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Guardian/Observer.UK: Has the internet run out of ideas already?

We’re now at the stage where we should be getting the next wave of disruptive surprises. But – guess what? – they’re nowhere to be seen. Instead, we’re getting an endless stream of incremental changes and me-tooism. If I see one more proposal for a photo-sharing or location-based web service, anything with ‘app’ in it, or anything that invites me to ‘rate’ something, I’ll scream.” I know the sentiment well. I love that the author terms trading our privacy for ‘free’ services is a ‘swindle.’

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Mother Jones: “Gangbang Interviews” and “Bikini Shots”: Silicon Valley’s Brogrammer Problem.

Some developers insist that it’s all just a big joke and doesn’t represent any actual streak in tech culture. But apparently it’s real enough for social-media analytics company Klout: The high-flying Silicon Valley startup came under fire last month for displaying a recruitment poster at a Stanford career fair that asked: ‘Want to bro down and crush code? Klout is hiring.’” Read the comments. Makes me want to delete Path on my phone.

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ILoveTypography: Make the margins bigger.

Hmmm. Perhaps if ebook form-factors were larger, marginalia would replace annotation. Apple, get on it.

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PDN Pulse: Sign of the Times - Has $13K of Camera Gear, Uses Phone Instead.

Gag. Probably wants to email it immediately. Shoulda spent some o’ that green on the wireless file transmitter, dude.

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Poynter: Photographers - Stop using Instagram to share your edited, DSLR photos.

InstaFraud! Laughing my socks off. It’s still photography, isn’t it? But I’ll agree. Stay out of Instagram, pros. Let others keep shooting faux artsy Instacrap. Cuts down on the competition, significantly. Clients love the look, but they don’t want to pay for such low resolution. One ends up taking DSLR shots, and faking it later on. Sit a client down in front of Adobe Lightroom, run them through about a dozen filters, and watch their eyes light up. You can give them exactly the look they want.

Caveat: I use Instagram occasionally. Their filters introduce noise. Lots of noise. I’ve been leaning on straight shooting (no filters), because their canned effects offend my sensibilities. Perhaps if I went iPhone 4s, I’d feel differently. But on HTC Sensation … meh.

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If you haven’t read Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum, you may miss the naming joke.

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The Atlantic: The Idea That Beats Facebook Is Out There‐But Where?

Have I not been saying this? The next great thing is out there, or is in beta. It’s just not pulsating on our radar screens yet.

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PC World: 3G and 4G Wireless Speed Showdown.

With my phone on T-Mobile and my iPad on AT&T, this satisfies me. Though, all told, cell service is pretty damned slow - 4G or not.

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Guardian.UK: Olympics 2012 - branding ‘police’ to protect sponsors’ exclusive rights.

I think what they are trying to avoid is any formal commercial exploitation of those images, but that’s not what it says. And for that reason, it would appear that if you or I attended an event, we could only share our photos with our aunties around the kitchen table. Which seems a bizarre consequence.” Good luck trying to keep the Olympics a closed-circuit social media event. Ain’t gonna happen.

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Macworld: Read It Later renamed Pocket, eliminates price tag, and adds features.

Rebranding is always tricky. Stand back and watch.

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The Atlantic: Has Kindle Killed the Book Cover?

I HATE that Kindle automatically takes you to Chapter One. Some introductions and forewords are necessary. And I love book covers. Not on a B&W Kindle so much, but that situation’s temporary.

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Findings: How We Will Read - Clay Shirky

Publishing is going away. Because the word “publishing” means a cadre of professionals who are taking on the incredible difficulty and complexity and expense of making something public. That’s not a job anymore. That’s a button.

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SciAm: Why E-books Cost So Much.

As the exponential growth of e-books has slowed, some publishers are even whispering their hopes that perhaps the rate of e-book adoption will slow further and print will be viable well into the future.

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If iCloud isn’t floating your boat, this is an alternative.

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Story Wheel - Tell the story behind your pictures.

Storytelling is considered by some (who read here) to be the next social phenom. 500px just got finished rolling out a story feature (making Flickr look even more aged and decrepit), now you can use this service to construct Instagram-based stories.

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Instaport: Export, Download and Backup your Instagram photos.

If the Facebook buy freaks you, you have an out.

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vowe dot net: Pricing your app.

Sell 1000 copies for $1 or one copy for $1000, your revenue is the same.” Hallelujah, Volker lays it down. Needed to be said. Some of the older software outfits need a reality check.

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DVICE: Keyboard case turns your iPad into pretty good fake MacBook.

I have to laugh. Note in the thumbnails the ‘octopus’ cable. Everyone so wants to get stuff in and out of the iPad easily. These guys have just about every adapter covered with one cable. My thought: get an extra.

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raganwald: On Facebook, you’re sharing your personal data with every app your friends use.

Turn it OFF.

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Bloomberg: DOJ Said Near E-Book Pricing Settlement With Publishers.

A settlement would allow Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) and other retailers to offer lower prices for digital versions of books, according to the Wall Street Journal, which reported the status of the talks yesterday. To compete, Apple may stop selling books or match lower prices, in some cases resulting in a loss on each book, according to the newspaper.” Do we get refunds? I ‘spose not.

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Forbes: Are Apps The Future of Book Publishing?

Probably. But they will be ephemeral, which will pose a problem for archivists - if not our wallets.

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Instagram is now available for Android.


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Anil Dash: Readability, Instapaper, the Network and the Price we Pay.

As usual, a great read from Anil. These apps are exactly why I stopped fooling around with ‘artsy’ sized fonts, and changed everything over to ‘Readability’ style text at least a year ago.

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Jim Roepcke’s weblog: What is PhoneGap?

Beautiful and needed, Jim.

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CofMac: This Creepy App Isn’t Just Stalking Women, It’s A Wake-Up Call about Privacy.

These are all girls with publicly visible Facebook profiles who have checked into these locations recently using Foursquare. Girls Around Me then shows you a map where all the girls in your area trackable by Foursquare area.” Oh. My. God. Just read it.

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