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TechDirt: FAA Investigates Congressman’s Use Of Drone To Help Videotape His Wedding.

“That brings us to today, where we get to read news about the FAA investigating the use of a drone to take sky-recordings of the wedding of a US Congressman who sits on the subcommittee that oversees the FAA.”  Oh, this one’s worth watching, just for the entertainment value alone.

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Colossal: An Amazing Collection of Mechanical Singing Bird Automata.

Leave the volume up and drive your office-mates to distraction.

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DP Review: Drone lighting could be coming soon to your studio.

Oy. You’d damned well better use blade guards. You think a crash is expensive. Injure a model!  The insurance costs vs. using an assistant may mitigate in favor of a physical person. Folks who own quadcopters tend to, after their first crash, replace with aftermarket parts. You know what knives through butter do; you really, really don’t want to see what aftermarket carbon fiber blades will do to fingers, eyes, etc.

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Youtube: Weird Al, ‘Foil’.

Weird Al’s having a heck of a week.  Perfect social fodder. I haven’t seen Al in ages, now he’s flippin’ *everywhere*.

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SciAm: Kids on Screen-Time Diet Lost Weight and Got Better Grades.

Parents are in a much more powerful position than they realize.”  The ‘idiot box’ remains the ‘idiot box’ … or so it seems here.

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Vimeo: It’s a plastic world.

As opposed to other videos on this subject, this one discusses some solutions.

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EOSHD: A real world Sony A7S rolling shutter test vs the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

Of interest.

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Anyone taken a How Design University Course?

Thinking of taking an FCPX course, because it’s project-based, instead of just Lynda.com’ing it.  What do y’all think?

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Kickstarter: AirDog, World’s First Auto-follow Drone for GoPro Camera.


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Mashable: FAA Has Clamped Down on Realtors Using Drones ‘for Months’.

Sorry, there are huge differences between hobby and commercial use. You can see from these videos that the realtors are breaking property boundaries into neighbors’ airspace and flying in the general public airspace (over public roads, waterways, etc.). A drone is a disruptive machine: a noisy device, and even with blade guards it can do a bit of damage if lost control of (everyone seems to have a ‘lost control’ story to relate). Last time I saw one in use near a busy road, the rubbernecking alone could cause an accident.

Are drones being picked on unfairly? No. If a realtor wanted to do aerials of a house and hired a crane to do it with, they’d have to obtain appropriate permits for public use, personnel to clear traffic, etc. I think that’s what the FAA is aiming for - notifying the neighbors ahead of time, and simply making sure the public is safe. That means a level of skill in operation, too. My bet: Look for N-style numbers on commercial drones, professional testing and professional licensing of some sort. Signs and notifications in operating areas, much like a commercial film set. 

Rather than individual liberty, drone operators should be proactive in talking about their safety procedures while operating their little machines. I’d bet the FAA would really appreciate that, and take a softer stance. Anyone talking about it? Not in this article.  If I were a realtor, it would be the first thing I would be doing - showing off my safety protocols, perhaps in a video as well. Be smart, not grasping.

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DP Review: Apple to cease development of Aperture.

No doubt you’ve heard. But fear not for Final Cut Pro, et al.

I did a passel o’ thinkin’ before choosing Lightroom over Aperture. Apple fans gave me a hard time; vindicated. I remember my Quadra 840AV purchase all too well (great hardware, only to be abandoned). The unmentioned behemoth: Photoshop. Apple would not be able to command this niche without a Photoshop equivalent, and the investment would be huge (and likely unwise). This was the Quark mistake, too.  Either create a competitive product, or work smoothly with the pachyderm in the room. I use the best of LR and PS, switching between programs with aplomb. Can’t beat that workflow. Post-processing is where most budgets are either made, or broken to myriad expensive shards.

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MicroMuff … a ‘dead cat’ for your video-capable DSLR.

If you can’t afford the expense of an external mic.

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Youtube: The Besler Steam Plane.

Cool bit o’ history. Just don’t reverse it while in flight ...

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National Park Service Press Releases: Drones prohibited.

Totally expected. “In April, visitors at Grand Canyon National Park gathered for a quiet sunset, which was interrupted by a loud unmanned aircraft flying back and forth and eventually crashing in the canyon.” Sounds like you can get a ‘special use’ permit, however.

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Youtube: Wow! The Volkswagen Beetle Mini-Camper from the 70’s!

I want one of these right now, to hook up on my poor little Corolla!

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DSLR Video Shooter: 20 Ghetto Rigging Setups.

The sagging gaffer-tape-to-the-ceiling sure woke me up.

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DSLR Video Shooter: Panasonic GH4 Review.

My ears have perked up. Time to rent and kick the tires.

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Vimeo: My Mom’s Motorcycle.

Make time to watch it.

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Youtube: Race car on the road - “Welcome back”.

Extra points if you notice that the farmer’s tractor is, in fact, a Porsche.

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PVC: Directing Motion with Vincent Laforet.

The collaboration that goes into the filmmaking process is what excites me the most about directing. Being able to work with other people that are super talented in different visual realms is an incredible experience. Producing things collectively gives you something that’s greater than the sum of its parts.” This is what most solos (individual photographers trying to climb atop video skills) don’t get. The faster you grow to hire skilled people, the better your video is going to look. There is no reason to go the ‘old route’ of trying to learn everything yourself, and *then* starting to hire people. Get people right away. Your learning curve will exponentiate immediately, and your stuff will be so much better. Instead of getting kudos from family and friends, you can be competing in the wider stream of professionals.

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Youtube/Jay Leno’s Garage: Mille Miglia 2014.

Always worth the watch. 21 minutes. Stretch a coffee break.

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Dazed: Watch the heart-bursting new video from Beverly.

Austin kids doing what Austin kids do. Had my eye out for a niece or nephew. No luck. Nothing special, video-wise, just nicely done.

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DP Review: Panasonic GH4 samples.

The video capabilities make it the hot camera of the moment, but how are the stills?  Caveat: As some have wisely told me, the proof is in the printing, not necessarily in the pixel-peeping.

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fxGuide: RenderMan/RIS and the start of next 25 years.

RenderMan was a showstopper when it first came out.

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Gizmodo: How to Get Hit in the Head With a Drone.

Quadcopter operators, use blade guards.  $20 for a set of blades, $16 for blade guards. You can get super-light carbon fiber guards for like $70. Read about the attachment screw/motor burnout and possible descent issues before purchase. Better to have them; it’s only a matter of time before the crash or injury. The eyes you save may be your own.

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