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NY Times: Why We Need to Pick Up Alvin Toffler’s Torch.

In many large ways, it’s almost as if we have collectively stopped planning for the future. Instead, we all just sort of bounce along in the present, caught in the headlights of a tomorrow pushed by a few large corporations and shaped by the inescapable logic of hyper-efficiency — a future heading straight for us. It’s not just future shock; we now have future blindness.” Another one, very worth your time.

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AI: New Mac malware can remotely access FaceTime camera.


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Got busy. Links soon.


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Catapult: Misadventures in Micronesia.

Clever. Flavor of Griffin and Sabine.

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c|net: Google wants to show you all the data it’s collected about your online habits.

Useful or frightening? I have a feeling once I see it, I’ll want to go back to Pony Express and smoke-signals.

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The Millions: There Is No Handbook for Being a Writer.

You’ve only failed when you’ve stopped trying.” Sort of like blogging (wink).

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SER: Google Adds AMP Web Validator Tool.


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LR/Instagram - Lightroom Publish Plugin for Instagram.

The purists’ll scream.

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GalleyCat: Writing Quality Decreases Among Those That Read Online Only.

Bah. I’ll argue sample size.

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DP Review: Study - Instagram interactions declining as user base grows.

Hmmm. Hate the new algorithmic timeline. I just don’t use Instagram. Opportunity for Flickr to regain marketshare, IMHO.

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DZone/JavaZone: Git 2.9.0 Has Been Announced!


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Mashable: How Yahoo derailed Tumblr.

IMHO, it still has the best suggestions engine. It can peg my tastes pretty damned accurately (suggestions for new Tumblrs to follow). That alone is worth big $.

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FishbowlNY: Microsoft Buys LinkedIn for $26 Billion.

Which means Lynda.com (bought by LinkedIn) is now owned by MS. Get ready for login nightmares.

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Techdirt: New York Times Says Fair Use Of 300 Words Will Run You About $1800.

FYI. I asked in 2000 via direct phone call about blogging excerpts. They said (NY Times, WaPo): “Source identified clearly, no more than three sentences and a link back.” I’ve pretty much tried to stick to that policy throughout my blogging career. Perhaps it is time for another phone call.

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In These Times: Bernie’s Army Is Already Deploying in Down-Ballot Races.

The Bush and Obama operatives had all this down. I was hit multiple times a week by individuals both by phone and by door-to-door. Bernie’s “army” begat a single individual. Obama’s was the first time I’d seen Dems organize in a powerful singleminded entity. They need that again ... but the way the Dem internet e-appeal mentality turned into inbox spam transmuted eager enthusiasm into noise/signal hatred. Internet enthusiasm won’t be so easy this time. And Facebook as the political enthusiasts’ genre - don’t get me started. (Bleurgh.)

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CA/Zeldman: Has Design Become Too Hard?

The frameworks are huge, and heavy, and come with an expectation that the user has access to ‘the right’ browser or device, and that everything works. Whereas in the real world, something is always breaking. So whether you use a framework as part of your design process or not, when it’s time to go public, nothing will ever beat lean, hand-coded HTML and CSS.” I totally agree, but not everyone can afford the expense of handcoding. It’s like a handbuilt house vs. prefab. Huge numbers of clients only have the budget for prefab. In my market, prefab on steroids (commercial themes) are what one has to compete with. So handcoding is often out of the picture. At least Foundation lets you slim down for deployment.

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Coder humor. Inherited some code written by someone deeply in love with <SPAN> tags.

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New Scientist: Study of 1 million sites shows just how closely we’re watched.

Narayanan and Englehardt discovered that many trackers are sharing the information they gather with at least one other party, sometimes dozens of times. The audit also revealed several previously unknown ‘fingerprinting’ techniques that sites are using.

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Host is going to transfer this account to a new server (new hardware). Tonight. Pray.

We’ll see if I survive. Why Memorial Day weekend, I don’t know. The logic escapes me.

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Blog.Filippo.IO: Untrusting an intermediate CA on OS X.

Jeez, man. Thanks, Dan Lyke on FB.

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Webdesigner Depot: Blisk - the new browser built just for developers.

Of note. Mac version arriving in ‘June’.

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Scott ☠ on Twitter: UI vs. UX ... “it’s simple, really.”

Viral, brilliant.

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WaPo: This is what it’s like to grow up in the age of likes, lols and longing.

Of interest. However, I snagged this pullquote from a commenter: “They’re not being destroyed or eaten or turned into zombies by technology. It’s just one more way for them to learn about the world. It’s up to parents to set limits.” My italic emphasis.

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Mashable: LinkedIn resetting passwords after 117 million user credentials stolen.

Reset your passwords. Again. Remind me, what do I need LinkedIn for? Hasn’t done a damned bit of good except suck a little time here and there.

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Techdirt: Federal Judge Says Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine A Legitimate Source Of Evidence.

There is no suggestion or evidence … that the Wayback Machine ever adds material to sites.” No, it doesn’t. But what it captures generally lacks context. I find that concerning.

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