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Register.UK: Disaster-gawping cam drones to be blasted out of the sky in California.

Possibilities include jamming drone control frequencies, shooting them down, or just letting firefighting aircraft drop water on a site like Cajon without fear of getting sued. With the popularity of drones increasing steadily and forest fire season coming to California, the politicians feel that legislation is needed.” I can’t blame them. One tap in a tail rotor, and down goes a helicopter. Difficult enough with airplanes and ‘copters in the same area [an aircraft pilot can’t tell, while in the air, what direction a helicopter is travelling in. Helicopters can move in multiple directions, not necessarily in the direction of the nose of the craft. This has caused so many crashes.] Drones? Even worse. Drones don’t belong, unless controlled by the emergency services themselves. Even then, it’ll be dicey with all the air choreography required.

If I were in a firefighting area and lives were at stake, you’d better believe I’d draw a bead with a shotgun and knock down the drone.

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Photo Attorney: Must Watch - “Everything You Know About Copyright Is About To Change”.


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Guardian.UK: Teen’s video of handgun-toting drone prompts federal investigation.

Sort of expected, yet there’s a worrisome twist at the bottom of the article: “Haghwout made news last year when police charged a woman with assault after she confronted him about flying a drone at a state beach.” I hope the kid’s not bitter.

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Barry’s Blog: The Gig Economy and the Arts.

Recently there was news about a robot performing an opera, so the issue of machines replacing artists may not be as fantasy like and far-fetched as we might imagine, and though I think it easy to make a convincing argument that we are a long way from even sophisticated AI machines being able to replicate the ‘soul’ of human creativity, nonetheless the door is open.” Could a robotic drone be programmed to shoot beautiful landscapes? I’m betting so ... probably in the next five years.

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EOSHD: Did Canon and Nikon let 31% of the video market slip away?

Would 4K on a future 5D Mark IV achieve anything at all when it can’t hope to match the usability of the Sony A7R II or an upcoming Panasonic GH5 due to the dated form factor?

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OpenCulture: MIT’s Introduction to Poker Theory - A Free Online Course.


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Youtube: EYLENDA - Iceland in 4K.

Double-check that YT is playing it in 4K (gear icon, lower right).

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Youtube: Blue Angels Fly By.

Fun to watch, but I hope noone was injured.

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Luminous Landscape: Understanding The Jargon of Video.

SMPTE über alles.

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NewMusicBox: Ageism in Composer Opportunities.

Discrimination against someone of the ‘wrong’ color, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation is generally frowned upon in modern society. Progress has been made on these fronts to change peoples’ thinking and to embrace inclusion. However, progress is still needed in the area of discrimination on the basis of a person’s age.” Yes, even in other niches, the tendency for ‘30 under 30’ articles feels like the media wearing prejudice on their sleeve. Some things are simply easier for the plasticities of youth; looking at those who are older and doing stunning work often shows a more admirable gritty determination: playing learned wisdom against the vagaries of age and health - and all while fighting today’s culture.

Speaking more broadly, the culture of youth worship is getting way, way out of hand. I try to always focus on the work before judging any other factor.

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Observation: First time shooting an event with a drone zooming overhead.

I have to say, shooting the “Great Race” the other day, with a large drone zooming by overhead making almost as much noise as a small lawnmower, was terribly disconcerting. I suspect there’s some deep genetics going on, about having large dark things hovering over one’s head. The drone flew by at both unnaturally slow and amazingly fast speeds, obviously going for various ‘looks’ ... but man. Made it hard to concentrate. I suppose as a photographer I’m too attuned to ‘different’ movement, which might mean a good picture. My head kept swivelling around because of the damned thing.

Behaviors that will end once drones are more mainstream: Some people stop dead to look up at it once they hear it, causing all kinds of bumps and bruises for those not expecting such behavior. I got walked into a couple of times as I was kneeling for a photo, by those mesmerized into following the drone. People were even *taking photos of the drone* itself. A couple of angry ‘Big Brother’ folks were stomping around looking for the operator (presumably in a second story window or on a balcony, to remain inconspicuous).

I suppose the point of this is to warn you when you attend your first drone-attended event. Be ready for some nonstandard human behavior.

I hope the FAA requires bladeguards on any drone used in crowd situations. The thought of what a drone of this size - with uber-sharp carbon fiber blades - would do to all the aged flesh shuffling around.

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Mashable: Motorcycle racer saves himself from a brutal crash, finishes race on his knees.

I think he was still in shock, just trying to keep it together. I doubt he actually realized he crossed the finish line.

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Vimeo: Jordan from the Air.

Nice, though it seems to devolve into a drone-selfie. The entire Matador channel on V is worth exploring.

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Vimeo: Timelapse of the Volcano Calbuco eruption in Southern Chile.

Nicely done.

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BF: All Of David Letterman’s “Late Show” Videos Have Been Removed.

It also means that any video that you’ve seen embedded on other websites no longer work either, which effectively means that a great slab of Letterman’s material has been removed from the internet.” Graceful degradation? Remember that web design term?

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CreativeApps: Last Clock for iPad “keeps you in factual time, human time and remote time”.

Cool and clever.

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The Art of VFX: VFX Breakdown.

Seeing bluescreen takes me back to the good ol’ days.

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Guardian.UK: Christopher Lee dies at the age of 93.

Saruman has left us. He totally kicked butt in Dol Guldur. And Dark Shadows still haunts. RIP, good sir. 

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YT: ‘Blade Runner’ - 45 minutes of B-roll and unused dialogue, edited together.

Just because. I mean, anything BR is a ‘must link’.

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YT: First Aid Kit - Emmylou (Live på Polar Music Prize 2015).

Beautiful to watch.

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SERoundtable: YouTube Now Supports 8K Videos At 4320p.

Insane. [I’ll look at this post ten years from now, and wonder ‘what was the big deal?’]

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DPReview: TTRobotix introduces TTR-SB Seawolf submarine for GoPro cameras.

Neat. But to be really useful, it needs powerful lights pointed forward.

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SciAm: How I Dissected a T. Rex [Video].

That was how I found myself in the famous Pinewood Studios near London last April, next to where they were filming the new Bond movie, chopping up a 43-foot T.rex with chainsaws, dripping with synthetic blood. Not a normal day at the office for an academic scientist who spends most of his time writing grants, advising students, and lecturing.” It may put you off steak for a while.

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The Art of VFX: The Martian.

Looks interesting. I wonder what has spurred the recent spate of outer space flicks?  SpaceX?

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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.

Try not to smile; I couldn’t do it. And a DB5 for extra enjoyment.

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