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FStoppers: Facebook Software Engineer Teaches You How to Steal Copyrighted Images.

According to his bio, Jesse Chen is a software engineer at Facebook and recent graduate of UC Berkeley. Jesse has a personal blog which we recently stumbled across that includes a blog post from 2012 that detailed how to go about stealing copyrighted images and removing watermarks.” Causing a bit of hoopla. Who would actually spend that amount of time, though? Most people don’t have the skillset.

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WSJ: Lawsuit Filed Over Cooper Union Tuition.

The plaintiffs’ aim: to stop the school from introducing tuition next fall and to prompt a court investigation into how the board has managed school finances.

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FT: The threat facing online comments.

… according to the ECtHR, a news website should anticipate types of stories that might attract defamatory or insulting comments and be prepared to remove them promptly – or even before the comment has been reported, which might mean websites will be forced to pre-moderate any comment it publishes.” Good grief. Keeping an eye on this.

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BBC: French mayor ‘castrated and killed by jealous husband’.

And here we thought the French were OK with extramarital affairs ...

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Archaeology News Network: Zahi Hawass cleared of corruption charges.

Investigations for this round of allegations showed that all Egyptian antiquities in question were displayed through legal means abroad and were secured against damage. Also, all revenues from the international exhibitions were placed in the government’s coffers, prosecutors said.

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Guardian.UK: BP mounts last ditch effort to limit Gulf of Mexico oil spill settlement.

I wouldn’t limit a situation that hasn’t yet resolved.

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Dazed: Chile’s student Robin Hood burns $500m of loan documents.

The Santiago Times reports that the university will now have to individually sue each student to continue collecting the debt.

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ArtDaily: Criminal John Dillinger’s getaway car now on display at the Indiana State Museum.

Complete with bullet holes in the cowl.

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Rolling Stone: Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Targeted for Plagiarism.

Page and Plant have a long history of such issues, which I’ve related before.  See “The Thieving Magpies”, Part 1 and Part 2. Jake Holmes (Dazed and Confused) finally filed suit in 2010.   Listen to his original.

To quote Robert Plant, “… well, you only get caught when you’re successful. That’s the game.” [And the Small Faces/Steve Marriott track he’s talking about. Plant was a Small Faces groupie in his earlier days.]

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nakedcap: The Elderly as a Source of Profit.

#^@%@#%%$. Assisted suicide needs to be a national option. I’d never want myself or anyone I cared for to suffer this nightmare.

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TechDirt: DOJ Says Americans Have No 4th Amendment Protections ...

… When They Communicate With Foreigners. It says, quite clearly, that because foreigners have no 4th Amendment protections it means that any Americans lose their 4th Amendment protections when communicating with foreigners. They’re using a very twisted understanding of the (already troubling) third party doctrine to do this.

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ProPublica: Why Don’t We Know How Many People Are Shot Each Year in America?

How many Americans have been shot over the past 10 years? No one really knows. We don’t even know if the number of people shot annually has gone up or down over that time.

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Mashable: Heroic Cat Saves Child From Vicious Dog Attack.

I think much better of cats now. I bear many scars from bicycling by skulking, vicious undisciplined ‘driveway dogs’ who don’t have anything to do but contemplate premeditated attacks … and deploy them with limb-threatening accuracy. I bike near a dog in a driveway now, I turn around before I’m in ‘range.’

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Dazed: Now you can legally edit your online history.

Not really, not yet. “Right now, the decision needs the consent of the 28 EU governments before it can become law. Google, Facebook and other internet companies have campaigned against the law, concerned not only about the invasion of internet freedom, but also the costs incurred by dealing with relentless requests for the removal of information.

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CNet: Photographers howl at Amazon patent of decades-old idea.

Congratulations, Amazon. [snip] You managed to do what 1,000 tech writers couldn’t do: perfectly and clearly explain how insane the patent process is.” This subject linked before, but relinked just for this quote.  Up next: A patent for using a digit to remove dried sinus discharge from one’s proboscis.

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Guardian.UK: US failed to inspect thousands of at-risk oil and gas wells, report finds.

