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Alternet: Why Are K-12 School Leaders Being Trained in Coercive Interrogation Techniques?

Children are *not* criminals.

[When, O when, will we reach ‘peak ignorance’, and return to sanity?]

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Guardian.UK: Man who shot and killed Virginia state trooper at bus terminal identified.

So far, framed so ambiguously ... am I the only one suspecting that the shooter thought he was taking down a terrorist? News media seem to be hedging in this direction, to my reader’s eye.

Later: I’m wrong. The individual had an anti-cop agenda.

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SF New Mexican: Eldorado can raise chickens following appeals court ruling.

Instead, writing for a unanimous panel, Judge Jonathan B. Sutin, cited a New Mexico Supreme Court ruling in a 1996 case that set a precedent for interpreting ambiguous covenants ‘in favor of the free enjoyment of the property and against restrictions.’ Sutin suggested members of the homeowners association could vote to amend their covenants if it is their intention to prohibit chickens.” This has cost our local association a huge amount of $. Over flippin’ chickens.

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WaPo: The feds have resumed a controversial program that lets cops take stuff and keep it.

This smacks of State/Fed-sponsored, out-and-out theft to me. You?

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Mashable: Clinton warns of who President Trump would put on the Supreme Court.

The Constitution contains no requirements for Supreme Court justice. Imagine. He’ll probably nominate Omarosa.

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WaPo: How Clinton’s email scandal took root.

Mostly for convenience. Sad that a smart person would make such mistakes; these are important issues for the security of America. Given all that is in this article, I would like to know not just what previous SoSs did, but what other similar-level governmental officials were doing *at the time*. This seems terrible on its face, but email security something tied closely to era. No mention of what William Burns (her immediate predecessor) used. There are other articles mentioning secure communications going to other Federal employees ‘using their personal accounts’, but no names can I dredge up. Color me even less happy, but still not convinced about cavalier (criminal) carelessness.

Later: Note, this article specifically claims that some emails were classified at the time - from a report by the inspectors general. Both IGs are Obama appointees - you can’t assume a ‘Republican plotting’ stance on this. If so, much of the Clinton defense is moot.

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Macworld: Burr’s cipher, sir - The 1807 treason case that featured in the Apple/FBI conflict.

Burr’s treason trial has become one of the most interesting pieces of American legal precedent. It was applied to the Clinton impeachment as well.

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Guardian.UK: Staged picture from Brussels bombings prompts ethics debate.

It’s one more example of a photographer doing something that destroys public trust in the media.” You hope it’s not too egregious, and yet, given the behavior on Instagram and other social services ...

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Political Wire: Majority Says Obama Should Pick Next Justice.

Do your duty.

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SF New Mexican: Mugger injures woman in downtown attack.

Not a whole lot of people there, but certainly a regular flow of cars. These events usually run in cycles; danger of copycats. The Outdoorsman over at De Vargas has personal-size pepper sprays.

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Register.UK: US charges Iranians with hacking into an NY dam, blasting banks offline.

The indictments against the group, announced Thursday, appear largely symbolic ...

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Business Insider: ISIS trained 400 to attack Europe.

Estimates range from 400 to 600 Islamic State fighters trained specifically for external attacks, according to the officials ...” Not good at all.

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SF Reporter: BLM Defers Oil, Gas Leases Near Chaco.

Halle-friggin’-lujah. Buys us time, anyway.

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ArtDaily: Itching to graffiti? Do it digitally on Florence treasures.

Dubious efficacy. Reminds me, have they charged that young lady who tagged the National Parks? Casey Nocket. Let me see ... nope, still ‘unresolved’. Apparently, it may be too costly to prosecute because she crossed multiple jurisdictions. A terrible example, though ... ‘go big, or go home’?

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PDN: FTC Wrist-Slaps Lord & Taylor for Deceptive Instagram Campaign.

Lord & Taylor has agreed to settle federal charges that it deceived consumers by paying fashion ‘influencers’ thousands of dollars each to promote its products on Instagram, without disclosing that the posts were paid advertisements.” Four THOUSAND bucks. To wear a dress. And take a photo. *Raises hand.* FTC’s gonna be real busy, if they want to track down all of this behavior. Many niches are drinking deeply at this well, methinks ... given the affluence of the supposed ‘solo bloggers’. My basic rule: if someone’s life seems perfect, plenty of time for excellent photography and well-proofed content ... I smell a rat. Harsh? Feigning an inaccurate reality is harmful to others. Oh, a little gloss is fine. Supporting a fake persona - never.

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Register.UK: Amex ‘fesses up: Your credit card data was nicked ...

Hello ... what?!!

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Politico: Supreme Court nomination fight: Republican blockade showing cracks.

For those of us who are concerned about the direction of the court and wanting at least a more centrist figure than between him and somebody that President Clinton might nominate, I think the choice is clear — in a lame duck.” Good. Make them compromise.

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SF New Mexican: Raid, payroll issues at Santa Fe Baking Co.

Backstory. The penalties and interest on back taxes are crippling.

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Daily Dot: Donald Trump’s volunteer contract forbids all criticism of Trump.

During the term of your service and at all times thereafter you hereby promise and agree not to demean or disparage publicly ...” Read it.

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Political Wire: Obama Picks Merrick Garland for Supreme Court.

The very man Orrin Hatch claimed Obama wouldn’t put forth. A direct jab to the Right, and their recalcitrance. Will they continue to stonewall, as the pundits rip them to shreds?

Later: Note, center-right. If we knew Hillary would win, perhaps we’d prefer to have her pick a new justice ... heartily tired of picking ‘best compromises’ ... then I remember the Clinton bail on welfare reform.

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Vox/Mischiefs of Faction: The obligations of a political scientist during a political crisis.

Trump sounds like he wants to reinstate Adams’ Alien and Sedition acts. Read more here.

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CEPR/VoxEU: Balance of payments statistics and hidden assets.

Jeebus. Makes me think of the Bing Crosby quote, “Everyone’s got a little larceny in ‘em.”

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Donald Trump vs. the media: How he could curtail freedom of the press as president.

This all confirms my suspicion that we don’t want a demagogue as our president ...

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TG’s Political Wire: North Carolina Officials Weigh Charges Against Trump.

About time. Rule of law applies.

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Mashable: Breitbart staffers quit and question whether the site is slanted toward Trump.

News organizations who don’t support their own journalists deserve a special place in hell.Apologies to Ms Albright.

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