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DP Review: Apple to cease development of Aperture.

No doubt you’ve heard. But fear not for Final Cut Pro, et al.

I did a passel o’ thinkin’ before choosing Lightroom over Aperture. Apple fans gave me a hard time; vindicated. I remember my Quadra 840AV purchase all too well (great hardware, only to be abandoned). The unmentioned behemoth: Photoshop. Apple would not be able to command this niche without a Photoshop equivalent, and the investment would be huge (and likely unwise). This was the Quark mistake, too.  Either create a competitive product, or work smoothly with the pachyderm in the room. I use the best of LR and PS, switching between programs with aplomb. Can’t beat that workflow. Post-processing is where most budgets are either made, or broken to myriad expensive shards.

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MicroMuff … a ‘dead cat’ for your video-capable DSLR.

If you can’t afford the expense of an external mic.

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Youtube: The Besler Steam Plane.

Cool bit o’ history. Just don’t reverse it while in flight ...

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National Park Service Press Releases: Drones prohibited.

Totally expected. “In April, visitors at Grand Canyon National Park gathered for a quiet sunset, which was interrupted by a loud unmanned aircraft flying back and forth and eventually crashing in the canyon.” Sounds like you can get a ‘special use’ permit, however.

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Youtube: Wow! The Volkswagen Beetle Mini-Camper from the 70’s!

I want one of these right now, to hook up on my poor little Corolla!

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DSLR Video Shooter: 20 Ghetto Rigging Setups.

The sagging gaffer-tape-to-the-ceiling sure woke me up.

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DSLR Video Shooter: Panasonic GH4 Review.

My ears have perked up. Time to rent and kick the tires.

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Vimeo: My Mom’s Motorcycle.

Make time to watch it.

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Youtube: Race car on the road - “Welcome back”.

Extra points if you notice that the farmer’s tractor is, in fact, a Porsche.

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PVC: Directing Motion with Vincent Laforet.

The collaboration that goes into the filmmaking process is what excites me the most about directing. Being able to work with other people that are super talented in different visual realms is an incredible experience. Producing things collectively gives you something that’s greater than the sum of its parts.” This is what most solos (individual photographers trying to climb atop video skills) don’t get. The faster you grow to hire skilled people, the better your video is going to look. There is no reason to go the ‘old route’ of trying to learn everything yourself, and *then* starting to hire people. Get people right away. Your learning curve will exponentiate immediately, and your stuff will be so much better. Instead of getting kudos from family and friends, you can be competing in the wider stream of professionals.

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Youtube/Jay Leno’s Garage: Mille Miglia 2014.

Always worth the watch. 21 minutes. Stretch a coffee break.

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Dazed: Watch the heart-bursting new video from Beverly.

Austin kids doing what Austin kids do. Had my eye out for a niece or nephew. No luck. Nothing special, video-wise, just nicely done.

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DP Review: Panasonic GH4 samples.

The video capabilities make it the hot camera of the moment, but how are the stills?  Caveat: As some have wisely told me, the proof is in the printing, not necessarily in the pixel-peeping.

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fxGuide: RenderMan/RIS and the start of next 25 years.

RenderMan was a showstopper when it first came out.

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Gizmodo: How to Get Hit in the Head With a Drone.

Quadcopter operators, use blade guards.  $20 for a set of blades, $16 for blade guards. You can get super-light carbon fiber guards for like $70. Read about the attachment screw/motor burnout and possible descent issues before purchase. Better to have them; it’s only a matter of time before the crash or injury. The eyes you save may be your own.

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AnotherSomething.org: Look over the Watchmakers’ Shoulders.

I was fascinated. I own, of course, mostly windable and self-windable watches. All except for one battery-powered ‘ruggedized’ piece of junk for backcountry use.

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Youtube: Steve McQueen’s 1956 Jaguar XKSS - Jay Leno’s Garage.

The real fun starts at 14:00.

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ProVideoCoalition: Learning About the How AND Why When It Comes to Cinematography.

On a TV series the same crew is working on the same sets for months at a time and they get into a rhythm, whereas a commercial crew comes together for a day, shoots like crazy, and disbands for the next job. There’s often no pre rigging of sets, or any sets at all; we don’t have any of the advantages of time and familiarity. That makes it challenging, which also makes it a lot of fun.”  He gets the history right. Great article with excellent advice all the way through; don’t miss it if you have any interest at all in filmmaking (DSLR or otherwise). Consider this a high recommendation from myself, an ‘old’ A/V dude.

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EOSHD: Watch a 6K Red Dragon sample video in 4K VP9.

VLC or Chrome required. Of interest.

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fxguide: Future threat/X-Men/Days of Future Past.

Another FX reel, just because.

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Vimeo: MPC Godzilla VFX breakdown - sneak peak.

Everyone will enjoy a little Godzilla this afternoon. [‘peak’ - their spelling, not mine. Sic.]

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EOSHD.com: Panasonic GH4 Review.

Likely most of what you’re dying to know: “None of the other 4K solutions at the moment including the upcoming Sony A7S are as practical or as affordable as the GH4 for shooting cinematic 4K.

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EOSHD: Best small camera for 1080/60p – Panasonic GX7 and A6000 review.

Of note. Panasonic seems to be making people happy these days.

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Youtube/Carpool: Sir Patrick Stewart.

Brilliant hook for doing informal interviews. I need to try this, when folks visit Santa Fe.

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Vimeo: Twenty Eight Feet - life on a little wooden boat.

Looks lovely; yet among books I’ve read about longtime sailors, eating fish constantly made them crave land-animal meat to an inordinate degree.

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