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PS Mag: Border Enforcement Policies Are Backfiring.

In the two decades preceding the passage of IRCA, as many as 85 percent of undocumented arrivals were offset by departures, according to the authors. Afterwards, the undocumented population in the U.S. steadily climbed, reaching a record 12 million in 2008.” Increased Border Patrol coverage seemed not to decrease entry, but exit.

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BBC: US woman killed sons to put focus on daughter, police say.

23, and she has four kids already? There’s more to this; there’s gotta be.

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Slate: How to undermine ISIS with one simple trick.

Since many ISIS wannabes interact with charismatic online middlemen—even just to discuss the logistics of getting to Syria—the governments of the world could overwhelm ISIS’s recruiting system by creating hundreds of fake ISIS-curious individuals to interact with recruiters.

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Atlantic: New EPA Rules Would Cut Methane Emissions From Oil and Natural-Gas Industries.

Ten years to accomplish this? Too slow. You should see what the fracking fields are burning off. I would give these pirates two years, tops. They geared up to drill in a flash, they should be able to handle capping emissions in a flash, too.

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Guardian.UK: Islamic State leader raped Kayla Mueller before she died in captivity, officials say.

I dream of “The Count of Monte Cristo” solution to this.

More info, if you have the stomach for it.

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The Nation: The Apache vs. Rio Tinto.

Altaha spoke briefly in Apache before explaining her opposition to the mine, and her fears about the effects a mine would have on the sacred site, the area’s water supply, and on the safety of Apache women.” Wise woman. It’s not just the mine itself, but the consequences of mining. The tailing ponds (Animas River, anyone?), the exploitative labor practices, the increased need for law enforcement, the degradation of infrastructure (roads, water, etc.).

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Guardian.UK: Lance Armstrong cancer records key to finding extent of doping, says government.

The US wants their money. Unswayable by attempts at rehabilitation through PR stunts.

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Guardian.UK: Shooting at Tennessee movie theater leaves suspect dead.

... armed with a gun, hatchet and pepper spray ...” Can it get any weirder? Stay tuned.

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NY Times: Lindsey Graham, Hillary Clinton, Monica Lewinsky - A Case Study in Desperation.

The only notable (not admirable) thing he ever did, which he cannot trumpet, was his histrionics during the Clinton impeachment hearings. He can only talk around it - obviously, with little finesse or success.

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Techdirt: Canadian Court Orders Blogger Who Reposted Writer’s Defamatory Statements To Pay $10k.

Here’s a not-so-gentle reminder that Canada’s defamation laws are significantly different than those in the United States.” Legal wagons are circling in other nations. Keep your eyes peeled.

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KOAT: Explosive devices detonated at 2 churches.

Worrisome. And another.

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Guardian.UK: Native American family attacked in deadly shooting on Montana highway.

I often stop and help folks who look broken down. Looks like I may have to think twice about doing it - or contemplate concealed carry.

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nakedcap: How Big Corporations Are Starving Public Schools of Billions of Dollars.

For shame. And many of these companies are supposedly producing educational software and systems. A vicious circle; schools can’t afford to upgrade and buy more product because companies are loopholing taxes.

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Guardian.UK: Killer of Cecil the lion was dentist from Minnesota, claim Zimbabwe officials.

They tied a dead animal to their vehicle to lure Cecil out of the park and they scented an area about half a kilometre from the park.” Given the fact the lion was wearing a radio collar (a rather unsubtle addition to the lion’s mane), you wonder if they ever actually looked before shooting.

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Guardian.UK: Zimbabwean authorities hunt Spaniard accused of killing Cecil the lion.

Orford calculates that with tourists from just one nearby lodge collectively paying €8,000 per day, Zimbabwe would have brought in more in just five days by having Cecil’s photograph taken rather than being shot by someone paying a one-off fee of €50,000.” Perhaps, but who owns the camps? And does that money stay in the local economy? I have a feeling there’s much more to this, before the animals can experience any sort of safety.

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CounterCurrentNews: Native American Activist Found Dead In Jail Cell After Traffic Fine Arrest.

Not to discount the Bland tragedy, but some minorities seem much more important than others, don’t you think?

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PS Mag: There Are 22 Million Angry, Impulsive Americans With Guns.

... they advocate gun restrictions based on indicators of this personality type, such as convictions for misdemeanor violence, DUIs, and restraining orders. This, they think, would do a much better job of reducing gun violence than a focus on certified mental illness.” How about both?

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PDN: Taylor Swift Changes Photo Contract in Face of Outrage.

Small changes. More here.

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Photo Attorney: Must Watch - “Everything You Know About Copyright Is About To Change”.


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Guardian.UK: Teen’s video of handgun-toting drone prompts federal investigation.

Sort of expected, yet there’s a worrisome twist at the bottom of the article: “Haghwout made news last year when police charged a woman with assault after she confronted him about flying a drone at a state beach.” I hope the kid’s not bitter.

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Guardian.UK: LA Angels use police helicopter to dry sodden home field.

I hope they paid for the avgas and wear-and-tear.

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NBC/South CA: Drivers Who Fled 15 Freeway Fire Frustrated by Tow Fees.

Capitalism at work.

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BBC: Johnny Depp’s dogs: Wife Amber Heard charged with smuggling.

The prosecutor’s office would not answer questions about why Mr Depp was not charged, citing the ongoing nature of the case.” I suspect because of box office draw, wouldn’t you?

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Guardian.UK: Women rarely regret their abortions. Why don’t we believe them?

Yet for most women, according to this study, however complex their feelings are, they still believe abortion was the right choice.” Noone says it isn’t painful, heartrending. Choice needs to be preserved.

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Re/code: Twitter Stock Jumps Nearly 8 Percent on Fake Bloomberg News Post.

This is a real story, but a fake one caused Twitter’s stock to surge nearly 8 percent.” A new method to make a quick mill?

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