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BBC: Ancient flood, almost proven.

Ancient Mediterranean flood mystery solved. “We could for the first time link the amount of water crossing the channel with the amount of erosion causing it to grow over time.”  Sounds like they still have some work to do on their theory.

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NPR: I hope this guy is safe for Turkey Day.

Man Stuck In Utah Cave Will Be Thankful (When He’s Out). “Jones, who is about six feet tall and 200 pounds, was going head-first into a space 18 inches wide by 8 to 10 inches tall when he realized he was stuck.”  Spelunking - not the sport for me. Not at all.

Thanksgiving Day: Damn, he didn’t make it. They’ve updated the link above with the sad news.

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Had a visitor this morning.

In my aspen tree in the courtyard.  Just a little while ago, the visit was repeated.  Turns out it is a mother and her baby. 

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Reuters: Star Trek never visited a ‘crocodile world.’

New fossils reveal a world full of crocodiles. “They have given some of the new species snappy names — BoarCroc, RatCroc, DogCroc, DuckCroc and PancakeCroc — but say their findings help build an understanding of how crocodilians were and remain such a successful life form.”  I get a curious thrill thinking that our SETI broadcastings may end up being returned by intelligent crocodiles ...

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NPR: No no-fault waterway management.

Judge: Corps’ Negligence Caused Katrina Flooding. “In a sometimes scathing critique of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval found ‘monumental negligence’ in the operation and maintenance of a shipping channel called the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet. He rejected the government’s argument that the Corps was immune from liability and had properly maintained the navigation channel, known locally as MRGO.”  It’s not smart to ignore Mother Nature.


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NY Times: Stressful life? Good time to exercise.

Phys Ed: Why Exercise Makes You Less Anxious. “In those experiments, rats taught to feel helpless and anxious, by being exposed to a laboratory stressor, showed increased serotonin activity in their brains. But rats that had run for several weeks before being stressed showed less serotonin activity and were less anxious and helpless despite the stress.”  Cool.

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YouTube: Make sure the mountainside is stable, first.

Second slide keeps Ocoee Gorge blocked. “Workers with heavy equipment had cleared all but a few boulders from a rockslide that blocked U.S. Highway 64 this morning when, with a tremble and a roar, another huge slide spilled across the road and into the Ocoee River gorge.” Holy Hannah.  Never seen anything like it.

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Washington Post:  “Oh look ... yummy treats.”

Great white sharks coming closer to shore than thought, researchers find. “For years, humans have thought of great white sharks wandering the sea at random, only occasionally venturing close to shore. We were wrong.” I still recall my first trip to the Jersey shore after “Jaws.”  A long wad of dirty toilet paper wrapped around my leg, causing no less panic than the shark I feared it might be.

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Times Online.UK:  Coyotes becoming aggressive?

Teenage folk singer Taylor Mitchell killed by coyotes.  Very weird.  We have some huge coyote packs around here, and they’ll run at the sight of a human.  Never seen one even track a human. My mind runs to rabies, or too much contact with people (a la the bears of Yellowstone).

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Reuters Blogs:  Plastic Hades.

Victims of the Pacific Trash Gyre. “It’s difficult to look at Jordan’s pictures of the birds, with the ingested plastic outlasting their decomposing bodies, without wondering: ‘Could that have been my bottlecap?’”  This is horrifying - no other word describes it.  Another thought ... if it’s this bad on top of the ocean, what do the depths look like?!

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Today seems to be a ‘bad news for bunnies’ day.

Swedes Burn Rabbit Carcasses To Heat Homes. “It’s a furry little tale that’s getting some worldwide attention. Stockholm authorities are reportedly shooting wild rabbits in the city’s parks, freezing them, then sending them to an energy plant where their carcasses are burned to help heat the residents of Varmland.”

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Discovery News: Speaking of nuclear bunny poop ...

Natural Nukes May Have Crippled Early Life. Thanks, Kevin!

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CNN: Love the name, “Darwinopterus.”

Pterodactyl fossil fills gaps in evolutionary tale.

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Hah.  HAH.

Fifth time was the charm. That damned gopher in my courtyard is history.  Reset the trap, just in case there’s two.  S/He was undersized, which is why it was slipping the trap’s tines. 

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SF New Mexican: Hungry bears in downtown Santa Fe?

Hungry bears seek out city pickings.  That’s almost as much fun as that mountain lion they saw walking along Marcy a few years ago.

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Vimeo: I won’t be able to take a full breath for the rest of the evening.

Avalanche Skier POV Helmet Cam Burial & Rescue in Haines, Alaska.


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BBC:  Birds have no clout with which to decry “NIMBY.”

Wind farms ‘displace’ rare birds


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NewWest.Net:  Some interesting Griz recommends.

Bear Spray Campaign Endangers Hunters, Grizzlies.  Hunters are more at risk in grizzly country than others, because they’re doing all those things one shouldn’t do around bears ... sneaking around quietly in camoflage, chopping raw meat, etc. etc.

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NPR:  That’s one fast cat.

Whoosh! Sarah The Cheetah Sets New Land Record.


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Discovery News: ‘Sidedness’ an advantage.

Animals That Favor One Side More Successful.

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NY Times:  In the ‘70’s, an impending ice age was the great worry of the time.

Global Warming Could Forestall Ice Age.  Few remember the ice age ‘panics.’

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WSJ.com:  It’d be nice to avoid DEET.

Mosquito Bites: The Real Reason Some People Are Immune. “The researchers have identified a handful of the body’s chemical odors—some of which may be related to stress—that are present in significantly larger concentrations in people that the bugs are happier to leave alone. If efforts to synthesize these particular chemicals are successful, the result could be an all-natural mosquito repellent that is more effective and safer than products currently available.”

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Yesterday, boobies.  Today, suckers.

From AP and the SF New Mexican: Mixed results in Zuni bluehead sucker survey.

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The big news in New Mexico is boobies.

A Blue-Footed Booby has made an extremely rare (near-inconceivable) appearance in Conchas Lake.


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BBC:  Trees!  Trees are taking over!  RUN!

Trees advance in a warming world.  At least, until the bark beetles catch up with them.

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