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LA Review of Books: The Death of the Book.

“It is perhaps a symptom of print’s decline that the current conversation about the book’s demise has forgotten all these other ones.  Instead we shuttle between two equally hollow poles: goofball digital boosterism a la Negroponte on one side and on the other a helpless, anguished nostalgia for the good old days of papercuts.  Call it bibilionecrophilia: the retreat of the print-faithful into a sort of autistic fetishization of the book-as-object—as if Jeff Bezos could be convinced to lay e-profits aside by recalling for a moment the soft, woody aroma of a yellow-paged Grove Press paperback; as if there were nothing more to books than paper, ink, and glue.Thanks, Roger.

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Gizmodo: Cancel your magazine subscription, lose all your back issues.

This is the kind of ‘Big Brother’ move that keeps folks away from ebooks. If publishers are going to treat texts as rentals, what’s the lifetime membership price for unlimited access? How much per month?

Later, tangential: Dreaming of the universal library.

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Kotaku: The Craziest iPhone 4 Peripheral Of 2011.

Somebody decided to make a Wii Wheel type add-on just for the iPhone 4, so that players can look like utter goofballs while playing iPhone racing games.” Oh, come on. I want one of these for playing Real Racing 2 on my iPod Touch. Tilting a little rectangular piece just isn’t optimal.

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Gizmodo: Taptu for iPad, iPhone and Android.

Looks like a mild redesign of Pulse. We’re getting to saturation point on these iPad newsreaders ...

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Tapbots: Tweetbot.

Buzz is building. But as with all of these “hey, great new app” articles, they’ll be crowing about the next latest-greatest in about 24 hours. And you’ll be out $2.

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rebecca’s pocket: US Industries that will not bounce back from the Great Recession.

How are phone directories still in business at all?” I certainly wish they were not. A lot more trees would live to see old age, rather than ending up in the dump.

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Typeplace App.

Photograph and geotag interesting typography.

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Macworld: Adobe reveals digital edition-creation tools in InDesign.

I need this like, uh, yesterday ...

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Amazon.com: iPhone 4 Wooden Bamboo Case (Camera).

Sustainable cred with vintage benefits.

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The Atlantic: Are Verizon iPhone Users Happier than AT&T’s Users?

82% to 80%.

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FT.com: Tablets to cure our smartphone sicknesses.

Last Monday, when Kerry McCarthy MP got up to speak in the House of Commons she made history – not for the words she spoke, but for reading them off her iPad. Later in the week, the Speaker of the House said he could no longer ‘reasonably prevent’ the use of iPads and smartphones in the chamber, so long as they didn’t disturb fellow MPs.

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Reuters: Dumping print, NY publisher bets the ranch on apps.

For Callaway, it’s all about apps — small applications sold in Apple’s App Store where books are enhanced beyond the mere text of e-books. In this cutting-edge new medium, cooks can clap hands to turn pages of an interactive recipe, a book about Richard Nixon can include footage of him sweating during presidential debates, a Sesame Street character can read a story out loud and, should your child get bored, the app can turn the tale into a jigsaw puzzle or a computerized finger-painting set.”

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ReadWriteWeb: Media Says Cease & Desist to Personalized Magazine Zite

Zite has been, in my experience, a more focused informational experience than Flipboard. For me, anyway. I use them both (and Pulse, and News360, and DesignScene) for different purposes. I get more usable information out of Zite faster than I do in Flipboard ... and I use it more because of that benefit. I link more, so media sources are getting a great benefit from me. I suspect media companies are panicked about their ad revenues, and will defend higher ad impressions at all costs ... even if it destroys a beneficial news-reading experience. I hope Zite has a legal leg to stand on - it’s a fine app.

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Blumenthals.com: Google Officially Ends Support For QR Code in Places.

We’re exploring new ways to enable customers to quickly and easily find information about local businesses from their mobile phones.” Whatever the replacement is, let’s hope it is aesthetically pleasing.

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CNN: Video site Vimeo debuts iPhone app.

It’s about time. [They spec only iPhones for compatibility; it does work with my iPod Touch (so far).]

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Macworld: Five awesome iPad productivity tools for under $5.

Given the mention here, I do have to put in a plug for iA Writer. It has added features for navigating and editing text that the iOS should absolutely consider for future releases. Saves enormous amounts of time when writing and editing.

Rare that I wax lyrical about a product, but after dealing with other text editing software on iOS, and editing on iOS in general, this one gets a full five stars from me. Pair it with a wireless keyboard, find a nice corner at your local coffeeshop, and you’ll be in heaven for as long as your battery lasts.

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Diverging Digital Roads: Poetry and E-books.

... poetry publishers do have one issue that most publishers don’t in terms of e-books: those pesky line breaks, the things that happen to make poems what they are. It turns out it’s pretty hard to preserve line breaks in EPub and other e-book file formats: one of the ways reflowable text adapts to readers’ preferences in terms of font size and reading device is to wrap lines on the screen differently depending on those preferences.” Line breaks and justification are dreadful in Kindle and Nook, better in texts from the Apple store, IMHO.

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Macworld: Nook Color to get apps, Flash support.

Nook Color may end up being the low-price entry into Android tablets.

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CF card reader for iPad.

If you don’t have the Camera Connection kit, this might be of interest.

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iPad thought.

Might be fun to hook an iPad up to an iMac, and have it function as a Wacom tablet for the iMac. Why not make the most of the touchscreen?

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FT.com: Say no to AT&T’s mobile monopoly.

AT&T insisted that US consolidation has not hurt price competition, quoting a US General Accountability Office report saying that US mobile service charges fell 50 per cent between 1999 and 2009. The report itself, however, showed that the bulk of the cuts occurred between 1999 and 2001. At that time, the US was one of the most competitive mobile markets in the world, with six main providers.” My emphasis.

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Photo.net: Perfectly Clear for iPad.

I’ll stick with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, but some may like this as an option.

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gadgetsmatrix: Ipad 2 Stand, Pure Bamboo.


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Macworld: AT and T to acquire T-Mobile USA for $39 billion.

I, and my cellphone, have been devored by the Death Star.

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