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EurekAlert: Cell phone use in pregnancy may cause behavioral disorders in offspring.

The rise in behavioral disorders in human children may be in part due to fetal cellular telephone irradiation exposure.” A Yale study.

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lifehacker: Get 3GB of Free Space on Dropbox By Using Camera Upload.

Free is always good.

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CNet: Caution - Streaming video will chew through your 4G iPad data.

Verizon’s online tool calculates that one hour of 4G HD video streaming use — and nothing else — will cost you 2GB; so, 2.5 hours of streaming HD video will use up 5GB of 4G data.” Don’t do a streaming LOTR marathon when you’re roaming, then.

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PaidContent: Amazon Has Sold Over Two Million Kindle Singles.

In that way, Kindle Singles allows Amazon to draw in authors who deem the program low-risk because it’s not in conflict with other publisher relationships they may have. Those authors may then stick around, especially if they believe that doing a full-length project with Amazon has the potential to be as lucrative as Kindle Singles have been for many of them.” I suspect Kindle Singles are poised to explode with additional and ancillary works from leading modern authors.

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CR4: Porting Your Landline Number to Google Voice.

Handy tip, if your landline is landlocked.

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CNet: SXSW - Hot spot honeypot hacker’s heaven.

Nothing teaches security awareness better than having your smartphone or laptop get hijacked, live.

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WTF QR Codes: Look! In the sky! It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!

Takes the cake, it does.

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Macworld: Six ways to give an old iPad new life.

Hmmph. My iPad 1 is still perfectly suitable. The only thing I want that I’m locked out of is playing with Adobe’s new app. If more apps go iPad-2-or-newer, then I’ll think about retiring it.

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DP Review: Pixel-binning 41MP Nokia smartphone hints at a future for small sensor cameras.

Noisy, but cleaner than ISO 400 film was.

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Youtube: Stuff Instagramers Say [Official].

Try not to smile at least once. I got some out-loud laughs.

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Android Market: Onavo Extend.

Saves bandwidth. For those who might be interested.

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Salon: There is no ethical smartphone.

There’s no getting around the hard truth: right now, there is no such thing as an ‘ethical smartphone.’ Or, for that matter, an ethical flat-screen TV, digital camera or any kind of personal computer.

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InstaMatch for iPhone and iPad.

Turn your Instagram photos into a game.

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Mishes: Against the Lobster font abuse.

The curse of free fonts. Comic Sans is bad, but Lobster is turning up *everywhere.*

IMPORTANT: Some Windows users are getting Trojan warnings on this link. I’ve not seen any on Mac. Many thanks to those readers who flagged this as a problem.

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XpertPHPDeveloper: Detect iPad using .htaccess.


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Kauko: Remotely control design in real time.

A coffee shop where the seats, tables, lights and sound are controlled through a social app. Watch the little videos, try not to smile too broadly.

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Guardian.UK: Self-published ebook author becomes Amazon’s top seller.

This time last year, I hadn’t even started writing Locked In and now I have a No 1 bestselling book in the Kindle Store, outselling many authors that I have grown up reading.

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The Atlantic: The Amazing High-Speed Rise of the App Economy.

I’d wondered when someone was going to get around to measuring this. Up next, “froth” in the system.

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IRA Analyst: Facebook ‘Jumps the Shark’ Interview with Michael Whalen.

The media seems to believe that the valuation of the company is based on the “personal data” of the 800 million + subscribers of Facebook. I disagree — the valuation of the company MUST be based on their ability to actually MAKE MONEY inside of the paradigm and the environment they invented. So far, I am not impressed.Via JY on FB.

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Macworld: Bookle brings ePub reading to the Mac.

Nice, but don’t overlook the Swiss-Army Knife of ebook reading, Calibre. Calibre gives you complete control of your virtual reading investments, IMHO.

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Globe and Mail.CA: Indigo joins growing boycott of books published by Amazon.com.

Although Barnes & Noble claims to sell 300 million books a year, Amazon surpassed the traditional chain’s share of book, e-book and media sales in North America five years ago. The online retailer’s current annual revenue of almost $50-billion dwarfs the $7-billion in sales made by Barnes & Noble, which continues to lose money despite the collapse last year of the Borders chain, formerly its main competitor.

And B&N;is thinking of spinning off Nook? Good lord. I suppose I’m not surprised - the software’s dreadful.

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RCA: USB Charging Station Wall Outlets.

When I redo our offices this summer, I just might install one or two o’ these.

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Discover: Ebooks - More Boon to Literacy Than Threat to Democracy.

Another opinion countering Franzen’s interview of a day or so ago.

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Macworld: If you use iOS, you need VIPOrbit.

Sounds intriguing, but if you call for a PC version, you need to ask for Android as well.

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ReadWriteWeb: 91% of Gen-Ys Use Their Phones in the Bathroom.

Like hell I’ll ever touch your phone, kid.

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