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Macworld: Hands on with Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader.

A longer review than my terse sentence yesterday.

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Kindle Cloud Reader ...

is perfectly lovely. Seems a bit more snappy than the app, even. Apple, slapped.

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Denver Post: E-Books turn the page: As apps leap into interactivity, can humans keep up?

I called it convergence.

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Gawker: Starbucks Wants You Laptop Hobos Out!

A Starbucks tipster tells him that some NYC Starbucks locations are now covering up their electrical outlets to discourage laptop hobos, because ‘some people just cannot be reasoned with.’” Oh, I love that. “Laptop hobos.” I’m going to use that. Thanks, Roger!

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Gizmodo: The Epidemic of Digital Distraction.

My daughter is too young to email us a note that she’s about to jump on the couch, tweet a message from midair, and then provide a link to a YouTube clip of her flight as she heads towards her couch landing. But that’s what it takes to get undivided attention. Little what’s-her-name didn’t stand a chance.” The first genuinely entertaining link I’ve ever read on Giz.

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Rob Galbraith DPI: Tether Tools Wallee Connect module broadens iPad mounting options.

Could’ve used this over the weekend ... except the iPad needs a shield from bright sunlight. Perhaps a back-to-the-future drape, as with the old 8x10’s.

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TwelveSouth: BookBook for iPhone.

I love this. Probably too bulky for my taste, but I’d sure give it a good try when/if I purchase an iPhone.

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ThinkProgress: Bookstore Bonding.

“Social media means we all spend a lot of time signaling potential compatibility through the lists of the things that we like or don’t like. And it’s probably a more efficient process of figuring out who we’ll make a real initial connection with. But I kind of miss the days when we had less perfect information, and when it could feel really exciting to see someone buying or reading or browsing something you knew was just going to rock their world, and to risk a conversation with them on the basis of that.” Yes indeed. And the joy of physical browsing will never be replaced by virtual.

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CNet: Apple forces Amazon to alter Kindle app.

Ah, well. It’s not really about convenience for the user, anyway.

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Macworld: Hands on with Adobe InDesign CS5.5.

If you’re doing any sort of ebook authoring, you simply *must* upgrade.

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Globe and Mail.CA: Book apps - A reading revolution, or the end of reading?

I called ‘convergence!’ back a while ago, I hope you remember.

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HolyCool.net: NeoStitch DIY iPhone Case.

Another iPhone case, you say? Sew what.

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Vimeo: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore iPad App.

Teaser/trailer. If you’ve not seen/heard about it yet ... I think I’m a bit late on this bandwagon. Very fun.

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Mashable: More U.S. Adults Own a Smartphone Than Have a Degree.

Now there’s a fascinating comparison. Far as I can tell, state college tuitions run about 4-5x (~9-10,000) the cost of a year’s smartphone plan (~2500) ... though two year college tuitions can be approximately the same. Knowledge lasts a long time. Smartphones? Not so much. We’ll be on to shoe-phones and wrist-tablets to go with our flying cars.

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Blue Strawberry: Weave - ToDo App for Creative Minds!

Looks intriguing. But does it play well with any to-do desktop apps?

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M.I.C. Store: Aluminium KeyBoard Buddy Case for iPad 2.

They’d have made another sale today, if there were an iPad 1 version.

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Hamster: 100% Free eBook Converter.

Move over, Calibre ... there’s a new rodent on the block.

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Mashable: 15 Top Instagram Users.

Their most-followed. Important to make that distinction.

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Macworld: iPhone 4 is tops with Flickr shutterbugs.

Question now becomes, is Flickr really the place for serious photography?

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For you iPad users.

I’ve tried out: Flipboard, Zite, News360, Pulse, DesignScene, Reeder, Qwiki, Hitpad. [So far.]

My uncompensated, raw opinion of ‘best’: For my uses, Zite. No comparison. Zite gives me more valuable stories than any six of these others. It gathers from sources I’ve never run across, it throws stuff my way that gets me interested ... and I DO NOT use the internal rating system. I want it to keep feeding me different things, rather than tailoring to my tastes.

If I could link it more easily to my weblog than emailing myself stories, I could swap my entire Google Reader collection of RSS feeds. Zite’s an eclecticist’s dream. Anytime I want to kill some time, but don’t feel like reading a book - Zite is perfect. I can swoop off on entertaining tangents, thanks to compelling linkage.

Zite does it good. DM! recommended - and I’m probably doing myself out of readership in telling you so.

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Mind Your Decisions: Game theory and probability of iPhone passwords.

Repeat a number in a four-digit PIN.

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O’Reilly Radar: Apple and a web-free cloud.

Choose your future prison.

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eBookNewser: Penguin Launches Digital ‘On The Road’.

“On The iPad.”

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Webstagram - Instagram Web Viewer.

If you’re sick and tired of Instagram’s crappy web interface ...

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Reuters: Spam clogging Amazon’s Kindle self-publishing.

So very young for textual atherosclerosis.

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