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BBC: Prince death - Powerful drugs found in singer’s home ‘were mislabelled’.

Jeez. Someone screwed up, big time. I’m sure the boards will be full of conspiracy theories now.

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NPR: First Listen - John Paul White, ‘Beulah’.

Missed this on the 11th. Available on Spotify now. Spinning it as we speak. More depth here: ‘Never put a wedding ring on a song.’

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Jeff Beck at the Hollywood Bowl, 50 years!

Someone took various videos. Not just this one - check the right hand list of vids. WOOHOO.

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YT: Massive Attack - The Spoils ft. Hope Sandoval.

Cate Blanchett, melting looks.

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OpenCulture: One of the “Greatest Cultural Moments of the 20th Century”.

Rolling Stones, getting the Yardbird/Led out (credit where credit is due).

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During yesterday’s visit to the gym, I’m working on the ellipticals behind all the other rows of equipment. I don’t watch television as I work out, but I can see what others are watching. As various people are watching RNC reruns, and and others intently gazing at media wonks placing bets on Wasserman-Schultz’ departure, the music on the overhead loudspeakers changes from the usual bump-thump to something strangely familiar. I realize I recognize it, through the haze of sweat ... and I nearly fall off the trainer laughing. “Sheep”, by Pink Floyd. Followed by ... “Reason to Believe”, by Springsteen. And, as people will do, they all start to step/pedal/ellipticalize to the songs’ rhythms. Then it all went back to current bump-thump music.

Just for a moment, it seems Clear Channel (or whatever service the gym uses) had an individual with a perspicacious sense of humor.

A moment I’ll treasure, courtesy a spin of life’s dice.

Repost from Facebook today.

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WSJ: Spotify Rolls Out Programmatic Ad Buying.

FYI. Seems the monthly fee is not enough?

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NY Times Review: Jeff Beck’s Virtuosic Sleight of Hand at Madison Square Garden.

Sounds fantastic.

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Bohemian Guitars.

Oil can guitars, that is.

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Premier Guitar/Album Review: Jeff Beck’s Bigger, Better, Badder “Loud Hailer”.

Jeff Beck is playing some of the best guitar of his life. He is completely at the top of his game and there’s nobody even close.

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NY’er: Headphones Everywhere.

You know, it’s curious. I stopped going to the gym about three years ago, and recently started back up. When I left, earbuds were the rage. Today, people are walking around with giant cans on their heads. My theory is (without any basis of evidence) that earbuds - no matter the price - sound like crap unless you have ears that fit the three-standard-size flanges. When you have ill-fitting earbuds, you tend to jack the volume, causing temporary deafness. I suspect everyone’s grokked to the fact that there’s nothing quite like the quality of sound of real headphones, and the volume can be set at an eardum-saving level. So you look like Mickey Mouse. At least you’ve got a soundtrack as you glazedly wander around the gym ... blissfully isolated from weight-banging, grunts and groans, fans, elliptical and treadmill whine ...

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Rolling Stone: Jeff Beck Talks Seeing Jimi Hendrix, Topical New LP.

Love it. A keeper.

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NPR: First Listen - Jeff Beck, ‘Loud Hailer’.

Full album!

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YT: Bon Jovi sings with Lourdes Valentin on a private wedding in Miami (4K).

He was a fluff-haired punk kid when I used to frequent Englishtown’s flea market. Now he looks like a dignified correspondent.

At 56, I feel old ...

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ArtDaily: Elvis Presley guitarist Scotty Moore dies at 84.

RIP. Sample of his style.

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Nature/SciReports: Occupational markers and pathology of the castrato singer Gaspare Pacchierotti.

That ‘castrati’ were particularly tall has been known since antiquity, even Aristotle observed that ‘all animals, if operated on when young, become bigger than their unmutilated fellows’.” Didn’t know that.

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ArtDaily: You can now sing ‘Happy Birthday’ free of charge.

Never occurred to me that it was under copyright restrictions. This could have been a powerful motivator for change in copyright duration, if used in a campaign.

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ArtDaily: US bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley dies at 89.

Another RIP. Get them all out of the way early in the day ... “O Death” was incredible.

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Youtube: Jeff Beck - Live In The Dark [Official Lyric Video].

From the new album! Interesting day to choose for a song with this title. I love when Jeff gets ‘dirty’ with his distortion, with a growling female singer. Remember on Flash, Karen Lawrence belting ‘Back on the Streets’?

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Hazlitt: Our Adored Cadavers.

It provides a one-sided kind of sex—a necessity, because Catholicism’s persistent influence ensures we still love virgin-martyrs the very best.” Okay, because I have to. Here.

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Hollywood Reporter: Led Zeppelin Wins ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Jury Trial.

After the “Blurred Lines/Marvin Gaye” trial, I suspected something awry. Digging further - and it’s hard to find - the attorney for Spirit is a bit of a nut, and threw his net way too wide. If he’d limited his argument to “Stairway/Spirit” *alone*, he likely would have won. He may appeal.

Question is ... virtually all of Zep is 12-bar blues. Yet everyone using that historical progression has copyrighted their individual works. How is that any different?

Music’s just gonna get more interesting.

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DYT: 1980s - The Period Of Women Rock Hairstyle Boom.

Oh man. There’s a blast from the past. Hairspray and blowdryers!

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Music new to me: Sarah Jarosz.

Just ran across her work. Wonderful.

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WaPo: A shattering revelation about ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

... Page admitted he didn’t write the song at Bron-Yr-Aur, pronounced ‘bronariar.’ Instead, he wrote it elsewhere and first played it for his bandmates at the Headley Garage.

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Travelling Wilburys - End of the Line.

When in the middle of a tough deadline, 3AM, all of the crew on headsets, a seemingly endless tortuous slog rehearsing terrible speaker presentations ... we’d start singing this. It was a spark of hope in a dark time. I need it today.

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