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NewWest.Net: Sounds like great fun.

Embracing Spring Access in the Big Horn Mountains: “Spring mountain trips bring hope of a summer’s worth of adventures, but frustrating traveling conditions. Our excursion reminded me that for reaching wilderness boundaries without motorized assistance, a mountain bicycle is a great tool.”

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New West: Horsepackers United.

The Right to Ride.  “This summer, the Backcountry Horsemen of the Flathead – which is by no means limited just to men – has another ambitious slate of projects lined up. But along with the work, there will be a lot of good food, riding, and nights spent around a campfire, under the stars.”  I came so close to giving horse packing a try, back in my ‘younger days’.

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Wired: Forget crop circles, you want to know about ice circles.

Astronauts Spot Mysterious Ice Circles in World’s Deepest Lake.

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Brush fire on I-25 east of Santa Fe.

Just got the call. Services are on the scene. Flames higher than a van.  Take Old Las Vegas Highway to the 285 (290) exit, if you need to go east.

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BBC: Mom, Dad ... what’s a “fish”?

‘Only 50 years left’ for sea fish. “Unless we fundamentally change the way we manage all the ocean species together, as working ecosystems, then this century is the last century of wild seafood.”

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CNN: I see one coming, I’ll run like hell anyway.

Komodo dragons kill with venom, not bacteria, study says. “According to their research, the dragon’s bite weakens and immobilizes the prey. It then injects venom from special glands in the mouth.  The venom keeps blood from clotting around the prey’s wound. And it causes a drop in the blood pressure. The blood loss and the blood pressure drop combine to weaken the animal.”

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Salon: Bee deaths, perhaps pesticides?

“There’s the pernicious toxic effect—it does everything nicotine does to our nervous system ... [snip] ... There’s the pathological effect, the interference with basic functions. They get lost, they get disoriented. They fall to the ground. They get paralyzed and their wings stick out. I can’t think of anything in the environment that’s changed other than farming, and virtually every farmer is using treated seeds now.”

For some reason, this article made me curious about the existing research over the theoretical link of MMR vaccines and autism.  I’ve been wondering if anyone’s comprehensively followed the children immediately after injection (for instance, scanning for brain swelling, a side effect of measles vaccines for years).  Hard to find a comprehensive list of research, but here’s a PDF I found.

Bee info via Rebecca’s Pocket, tangent via moi.

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Where in the World Are the Organic Farms?  Note, not in the assumed (and stereotypical) Midwest factory-farm areas.  Rather, in places where soil and annual moisture make for good crops; nature blesses the areas, rather than mankind creating opportunity where none exists.  I’d set up shop in Pennsylvania-Dutch country, if I were an organic farmer.

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Dead mouse on my driveway.  Half a dead mouse, to be precise.  Must’ve popped out of my car’s front end.  Blasted rodents ...

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SF New Mexican:

City resolution aims to resuscitate Santa Fe River.  Of all locations that need to be gentrified, the river needs some love and care.  It looks like a glorified storm drain, in the downtown area.

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I got my gopher. He’s a goner.  72 holes on my property ... little rat-fink.

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Via Reddit:

The “Grizzly Bear Chair.”  If that doesn’t bespeak 1860’s western culture, nothing does.  That beats a moosehead drooping over the dining table, esp. when partaking of a main course featuring bear-nose sauce ...

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Part insect, part timepiece.

Later: Perhaps not all bugs have discovered that Metallica isn’t a bad thing ... WSJ: Against Insect Plague, Nevadans Wield Ultimate Weapon: Hard Rock.

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SF New Mexican:

Mountain Lion update:  Turns out they chose to kill it, rather than release it.  The fact that it was where it was, and that it didn’t react, would seem to indicate it might be ill ... not that it is an overgrown kitty-cat.

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NY Times Magazine:

Natural Happiness.  “Real natural habitats provide significant sources of pleasure for modern humans. We intuitively grasp this, and this knowledge underlies the anxiety that we feel about nature’s loss.”

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SF New Mexican:

“I was standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona,
so much dust that I just couldn’t see.
When along came a girl in a flatbed Ford,
missed her turn and almost flattened me ...”

Apologies to the Eagles.

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SF New Mexican:

Study: Warming, drought, harmful to pinon trees.  A little late for us folks east of Santa Fe.  The piñons died off a few years ago.  A dry pine can’t push out enough sap to encapsulate and kill beetles.  Only ones in proximity to a water source survived (Arroyo Hondo, near El Gancho, still has a swath, because of the close-to-the-surface water table beneath).  Read more about our 2004 die-off here, written in the midst of the invasion. 

The road from Santa Fe to the Glorieta Pass is black with dead pines. They’re starting to fall over now, rotten and termite-eaten at the bases. If this is what is in store for the rest of the West’s pine trees, our states are no longer going to be places of beauty.

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Overfishing to wipe out bluefin tuna in 3 years: WWF.  “The bluefin can only be saved by a complete halt to fishing in May and June as the fish rush through the Straits of Gibraltar to spawn in the Mediterranean ...”

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New West:

What We Can Learn from the Great Western Ranches.  “After studying rural architecture across the globe, Vlahos still finds it incredible that the first settlers of the West moved to such an unhabitable place and were able to make it habitable. There are lessons to be learned from that ...”  You’d better believe it.

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The Orrery:

Birds on and off power lines.

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Cars parked too long can develop problems.  They forget to mention paint.  Sun and other factors age the paint very swiftly.  Clear coat will start to orange peel a couple of years into ownership. Negotiate a steep markdown for this, because paint costs have skyrocketed.  A like-new paint job can run into the thousands.  I’ve heard quotes from quality paint shops for compacts running at $5,000 for a full-on paintjob (as opposed to a bargain-basement, six month paintjob).

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90 years of birdwatchers’ notes go online.  If my memory serves, those who band birds must keep strict notes ... bird species, number of band, how fat the bird is, etc. etc.  Putting that information online would be an even more significant and meaningful achievement.

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Weather service

projects we may get four inches of snow tomorrow.  I’ll believe it when I see it.  However, I would welcome it heartily ... if it will knock the remainder of the juniper pollen out of the trees!

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ars technica:

Land use may have been responsible for the 1930s dust bowl.  And if you allow suburbs to sprawl, the effect is ... ?  Oh, that’s right.  Humans can’t possibly have anything to do with climate.

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New West:

Court Shoots Down Park Gun Rule.  The prospect of Nimrodus Americanus bopping around the trails with concealed weapons strikes me as a terribly deadly situation.  I’d be afraid to exit my tent to take a leak, for fear of being mistaken for a bruin.

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