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Guardian.UK: ‘Kidnapped’ victims of Chicago police detail ordeal in federal civil-rights suit.

Keep a weather eye open on this one.

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Paris Review: The Gruesome Case That Made Voltaire a Crusader for the Innocent.

A more entertaining read than you might think, given the title. “Waterboarding has not gone away. What has changed is the euphemism, from question extraordinaire to enhanced interrogation.”

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Motherboard: The FAA Says You Can’t Post Drone Videos on YouTube.

Must’ve been one of those Washington folk who’ve only sent two emails in their lives ...

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Vox: No, Tom Cotton did not commit treason.

I suppose we’re not talking even Lindbergh or the Duke of Windsor. But we are talking of an attempt to cut our President’s foreign policy off at the knees. A Senatorial censure should at least come up for a vote, symbolically. This behavior cannot be allowed to stand without a single response. Ignoring the ‘slippery slope’ is how we got here in the first place [the ‘94 reframing of opposition as ‘traitorous’, etc.]. We out in the wider US despair of Washington ever being able to control its own wilful tendencies.

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The Nation: A Broken Compensation System Is Leaving the Most Vulnerable Workers in Pain.

The double injustice of paying for the physical suffering imposed by your employer is no accident; it’s calculated cruelty. The Workers’ Compensation system has been gradually eroded to limit employer liability, while disenfranchised, precarious workers often have little choice but to accept an inadequate award or none at all.” My italics.

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Guardian.UK: ‘Middle-aged businessmen are winning amateur cycling races on EPO’.

Masters races were said to have middle-aged businessmen winning on EPO, with some of them training as hard as professional riders and putting in comparable performances.”  Seems it’s true.

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Dazed: India’s NDTV stages poignant protest of rape documentary ban.

A decent girl won’t roam around at nine o’clock at night. A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy.”  My first thought, besides rage, was “how or why does he believe this is so?” The details are much more nefarious, the reasons for rape culture within the country.

Later, related: UN finds ‘alarmingly high’ levels of violence against women.

Even later, related: “A recent interview between Karaki and Hani al-Seba’i, a Muslim scholar, is gaining international attention after Karaki cut the segment short following al-Seba’i’s sexist remarks, including telling Karaki to “shut up” and that it was “beneath” him to be interviewed by her.”

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The Mischiefs of Faction: The Obamacare Case - How We Got Here, and Why It Matters.

Yes, well ... many of the Republican/Conservative thinktanks got their start in the post-Nixon years, during the Carter Administration. They’ve been playing the ‘long game’ ... something Dems haven’t been particularly good with (having enjoyed long majorities in the last century).

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Guardian.UK: Jeb Bush and Scott Walker among 2016 hopefuls who have used private emails.

In addition to Bush, Walker and ... “The Perry administration scrubbed the state email servers every seven days.”  My, my.

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c|net: Man arrested for refusing to give phone passcode to border agents.

At the borders, though, it seems that the law may be pushed back in favor of national security concerns. That’s the way the world seems to be run these days.”  Clear as mud.

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Bloomberg: The Hillary Camp’s Rationale for Staying Quiet.

The former secretary of state and her advisers have decided to adopt a time-tested Clintonian approach: take a concrete step to ease the pressure, then wait out the storm, according to three sources with knowledge of her team’s approach. Their theory is that her late Wednesday tweet asking the State Department to release the 55,000 pages of emails she provided to the agency would start to calm the media and political tempest, while giving her spokesman an easy answer to many journalists’ questions: ask State.

And, Jeb used a private email server, too.

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Media Matters: NY Times’ Deceptive Suggestion That Hillary May Have Violated Federal Records Law.

Of note.  Media’s finding more details to question.

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Mother Jones: The Brief Life and Private Death of Alexandria Hill.

This will make you livid.

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Hillary’s email.

Here, do an experiment. Choose any politician, combine their name with “email.”  You’ll find the great majority (esp. governors) attempting to circumvent public records laws. You’ll find a spate of ‘burner’ email accounts, mysterious drive crashes (no redundancy?), more.

Doesn’t make it right, but the media does need to recognize that many politicos are doing it when reporting on the circumstance.

Later: TechDirt does it well. If she was passing classified info over personal email, her goose is cooked for ‘16.

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WSJ: The Destruction of Cultural Heritage Should be a War Crime.

I agree, of course. But we also have to ask ourselves why this gets us more outraged (as a culture) than the abduction and forcible rape of Yazidi girls.

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Channel4.com: Islamic State fighters smash historic statues in Iraq.

According to Eleanor Robson, chair of the British Institute for the Study of Iraq, the majority of original statues have been taken to the Baghdad Museum for safe-keeping. [snip] Nonetheless, the stone winged bull you can see being destroyed is an original, probably one at the gates to Nineveh, dating back to the seventh century.” My italic emphasis.

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NPR: FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules For ‘Open Internet’.

Good news: “... the policy will ensure ‘that no one — whether government or corporate — should control free open access to the Internet.’

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The Economist: Energy controversies - A frack too far.

Cash in and move out, I assume. They feel left out of the bounty.

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Reuters: Dutch restorers offer to repair Rome hooliganism damage for free.

So they should. Again, it amazes me that we have any historical aesthetics to enjoy, given mankind’s idiotic destructive tendencies.

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BBC: Paris night drone mystery deepens.

The security threat from these drones is minimal. Bird’s-eye images of Paris landmarks are available online in far higher quality than anything these devices could produce. And small, shop-bought drones are not strong enough to deliver a significant payload of explosives.” Probably just some numbskulls creating footage.

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TechDirt: The Guardian Details The Horrors Of Chicago Police’s ‘CIA-Style Black Site’.

Now, it’s roughly around here where you’re thinking one of two things. Some of you are thinking that such a claim as this is so outlandish that there’s very little chance that it’s true. Others must be thinking that the accusations of abuse and the denial of rights are rare mistakes made by a tiny percentage of officers. Too bad this secret wasn’t all that secret.”  I saw the Guardian’s link earlier, but was waiting for independent corroboration of the accusations.

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Guardian.UK: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s ‘self-appointed supporters’ allowed to demonstrate.

They referred specifically to an incident outside the main entrance of the courthouse before Tsarnaev’s final pretrial conference in December, when Marc Fucarile, a man who lost his right leg in the bombings, had an exchange with the demonstrators. Some of the demonstrators believe that the injuries and deaths caused by the explosions were faked as part of a conspiracy, while others question whether authorities have proof that Tsarnaev is responsible for the bombings.” You’ve got to be kidding.

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Medium: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Baby Photos Online.

Wait a minute. How is this possible? Seriously, is it even allowed? Aren’t we violating the privacy of these children and their families by commercializing these intimate family moments? We share your concern. In fact, this is precisely our point: By selling these mugs we’re violating people’s privacy in three ways ...

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KOAT: DWI checkpoint signs not a good idea in NM, attorney general says.

Well, the Supreme Court of our nation generally sides with law enforcement on this one.

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Archaeology News Network: The men who smuggle the loot that funds IS.

Not exactly Indiana Jones.

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