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Politico: Supreme Court nomination fight: Republican blockade showing cracks.

For those of us who are concerned about the direction of the court and wanting at least a more centrist figure than between him and somebody that President Clinton might nominate, I think the choice is clear — in a lame duck.” Good. Make them compromise.

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SF New Mexican: Raid, payroll issues at Santa Fe Baking Co.

Backstory. The penalties and interest on back taxes are crippling.

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Daily Dot: Donald Trump’s volunteer contract forbids all criticism of Trump.

During the term of your service and at all times thereafter you hereby promise and agree not to demean or disparage publicly ...” Read it.

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Political Wire: Obama Picks Merrick Garland for Supreme Court.

The very man Orrin Hatch claimed Obama wouldn’t put forth. A direct jab to the Right, and their recalcitrance. Will they continue to stonewall, as the pundits rip them to shreds?

Later: Note, center-right. If we knew Hillary would win, perhaps we’d prefer to have her pick a new justice ... heartily tired of picking ‘best compromises’ ... then I remember the Clinton bail on welfare reform.

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Vox/Mischiefs of Faction: The obligations of a political scientist during a political crisis.

Trump sounds like he wants to reinstate Adams’ Alien and Sedition acts. Read more here.

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CEPR/VoxEU: Balance of payments statistics and hidden assets.

Jeebus. Makes me think of the Bing Crosby quote, “Everyone’s got a little larceny in ‘em.”

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Donald Trump vs. the media: How he could curtail freedom of the press as president.

This all confirms my suspicion that we don’t want a demagogue as our president ...

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TG’s Political Wire: North Carolina Officials Weigh Charges Against Trump.

About time. Rule of law applies.

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Mashable: Breitbart staffers quit and question whether the site is slanted toward Trump.

News organizations who don’t support their own journalists deserve a special place in hell.Apologies to Ms Albright.

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Prospect.org: Is Violent Speech a Right?

Written in the summer of 1995: “It is likely, perhaps inevitable, that hateful and violent messages carried over the airwaves and the Internet will someday, somewhere, be responsible for acts of violence. This is simply a statement of probability; it is not an excuse for violence. Is that probability grounds for restricting such speech?

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Guardian.UK: Donald Trump stage invader - ‘I have to bully the bully’.

In a perfect world, DiMassimo said, ‘we would all sit down, and have a totally objective, rational, cerebral exchange where we just hash through the things that matter. In no way, shape or form is that going to happen with Donald Trump and his following. It’s just not going to happen.’” I don’t disagree, but I wonder if this had been an extreme right-winger rushing Sanders, if the news would have given him so many column-inches.

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Guardian.UK: Who’s to blame?

Democrats? Watch this for the answer.

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Re/code: Aaron Burr’s Clerk Gets Pulled Into Government’s Legal Duel With Apple.

Screw Hamilton. Burr still influences, this many years later. Remember the importance of his treason trial in the Nixon and Clinton years. It was because of Burr that the Executive Branch can be held accountable by the Judicial. He supboenaed President Jefferson (who characteristically found a way escape accountability). Today, the Presidency is subpoena-able, not a proto-Monarchy. Burr got his revenge for the election of 1800.

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Mashable: Guns in the office seem like a good idea to some people.

Issuing a hand-held shotgun (revolver) to everyone in the company. Jesus, this guy ain’t kidding around. Whatever you aim that thing at, it’s going down. And by the time your wrist hurts, it won’t matter anymore.

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WaPo: Defending the sucker punch.

An instructive lesson about what happens when you empower the ignorant. Hitler put uniforms on these jokers and replaced local constabulary with ‘em. “True believers.” Godhelpus.

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Autoweek: No complete fix for Volkswagen California diesel cars may be available.

Sax indicated that he does not believe that VW could provide some 82,000 affected cars in California with a technical solution that would allow them to be fully compliant with the state’s emissions standards or the onboard diagnostic requirements.

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Cosmo Wenman: The Nefertiti 3D Scan Heist Is A Hoax.

Whoopsie. Brought to my attention by a Dan Lyke “reaction” on FB.

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LA Times: L.A. Times photographer arrested after covering Nancy Reagan funeral motorcade.

Seems to be a trend. Is there something law enforcement and USSS are not telling us?

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Slate: Scalia’s death alters the way the Supreme Court does business.

Perhaps a raft of center- and leftwards decisions will force Congress’ hand.

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NPR: Supreme Court Denies Apple’s Appeal On E-Books, Triggering Millions In Payments.

The Supreme Court let stand a $450 million settlement reached in a lower court in 2014.” Bang.

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BBC: Oil hits $40 a barrel amid commodities comeback.

If oil prices start to recover, I predict price rises faster than any we’ve seen in recent history. And not legitimate - which will be ‘exposed’ months/years later. The systemic pressure to make all those fracking plays profitable will drive an incredible amount of economic dishonesty.

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WaPo: LAPD confirms bizarre story about knife found on O.J. Simpson’s former property.

The provenance may destroy any value as evidence. I’d be pretty damned exacting about documenting testing at this point.

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NY Times: Security Logs of Hillary Clinton’s Email Server Are Said to Show No Evidence of Hack

Irrelevant. Comparison - fly dangerously, noone gets hurt, but you get seen, cited - you still face judgment for the action. Nice try on minimizing, NY Times.

Which, BTW, read more about ‘retroactive classification’ while you’re at it. 60 page PDF; pick and choose aspects you’re most interested in. Can easily be used as a punitive action against a political foe, sounds like.

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BBC: Egyptian student faces US deportation for Trump comment.

Colossally stupid of him. There may be speech regulations on non-immigrant visa holders - I wouldn’t be surprised, post-9/11. Anyone know?

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War on the Rocks: Open Letter on Trump from GOP National Security Leaders.


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