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365/2: 150. The happiness of Blue Flax.

365/2: 150.

Meditate on the happiness of blue flax in the early morning light. They only open for a few hours; soon as the sun’s getting warm, they close up.

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SciAm: Ichthyosaur Graveyard Discovered Beneath Chilean Glacier.

The skeletons were extremely well preserved — some even retained soft tissues. The researchers also found fossil embryos inside a female specimen.” Great find.

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365/2: 148. Storm behind Lamy, NM’s Cerro Colorado.

365/2: 148.

And a political statement: #nocrudeoilinlamy.  We stand for, what we stand on.

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Italian Ways: Plants of life and death at the Aboca Museum.

Lovely space.

[Note to photographers using HDR - your unskilled use of HDR is patently obvious with colorcast oversaturation of highlights and shadows (the blues here, esp.). There is a certain tonal contrast ‘mushiness’ and strange highlight colorcast that immediately tells everyone “I used Photomatix!”. Spend more time to learn your HDR program, or simply use shadow/highlight in LR.]

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Messy Nessy Chic: Lost in Lava Land - The Church that Rose from the Ashes.

Surprised we haven’t seen this in a movie yet.

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365/2: 146. Storms are breaking up.

365/2: 146.

Possibly more later in the week, when the storm hitting Mexico breaks up.

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NPR: From Yellowstone To Grand Canyon, WPA Posters Celebrate National Parks.

If you haven’t seen them in person, these are just wonderful.

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365/2: 145. Lots of rain = very happy flowers.

365/2: 145.

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PS Mag: The Disappearance of Fog on California’s Farms.

Fog is a fragile thing; you’d have to live in the desert to realize how fragile (and rare) it is.

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365/2: 142. Officially crazy weather again.

365/2: 142.

No surprise, really. Every last week of May, we get sudden T-storms with severe hail. In past years, we made the mistake of buying flowers to plant … get ‘em all in pots, and then have to run like crazy whilst getting pounded by icy golfballs to drag them under the portale.  Not this year. High winds right now, coming (unusually) from the East, spitting rain. Another view, perhaps better.

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Guardian.UK: Write-down of two-thirds of US shale oil explodes fracking myth.

Given the incredible difference between initial projections of 15 billion barrels and revisions to 600 million, does this not call into account all such global projections for tight oil?” Abso-friggin’-lutely.

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BBC: Archaeopteryx - X-rays shine new light on mystery ‘bird’.

I’m rooting for fly, personally.

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The Atlantic: Breakfast Cereals to Get More Expensive, Thanks to Climate Change.

Seriously, you want me to panic over Frosted Flakes?  The ‘staff of life’, bread, is more important on a worldwide basis, and just as under threat.

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Mashable: Earth Just Tied for Its Warmest April on Record, NOAA Says.

Alarmed. And with potential El Niño coming, time to batten the hatches a bit more (heat-proof, waterproof).

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Weather Underground: Santa Fe, New Mexico Conditions & Forecast.

At this moment (~4:30PM), we are standing at 3% humidity with brisk winds. My skin is like overdone rotisserie chicken.

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Vox: Why the US is always so unprepared to fight wildfires.

Right now, Congress gives agencies like the US Forest Service a budget for fire suppression that’s based on the average cost of wildfires over the previous 10 years. Of course, if wildfires are getting bigger over time, that’s going to create constant shortfalls.

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Las Cruces Sun-News: Breaking - Obama to make Organ Mountains national monument.

For generations, the Organ Mountains have been an iconic part of the Mesilla Valley. Soon they will be part of a national monument.” Great news.

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365/2: 138 outtake. A sunset, of course.

365/2: 138 Outtake.

‘Twas very hazy today; however the winds died down and the sunset perked up just before the last slivers left the undersides of the clouds. Turned out to be the most pleasant aspect of the entire day.

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Size difference, Bluebird egg vs. big old Robin egg.

Size difference ... Bluebird egg vs. big old Robin egg.

Interestingly, when the babies reach fledging stage, the size difference isn’t this great. So bluebirds are a little more space-efficient.

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Vox: Five horrifying maps of America’s massive drought.

Unless El Niño.

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Guardian.UK: Rate of US honeybee deaths ‘too high for long-term survival’.

Honeybees are dying off at too high a rate to guarantee their long-term survival, even though fewer were lost last winter, a US government report said on Thursday.”  Based on the recent research - stop using neonicotinoids - immediately.

Later: Amazes me. Many supposedly non-thintelligent sources are titling their posts on this with the second part (‘fewer were lost’) as “good news”, and bloggers I admire are relinking them without a second’s consideration. Postmodern? Post-truth. This is not good news - this is a warning. “The ship’s not sinking as fast as it was previously.” Optimism at the cost of survival?

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Guardian.UK: Sun’s activity triggers lightning strikes.

Activity on the sun significantly increases the rate of lightning strikes on Earth, say researchers, making it feasible to predict when lightning strikes will become more frequent.” Some of what we consider ‘nature’ is … supernatural?

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Mashable: Homes Destroyed, Emergency Declared as Fires Spread in California.

My California readers and friends, I am doing rain dances for you.

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Youtube: Watch Tanker10 doing its thing over Lompoc, CA.

The video’s mislabeled, it’s a modified DC-10. But just look at how much retardant that baby can drop. Read more about the plane here. Check their video page for even more. (I’ve linked this before; probably at the start of each fire season.)

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BBC: Deep-sea ‘graveyard’ reveals fate of dead ocean giants.

There’s been lots of research on whale-falls, but we’ve never really found any of these other large marine animals on the sea bed.” Interesting bit that fills in with even more mystery.

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