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Messy Nessy Chic: Meet the Nomadic Berber Rock Band who play the Desert Blues.

We’ve seen so many strange onstage costumes over the years, these don’t surprise me a bit. Video/audio at the very bottom of the article (doesn’t it belong up top?).

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Discover Mag: Does singing along to your favorite songs make you a worse driver?

Collectively, results suggest that singing while driving alters driving performance and impairs hazard perception while at the same time increasing subjective mental workload.”  What about punching buttons on the radio to find SOMETHING DECENT TO LISTEN TO? Definitely increases mental workload. And stress.  Can we sue the radio monopolists, then? “Having to listen to ‘Radar Love’ on three different stations at the same time caused me to drive off the road, kill a herd of cows, gave me whiplash, and totalled my car ...

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WNYC: The Leonard Lopate Show - Do You Have to Be Crazy to Be a Genius?

Neuroscientist and literary scholar Nancy C. Andreasen tries to answer the question: If high IQ does not indicate creative genius, then where does the trait come from, and why is it so often accompanied by mental illness?”  Audio; linking it without having the time to listen to it yet, because it’s one of my favorite bugbears.

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Blue Magic/Sideshow has ‘bings’ that exactly match iPhone’s text alert.

Thought it was important for everyone to know.

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Youtube: Super Selfie - Legit feat. The Manoeuvres.

Too good to miss.

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Colossal: An Amazing Collection of Mechanical Singing Bird Automata.

Leave the volume up and drive your office-mates to distraction.

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Here’s a cool audio recording tip.

Got a Blue Yeti? And a Zoom H4n? If you’ve purchased the ‘dead cat’ for the H4n, it fits perfectly on top of the Yeti, and functions as a stellar pop filter. Kick your gain up, you’re good to go.

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Dazed: Etsy is selling a ‘punk starter kit’ for £51.

It’s been said for decades that punk is dead, but it appears that a very large nail has been hammered into its coffin.

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Say “Hi” to Jimi for us, Johnny.


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berfrois: The Boy Looked at Eurydice.

My contention is that punk died as soon as it ceased being a cult with no name (or with several possible names, which comes to the same thing).”  Yes, many adopted the fashion, but not the music. Nor the ethic behind it.

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Youtube: Weird Al, ‘Foil’.

Weird Al’s having a heck of a week.  Perfect social fodder. I haven’t seen Al in ages, now he’s flippin’ *everywhere*.

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NY TImes: How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? Talent.

Somewhat misleading title.  This is about practice, and the efficacy thereof.

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OpenCulture: Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock - The Complete Performance in Video & Audio (1969).

Live virtuosity … still unequalled.

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NY Times: Lorin Maazel, Intense and Enigmatic Conductor, Dies at 84.

He was revered for the precision of his baton technique, and for his prodigious memory — he rarely used a score in performances — but when he was at his most interpretively idiosyncratic, he used his powers to distend phrases and reconfigure familiar balances in the service of an unusual inner vision.” RIP, good sir.  We’ll be analyzing your interpretations for generations.

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Slate/Book Review: Amanda Petrusich’s Do Not Sell at Any Price.

If you own a rare LP, it is still comparably common, while a rare 78 might be the only one anywhere in the world. As Petrusich puts it, ‘The distinction is acute, comparable to collecting pebbles versus collecting diamonds.’

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Express.UK: My Six Best Albums - Rock guitarist Jeff Beck.

That is, his favorites. Listening to Muddy right now. [Gotta do something while Jeff’s recuperating …]

Holy crap. Listen to Miles Davis: A Tribute to Jack Johnson. Incredible. It’s on Spotify. Talk about influences. Wow.

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FiveThirtyEight/Life: Why Classic Rock Isn’t What It Used To Be.

No Hotel California? No Radar Love? I wonder about their info-gathering, then. Seems every time I get in the car, I hear one of those two. And any of early Santana, the go-to ‘Hispanic’ classic rock choice (as if that makes the station relevant).

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Mahler’s birthday today.

Got him on heavy rotation at the moment, via Spotify.

Later: Jeebus, but he’s heavy going. I’ve had a problem connecting to his work in the past; I think I’m totally depressed now.  Beethoven for a bit, as curative.

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Youtube: Lily Allen - URL Badman (Official Video).

Whether we want it or not, looks like bloggers have an anthem.  The lyrics: “I don’t like you, I think you’re worthless; I wrote a long piece about it up on my WordPress …

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Telegraph.UK: The practice of practising.

How you practice is how you perform, or so said my classical guitar instructor. And she was right.

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ContactMusic: Jeff Beck Opens Up About Hospital Visit On Brian Wilson Tour.

During a stop in Chicago, Illinois, Beck attended a hospital and underwent an endoscopy - an internal examination with a flexible camera - but he was determined to continue with the concerts.” Two months ago. I’ve been trying to find any explanation of Jeff’s recent hospital visit and withdrawal from touring. Worrisome.

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NY Times: Eric Clapton Says He May Stop Touring.

Speak of the Devil. [See previous post.] Start a blog, Eric. Tell those stories that need telling. There is music in text.

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Dazed: Metallica’s master of puppets takes Glastonbury.

Interviewer: So you’re a big fan of Miley Cyrus then?

James Hetfield: Absolutely. She’s my favourite.

Interviewer: Really?

James Hetfield: No.

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Guitar World: Jeff Beck Cancels Second Leg of European Tour Due to Medical Concerns.

Oh no! Best wishes for a quick and complete recovery, Jeff.

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Medium: I Know Times Are Changing.

Anil, in his element, talking of Prince.

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