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ProPublica: U.S. Acknowledges Conviction of David Hicks, Guantanamo Detainee, Should Not Stand.

An odd duck, this one. Read the entire thing.

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PS Mag: Whatever Happened to ‘Eco-Terrorism’?

*Ahem*. George Washington Hayduke lives ... in t-shirts, anyway.

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TechDirt: Classic Songs Of The 50s & 60s May Disappear From Streaming Thanks To Lawsuits.

it seems quite likely that at least some, if not all, of these services are going to quickly realize that their best move is to simply remove all pre-1972 recordings from their catalog.” Oh, for heaven’s sake. What am I going to do without my Gene Vincent? Johnny Cash? Bob Dylan?

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Vox: Someone successfully used a drone to breach the White House security perimeter.

Drugs over the border, visiting the President ... if you wondered why the FAA was dragging its feet, these seem to be good examples.

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NY Times: A Twist in the Murder of a 97-Year-Old Man: He Was Knifed 5 Decades Ago.

Now there’s a story. Now I know Mercury is retrograde.

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RAWStory: Sarah Culhane is white. Michael Brown is dead.

Boy, does that smell to high heaven. The young lady’s charges being dropped, that is. My former hometown is now tres affluent, lightyears beyond the working-class majority it formerly was. The modest home I grew up in sells for over a million now.

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Politico: The Hunting of Billie Holiday.

Horrific. A must-read.

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Albuquerque Journal: Judge overturns Mora County’s drilling ordinance.

Historically, a county cannot enact or supersede federal law.” I understand why, but it’s still a sad loss. Mora hasn’t much water underground, and the area is just gorgeous. Golden eagles nest in pines on the cliffs. I hope low oil prices kill off any potential development.

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Dazed: Drone carrying six pounds of meth crashes at Mexican border.

New commercial use. Not quite what anyone expected, I’m sure. Border Patrol’s going to get real good at ‘wing shots’.

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The Art Newspaper: Pompeii to stage exhibition of objects returned by tourist-looters.

There is a colourful legend that says that those who steal from Pompeii will be persecuted by bad luck.” That probably does more than all the warning signs and CCTV.

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Coconino National Forest: FS seeking info on vandalism.

If you can identify any of these individuals, won’t you help the Forest Service out?

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NY Times: Prison Beard Ban Violates Muslim Religious Rights, Supreme Court Rules.

And now I wonder what Fox News thinks of the Supremes after that decision.

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Dazed: Miami police use mugshots of black teens for target practice.

Yep, signs of a post-racial society. *NOT.*

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WaPo: Parents investigated for neglect after letting kids walk home alone.

Good lord. This is just unacceptable. Kids need to be able to roam on their own, to learn, to become self-reliant.  I walked myself to and from school in *kindergarten*. Five years old. Not even a half mile. This was my route.  Down the main drag of Nassau Street. Crossed populous secondary roads, with and without crossing guards.

As a culture, we continue to see children as victims, instead of survivors. We’ve lost the thread.

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The Economist: Security - Return of the hired gun.

The author fears that the world is entering an era of ‘neomedievalism’ in which the state loses its monopoly of legal force and instead other wealthy groups or individuals fund private military adventures.”  Hah. Justified.  If The Economist can bandy “neomedievalism” around, then I’m allowed to as well. Screwed-up times. Previously.

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Hacking Twitter and Youtube is not “hacking the Pentagon.”

Hello? Media? *Knock, knock* Anyone home?

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The Economist: Blasphemy - Dangerous words.

The belief that casual, satirical or profane mention of the divine is a grievous sin belongs to prehistory. It has roots in all three Abrahamic religions. But to live in 2015 requires bringing ancient beliefs into consonance with modern values.

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Open Culture: Jimmy Page Tells of “Stairway to Heaven”: How the Most Played Rock Song Came To Be.

Playbills exist of Zep opening for Spirit, before Zep went stratospheric. I’ll have to dig to find it - I bookmarked ‘em and slung ‘em someplace.  Check the chart at the bottom of this PhillyMag article. Know of any other band with as many suits? I can’t think of a one.

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Ghost in the Machine: America’s Moral Collapse.

Nobody says it better. Any form of torture is unacceptable, no matter the rationalizations or ‘creative legal definitions’. Close Guantanamo. Prosecute those who came up with this concept. I accept nothing less. O has been a grave disappointment here. America leads by example, and what an example we’ve set. Preemptive war, torture ... the list goes on.

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The Economist: The Magna Carta at 800: The uses of history.

American jurists still refer to it in legal cases: a federal district court judge ruled against delaying Paula Jones’s sexual-harassment suit against Bill Clinton, then America’s president, on the ground that ‘our form of government…asserts as did the English in Magna Carta and the Petition of Right, that even the sovereign is subject to God and the law’.

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TG’s Political Wire: Obama Should Prosecute the Torturers.

The question is whether the nation will stand by and allow the perpetrators of torture to have perpetual immunity for their actions.” This is arguably the most important article in the news today, and many can’t read it because of the paywall. The impact is therefore limited. Important news should be free; how we structure that, I don’t know. Perhaps front page access should be free, but viewing by section is all pay-for?

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Reuters: Obama vows ‘do everything I can’ to close Guantanamo.

Six years and counting ...

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Mashable: Texas plumber baffled after truck ends up in the hands of Syrian rebels.

What’s more disconcerting is that no commercial - or national security - sources seem to know how these trucks ended up in terrorist hands. I hope reporters follow up on this, find the paper/shipment trail.

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TechDirt: Tennessee Town Passes Policy Banning Negative Comments About The Town’s Government.

Well. Does TechDirt moderate comments?  I can’t tell from their site.  I’m not defending the town, mind you. But another article on TechDirt quotes this opinion in positive manner: “I do delete comments from time to time. If I notice them and they are ‘excessively violent’ or ‘harassing’ or ‘otherwise objectionable,’ I delete them. Why? First, its my blog, so my fucking rules. You have a right to express yourself, but not necessarily here.”  My italics.

Everyone loves the First Amendment until it ends up bristling and ugly in their own comments section or social channels.

I come down on the side of, “If tax money is being used to support those sites, then any taxpaying citizen can comment.”

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NY TImes: Dershowitz Seeks to Bring Close to Polanski Case.

Shenanigans in ‘08 shouldn’t trump what occurred in ‘77. They’re a separate issue.

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