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MeFi: Titty, Cock, Intercourse and Ejaculation.

The article is SFW; my idiotic addition is NSFW. DO NOT play that on any office machine. You’ll get fired for sure. And major earworm warning. Once you hear it, you can’t unhear it.

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Chicago Tribune: Apple changes tune on royalties after Taylor Swift complains.

The newly-awakened businesswoman makes Apple change course. Previously here, here and here. And don’t make the mistake of thinking I disapprove. She knows her brand is youth-linked; make hay while the sun shines.  And please, Ms Swift, you *must* record “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend.”

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SF Reporter: American Idol Comes to Santa Fe.


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Chicago Tribune: Chicago’s radio stations have a problem - It’s the music.

Indeed, I like to lump all those formats together into one uber format I’ll call ‘obvious music,’ the songs you’ve heard before and expect to hear again from yesterday, today and, soon enough, tomorrow.” Not just Chicago, of course. Those who have read here long have suffered my complaints over repeats of “Radar Love” and the Caucasian/corporate DJ’s answer to Hispanic rock, “Oye Como Va.” 

WMMR in Philly used to play album *sides*. Fond memories, when one couldn’t afford to buy many.

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YT: First Aid Kit - Emmylou (Live på Polar Music Prize 2015).

Beautiful to watch.

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Collectors Weekly: Why 1980s Cassette Tech Is Still Making Noise in Our Digital World.

Of interest.

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Youtube: Jeff Beck Performing “You Know You Know” Live In Tokyo.

Jeff lets Rhonda and Jonathan step up.

Happened to run across this interview, too.

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Youtube: Jeff Beck & Jimmy Hall - Red House (4-25-15).

After 5. Crank it.

Extra points: Jeff does The Thrill is Gone as an encore the day after BB passed on.

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Audio’s turrible, but Jeff Beck and ZZ Top doing “Rough Boy”.

May 2, 2015. If you’re a Beck fan, you know the song - according to Jeff himself - pulled him out of one of his ‘disappearing act’ periods and restored his faith that guitar still had a place in music. Thank goodness Billy whipped this one out when he did.  Also - a slew of current tour videos are appearing on YT. I want to hear a decent recording of “A Change is Gonna Come”!!

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LA TImes: Blues legend B.B. King, inspiration to generations of musicians, dies at 89.

King learned quickly that people threw more money when he changed the word “Lord” in his gospel songs to “baby” and turned them into secular love songs.” This and other interesting tidbits inside.

Later: Spotify has a channel, ‘Ride with the King’, in tribute.

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More meetings. Links soon.


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UltimateClassicRock: Hear Jeff Beck’s New Live Version of ‘Superstition’.

More along the lines of Stevie Wonder’s, than Beck, Bogert and Appice. Jimmy Hall gets very close to Tim Bogert’s crazy highs here though.

Later: Great preview of upcoming show, too.

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Rolling Stone:Hear Jeff Beck’s First Studio Track in Five Years ‘Tribal’.

It was meant to be for extreme club/dance-type music, and it went through several radical changes that just didn’t work. So with Ruth’s vocal we stripped it back to just me and Veronica, with Rhonda’s bass dubbed later, which brought back the wild roughness that I was originally after.” At the bottom of the page. Sounds like he’s tipping back towards 2003’s “Jeff” album. Perhaps it’s a needed bounceback after the failed tour with Brian Wilson ... or just getting edgy after all the live shows rehashing his best works. I’ve been wondering when he was going to tear a new hole in the fabric of reality.

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Yahoo/Music: Hear It First - Jeff Beck Previews Live Track, ‘Going Down’

Glorious noise. I miss Vinny C.; Joseph is more workmanlike. [Didn’t realize he was married to Joss Stone’s mum.] And Jimmy Hall is no Beth Hart. But I’ll take it. Two new tracks on the album, too. Turn it up loud.

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Colossal: Large Format Photographs Capture Ornate Opera Houses From Around the World.

Like wow.

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Music suggestion for the afternoon: Rare Earth.

Getting much enjoyment from “The Best of Rare Earth” this afternoon, doing some home repairs. 

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BBC: Soul singer Percy Sledge dies aged 74.

This was the essence of soul, dripping with feeling. It never had a time, it was in a world of its own, so it was timeless.” RIP, good sir ... thanks for the airwaves.

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Fast.co: Spotify, Tidal, Taylor Swift, And The Coming Streaming Music Wars.

It seems unlikely that these new music services can convince the average consumer who spent $64 a year on music in the days of CDs, to pay $10 per month without first getting hooked.” Not so unlikely. Current media reports indicate Millenials aren’t into owning ‘stuff.’

I find the streaming systems incredibly freeing. Instead of buying a CD, playing it for about a week, getting bored of hearing it, storing it for umpteen years ... or buying MP3s and worrying over backup schemes ... I can make playlists and do the same thing without taking up any physical or hard drive space in my home. I can delete, restore, craft playlists, take advantage of others’ cleverly assembled playlists, etc. Of course, it’s another ‘service’. Death by a thousand cuts ... all these $10-20 monthly charges from online services we love to use. I suppose being involved in web design, I’m already accustomed to the service model, more than Americans in general.

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Youtube: Photography Tips - Don’t be afraid to get it ‘wrong’. Fear is a creativity killer!

Good advice. Then I realized where I’d heard it before. Country music, for the win. And, bonus points ... the young lady at the end of Castaway.

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Medium/Cuepoint: The Wacky, Wiggly, Razor-Thin World of the Flexi Disc.

Savoring the playable records once found on cereal boxes, inside magazines and at fast food counters.

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The Bongolian/Talking Synth.

For your next party. Just a random find; the whole album is like a Mad Men party scored by ethnic/techno aliens.

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Mashable: Mumford & Sons debuts new electric guitar sound.

Not exactly a Dylanesque acoustic-to-electric moment. *yawn*

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Youtube: Blank Space - Vintage Cabaret-Style Taylor Swift Cover, ft. Ariana Savalas.

Hella classy.

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The Register.UK: It’s too late, the aliens will attack in 2049.

We’ll just have to hope that in fact life has not appeared in the Gliese 581 system (or any other within the emission cone of the Bebo guffpulse) - or that, if it has, it has not evolved beyond the level of unintelligent pond scum or similar and thus will not be offended by the transmission.

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(e) Science News: Power efficiency in the violin.

Of f-holes and back-plates.

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