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tiimgreen/github: cheat-sheet.

Touted by some as “the Ultimate GitHub Cheat Sheet.”  YMMV.

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Medium: Improve the payment experience with animations.

Cute. I’d also mention ‘improve the payment experience with real security’, but ...

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Macworld: Hands-on with Flickr 3.0, with new features that make Flickr cool again.

Sez you. Do we really need another Instagram? ‘Do not merely put on a mask of my ideas, for it will be an illusion and you will thereby deceive yourself.’ Krishnamurti.

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TorrentFreak: Spotify Starts Shutting Down Its Massive P2P Network.

Spotify’s departure from P2P technology marks the end of an era, but to most people the change will simply go unnoticed ...

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Vox: The best defense against hackers is ... paper?

Security mistakes happen when people are using systems they don’t understand.” Wish I could tattoo that on some foreheads.

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Webflow: Create Website Interactions With 0 Lines of Code.

This is typical of what happens with GUI web design packages. Flashing back to early Dreamweaver and GoLive. At this point, its often easier to just learn to hand code.

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inessential.com: Mark All as Read.

A frequent reader asked me if I’d read this (yes), and then went on to tell me “that’s okay for everyone else, but NOT for you.” Jokingly. Feared my frequency variations of late. It’s getting to summer, when I will no longer be posting on weekends. Need that natural Vitamin D! ‘Mark All as Read’ will be used.

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Just got a seminar email ...

… and on requested unsubscribe, I see a one line piece of text on a white background … “Your subscription has been adjusted.”  And my mind immediately flashes, “Oh shit.”  Here comes the avalanche of spam.

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CNet: LaCie admits to year-long credit card breach.

LaCie, which is set to merge with American hard drive maker Seagate, said it was informed about the breach on March 19, 2014 by the FBI. But the hardware company speculated that all transactions between March 27, 2013 and March 10, 2014 were possibly affected.

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WaPo: Heartbleed is about to get worse, and it will slow the Internet to a crawl

“‘If a certificate authority has to revoke 10,000 certificates, that entry will have 10,000 certificates on it. [snip] And if browsers have to download that … we’re talking hundreds of megabytes.’ It’s roughly the equivalent of having to download 30 minutes’ worth of standard-definition video just to view a single Web page.

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Stripe: How can I get my funds transferred faster than seven days?

Interesting. The seven day thing keeps some businesses on PayPal. Keeping an eye on this.

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Tuts+: How to Make a Hoax Video More Believable.

Is this really necessary?

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Re/code: More Americans Are Reporting Theft of Personal Data.

New data from the Pew Research Center shows that 18 percent of American adults say they have had data like their Social Security number, credit card number or bank account information stolen at one time or another. The survey was conducted in January, and shows an increase from 11 percent of adults who said the same thing in July of last year.

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WaPo: France didn’t ban people from checking work e-mail after 6. This is why it should have.

The reports stemmed from an agreement made between labor unions and a federation of engineering and consulting companies, affecting 250,000 people and involving no official laws.

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Re/code: The First Good News About the Heartbleed Bug Emerges.

The more eyes we get on the problem, the more confident we will be that, in spite of a number of other ways the Heartbleed vulnerability was extremely bad, we may have gotten lucky and been spared the worst of the potential consequences.

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★ Reeder 2 for mac public beta 1.


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CNet: Heartbleed coder admits ‘oversight’ but backs open source.

… Seggelmann told British newspaper The Guardian that the bug’s eventual discovery shows the value of publically available open source code.” Ask everyone who’s had to clean up a hacked Wordpress site ...

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Just FYI. I see it being bandied about as an alternative to OpenSSL.

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Cisco Security Advisory: OpenSSL Heartbeat Extension Vulnerability in Multiple Cisco Products.

Er … it’s a rout.

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Hey, my Spotify finally upgraded.

So ‘last week’, I know. Wow man … black. Still can’t make folders for organizing playlists. Meh.

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Bugzilla: 994033 – Most StartSSL certs will stay compromised.


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NY Times: Taking on Art Looters on Twitter.

Last summer at Dahshur, a site near the Giza pyramids, where armed tomb raiders were burrowing for treasure, Dr. Hanna’s tweets about the pillage drew archaeologists and local residents to the site in protest. Those social media efforts, amplified by global news coverage, prompted the government to put soldiers in place for security.”  A positive use of social media.

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Slow coach this morning.

Fixing Heartbleed vulnerabilities (changing passwords now) for myself and hosted clients. Links as I have time.

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Vox: The short guide to Capital in the 21st Century.

“Capital in the 21st Century essentially takes the existing debate on income inequality and supercharges it. It does so by asserting that in the long run the economic inequality that matters won’t be the gap between people who earn high salaries and those who earn low ones, it will be the gap between people who inherit large sums of money and those who don’t. Piketty’s vision of a class-ridden, neo-Victorian society dominated by the unearned wealth of a hereditary elite cuts sharply against both liberal notions of a just society andconservative ideas about what a dynamic market economy is supposed to look like.” I may end up liking Vox. All the info without the blather.

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Sam Lanning: Preventing Disaster from Potential Security Bugs like Heartbleed.


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