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Colossal: Fantastic Fungi - The Startling Visual Diversity of Mushrooms.

Lovingly lit.

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ReadWrite: Our Climate Is Changing, And NASA Has The Proof.

NM’s down at the #3 spot.

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KRQE.com: Fire erupts in Gila National Forest.

And in case you haven’t heard, fire season is in full shred all of a sudden. Like, yesterday. The ‘Signal’ fire has already burned 3,000 acres. Looking at the map, it may burn towards already-torched areas (hope).

When these things start now, they end up being immediate monsters. The fact this one started two weeks earlier than usual, indicates how desperately dessicated we are.

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365/2: 132. Blue flax, starting to close.

365/2: 132. Blue flax.

Early 365 today, because the subject is only open for a short time. Blue flax wraps up their blossoms by early afternoon. These are already starting to curl up. Enjoy.

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National Geo: Man-Made Electromagnetic Noise Disrupts a Bird’s Compass.

This has nothing to do with wi-fi, mobile phones, or power lines. By deliberately adding electromagnetic fields inside the grounded huts, the team showed that they were sensitive to frequencies between 2 kilohertz and 5 megahertz. With that range, the culprits are likely to be either AM radio signals or fields produced by electronic equipment in the university, although it’s hard to narrow the source down any further.” I figured I needed to add that italic emphasis for the foil hat crowd.

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The spring of invisible mountains.

This truly has been a ‘spring of invisible mountains’. Our high winds continue to kick up so much dust, multiple mountain ranges and hills are completely obscured. Normally I can see the Ortiz Mtns, Sandia Crest, Galisteo ‘wave’, Cerrillos Hills, Jemez Mountains, Sangre de Cristos, and the Sangre foothills. On extra clear days I can even see Mount Taylor to the west and the Manzanos to the south.

At the moment, all I can see is a handful of the closest foothills, darkling and obscured.

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365/2 131. Lilacs in high winds.

365/2: 131.

A bit of creative motion blur, even *with* a flash.

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CO Springs Gazette: Parts of some Plains states drier than Dust Bowl.

While experts say the possibility of another Dust Bowl is unlikely because of modern irrigation and farming techniques enacted afterward that are aimed at holding soil in place, greater erosion in recent years has resulted in an increasing number of dust storms, including one last month that lasted three days in Lubbock, Texas.” As I’ve mentioned before, the recent winds have done a mighty fine job of picking up our dirt roads and dropping them over in Oklahoma and Texas.  It’s terrifyingly dry.

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365/2: 130. Mrs Robin did a great job!

365/2: 130.

Balanced on a shaky chair, one hand holding a mirror, the other hand holding a DSLR ... sorry for the focus. But aren’t they perfect?

Later: I went for a bit of a walk downtown, and took some shots. Rather than link ‘em all, I’ll just send you to my stream on Flickr. The last ten or so images are the latest.

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Guardian.UK: Honeybees abandoning hives and dying due to insecticide use, research finds.

The scientists showed that exposure to two neonicotinoids, the world’s most widely used class of insecticide, lead to half the colonies studied dying, while none of the untreated colonies saw their bees disappear.” Convincing enough to me. If any of the stuff in your garage contains imidacloprid or cothianidin, dispose of it safely and find something else to use. You’ll ‘bee’ thanked.

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NY Times: A Sherpa’s Final Moments.

Tensions between Sherpas and Nepal’s government boiled over when state officials offered a compensation package of just $400 to the families of the dead men.”  No way.  No wonder they’re angry.

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Vox: El Niño could be the biggest weather story of 2014.

NOAA is now giving a nearly 80 percent chance of an El Niño by the end of the year.

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The Archaeology News Network: Long-snouted T. rex unearthed in China.

It has the familiar toothy grin of T. rex, but its snout was much longer and it had a row of horns on its nose. It might have looked a little comical, but it would have been as deadly as any other tyrannosaur, and maybe even a little faster and stealthier.

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The Archaeology News Network: Long-standing climate paradox resolved.

Based on this relationship of the variations in the earth’s orbit and Nevada’s climate, Lachniet and his team suggest that the region won’t see the re-appearance of these pluvial lakes for at least another 55,000 years. They also see evidence that the Great Basin climate has been warming for the past 1,600 years, which may indicate a human-control of regional climate because it departs from the orbital climate control …” Read the whole thing.

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Guardian.UK: More than 400 dams planned for the Amazon and headwaters.

Yikes. Dams, then extraction companies. Death of the Amazon. And a much hotter planet.

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365/2: 125. Hate seeing this. More smoke, more fire.

365/2: 125.

Hoping it’s a prescribed burn, but given that the weather service is warning about high winds over the next day or so, I’m not hopeful.

Later: It is apparently a prescribed burn. Here’s hoping they stop over the next two days.

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DP Review: American Museum of Natural History photo archive now online.


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Archaeology News Network: Tree rings reveal nightmare droughts in western USA.

The year 1703 kicked off 16 years in a row with below average stream flow.” Hurts to even think about.

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ArtDaily: HMS Beagle marine chronometer that accompanied Charles Darwin for auction.

The previously unrecorded marine chronometer, dated 1825 and signed by William Edward Frodsham, was one of 22 that were on board HMS Beagle. Until now, only two other recorded chronometers from the ship are known to have survived, both of which are owned by the British Museum.” Yowzer.

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Medium/arXiv: In the 1970s, Scientists found a 2 Billion-Year-Old Nuclear Reactor in West Africa.

This was a naturally occurring deposit of uranium where the concentration of uranium-235 had been high enough to trigger a self-sustaining nuclear reaction.

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365/2: 121. Our bluebirds fledged this morning.

365/2: 121.

That was the best image out of the Canon cam/Nikon lens combo.  Here’s the whole gallery. Enjoy.

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Blog posting delay … bluebirds are fledging.

Never blog when you can watch one of the miracles of nature ...

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365/2: 120. Haughty and regal.

365/2: 120.

She and her mate are building a nest just outside our bedroom window, within feet of the bluebirds’ already-existing nest. This is gonna get interesting.

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Has the whale exploded yet?

Perfect.  Via Curt Brown on G+.

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Colossal: A Single Drop of Seawater, Magnified 25 Times.

All the little beasties! Good protein, if a little high in salt.

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