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Klip.me - Enjoy Mobile Reading.

If you haven’t seen it already. I tend to reserve my Kindle for book-reading, my iMac for web-reading, so it’s of dubious use. Smartphone? Maybe.

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Simple wrist straps.

This is something that drives me crazy. Try to find wrist straps for modern smartphones or tablets. They’re HARD to find! Why?!! To me, it’s the simplest bit of insurance that I won’t drop something. I purposely bought one for my iPod Touch, but I cannot - CANNOT - find one for the HTC Sensation. Nor the Nook Tablet. The Nook Tablet has a lovely metal ring on the corner, begging for a strap. Can you find one? I suppose I’ll have to make my own.

Gordon Coale, it’s another market for you.

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ReadWriteWeb: Foxconn Workers Threaten Mass Suicide.

Foxconn produces devices for Microsoft (including the Xbox360), Apple (the iPhone and iPad), Sony (PlayStation3) and Nintendo (the Wii), as well as the Amazon Kindle.” Let these manufacturers know this is not acceptable.

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Nook Tablet, quick comment.

I needed access to an Android tablet, and the ability to read ePub files. The Nook Tablet is the most inauspicious thing I’ve ever come across. Nowhere near as ‘sorted’ as an iPad. I can’t even figure out a way to copy and paste URLs. Basic functions are just ... screwed up. The keyboard is significantly wonky. With Comcast Blast! service over wifi, it’s slower than death. Checking GMail is a five minute process - if you can get the damned thing to sign in. Barely qualifies as ‘beta’ in my opinion. I hope a future software update makes this thing more usable - otherwise it’s getting rooted.

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Waterproof your electronics.

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Double-exposure is the next photo-fad.

I’m wagering. I’m seeing an uptick of such items on Tumblr. Another way for the unskilled to take dull photographs and make them into something that resembles art.

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Stephanie Rieger: The ‘trouble’ with Android.

I suspect this will only get worse, not better.

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CNet: Android, iOS activations hit record on Christmas. Again.

Here, also. I often get grief from my clients for pulling out iPad, iPod Touch, Macbook ... and a (as clients characterize it) ‘4,000 year old’ cellphone with no smart features.

I chose Android over iOS for two reasons:

One, most of my clients are running Android and I need to know it better than I do.

Two, the majority of my information is in Google apps rather than MobileMe or iCloud.

After 48 hours with the HTC Sensation, I have to say I really like it.

Better than iPhone? It’s early days yet. The iPod Touch gives me most of the functionality of iPhone, and I run an iPad ... so I know the ‘lay of the land’ on iOS very well.

The Sensation is very fast compared to my late model iPod Touch and iPad 1.

Android’s interface is non-intuitive if you’ve been using iOS. Took me a while to figure things out (if I actually have). Setting up apps and widgets on the home screen is particularly confusing at first. They need to include a link to an extensive Android tips and tricks page or similar in their user guide.

Battery could use more legs, but I doubt it’ll leave me stranded on any given day. With moderate ‘setup new apps’ use, I got a day and a half out of it. There seem to be higher capacity replacement batteries out there. I may pick up a second just to have around.

The screen is quite bright, colorful, and I have not even given a thought to the lack of a Retinal Display.

I wish some iOS apps would move over to Android (Flipboard, Instagram, etc.), but there are plenty of alternatives. I’m surprised that many apps are free on Android, whereas you will always be pulling out your Apple account to pay for apps on iOS. So far I’ve spent less than $10 on apps and am covered about equally compared to my iOS devices.

Compared to the portrait and landscape keyboards on iOS, the Sensation’s keyboards are actually usable for my big fingers. That doesn’t really communicate the feel ... it’s a much more responsive keyboard. If for no other reason, this is a huge dealmaker for me.

The GMail app is superlative, much better than the iOS experience. Once you get the hang of the interface, one can zip through email, label and archive much much faster than in iOS.

Camper app works well for Basecamp. I have yet to fully kick the tires on this, but just accessing it with one click without having to use a little browser, is a plus.

The phone calling features actually work (some of my clients who have iPhones complain of call quality). Call quality’s not as good as my old phone, but I hear all smartphones have call quality handicaps.

Those last three items (email, Basecamp and phone quality) are vital to me ... and for once I feel I can be connected to my business in a small form-factor.

In sum, I had expected much, much less out of an Android phone. So don’t believe the nay-sayers - the experience for an iOS person who uses Google products, is a good one. Fun, even.

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It just came to me ...

I was scanning through my “Politics” channel on Zite (iPad app I prefer for newsreading), and the epiphany struck.

