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Dazed: What does it take to be a fashion model?

There are terrible dangers in treating young people as older than they actually are. A normal life brings experience in small doses - these high pressure occupations slam young folk with major life-choices in a very compressed timeframe ... and they have no real basis from which to judge what is ‘best’ or ‘right’.

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SXSW Filmmakers In Focus: Texas Shorts.

Of note.

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Pro Video Coalition: The Secret Art of White Balancing.

The Gordian knot of image capture.

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Dazed: How a sci-fi music video obsession gripped the 90s.

Nah. Sci-fi *dystopia*, puh-leeeze. With terrible sets and cheezy graphics. Much cooler. Remember Synchronicity II? Sting’s face! It’s all you need.

Then again, I was one of those lemmings trapped in shiny metal boxes.

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DP Review: Hands on with the Canon EOS 80D.

Building on my other post yesterday.

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OpenCulture: A Tour of Stanley Kubrick’s Prized Lens Collection.

The tools of a master.

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Pro Video Coalition: EOS 80D and a new powerzoom for video.

Canon, nosediving into video to hold off Sony ...

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Youtube: A Day in Pompeii.

Advice ... don’t watch while eating toast.

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Speaker selection update.

Logitechs going back. Overdone thunderous bass, booming midrange and fragile tinny highs ... and nothing between those three. They sounded like music played through yogurt containers in the bottom of an empty ship.

Bought a pair of Mackie CR3‘s, and they sound fab. Not overbalanced in any of the three ranges (tweet, mid, woof). For entertainment purposes, they could use a subwoof. But for what I want them for (quiet background music and judging audio accurately), I’m pretty damned impressed so far. I can even hear the MP3 compression noise floor when turned up. Not as pleasing an overall sound as my old Bose MediaMates, but their accuracy for audio analysis is much better. After years of working with audio engineers, they’ve drummed two things into my head - clean highs and clean mids.

Possible caveats: They’re large. Almost the size of bookshelf speakers. And I have a bit of a channel thing going with them, I had to move the balance over to the left a bit when at quiet volumes. I’ll update if I feel the need to return these.

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Guardian.UK: Bears get a handle on opening car doors – but could it be their downfall?

Bears are anything but stupid.

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Dazed: In 1998 this webcam woman was the most famous person online.

There’s hope for online history being remembered. Dazed interviews anacam.

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Youtube: The Lord of the Rings (Suicide Squad Style!).

My vote for Academy Award in editing.

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Youtube: Rhapsodie in Blech - 1970 Nurburgring Nordschleife Adenauer Forst - Part 1.

1970’s film of amateur racing at the Nürburgring. Four parts (see the description for the other links). Painful and long to sit through all of it at once (take it in small bites). I’m fascinated to see the robustness of the VW Bug; repeated rollovers, it doesn’t collapse. Given the propensity of the rear to swap ends, I’m surprised noone came up with the simple fix ... a sandbag under the hood. To win, sometimes you have to give up top speed for stability.

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My Bose MediaMates have given up the ghost.

The bass deteriorated yesterday into a pocky thwocking noise - akin to slamming an empty paintcan on pavement. I quickly picked up a moderate-cost set of Logitech satellites/subwoofer speakers, but their high/midrange is very bizarre in comparison with the Bose.

I need to edit audio accurately for video. What’s everyone using these days? I was looking at the M-Audio monitors that review sites like, but it seems the recent update from -40 to -42 has folks disgrunted. I do have a pair of NEAR bookshelf speakers. I may just need to get a small amp and a subwoof.

Ideas/suggestions? Thanks.

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Macworld: VLC for Apple TV hands-on - Goodbye format woes

None of those annoyances matter much when all of a sudden your Apple TV box can play virtually any file from any of your devices without any cash outlay on your part. That’s a nice upgrade right there. In fact, Apple ought to thank the VLC folks for so drastically expanding the capabilities of its box.

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Pro Video Coalition: The best drone from CES 2016.

Dodges obstacles automatically. Not *gracefully*, note (watch the video).

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Youtube: Modern Talking, Geronimo’s Cadillac.

I have no words. My brain just melted like cheese in a hot oven. I mean, WHAT ... ?

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Youtube: The Awesome “CAD WEST” Low Flying Jet Site In Wales “Mach Loop”.

Turn up your sound for full effect. I gotsta go.

Later: Pilot’s viewpoint. *Urp.*

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Vimeo: 5 mètres 80.

Because everyone needs high-diving giraffes in their day.

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PDN: FAA Drone Registration - What You Need to Know

According to the FAA, registrants will need to provide their name, home address and e-mail address. When they’ve registered, they’ll receive a Certificate of Aircraft Registration/Proof of Ownership that will include a unique identification number for the UAV owner—an ID which must be marked on the aircraft.

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Hollywood Reporter: Camille Paglia Takes on Taylor Swift, Hollywood’s #GirlSquad Culture.

Tsk, tsk ... someone didn’t have a good time in high school. Ms Swift is just plodding along consistently, being a smart businesswoman in today’s culture (‘make hay while unwrinkled’). Is Adele any better, with that self-serving ‘impersonators’ video? Many missed the fact that was Adele-generated, not part of some game show. This is not the culture for modesty.

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Youtube: Spectacular landing at Frankfurt Airport.

If you haven’t seen it.

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Pro Video Coalition: From the National Drone Show: What I Learned On The Floor.

The last person you want flying your RPV is a real-plane pilot.” Not true. I sincerely doubt a pilot would be any worse than another untrained drone operator. Knowledge of airspace, weather, weight and balance, responsibility - ‘pilot in command’ - and other intangibles is important. It brings a seriousness to the endeavor, rather than a videogame/toy mentality. Treat it as a toy, people/animals/property get hurt - as we’ve already seen, and frequently. No doubt a subset of a PP license is the better solution.

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FishbowlNY: Fox News Source - San Bernardino Suspects Wore GoPro Cameras.

I wouldn’t normally link this, considering the source, but it’s so egregious I had to. Remember the shooter in Virginia used one.

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EOSHD: Rumours claim Nikon have acquired Samsung’s NX technology.

Logically however, this is a rumour that adds-up extremely well ...

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