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Dazed Exclusive: The Other Side of Fashion Week.

Birdwatchers of female beauty driven by love or loneliness (and sometimes both), the men featured do not make money from their images, although some have been doing it for almost a decade. At times both humorous and poignant, The Other Side of Fashion Week takes a humanising look at the lives of the men featured ...” Plenty of women of all ages doing this, too; arguably more than men. The focus on men seems to be intended to court a bit of controversy.

Related, tangential: Note that Scott Shulman [The Sartorialist] and Garance Dore just broke up a couple of weeks ago. She humanized him, he brought her greater audience.

Some fashion forums and comment-areas talking of this are busy trashing Scott, or so it seems. A woman who tries, pushes their personal brand hard, is celebrated. A man who tries, pushes his personal brand, is a creep.

I’m having a hard time reading some of the comments, because the double standard is blocking my view.

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Canon U.S.A.: Lens Prices. [Price drops, peeps]

Some significant, some not so. I could wish the 100-400 was in there; I’ve rented that more often than almost any other. It’s due for an update, too.

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Archaeology News Network: Video footage of Amphipolis tomb from the air.

Not on the scale of the pyramids, certainly, but still impressive.

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SciAm: Personal Drones - Are They a Public Hazard?

Fluff again. Please show a video of a drone, sans bladeguards yet using higher performance carbon-fiber blades, impacting something the approximate density of human flesh. They’re like high speed paring knives. Even shuriken.

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DSLR Video Shooter: Sony A7s Review.

Of note. Significant pluses ... and significant minuses.

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SERoundtable: YouTube Now Lets You Import Your Google+ Videos.

Of course, with this, rumors will/have spread more that Google+ is dying and Google is going to kill it off. Vic Gundotra left and there have been signs of it dying since.

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DSLR Video Shooter: Metabones Finally Releases Canon MFT Speedbooster.

List $599. Dat’s a lot o’ bones.

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Youtube: World-Renowned Swordsman Takes on Fruit Ninja in REAL LIFE.

An ad, but who could say ‘no’ to watching a skilled swordsman slicing flying fruit?

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365/2: 236. The precious gift of rain.

365/2: 236.

They’re tearing up our road again - gravel on the westbound side.  Lots of traffic noise - sorry. [Click through to Flickr to play video.]

Later: Storms breaking up.

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DesignYouTrust: GoPro Fetch. Mount a GoPro to your pooch.

You know, might be a really useful tool for search & rescue folks.

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Wired: Hyperlapse, Instagram’s New App, Is Like a $15,000 Video Setup in Your Hand.

Um ... I’ve been using Emulsio (iDevices) for a while now to smooth out smartphone/tablet video. No hipster cred, but it doesn’t impose that fast-speed routine on your footage.

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Youtube: F1 2014 Belgian GP - Huge Crash For Konsantin Tereschenko.

I’ll tumble 4 ya ...

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SP Review: Sony a7S used to shoot Chevrolet commercial.

Check the pic. OR ... you could just rent a real professional video camera.

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Youtube: Robin Williams Tribute. Another, yes, but very poignant.


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Colossal: Artist Creates Digital Life-Forms that Respond to Archival Birdsongs.


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Youtube: Mortdecai (2015) - Official Teaser Trailer.

Um ... feels like a one-trick pony. I think I’d rather catch Bean shorts.

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fxguide: The VFX of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Spoilers, methinks. But cool stuff within.

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... And now we’ve lost Lauren Bacall too.

For most of my adult life, I’ve been a ‘brunette man’, but Lauren was always AOK by me.

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Youtube: Top 10 Best CGI Moments from Last Century!

How far we’ve come.

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Vimeo: Tone.

Cool. Notice how it just wouldn’t be the same without the music.

Tangential: I’ve been running across a lot of folks posting ‘how-to’ videos, using completely inappropriate music to intro their vids.  Dynamic music, lots of aural ‘movement’ — to be followed by a person talking in a monotone against a blank background. The word ‘appropriateness’ comes to mind.

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Atlantic/Video: The Pros and Cons of Living on a Sailboat in the Caribbean.

Appropriate for a summer Friday.

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Mashable: A Yellowstone Tourist Crashed a Drone Into One of the World’s Largest Springs.

#^@#%$@$$ The hot springs in Yellowstone rely on very fragile geologic phenomena. It could just calcify over and become part of the spring, or, if heavy enough, could sink and destroy or plug ‘plumbing.’  Trying to fish it out of superheated water, surrounded by fragile calcification, is a major operation. The Yellowstone park service should put up signs with an IM/phone number to report drone sightings immediately.

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Art of VFX: Donstroy “Heart of The Capital” - Making of by CGF.

Yeah, I know. But it’s cool.  I spent a lot of time modelling in Strata and form•z. I miss doing work in form•z. I actually created a completely imaginary medical sampling machine that ended up being a prototype for a NJ company. One of my ‘other lives’.

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PDN: Up in the Sky - New DJI Drone Ready for Pro Camera Work.

18 minutes of flight time on a breezeless day, six feet off the ground. Ain’t much. But when’s the last time you sat through a ten minute single-shot? Hmmm? 60 seconds is a very long time in the video editing suite.

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Civil War Memory: The Problem of Southern Thinking From a Southerner.


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