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“Awesomer ‘70s.”

Sharing my personal work-in-progress ‘70s playlist on Spotify. The first eight hours are pretty solid; I have to work on the last half to get the mix better. Take that, Peter Quill.

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UPI: Led Zeppelin sees ‘Stairway to Heaven’ lawsuit move forward.

You knew this would happen. LZ will settle out of court, yet again. I point you back here, for the umpteenth time. Settled out of court for “Dazed and Confused.” Settled out of court over “Whole Lotta Love.” 

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Joss Stone Feat. Jeff Beck – No Man’s Land: Green Fields of France.

Video. In remembrance of those lost in WWI. Can purchase the single November 2.

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YOU+ME: rose ave., album out now.

Been waiting for this. I think it’s great. Alicia is, of course, Pink! in pop venues. She’s so Doylestown, even still.  It’s endearing. Come to Santa Fe, play the Lensic you two. I’ll be there.

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Youtube: Glen Campbell - I’m Not Gonna Miss You.

The famed singer is in the final stages of cognitive decline, and it seems his record company saved this for us.

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Vanity Fair: Why a Street Criminal Stole a Multi-Million-Dollar Violin.

If you look at it another way, there was something dangerous and almost deranged about it, the kind of crime Abbott and Costello might plan, after consultation with Cheech and Chong and Martin and Lewis.

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The New Yorker: Copywrong.

Um, tell the entire story. From my reading elsewhere, Stewart’s people approached the original photog, didn’t like the price, and got another photographer to shoot a derivative.

I expect better of you, New Yorker.  You’re on my watch list now.

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OpenCulture: Prof. Iggy Pop - BBC’s 2014 John Peel Lecture - “Free Music in a Capitalist Society”.

Info on where to find it in the last para.

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Youtube: Haiku - ‘Chasing Jeff Beck down a dark alley with a loaded guitar (studio).’

Heh. Totally unfamiliar with the group.

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NPR: Neil Young’s Writes Of His Love Affair With Cars.


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Youtube: Sia - Chandelier - Tango improvisations by Charlotte & Cedric.

Something different. It always shames me as a male when guys don’t bother to even try to dress the part.

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Mashable: Best Guitar Solos - 50 Songs That Shred.

This is like asking rock stars for political opinions. Like we all look to Mashable for guidance on our musical tastes?

Face melting? Try the opening minute or so of Jeff Beck’s “Gets Us All In The End.”  I think that album, Flash, so overproduced by Nile Rodgers, is the reason Jeff hasn’t delved back into any pop/rock. Where can one go from that effort? The opening solo is so insane, so over-the-top, he can say he’s done everything there is to do in the genre and walk away with his head held high. As some wag commented, “it’s the sound of Jeff Beck being electrocuted by his toaster.” And it’s glorious.

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Colossal: Polyphonic Overtone Singing Demonstrated by Anna-Maria Hefele.


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Youtube: The Story of You+Me.

Alecia Moore and Dallas Green. See if you recognize Alecia. She remains so charmingly “Doylestown.”

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ABC: Experts - Chopin’s Heart Shows Signs of TB.

The experts said heart is ” very well preserved,” but they did not open the jar.”  The benefits of a long soak in quality cognac.

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Vimeo: Fleetwood Mac “Rhiannon (Luxxury Edit)”.

Different mix.

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Slate: A brilliant cellist embraces the Devil’s Music.

It’s gonna be one of those days, methinks.  Dracula, Devil’s music ...

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Youtube: Jack White at Château de Fontainebleau - A Take Away Show.

Unplugged. Definitely cool.

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94.7 WCSX: ZZ Top/Jeff Beck Tour CANCELLED.

Dusty Hill of ZZ Top fell on his hip onboard the tour bus, and got injured.  Best wishes for a fast recovery, Dusty!

Later: Hold the phone. Jeff’s going to pick up some of the dates as a solo. Stay tuned to your local venue.

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OpenCulture: Brian May’s Homemade Guitar, Made From Old Tables, Bike and Motorcycle Parts & More.

Knitting needles, knives, more. Jeff Beck reference at 2:50 - May wanted to do the same feedback techniques.

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Youtube: Black Lodge Singers - Ask Your Mom For Fifty Cents.

Indian Market this weekend in Santa Fe. Events are already going on. You need a bit of flavor.

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Vox: The problem with Taylor Swift’s new pop song: it’s perfect.

It’s the cleanest thing Swift has ever produced.” True. But certainly not perfect. Got bored halfway through. Needed more than just studio scenery - Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” video comes to mind [to which this has more than a passing resemblance, the episodic beginning]. Tune’s not as catchy as Jackson’s. She’s cute when she’s dorky, but there’s not enough here. Sans video, I’ll probably change the station.

[And Vox, relax the sensationalism a bit. You had a better tone a few weeks ago. You’re tipping into probationary territory in my aggregator.]

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Rolling Stone: Jeff Beck on Playing With ZZ Top, Jimi Hendrix, Brian WIlson and More.

In which we find out he had back problems and back surgery. Serious enough, but less than some imagined.

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Colossal: Artist Creates Digital Life-Forms that Respond to Archival Birdsongs.


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Daily Breeze: Guitar legend Jeff Beck rules the night at L.A.’s Greek Theatre.

Okay, I simply must scare up some cash for August 19 in Albuquerque.  Anyone else interested?

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