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Strobist: How and Why to Keep a Location Catalog.


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ReadWrite: Shooting Your Neighbor’s Drone May Be Illegal—And It May Not.

There’s also the Salvo 12 Shotgun Silencer, which advertises itself with a mascot named Johnny Dronehunter, a tough looking guy who shoots down six DJI Phantoms in one go in the name of defending privacy.

I told you so. Engage in amateur or ignorant behavior (flying over property sans permission), and this is going to happen eventually. The term ‘drone’ has made folks completely paranoid.

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Julien Douvier Animated photography: Cinemagraphs.


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FAA: FAA Exemptions for Commercial UAS Movie and TV Production.

In their applications, the firms said the operators will hold private pilot certificates, keep the UAS within line of sight at all times and restrict flights to the ‘sterile area’ on the set.” This sort of indicates how the agency is going to deal with drones. Operators need to have a knowledge of airspace, weather and more.  Just because it looks and costs the same as a toy, doesn’t mean that operation in public airspace is without dangers.

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EOSHD: Nikon D750 Review - initial thoughts and video footage.

... I really miss my stabilised Canon lenses. The problem is for Canon lens owners like myself, aside from the very expensive 1D C, Canon are down across the range of DSLRs and mirrorless cameras for performance. They are now a distant 4th on video quality behind Sony, Panasonic and Nikon and a mediocre 3rd behind Sony and Nikon when it comes to stills quality on their APS-C and full frame sensors.”  Damn.

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EOSHD: Nikon D810 video quality leapfrogs Canon 5D Mark III.

The D810 now shoots better quality 1080p out of the box than the 5D Mark III. It isn’t 4K or raw but it’s good. In fact Nikon are now providing better image quality than Canon across the range in video mode. Beginning with the D3300 and D5300 which provide a better APS-C image than the 7D Mark II with less moire, Nikon have taken the same improvement to image quality and applied it to the D800’s successor, the D810.”  Ouch, Canon.

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The Gadget Flow: Turn Your Apple Device Into A Virtual Reality Machine With AirVR.

The second photo down.  We all knew this is where we were going to end up ... [laughing] ...

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Vimeo: Destiny/Mars Opening Sequence.

Kinda fun. The ‘space M-16’ is kinda bizarre.

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Youtube: The Story of You+Me.

Alecia Moore and Dallas Green. See if you recognize Alecia. She remains so charmingly “Doylestown.”

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EOSHD: Canon 7D Mark II video specs vs the enthusiast DSLR competition (GH4, A7S, 5D3).

Cuts through the PR.

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EOSHD: 4K for $899 - a look at the Panasonic FZ1000.


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Open Culture: The Beatles Saturday Morning Cartoon Show - The Complete 1965-1969 Series.

When baby boomers talk about tv “rotting kids’ brains”, this is *exactly* the kind of thing they’re thinking about.  No wonder my old man would come in, shut off the box and say, “Go out and play.”

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EOSHD: Apple iPhone 6 camera specs at a glance - 240fps and new Apple video encoder!.

Good info.

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Ramming around with drones ...

You’ve seen these two?

Petapixel: Yellowstone levels criminal charges at drone users who are violating the park’s ban.

Mashable Drone Beat: Another Arrest in New York, NASA Working on Drone Safety and More.  Do scroll down and watch the ram video.

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Youtube: Volcano Eruption in Papua New Guinea.

Power of Nature.

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Youtube: Jack White at Château de Fontainebleau - A Take Away Show.

Unplugged. Definitely cool.

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Dazed Exclusive: The Other Side of Fashion Week.

Birdwatchers of female beauty driven by love or loneliness (and sometimes both), the men featured do not make money from their images, although some have been doing it for almost a decade. At times both humorous and poignant, The Other Side of Fashion Week takes a humanising look at the lives of the men featured ...” Plenty of women of all ages doing this, too; arguably more than men. The focus on men seems to be intended to court a bit of controversy.

Related, tangential: Note that Scott Shulman [The Sartorialist] and Garance Dore just broke up a couple of weeks ago. She humanized him, he brought her greater audience.

Some fashion forums and comment-areas talking of this are busy trashing Scott, or so it seems. A woman who tries, pushes their personal brand hard, is celebrated. A man who tries, pushes his personal brand, is a creep.

I’m having a hard time reading some of the comments, because the double standard is blocking my view.

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Canon U.S.A.: Lens Prices. [Price drops, peeps]

Some significant, some not so. I could wish the 100-400 was in there; I’ve rented that more often than almost any other. It’s due for an update, too.

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Archaeology News Network: Video footage of Amphipolis tomb from the air.

Not on the scale of the pyramids, certainly, but still impressive.

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SciAm: Personal Drones - Are They a Public Hazard?

Fluff again. Please show a video of a drone, sans bladeguards yet using higher performance carbon-fiber blades, impacting something the approximate density of human flesh. They’re like high speed paring knives. Even shuriken.

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DSLR Video Shooter: Sony A7s Review.

Of note. Significant pluses ... and significant minuses.

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SERoundtable: YouTube Now Lets You Import Your Google+ Videos.

Of course, with this, rumors will/have spread more that Google+ is dying and Google is going to kill it off. Vic Gundotra left and there have been signs of it dying since.

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DSLR Video Shooter: Metabones Finally Releases Canon MFT Speedbooster.

List $599. Dat’s a lot o’ bones.

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Youtube: World-Renowned Swordsman Takes on Fruit Ninja in REAL LIFE.

An ad, but who could say ‘no’ to watching a skilled swordsman slicing flying fruit?

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365/2: 236. The precious gift of rain.

365/2: 236.

They’re tearing up our road again - gravel on the westbound side.  Lots of traffic noise - sorry. [Click through to Flickr to play video.]

Later: Storms breaking up.

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