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Youtube: Spitfire 944.

In 2005, an 83 year-old World War II pilot is surprised to see 16mm footage of his 1944 Spitfire crash for the first time.”  Someone else linked it (old link), but I couldn’t resist. “Get that cigarette out of your mouth.”

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Video and photo shoot took me out of the office all day.

Nice when a client says, “You’re so much fun to work with!” I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the feeling.

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EOSHD: Olympus E-M5 Mark II - love and hate at first sight.

This is ultra silly. Sillier than a weasel riding a woodpecker.” C’mon, tell us what you really feel.

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Air & Space Magazine: Hamilton H-47 - Panoramas of cockpits.

They will be adding some great planes to this list.

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BBC: Paris night drone mystery deepens.

The security threat from these drones is minimal. Bird’s-eye images of Paris landmarks are available online in far higher quality than anything these devices could produce. And small, shop-bought drones are not strong enough to deliver a significant payload of explosives.” Probably just some numbskulls creating footage.

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Motionographer: Robert Rugan releases “Danny and The Wild Bunch”


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Vimeo: Power/Rangers [NSFW].

Katee Sackhoff and a few others make a dark Power Rangers fan flick. I expect this is the new method for encouraging movie moguls to invest - high production has come way down in price.

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ThinkContra: The Funniest Oscar Moments in Gifs.

I’m right there with ya, Mr Cumberbatch. If you have to live through the event, might as well bring something to help the schmaltz go down easier.

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Youtube: Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014 Highlights.

Bucket list.

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c|net: Fantastic Adobe video spotlights 25 years of Photoshop artistry.

Photoshop was my saviour, as I’ve expressed many times. Not many of us can still claim that we learned to do drop shadows in channels, because layers didn’t exist.

Tangent, slight: There were many graphics software packages before PS. I see a bundle of news articles today missing this fact. I used to use Rio on Vista and NU-Vista graphics boards in PCs. Rio was *very* powerful, more powerful than the first Photoshops. PS didn’t do true 32 bit graphics for many years. But it was a tres handy Swiss Army knife for converting TGAs to other formats. I could quickly get Mac and PC formats into TGAs for my video system in less than fourteen steps ... and for that, I’ll be eternally grateful.

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Vimeo: Time-lapse macro marine life.

...meanwhile…” Beautiful. Beats another night sky or city time lapse again ... and again ... and again ...

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Science: Drones and satellites spot lost civilizations in unlikely places.

When ecologists look at the Amazon, they see ‘virgin wilderness’ untouched by humans, Iriarte says. But thanks to the discovery of large-scale earthworks called geogylphs and terra preta — ‘black earth’ that was purposely enriched by humans in the past — archaeologists have concluded that at least parts of the rainforest must have been home to large, agricultural settlements.

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Youtube: Blank Space - Vintage Cabaret-Style Taylor Swift Cover, ft. Ariana Savalas.

Hella classy.

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Art of VFX: Agent Carter, the Making of.

Lots of coffee being drunk, I guarantee.

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Petapixel: This ‘Flow Motion’ Time-Lapse of Dubai is Insane.

A crapload of hard work went into this.  Both onsite and in post.  Kudos.

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Mashable: The FAA just proposed regulations for commercial drones.

... frighteningly sensible ...

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Github/alebedev: git-media.

GitMedia extension allows you to use Git with large media files without storing the media in Git itself.”  Anyone used it? Opinions?

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Slate: Reuters/Ipsos poll shows 42 percent of Americans support private drone ban.

Seventy-one percent said drones should not be permitted to operate over the property of others, while 64 percent said they hope their neighbors won’t add drone flying to their list of weekend pursuits.” Folks want privacy, I understand that. Irresponsible operators are already flying over properties without warning or clearance.

On a side note, I just heard about a recent dismissed arrest. There’s a new use for “selfie sticks”. Pervs are going out to do ‘upskirt’ shots in public. Seems some courts feel that walking in public, there’s no expectation of privacy.  Wait for that one to hit the social channels (the media won’t react until Twitter does, anymore) ...

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Youtube: Speed Dating Prank - 2015 Ford Mustang.

The reactions need to be bigger, IMHO. Totally fun concept, though.

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EOSHD: Canon 5DS takes a backwards step for video - severe rolling shutter, moire ...

Not every DSLR needs to have video ... this is a play for the high-resolution stills market, not a video play. This market *does* still exist. Studios. Landscape and architecture. Etc. Those who have dreamt of medium format, but didn’t have the green.

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Hollywood Reporter: FAA Grants Additional Exemptions for Drone Use in Film/TV.

Meanwhile, the FAA continues to receive exemption requests faster than it can approve them, demonstrating the need for the agency to begin the rulemaking process and create regulations in order to allow for more widespread use of the technology, rather than regulating on a case by case basis.” Jes’ keepin’ an eye out.

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Youtube: Auschwitz 70 - Drone shows Nazi concentration camp.

The only visual I’ve ever seen that really effectively illustrates the size of the place. Show this to any crazy deniers you come across. I detect a significant similarity to the buildings around Oak Ridge, TN during the Manhattan Project. Both: Industrial extinction.

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Vimeo: Solus.


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Vimeo: Ocean Gravity.

You just know someone’s going to ‘borrow’ this for a sci-fi movie relatively soon.

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BBC: Drone maker DJI bans Washington flights after White House crash.

DJI’s smart. Make hay while the sun shines, folks.

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