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AnumHussain: Start-to-Finish Guide - How To Launch & Grow A Blog.

As opposed to many other folks making these recommends, she prioritizes talking face-to-face. No gaming the system here, just commonsense. Glad this sailed into my aggregator. Bookmarked, to pass to clients who say “I want to start a blog ...” without any knowledge of what is necessary to make it successful. It’ll save me an hour and a half in meetings, easily.

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CNN Money: Andrew Sullivan - Blogging nearly killed me.

He described the grueling pace that he maintained along with a small editorial staff. ‘This is 40 posts a day - every 20 minutes, seven days a week,’ Sullivan said.” Try fifteen plus years, largely by your lonesome. As I’ve said before, if blogging is a chore, you might be in the wrong business.

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Massive DDoS attack against Github.

Current status.

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It’s time, once again. Anyone had problems with the Yosemite upgrade?

Not so much interested in the upgrade *process*, but have you seen any app incompatibilities?  Particularly concerned about Adobe Creative Cloud, Coda 2, other programming bits and bobs. If you’ve run into any issues, I’d appreciate a comment. THANKS.

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Developer Drive: Introducing Page Parts for WordPress.

Of interest. Sort of like “Pages” in EE, but sounds more flexible.

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Muut Blog: Switching from Disqus to Muut.

Ah, Disqus has some competition.

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DP Review: Amazon launches unlimited cloud photo storage for $11.99 per year.

Oh, interesting.  For $11.99, they might be sorry I saw this (85,000+ RAW files and growing constantly).

Later: Terms of use ... “You may not use the Service to store, transfer or distribute content of or on behalf of third parties, to operate your own file storage application or service, to operate a photography business or other commercial service, or to resell any part of the Service.” Hmmm. I do photography professionally. Backing up to this wouldn’t be ‘operating a business’, but it is part of a business’s operations. Legalese. No matter how well written, you can drive a bus through verbiage.

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SERoundtable: Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Is Yes Or No - No Degrees Of Mobile Friendliness?

But as we mentioned earlier, there are over 200 different factors that determine ranking so we can’t just give you a yes or no answer with this. It depends on all the other attributes of your site, weather it is providing a great user experience or not. That is the same with desktop search, not isolated with mobile search.” In other words, Google is not going to divert the ‘bum-rush’ to get mobile-compatible, because it benefits themselves. But it may not be as critical as the knee-jerk folks are panicking over.

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Guardian.UK: Mystery around Jeb Bush’s ‘unknown’ private email account.

Others reached Bush simply through the gencom account — writing to him on a range of issues from judicial appointments to the federal raid that captured the Cuban child Elian Gonzalez to state labor and literacy issues.” Color me unsurprised.

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Nieman Journalism Lab: Atavist revamps its publishing software to push design and readability to the

Still knocking around. They were Medium before Medium was an itch. They had some great ideas, just never got them to fruition fast enough. I suppose Medium’s move to attract publications triggered this. More about their changes.

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SER: Google Mobile Friendly Test vs Webmaster Tools Mobile Usability Reports.

Timely.  It seems April 21 is the date Google will start using mobile-friendliness as a ranking metric (of 200-some metrics, so don’t panic).

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IndiGoGo: Hey, Woax!

This appeals to me more than using a watch paradigm. Needs a better adaptation for glasses, though.

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Butterick’s Practical Typography.: The billionaire’s typewriter.

... how does Medium improve the Internet? I haven’t seen a single story on Medium that couldn’t exist equally well elsewhere. Nor evidence that Medium’s editing and publishing tools are a manifest improvement over what you can do with other tools.”  Very well put. Merci, Ray L.

Later: Speaking of Medium et al, Dave’s opened up his MyWord Editor.

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The Week: Why South by Southwest is a huge, exploitative scam.

Of interest. Further, it seems last year SXSW had a seminar on this very subject. I suppose the naysayers lost ... ?

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c|net: For Kate Upton, social media is now drivel.

Now it’s about who has the best marketing, not who has a really good personality.” Wisdom from an unexpected source. I like her better now.

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Re/code: Monica Lewinsky Gives Poignant TED Talk on Cyberbullying.

A marketplace has emerged. [snip] Shame is an industry. [snip] The more shame, the more clicks. The more clicks the more advertising dollars.” And she’s right.  No link, Re/code? Shame.

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The Interstitial: From Fastmail Back to Google’s Gmail.

Hmmm. Understood. But I keep a Fastmail account for an important reason - I have clients who expect instant responses, who expect email to work like texting. Gmail takes forever to deliver messages. Fastmail, it’s virtually guaranteed to be there in seconds.

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Six Revisions redesigns.

Hey, fellow old-school bloggers ... back to the future. I mean, really.

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Vox: A new study concludes there are too many scientific studies.

Use RSS? Subcategorize. Tag. Then everyone could keep up via RSS aggregators. I suppose paywalls make this impossible; another reason to disdain multiple walled gardens.

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A note to politically-inclined readers ...

When “Can’t win” or “Shouldn’t win” candidates (IMHO) start making boneheaded comments, I am going to avoid identifying them by name. Why? As we see online, a negative link still brings PR value [increases name recognition, saturation, web/social traffic, etc.]. So if I feel the need to comment, I will do so obliquely ... in a way that cannot lift the gunnels of a political idiot’s boat.

[Thinking of a certain maroon today; I’ll simply go cruising past his proposing limitless money in politics.]

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ProPublica: Hillary Clinton is Just the Latest Politician to Avoid Official Email.

My point, previously. And they forgot the entertaining ‘underwear receipt’ Martinez personal email release from the NM Attorney General’s office. And more.

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Curated: Grow your audience by collecting and sharing engaging content.

Be me for $25/month (500 subscribers), with auto-sponsorship opportunities. But you’d better be monetizing. Looks a whole hell of a lot nicer than Paper.li.

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Can’t find anything to get the ol’ blogging momentum going.

I’ll try again after lunch. Sorry for the Google duo, but ... it’s what caught my eye in the aggregator this morning.

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SER: Google Discontinuing Original Google Webmaster Tools API, Killing Keyword Data.

FYI. “... you can no longer get keyword data for the content report from the Google Webmaster Tools API starting on April 20, 2015. Google did say there are other ways to get the data in Python, Java, and OACurl but many of the free and popular keyword tools use the API.

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Macworld: Google error leaks owner personal info for nearly 300,000 websites.


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