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05/19/14 • 08:49 AM • ArtsMotion GraphicsWeblogs • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

The Art of VFX: Spider Man 2, the animations.

Still fascinating, even though I’m not an SM fan.

05/16/14 • 10:14 AM • ArtsDesignEntertainmentMotion Graphics • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Interesting observations on the Panasonic GH4 (and 4K video) ...

ProLost: A GH4 in the hand and EOSHD: Shooting 4K for 2K on the GH4. Seems to imply the GH4 needs a bit of post to get the best out of it.

05/16/14 • 09:47 AM • HardwareMotion GraphicsPhotographySoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Youtube: Jeff Beck, “Best of Blues”, Blue Wind & You Shook Me.

Couldn’t resist, with Tal Wilkenfeld singing (First time? She got a standing ‘O’.).

05/15/14 • 05:49 PM • EntertainmentMotion GraphicsMusic • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

AppleInsider: Bentley’s ‘short documentary’ shot on iPhone 5s, edited on iPad Air.

Everything from automated gimbals to specialized iPhone frames, mounts and steady-cam adapters were used to capture footage.” Even so, watch in fullscreen - damned impressive.

05/15/14 • 05:15 PM • AppleMobileMotion Graphics • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Youtube: Robot and astronaut bid farewell on International Space Station.


05/15/14 • 10:18 AM • ChildhoodMotion GraphicsScience • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

ShortcutMapper: Keyboard Shortcuts for Popular Apps.

Lightroom, Blender and Photoshop. So far. Handy! Looks like mouse buttons and gestures will be added to the interface ‘soon’.

05/15/14 • 10:13 AM • DesignMotion GraphicsPhotographySoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Photoshelter Blog: Q+A with A Photo Editor - National Geographic.

Always helpful to hear from the people who do the choosing.

05/15/14 • 10:11 AM • ArtsMotion GraphicsPhotography • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

DSLR Video Shooter: 8 Terrible Camera Rig Ideas.

But, but, but … the footage. What does the footage look like? [Heh.] I see this kind of thing as necessary experimentation - so many still photogs are struggling to understand the benefits of a tried-and-true industry-standard ENG rig. I thought the back injuries from older Steadicam models were bad; these things might kill you.

05/15/14 • 09:41 AM • Motion GraphicsPhotography • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

SIGGRAPH 2014/Youtube: Technical Papers Preview Trailer.

Missed this the other day.

05/15/14 • 09:31 AM • DesignHardwareInternetMotion GraphicsSoftware • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Mashable: Heroic Cat Saves Child From Vicious Dog Attack.

I think much better of cats now. I bear many scars from bicycling by skulking, vicious undisciplined ‘driveway dogs’ who don’t have anything to do but contemplate premeditated attacks … and deploy them with limb-threatening accuracy. I bike near a dog in a driveway now, I turn around before I’m in ‘range.’

05/14/14 • 10:48 AM • ChildhoodHealthLawMotion Graphics • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Youtube: George R. R. Martin Still Uses A DOS Word Processor.

Love it.

Much Later: I should mention Wordstar was a subject of derision when I first started temping in NYC. The Laniers, Wangs, Amtext-Jacquards and other dedicated word processors of the day had customized keyboards. No multiple-keystrokes required. Wordstar was considered slow and user-unfriendly; only for those folks trying to ‘save money’ over a ‘proper’ word processing system by buying one o’ them newfangled PC’s. Ah, the halcyon days of daisywheel printers and pin-feed paper ...

05/14/14 • 08:37 AM • ArtsBooksMotion GraphicsPersonalSanta Fe Local • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Dazed: Watch Shia LaBeouf skip for an hour.

Hit play and pick up a rope to see if you can achieve spiritual oneness with him.” If you can, have you been … wait for it … “Transformed”?

05/13/14 • 08:54 AM • ArtsEntertainmentGeneralMotion Graphics • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

The Double Lotus: 3D projects in Egyptology.

Including some walk-throughs.

Later: Viewing most of these makes me miss Hypercard.

