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DN: Dreamweaver: why not?

At least noone mentioned GoLive or FrontPage.

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The Atlantic: What It Takes to Make Fashion Blogging Look Effortless.

Pro-bloggers, we learned, must continually reconcile a series of competing demands: They have to appear authentic but also remain on brand, stay creative while tracking metrics, and satisfy both their readers and the retail brands that bankroll them. Many work up to 100 hours a week, and the flood of new bloggers means companies increasingly expect to not have to pay for partnerships. Meanwhile, the nature of the job requires obscuring the hard work and discipline that goes into crafting the perfect persona online.” This niche is another I’ve been following, along with ‘mommyblogging’. The investment in ‘brand’, faux-personas, is astonishing. I hope psychologists are looking at this, too. Esp. the folks who can project multiple faux-personas in virtual sphere, while maintaining a separate reality.

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Santa Fe Concorso, next three days. Few updates.

I’ll be running around shooting, downloading pix ... no time for blogging. See you on the other side!

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Register.UK: North America is COMPLETELY OUT of new IPv4 addresses

In the past few minutes, ARIN – which oversees the allocation of IP addresses in North America – has confirmed the region is completely dry of new IPv4 address. No new addresses are available for web hosting companies, cloud providers, individuals, organizations: the last batch was issued this week.

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Register.UK: Why Amazon, Netflix, Tinder, Airbnb and co plunged offline.

It got so bad AWS engineers were unable to send administrative commands to the metadata systems. At about 0500 PT, the team paused the service so that it could get in and make changes to handle the overwhelming workload. By 0700 PT, DynamoDB was staggering back to its feet. Other services were hit by the outage: EC2 Auto Scaling, the Simple Queue Service, CloudWatch, and the AWS Console feature, suffered problems.

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TechDirt: Jeb Bush Proudly Promises To Axe Net Neutrality If Elected.


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TNW: Web design is now completely boring

Of note. I suspect the confluence of Bootstrap and the need for responsive design conspired to bring us the sameness of today.

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IdleWords: What Happens Next Will Amaze You.

I don’t believe there’s a technology bubble, but there is absolutely an advertising bubble. When it bursts, companies are going to be more desperate and will unload all the personal data they have on us to absolutely any willing buyer. And then we’ll see if all these dire warnings about the dangers of surveillance were right.

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NY Times: The Plot Twist - E-Book Sales Slip, and Print Is Far From Dead.

Sales of dedicated e-reading devices have plunged as consumers migrated to tablets and smartphones.” I predicted this in ‘13 ... dedicated reading devices were a temporary form factor.

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Register.UK: AWS knocks Amazon, Netflix, Tinder and IMDb offline in MEGA data collapse.


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SER: Google Recommends Keeping 301 Redirects In Place For One Year Or Longer.

... if you’ve moved your site, and we have been able to recognize that your site has moved, which might take maybe a half a year, maybe a year or so, then at some point, you can take that redirect down. The thing to keep in mind there is that if there are still links to the old version of the URL, then chance are, we might show the old URL too, if you remove the 301 redirect.” What a hot mess.

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Schedule: Next two weeks ...

... will be very busy. Concorso’s coming up (25, 26, 27), and the lion’s share of my time will be in preparation for that, along with immediate client work. It sort of sends blogging to a distinct back burner (as you can tell from this late post). I’ll blog when I can ... but just know I’m still here, and will be back to full shred on the 28th. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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CodeVisually: Pullbox - Dropbox alternative with Git.

Of interest.

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iA Writer 3.0

Swiping, even on Mac, is the big change.

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c|net: T-Mobile CEO guarantees better coverage with iPhone 6S, 6 Plus.

He clearly has never travelled in New Mexico.

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CJR: Readers will finish long stories—especially if they come from a trusted source.

... it’s important to keep in mind that our participants are longform lovers who may be predisposed to finding, reading, and sharing longer stories at a higher frequency that the average reader coming across a magazine piece.” So you mean longform readers will finish long stories ... ?

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AI: Apple cuts prices & upgrades iCloud storage plans, eliminates 500GB option.

While the default amount of storage is still just 5 gigabytes, paying 99 cents a month will now get a subscriber 50 gigabytes of storage instead of 20. Apple has also scaled back the prices for its 200-gigabyte and 1-terabyte tiers, adjusting them from $3.99 and $19.99 to $2.99 and $9.99, respectively.” More reasonable.

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Adobe Blogs: Faster Coding with Emmet in Dreamweaver CC.

Every so often, I still run across a Dreamweaver site. Quaint.

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The Mischiefs of Faction: We’ve Moved.

To Vox. If you follow them as I do, update your RSS feed.

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WaPo: How copyright is killing your favorite memes.

In the week since it publicized its battle with Getty, getDigital released its own, illustrated version of Socially Awkward Penguin meme, free for anyone to repost or remix.” No doubt shakedowns. But. The result is what aficionados should have done in the first place - made their own. Spin this whole thing on its head: One could argue that right-click copy culture is killing creativity. How long did it take to draw their own socially-awkward clone?

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TechDirt: Utterly Incoherent Wall Street Journal Missive Blames Netflix For, Well, Everything.

If Jenkins had any real courage, he’d stop attacking Netflix and attack the thing it’s clear he finds truly despicable: consumer power.

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App store updates: “Fixes bugs from the future.”

Popclip humor.

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Macworld: Severe external drive vulnerability prompts Seagate to issue emergency patch.

Watch out Seagate wireless external hard drive owners—your peripheral may have serious flaws in it that will open your files to malicious attackers. The good news is Seagate has already issued a patch for the problem.” Of note.

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DP Review: Red Dot Camera wants to bring the Leica experience to your iPhone.

$2.99 for a faux-Leica. Worth the pittance.

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