheet, rather than on the ice shelf as happens in Antarctica. This meltwater then pours down the glacier’s “plumbing” — its crevasses and moulins — to the ice sheet’s base, where it flows out to sea. Had the meltwater pooled on an ice shelf, the water flowing into the cracks would have split the floating ice.

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NewWest.Net: KOA Kamping On the Oregon Koast.

”Given the weather, I’m not interested in freezing my glass balls off in a tissue-thin tent while the ocean spits wind and typhoonal moisture down on us like a two-year-old with a saltine in his mouth. For this reason, we’re taking the soft route: I’ve reserved three days in a Kampin’ Kabin at the KOA in one of the coastal towns. We love the Kampin’ Kabin. It kicks ass. Two rooms, mattresses, heat, light, power. Free wi-fi. Yeah, we’re soft. But we’re also cheap.”  Candy ass.  There is no such thing as bad weather; only bad clothing or bad gear.

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Discover Mag: Ridiculously Good Photography of LIFE in All Its Glory.

“Life: Ain’t it grand? That seems to have been the starting point for the new nature documentary series LIFE, which spotlights some of the planet’s most gloriously unusual critters.

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Short Sharp Science: Animals do not commit suicide.

Turns out it is just a bit of anthropomorphizing?

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Hummingbird.net: Hummingbird Migration Maps.

The hummers are coming.  They used to do Broad-tails as well, but I suppose it got too time-intensive.  Clean those feeders!  It’s only a matter of weeks for us in NM.

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Treehugger: Geologists Accidentally Opened the “Door to Hell”.

”Apparently, during the 1970s, when Turkmenistan was part of the USSR, Soviet geologists were sent into the desert to explore for natural gas, which can often be detected seeping through the sand. While drilling in one such spot, the geologists happened upon a large, cavernous space full of poisonous gas which promptly swallowed their equipment. Hoping to burn off the excess gas, perhaps to make it possible to descend into the crater, the geologists set it ablaze — and 35 years later, it’s still burning.” 

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Daffodils are about to pop!  That is, if Tuesday night’s threatened ‘snow showers’ end up as rain instead ...

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Dear Mother Nature ...

same view, this morning.

… I’d really love to put my shovel away now.  Same view as last evening.  Can’t tell the depth because of drifts. Probably around 5”.  Ironically, I read that it just turned spring at 11:32 AM. PFFFFFFT.

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More flippin’ snow.  And more forecast for overnight.  About 3PM today, I thought I heard someone messing around, banging something around the side of the place. Looked outside, snow was starting, wind was picking up.  Then, five minutes later, thunder.  Lightning.  Cascades of graupel (that foamy sleet/snow).  Enough to bury the hardscapes in white.  Temps dropped 15 degrees in about half an hour.  Then sirens from the local paramedic station down the road.  Apparently the graupel was bountiful enough to pack into ice on the roads, hence accidents (noone was initially slowing down, though the roads were white. Hint: if you don’t hear water splashing around your tires, you’re driving on ice). Graupel was followed by snow, and then tapered off.  And by 6PM, all but the softscapes are clear and nearly dry.  Bizarre freaking weather day.

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Discover: Bluefin Tuna Is Still on the Menu: Trade Ban Fails at International Summit.

“Privately, European diplomats expressed frustration that Japan, which consumes 80 per cent of the bluefin tuna caught, was able to cement opposition to the ban while the EU’s 27 member states were thrashing out their internal disputes [Financial Times]. The Christian Science Monitor, however, interviewed Japanese residents who say the fact that the bluefin is getting more attention than other troubled fish is partly because of building anti-Japan sentiment, pointing to the Toyota public shaming and the controversy connected to the documentary The Cove, which shone the spotlight on an annual dolphin hunt.”  Anti-Japan?  Good lord, I’ll take a dozen Japanese products over even a tenth of a Chinese one.  Perhaps there are some dinosaurs inside the Beltway who might feel this way, but if they do, they’re ignoring that most “Japanese” autos are assembled over here these days.

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KRQE: Mountain lion roaming Santa Fe.

Game officers continued to hunt for the animal Tuesday afternoon in the area of Córdova Road and Don Gaspar Avenue and are hoping to tranquilize it ...”  Probably noshing on housepets.

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Snow, this morning, just after shovelling. “B” shot on the photoblog is more of the same, out back in the courtyard.

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Snow update, same view as earlier ... a few minutes ago.

a couple of hours later.

Had to go out and knock snow off all the branches of the trees. Heavy and wet.  At least 8” in front of the house ... and IT’S STILL SNOWING.

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Rots my socks. I just got done trimming everything down yesterday, preparing for the upcoming planting season in the springlike warm weather (even wearing a t-shirt whilst trimming), and now ... MORE SNOW. Repeating to myself, “Be grateful for moisture. Be grateful for moisture.”

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BBC News: Alaska wolves ‘kill’ woman’s teacher out jogging.

That’s the BBC’s mangled title, as it stands at 6:36 PM here.  “Police said wolves in the area had been aggressive recently. If confirmed, it is believed to be the first fatal wolf attack in the US in 50 years.”  Rest in peace, good lady ... but you shouldn’t have been jogging alone.  This is going to make it harder to reintroduce wolves into the lower 48.  Nature’s red in tooth and claw; to get the benefits, you gotta take the detriments.

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Gallup: Americans’ Global Warming Concerns Continue to Drop.

“In response to one key question, 48% of Americans now believe that the seriousness of global warming is generally exaggerated, up from 41% in 2009 and 31% in 1997, when Gallup first asked the question.”

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Discovery News: Animal Suicide Sheds Light on Human Behavior.

Organisms of all sorts are known to self-destruct in one way or another, usually in order to protect their relatives — and so to save their genes.” One’s mind runs to lemmings, but that dogs and other animals would do so ... that’s new to me.  That horribly abused animals might have a voluntary ‘out’, actually brightens my perceptions.

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YouTube: Ant Superhighway.

Wow. Like an iceberg, it’s all about what lies beneath.

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Not that it’s newsworthy ...

but we received more snow last night.  Everything had nicely melted, only a couple of small piles were left.  Damn.  When is this winter going to end?

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Discover: The Earth *Really* Moved.

“Studying precise GPS images of the area struck by the quake, a team led by earth scientist Mike Bevis discovered that the Chilean city of Concepción had moved 10 feet to the west. The epicenter of the quake was 71 miles northeast of Concepción, which is Chile’s second largest city.”  Cued for your listening pleasure.

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SF New Mexican: Prospects good for 2010 spring runoff.

The New Mexico portion of the Rio Grande Basin sports the fifth-best snowpack in 16 years, said Wayne Sleep, snow surveyor for the federal Natural Resources Conservation Service.”  And that is excellent news for all of us with water tables served by snowmelt.  Hallelujah!

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NewWest.Net: Sage Grouse Listing Denied.

Rather than chicken out, I’d grouse too.

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