The report said the BLM had failed to conduct inspections on more than 2,100 of the 3,702 wells that it had specified as ‘high priority’ and drilled from 2009 through 2012. The agency considers a well ‘high priority’ based on a greater need to protect against possible water contamination and other environmental safety issues.”  The lack of oversight is well-known, and has been known for decades now … even before the present-day addiction to fracking.  Texas alone has tens of thousands of capped wells that need to be monitored, yet this important function is rarely fully funded or staffed.

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GlobalPost: German recluse leaves Nazi-era art hoard to Swiss museum.

Holzinger said that a Munich court would still have to rule on whether the will was valid. ‘If it is found that the Bern museum is the rightful heir, and the museum accepts this inheritance – a key condition – then the museum will have to contend from that moment with all legal issues including the question of restitution of looted art.’” Already messy, it’s going to get messier.

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Telegraph.UK: Why Hillary Clinton needs Monica Lewinsky more than ever.

… in naming the former President and Drudge as main catalysts for what happened, she’s also missing the more disturbing undercurrent of the story. That is, the women who also betrayed her.

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DP Review: Did Amazon just patent the seamless background setup?

Amazon creates a huge number of product photographs every day and some commenters have suggested that this patent (originally filed in 2011) is essentially protective, and represents the company’s attempt to shield itself from attacks from patent trolls who might attempt to patent a similar setup and use it against the company in the future.” Defense, not offense?

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CNN/Opinion: Restrain your duck - or wind up in court.

Hilarious, with some good legal wrangling inside. The mention of ‘service lizards’ made my eyes cross.

I was having a drink at a local restaurant in Santa Fe, one that allowed dogs. A neighboring table put their mop dog up on the table and allowed it to lick all the condiment jars and bottles, sample the leftovers, sip their drinks. The wait staff said not a word. Those folks left, bussers cleaned the table (how could they know?), new people sat down … condiments unwashed. Totally grossed me out. I’ve not patronized that restaurant since … and generally avoid ‘pet friendly’ eateries. If more animals in eating establishments are our future, I’ll stay at home. Note, it’s not the animals I blame.

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Mashable: Will This Fly?: A Primer on Drone Laws

Sounds like existing law would prefer to put the genie back in the bottle for a year or so.

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Jalopnik: Hobby Drones As Guided Bombs And The Rise Of Laser Defense Systems.

Even the quad-rotor type hobbyist/commercial drones, like those controversially pimped to millions on 60 Minutes by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recently, can carry around half a dozen pounds. Swap out that pair of earphones or cookbook you ordered online, or a DSLR camera when it comes to rudimentary commercial photography drones, with an improvised explosive device and you have a guided missile capable of some very horrific things.

I’m really alarmed by this sort of talk. Now you put it out there, can a drone version of the Boston Marathon incident be far behind?

My friends who use these devices are going to be put in danger by crazed paranoid people; it’s only a matter of time until some nut decides he’s being attacked, and lets loose a couple of shotgun blasts (or CCW handgun) at the drone and/or operator.

Hate to say it, but I suppose the only answer is Federal/State ‘drone’ licensing. The sooner, the better … before someone gets hurt.

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The Economist: Muslims in Marseille: Behind the façade.

Countrywide, over 250 young French jihadists have left for Syria, among them teenaged girls. The government is trying to disrupt recruiting networks.” My italic emphasis. Not good. Marseille has always been a little rough, a melting-pot. Sounds especially volatile now. I don’t like this new reality, where mere words can inspire murder on public streets.

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CNN: Spanish island of Mallorca considers street ‘bikini ban’.

I’ve lived on Mallorca for the past 11 years and it makes my skin crawl when I have to stand behind some fat sweaty individual in the supermarket who thinks it’s OK to let it all hang out.” Pulled exclusively for that quote.

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Guardian.UK: Lusitania divers warned of danger from war munitions in 1982, papers reveal.

The facts are that there is a large amount of ammunition in the wreck, some of which is highly dangerous. The Treasury have decided that they must inform the salvage company of this fact in the interests of the safety of all concerned. Although there have been rumours in the press that the previous denial of the presence of munitions was untrue, this would be the first acknowledgement of the facts by HMG.

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