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Medium: #SlackDown - A lesson in brand interaction.

Great lesson in crisis-as-opportunity.

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The Verge: Rdio is shutting down and Pandora is buying up the scraps.

Question is, how long for Pandora itself?

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Macworld: Google to offer deep links to Facebook content inside its search app.

Might be a good time to make sure your posts in Facebook are properly marked either ‘Friends’ or ... ‘Public’.

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BeardedSpice, Mac Media Keys for the Masses.

Someone may find this handy. Just saw it in a thread.

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TechDirt: Instead Of Fashionably Killing The Comment Section, Medium Quietly Tries Giving A Damn.

A recent paper published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication found that all it took to improve civility was someone with the vaguest semblance of authority showing up and treating people like actual human beings. Treat comment sections like unmanageable troll playgrounds, and that’s generally what they’ll become. And they’ve only become that because many editors and authors either don’t want to see corrections to their stories made quite so visible, or they’re too myopic to see the public’s role in the fluid conversation that is modern news.

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Bruce Clay: Is Google about to Kill Its Penguin? Is It the End of Link Spam?

This tactic was so effective that it literally changed the face of the Internet. Blog spam, comment spam, scraper sites – none of them would exist if Google’s algorithm didn’t, for quite some time, reward the acquisition of links (regardless of source) with higher rankings.

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nngroup: Long-Term Exposure to Flat Design - How the Trend Slowly Makes Users Less Efficient.

Users are forced to explore pages to determine what’s clickable. They frequently pause in their activities to hover over elements hoping for dynamic clickability signifiers, or click experimentally to discover potential links. This behavior is analogous to the behavior of laboratory rats in operant-conditioning experiments: if a rat gets a food pellet at random intervals after performing a specific action, the rat will keep doing that action in the hope of getting fed again.” My italic emphasis. Great point, well explained.

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Youtube/XOXO: Amit Gupta, Photojojo.

Dramatic and moving.

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Register.UK: FastMail falls over as web service extortionists widen attacks and up their prices.

This sort of thing makes one wonder what good mass surveillance by governmental entities is.

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The Atlantic: ‘This Is Really Bad for Independent Creators’.

Facebook ‘steals’ video content.

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Economist: Personal information on the internet - Can you sue a website that misrepresents you?

Keeping an ear out over this one. Could have a big impact, if decided badly.

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Macworld: Firefox keeps your browsing truly private with new Tracking Protection feature.

Of interest.

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Paywalls, now modal dialog boxes that require an email address ...

I’m running into more and more sites using the modal dialog box as a ‘do not enter until we get your email’ barrier. They completely deny access to the page. Sorry, no. My attention is not a commodity, and I will not gift it to you so carelessly.

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vowe dot net: OneDrive is actually being used.

Great observations, V.

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Metafilter: The Decay of Twitter.

Takes more skill and time to lie in images. Hate in text is but the investment of a few seconds.

There are many other factors that challenged weblogs and webloggers; but Twitter attracted many, and the willing trade of page-long posts for snarky one-liners is something I still mourn today.

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Re/code: T-Mobile Will Let Subscribers Bring Tiny 4G LTE Towers Into Their Homes.

This made me prick up my ears. Santa Fe still suffers from dead spots, particularly inside heavy adobe architecture.

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The Atlantic: How to Beat Surge Pricing.

The researchers therefore suggest a method for beating the surge when requesting an Uber. Look at the surge map, figure out where the nearest adjacent pricing area is, and then change the location in the Uber app to request a car from inside that area. There’s a good chance the price offered will be cheaper. If so, and if it’s close enough to where you actually are, you should be able to request a car and walk to the new pickup point by the time it arrives.” Being a pedestrian saves you $$.

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Slate: SXSW canceled panels - Here is what happened.

At some point, event organizers are going to have to embrace the controversy and bite the security bullet. Better to get this stuff out in the open, than leave it to fester in the dark holes of the ‘net. SXSW could have gotten out in front of this, been a shining example. Unfortunately, it’s not what it used to be. Grown beyond relevance.

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Git2Go. iPhone app.

Of note.

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Interestingly, someone’s using one of my burner Outlook.com addresses ...

... to order Domino’s Pizza, delivered.


The receipts are quite entertaining. I’m flummoxed at how to stop something like this. Since the user is the one entering the wrong email, I guess I just sit back and enjoy seeing their choices.

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Cool Tools: The Best Factual Podcasts.

A plethora of choice. How many hours do you have free?

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Mattermost ... open source, Slack alternative.

Of note.

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Github/JohnCoates: CSSketch.

Of note.

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DIY Photography: 500px In Hot Water For Creating A Chinese Sister Site.

Hmmm. Forewarned is forearmed. Say something next time, 500px.

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LA Review of Books: Are You Out of Your Mind?

Do you think you have what it takes to make it through this entire review? Though it’s not long, it will require patience. And though it will be interesting, it will require concentration. It deals with important topics — technology, craftsmanship, philosophy, psychology — and big questions ...” Love it when someone challenges us. Most important read o’ the week.

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