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Hotel California. It still blows my mind ...

That this was released in February of the year I graduated high school. 1977. I still hear it daily on the local radio stations. Thirty. Eight. Friggin. Years. Ago.

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my pen is a pistola: Punks in their homes.

I give you ... Iggy Pop vacuuming. [bottom image]

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Quicksilver Messenger Service on rotation today.

Surprised by how much they seem to be influenced by the Yardbirds.

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The Atlantic: How Classical Musicians Use iTunes (and Why They’re Ready to Stop).

If classical listeners are ill-served by streaming services, though, they will stick with music files; and that means they represent, as a bloc, the set of listeners who will continue to maintain personal libraries of owned music even as the larger public rents their digital music instead. How are they adapting? As it turns out: poorly.” Yeah, I still occasionally purchase from eclassical [FLAC] rather than even attempt to stream.

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YT: Creep - Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Radiohead Cover ft. Haley Reinhart.

Postmodern Jukebox just keeps on hittin’ it, doing modern pop songs with the 40’s vibe.

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WaPo: Why do pop singers like Lady Gaga keep releasing jazz albums?

Counter. Why do pop singers keep releasing country albums? A whole lot more of those, than jazz albums.

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New Yorker: Kacey Musgraves, Harper Lee, and the Home-Town Dilemma.

Interesting contrapposto.

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PDN: Taylor Swift Changes Photo Contract in Face of Outrage.

Small changes. More here.

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Fusion: Taylor Swift’s stage malfunction and being a pop star.

For a little while, even Taylor Swift couldn’t just shake it off.” 24/7 bubbly optimism, countered by a mechanical. Imagine what was going on backstage ...

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Rolling Stone/1971: Grand Funk Railroad - Is This Band Terrible?

I’ve got a better question. What if they cerebrally reviewed modern acts, as they did Grand Funk in the day? Can you imagine the mayhem?

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NY Times: Santa Fe Opera Adds Performance of ‘Cold Mountain’.

Of note to locals and visitors.

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BBC: BB King was not murdered, coroner rules.

He has not looked well for a while now. I had been concerned he was being worked/managed to death ... but for some, their life is onstage. I am no judge.

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NewMusicBox: Ageism in Composer Opportunities.

Discrimination against someone of the ‘wrong’ color, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation is generally frowned upon in modern society. Progress has been made on these fronts to change peoples’ thinking and to embrace inclusion. However, progress is still needed in the area of discrimination on the basis of a person’s age.” Yes, even in other niches, the tendency for ‘30 under 30’ articles feels like the media wearing prejudice on their sleeve. Some things are simply easier for the plasticities of youth; looking at those who are older and doing stunning work often shows a more admirable gritty determination: playing learned wisdom against the vagaries of age and health - and all while fighting today’s culture.

Speaking more broadly, the culture of youth worship is getting way, way out of hand. I try to always focus on the work before judging any other factor.

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Macworld: Apple confirms it’s trying to fix Home Sharing for iOS 9.


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NY Times Review: Shania Twain in Concert Recalls Glory Days.

Ms. Twain, at 49, isn’t the same singer she was before what she called her sabbatical. Her voice has lost some of its perky sweetness; it has a rasp in it now, and she sings some of her hits in lower keys.” Yeah, I’ve never taken to anything Elton’s done since his voice issues. Perhaps some things have to say on vinyl (or silicon).

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Macworld: Users experiencing mangled music libraries in iTunes 12.2.

Just an FYI.  And more info.

Later: Proposed fix.

Even later: Apparently Home Sharing is gone, ostensibly due to licensing restrictions. According to the source, you can retain it if you have an AppleTV.

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Pacific Standard: ‘In the Morning, I’ll Be All Right’.

Particularly well-written.  So many memories.

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Overjoyed AC/DC’s now on Spotify.

Perfect music for driving in our afternoon thunderstorms. Giant clouds, deafening thunder, torrential rain, “Hells Bells” ...

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MeFi: Titty, Cock, Intercourse and Ejaculation.

The article is SFW; my idiotic addition is NSFW. DO NOT play that on any office machine. You’ll get fired for sure. And major earworm warning. Once you hear it, you can’t unhear it.

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Chicago Tribune: Apple changes tune on royalties after Taylor Swift complains.

The newly-awakened businesswoman makes Apple change course. Previously here, here and here. And don’t make the mistake of thinking I disapprove. She knows her brand is youth-linked; make hay while the sun shines.  And please, Ms Swift, you *must* record “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend.”

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SF Reporter: American Idol Comes to Santa Fe.


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Chicago Tribune: Chicago’s radio stations have a problem - It’s the music.

Indeed, I like to lump all those formats together into one uber format I’ll call ‘obvious music,’ the songs you’ve heard before and expect to hear again from yesterday, today and, soon enough, tomorrow.” Not just Chicago, of course. Those who have read here long have suffered my complaints over repeats of “Radar Love” and the Caucasian/corporate DJ’s answer to Hispanic rock, “Oye Como Va.” 

WMMR in Philly used to play album *sides*. Fond memories, when one couldn’t afford to buy many.

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YT: First Aid Kit - Emmylou (Live på Polar Music Prize 2015).

Beautiful to watch.

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Collectors Weekly: Why 1980s Cassette Tech Is Still Making Noise in Our Digital World.

Of interest.

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Youtube: Jeff Beck Performing “You Know You Know” Live In Tokyo.

Jeff lets Rhonda and Jonathan step up.

Happened to run across this interview, too.

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