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Backup services (including one for Evernote).

Revert.io’s got your back(up) for Evernote. Searchable, too.  Backupify gets Google Apps (including Gmail) and social channels.

I’ve been looking for a simple method to pull a searchable, formatted backup of Gmail for a while now. Anyone using one, and like it?  I’m getting close to 1/2 of my Google free allowance (7GB). That’s a lot of old email.

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Spam: Seriously?

Asian movers? As in furniture movers? Some poor schmuck putting comments on ‘The Luminous Endowment’ and ‘Wikipedia: The Dictator’? Folks need to work on their targeting ...

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Dazed: The cult of buying fake followers exposed by Instagram cull.

There were incredible scenes at the top of the ‘percentage lost’ table, where a user called @chiragchirag78 lost 99.998% of his followers, falling from a gargantuan 3,660,448 followers to a measly eight.” Said it before, I’ll say it again. Be careful who you mortgage your opinions to.

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Github: Vulnerability announced - update your Git clients.

Of note.

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GigaOm: Flickr kills sale of Creative Commons prints, issues refunds.

Even though the Flickr Wall Art service only offered images for which the owner had granted a Creative Commons license for commercial use, some complained that they believed the terms of the license only extended to online use — and not to physical prints as well. Some withdrew their works from Flickr altogether.”  It should have been opt-in. Really dumb. Previously discussed.

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Github/xooyoozoo: BPG Image Comparison.

BPG is pretty impressive. Look at the texture of hair as you compare.

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Unroll.Me Spammys Awards 2014.

I use Unroll.me.  This would be entertaining, if it weren’t so burdensome (spam). But if you click through, I think it’s good information to know - and use to winnow your own spam busters.

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Github/aaronkwhite: foundation-jekyll.

Of note.

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BBC: Instagram now bigger than Twitter.

No doubt, social media mavens will instruct you to say it with a photo rather than with a tweet now.

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Storify: There is No Fold (with images, tweets).

Finally, someone with recognized authority calls BS on the myth. Thank GOD.

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Skeleton 2.0: Responsive CSS Boilerplate.

Lightweight. Not had an opportunity to try it yet, but bookmarked nonetheless.

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Keith Cirkel: Why we should stop using Grunt & Gulp.

You could find that for certain tasks you need to use Grunt, and for others you need to use Gulp or Brunch, so enter the ridiculous world of using build tools to manage your build tools, with such great hits as grunt-brunch and gulp-grunt ...” House-of-cards effect. Yep.

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Panic Blog: Transmit iOS 1.1.1.

Transmit iOS 1.1.1 is out, fixing a few bugs in our surprisingly powerful file management app for your iPhone or iPad. Also, at Apple’s request, we had to remove the ability to “Send” files to other services, including iCloud Drive.” Read the entire thing to understand the problem. Apple? Ball’s in your court.

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Namecheap Status: DDoS Attack against Default DNS System v2.

NameCheap was mentioned as the ‘go-to’ alternative for GoDaddy, during the elephant-hunting controversy. However, I seem to keep seeing them suffering DDoS attacks. This is the second major one, no?

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Skyline: Evolving CSS Architecture.

Along the same lines as the previous post.

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Eager Blog: Releasing Stout, our Static Website Deploy Tool.

Of interest. I use Git > Beanstalk, personally.

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Revisions for Dropbox (Mac app).

Easier and more convenient than diving into Dropbox’s web GUI, certainly.  Downloaded.

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MeFi: Nature will make its articles back to 1869 free to share online.

All research papers from Nature will be made free to read in ReadCube, a proprietary screen-view format that can be annotated but not copied, printed, or downloaded.

More on ReadCube.

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Comcast went down hard just before 5PM last night.

So much for my Cyber Monday.  I was contemplating deals on RAID arrays ... but I sure wasn’t going to buy via cell hookup with iPad. So this outage definitely put a damper on my Monday spends. The projected restore time was 10 or 11; I was just too tired to care.  Went to bed at 9:30.

Side benefit: I unplugged my router and modem, first time they’ve had a rest since purchase. I’m hoping they’re ‘happier’ for the reprieve.

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Black Friday App & Book Deals for Developers, Designers & Entrepreneurs.

Some good stuff. Pixelmator is 50% off, if Adobe’s CC offerings are too dear for your overstressed wallet.

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The Book of Life.

I point you to the “What is it” page. Better to just dip your toes in, on the main page (click the logo top-left).

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Furtive CSS.

Another framework, extremely small. Useful for minimal sites.

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Ask DN: What’s your use case for Evernote?

Of note. Thread should mature more as the day goes on.

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Envato: Critical Security Vulnerability in WordPress Versions 3 to 3.9.

FYI, if you haven’t already heard.

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Macworld: Re/code kills comments - I have something to say.

The idea of person-to-person interaction is now almost quaint. While there remain strong communities of users, they’re often not the primary source of information for most people. Rather, we turn to company sites and data repositories to learn what we need. As for social interaction, well, that’s why they call it social networking. We increasingly use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other services to hang out with our virtual friends.

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