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Vimeo: Ocean Gravity.

You just know someone’s going to ‘borrow’ this for a sci-fi movie relatively soon.

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SciAm: Here’s why 76 beavers were forced to skydive into the Idaho wilderness in 1948

Now, here’s a quirky link I just couldn’t resist. Skydiving beavers. Who’d a thunk?

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NY Times: How Much Snow Has Fallen.

The second map. If true ... *yawn* ... some Governors are going to look pretty silly.

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Guardian.UK: ‘Fifty miles out we could smell the pollution’ - sailing amid the ocean lit

It’s my biggest fear. [snip] There’s nothing you can do except keep your eyes open during the day and keep the watertight doors closed in the bow at night in case the worst happens.

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Cascadia Vehicle Roof Top Tents.

Neat idea.

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Guardian.UK: ‘Three suns’ appear over Mongolia in rare anthelion phenomenon – video.

It’s that time of year.  Cool.

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Mashable: X-ray video shows exactly how much can hide in hamster’s chubby cheeks.

Good grief. Pouches extend back to the hips. Talk about ‘packing it on.’

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Weather moving in tomorrow.

Unsettled weather.

The clouds can’t make up their minds - a complete jumble.

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Rush jobs, and an ear-lowering.

I should be linking by early afternoon. In the meantime, if you have any sewers in your family (as in SEW-ers), go help the koalas ... please.

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Guardian.UK: Methane plume over western US illustrates climate cost of gas leaks.

The methane that leaks from 40,000 gas wells near the desert trading post of Cuba, New Mexico, may be colourless and odourless, but it’s not invisible. It can be seen from space.” And encroaching Chaco. This cannot stand.

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Discover Mag: Baby It’s Cold Outside, and Here’s Why.

Oh no ... another polar vortex mention. I keep picturing a black hole. With ice cubes.

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Colossal: Ancient Trees — Beth Moon’s 14-Year Quest to Photograph the World’s Most

Neat. Not enough samples, IMHO.

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Colossal: Spectacular Ice Formations Atop a Windswept Mountain in Slovenia.

We’ve seen similar pix before, but never so dramatic.  Enjoy.

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USA Today: Dramatic video shows turbulence rock AA flight over Pacific.

Commercial airliners are, if my memory is correct, able to handle -1.5 to +3 g’s.  Unspoken as yet, turbulence seems to be on the rise. Global warming, one assumes.  We certainly see more lenticular clouds over the mountain ranges here, than in past years. Lenticular clouds have (as opposed to the above article) broken even military aircraft to pieces.

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BBC: America’s ‘ringing’ rock arches recorded.

The field is very well established in civil engineering; it’s called structural health monitoring. We’re just the first to extend that to natural rock arches.” Coolness.

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Snowing fit to beat the band.

About an inch, but I’ve got to clear the driveway.  Links as I can (nearing 9 here).

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Mashable: Private land in Grand Teton now open to hunters

A reinterpretation of the park’s regulations by the Park Service means wildlife on private land within Grand Teton’s boundaries now falls under Wyoming Game and Fish Department rules, which allow hunts for bison, mountain lions, mule deer, waterfowl and other game. Any wolves in the park are protected and cannot be hunted.”  This will impact the park negatively. Quite negatively. I’m surprised at the NPS.

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Guardian.UK: Fracking chemicals could pose risks to reproductive health, say researchers.

Well, duh.  Get this: “I certainly wouldn’t dismiss it lightly, but I think we will have to wait for detailed prospective data from well-organised studies ...” Wait? For what? We know many of the compounds. We know those compounds’ lethality. We know they’re getting spilled and/or leaked. Do you really want to be a lemming?

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SF New Mexican: Officials - Hiker found north of Santa Fe ski basin died of hypothermia.

In late JULY, note. When we’re nearly at our hottest temps. I keep banging on about this, but you can so easily be hiking, have a thunderstorm crest those mountains, and experience a 60 degree temperature drop in minutes. I see so many people, too far from the trailheads, woefully unprepared.  I do stop and advise (gently), when there’s an opportunity.

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I can see snow falling in just about all the surrounding mountain ranges.

Winter’s coming! Gotta break out the snowshoes. Excited.

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365/2: 322. Meet ‘Flit’, our wintering hummingbird.

365/2: 322.

We have a wintering hummingbird. Up at 6AM to give him warm sugar water (it’s below 27 at night here, when sugar water freezes). He’s skittish as all get-out, and I have to sneak up on him to get any image at all. Tight crop, through a screen. Hopefully he’ll get tamer if he sticks around.

Job #1 right now is keeping him alive through these cold nights. The skittish behavior is something we’ve observed before, when instinct takes over. He obviously would love to migrate, but can’t lace up enough food sources to make it ... so he’ll disappear for a day, half a day, and then reappear. If he could make it to the Bosque down in Albuquerque, he’d have food sources all the way down to Mexico. It’s this first 75 miles that’s brutal for late migrators.

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Photo Attorney: Forest Service Chief Issues Directive on Photography Permits.

Cut to the chase: “I also want to emphasize that commercial photography only requires a permit if the photography takes place at locations where members of the public are not allowed, or uses models, sets, or props. Commercial film and photography permit fees should be primarily viewed as land-use fees. If the activity presents no more impact on the land than that of the general public, then it shall be exempt from permit requirements.” My italic emphasis.

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DiscoverMag: Buffalo Suburbs May Have Set a Record for 24-Hour Snowfall in a Populated Area.

76 inches in 24 hours. Ouch.

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NY Times: In Compromise Plan, Limited Fracking Is Approved for National Forest in Virginia.

No. There should be no compromise in defense of our national forests. They exist to preserve forests, not mineral extraction technologies.

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NY Times: The Civil War’s Environmental Impact.

Man has too long forgotten that the earth was given to him for usufruct alone, not for consumption, still less for profligate waste.”  A useful word for upcoming drone issues, methinks. Or knocking Ms Nockett.

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