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Ask DN: What’s your use case for Evernote?

Of note. Thread should mature more as the day goes on.

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Envato: Critical Security Vulnerability in WordPress Versions 3 to 3.9.

FYI, if you haven’t already heard.

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Macworld: Re/code kills comments - I have something to say.

The idea of person-to-person interaction is now almost quaint. While there remain strong communities of users, they’re often not the primary source of information for most people. Rather, we turn to company sites and data repositories to learn what we need. As for social interaction, well, that’s why they call it social networking. We increasingly use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other services to hang out with our virtual friends.

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Science of Us: Look at How Texting Is Warping Your Spine.

An adult head weighs 10 to 12 pounds in the neutral position. As the head tilts forward, the forces seen by the neck surges to 27 pounds at 15 degrees, 40 pounds at 30 degrees, 49 pounds at 45 degrees and 60 pounds at 60 degrees.”  I was wondering why I see so many human ‘vultures’ around - and it’s worst in the young!

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Santa Fe New Mexican: Uber launches in Santa Fe.

Color me surprised. Sure enough, here they are.

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the interpreter: ISIS beheadings are a grotesque media strategy

None of these actions are designed to dissuade Western military intervention in Iraq or Syria, or even to goad the West into becoming decisively committed on the ground, because ISIS understands this is unlikely to occur. Rather, it has a much more short-term aim: to get ISIS’s military and political setbacks out of the media cycle and replace them with bloody imagery that demonstrates ISIS is still a force.” It is very unsettling to see social media and personal branding strategies used for these purposes.

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Youtube: Introducing Lantern: One Device = Free Data Forever.

Cool idea. More.

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BBC: Trip Advisor couple ‘fined’ £100 by hotel for bad review.

People should have the right to vent their disappointment if a hotel stay did not meet their expectations and should not be prevented from having their say.” Reviews are getting less and less useful for the consumer, as people become fearful of litigation.

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Kickstarter: The World’s First Smart Earplugs by Hush.

Hmmm. Might be a last-choice solution for my chipseal neighborhood road-noise issue.

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The Register: That dreaded syncing feeling: Will Microsoft EVER fix OneDrive?

Sync failures are perhaps the biggest frustration for Office 365 users and those who support them, and when it happens the usual advice is to delete and resync everything, with possible loss of recently changed files.” Beware.

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Internet connectivity weirdness.

This is bizarre. It seems my cable modem is dropping connections all of a sudden (Motorola 6120).  Now, it’s been on constantly for two years - I can accept that it might be at end-of-service-life. The nature of the outages seems to point to something other than hardware failure. It seems to be happening most frequently in the middle of the day, and when I put a load on the modem (I start loading a site heavy with graphics or video).

Now, I had my chimney cleaned. At this point (Occam’s Razor), I’m suspecting the chimney guy ground the cable with a boot and allowed water in (midday melt, shorting of connection, etc. etc.). I’ll test that theory tomorrow.

Anyone else have ideas, I’m open.

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WaPo: Typewriters are back, and we have Edward Snowden to thank.

From the point of view of keeping secrets, the most primitive method is preferred: a human hand with a pen or a typewriter.

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Monocle: Too much information.

Today’s world is a far more connected and unforgiving place. Information spreads in a split second and it is never forgotten. Just Google the right words and memories of a mistake that you might have made perhaps 10, 15 or even 20 years ago can come flooding back.

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Amazon Echo.

My garbage can gives me career advice.

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Calcbot for Mac.

Of interest. My age is showing; I still think in HP RPC key layout.

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c|net: Stolen Jennifer Lawrence pics the subject of Capitol Hill debate.

The purpose of the advisory committee is to discuss how to ensure that members of the Congressional Internet Caucus, and Congress members in general, understand issues about which they may have to have an opinion.” Yep, I can imagine this’ll help. [Remembering Strom Thurmond’s “Talk into the machine.”]

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Reuters: Germany’s top publisher bows to Google in news licensing row.

Interesting. I assume the publisher makes money from ad-clicks? There’s no connection made here between visitors from Google and actual revenue.  I’d rather see *that* impact.

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Re/Code: Inbox Comes Close to Mastering Email.

I finally got access to Inbox a while ago. It seems very nice, but it does adopt a different philosophy than standard Gmail. If you have an intricate construction of labels, beware. It will hide important unread emails until you figure out ‘bundles’. If I chucked all my labels, it might workflow better. That’s a big consideration at this point, and won’t be taken lightly.

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fivethirtyeight: The Polls Were Skewed Toward Democrats.

To the extent polling bias is predictable, it may call for assessing nonpolling factors — the so-called ‘fundamentals’ — along with the polls in each race. One simple factor is the overall partisanship of a state as measured by its past voting history.” There were virtually no voter turnout initiatives in my area. The Republicans were busy in red-dominated counties, however. They have a stronger face-to-face groundgame, by leaps and bounds, here in NM. Thinking of 2016, the Obama internet strategy won’t work a second time, IMHO. Not without some significant innovation.

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BusinessInsider: The Guardian’s Dark Social Traffic Problem.

Important read; bookmark it for future reference.  Via rc3.org.

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Hazlitt: The Internet’s First Family.

MeFi gets some much deserved recognition and appreciation.

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Lychee — Self-hosted photo-management done right.

If Flickr’s getting up your nose, this looks interesting.

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CSS-Tricks: Taking Control of the CSS/JS that WordPress Plugins Load.

Yes please. Speed up those plugin-contaminated slow-loading installs, please.

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Vox: GamerGate’s scary plan to wipe Gawker Media from the face of the Earth.

On some fundamental level, GamerGate is driven by the thought that games publications shouldn’t just have ethical standards but should never publish an opinion the movement disagrees with ever.” If so, Joseph Goebbels smiles in pride.

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TechCrunch: W3C Declares HTML5 Standard Complete.

On to 5.1.

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