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NPR: New Mexico’s Truth - Stunning Vistas And Child Poverty?

I do think it’s critical that we draw attention to what’s going on with our children and our families here in New Mexico, but I think there’s a way to do it that’s actionable and that’s positive, and unfortunately I think they did it in a way that was destructive and divisive.” It is an unfortunate parody, but if you cannot get attention any other way, what choice do advocates have? NM Truth seems to push early education. We’ve found NM has a cultural resistance to early education. I’ve heard the term ‘indoctrination’ bandied about by parents. Perhaps a better strategy is one of pushing parents to educate their children to a higher level than themselves - and helping them feel comfortable about it. Early education isn’t the only education.

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PDN: Tracing The Final Hours of a Victim of a U.S. Airstrike.


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DiscoverMag: Mummies in the Americas Belong to a Vanished Civilization.

The drastic decline of indigenous populations following the arrival of the conquistadores was well documented, but never empirically proven. Now, peering back in time with the help of genetics and statistics, the researchers were able to definitively show the unprecedented decimation in South and Central America.

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NPR: ‘It Was Torture’ - An Abu Ghraib Interrogator Acknowledges ‘Horrible Mistakes’.

The idea that there’s interrogation, and then enhanced interrogation, and then torture — there is no middle ground [snip] Torture is an enhanced interrogation.” I must quote Hamlet here: “... when the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw.”

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NPR: Robert Kennedy - Delivering News of King’s Death.

I mark the date, and remind all of what America has lost in these past decades. Oh, we’ve gained much. But politics in particular falls far short.

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NY Times: Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to ‘One Person One Vote’.

Counting all people amplifies the voting power of places that have large numbers of residents who cannot vote legally — including immigrants who are here legally but are not citizens, illegal immigrants, children and prisoners. Those places tend to be urban and to vote Democratic.” Another decision that favors Democrats. More pressure on the recalcitrant Republicans to go ahead and choose a Scalia-successor.

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Mashable: Construction worker hangs Mexican flag on Vancouver’s Trump Tower.

I put a Mexican flag on the roof of the Trump Tower in Vancouver, just to show that he is benefiting from us and that we are working hard on his projects and that we are not all criminals.” After Trump’s statements months ago, we all wondered how his buildings were raised without *any* immigrant work. And how are those buildings cleaned and maintained? Pot. Kettle. Black.

And Brown?

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The Atlantic: The End of Welfare as We Know It.

The numbers of people receiving food stamps will drop, and thousands more people won’t be able to eat, or survive. But to the policymakers who look for a shrinking welfare program, the changes will be considered a success.” Bill Clinton’s cave to the Republican Congress still destroys many lives and families. We thought Reagan was bad; I’ve not forgiven this craven settlement. “Bipartisanship”, my arse.

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The Atlantic: Before Katniss and Furiosa, the 1910s’ Female Action Stars Ruled the Silver Screen.

Serials focused on women action heroes from the start, possibly thanks to the format’s tie-ins with magazines and newspapers, which aimed to draw female readers because they were attractive to advertisers.” I was just wondering yesterday what happened to female bronc riders, seemingly populous prior to WWII. Turns out Gene Autry enforced a Puritanical parochialism on rodeo that still lingers.

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Indian Country Today: The Excruciating Legacy of NAGPRA.


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LA Times: San Francisco State investigating confrontation over man’s dreadlocks.

Wait, where’s Egypt? [snip] Tell me.” College fail. Everyone deserves better.

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The Atlantic: The State of Palmyra’s Ruins.

The best news, he said, was that the 2-ton Lion of al-Lat ISIS blew up ‘could be put back together––we didn’t lose this great statue.’

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Reuters: Cuba’s Fidel Castro knocks sweet-talking Obama after ‘honey-coated’ visit.

Sour grapes.

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NY Times: Sherpa - They Die, We Go Home.

$5k to court death 30-40 times a season. Criminal.

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Guardian.UK: Staged picture from Brussels bombings prompts ethics debate.

It’s one more example of a photographer doing something that destroys public trust in the media.” You hope it’s not too egregious, and yet, given the behavior on Instagram and other social services ...

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WaPo: National Enquirer story is ‘garbage’ from ‘Donald Trump and his henchmen.’

When he’s scared, when he’s losing, his first and natural resort is to go to sleaze and to go to slime.” So, refuse your support under any circumstances. The votes you win may be substantial.

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naked cap: How McKinsey Helped Turn Big Pharma into a Rent Extraction Business.

Drug companies in the US benefit from decades of large-scale research and development by the National Institutes and Health and other Federal agencies. They also get R&D tax credits that to a large degree represent an acceleration of tax break for the expected future profits. Yet when those profits actually show up, they shift them offshore to avoid paying taxes in the US.” And more. How to raise your BP in one short article.

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LRB/Colm Tóibín · After I am hanged my portrait will be interesting.

Very long.

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Business Insider: ISIS trained 400 to attack Europe.

Estimates range from 400 to 600 Islamic State fighters trained specifically for external attacks, according to the officials ...” Not good at all.

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Guardian.UK: American tribes are in trouble, and most won’t get $48m to flee climate change.

A potent combination of accelerating sea level rise, salt water intrusion and subsidence of the land has caused devastating erosion and flooding, exacerbated further by regional oil and gas development and the shipping industry. Today, less than a quarter of the original inhabitants still live on the island, which has lost 98% of its landmass since the 1950s.

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AJ: Iraq and the reinvention of reality.

The Iraq war is notable not only for journalistic weakness, but for journalistic futility: the futility of fact itself. Fact could not match the fabrications of power.Thank you, Tom!

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Youtube: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Border Wall.

The thing that depresses me most about modern political comedy, is that they have to be the ones who lay out the idiotic realities our news media persist in ignoring. Even the smallest bit of investigative journalism is too big an investment, it seems. We all know a wall is ridiculous, and an argument could be made that any sensible person would know this. But rallies and turnout prove that an explanation - in detail - is *not* ridiculous. Indeed, such explanation is sadly necessary. Where are the in-depth analysis - with modern infographics? The fancy Medium/Exposure style image pages with animations? Where are the stats of how many billion gallons of concrete that would be necessary?

Then again, perhaps noone wants to even hint that the whole project would likely be contracted to the Chinese.

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GlobalPost: Future American doctors train for free — in Cuba.

... the Cuban healthcare model is focused on primary and preventive care, where doctors are assigned to take care of people in their communities. In Cuba, doctors will track their patients to make sure specific needs are met.

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PDN: “Make This Picture Invisible” - On the Consequences of Going Viral.

What we don’t often think about, when we press “Upload” on a photograph.

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Aeon: Does one ethnic group own its cultural artefacts?

Difficult, difficult questions. On a similar note, I’ve been contemplating how accurate history really is. I was just reminded of this, through Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, oddly enough. There’s a passage near the end, that says, “Your retrospections must be so totally void of reproach, that the contentment arising from them is not of philosophy, but, what is much better, of innocence.” Older versions use “... of ignorance” in this spot. Who did the change, why? Which is what Ms Austen wrote? Ignorance and innocence are very different. Ignorance has a stigma today that it did not have at the time she wrote. I tend to believe ignorance correct, given its use throughout the rest of the novel. Not even a footnote or other bit of text to explain the change.

If a beloved classic is being altered so, being brought into a sort of modern literary correctness, what of ... everything else? If Pride and Prejudice is a prized Western cultural artifact, and we’re dumbing it down for ourselves, why should any other culture give us the time of day?

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