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Vox: Taylor Swift has trademarked the phrase “This Sick Beat”.

I should categorize these posts “Swift Businesswoman Watch”. As I’ve said before, she may have played the ingénue in the past, today is anything but. I applaud. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right?

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TechDirt: Classic Songs Of The 50s & 60s May Disappear From Streaming Thanks To Lawsuits.

it seems quite likely that at least some, if not all, of these services are going to quickly realize that their best move is to simply remove all pre-1972 recordings from their catalog.” Oh, for heaven’s sake. What am I going to do without my Gene Vincent? Johnny Cash? Bob Dylan?

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ArtDaily: Electronica pioneer Edgar Froese of futuristic sounding Tangerine Dream dead at 70.

Virgin Records gave Tangerine Dream free rein in the studio and the result was 1974’s “Phaedra,” which became one of electronica’s seminal works. The album pushed the limits of the era’s sequencer technology to create a psychedelic atmosphere that some critics likened to space travel.” Seminal, indeed. Think of all that these albums spawned! Rest in peace, good sir.

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Politico: The Hunting of Billie Holiday.

Horrific. A must-read.

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ArtDaily: Iconic Rolling Stone magazine photos featured at the Reading Public Museum.

Go. See. Baron Wolman lives here in Santa Fe; his work is legendary.

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“Barometer Soup” is just such a great album.

Not everyone cares for Buffett anymore ... he’ll always have a place in my album-rack. Hey, country music only *just* caught up to what Jimmy was doing in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s ...

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Wired: Moog Music Recreates a Trio of Its Legendary Modular Synths.

What? No mention of Rick Wakeman and Wendy/Walter Carlos? C’mon, kid-journalists. Do your research!

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Open Culture: Cab Calloway’s 1939 “Hepster Dictionary.”

It’s really the mezz.

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NPR: Song Premiere - Bob Dylan, ‘Stay With Me’.

He sounds better to my ears than his last couple of recorded ventures. I never truly appreciated the man; making up for it now through digging in his back catalog.

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Youtube: Imogen Heap talks about her gesture-control Mi.Mu gloves.

What I love about Imogen is that she defaults to action. One of those people who leads by doing.

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Check out this ukelele player ...

Here. Sheesh.

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Aeon: You are a musical expert.

A number of studies have shown that many of the other 9,999 people retain some vestige of absolute pitch.” Not I. I’m about as tone-deaf as they come (others say I’m not, but I assure you I can sing a wrong pitch better than anyone). I appreciate great music all the more for it.

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Youtube find: Jeff Beck Group, Beat Club, 1972.

Nice. The pick work on the opening number - sheesh.

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Open Culture: Jimmy Page Tells of “Stairway to Heaven”: How the Most Played Rock Song Came To Be.

Playbills exist of Zep opening for Spirit, before Zep went stratospheric. I’ll have to dig to find it - I bookmarked ‘em and slung ‘em someplace.  Check the chart at the bottom of this PhillyMag article. Know of any other band with as many suits? I can’t think of a one.

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Tennessean: Little Jimmy Dickens, beloved ‘Opry’ star, dies at 94.

May the Bird of Paradise carry you to the sweet bye-and-bye, Little Jimmy.

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RIP, Joe Cocker.

One of my favorites.

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Dazed: The top 20 music videos of 2014.

Observations: Precious little beauty, other than pretty girls.

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BBC: A Point of View - The strangely enduring power of kitsch.

At Christmas we are surrounded by kitsch - worn out cliches, which have lost their innocence without achieving wisdom. ” Quote of the season, that.

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The European Magazine: What techno music and war have in common.

The most famous ceasefire was among British and German regiments around Christmas Eve. German soldiers actually decorated their trenches with Christmas trees and began singing carols. British forces began singing back, and in a matter of hours over 100,000 troops were unofficially crossing into disputed territory to sing, exchange gifts, and celebrate with one another. This all occurred, mind you, during the second bloodiest conflict in European history.

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MobyLives: The last word on the Suzuki/O’Connor music book debate.

What kind of bagels do you want me to bake for Christmas? Anything but cinnamon raisin.” The rest is informative if you are contemplating Suzuki training for your wee ones.

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Xmas gift suggestion: Heartbreak Time Machine.

Well, dang ... Jeremiah’s out of his ‘Super Pak’. But you can still pick up a single, here.  And you’ll be supporting another blogger.

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Vimeo: Nils Frahm - Re (Official Music Video).

Interpret as you will.

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Ballou Projects: Cinderblock Speakers.

Oy, great idea!

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Guardian.UK: A tale of two cités: can the Philharmonie de Paris bridge the social divide?

The Philharmonie’s banks of seating are nested inside the much larger shell of the hall, floating free of its walls, making for an intimate experience in a large space: ‘no audience member will be more than 32 metres away from the performers,’ says chief executive Laurent Bayle, ‘but the room is large enough to be very resonant.’” Looks quite interesting. Proof is in the sound, of course.

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Guardian.UK: Kyung Wha Chung - ‘I have always welcomed children to my concerts’.

The concert hall and the theatre are probably the last havens of peace; places in which it is still expected that audiences can sit, absorb, think and contemplate without interruption. These periods of concentration are necessarily lengthy, and increasingly rare in the modern world.” The artist speaks. Previously.

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