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MJ: 14 Excerpts From the FBI’s Report on Hillary Clinton’s Email.

She’s told the truth all along about why she did it. Colin Powell did indeed advise her about using personal email shortly after she took office, but she chose to follow the rules rather than skirt them, as Powell did.

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Vox: AP’s big exposé on Hillary meeting with Clinton Foundation donors is a mess.

The real news here ought to be just the opposite: Donors to the Clinton Foundation may believe they are buying Hillary Clinton’s political allegiance, but the reality is that they are not.

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BillMoyers: American Women Are Still Dying in Childbirth at Alarming Rates.

Here’s a way to look at it. It’s only slightly more risky to have a baby in Iraq, than in Texas. 50 vs. 35.8 per 100,000. Sub-Saharan Africa still leads, with upwards of 300.

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Vox: I arrived at my friend’s party. A few hours later she died, exactly as planned.


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Vox: Amber Heard did what abuse victims are “supposed” to do.

*Ahem* Yes, well ... some of us smelled a rat. The media can generalize all it wants to, critique itself. Real people around here have ears to hear, eyes to see.

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ESPN: Brazilian police say video shows Ryan Lochte’s, swimmers’ robbery story untrue.

The official said Lochte’s teammates Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz, who were pulled off a plane going back to the United States late Wednesday, told police that the robbery story had been fabricated.” For shame.

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Capital and Main: DOJ to End Use of Private Prisons.

The DOJ’s decision is a testament to the long and tiring work of some of In the Public Interest’s closest allies, including Grassroots Leadership, Detention Watch, ACLU, AFL-CIO, AFSC, AFSCME, Prison Legal News, Enlace, Justice Strategies, SEIU, Teamsters, CWA, AFGE, PICO, the Sentencing Project, Brave New Films, NAACP and many more.” Congratulations!

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BillMoyers: Donald Trump Is Encouraging Intimidation and Racial Profiling at the Polls.

This could be interpreted as no-investment amateur Sturmabteilung (Perhaps a more familiar term: ‘Brownshirt’) tactics.

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Dazed: Kesha pulls back New York lawsuit against Dr. Luke.

Why one doesn’t comment on such cases.

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InTheseTimes: The Radicalism of Black Lives Matter.

Of interest.

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PS Mag: Twenty Years Ago, We Reformed Welfare.

The program’s fixed block-grant structure meant it couldn’t respond to economic downturns by increasing aid. During the downturn — which was, lest you forget, the most severe economic slowdown in recent history — many states actually aggressively cut people from the welfare rolls in the face of budgetary pressures, reporting declines in their welfare caseloads.” Yeah, the Clintons should not brag about this. My fellow Dems know about the bait-and-switch of block grants. Well, if you oppose them now, you should not believe this is a feather in the Clinton cap. Never again.

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Vox: A federal report just confirmed it: for-profit prisons are more dangerous than public ones.

Note, this is one of Gary Johnson’s bragging points. We haven’t been wild about their performance in NM, certainly.

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New Yorker: The Crotchgrabber.

This was very common in the ‘90’s in crowded subway and PATH cars in NJ and NY. Note, with the larger-than-average gay population in NYC, men being groped was also frequent, though I can’t speak to frequency-comparison. More than once I wanted to pulp a guy, and couldn’t tell who did it.

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The Atlantic: ‘The Second Amendment People’.

With 90 days until the election, one nominee has joked about the other being shot to death, and as of this moment his party elders stand with him.” Back off teleprompter again. Shades of Reagan aides, slapping their heads and saying “The Governor’s winging it again!

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ineteconomics.org: Stark New Evidence on How Money Shapes America’s Elections.

Their answer is stunning: there is strong, direct link between what the major political parties spend and the percentage of votes they win – far stronger than all the airy dismissals of the role of money in elections would ever lead you to think, and certainly stronger than anything you read in your poli sci class.

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NY Times: Embarrassing Photos of Me, Thanks to My Right-Wing Stalkers.

When my daughter reports someone taking pictures of her at the airport, it drives me nuts. I have no idea if it’s actually this outfit; common decency would suggest otherwise, but that seems an increasingly rare commodity.” My italic emphasis.

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Guardian.UK: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard: abuse accusations split Hollywood and public.

Depp’s recent dive into obesity points to deeper problems, IMHO. So Ms. Heard isn’t falling on deaf ears here. The Brando model comes to mind.

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Guardian.UK: UT Tower shooting survivor speaks out against new campus carry law in Texas.

There’s a lot of debating going on within university and faculty about what they can and cannot say regarding guns in classrooms and to me it’s just a shame that we’re even having these discussions. It’s just wrong to have guns be allowed in a classroom where you can’t have your cellphone or eat a hamburger.” It is ridiculous.

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SF New Mexican: After series of break-ins, experts chime in on psychology of suspect.

Creepy as hell. I went to a party up on West Houghton last night - no wonder people were creeped out as I walked back to my car, alone. I’m way too old for the demographic, but at night - noone sees grey hair. Couple of women smoking on their front porches, dead eyes raked past. I’d wondered at the strange vibe, mentioned it to my wife. Now I know.

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New Yorker: Why Obama Has Failed to Close Guantánamo.

Why not rely on the Constitution? Habeas corpus was restored for these prisoners via the Supreme Court.

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NY Times: The Blog That Disappeared.

If you use a service, be warned. Back up your stuff locally! Before using any new service, make sure you can get out what you so carefully put in.

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Foreign Policy: This Bikini-Wearing Swedish Cop Tackled a Thief — Then Instagrammed It.

Maybe I’m strange. I imagine this kind of thing happens frequently. And I never saw “Baywatch”.

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NY Mag: Fmr. Fox Booker: Harassed by Ailes for 20 Years.

He’s a predator” Speechless. Just speechless. You’d see this stuff in NYC in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, and having moved to NM I never really ever saw it again. Seems it hasn’t died, this behavior.

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BillMoyers: Patriot Games.

Echoes of Tricky Dick.

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HuffPo: Clinton Campaign - Trump Needs To Guarantee He Won’t Leak Before Getting Briefed.

This isn’t a normal political story, and it’s not funny.” I hate linking HuffPo these days, but this was important.

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