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Globe and Mail.CA: Boundary-pushing e-books that blow the page away.

Some say that tablet computers, especially the Apple iPad, will save books from extinction by turning them into singing, dancing, multimedia ‘apps.’” I don’t remember books ever being characterized as “going extinct”, do you? Print, perhaps, versus e-book. But not “books” themselves.

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Wired: Spotify vs. Rdio - Who Has The Exclusives?

Labels are still withholding most or all of the albums from many popular artists. The Beatles, King Crimson, AC/DC, The Eagles, Tool, De La Soul, Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin, and Metallica are nowhere to be found, as well as most of the best albums by The Kinks. Music geeks will be sad to discover that Frank Zappa, Coil, Spacemen 3, and Joanna Newsom are all missing, as well.” An annoyance we’ve all run across.

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ReadWriteWeb: Google Map Maker Opens Its Editing Tools To Everyone.

A lot’s happening in online maps and geolocation these days, desktop *and* mobile. Hard to keep up.

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Washington Post: NTSB urges nationwide ban on cellphone use while driving.

As inconvenient as it will be, I’m forced to agree. Besides having been ‘almost-harvested’ multiple times, I can tell you that when I cellphone as I drive, I cannot tell you what route I’ve taken or any details on the way. It’s SO flipping dangerous ... yet I still do it.

States will probably oppose it, because it’ll mean they need to maintain shoulders on highways.  Any cyclist can tell you road-shoulders have been suffering from terrible neglect in these thin budget times.

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Nomad Brush: Paintbrush Stylus.

I don’t remember if I pointed these out before or not. Watch their videos, these brushes, matched with an iPad, look to be incredible. A gift for the iPad creative on your Xmas lists?

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ReadWriteWeb: 100 Million Apps Later, Apple Pushes the Desktop Toward Mobile.

I’m linking this for one reason. To relate the fact that when I’m presenting to a client on my Macbook, I have this annoying habit of reaching for the screen and trying to iPad things around. I know I’m not alone in this. I don’t know if Apple’s aware of the fact that they’re building a market before they have a device to feed it. Someone else could zoom in right now, and steal that market away (I’m ignoring the power of the Apple brand, just brainstorming).

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DP Review: Digital lo-fi photography - Part 1.

A mildly helpful review of apps like Instagram, Hipstamatic and others. As if we already don’t own like a half dozen of these things ...

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Col. Littleton: No. 46 Phone Holster.

Draw, (i)podner.

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Macworld: Google offers Currents, a Flipboard-like app.

Installed. Feels clunky. Has a disturbing visual relationship, IMHO, to the aesthetically dreadful Scoop.it. Hire some real font wranglers, Google.

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Shorpy Historical Photo Archive is now an iPad and iPhone app!

I haven’t downloaded it yet, go take a look.

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iPod Touch 4G battery life.

Since the last round of iOS updates, battery life’s sucked on my iPod Touch 4G - not that it was stellar in the first place. I casually trolled the Apple discussion boards, and found a solution that’s worked: turn on ‘airplane mode’, turn off push email, and then re-activate wifi. The three actions have resulted in a > 3 day life for my normal everyday use. Before, I was charging almost twice a day. Just FYI.

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Echo Touch Gloves.

Warm gloves that work with touchscreen devices. The cotton/cashmere even look decent.

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vowe dot net: This is my current top 3.

When Volker recommends, I listen. Hard.

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Mashable: Fahrenheit 451 Finally Released in E-Book Format.

Bradbury never hid his dislike for the Internet – which he considered a ‘big distraction’ – and his disdain for ebooks. Although Fahrenheit 451 was often seen as a warning about the dangers of censorship, Bradbury saw it as a critique of new media, such as television, which destroys people’s interest in reading.

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Hmmm. Might be useful.

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Macintouch: Kindle Fire Review.

In-depth and extensive, from someone who’s familiar with the array of tablets in the marketplace.

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New photo magazine for iPad.

Photographers i. I’ll be checking it out over T-day weekend.

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Cleveland.com: Penguin suspends library e-books, citing security.

“The online retailer [Amazon] is allowing its special Prime members to rent one book a month from a selection of titles provided by it. Penguin and other publishers declined to participate but discovered their books were still being included, a policy denounced as illegal by the Authors Guild, which represents published writers.

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ReadWriteWeb: 1 in 3 Online Consumers Will Use a Tablet by 2014.

That prediction seems slow. But then, I spend most of my day surrounded by fellow news-and-gadget junkies, right?

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NY Times: For Their Children, Many E-Book Fans Insist on Paper.

Until rugged disposable tablets [sad to say ‘disposable’, but that’s the culture we live in at present] are available, print remains tops with kids.

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ThinkUp, ThinkUp, ThinkUp.

Yeah, it’s nice. You know what I want? A desktop version of Momento, with some of ThinkUp’s features (in addition to iPhone and iPad apps). Momento’s totally cool, but it’s tough for my big fingers to type on an iPhone/iPod Touch. It aggregates blog entries, tweets, FB’s, etc. - and you can backup and export. I hope these folks get more attention, they’ve done some really great work. Seriously - take a look at it.

Speaking of iPhone/iPod Touch apps, check out HQ:To Do. They’ve developed this app with a great ethic - fast entry and one-hand thumb-able interface. It’s still early days, a little feature-light, but I really like where they’re going.

[Just FYI - I feel the need to say this every so often - I get no bucks or benefits for pushing anything on this site. What I like, I’ve bought and paid for. YMMV.]

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Why does everything suck?: The death and rebirth of useful interface affordances.

Hank’s always thoughtful. Do read this one.

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Macworld: Mixel lets you create and share iPad art.

Mixel is a unique app that’s great for anyone who is even remotely artistically inclined.” And if you really want to pay someone else to relive being four years old. But I’m being a terrible grouch about it. Tired of jumping every time someone says, “This is the latest hot iPad app you MUST HAVE.”

And especially tired of art and photography being passed off as ‘anyone can do’ pursuits. Not everyone can be Rembrandt or Stieglitz. There’s a lot more to it than tracing a strawberry on a tablet.

Waiting for someone to make going to the bathroom ‘social.’ You know it’s overdue.

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Pinboard Blog: The Social Graph is Neither.

“At the very least, the fact that I have an exquisitely maintained and categorized contact list telegraphs the fact that I’m the kind of schlub who would spend hours gardening a contact list, instead of going out and being an awesome guy. The social graph wants to turn us back into third graders, laboriously spelling out just who is our fifth-best-friend. But there’s a reason we stopped doing that kind of thing in third grade!” Whether you agree or not, it’s a worthy read. Thanks, Rafe.

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Slate: The new payments app that foretells a world without cash and credit cards.

Wait a second: Why is this supposed to be any better than pulling out a credit card? It’s not faster, it’s not more convenient, and it’s not any safer. Plus, many phones—and most stores’ pay pads—don’t yet have the necessary ‘near-field communication’ chips required for these sorts of transactions, so the whole idea is kind of a fantasy anyway.” I’ll pass on being a beta-tester - with my own cash as the test subject.

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