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Times of Israel: Turkey shutters dozens of news outlets in media crackdown.

The election is worrisome, but continuing events in Turkey serve to alarm.

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NY Times: Defeat of ISIS Could Send ‘Terrorist Diaspora’ to West, F.B.I. Chief Says.

I think he’s wrong. The larger danger to me is ‘self-radicalization by internet.’ Mentally unstable, economically challenged youth are particularly vulnerable. It’s a huge problem, IMHO. ISIS could simply transfer itself to a virtual construct. I only hope someone in the FBI (and other security services) is thinking about it. I hope Anonymous is considering a response as well.

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BBC: Dances with Wolves actor Chief David Bald Eagle dies at 97.

RIP, good sir. We’ll continue to wear our “7” patches upside down.

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Guardian.UK: Why Bill Clinton shouldn’t be the first first gentleman.

Oh come on. I really want to see video of him pointing his finger and lecturing roses in the Rose Garden.

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Metafilter: Two weeks, eight attacks, 247 lives.

Work through the thread, when you have time.

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Vox: A Clinton presidency will greatly boost women’s representation in politics.

Hold on a second. Did Obama’s Presidency boost black/minority representation in politics? It’s been doing a slow rise for years, Obama seems not to have had a huge impact. And these Presidential nominees are awfully white-bread-shade. File this under “remains to be seen.”

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The Nation: Obama Administration Has Brokered More Weapons Sales Than Any Other Admin Since WWII.

Why do other major US exports—from Hollywood movies to Midwestern grain shipments to Boeing airliners—garner regular coverage while trends in weapons exports remain in relative obscurity?” Big, big business.

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Guardian.UK: ‘Excessive arrest’ of minorities – not police violence – explain deaths.

Apparently it isn’t about race, because it’s about race ... ?

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The Atlantic: How Women Are Harassed Out of Science.

Zero tolerance for such harassment.

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Guardian.UK: Crowd boos Sanders as he says Clinton must become president – video.

He’s skilled at generating outrage, but not very skilled at controlling it. I would have made pleas for ‘playing a long game’. At least he did mention ‘the real world’. I suppose ‘grow up’ would have caused chairs to be thrown?

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HistoriAnn: Generation and gender in “hating” Hillary Clinton.

Information point. For myself, the prospect of another Clinton Presidency dredges up memories of the ugly media ‘90’s ... newly-created talk radio, the first of the 24/7 news cycle (including internet as it grew). I look at the Clinton Foundation and imagine endless investigations, ‘scandals’, contributing to evening harangues and legislative gridlock. We’ve had eight years of insane rhetoric against Obama. I wanted anyone but another Clinton and even MORE of this ‘noise’. Gender be damned. But I must sadly admit to myself, no matter who is in office, the dogs and wolves will howl with renewed volume no matter who is chosen ...

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538: 2016 Election Forecast.


Later: I wonder if anyone’s realized a Trump win will result in the White House having five giant gold letters mounted on the facade ... and a gold throne behind the “Resolute” JFK desk.

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NPR: Taking The Long View, Is The World Getting More Or Less Violent?

FYI. A little old, but worth the late link.

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Guardian.UK: Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign as DNC chair as email scandal rocks Democrats.

Clinton: “I look forward to campaigning with Debbie in Florida and helping her in her re-election bid – because as president, I will need fighters like Debbie in Congress who are ready on day one to get to work for the American people.” Easy to fall on your feet, with powerful friends. Keep an eye on her payday loan stance (recently flipped, may flip again?).

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Vox: Hillary Clinton’s pitch - Tim Kaine will be the best white ally ever.

No doubt about it, all the tickets this year are so flippin’ white, I feel I need slide on a set of dark Ray-Bans. I suppose one should expect a knee-jerk reaction to the Obama years, but this is pretty stark. A civil rights activist of color would have gone far to reassure minorities - not what you say, but what you do. Too late now, of course. Could-have-beens. Probably alienate any conservative crossover, but with the Hillary-hate in conservative circles, I’m wondering how the next polls will react to the Kaine choice. Again, the convention is the big poll boost for both candidates. They have to maximize their impact now.

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In These Times: Superdelegate Showdown - Round One Goes to the Democratic National Committee.

While many of the amendment’s supporters are Bernie delegates, all were quick to point out they’d back the party’s nominee come November, emphasizing that the proposed rule change was about opening up the party’s structures in the years to come.” Growing up, accepting it’s a long game ...

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Guardian.UK: Clinton campaign blames Russia for leaked DNC emails about Sanders.

Sanders: “I can’t speak for 13 million people but I think most of my supporters understand Trump has got to be defeated, we need to elect as many progressives as possible.

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26NBC: Court says ‘upskirting’ is legal in Georgia.

The fact of the matter is even if you are in a public place you certainly have an expectation of privacy underneath your clothes.” Strict Constructionism?

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Vox/Ezra Klein: Donald Trump’s nomination is the first time American politics has left me trul

We know all this. Our eyes have seen it, our ears have heard it, the queasiness in our guts confirm it. So why can’t anyone DO anything about it? That’s what we, the unbelieving, wonder.

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Time: An Unhinged Republican Convention and the Nation’s Greatest Test.

Interesting to get Klein’s view. Esp. on the Benghazi ordeal - which echoes my own take.

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Gawker: Video Shows Unarmed Black Man Pleading With Arms Raised Before Getting Shot by Police.

No sense of proportion left.

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New Scientist: Let’s ditch the idea that only home-cooked food is good for kids.

... home-made meals based on 408 bestselling cookbook recipes for infants and young children are not always healthier than ready meals and convenience products. In fact, on many measures they seemed less healthy: they tended to have a lower vegetable variety per meal and were more likely to exceed maximum recommendations for energy and fat content.” I used to enjoy Campbell’s chicken noodle soup as a kid, eventually making my own Mrs. Grass’ (with the oil/egg). I mean, come on. Lighten up. You’d think we were talking about infant formula (ducking swiftly) ...

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PS Mag: How the Recent Shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge Will Impact Law and Order Policing.

Americans are perpetually convinced that crime is on the rise, despite the fact that the crime rate has declined steadily over the last 25 years.

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TPM: Violence, Blood and Betrayal inside the Trump Potemkin Village.

He is a dangerous man for a dangerous moment.” Don’t usually post TPM, but this is a pretty reasonable take.

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Vanity Fair: The Civil War that Could Doom the N.R.A.

Ripe for a new organization to disrupt, no?

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