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Discover Mag: Women Prefer Complex Composers for Sexual Fling.

Many a male musician will admit that he first picked up his instrument to get girls. Evolutionarily, it seems, they were onto something.” But only if they play complex pieces well. Three-minute pop composers have no chance, I suppose.

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NY Times: Led Zeppelin Releases Two Previously Unheard Recordings.

Some can only polish former glory, while others are still growing and changing.

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Guardian.UK: Christopher Dean and Jayne Torvill - How we made Boléro.

Only afterwards do you appreciate how much four minutes on one day in one place can change your life.

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iTunes: The Great Big Book - Single by The Heartbreak Time Machine.

Frequent readers here should know Jeremiah by now. His single is out on iTunes.

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Guardian.UK: Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter obituary.

God will sort things out? A more balanced take than most young-newsie American ones. NJ law enforcement of the period felt the case was clear; there was a great deal of anger over the overzealous prosecution. Ali (then in full bait-Frazier mode and wanting every bit of PR he could get after his first loss to Joe) and Dylan only served to obfuscate the facts at the time.

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Forbes: How Earbuds Have Changed The Sound (And Business) Of Pop.

Indeed, jamming as much sonic information as possible into the mid-range has become second nature to our most enduring producers because it translates so well to earbuds …” Gack.

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BBC News: Police drummer Stewart Copeland’s Ben-Hur film score premieres in US.

Must-see. Hope it comes to the Lensic here in Santa Fe.

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The New Yorker: AC/DC Retirement Rumors.

I am pained to think that there may be no more albums or tours. Nevertheless, I would much prefer that outcome to the sight of a diminished AC/DC attempting to live up to its legacy. Any lineup that didn’t feature Malcolm on rhythm guitar would be a diminishment.

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TorrentFreak: Spotify Starts Shutting Down Its Massive P2P Network.

Spotify’s departure from P2P technology marks the end of an era, but to most people the change will simply go unnoticed ...

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Fashion Gone Rogue: Unretouched Lady Gaga Versace Ads.

A whole lotta manipulation goin’ on.

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Pacific Mag: Study - When Things Look Dark, Country Music Gets Sunnier.

Hmmm. Most of country today seems to have advanced to where Jimmy Buffet was in ‘80-‘82, but without the lyricism. Still 34 years behind the eight ball, and that says something more than what this article is touting.

Later: Some country music artist ‘faved’ this on Twitter. I hope they read it first.

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NPR: Play It Again And Again, Sam.

Musical repetitiveness isn’t really an idiosyncratic feature of music that’s arisen over the past few hundred years in the West. [snip] It seems to be a cultural universal. Not only does every known human culture make music, but also, every known human culture makes music [in which] repetition is a defining element.” Synchronicity again.  I’d just been wondering about this.  I’ve switched to listening to a ‘smooth jazz’ (no comments) station, in my desperation to escape endless loops of Sweet Child of Mine, Radar Love, Hotel California and Oye Como Va Mi Ritmo (the go-to ‘Latino’ rock standard), thanks to Clear Channel owning wide swaths of broadcast space. Hearing the bass-thump of Radar Love again almost makes me murderous … it comes up on commercial stations multiple times a day.

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Hey, my Spotify finally upgraded.

So ‘last week’, I know. Wow man … black. Still can’t make folders for organizing playlists. Meh.

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CBS News/60 Minutes/Vanity Fair: Music Poll.

Portuguese got only one percent, but if any of those people polled were shown a video of Brazilian Bossa Nova singer Astrid Gilberto singing The Girl From Ipanema in her native tongue accompanied by Stan Getz on the saxophone, they might have reconsidered their vote.” Agreed. Not just Astrid; try Céu.

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NPR: Measles At A Rock Concert Goes Viral In A Bad Way.

The reason we’re doing this is that it’s so highly contagious. [snip] It can stay in the air for hours after the contagious person has left. If we don’t treat these people, the chain of transmission can continue.

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PS Mag: Study Casts Doubt on Superiority of Stradivarius Violins.

Six of the soloists chose new violins as their hypothetical replacement instruments, while four chose ones made by Stradivari. One particular new violin was chosen four times, and one Stradivarius was chosen three times, suggesting those instruments were the clear favorites.

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The Daily Beast: Rashida Jones and the Pornification of Pop.

I agree with Ms Jones. Proof? This photo does more for me than any of the current pop-diva video gyrations. Consider what is ‘not said’, the negative space, along with what is patently obvious. Letting the mind indulge in a little fantasy, rather than leaving nothing to imagination and exposing all in technicolor debauchery and hydraulics, would be my choice.

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Stereogum: Chrissie Hynde – “Dark Sunglasses”.

Where did I put my black denim skinny jeans?

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Historical Nonfiction: Tipu’s Tiger, a life-size, working mechanical organ.

When cranked, you can hear the tiger growling happily as the man wails in agony.

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365/2: 091.

365/2: 091.

Our ‘Juli & Will’ Pink Euphorbia.  Grown quite a bit since they gave it to us.

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Curiously appealing. Watch your volume.

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Last.fm drops streaming, as of April.

Today we have announced significant changes to Last.fm subscriptions. From the 28th of April 2014, our subscription radio streaming service will no longer be available. This means that traditional subscriber radio will no longer work on any platform or device.” Scrobbling will still function, apparently.

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WaPo Wonkblog: What women want on the dance floor, according to science.

Hmmm. And parachute pants.

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Youtube: The Best of Al Hirt, 1966/RCA Victor LSP 330.

There’s a name I haven’t heard mentioned in ages ...

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Pacific Standard: Can a Song’s Lyrics Predict Its Commercial Success?

*Ahem* You tell me.

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