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Youtube: The Story of You+Me.

Alecia Moore and Dallas Green. See if you recognize Alecia. She remains so charmingly “Doylestown.”

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ABC: Experts - Chopin’s Heart Shows Signs of TB.

The experts said heart is ” very well preserved,” but they did not open the jar.”  The benefits of a long soak in quality cognac.

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Vimeo: Fleetwood Mac “Rhiannon (Luxxury Edit)”.

Different mix.

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Slate: A brilliant cellist embraces the Devil’s Music.

It’s gonna be one of those days, methinks.  Dracula, Devil’s music ...

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Youtube: Jack White at Château de Fontainebleau - A Take Away Show.

Unplugged. Definitely cool.

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94.7 WCSX: ZZ Top/Jeff Beck Tour CANCELLED.

Dusty Hill of ZZ Top fell on his hip onboard the tour bus, and got injured.  Best wishes for a fast recovery, Dusty!

Later: Hold the phone. Jeff’s going to pick up some of the dates as a solo. Stay tuned to your local venue.

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OpenCulture: Brian May’s Homemade Guitar, Made From Old Tables, Bike and Motorcycle Parts & More.

Knitting needles, knives, more. Jeff Beck reference at 2:50 - May wanted to do the same feedback techniques.

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Youtube: Black Lodge Singers - Ask Your Mom For Fifty Cents.

Indian Market this weekend in Santa Fe. Events are already going on. You need a bit of flavor.

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Vox: The problem with Taylor Swift’s new pop song: it’s perfect.

It’s the cleanest thing Swift has ever produced.” True. But certainly not perfect. Got bored halfway through. Needed more than just studio scenery - Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” video comes to mind [to which this has more than a passing resemblance, the episodic beginning]. Tune’s not as catchy as Jackson’s. She’s cute when she’s dorky, but there’s not enough here. Sans video, I’ll probably change the station.

[And Vox, relax the sensationalism a bit. You had a better tone a few weeks ago. You’re tipping into probationary territory in my aggregator.]

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Rolling Stone: Jeff Beck on Playing With ZZ Top, Jimi Hendrix, Brian WIlson and More.

In which we find out he had back problems and back surgery. Serious enough, but less than some imagined.

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Colossal: Artist Creates Digital Life-Forms that Respond to Archival Birdsongs.


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Daily Breeze: Guitar legend Jeff Beck rules the night at L.A.’s Greek Theatre.

Okay, I simply must scare up some cash for August 19 in Albuquerque.  Anyone else interested?

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Messy Nessy Chic: Into the Woodstock Crowd, 1969.

I think what’s hard to express is that this is how kids dressed back then, walking around on the streets. This is not isolated to Woodstock. You see that long hair and beards are not the majority look ... mostly just hair a bit too long, and some sort of facial hair. Truly long hair on men was still a major cultural statement, drawing looks and ire from even average citizens. The nudity was pretty much Woodstock and rarely elsewhere - though there were a subset of guys who could grow the long hair, go shirtless with hiphugger jeans and tire sandals, and affect Robert Plant. Every town had at least four, with attendant preteens drooling over them. The other thing is to watch the videos of Woodstock. The audiences were rather staid; you would almost say unemotional. A few dancing with glee, but the majority stone-faced, just sitting. Looking at other concerts of the era, even shorter ones, same thing.

An irony I’ve missed all this time - for Hendrix’ Star Spangled Banner, the crowd had dwindled to less than 1/10 of its size ... the “single greatest moment of the ‘60’s” was missed by over 90% of attendees, in order to go home and dry off.

Once again, the Hartley quote is applicable: “The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.”

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Master and Dynamic: MH40 Over Ear Headphones

Brown leather. Very pretty. Very pricey.

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Vimeo: Tone.

Cool. Notice how it just wouldn’t be the same without the music.

Tangential: I’ve been running across a lot of folks posting ‘how-to’ videos, using completely inappropriate music to intro their vids.  Dynamic music, lots of aural ‘movement’ — to be followed by a person talking in a monotone against a blank background. The word ‘appropriateness’ comes to mind.

