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Register.UK: MIT boffins identify Tor hidden services with 88 per cent accuracy.

For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest.” There is no anonymity; not anymore.

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Register.UK: Google unhooks ‘social network’ from YouTube.

Given the lack of interest the platform has generated over the last four years, this move could prove the beginning of the end for Google+.

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c|net: Man tries selfie with rattlesnake, gets snakebit for $150,000.

Another?!!! Okay, people. Wild animals do NOT do selfies. Just don’t.

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Interesting ...

... that Tumblr’s “Recommended Blogs” widget can guess my preferences better than Google, Facebook or Twitter. Combined.

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Register.UK: Q. How much did Google just spend applying political pressure? A. $4.6 million.

The spending makes Google one of the top ten biggest lobbying organizations in Washington: the top being the US Chamber of Commerce, and the rest rounded out by four medical industry companies, plus Boeing, General Electric, the National Association of Realtors, and Business Roundtable.

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I love it ...

... when someone responds to a post of mine privately, “You scare the hell out of me. Where do you come up with this stuff?” Lets me know I’ve still ‘got it.’

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One of ours: Very upset to hear Hal Rager (‘Blivet’) has had a mini-stroke.

It’s probably easiest for most of you to leave messages on his Facebook profile. Medicine’s come a long way with stroke recovery. Here’s hoping you’re back to full posting capabilities soonest, Hal! Note that Audrey says he’s resting, waiting for tests right now. My uncle went through this a couple of times. The month or so post-event can be frightening, waiting for the debilities to diminish, but he recovered well. It was only the second small stroke that took some of his facial expression on one side. My uncle was a smart man - a beard masked the issue, and noone was ever the wiser.

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Guernica: Stars in My Pocket Like Bits of Data.

... the average American encounters a total of 34 gigabytes of information daily.” No wonder I just tried to shelve the milk in my vitamin cabinet ...

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Vox: Hackers can now crash cars from hundreds of miles away.

A new risk vector. Update your Jeeps!

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Guardian.UK: Teen’s video of handgun-toting drone prompts federal investigation.

Sort of expected, yet there’s a worrisome twist at the bottom of the article: “Haghwout made news last year when police charged a woman with assault after she confronted him about flying a drone at a state beach.” I hope the kid’s not bitter.

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Mashable: Google will shut down Google+ Photos next month.

FYI. If you have anything unique stored there, copy off your stuff sooner than later.

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Paywalls are blocking me from good content, again.

A couple of articles I was going to link this morning remain unseen because of paywalls. Sorry, publishers. You do this, I can’t publicize your good work. I don’t link unless I can read beyond an excerpt. I also cannot afford to pay for every paywall that may pop up in my RSS aggregator. A renaissance of micropayments? The media’s distribution model needs a rethink.

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Medium: The Web We Have to Save.

Readers Ray L. and Emmett both sent me this at the same time last evening. Yes, I saw it. I’ve been stewing over some way to introduce it, but you two guys made it easier to gather my thoughts: For all I appreciate the author’s sentiment, one fact stands out. Many of the former A-listers linked it, favorited it, liked it ... on the social media. Not in a blog post.

The irony.

Oh, and thanks for the reminder, guys. Much appreciated.

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c|net: Hackers of cheaters’ site Ashley Madison threaten to expose user profiles.

Hey ... is there a correspondence course out there for becoming a divorce attorney, quick? This’ll be enormously entertaining.

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SERoundtable: Google Is Hiring SEOs.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... the Ouroboros, the snake devouring itself ...

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Protein - Front-end development workflow.

Sounds interesting. Bookmarked.

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Github/tessalt: echo-chamber-js.

When a user submits a comment, echochamber.js will save the comment to the user’s LocalStorage, so when they return to the page, they can be confident that their voice is being heard, and feel engaged with your very engaging content. It does not make any HTTP requests. Since LocalStorage is only local, you and your database need not be burdened with other people’s opinions.Thanks, Jason Levine on FB.

