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Vimeo: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore iPad App.

Teaser/trailer. If you’ve not seen/heard about it yet ... I think I’m a bit late on this bandwagon. Very fun.

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Mashable: More U.S. Adults Own a Smartphone Than Have a Degree.

Now there’s a fascinating comparison. Far as I can tell, state college tuitions run about 4-5x (~9-10,000) the cost of a year’s smartphone plan (~2500) ... though two year college tuitions can be approximately the same. Knowledge lasts a long time. Smartphones? Not so much. We’ll be on to shoe-phones and wrist-tablets to go with our flying cars.

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Blue Strawberry: Weave - ToDo App for Creative Minds!

Looks intriguing. But does it play well with any to-do desktop apps?

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M.I.C. Store: Aluminium KeyBoard Buddy Case for iPad 2.

They’d have made another sale today, if there were an iPad 1 version.

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Hamster: 100% Free eBook Converter.

Move over, Calibre ... there’s a new rodent on the block.

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Mashable: 15 Top Instagram Users.

Their most-followed. Important to make that distinction.

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Macworld: iPhone 4 is tops with Flickr shutterbugs.

Question now becomes, is Flickr really the place for serious photography?

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For you iPad users.

I’ve tried out: Flipboard, Zite, News360, Pulse, DesignScene, Reeder, Qwiki, Hitpad. [So far.]

My uncompensated, raw opinion of ‘best’: For my uses, Zite. No comparison. Zite gives me more valuable stories than any six of these others. It gathers from sources I’ve never run across, it throws stuff my way that gets me interested ... and I DO NOT use the internal rating system. I want it to keep feeding me different things, rather than tailoring to my tastes.

If I could link it more easily to my weblog than emailing myself stories, I could swap my entire Google Reader collection of RSS feeds. Zite’s an eclecticist’s dream. Anytime I want to kill some time, but don’t feel like reading a book - Zite is perfect. I can swoop off on entertaining tangents, thanks to compelling linkage.

Zite does it good. DM! recommended - and I’m probably doing myself out of readership in telling you so.

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Mind Your Decisions: Game theory and probability of iPhone passwords.

Repeat a number in a four-digit PIN.

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O’Reilly Radar: Apple and a web-free cloud.

Choose your future prison.

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eBookNewser: Penguin Launches Digital ‘On The Road’.

“On The iPad.”

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Webstagram - Instagram Web Viewer.

If you’re sick and tired of Instagram’s crappy web interface ...

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Reuters: Spam clogging Amazon’s Kindle self-publishing.

So very young for textual atherosclerosis.

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ARTnews: Social Media Art.

Social-media art is an umbrella that covers a mind-boggling array of projects: performances accompanied by Twitter feeds, paintings inspired by Facebook profiles, online works that evolve as people participate, videos compiled from postings on YouTube, start-up companies created as art.

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Macworld: Study - Top websites have an iPad preference.

The top 500 websites are catering more to the iPad than they are to Androidtablets, according to tests by website optimization company Blaze Software.” Of note to designers/developers.

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Macworld: Kindle’s Article Mode renders the Web more readable.

Great tip!

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Mashable: Apple Compromises With Publishers on App Subscriptions.

“Apple has quietly updated its App Store Review Guidelines, enabling publishers to offer free subscriptions to apps so long as those subscriptions are purchased outside of the app itself. Publishers are also no longer required to sell subscriptions in their apps ‘at the same price or less.’ In fact, publishers are not required to have a purchase option at all, and thus are free of the 30% revenue cut Apple was previously demanding from companies like Amazon and Netflix.” The big grab apparently failed.

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WebTabLab: Everything You Need To Know About New Features Of Apple iOS 5.


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CNN: If Weiner is ‘deviant’ then maybe we all are.

Oh, come on. Dump the guy and please concentrate on fixing the economy. If he’s that stupid, he shouldn’t be a legislator. We tired of such sexual deviation apologetics in the Clinton years.

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Globe and Mail.UK: The author as entrepreneur, and the dangers this poses.

“I’m concerned about the slow and subtle shift in attitude that constant marketing may effect in writers. Once you are in charge of your own promotion and sales, you cannot but help think of your audience as a market, and a market must be pleased. Writers should never think about their audience – they should never worry that their ideal demographic (say, women over 45 living outside large cities) won’t get the learned reference or will be nauseated by the torture scene. Art is not just a product like any other.” I instruct the author of this piece to reflect on what’s happened in music and photography.

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MacWorld: iCloud - What you need to know.

Still a lot of mystery. Will the iCloud email client allow for checking other (POP3, for example) email accounts? That would encourage me to simplify further and move off Gmail, perhaps.

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CNet: Richard Stallman: Break free of e-book ‘chains’.

One man’s prison is another’s nirvana ...

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Wired: 5 Reasons Why E-Books Aren’t There Yet.

E-books are positioned as disposable, but aren’t priced that way.” Unless you read free or $0.99 classics.

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Macworld/MacUser: Black Pixel acquires NetNewsWire.

I’m stepping away now only because one person can’t do all three versions (iPhone, iPad, and Mac) and make all three great. If I know I can’t make all of them great, then I should find a team that can. And so I did.” Aw, Brent, you’ll be able to put your feet up on the desk once in a while now! Still, I bet you’ll have some other project driving you within three months. I’ll just bet.

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Moleskine Reading Collection.


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