The overall feel of modern day political articles is roughly equivalent to public-access cable channels in the ‘80’s. Crazed, manic, loud ... and just plain bizarre.

Luckily a finger-flip carries me away from this awfulness.

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CBC: E-book prices spark battle between publishers, retailers.

... officials in Europe and the U.S. are investigating allegations that five international publishers, including Pearson PLC and News Corp., conspired with Apple to fix the price of e-books.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Google Goggles.

Have you ever seen a work of art—on a poster, in a book, on a billboard, or even in one of the Met’s galleries—and simply had to know more about it? Now you can. I’m pleased to announce a new collaboration with Google that lets you take a picture of a work of art with your mobile device and link straight to more information on metmuseum.org.” I suppose it’s futile to remind folks that some museums were doing this with the Apple Newton (at least a *form* of this) twenty years ago. Welcome back to the future, improved.

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Road Inc. — It’s driven.

Attention, fellow vintage car-junkies ...

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Treehugger: New App Lets iPad Users Play With Real Live Pigs.

Since 2001, law has required pig farmers in the European Union to provide some form of entertainment to their livestock as a way of keeping them in good emotional health, which in turn helps curb aggression and anxiety.” Too bad they can’t tweet ... then again, they’d stress out about their personal branding (bacon?) ...

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Globe and Mail.CA: Boundary-pushing e-books that blow the page away.

Some say that tablet computers, especially the Apple iPad, will save books from extinction by turning them into singing, dancing, multimedia ‘apps.’” I don’t remember books ever being characterized as “going extinct”, do you? Print, perhaps, versus e-book. But not “books” themselves.

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Wired: Spotify vs. Rdio - Who Has The Exclusives?

Labels are still withholding most or all of the albums from many popular artists. The Beatles, King Crimson, AC/DC, The Eagles, Tool, De La Soul, Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin, and Metallica are nowhere to be found, as well as most of the best albums by The Kinks. Music geeks will be sad to discover that Frank Zappa, Coil, Spacemen 3, and Joanna Newsom are all missing, as well.” An annoyance we’ve all run across.

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ReadWriteWeb: Google Map Maker Opens Its Editing Tools To Everyone.

A lot’s happening in online maps and geolocation these days, desktop *and* mobile. Hard to keep up.

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Washington Post: NTSB urges nationwide ban on cellphone use while driving.

As inconvenient as it will be, I’m forced to agree. Besides having been ‘almost-harvested’ multiple times, I can tell you that when I cellphone as I drive, I cannot tell you what route I’ve taken or any details on the way. It’s SO flipping dangerous ... yet I still do it.

States will probably oppose it, because it’ll mean they need to maintain shoulders on highways.  Any cyclist can tell you road-shoulders have been suffering from terrible neglect in these thin budget times.

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Nomad Brush: Paintbrush Stylus.

I don’t remember if I pointed these out before or not. Watch their videos, these brushes, matched with an iPad, look to be incredible. A gift for the iPad creative on your Xmas lists?

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ReadWriteWeb: 100 Million Apps Later, Apple Pushes the Desktop Toward Mobile.

I’m linking this for one reason. To relate the fact that when I’m presenting to a client on my Macbook, I have this annoying habit of reaching for the screen and trying to iPad things around. I know I’m not alone in this. I don’t know if Apple’s aware of the fact that they’re building a market before they have a device to feed it. Someone else could zoom in right now, and steal that market away (I’m ignoring the power of the Apple brand, just brainstorming).

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DP Review: Digital lo-fi photography - Part 1.

A mildly helpful review of apps like Instagram, Hipstamatic and others. As if we already don’t own like a half dozen of these things ...

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Col. Littleton: No. 46 Phone Holster.

Draw, (i)podner.

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Macworld: Google offers Currents, a Flipboard-like app.

Installed. Feels clunky. Has a disturbing visual relationship, IMHO, to the aesthetically dreadful Scoop.it. Hire some real font wranglers, Google.

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Shorpy Historical Photo Archive is now an iPad and iPhone app!

I haven’t downloaded it yet, go take a look.

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iPod Touch 4G battery life.

Since the last round of iOS updates, battery life’s sucked on my iPod Touch 4G - not that it was stellar in the first place. I casually trolled the Apple discussion boards, and found a solution that’s worked: turn on ‘airplane mode’, turn off push email, and then re-activate wifi. The three actions have resulted in a > 3 day life for my normal everyday use. Before, I was charging almost twice a day. Just FYI.

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Echo Touch Gloves.

Warm gloves that work with touchscreen devices. The cotton/cashmere even look decent.

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