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Mashable: Web design is dead

Symptom 2: Web design patterns are mature.” I beg to disagree. Web design’s gotten boring.  Everyone still wants top-slider-three-columns-underneath designs. There are bajillions of those templates, all roughly equivalent. We’ve only started to play with slide-in panels, really, still working out the UI, fighting over mobile layout implementations. There’s still a market for non-standard one-off designs, though it opens you to severe critique from competition because it doesn’t match conventional wisdom. You have to have savvy, trusting clients.

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Ars Technica: Tonight’s leap second may cause problems for the Internet.


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TechCrunch: Blogging Site Medium Rolls Out Password-Free Email Logins.

Of note.

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OpenCulture: New Archive Offers Access to 22k Literary Docs From British & American Writers.

If you’re a writer yourself, you’ll find it makes you feel better.

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Storify/LukeW: Drop Downs Should be the UI of Last Resort (with images, tweets).

Of note.

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Hyperallergic: What Should Be Done with the US’s Many Confederate Monuments?++

Dismantling all of these Confederate monuments and simply pretending nothing ever happened — continues to happen — would serve no one.

I understand the longstanding outrage over the symbols of a defeated racist rebellion. Hideous to have to see the pastor’s coffin pass the Confederate flag. However, this article touches on a sensitive point. You don’t change a culture in a single news-cycle. The current ‘ride-em-all-out-of-town-on-a-rail’ wave is in danger of making two very important mistakes:

One, driving the hardcore racists further underground, allowing them to stew into a more potent - and potentially lethal - broth. I’m very concerned about this.

Two, disenfranchising those Southerners who see the flag, and all associated Confederate memorabilia, as a simple differentiating point. Many see the trappings of the old Confederacy as the only method to gain attention vs. Northern ‘liberalism’ (as Southerners interpret it). They like and celebrate being “Southern,” esp. in the so-called ‘Deep South.’ What would you do, if your culture was attacked? Entrench. We all do it, on all sides of the aisle. I’m hearing “carpetbagging” by “Northern liberal elites” being bandied about, on the far edges of the ‘net.

Why is that entrenchment worrisome? As the media rages on, they’re building a voting bloc for whatever Republican decides to embrace and romanticize the symbols of Confederacy, no matter how small the gesture. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge. Or Perry could simply push the old Texas flag, and leverage the outrage. Even the conservative radio shock-jocks are jumping on the wagon, saying “Is the American flag next?” I think we need to tread carefully. Roof is the result of ‘thintelligence’ ... someone who lacked basic education, who retained only what was discussed in the small niches he enjoyed. I worry more about internet echo chambers and their adherents; ultimately we’re going to find they’re more lethal than old battle flags. It’s easier than ever to pick and choose facts to create a separate ‘reality’. And it’s certainly not limited to the Southern US.

Later: Here’s another problem. What do we do with the White House? The Capital? Both built with slave labor. The Custis-Lee House (Arlington National Cemetery) kept slaves. Our ‘most hallowed ground’ was slave territory. All Presidents up to Lincoln used slaves. Andrew Jackson owned 150 - should he still be on the $20 bill? Should we still be celebrating George Washington, slaveholder? Jefferson? This is not as ridiculous as it sounds. Slavery built much of this nation. It is interwoven throughout our history. I am not defending it; just recognizing it. Someone in the media will get to it eventually; I just thought I’d beat them to it.

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“Create a Flash website ...”

That ship has sailed, people.

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Bruce Lawson: Is HTML ‘complete’?

Of interest.

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Macworld: Macaw 1.5.15 review: Promising web design program falls short of its goals.

Though I used to wish for a program like Macaw, the current version left me longing for my days of coding by hand. If you end up feeling the same, take heart: Among its promised features, Scarlet prominently advertises a text editor for your code.” Already have a couple I like, thanks.

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TechDirt: Apple Informs Bloggers It Will Be Using Their Content Via An Opt-Out Only ‘Agreement’.

If we receive a legal claim about your RSS content, we will tell you so that you can resolve the issue, including indemnifying Apple if Apple is included in the claim.” How helpful.

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BlessThisStuff: DxO One.

Same MP and sensor size as the new Canon G3X. It all hinges on the quality of the lens, methinks.

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Literary Hub: The Joy of Throwing Away An Entire Novel.

Was I sure there was nothing salvageable there? Was I giving up?” Every writer or blogger will know this feeling. I myself often fantasize about chucking this whole thing, wondering what phoenix would rise. Would I be happier? Freer? I chafe against the restrictions of the blog, locked in the same form-factor for a decade. Our blogs are becoming prisons, the dimensions dictated by the walled gardens elsewhere. Cam gave me hope with his new blog, and how it bodily and boldly breaks barriers. These functions should have been baked into blog software, years ago.

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TechDirt: Human Rights Court Says Sites Liable For User Comments.

In short, websites can be declared liable for things people post in comments. As we explained last year, the details of the case were absolutely crazy. The court had found that even if a website took down comments after people complained, it could still be held liable because it should have anticipated bad comments in the first place.” Watch comment areas disappear like dust in the wind.

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One of the most lovely things about Cam’s new blog ...

I can read and link his Tweets through his RSS feed. Never occurred to me how handy that might be. One of those ‘nose on your face’ things. I’d rather read all he has to say in *one* place.

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CreativeApps: Last Clock for iPad “keeps you in factual time, human time and remote time”.

Cool and clever.

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camworld is back.

At http://camworld.org. If you hit the .com, you might be a bit surprised. I have to retrain my fingers - they still have muscle-memory from the olden days.

And Cam’s got all kinds of neat stuff working in the background.

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Sorry! Started working at 7, just raised my head.

Realized I forgot to blog. Shortly.

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Comcast: ‘Net speeds have doubled.

Comcast just sent me the good news. My Blast! service goes from 50Mbps to 105Mbps.  Testing it against a server in LA, I seem to be getting 108Mbps download, 10.1 Mbps upload. Nice.

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UX Mag: Why Web Design is Dead.

Of note.

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New to me: Pressreader.com.

Check it out. Seems to be able to reach behind paywalls.

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SERoundtable: YouTube Now Supports 8K Videos At 4320p.

Insane. [I’ll look at this post ten years from now, and wonder ‘what was the big deal?’]

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Bruce Clay: Google Transcoder - Make Your Site Fast or Google Will.

At this point, we have no idea when, if at all, this functionality will be implemented anywhere outside of Indonesia. However, Google’s underlying statement is clear: websites should be really, really fast.” Perhaps we should go back to monochrome screens then. Why should Google have such power? Why?

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DWB: git - Delete All Branches but Master.

Like having the keys to Armageddon ...

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PS Mag: The Dark Side of Oil Boomtowns: A Discussion on Reddit.

Next Monday. Meth, and the crime surrounding it, is the plague of extraction areas in NM.

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Vox: I have 227 browser tabs open, and my computer runs fine. Here’s my secret.

I tend to stash stuff, rather than keep tabs open. Free RAM uber alles.

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