05/12/14 • 09:53 AM • ArtsDesignHistoryMotion GraphicsScience • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Bike EXIF: Motorcycle restoration: the teardown.

I keep thinking about rebuilding my own Nighthawk. Perhaps it’s not as hard as I think.

05/10/14 • 02:54 PM • GeneralMotion Graphics • (6) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Youtube: Akira Project - Live Action Trailer.

Hints at what could be done with a budget and professionals.

05/09/14 • 08:45 PM • EntertainmentHistoryMotion Graphics • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Vimeo: Span - A modern timepiece.


05/08/14 • 08:58 AM • DesignMotion Graphics • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Youtube: Jonathan Wilson - La Isla Bonita.

I like this even more than the original.

05/07/14 • 06:31 PM • ArtsMotion GraphicsMusic • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Mashable: Will This Fly?: A Primer on Drone Laws

Sounds like existing law would prefer to put the genie back in the bottle for a year or so.

05/02/14 • 02:25 PM • LawMotion GraphicsPhotography • (2) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Vimeo: The Invisible Photograph, Part 1 (Underground).

How to archivally store photos.

05/02/14 • 09:35 AM • HistoryMotion GraphicsPhotography • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Colossal: New Absurd Animated Portraits by Romain Laurent.

You’ve seen beautiful fashion ‘cinemagraphs’ (animated gifs, reborn).  Well, here’s an antidote.

Extra credit.

05/02/14 • 09:05 AM • ArtsDesignMotion GraphicsPhotographyProgramming • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Jalopnik: Hobby Drones As Guided Bombs And The Rise Of Laser Defense Systems.

Even the quad-rotor type hobbyist/commercial drones, like those controversially pimped to millions on 60 Minutes by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recently, can carry around half a dozen pounds. Swap out that pair of earphones or cookbook you ordered online, or a DSLR camera when it comes to rudimentary commercial photography drones, with an improvised explosive device and you have a guided missile capable of some very horrific things.

I’m really alarmed by this sort of talk. Now you put it out there, can a drone version of the Boston Marathon incident be far behind?

My friends who use these devices are going to be put in danger by crazed paranoid people; it’s only a matter of time until some nut decides he’s being attacked, and lets loose a couple of shotgun blasts (or CCW handgun) at the drone and/or operator.

Hate to say it, but I suppose the only answer is Federal/State ‘drone’ licensing. The sooner, the better … before someone gets hurt.

05/01/14 • 02:38 PM • LawMotion GraphicsPhotography • (1) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

PDN: Aerial Photography Drone Review - DJI Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter.

Bouncy. Needs a lot of post to smooth it out, at the cost of resolution. OK for Youtube use, however. Pros would be better served with a much larger DSLR mount two-operator rig (one to control the drone, the other to control the camera).

Later: As a footnote, I was curious. Do our National Parks allow drone use? Following a thread about Yellowstone on a video/legal forum, the Park Service forbids their use in Yellowstone. Permits are apparently required for any video - though how they enforce that with smartphones and other devices, I’ll never figure out. Time-lapse is considered ‘filming’ too; you have to sit by your camera for those hours. You cannot leave equipment remotely in the wilderness, even with a permit. When in doubt, ask the Park Service. They have the right to confiscate your equipment, if caught.  Used to be, they even had issues with the use of tripods (tearing up the fauna).

04/30/14 • 02:32 PM • Motion GraphicsPhotography • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

Mashable: Get Ready for Drone-vertising.

Ridiculous, in so many different ways. For instance, the quadcopter they’re using has 15 minutes of flight time.

04/30/14 • 11:10 AM • ConsumptionLawMotion Graphics • (2) Comments • (0) Trackbacks

HDVideoPro: Cinematographers discuss their lighting techniques and go-to instruments.

Sometimes, you have to look past all the flash and hype of new gadgets, and find the beauty of something that has been working for cinematographers from the beginning: the soft, warm and beautiful light of an incandescent bulb!” And, in other news, ‘hot’ lights are becoming ‘cool’ again, now that DSLR video continues to burgeon.

04/30/14 • 10:14 AM • Motion GraphicsPhotography • (0) Comments • (0) Trackbacks
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