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Guardian.UK: Flamenco superstar Sara Baras - ‘If you don’t feel it, you can’t do it’.

Older flamenco dancers can perform with a strength that you will not find in other dance genres. But the most important thing in flamenco is passion. It is not about technique, but about emotion – if you don’t feel it, you can’t do it.

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ForumOpera.com: Véronique Gens victim of a malaise in full concert.

Dramatic. You’ll have to translate it. Google humorously mistranslates ‘blood pressure drop’ as ‘voltage drop’.

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Open Culture: What Ancient Greek Music Sounded Like.

Hey, neat.

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Here’s one you didn’t expect. David Bowie & Jeff Beck, Jean Genie/Love Me Do, ‘73.

Amazeballs. Right in the sweet spot of the Les Paul guitar days for Jeff. And detuning his guitar, live, for effect!

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c|net: Neil deGrasse Tyson goes all out against flat-earther B.o.B.

Easy. Take the dude to the Na Pali overlook on Kauai. You’re up high, looking out over the ocean. You see the curvature, oh yes.

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Speaker selection update.

Logitechs going back. Overdone thunderous bass, booming midrange and fragile tinny highs ... and nothing between those three. They sounded like music played through yogurt containers in the bottom of an empty ship.

Bought a pair of Mackie CR3‘s, and they sound fab. Not overbalanced in any of the three ranges (tweet, mid, woof). For entertainment purposes, they could use a subwoof. But for what I want them for (quiet background music and judging audio accurately), I’m pretty damned impressed so far. I can even hear the MP3 compression noise floor when turned up. Not as pleasing an overall sound as my old Bose MediaMates, but their accuracy for audio analysis is much better. After years of working with audio engineers, they’ve drummed two things into my head - clean highs and clean mids.

Possible caveats: They’re large. Almost the size of bookshelf speakers. And I have a bit of a channel thing going with them, I had to move the balance over to the left a bit when at quiet volumes. I’ll update if I feel the need to return these.

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New Yorker: Yanni’s Early Years.

Yanni no longer travels with an oscillating fan. His songs have been known to conjure the rush of the actual wind.

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Metal Nation: 83% Of Teens Think Metallica, Disturbed, Korn Is ‘Old People Music’.

Well, they’re right. I’ve expressed this before - kids today are remarkably generous to allow us our ‘elderly’ music. The Rolling Stones’ first hits are as far back in history as Al Jolson was to my generation in high school. And I can tell you we certainly didn’t hear Jolson on the radio as much as you hear “Not Fade Away.” The band mentioned in the article, Twenty One Pilots, I hadn’t heard of before. Try them out. They cross a lot of musical styles very deftly. Listen to the kids!

Later: Speaking of which, Disturbed’s latest has some great lyrics. Almost self-help (The Light, What Are You Waiting For). Great for workouts.

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Driving thoughts.

I realized today why I don’t bother to make Spotify playlists and just save entire albums. There’s no tactility. The fun of making mixtapes was the physical act of dropping the needle perfectly, tapping the pause button on the tape player. There was endless pleasure in having crafted a mixtape (a cassette, of course) that had perfect pauses between songs, that one had calculated the song selections to maximize Side A and Side B. Every time I shoved a custom mixtape into my player, I relived the crafting of that tape, and experienced once again the sense of satisfaction. The digital equivalent loses all that. Dragging to assemble a list, with unlimited length is just that ... a drag.

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OpenCulture: Hear a Supercut of the Last Second of Every AC/DC Song.

After about a minute or three, you’ll get the gist. Pretty amazing.

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SoundNode: Soundcloud for desktop Windows/Mac/Linux.

Of note.

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Dazed: David Bowie prepared albums to be released after his death.

I would expect nothing less, given the carefully crafted “Blackstar.”

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The New Yorker: Glenn Frey and That Peaceful, Queasy Feeling.