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Re/code: Twitter Stock Jumps Nearly 8 Percent on Fake Bloomberg News Post.

This is a real story, but a fake one caused Twitter’s stock to surge nearly 8 percent.” A new method to make a quick mill?

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Builtwith: Entire Internet CMS Usage January-July 2015.

Not familiar with the source of this info, but worthy of note nonetheless.

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SE Roundtable: The Next Google Panda Refresh May Not Pick Up On Your Site Changes Today.

... if your site was hit by the last Panda update and today you decide to refresh all your content by having experts write the most authoritative and useful content pieces, it still may be too late. Google may have already ran all the data for the Panda refresh but they have not yet pushed the release.” Offered if you’re the sort who worries about such things ...

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I believe I’ve successfully upgraded to Yosemite.

It’s been a comedy of errors.  Some things learned this time around:

1: Using SuperDuper to ‘smart update’ my backup, it croaked after about eight hours (USB drive) because the disk ran out of space. If you have a backup that’s the exact size of your primary, DO NOT count on smart update. It needs more space to do its thinking. Do a full erase-and-backup sequence. Also ... USB 3 on older iMacs is dog slow. 13 hours to back up 700 GB.  There went my Saturday.

2: The Yosemite upgrade apparently has problems with certain models of iMac. One never notices these things until in the middle of the melee.  Apparently mine was one.  Halfway through the boot process after upgrade, it stuck on 50%.  I could hear the disk grinding away ... and left it for about four hours, until the disk stopped.  I followed some onscreen instructions that said to power off, power on into Recovery mode, turn off WiFi, shut down, and power on again.  This broke through that problem.

3: Then, Yosemite reached my desktop - I could start programs and such, but the screen was jammed on “Setting up your Mac”. Run to the internet forums again, and the cure was to reset the SMC. There are different methods for doing this for iMac vs. Macbook, so check the current wisdom if you need to do this. I powered down, unplugged, pressed the power button (some say to do this, some say just powering off for that amount of time is enough) for fifteen seconds, plugged back in, powered back up, and all seems fine now.

#‘s 2 and 3 ate up my Sunday.  Can I have a refund on my weekend now?

So far, Yosemite seems a little pokey. I assume (hope) the system is still running some optimizations in the background.  Mavericks was faster than the previous system right out of the box, but Yosemite, not so much.  I’ve turned off various transparencies and removed Notification Center widgets and things - better. I also notice - like Mavericks - the system keeps getting smaller in GB every update.  That’s good.

Today I’m making sure all my apps are working, all up to date.  I had to update about fifteen items in the App Store, now I venture outside that little courtyard into my other programs.  Kicked Office 365 to the 2016 version (requires Yosemite). If I notice any other glitches, I’ll add them to the comments here.

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Well, someone’s been naughty.

I’ve signed up for a couple of ‘early access’ alpha/beta programs for upcoming software.  Someone’s been nasty and sold my email address to some sort of spam service.  Dozens of spam emails (which Gmail removes, but still ...) every time I check my email.  I had reduced it to one or two, previously.

I suppose I’ll finally have to make that extra email address for such signups from now on.  I’ve avoided the snarl of multiple emails out of a wish to simplify, simplify, simplify ...

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Guardian.UK: New York Stock Exchange shut down over ‘technical issue’ [Live Updates].

... an internal technical issue and is not the result of a cyber breach.

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Macworld: Apple confirms it’s trying to fix Home Sharing for iOS 9.


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Mashable: Web design is dead

Symptom 2: Web design patterns are mature.” I beg to disagree. Web design’s gotten boring.  Everyone still wants top-slider-three-columns-underneath designs. There are bajillions of those templates, all roughly equivalent. We’ve only started to play with slide-in panels, really, still working out the UI, fighting over mobile layout implementations. There’s still a market for non-standard one-off designs, though it opens you to severe critique from competition because it doesn’t match conventional wisdom. You have to have savvy, trusting clients.

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