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Dazed: Miley Cyrus just came out as ‘pansexual’.

Slightly NSFW photo. You don’t even have to look - I just wanted to make an observation: As opposed to what’s said in this article, you can browse Tumblr and find most young people today are finding it cool to list themselves as ‘pansexuals’. Don’t be surprised if your kids copy the trend. The frequency was already on the uptick, but it has exploded since Bruce/Caitlin Jenner’s PR push. So many are young ladies who live in the boondocks, who want to be ‘different.’ I can only imagine their reactions if they were hit on by some of the transsexuals I used to see in lower Manhattan in the ‘80’s.

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Haven’t posted a pic in ages.

East was best tonight.

For some reason, Flickr’s less interesting with their last redesign. [Photo services are less compelling than ever, I’m finding. I need to build some photo-stories over on Exposure.co; change it up.] Tonight’s sunset was best looking to the East, rather than the West.

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Paywall again.

The New Yorker this time. Sorry not to be able to read, sorrier not to be able to give you extra ad revenue by a link.

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Will Reichard: Pocket’s ‘recommendations’, coming to a cramped screen near you.

So the bloat starts. The ‘Microsoft Word’ path of ... hyperaccessorizing? Would that be a correct term? I use Pocket solely as an easy transfer between mobile and desktop for blog purposes. A button tap or two, versus sending myself an email. Fewer steps than sending to Evernote, and then erasing (if it’s in the blog, I don’t need it in Evernote). I hope ‘Recommendations’ aren’t going to get up my nose ...

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Jacobin: Why the Rich Love Burning Man.

To these young tech workers — mostly white, mostly men — who flock to the festival, Burning Man reinforces and fosters the idea that they can remake the world without anyone else’s input. It’s a rabid libertarian fantasy. It fluffs their egos and tells them that they have the power and right to make society for all of us, to determine how things should be. This is the dark heart of Burning Man, the reason that high-powered capitalists — and especially capitalist libertarians — love Burning Man so much.” How far do we have to go, before we call the 1% what it is ... an hereditary aristocracy. I declare we are the New Third Estate.

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Busy Thursday. Links as I can.

Meetings this afternoon, prep work required. Catch as catch can.

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Rhythmus.be: Markdown to InDesign.

Word to InDesign is cumbersome and fraught with errors. Mostly because folks don’t really know how to use Word properly (who does?). Putting Markdown in the middle, though ... hmmm. I’ll have to try it.

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Digital Reader: Scribd Dials Back Its Audiobook Service.

Both of Scribd’s bold moves made the service attractive to potential subscribers, but they came at too high of a price. Rather than just draw in paying customers, Scribd attracted the type of customer it does not want - those who would use the service as it was intended by consuming as much content as they can.” My italic emphasis.

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NoVolume: All Websites Look The Same.

Yesindeedy. Starting to change, just a little. But viewers are now *expecting* these designs, which complicates matters. Present them with a ‘nonstandard’ site, they become confused.

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New Republic: The Politics of the Curation Craze.

One simple explanation is prestige appropriation.” I had to look that one up on Google ... prestige appropriation ... nope, not a thing. I think you’ve just witnessed the birth of a new online buzzphrase. I visualize a young, secretly-destitute toy-boy dating the rich older widow ...

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Romanesko: ‘The rapacious Ms. Huffington seems to believe that journalism skills are worth not

If Ms. Huffington would like to know how I uncovered that particular statistic, she is free to hire me and pay me for my time and expertise.

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Arc: Publishers Urge Advertisers To Kill Flash In Favor Of HTML5.

The letter was signed by some of the largest publishers in the world, including The New York Times, Conde Nast, Forbes, AOL, The Weather Company, The Wall Street Journal and Google.” If you navigate to the page, and can’t figure out where the text is, scroll down. One of those ‘you gotta know the trick’ pages, that programmers deem is ‘patently obvious’ without ever asking users.

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Sparkbox: Why You Need to Refactor Your CSS.

That’s helpful.

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Re/code: Many Drivers Ignoring New Tech Features in Cars, Survey Finds.

... car makers are spending more and drivers are paying more for potentially unwanted technology bundled into cars. Drivers, especially those ages 21-38 from Generation Y, are still relying on their smartphones rather than their cars to connect to their favorite apps or search for nearby services.” Reinventing the wheel.

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NY Times: Ad Blockers and the Nuisance at the Heart of the Modern Web.

Ad blockers could end up saving the ad industry from its worst excesses. If blocking becomes widespread, the ad industry will be pushed to produce ads that are simpler, less invasive and far more transparent about the way they’re handling our data — or risk getting blocked forever if they fail.” If they did not interfere with the reading and comprehension of information, I wouldn’t mind. But when they do, I block them.

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Rucksack [CSS].


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Bootstrap 4 alpha.

Overlooked this the other day. Nice to see BS3 legacy support.

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Fusion: Second Life college campuses - A tour of abandoned worlds.

I had more than one client believe the hype. Luckily they listened to reasoned argument.

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Bloomberg: Hillary Clinton Aide Palmieri on E-Mail - ‘She Didn’t Really Think It Through’.

When pressed about whether she wiped the server clean, Clinton replied, ‘What, like with a cloth or something?’ She added, ‘I don’t know how it works digitally at all.’” I have clients older than Ms Clinton who manage their own servers. That joke certainly fell flat with me. Ignorance of tech is going to hamper a President.

Note that this is what the ‘90’s were like, except Bill Clinton had at least four such controversies going at the same time. Daily howling over minutiae. Tired of it then; the opposition to Obama has left me with no brainspace left for Hillary’s.

Later: Ooof, Jeb sure ‘ain’t no better’.

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SER: Google Says They Never Index All The Pages.

Only ‘important’ pages.

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The Font Matcherator: Find a font from any image.

Because we designers always end up hunting down “I like this font” for clients. Haven’t used it yet.

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NY Times: The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t.

If the prices of traditional media keep falling, then it seems logical to critics that we will end up in a world in which no one has an economic incentive to follow creative passions. The thrust of this argument is simple and bleak: that the digital economy creates a kind of structural impossibility that art will make money in the future.” My italic emphasis.

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Slate: How to undermine ISIS with one simple trick.

Since many ISIS wannabes interact with charismatic online middlemen—even just to discuss the logistics of getting to Syria—the governments of the world could overwhelm ISIS’s recruiting system by creating hundreds of fake ISIS-curious individuals to interact with recruiters.

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Designer News: Sketch vs Photoshop a year later, where are we?

Sketch should be compared more with Fireworks, than PS, IMHO. Not as deep, but infinitely more usable than Fireworks.

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The Bookseller: On blogger critique of books.

Blogger viewpoint and Author viewpoint.

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