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Copyblogger: Why Lazy People Make the Best Content Marketers.

HAH. Linked purely for the H1 an H2 titles and subtitles.

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vowe dot net: How to clean up your Twitter timeline.

Ugh. Thanks, Volker.

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Pianu is an interactive way to learn piano online.

If you don’t have a plug-in instrument keyboard ... you may want to pass. I just performed the most atonal version of “Chopsticks” ...

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The Verge: Here’s how Twitter’s new algorithmic timeline is going to work.

In any case, this will be the new Twitter by default — but you will be allowed to opt out of the new timeline, The Verge has confirmed.” Without some larger graphical indication of freshness, this is going to crash and burn. IMHO.

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Register.UK: Submarine cable cut lops Terabits off Australia’s data bridge.

Oh man. That sucks.

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Techdirt Deals: ZenMate VPN - Lifetime Premium Subscription.

Excellent price. But are they any good?

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Designer News: It’s time Sketch fixed their font issues.

Of note.

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New Yorker: Ted Cruz’s Iowa Mailers Are More Fraudulent Than Everyone Thinks.

I just wonder how many of these went out to people who might seriously believe they committed a violation or were embarrassed that their neighbors might know about their alleged voting record.” Social pressure, huh? What’s next, browser histories? Don’t laugh.

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New Yorker: The End of Twitter.

What should worry Twitter is irrelevance, and there is growing data to suggest that that is where the company is headed. If Twitter’s real-time feed is its most powerful asset (and it is), it’s not difficult to see a future in which Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or even a newcomer like Peach (yes, I am citing Peach) focus enough on real-time news that they obviate the need for Twitter’s narrow, noisy, and oft-changing ideas about social interaction.

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PDN Pulse: Why Muslim Woman’s Suit Against AP for Hijab Photo Will Probably Fail.

Two days later, the image appeared for license on AP’s website.” Hmmm. Not sure where I stand on this one.

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Google Webmaster Guidelines, updated in the last couple of days.

Worth a perusal.

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Corbis is now part of Getty Images.


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Three from Search Engine Roundtable.

1. Google says shorter URLs are better.
2. Google says links in footers or sitewides aren’t given much weight.
3. Google says title tags are ranking factors, but not worth rewriting for ‘better’ results.

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SERoundtable: Google Says Updating Images Can Take Months; We Don’t Index Them Frequently.

Photographers, be aware of this.

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PhotoShelter Blog: This Is What Happens When You Try to Photoshop Money.

HAH. Big Brother gets you.

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TechDirt: Senators Whine About FCC’s 25 Mbps Standard, Insist Nobody Needs That Much Bandwidth.

Besides, argued the six Senators, 25 Mbps is more than any American consumer could ever possibly need ...” Seriously? Can we bring kazoos into the gallery, and let ‘em know they’re disconnected from reality?

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Ask DN: iPad Pro as my main computer, any apps you recommend?

Of interest to those of you with iPad Pros.

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Upgrade News.

Curated design, front-end, back-end, mobile dev links. No RSS feeds? Looks like I’d have to sign up to find out.

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SERoundtable: Google+ Photos Search Stopped Working.


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Re/Code: Big Exec Departures at Twitter.

In general, it has been a very hard time for all top execs there, as Twitter has struggled to regain its growth among users and momentum with investors. Along with that, the company’s stock has plummeted recently to well below its offering price.

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GitHub: A Git client for Sketch.


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New Republic: The Public Domain Still Needs Idealism.

The Idealist does not shed new light on Swartz’s life or death; what it does—and does very well—is put Swartz’s work in context. The book gives an engaging, if knowingly incomplete, account of the history of intellectual property and copyright law, the archaic roots (and current implications) of cyberlaw, and some key players in the ongoing fight between open-data philosophy and the federal government.” Oh, on my reading list for sure.

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HuffPo: A Fake Politico Reporter Is Becoming Facebook Friends With Lots Of Journalists.

Just noticed? Kinda behind the eightball, kids. You should click on a few links of your latest Twitter followers. I seem to have a lot of sexy-lookin’ women whose URLs point to unpopular Kindle ebooks. Every week, block and report for spam ... block and report for spam ... failure of the Panopticon.

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Macworld: VLC for Apple TV hands-on - Goodbye format woes

None of those annoyances matter much when all of a sudden your Apple TV box can play virtually any file from any of your devices without any cash outlay on your part. That’s a nice upgrade right there. In fact, Apple ought to thank the VLC folks for so drastically expanding the capabilities of its box.

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Medium/Drew: The Sad State of Web Development.

Entertaining. And indeed sad.

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