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“The Cyber” took the top of my head off.

I mean, really folks. Seriously? Oh wait ... the sigh bear. Listen to the sigh bear.

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Reuters: Parent bloggers question role in Mylan’s EpiPen schools push.

The bloggers, more than a dozen mothers of children with serious allergies, embraced the effort Mylan outlined in a series of ‘summits’ it held for them beginning in 2013. They wrote impassioned posts on blogs shared with tens of thousands of followers on social media. Their personal testimony helped persuade a number of state lawmakers to pass bills to get schools to stock epinephrine injectors, such as the EpiPen, according to legislators and others familiar with the lobbying effort. During the same period, the company was marking up its EpiPen to more than $600 per twin pack, six times the 2007 price, creating a burden for many of the bloggers’ followers, other parents of children whose lives are threatened by bee stings and peanuts.

Note this is the same strategy big pharma uses with doctors; symposia held in exotic locations. Read: bribery. I used to wonder that anyone would accept such largess without having at least one night of moral indigestion. I’ve since learned humanity has an incredible capacity to rationalize just about any action.

Bloggers, wake up. List your favor-granting, tchotchke-supplying influencers. Even if offered for free or for ‘loan’. List your sponsors. I understand you want or need to make money. Be open and honest, please.

I have no sponsors, have had none. If I did, they would be prominently listed in my right-side nav section here.

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PDN: Tether Tools Case Air Wireless Tether System Teaches Old DSLRs New Tricks.

Now this will be quite handy!

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Product Hunt: Slack Beta.

No longer a wrapper for a website. I’ll probably just wait for wider release - mine’s fast enough.

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The Register: Evernote dumps its own bit barn, boards Google’s cloud.

My goodness. Well, they should save a great deal of money and overhead, no?

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Mashable: Gmail access goes down for several hours, prompting panic.

It’s been delivering inconsistently for me since Sunday. But my account’s so old, I figure the server is in a defunct warehouse’s locked-up john.

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AI: iOS 10 tests show slower boot times, but overall smooth speeds even on older iPhones.

How often does one boot up an iPhone? I don’t often do it. I’d say there’s a beat longer with some functions.

BIG WARNING - the update process briefly bricked my iPad Air. Totally unresponsive in the middle of the update process. Black screen, but you could tell the screen was powered. Did a Home+Power hard reboot, the Apple logo appeared for about five minutes, then the progress bar restored. Stalled about 2/3 of the way through for another five-ten minutes, then completed the process to the lock screen. Phew. So iPhone was smooth, no hitches. iPad, glitchy upgrade. Make sure you do it wired to your Mac with iTunes, and have a current complete backup.

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9-to-5: iOS 10 How-To - Hate pressing the home button to unlock?

Updated my 5s to iOS10. Unlocking is weird. Something you’ll have to get used to. So far, there’s only a mild speed hit on opening some apps. I’m a close-the-apps-after-use-guy; this update may make me leave regulars open.

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TechCrunch Review: Apple tees up the future with iPhone 7.

More objective than most. Thanks, vowe.net!

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DP Review: Adobe Lightroom Mobile for iOS 2.5 brings Raw DNG capture.

YUGE. Roland! You see this? It’ll likely spur me to update to an SE ... I like the 5 form-factor.

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Macworld: Bottom line - Should you upgrade to iOS 10?

As if you really have a choice. Bow to the inevitable, now or later. Upgrade hardware if necessary.

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Designer News: Anyone else finding that Adobe programs are becoming more slower to load?

Oh yeah. I need to stuff an SSD in the iMac or upgrade. Religiously keeping my main drive half empty (performance suffers if the disk is above 50% capacity).

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Macworld: Google Earth’s Mac updater isn’t malware, but deserved your suspicions.

Freaked me out, too.

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SERoundtable: Google AMP Pages To Get Expanded Exposure In Mobile Search Results.

Of note. Better exposure for tech, not for quality content. Disappointing.

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Macworld/Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case review: Luxurious keys for iPad Pro.

Of note. Speaking of building biceps ...

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DZone: The Internet is Officially Terrible.

Desktop web browsing sucks because of ad networks. Mobile web browsing sucks because of Safari.” True, dat.

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Smashing Mag: Using A Static Site Generator At Scale - Lessons Learned.

Would I be insane for moving this blog to something like Jekyll? And how to handle comments. Asking for input.

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Facebook Trending changed while I was away.

It’s even BETTER now. As in, even easier to ignore. Gives almost no quick-scan information. Must be great, to get paid to design such terrible, useless UX.

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Mashable: You’ll soon be able to register a .blog domain.

Jeez, the early-access price. Vanity, thy name is .blog?

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WaPo: 98 personal data points that Facebook uses to target ads to you.

Astonishing. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am. What concerns me more is the creation of ... no term for this yet ... ‘economic vacuum chambers’. As we see Republicans and Dems split off to ideological vacuum chambers, these targeted ads are feeding us product and services in ‘perceived’ economic and interest categories. What if I don’t fit the profile, but I’d really like an aged steak? Will I be served endless ads for Wal-Mart ground beef? What does this do to a person’s overall character, not to mention aspirations? Not describing this well, but I hope you get my drift. Many of these ‘feed them what they routinely view’ algorithms encourage and vivify terrible habit formation.

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vowe dot net: Move from Evernote to OneNote on a Mac.

I think I’ve expressed before, if I were starting from scratch, I’d look closer at Eaglefiler. I don’t use Evernote or OneNote regularly from mobile devices. Though, as with all things digital, that will likely change.

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Register.UK: Amazon now renting cloudy desktops for $0.22 an hour.

Of note. If you need access to Win7, perhaps ...

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BBC: News site Gawker.com to shut down next week.

Of note.

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DebugMe: Sites Where Girls Can Learn to Code Online.

Of note.

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FishbowlNY: NPR Is Closing Its Comments Section.

Montgomery added that social media provides a much better platform for discussing NPR stories than the site’s comments section. He’s right, of course.” Um, Twitter just encourages snark. So I respectfully disagree.

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