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London Review of Books: Seymour M. Hersh · The Killing of Osama bin Laden.

High-level lying nevertheless remains the modus operandi of US policy, along with secret prisons, drone attacks, Special Forces night raids, bypassing the chain of command, and cutting out those who might say no.” People, you need to read this one.

Day later: The expected caveats; no deal-breakers.

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Vox: How do police departments train cops how to use force?

A department officers saw as a good model? The Albuquerque PD, which just got cited by the feds for excessive force.” Woof. No ... double-woof.

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Smithsonian: The Media Needs a History Lesson When Addressing Civic Unrest.

... I think the way the media is depicting Baltimore, especially, is as if the choice is either don’t protest, which may lead to violence, or accept the lot. I mean part of the notion of calling people thugs is painting a lot of people with a broad brush and I think that’s a challenging thing to do.

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SciAm: The Anti-Drone Drone.


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NPR: Texas Governor Deploys State Guard To Stave Off Obama Takeover.

When foil hats organize. Waste of taxpayer dollars, if you ask me. The TX State Guard is tasked mostly with emergency situation management these days. Purely a bit of political sideshow to make a niche happy.

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PetaPixel: When Imitation Stops Being Flattering.

Holy cow. A photographer’s fans start out-and-out stealing and PS’ing to boost their own brands.

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In These Times: Black Faces in High Places Haven’t Helped Average Black People.

Cities have been thrust into competition with each other to attract capital, resulting in a race to the bottom to cut taxes and essentially shove out those in need of social services. Focusing on individual failure and lapsed morality (rather than structural inequities) justifies the budget cuts and shrinking of the public sphere that these Black political elites are charged with carrying out.” Ms Taylor is an assistant professor at Princeton University.

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Mashable: Ranger uses stun gun on park visitor flying drone in Hawaii national park.

Like a perfect storm of hot button issues.

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Medium/@jkdegen: 5 Seriously Dumb Myths About Copyright the Media Should Stop Repeating.

The very foundation of copyright is the insistence that if I create an artistic expression, I own that artistic expression. And if I own something, you best believe I will protect it from those who want to impose their restrictions on it.” Of note.

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CNN: When you’re the only white person in the room.

From last year.  I’m reminded - by the pious outcries from many who are distant from the conflicts - of an Omaha [native] saying: “It is easy to be brave from a distance.” I think we need to do a whole lot less talking, and do a whole lot more listening. And reading. Try these: one, two, three. Extend that with a search on “Baltimore Slums”.

Later: And this kind of crap is not helpful.

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Guardian.UK: Big Coal’s big scam - scar the land for profit, then let others pay to clean up.

Britain, but the strategy is oh-so-familiar.

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News.com.AU: Belle Gibson - ‘No, None of it is true’.

Factitious disorder is self driving and self perpetuating, maintained by the attention that people receive. Sufferers who use social media have a wider audience and therefore a greater propensity to receive the attention they are looking for by pretending to have the illness.” No remorse, endangering real cancer patients’ lives with bad advice. Just a plea of “I’m screwed up. I have Mommy issues. Give me some respect.”

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GitHub/hiddentao: Officer Involved Shootings incidents map for the US.

Of note.

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Mashable: Drone carrying bottle of radioactive material lands on Japanese PM’s office.

And the drone paranoia will turn to ‘11’ ...

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BBC: Does a US child go missing every 90 seconds?

Of those missing, the ‘truly’ kidnapped are more like ~1:7000 (if I did my math correctly; doubtful after this day). I believe the likelihood of a 20-something dropping dead is 1:2000, last time I looked. We don’t wrap 20-year-olds in bubble wrap and store them in closets. Let kids walk to school, play in playgrounds.

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NY Times: Pilot of Gyrocopter Is Arrested After Landing on Lawn at Capitol.

I could wish he hadn’t done this. Gives people ideas.

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WaPo: ‘Free-range’ parents plan to file lawsuit after police pick up children.

Three squadcars?! Over six hours of being detained, of which it looks like three were in the back of a parked police cruiser? No food, no bathrooms, presumably. Inhuman. Outrageous.

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Vox: Elizabeth Warren has a game-changing idea that doesn’t require Congress.

From Warren’s point of view, the idea of banks that are simultaneously so vulnerable to collapse and so integral to the ongoing operation of the economy that the government dare not prosecute them is the essence of the problem.” My italics.

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Photo Attorney: Musician’s Photo Release is a Rights Grab.

Wow. Just wow.

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TechDirt: TSA Agents Outwitted By Cory Doctorow’s Unlocked, ‘TSA-Safe’ Suitcase.

Check out the photo. Back when I used to fly regularly, the major airlines had a $25 per bag liability. Hair-raising, when I was having to haul a system worth $60k with me.

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Guardian.UK: ‘Free-range’ kids taken into custody again - parents had to sign ‘safety plan’.

I oppose this idiocy with all might and main. Why they even need to be labelled ‘free-range kids’, boggles my mind. I learned SO MANY important things out on my own. Parents and schools can only do so much. Kids must be so impoverished these days. The tyranny of constant tracking and observation.

I feel for these parents. Once CPS gets involved, your life is hell. All those social workers, looking for advancement. “True believers.” You as a parent are ‘guilty’ until ‘proven innocent’ by extremely dubious standards of measure.

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EFF Busts Podcasting Patent, Invalidating Key Claims at Patent Office.

In petitions filed with Patent Office, EFF showed that Personal Audio did not invent anything new before it filed its patent application, and, in fact, other people were podcasting for years previously.

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BBC: Mother who killed son with salt for web attention jailed.

Jeebus. Remember Kaycee Nicole? At least Kaycee was just an imaginary creation.

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BBC: US judge strikes out Prince Andrew sex claims.

BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell said Judge Marra had expressed no opinion as to the “validity or veracity” of the allegations against Prince Andrew.” Certainly not exoneration; just ‘impertinence.’ I wonder at that very curious, specific choice of word.

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Photo Attorney: Federal Lands Photography Rules.

FYI. A bookmark is definitely in order.

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