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Host is going to transfer this account to a new server (new hardware). Tonight. Pray.

We’ll see if I survive. Why Memorial Day weekend, I don’t know. The logic escapes me.

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Blog.Filippo.IO: Untrusting an intermediate CA on OS X.

Jeez, man. Thanks, Dan Lyke on FB.

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Webdesigner Depot: Blisk - the new browser built just for developers.

Of note. Mac version arriving in ‘June’.

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Scott ☠ on Twitter: UI vs. UX ... “it’s simple, really.”

Viral, brilliant.

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WaPo: This is what it’s like to grow up in the age of likes, lols and longing.

Of interest. However, I snagged this pullquote from a commenter: “They’re not being destroyed or eaten or turned into zombies by technology. It’s just one more way for them to learn about the world. It’s up to parents to set limits.” My italic emphasis.

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Mashable: LinkedIn resetting passwords after 117 million user credentials stolen.

Reset your passwords. Again. Remind me, what do I need LinkedIn for? Hasn’t done a damned bit of good except suck a little time here and there.

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Techdirt: Federal Judge Says Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine A Legitimate Source Of Evidence.

There is no suggestion or evidence … that the Wayback Machine ever adds material to sites.” No, it doesn’t. But what it captures generally lacks context. I find that concerning.

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GitPrime: Data Driven Development, Software Team Productivity Tool.


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Theremin - Play your own musical synth with delay, feedback & scuzz.

Spacey, man. Trippy.

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SEO supremacy! At last!

Apparently my site dominates some keyword searches for ‘dangerous meteors’. That’s accuracy and usefulness for ya!

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WaPo: Why a staggering number of Americans have stopped using the Internet the way they used to.

The research suggests some consumers are reaching a tipping point where they feel they can no longer trust using the Internet for everyday activities.

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FishbowlNY: The Toast Is Shuttering.

The conversation started when revenues were down, and I had to carry payroll for a month or two out of my personal account ...

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Atlas [Charts and data service].

Of note. Simple, readable.

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WaPo: The hottest trend in web design is making intentionally ugly, difficult sites.

Wait long enough, I may not have to redesign. I’m now ‘brutal.’

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TechDirt: Homeland Security Wants To Subpoena Us Over A Clearly Hyperbolic Techdirt Comment.

Trigger words. So there is good reason to be hesitant to use certain language on the ‘net.

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Mashable: Millions of email names, passwords hacked in giant data breach, report says.

So, to be safe, change passwords on Google and Yahoo.

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New Yorker: “The Artist’s Way” in an Age of Self-Promotion.

Affixing the word “creative” to something is the quickest way to make it sound virtuous, and creativity has almost become a moral imperative. And yet today the “creative class” no longer calls to mind a generation of struggling artists, but a group of college graduates with soft skills and Internet-based jobs they have difficulty explaining to their parents.

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Register.UK: Server-jacking exploits for ImageMagick are so trivial, you’ll scream.

FYI. Ugh. Our weblogs stand atop a house of cards ...

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Atlas Obscura: Safe Zones For Exchanging Internet Purchases Are Popping Up Around the U.S.

Good idea. I bought a used piece of photo equipment over CompuServe (back in the Stone Age), and met the seller at a rest stop on the southern portion of the NJ Turnpike. Skeevy as all hell - didn’t realize how clandestine it would feel until I actually arrived. Probably considered sexist of me, but for a woman alone - highly unadvisable.

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OpenCulture: Sir Ian McKellen Releases New Apps for Shakespeare’s Plays.

$5.99 per play? Seems ... steep. 37 apps, by the time you’re done, you’re out $220 some bucks, sans tax.

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DZone: Average People Will Never Care About Their Stuff Enough for Personal APIs to Be a Thing.

Delve into the links in the article before judgment.

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TechDirt: Facebook Has Lost The War It Declared On Fake News.

Many of these fake news pieces contain headlines for stories that some people want to believe, typically for ideological reasons. This is why a family party recently saw me trying to explain to my grandmother that, no, Michelle Obama probably does not in fact have a penis.” And that’s just the egregious category. There are subtle misdirections and purposeful leading-by-the-nose that make quality linkblogging a real chore.

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MeFi: The history of my stupidity would fill many volumes.

The thing is, not to avoid mistakes, but to make better mistakes. Iterate more efficiently.

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One sentence equivalent articles.

I’m running into more and more lengthy ‘preach’ pieces ... you know, the old ‘best practices’ articles ... ones that run hundreds, even thousands of words long. And in each and every case, they could be communicated in one (admitted compound, but quickly-understood) sentence.

I’m reminded of a quote from Fowles’ The Magus: “Why should I struggle through hundreds of pages of fabrication to reach half a dozen very little truths?”

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Mashable: Ouch - Some Slack developers have been exposing corporate data

FYI, slackers.

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