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Sunset clouds, just to the southeast.

sunset clouds.

Much more interesting than the straight-on sunset. Enjoy a little bit of Santa Fe.

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SF New Mexican: More oil and gas drillers turn to water recycling.

Ironic, of course, after all the screaming over ‘closed loop’ systems that would ‘put the costs of drilling over the top.’

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Head Like an Orange: Rufous hummingbird vs. Calliope Hummingbird.

Now here’s a great use for an animated GIF.  Calliope’s kickin’ butt.

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SciAm: Finally, A Way to Predict A Wildfire’s Behavior in Real Time.

So every 12 hours, we initiate the model and assimilate the new satellite data. If the data matches the model, [Coen] verifies its accuracy; if the model deviates from the data, she corrects the model to correspond.” Faster would be better; Las Conchas burned 61,000 acres in the first 36 hours.

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RealClimate: Global Warming Since 1997 Underestimated by Half.

You know, I wonder. If some other cause - say, the Sun getting hotter - were to blame, would Mankind be any more motivated to change their polluting habits?

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Collectors Weekly: Rise of the Machines - Tractors and the End of Rural America.

Just about everything you want to know about farm tractors. In one article.

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SciAm: What America’s Forests Looked Like Before Europeans Arrived.

The chestnuts … the mighty chestnuts. Fed both animals and mankind. I’d donate to GM’ing chestnuts in a split second.

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PS Mag: The Most Senseless Environmental Crime of the 20th Century.

It’s difficult to look at the Soviet story and see anything other than a remarkable anomaly, one that seems wildly unlikely to occur again. But in a way, this is the point: If the same international regime that exists today allowed 180,000 whales to vanish without a trace, how can anyone reasonably expect it to notice two or three thousand missing whales tomorrow?

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SciAm: Cosmic Rays Not Causing Climate Change.

Their findings indicated that, overall, the contribution of changing solar activity, either directly or through cosmic rays, was even less and cannot have contributed more than 10 percent to global warming in the 20th century.” Given the recent record-setting solar minimum, I would have indeed been surprised if they’d found otherwise.

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Guardian.UK: Grand Canyon uranium mine placed on hold.

A uranium-mining company that was due to open its mine on the doorstep of the Grand Canyon is suspending work, citing falling uranium prices and the expense of ongoing litigation.”  Whew. Reprieved, for a bit.

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Guardian.UK: Rainwater harvesting—dismissed by Texas voters but embraced by business.

Rainwater collection played a key role in getting several Australian cities through their recent ‘millennium drought’. But the practice routinely gets overlooked in the United States, as underlined by the Texas plan.

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Teal International: Tail Feather Camper.

Brill. Light enough to be towed by smaller vehicles, I’ll warrant.

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iainclaridge.net: Batty.

Happy Halloween.

[If you’re too freaked out: That is, I believe, a flying fox. A fruit bat. He wants a sip o’ your morning OJ, or your morning smoothie, not your blood.]

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Nature: Large magma reservoir gets bigger.

New pictures of this plumbing system show that the reservoir is about 80 kilometres long and 20 kilometres wide.”  Yowzer.

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Foggy morning leaves.

foggy morning leaves.

Very rare to get fog in Santa Fe. Must be thoroughly enjoyed when experienced.

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Sun broke out on our little aspen.

light on our back aspen.

Past peak; won’t last much longer with these temps.

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Guardian.UK: North Dakota recorded 300 oil spills in two years without notifying the public.

What you don’t know, nobody is going to tell you.” Until it’s too late. Outrageous.

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redOrbit: Badger Helps Archaeologists Uncover 12th Century Burial Site.

Anyone tried training badgers? I mean, really. They’re perfect for the job of archaeological discovery. Long as you don’t let them do anything other than discover the find. Those talons would tear up artifacts in no time.

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SciAm: Tens of Thousands of Cattle Feared Dead after South Dakota Storm.

I’ve been in this business 50 years and I’ve never seen anything like this.” Read history, you’ll find this happened in the late 1800’s, wiping out British investments in American cattle ranches.

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Civil War Memory: US Park Rangers Lodge Issues Statement.

“While we are “not ashamed” to do this unpleasant task, we are somewhat less than proud of elected officials in Washington. This situation was preventable, and should be fixed. We’re also not so proud of those in the media that sensationalize and incorrectly report on our actions, and find it fit to blame those that enforce the law rather than work to change the laws or deal with the political leaders that make and implement them. The American people and our international visitors deserve better.”

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Guardian.UK: France cements fracking ban.

Beyond the question of fracking, shale gas is a carbon emitter. [snip] We must set our priorities on renewable energies.

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Sauron’s army’s arrival is imminent.

Storm clouds, from a few minutes ago.

4:30PM today.  Crazy weather.

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NPR: County In Utah Threatens Takeover Of National Park Areas.

How do we let local businesses starve to death?” I hope they’re giving their Congresspeople hell.

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SF New Mexican: Los Alamos climate researcher discusses dire forecast for New Mexico forests.

“Rising temperatures are killing forests globally, and research by Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists finds it is highly likely that the Southwest, including New Mexico, will lose the vast majority of its forests by 2050. That means no golden aspens in the fall or pine trees in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

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Guardian.UK: Why we’d be mad to rule out climate engineering.

The IPCC’s latest report clearly indicates that with every decision we make to value the economy more highly than the environment we make climate engineering more likely.

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