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Photo Attorney: YIKES! Photos Go Into Public Domain for Entering Photo Contest.

Every photo entry received as part of the contest becomes property of the Tahoe National Forest and will be considered as public domain to prevent copyright infringement. The forest will have non-exclusive, unlimited use of the photo(s).” Yeah, pretty much you want to really read the fine print on ANY photo-contest.

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Daily Beast: Confederate Flag Loses More Hallowed Ground as US House Votes to Ban Flag in VA Cemeter

It is likely that the Senate will follow the House’s vote on Confederate flag at VA cemeteries and limit even further the right to display it on public property. We may not be far from a time when the only place that you can display a Confederate battle flag is on the back of a pick-up truck.

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Techdirt: Federal Judge Says Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine A Legitimate Source Of Evidence.

There is no suggestion or evidence … that the Wayback Machine ever adds material to sites.” No, it doesn’t. But what it captures generally lacks context. I find that concerning.

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WaPo: Why a staggering number of Americans have stopped using the Internet the way they used to.

The research suggests some consumers are reaching a tipping point where they feel they can no longer trust using the Internet for everyday activities.

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Guardian.UK: Declassified documents detail 9/11 commission’s inquiry into Saudi Arabia.


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USA Today: Emma Watson named in Panama Papers.

Like magic. Except the magic failed. No privacy.

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Hyperallergic: In Quest for Selfie, Tourist Scales and Smashes 126-Year-Old Statue

Self-absorption continues to escalate ...

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AlterNet: Pentagon Allowed to Supply Military Gear Directly to Homeland Security Dept.

The new provision stipulates that Pentagon equipment can be supplied to domestic agencies for the purpose of counterdrugs, counter-terrorism and ‘border security,’ thus formally militarizing border operations under homeland jurisdiction.” Read the article to see what materiel law enforcement will have access to.

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Independent.UK: Ancient Egyptian statue of Sekhemka disappears into private collection.

Terrible shame. Look at the exquisite modelling of the features.

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TechDirt: Homeland Security Wants To Subpoena Us Over A Clearly Hyperbolic Techdirt Comment.

Trigger words. So there is good reason to be hesitant to use certain language on the ‘net.

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WaPo: Scant evidence that Clinton had malicious intent in handling of emails.

One official said prosecutors are wrestling with the question of whether Clinton intended to violate the rules, and so far, the evidence seemed to indicate she did not.

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Daily Beast: How The Secret Service Is Trying To Handcuff The Press.

Fear. So far, the press has not been a serious security vector. Given that everyone in the pool knows everyone else, it’s not a likely source of danger. So why this, why now?

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Guardian.UK: Man allegedly lured Navajo girl in to van to sexually assault her but left her to die.

Horrible in every possible way.

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GQ: Chasing the Wake of 14 Shootings in 10 Days.

There will be injured, and there will be dead. We will begin with the obvious questions: Who is the shooter (age, occupation, etc.)? What is his psychological profile? Where did he get the gun? The last question will be maddening, because if answered honestly, each and every time we’ll realize that we gave it to the killer ourselves.

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Atlas Obscura: Safe Zones For Exchanging Internet Purchases Are Popping Up Around the U.S.

Good idea. I bought a used piece of photo equipment over CompuServe (back in the Stone Age), and met the seller at a rest stop on the southern portion of the NJ Turnpike. Skeevy as all hell - didn’t realize how clandestine it would feel until I actually arrived. Probably considered sexist of me, but for a woman alone - highly unadvisable.

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BBC: US accuses Russia of nuclear sabre-rattling, amid Nato tensions.

I’d certainly like to hear more in-depth info about this situation than our candidates.

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Farmington Daily Times: San Juan County earns failing marks for ozone.

As I’ve mentioned many a time, it is a terrible shame scent cannot be broadcast. If so, you would understand why the oil and gas areas are worst. You know, amazing things might happen if we had a way to share smells across long distances. I wonder if anyone’s working on such a device.

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WaPo: Paris terror suspect is ‘a little jerk,’ his lawyer says.

Mary referred to Abdeslam in French as a ‘petit con’ — a phrase that could be translated as ‘little jerk’ or a—hole — who was ‘more a follower than a leader’ among ‘Molenbeek’s little delinquents.’ He said Abdeslam ‘is the perfect example of the GTA generation who thinks he lives in a video game.’ (GTA stands for “Grand Theft Auto,” a popular gaming franchise that enables players to embark on deadly rampages and killing sprees in a virtual city.)” Points to economic opportunity and education as being reasonable preventatives, though.

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National Geographic: Exclusive Photos Show Destruction of Nineveh Gates by ISIS.

According to Danti, the Islamic State’s scorched earth policy is psychological warfare intended to give the appearance that they are in control and to make onlookers feel powerless.” The payback for this wonton destruction, however, may be merciless.

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PS Mag: Can Holy Lands Become Holy Democracies?

A very good, if somewhat light, read.

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Dissent: Is Labor a Commodity in Wisconsin?

Surely if labor (or labor power) is a commodity, it is as Marx and many others have noted a peculiar one. It has sentience, feelings, ideas and the capacity for resistance. It’s not just another bar of soap.

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BronxBanterBlog: The Strange and Mysterious Death of Mrs. Jerry Lee Lewis.

It might be innocent as a train wreck. But I’d like to see it investigated. To me, I just can’t believe that girl just got to that bed and lay down and died. You just can’t make me believe it.

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Guardian.UK: Trump and Clinton share Delaware tax ‘loophole’ address with 285,000 firms.

This squat, yellow brick office building just north of Wilmington’s rundown downtown is the registered address of more than 285,000 companies. That’s more than any other known address in the world, and 15 times more than the 18,000 registered in Ugland House, a five-storey building in the Cayman Islands that President Obama called ‘either the biggest building in the world, or the biggest tax scam on record’.” Remember those text ads in the back of magazines, “Incorporate in Delaware”? Yeah. That. Surprised it is still allowed to exist.

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Watch the Circus: Why I Blew the Whistle on the SEC’s Investigation of Goldman Sachs.

Of note.

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naked cap: Greg Palast on How the New York and US Elections are Being Stolen.

In Brooklyn alone, over 125,000 names were quietly scrubbed from the voter rolls in the five months leading up to the primary. To put it in prospective, the number of voters purged equals about half of the number who got to vote.

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