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TG’s Political Wire: North Carolina Officials Weigh Charges Against Trump.

About time. Rule of law applies.

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Mashable: Breitbart staffers quit and question whether the site is slanted toward Trump.

News organizations who don’t support their own journalists deserve a special place in hell.Apologies to Ms Albright.

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naked cap: An Eyewitness Report from the Thwarted Trump Rally.

Work through the entirety. The media may be only showing us what will drive ad impressions.

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Prospect.org: Is Violent Speech a Right?

Written in the summer of 1995: “It is likely, perhaps inevitable, that hateful and violent messages carried over the airwaves and the Internet will someday, somewhere, be responsible for acts of violence. This is simply a statement of probability; it is not an excuse for violence. Is that probability grounds for restricting such speech?

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TG’s Political Wire: Low Interest Among Illinois Democrats.

Many voters refused to take the survey because they were not allowed to vote for or against Trump.

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Medium: Had Bernie been Bernadette — The heartbreaking truth about American patriarchy.

A man of activism — grey haired, bespectacled, Jewish, father, grandfather, third-party affiliated, Socialist, former mayor of a progressive college town and current Vermont Senator, who is known for wild hand gestures and a thick Brooklyn accent. Now switch the genders. Who wins?” I understand the point, but again, the author doesn’t seem to recall history. I read that last sentence, and remember Bella Abzug. “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it ...” Via MeFi.

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Guardian.UK: Who’s to blame?

Democrats? Watch this for the answer.

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Guardian.UK: Catholic school condemns chants of ‘You killed Jesus’ at Jewish opponents.

Medievalism. When you think you’ve got it tamped down, another sprout shows up.

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Vox: Hillary Clinton said something really weird about Nancy Reagan and AIDS.

... the fact that Clinton would point to Ronald and Nancy Reagan as leaders on a national conversation around AIDS, rather than to the activists themselves ...” is just flat-out bizarre. Truly bizarre. Does Ms Clinton feel it is too soon to critique Nancy’s past? That, I would understand and appreciate. But then, just don’t tweet at all.

Later: On Twitter, she apologizes and says she ‘misspoke.’ It was pretty specific, and the comment was tailored to try to be PC. Not buying.

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WaPo: Defending the sucker punch.

An instructive lesson about what happens when you empower the ignorant. Hitler put uniforms on these jokers and replaced local constabulary with ‘em. “True believers.” Godhelpus.

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Catapult: Adopted.

Haven’t had a chance to read through, but they sound like first-person adoptee stories.

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NY Times/Letters to the Editor: Robert F. Kennedy and Racial Injustice.

You tell ‘em, Kerry. Many of us have not forgotten.

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FSotI: A Crash Course in the History of Black Science Fiction.

About time such a list was crafted. Thank you, Ms Shawl. Via Mefi.

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NBC: The Two Numbers That May Matter Most for Donald Trump.

... unemployment and African American population.

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Times of Israel: Stabbing victim pulls knife out of own neck, kills terrorist.

I abhor violence. And I don’t comment on Palestine/Israel because I don’t know enough to intelligently comment. But this man is a badass. Caught in a terrorist slashing while collecting money for charity, he pulls the knife out of his own neck and mortally wounds the attacker. I’d like to think I could do as well, in the same situation.

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The Atlantic: Americans Identify Barriers to Achievement.

Despite there not being very many well-paid jobs available, many people think they’d be doing better if they had more training.” There seem to be a great deal of good IT jobs in the job boards I follow via RSS. Most want experience, however ... which can be hard-won at criminal payscales. You’ve seen the ‘web designer’ jobs asking for ridiculous laundry lists of skills, on top of washing dishes and playing receptionist.

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Dazed: The Luc Besson guide to femininity.

Not touching this!

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Guardian.UK: American Crossroads - Reagan, Trump and the devil down south.

... that’s where Reagan went to speak the words ‘I believe in states’ rights’, in his first appearance as the Republican nominee.  [snip] Reagan did not, by the way, mention Chaney, Schwerner or Goodman, whose bodies had been found a few miles away. That screaming silence, that was a dog whistle too, and to think that Reagan didn’t know what he was doing is to consign him to the ranks of the epically stupid. He’d campaigned for Goldwater.

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Guardian.UK: Donald Trump reverses position on torture, saying he would abide by law.

Both pro and con, “all the best words.”

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untold stories: The Sounds of Violence.

Some may say the sounds of peacekeeping, too. We live in a noisy world - this is especially interesting, seeing as how sonics are seeing a reinvigoration as weapons. A constant ‘drone’ is annoying, almost mentally subjugating. My lovely wife would say “Constant drone? TORTURE.” Surely we have ‘freedom of silence’ ... ?

Can we do more about noise abatement please?

And then there’s smell. I’ve mentioned the stench of fracking operations. Surely remediating smell is not completely devoid of scientific research ...

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NY Times: ‘Oh My Gosh, That’s Me!’ - An article about my elementary school.

I was in Kindergarten, at the time of the photo, at Nassau Street School. Mrs. Wilcox! Many African-American friends that year - who came to my birthday party, too. And in Kindergarten, I walked myself to and from home, just over a half-mile. Take that, modernity. I had simply wonderful adventures on those walks. I particularly treasure the memory of watching a squirrel decompose in a hidden spot under a walkway by the Engineering Quadrangle ... I’d check faithfully every day. And just beyond that, the ‘dump’ for the Texaco gas station. Cool broken carburetors, neat looking spark plugs. The weathered Playboy I found ... after viewing, I thought grown women must look like blowup pool toys under their clothes. Ah, “child’s mind.”

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Mashable: ‘Nina’ distributor responds to biopic scandal, defends star Zoe Saldana.

Racism. Why do I say that? When we took care of orphans, a black family would never adopt a child blacker than the lightest adoptive parent skin color. Lighter, yes. Blacker, no. We took care of too many brilliant little kids who would never be adopted. Black newborns are smarter sooner — smile sooner, make eye contact sooner. What our culture does to all that potential, I just can’t bear.

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War on the Rocks: Open Letter on Trump from GOP National Security Leaders.


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Salon: Why the right hates American history.

I will now tell you what I do not like [about the new constitution]. First, the omission of a bill of rights, providing clearly, and without the aid of sophism, for freedom of religion, freedom of the press, protection against standing armies, restriction of monopolies, the eternal and unremitting force of the habeas corpus laws, and trials by jury in all matters of fact triable by the laws of the land ...

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USA Today: Students removed from Trump rally in Georgia

If he continues this behavior, he loses the general election. Spectacularly.

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