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Duluth News-Tribune: Renowned Ojibwe author Jim Northrup remembered.

In Vietnam, Bob Hope came to help us celebrate Christmas. I couldn’t figure out the link between peace on earth and a rice paddy fire fight. Today there is no tree inside my house. We just leave them outside where they continue to grow.” RIP. Your voice and thought will be missed. Of note: Ojibwe funeral traditions.

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Buzzfeed: Robert Reich Says The Gig Economy Can Be A “Nightmare”.

Can be!

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The New Yorker: How Rousseau Predicted Trump.

He simply assumed that his own experience of social disadvantage and poverty — though he was rarely truly poor and had a knack for finding wealthy patrons—sufficed to make his arguments superior to those of people who lived more privileged lives.” Presaged might be a better term.

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Slate: Cindy Sheehan on how the Democrats are using Khizr and Ghazala Khan.

All these liberals are going, ‘Oh, look, even conservatives may vote for Hillary!’ she said with a laugh. ‘And I’m like, yeah — why aren’t you ashamed?’

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Political Wire: VFW Tears Into Trump.

There are certain sacrosanct subjects that no amount of wordsmithing can repair once crossed.” And the gutless cohorts won’t rescind their endorsements.

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NY Times: The Blog That Disappeared.

If you use a service, be warned. Back up your stuff locally! Before using any new service, make sure you can get out what you so carefully put in.

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NY Mag: Fmr. Fox Booker: Harassed by Ailes for 20 Years.

He’s a predator” Speechless. Just speechless. You’d see this stuff in NYC in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, and having moved to NM I never really ever saw it again. Seems it hasn’t died, this behavior.

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TechDirt: DNC Claims That Wikileaks Has ‘Malware Embedded Throughout The Site’.

We’ve seen various organizations impacted by Wikileaks come up with all sorts of excuses and claims about why people shouldn’t use the site, but “the site is embedded with malware” is a new one. It also seems hellishly unlikely.

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PS Mag: A New Analysis Suggests Hillary Clinton’s Economic Plan Will Boost Employment and GDP.

And on the flip side, a non-economist view.

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Vox: 9 prominent feminists on what Hillary Clinton’s historic candidacy really means.

Of interest.

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Vox: Bernie-or-Busters are nothing like PUMAs.

... a lot of Sanders’s delegates don’t really come from the Democratic Party. Some are brand new to politics. Many, Yglesias notes, come from the world of political activism. Their loyalty is not necessarily to the party or even to Sen. Sanders, but to an issue or an agenda. They will support a candidate or a party only to the extent that it is a way to advance the agenda.” See Emmett’s comment on this post here.

In Santa Fe, the leftover ‘60’s hippies came out in force for Bernie. ‘60’s wannabees followed (new voters). They started with the candidate, but the candidate was ‘issues bundled.’ Now they don’t need the candidate.

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Whiteker: Suicide Squad debut on track to shatter Box Office record for August.

Of course it will. First, the whole premise is fun, not weighted down with backstory (except perhaps Leto’s Joker). And every young hormonal male in America wants to see Margot Robbie play Harley Quinn. The tragedy of her circumstances is lost on them - they’ll probably even get their girlfriends to come, to “larn sometin’”.

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Rolling Stone: DNC Leak Shows Mechanics of a Slanted Campaign.

This makes it kind of hard to celebrate the first female nomination in US political history. “What does it all mean? If you’re a Clinton fan, probably nothing. To anyone else, it shows that the primary season was very far from a fair fight. The Sanders camp was forced to fund all of its own operations, while the Clinton campaign could essentially use the entire Democratic Party structure as adjunct staff. The DNC not only wasn’t neutral, but helped with oppo research against Sanders and media crisis management.”

Later: Hate to be a bummer after that ripper Obama just gave, but this further info certainly looks bad.

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Times of Israel: Turkey shutters dozens of news outlets in media crackdown.

The election is worrisome, but continuing events in Turkey serve to alarm.

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NY Times: Defeat of ISIS Could Send ‘Terrorist Diaspora’ to West, F.B.I. Chief Says.

I think he’s wrong. The larger danger to me is ‘self-radicalization by internet.’ Mentally unstable, economically challenged youth are particularly vulnerable. It’s a huge problem, IMHO. ISIS could simply transfer itself to a virtual construct. I only hope someone in the FBI (and other security services) is thinking about it. I hope Anonymous is considering a response as well.

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BBC: Dances with Wolves actor Chief David Bald Eagle dies at 97.

RIP, good sir. We’ll continue to wear our “7” patches upside down.

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Guardian.UK: Why Bill Clinton shouldn’t be the first first gentleman.

Oh come on. I really want to see video of him pointing his finger and lecturing roses in the Rose Garden.

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Metafilter: Two weeks, eight attacks, 247 lives.

Work through the thread, when you have time.

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Vox: A Clinton presidency will greatly boost women’s representation in politics.

Hold on a second. Did Obama’s Presidency boost black/minority representation in politics? It’s been doing a slow rise for years, Obama seems not to have had a huge impact. And these Presidential nominees are awfully white-bread-shade. File this under “remains to be seen.”

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The Nation: Obama Administration Has Brokered More Weapons Sales Than Any Other Admin Since WWII.

Why do other major US exports—from Hollywood movies to Midwestern grain shipments to Boeing airliners—garner regular coverage while trends in weapons exports remain in relative obscurity?” Big, big business.

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Guardian.UK: ‘Excessive arrest’ of minorities – not police violence – explain deaths.

Apparently it isn’t about race, because it’s about race ... ?

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The Atlantic: How Women Are Harassed Out of Science.

Zero tolerance for such harassment.

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Guardian.UK: Crowd boos Sanders as he says Clinton must become president – video.

He’s skilled at generating outrage, but not very skilled at controlling it. I would have made pleas for ‘playing a long game’. At least he did mention ‘the real world’. I suppose ‘grow up’ would have caused chairs to be thrown?

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HistoriAnn: Generation and gender in “hating” Hillary Clinton.

Information point. For myself, the prospect of another Clinton Presidency dredges up memories of the ugly media ‘90’s ... newly-created talk radio, the first of the 24/7 news cycle (including internet as it grew). I look at the Clinton Foundation and imagine endless investigations, ‘scandals’, contributing to evening harangues and legislative gridlock. We’ve had eight years of insane rhetoric against Obama. I wanted anyone but another Clinton and even MORE of this ‘noise’. Gender be damned. But I must sadly admit to myself, no matter who is in office, the dogs and wolves will howl with renewed volume no matter who is chosen ...

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538: 2016 Election Forecast.


Later: I wonder if anyone’s realized a Trump win will result in the White House having five giant gold letters mounted on the facade ... and a gold throne behind the “Resolute” JFK desk.

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