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Mashable: Birkenstock will pull its shoes from Amazon over counterfeit sellers.

Counterfeits have become a HUGE issue for sellers using Amazon. Huge. Buyer beware. At least there’s a return policy.

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Albuquerque Journal: Man with BB gun, scope won’t face charges, police say.

A responding field officer went into a nearby building and saw the man with a rifle, scope and bipod. The rifle was pointed north down University Boulevard.” What an idiot.

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PS Mag: How the Recent Shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge Will Impact Law and Order Policing.

Americans are perpetually convinced that crime is on the rise, despite the fact that the crime rate has declined steadily over the last 25 years.

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Vanity Fair: The Civil War that Could Doom the N.R.A.

Ripe for a new organization to disrupt, no?

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Cyclingnews: Armstrong a ‘doper, dealer and liar’ says US federal government.

Nothing quite like a government sponsor scorned. Henry Tudor would have his head by now.

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Guardian.UK: Was Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrong to weigh in on Donald Trump?

If I were a journalist, I would have vetted this carefully and advised her not to. A Justice should remain publicly uncommitted, above the fray. Private convo, fine. News interview, no.

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Political Wire: Republicans Request Perjury Investigation of Clinton.

Worked out so well last time, right? When will these idiots learn?

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BBC: Baton Rouge killing: Black Lives Matter protest photo hailed as ‘legendary’.

It is a fantastic photo. Anyone else see a resemblance to the Garthim (Dark Crystal)?

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SF New Mexican: Photographer reaches $50K settlement over state police stop.

Pierre-Louis — who is 6-foot-2, African-American and now in his 50s — was pulled over and ordered to kneel while handcuffed on the pavement. The suspect who had allegedly pointed a gun at another man was later described by the victim as a 5-foot-2 Hispanic man in his 20s.

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SF New Mexican: Albuquerque police receive directive after Dallas shootings.

Two-up ... and nervous, methinks. Be nice, everyone.

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c|net: Dallas shooter killed by bomb-equipped robot in first for law enforcement.

While it does appear to be the first time a police robot has killed anyone in the United States, robots have been used for other nonlethal offensive actions in recent years. In 2014, for example, Albuquerque Police used a robot to deploy ‘chemical munitions’ into a motel room where a suspect was holed up to force the suspect to surrender.” Albuquerque. Sort of expected. I should think they’d consider drone + flashbangs as a nonlethal solution, too. The deterrent for lawless behavior is dialing way up, and virtually noone’s talking about it.

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NY Times: How America Heals After Dallas.

There have to be solutions other than ‘put three in the center of body mass’. How we’ve gotten to this point, I can’t fathom. Police training is clearly inadequate, civilian response unpredictable. I myself only recently learned (the hard way) that we’re supposed to keep our two hands on the steering wheel until the officer taps on the window. How I missed this all these years, bespeaks how others behave in unpredictable (to law enforcement) ways. Take your hands off the wheel, the officer will put their hands on their weapon. Given the last couple of days, you really, REALLY don’t want that.

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Dissent: How the British Far Right Went Mainstream.

Saved for later reading; I can’t vouch for the opinions.

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Pacific Standard: How Physician-Assisted Suicide Happens Around the World.

There’s some evidence that physician-assisted suicide doesn’t always work as smoothly as hoped.” 30 hours, in WA.

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Guardian.UK: Hillary Clinton email investigation ends in ‘no charges’.

We’re going to have hearings.” Does Ryan know what an SSL cert is? I’m not sure anyone serving does ...

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Guardian.UK: FBI recommends ‘no charges’ after ending Clinton email investigation.

Smart people being stupid. If this were the only example ... alas, we are surrounded by such politicians these days ...

Later: Here’s a question. Are email and other internet procedures being currently used under scrunity? No time like the present, esp. since attention was drawn to the issue.

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The Nation: The GOP’s War on Voting Is Working.

If’n you wanna get mad.

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Guardian.UK: Trump may have broken law by seeking foreign political donations.

Oy vey. What a nerk.

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TechDirt: Texas Judge Indicted For Making Secret 10-Year Deal With Red Light Camera Co.

Cameras have issued tickets to walls, parked vehicles, and many, many drivers obeying all traffic laws. Millions of dollars of refunds have been paid out by municipalities who once thought they’d have to do nothing more than sit back and let the cash roll in.” These things need to be removed from service. End of story. It would be just as fair to put a randomize script on the City’s events page, and send out bills.

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New Yorker: The Politics of the Benghazi Report.

Whether or not that is a tactical error for the Republicans, it is a loss for rational discourse.” By focusing on the tree, they lost the forest. A whole lot of 20/20 hindsight and armchair quarterbacking. No revelations.

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ArtDaily: You can now sing ‘Happy Birthday’ free of charge.

Never occurred to me that it was under copyright restrictions. This could have been a powerful motivator for change in copyright duration, if used in a campaign.

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Independent.UK: Jesse Williams gives powerful BET Awards acceptance speech on racism in America.

Ironic that even the Brit Independent can’t parse his speech correctly. See if you can spot it - “critique of our impression”, not “critique of our oppression.” Underlines the problem, IMHO. Noone’s really listening.

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TPM: SCOTUS Rules 5-3 In Favor Of Abortion Rights In Major Texas Case.

I can’t be impartial here. Once one has seen/experienced the horror of cephalic disorders [nightmare-producing; don’t click if sensitive], one knows the absolute, inviolable necessity of abortion, ‘late term’ abortion, and women’s right to control their own bodies.

Later: This will, of course, turn the volume knob to ‘11’ for conservatives over the Presidential election. Justice choice will become the ‘excuse’ to vote for a miserable, unqualified candidate. Mark my words. At least, for the next couple of weeks.

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AP: Clinton Failed to Hand Over Key Email to State Department.

Since when did AP go right-wing? I understand the issues, but this sounds like it was written by GOPAC back in the day.

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Hollywood Reporter: Led Zeppelin Wins ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Jury Trial.

After the “Blurred Lines/Marvin Gaye” trial, I suspected something awry. Digging further - and it’s hard to find - the attorney for Spirit is a bit of a nut, and threw his net way too wide. If he’d limited his argument to “Stairway/Spirit” *alone*, he likely would have won. He may appeal.

Question is ... virtually all of Zep is 12-bar blues. Yet everyone using that historical progression has copyrighted their individual works. How is that any different?

Music’s just gonna get more interesting.

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