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Latest Mac OS X [Mavericks] Security update ... long period of white screen is normal.

I let mine update via the App Store, restarted, and my iMac sat on a white screen for a very extended period, with no hard drive sounds. Eventually it all started chugging again, and loaded normally. Just warning others - be PATIENT.

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Brad Frost: Over It.

“So keep things simple. Build to standards. Use progressive enhancement. Don’t try to send wheelbarrows full of JavaScript down the pipes unless you have to. Don’t make assumptions. Save the stress for more important things.

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Vimeo: Neven Mrgan on Why Skeuomorphism Is Like a Classic Car.


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Bruce Clay’s 2015 Predictions for the SEO Industry.

BC’s always ridden the top of the SEO industry. You know I don’t like SEO in general, but he makes good predictions.

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Macworld: How this 16-year-old turned an Instagram feed into a $15K-a-month social media empire.

His looks don’t help him at all, now do they ...

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New Republic: The Fate of Reading in a Digital World.

There are certain connections we make that go beyond decoding words.” Amen. Yet we should look to ebooks and books as complements, not as one ‘killing off’ the other.

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Baymard Institute: Readability - the Optimal Line Length.


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Evernote Blog: How to Create a Table of Contents in Evernote.

Bookmarked. The mind boggles at the circular logic in storing Evernote tips in Evernote ...

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Ars Technica: Why DNS in OS X 10.10 is broken, and what you can do to fix it.

Woof. Have backups. Just one of the reasons I haven’t upped to Yosemite yet. Apple, get on the stick, will ya?

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Iwantmyname/blog: SEO penalties of moving our blog to a subdomain.

It’s not supposed to matter, but they took a hit. Marked for reference.

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SciAm: No Increased Stress from Heavier Social Media Use.

Personal expression as a form of destress. I suspect folks participate based on what’s best for them. Overdo, and it’ll eat you alive. Can’t be maintained long-term without visible cracking at the seams.

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Makers Cabin: The Designer Developer.

Not especially remarkable, but the comments are worthy of note.

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In These Times: Agent Carter’s ‘Feminism’ Is More About Money Than Gender Equality

Funny. Not the article, but In These Times. This article appeared in my feeds yesterday, and I was going to link it, but it was pulled and rewritten. More Disney-as-enemy yesterday, in my quick read. Women have been screaming for strong lead roles for a while now, and here ITT decides to try to cut Agent Carter off at the knees. Lord knows why. Take a chill pill, ITT, and stop loading the woes of entertainment industry corporate strategy on Peggy’s shoulders.

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Yanado - Task management inside Gmail.

Never heard of it. Thought some might be interested.

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Mashable: GoPro stock plummets after Apple granted patent for mounted cameras.

Pulling the rug out from under, if Apple decides to compete. GoPro is pretty mature at this point; it’s a big leap from nothing to marketshare for Apple. GoPro has lots of competition, none have knocked it off yet. Color me skeptical.

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WaPo: Why women don’t leave comments online.

‘Maybe,’ one (female) commenter suggested, ‘women are sensible enough to realize that all this commenting — whoever is doing it — is just a waste of time.’

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Hacking Twitter and Youtube is not “hacking the Pentagon.”

Hello? Media? *Knock, knock* Anyone home?

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Medium: Why I Broke Up With Mommy Blogging.

If you don’t plan to become a brand (with associated business model + staff), you wear out as a solo. Important to see what her daughter’s opinion is about the whole shebang.

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ReadWrite: How To Pick A Selfie Stick.

Distance does little to render the wide-angle view of a smartphone aesthetically pleasing. Any ‘selfie’ makes my head look like an exclamation point, with a Durante schnozz - neither of which are realistic interpretations. Perhaps with an add-on telephoto clip.

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The Register: Paris terror attacks: ISPs face pressure to share MORE data with governments.

The take-away from politicians on both sides of the pond today, once you set aside the posturing about freedom of expression: demands for greater surveillance of citizens’ movements online are back on the agenda in a big way.” Hmmm. Blogging via postcard?

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Dither and Bicker: RIP Google Analytics, Casualty of Spam.

Spammers have figured out that its pretty easy to spoof Google Analytics traffic. When Google Analytics logs traffic on your site it uses a simple key. Since all tracking is handled through JavaScript on the client side, there’s no real checks to ensure that your key is run off your site. They can make requests directly to Google from their domains using your unique key and their bogus traffic shows up in your reports.” Of interest.

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Bezar | The Marketplace For Design.

Hmmm. Just recall, early adopters do best if new services go viral.

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Archaeology News Network: Searching for Genghis Khan’s lost tomb from space.

The ability to focus and route networks of human attention at such massive scales, coupled with the functional ability for meaningful micro-contributions at individual scales, presents yet another evolutionary step in our collective ability to reason.” Uplifting.

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WebDesignerDepot: 10 web design trends you’ll actually see in 2015 (and how to survive them).

Of note. I should create a retro-framework, I’m taking so long to update this blog ...

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Medium: A Teenager’s View on Social Media.

Great. Thanks, vowe.net.

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