I hadn’t realized until adulthood that there was a connection between Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles ...” Which sort of disqualifies the entire article, don’t you think? I dislike snark for snark’s sake, especially when someone culturally important passes on. We may all be exhausted with “Hotel California”; personally I find the endless seemingly-hourly repetition of “Black Magic Woman” as corporate radio’s answer to ‘safe’ and ‘acceptable’ Hispanic rock more offensive.

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TMZ: Glenn Frey—Eagles Guitarist Dead At 67.

Well, 2016 sucks hard, again. The Eagles upholstered my teen years. I posted a piece about “Try and Love Again” on Facebook a couple of months ago; I may have to repost it here. RIP, Mr Frey. Thank you for the anthems.

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NPR: Hear A New Solo Song By John Paul White, Formerly Of The Civil Wars.

Missed this, last month. Up until now, we’d only heard Joy’s take in lyrics.

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Bowie in NM: Film locations for The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976).

Didn’t know this.

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David Bowie has passed away.

I didn’t even know he was ill. Certainly threw a monkeywrench in the media’s Golden Globe marketing strategies. It seems his album “Blackstar” was timed to coincide with his passing. Every move, a performance.

Uninterestingly, Bowie was not a favorite of mine. I bought Station to Station, and enjoyed dancing to tracks from Let’s Dance when out on the town. Overall, I’d have to say I’ll remember him best for Space Oddity. It was released only a year before the Apollo 13 incident - I’ll always remember the two together.

Rest in peace, iconic, archetypal sir.

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Youtube: Modern Talking, Geronimo’s Cadillac.

I have no words. My brain just melted like cheese in a hot oven. I mean, WHAT ... ?

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BBC: Why is modern music so loud?

In the ‘90’s A/V business, we called overcompression mush or hash.Back it the hell off.

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Dazed: Turn your vagina into a soundsystem with this new gadget.

#%@^@^$&&$(Q(*%)??>!! Unborn babies have been shown to move around to minimize noise, and be startled by loud sounds. So why on earth ... ? Some fool will try piping Dr Phil or Oprah up the canal, I’m sure. Poor kids. A month of that, I’d self-abort.

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In the Studio: Peter Frampton Comes Alive 40th anniversary interview.

Oh jeez. What an impact this album had. He just came out of nowhere, and slew young ladies all across the country. How many simply awful, terrible live recordings followed, from acts that wanted to leverage the enthusiasm!

Realize, this album came out the same time as Jethro Tull’s greatest hits album (very much anticipated, and one I bought immediately). Also Havana Daydreamin’ by Jimmy Buffett, and Wanted: The Outlaws (Waylon, Willie, Jessi et al). And a full year *before* Hotel California by the Eagles.

Always good to place these things in context. I never did buy the album. Double albums were almost ten bucks at the U Store in Princeton. I figured I’d wait and see if his followup was any good. It wasn’t. Ended that flirtation with ‘top pop’.

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NY Times: Accordion Store’s Departure Signals End of Manhattan’s Music Row.

It’s GONE?!! What an incredible experience 48th Street was. I blame Van Halen’s “Jump” and Zep’s “Stairway to Heaven.” Most stores had signs warning you’d be thrown out if you played either on any piece of equipment.

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Spotify: Christmas Goes Baroque 2, Nicolaus Esterházy Sinfonia.

Spinning now. Nice, if you’re tired of the usual Xmas classics on endless repeat.

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Open Culture: Creativity, Not Money, is the Key to Happiness.

As Csikszentmihalyi strongly suggests in his books and talks, the more we can lose ourselves intensely in creative activities that bring us fulfillment, the closer we come to being in harmony with ourselves and our world.” I have to agree.

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PR Newswire: PlayNetwork Shares Top 20 Songs Heard by Holiday Shoppers.

Doesn’t “All I Want For Christmas Is You” qualify as an ‘oldie’ now? My God, it’s been overplayed at the holidays for ... twenty ... one ... years.

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