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Thoughts on personal branding, Charo, and Q Scores.

Long story to set this up.

I ran across a version of Malagueña on Spotify, played by María del Rosario Mercedes Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza, a student of Segovia’s. Sounds impressive on its face, right?

Wait. You’ll recognize her more readily under her stage name, Charo. The Segovia link probably surprised you - it surprised me. As did her playing (on this version). And after perusing her Wikipedia entry (the 1970’s), I became acquainted with her Q Score

This, of course, brought Technorati, Klout, personal branding to mind.

The story for Charo is that because of ill-advised overexposure, her recognition factor is as high as Clint Eastwood’s, but her popularity factor is in the single digits.

Everyone knows you, not many care about what’s going on with you. No ability to generate any buzz, except through sensationalism ... which requires ever-greater levels of personal exposure, allying with strategic larger brands, or creation of false personas.

Personal branders, beware. This is a metric you may not be paying attention to. One can expose themselves quite thoroughly, score well on the social media measurement charts, link all the trending subjects, and have no popularity.  Oh, you can have ‘influence’ — you talk to a lot of people — but do you really have ‘likeability’? It’s that polarity thing I keep railing about. I’ve tested Klout over and over, and it has no method for judging a positive thread vs. a negative thread ... the same failing Technorati suffered from.  Numbers without context, that blow up into a fantasy.

So, to put it gently — counter to Klout or other measurement services — perhaps less recognition and greater likeability should be the general goal ... ?

My opinion. Take it or leave it. I’ll sign off on a totally ironic note ... sounds like folks should start blogs rather than social media empires.

Neil Young, Sugar Mountain.

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OnStage Mag: Frampton personally enforces “No Camera” Policy.

He flings for the rafters.  Speaking of which, this self-absorbed behavior is getting worse and worse.  Our internationally-famed Canyon Road art galleries are now under siege by Shazam, the music-recognition app. Customers are bulling their way through fragile displays, shoving their cellphones next to speakers, and yelling “I GOT IT! I GOT IT!” for the entire block to hear.

These are not teenagers, in our galleries. These are comfortably middle-aged folks who should behave better.

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Messy Nessy Chic: Meet the Nomadic Berber Rock Band who play the Desert Blues.

We’ve seen so many strange onstage costumes over the years, these don’t surprise me a bit. Video/audio at the very bottom of the article (doesn’t it belong up top?).

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Discover Mag: Does singing along to your favorite songs make you a worse driver?

Collectively, results suggest that singing while driving alters driving performance and impairs hazard perception while at the same time increasing subjective mental workload.”  What about punching buttons on the radio to find SOMETHING DECENT TO LISTEN TO? Definitely increases mental workload. And stress.  Can we sue the radio monopolists, then? “Having to listen to ‘Radar Love’ on three different stations at the same time caused me to drive off the road, kill a herd of cows, gave me whiplash, and totalled my car ...

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WNYC: The Leonard Lopate Show - Do You Have to Be Crazy to Be a Genius?

Neuroscientist and literary scholar Nancy C. Andreasen tries to answer the question: If high IQ does not indicate creative genius, then where does the trait come from, and why is it so often accompanied by mental illness?”  Audio; linking it without having the time to listen to it yet, because it’s one of my favorite bugbears.

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Blue Magic/Sideshow has ‘bings’ that exactly match iPhone’s text alert.

Thought it was important for everyone to know.

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Youtube: Super Selfie - Legit feat. The Manoeuvres.

Too good to miss.

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Colossal: An Amazing Collection of Mechanical Singing Bird Automata.

Leave the volume up and drive your office-mates to distraction.

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Here’s a cool audio recording tip.

Got a Blue Yeti? And a Zoom H4n? If you’ve purchased the ‘dead cat’ for the H4n, it fits perfectly on top of the Yeti, and functions as a stellar pop filter. Kick your gain up, you’re good to go.

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Dazed: Etsy is selling a ‘punk starter kit’ for £51.

It’s been said for decades that punk is dead, but it appears that a very large nail has been hammered into its coffin.

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