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Macworld: Six ways to give an old iPad new life.

Hmmph. My iPad 1 is still perfectly suitable. The only thing I want that I’m locked out of is playing with Adobe’s new app. If more apps go iPad-2-or-newer, then I’ll think about retiring it.

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DP Review: Pixel-binning 41MP Nokia smartphone hints at a future for small sensor cameras.

Noisy, but cleaner than ISO 400 film was.

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Youtube: Stuff Instagramers Say [Official].

Try not to smile at least once. I got some out-loud laughs.

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Android Market: Onavo Extend.

Saves bandwidth. For those who might be interested.

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Salon: There is no ethical smartphone.

There’s no getting around the hard truth: right now, there is no such thing as an ‘ethical smartphone.’ Or, for that matter, an ethical flat-screen TV, digital camera or any kind of personal computer.

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InstaMatch for iPhone and iPad.

Turn your Instagram photos into a game.

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Mishes: Against the Lobster font abuse.

The curse of free fonts. Comic Sans is bad, but Lobster is turning up *everywhere.*

IMPORTANT: Some Windows users are getting Trojan warnings on this link. I’ve not seen any on Mac. Many thanks to those readers who flagged this as a problem.

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XpertPHPDeveloper: Detect iPad using .htaccess.


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Kauko: Remotely control design in real time.

A coffee shop where the seats, tables, lights and sound are controlled through a social app. Watch the little videos, try not to smile too broadly.

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Guardian.UK: Self-published ebook author becomes Amazon’s top seller.

This time last year, I hadn’t even started writing Locked In and now I have a No 1 bestselling book in the Kindle Store, outselling many authors that I have grown up reading.

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The Atlantic: The Amazing High-Speed Rise of the App Economy.

I’d wondered when someone was going to get around to measuring this. Up next, “froth” in the system.

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IRA Analyst: Facebook ‘Jumps the Shark’ Interview with Michael Whalen.

The media seems to believe that the valuation of the company is based on the “personal data” of the 800 million + subscribers of Facebook. I disagree — the valuation of the company MUST be based on their ability to actually MAKE MONEY inside of the paradigm and the environment they invented. So far, I am not impressed.Via JY on FB.

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Macworld: Bookle brings ePub reading to the Mac.

Nice, but don’t overlook the Swiss-Army Knife of ebook reading, Calibre. Calibre gives you complete control of your virtual reading investments, IMHO.

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Globe and Mail.CA: Indigo joins growing boycott of books published by Amazon.com.

Although Barnes & Noble claims to sell 300 million books a year, Amazon surpassed the traditional chain’s share of book, e-book and media sales in North America five years ago. The online retailer’s current annual revenue of almost $50-billion dwarfs the $7-billion in sales made by Barnes & Noble, which continues to lose money despite the collapse last year of the Borders chain, formerly its main competitor.

And B&N;is thinking of spinning off Nook? Good lord. I suppose I’m not surprised - the software’s dreadful.

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RCA: USB Charging Station Wall Outlets.

When I redo our offices this summer, I just might install one or two o’ these.

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Discover: Ebooks - More Boon to Literacy Than Threat to Democracy.

Another opinion countering Franzen’s interview of a day or so ago.

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Macworld: If you use iOS, you need VIPOrbit.

Sounds intriguing, but if you call for a PC version, you need to ask for Android as well.

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ReadWriteWeb: 91% of Gen-Ys Use Their Phones in the Bathroom.

Like hell I’ll ever touch your phone, kid.

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NY Times: Does Technology Affect Happiness?

Among the crucial questions that the researchers were not able to answer is whether the heavy use of media was the cause for the relative unhappiness or whether girls who are less happy to begin with are drawn to heavy use of media, in effect retreating to a virtual world.” This article will be the subject of many conversations, I suspect.

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Rob Galbraith DPI: Q+A with enlight photo’s James Madelin about ioShutter.

Remember this? Hooks your iOS device to your DSLR. There’s been a lot of buzzing interest about this. The whack is the price of the cable, not the app.

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technology review: One eBook Platform to Rule Them All.

Signed up ages ago, I think I’ve received two emails. Perhaps they’re more prepared now.

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SF New Mexican: Damaged cable disrupts Internet service.

Internet was inaccessible to CenturyLink customers in most of downtown Santa Fe and Tierra Contenta ...” I’m on Comcast. Redundancies, folks?

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NY Times: Police Use of G.P.S. Is Ruled Unconstitutional.

Law enforcement is now on notice [snip] that almost any use of GPS electronic surveillance of a citizen’s movement will be legally questionable unless a warrant is obtained in advance.” Good.

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Pew Research: Tablet and Ebook sales over the holidays.

Tablet and E-Book users almost double.

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Day One: Mac Journal Application for iPhone, iPad and Mac Desktop.

Hmmm. They should purchase, and integrate Momento. It not only is a writing environment, but also catalogs all your weblogging and social media activity, as well.

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