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PS Mag: The Solar Revolution That Wasn’t.

According to scientific observers from the Department of Energy who studied the plant, bursts of smoke can be seen roughly every two minutes as birds, insects, or other objects cross the mirror’s intense rays. It happens with such frequency that plant workers developed their own term for the phenomenon: “streamers,” so called for the trail of smoke left in the burnt feathers’ wake.

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Mashable: 2 black bears cozied up to a hiker but she just wasn’t having it.

Don’t be scared.” She *should* have scared it. It needs to stay away from humans. Bears need roughly 20,000 calories to fatten for winter, and this is prime bear time. For god’s sake, don’t offer it food or drink. The result of this encounter, for this bear ... means being put down.

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Guardian.UK: Activists threaten lawsuit against EPA over fracking-induced earthquakes.

Other groups involved in the lawsuit include the Natural Resources Defense Council, Earthworks, Responsible Drilling Alliance, San Juan Citizens Alliance, West Virginia Surface Owners Rights Organization, and the Center for Health, Environment and Justice.” Go, Earthworks, go!

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Guardian.UK: North Dakota’s big oil boom in a man’s land - ‘It’s like capitalism on steroids’.

A bit light and fluffy. Is anyone preparing for when the money stops flowing? And no real mention of the environmental concerns. At least the author did hit the infrastructure issue.

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Hemmings: Bonneville Speed Week cancellation spurs proposals for salt flats replenishment.

Potash had been mined from Bonneville since the early 1900s, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that the Bureau of Land Management, tasked with overseeing public lands including the Bonneville Salt Flats, determined that potash mining “may be causing the salt layer to thin and retract” and that ‘such diminshment would degrade the unique geology and historical relevance of the site and would disrupt the recreational opportunities that have been part of the BSF for over 80 years.’

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DiscoverMag: Wildfire Smoke Drifts Across 1,000 Miles of the West.

*cough*, *cough*.

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HSW: ‘Open Letter’ to Landscape Photographers - It’s Time for an Etiquette Check.

Only at events have I been challenged by this behavior. Though, come to think of it, during autumn in the Sangres, I will be standing to take a photo, and some SUV will come roaring out of nowhere, skid to a halt, and an earnest photographer will jump into my recently-vacated spot for a quick snap before leaping back in their car to copy the next photog they see.

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Motherboard: Wildlife Drones May Stress Animals Out, Study Says.

As I’ve mentioned before, when you encounter one at a crowded event, stalking you for a photo opp, they’ll get your predator-alarms going too.

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Archaeology News Network: Corrected sunspot history suggests climate change not due to solar trends.

Of note. Worth a bookmark, if you discuss issues with environmentally-minded folk on occasion. If not sunspots, then what *was* the Maunder Minimum?

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NY Times: El Niño May Bring Record Heat, and Rain for California.

The federal forecasters announced a greater than 90 percent chance that El Niño would continue through the winter of 2015-2016 for the Northern Hemisphere. The likelihood that the effects will last into early spring 2016 is 85 percent, up from last month’s prediction of 80 percent.” Yep, time to start saving for that snowblower ...

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SciAm: Wastewater Spill from Colorado Gold Mine Triples in Volume.

The discharge, containing high concentrations of heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury and lead, was continuing to flow at the rate of 500 gallons per minute on Sunday, four days after the spill began at the Gold King Mine, the EPA said.” Local news is saying, “Only some iron and zinc. No worries.” It is passing into Navajo tribal water sources right now.

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Colossal: A Pair of Butterflies Photographed While Sipping on Turtle Tears in Ecuador.

Absolutely beautiful.

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Archaeology News Network: Dig returns to artifact-rich colonial American site in NY.

The upper Lake George area is just so amazing. The light - not unlike the light in Santa Fe (on clear NY days). I still remember how incredibly clear the water was, while canoeing there. Like glass down to 30’. Some said they could still see boats on the bottom from the Revolutionary War, back when I was a kid.

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Guardian.UK: Eye shape reveals whether an animal is predator or prey, new study shows.

Haven’t horror movie creature designers known this for decades already? Just teasing.

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Time: A Massive Waste Spill Turned This River in Colorado Orange.

Oh no, Durango! Mine waste heading for their trout fishery. Noone seems to be saying what’s in it other than “heavy metals and sediments”. Betcha there’s more than that, but few journos seem to be on the ball anymore.

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SciAm: Shallow Fracking Wells May Threaten Aquifers.

Shallow wells are cheaper and easier to operate.” Extraction companies, cut corners? You shock me. [Not.]

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Discover: As El Niño Gets Even Stronger, He’s Not Really Looking Like a Child Any Longer.

In fact, conditions in the equatorial Pacific Ocean are looking a bit more intense right now than they did at this point in the summer of 1997, when a true monster of an El Niño was brewing.” I may need to consider that snowblower.

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Guardian.UK: Are plants intelligent? New book says yes.

... if you can’t eat animals, and you can’t eat plants ...

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Italian Ways: The spectacular Lame Rosse.

Hey, that’s cool. Almost identical to our own Tent Rocks.

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PS Mag: The Long Lasting Legacy of Droughts in Forests.

The effects of drought are deep and complex. Our tall pine and aspen forests are hanging on by a thread. At some point, more hardy species will take over. When the bark beetle killed the piñons in ‘03, our foothills here became denuded of >50% of their evergreen cover. The junipers have not made up the difference, so instead of green hills with small bits of rock showing, we have rocky foothills with clearly spotty tree cover. I look at photos I took pre-‘03, and it’s quite shocking. We get used to the ‘new look’ of things rather quickly, and forget even faster.

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Paris Review: Think Like a Mountain—Aldo Leopold’s Path to Conservationism.

And I have to point out - he wasn’t a 20-something doing this. Worldchanging work is still done by those over 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 ...

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Tumblr/BestintheWest: I have gotten lots of questions these last few…

Great advice, if you’re going out riding in the wilderness.

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Guardian.UK: Cecil the lion’s cubs most likely killed by rival lion, say conservationists.

Lion cubs fathered by Cecil, the celebrated lion shot dead in Zimbabwe, may already have been killed by a rival male lion and even if they were still alive there was nothing conversationists could do to protect them, a conversation charity has warned.” The ripples flow outward, from that one selfish act.

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Guardian.UK: Killer of Cecil the lion was dentist from Minnesota, claim Zimbabwe officials.

They tied a dead animal to their vehicle to lure Cecil out of the park and they scented an area about half a kilometre from the park.” Given the fact the lion was wearing a radio collar (a rather unsubtle addition to the lion’s mane), you wonder if they ever actually looked before shooting.

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DesignYouTrust: US Salt Flats Speed Week photos.

As in, No Speed Week. Thank El Niño.

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