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NY Times: Things continue to heat up.

Past Decade Warmest Ever, NASA Data Shows. “The NASA data released Thursday showed an upward temperature trend of about 0.36 degrees Fahrenheit (0.2 degrees Celsius) per decade over the past 30 years. Average global temperatures have risen by about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit (0.8 degrees Celsius) since 1880.”

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Rained lightly all night, just now turning to snow.

Bizarre. News says the temps are supposed to keep dropping today.  Barely 32 at present. 6:30 AM, just wet.  Cars driving by at normal speed.  6:40, a quarter-inch of snow on the wall tops.

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azdailysun.com: Almost four feet in Flagstaff?!!

Piling up, hunkering down. Once the storm is over with, it looks like they’ll have close to four feet.  Nightly news here is saying I-40 west is closed at Winslow, “until further notice.”

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Discover Magazine: Shipworms, basking and eating in global warming’s heat.

Next Global-Warming Victim: Centuries-Old Shipwrecks.

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BBC: Beautiful, and deadly too.

I linked this back a month or so ago, but BBC has even better info and video: A rare glimpse of the cave of crystals.

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Shoveling, shoveling.

Trying to strategize where to put snowpiles, if we are indeed to get two more generous storms this week.  Overshovel now, for an easier time later on.  Links when and as I can.  Perhaps more pix.

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KRQE: Didn’t notice any shaking here.

Raton, NM apparently had a shake the other day. Large earthquakes rare in New Mexico.

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Snow this morning.

Snow morning.What a diff six hours makes!  One to two inches, my eye.  More like eight ot ten.  Time to shovel, here in Santa Fe.  Heavy, wet stuff too.  I’ll have to knock it out of the trees so branches don’t break.

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Here comes the moisture!

Snow's started here in Santa Fe.Snow’s started in Santa Fe. Just took this at midnight. About 1/2 inch in the hour since it started.

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California got whacked with rain ...

and it might end up being significant snow for parts of New Mexico.  I just went out and stocked up on food, topped up the tanks on the cars. Remember that 1 inch of rain equals approximately 6-10 inches of snow!

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MGR’s got a radish.


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New Scientist, Short Sharp Science: I was wondering about where the fault was.

Haiti’s earthquake was ‘long overdue’.

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BBC News: Hardier than they believe.

Jurassic tree survives big chill in trust garden. If it’s survived this long already as a species, it can’t be *that* fragile.

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ars technica: Good news about coral reefs.

Coral reefs rebound from damage if protected. “At the end, two and a half years later, the reefs in marine reserve had coral coverage increase by 19 percent, when initial distribution was taken into account. The areas not protected as part of a reserve showed no statistically significant recovery.”

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BBC News: The route of least energy expenditure.

Arctic tern’s epic journey mapped.

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Science Daily: Our days are numbered, guys.

Ant Has Given Up Sex Completely, Researchers Confirm. “The complete asexuality of a widespread fungus-gardening ant, the only ant species in the world known to have dispensed with males entirely, has been confirmed by a team of Texas and Brazilian researchers.”

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Times Online: Britain’s still suffering, as snow turns to ice.

Ice follows snow to cause renewed chaos. Be safe over there on the other side of the pond.

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New West: Not Baa-d.

High Praise for New Film About Montana Shepherds. “The movie truly belongs to the sheep, which turn out to be fascinating, almost hypnotic subjects for the camera, whether they’re comically bleating at one another like rush-hour subway riders or swarming across the range like a single organism.”

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Yeah, and a sunset you might like.

sunset this evening, january 6, 2010.Sunsets will not be included in my 365 project; they’re too easy.  I mean, I just walked out the back door and snapped this, no technical histrionics necessary, no software enhancements.

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Times Online: Britain, buried in snow.

Overnight blizzards bring travel chaos. Euan’s got a fine pic of the depth.

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Discover Magazine:  I’ll still opt for leather.

Jeans: Stylish, Classic, And a Decent Defense Against Rattlesnake Bites.

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Vimeo: Not your usual Yosemite documentary.

Wait until you start seeing people.

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The Atlantic:  Perfection rarely is perfect.

The Sting of Employment.

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Times Online: Britain’s getting severe winter weather.

Heavy snow and rain brings travel woe. This being America, where most news organizations rarely look beyond our borders, we don’t hear about weather woes elsewhere.

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If you’re in Santa Fe, and you’re contemplating taking the interstates, DON’T.  I just got back to Eldorado from town, and I-25 is an ice skating rink.  Multiple accidents eastbound.  You can’t drive more than ten miles an hour, leaving at least four car lengths between you and the autos in front.  I’m not exaggerating, folks ... IT’S BAD.  Drivers are being foolish because the road doesn’t look slick at first glance, and you’ll be passed frequently by high-speed fools. Don’t risk your life.  Stay home until the county applies salt/cinder.

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