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Miami Herald: ‘Happy’ video arrests highlight tensions in Iran.

You do realize, this was sparked by a UN-sponsored day of happiness?  The videos are all over Youtube, of varying quality … but all wonderful in their own ways. I sincerely hope these youths are released unharmed.

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Vox: The interactive world map of MERS.

I thought about not linking this, but then recalled the increasing inefficacy of antibiotics. Forewarned is forearmed, I suppose.

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Vox: Six times victims have received reparations — including four in the US.

I have to admit, Mr Coates’ article turned my thoughts to Native Americans, who also suffered so much for so long … and continue to. For instance, one could mention the early attempts at biological warfare (handing out smallpox-ridden blankets to ‘extirpate the Indian race’) and more. There are many who deserve reparations. I suspect the US would rather not pay out a penny, simply declare ‘moral bankruptcy’ and start from scratch.  Yet the first step is recognizing one has a problem, so there’s hope.

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Ghost in the Machine: It’s Not Even Past.

Do take the time to read the article.

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DesignYouTrust: Elegant Henna Tattoo Crowns Help Cancer Patients Cope With Their Hair Loss.

Henna Heals is a community of henna artists based in Canada that creates beautiful flowering henna crown tattoos for women who have lost their hair to cancer and chemotherapy.

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Dazed: Chile’s student Robin Hood burns $500m of loan documents.

The Santiago Times reports that the university will now have to individually sue each student to continue collecting the debt.

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Roger Black: ‘An issue with management in the newsroom.’

Hmmm. As I recommended when this story broke, stay calm and wait for more information.

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nakedcap: The Elderly as a Source of Profit.

#^@%@#%%$. Assisted suicide needs to be a national option. I’d never want myself or anyone I cared for to suffer this nightmare.

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The Atlantic: Why the Official Explanation of MH370’s Demise Doesn’t Hold Up.

Now I can reveal my bet. I think it will be found within a couple hundred miles of the last official radar location along its intended course. Occam’s Razor. Never liked the ‘turn south/silent running’ theory, but I didn’t want to bait the CNN-conspiracy faithful.

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Vox: The second largest ethnic group in every state, in one map.

New Mexico, Hawaii, and DC are the only states (or quasi-states, in DC’s case) where non-Hispanic whites form the second largest group; Hawaii is plurality Asian-American, New Mexico is plurality Hispanic …” As I keep saying, it was an education for a white boy from back East to realize that out here, America is not ‘Pilgrim Protestant’ but Spanish Conquistador and Catholic. The history here deserves much more respect than it gets nationwide.

[Meanwhile the Native Americans, sigh, roll their eyes, sit back and say … “Johnny-come-latelies” …]

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TechDirt: DOJ Says Americans Have No 4th Amendment Protections ...

… When They Communicate With Foreigners. It says, quite clearly, that because foreigners have no 4th Amendment protections it means that any Americans lose their 4th Amendment protections when communicating with foreigners. They’re using a very twisted understanding of the (already troubling) third party doctrine to do this.

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The Economist: French defence sales - Mistral blows.

The mighty Mistral-class vessels, 199m long, are not gunships. But their capacity to carry and land hundreds of soldiers and over a dozen armoured tanks and amphibious craft, as well as to transport some 16 helicopters, greatly enhances power projection.”  Which raises the question, since we are the largest exporter of arms … who are we selling to?

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The Atlantic: The Military Wants To Teach Robots Right From Wrong.

One of the arguments for [moral] robots is that they may be even better than humans in picking a moral course of action because they may consider more courses of action.”  Hmmm. Terminators, Manhunters, Transformers …

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Columbia Journalism Review: Jill Abramson is out at The New York Times.

All speculation. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all the years of blogging, it’s appropriate on stories like this to refrain from commenting until reasonable facts emerge.

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OilPrice: Coal - The World’s Deadliest Source Of Energy.

Still, some estimates are that global mining accidents kill around 12,000 people per year. And that only quantifies the direct deaths caused by coal extraction, not the deaths caused by its combustion.” One might say the deaths are mine, all mine.

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ProPublica: Why Don’t We Know How Many People Are Shot Each Year in America?

How many Americans have been shot over the past 10 years? No one really knows. We don’t even know if the number of people shot annually has gone up or down over that time.

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Junkculture: Artist Uses Mud and Dirt to Create Sprawling Paintings on School Walls in India.

Using different types of local mud, dirt and dust, Japanese artist Yusuke Asai created an immersive mural that covered the walls and ceiling of a school classroom in a remote village in India.”  Click through - you have to see it.

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Gizmodo: Should Your Driverless Car Kill You to Save Two Other People?

I’ve got the answer. Ejection seats. Shades of James Bond.

Perhaps the computers could be programmed to give us a choice. If it were my life against a young family with children, I’d choose the young family. Surely software could give us a ‘check box’ to select. Then again, someone will likely label them ‘death panels’ …

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ReadWrite: Surprise! Your Personal Data Is Not So Personal.

In fact, while it’s long been a truism that if you’re not paying for a product, you are the product, it’s increasingly the case that your data is someone else’s property even when you are paying. But shouldn’t payment give us the option of privacy?” My italics.

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SciAm: Does Rice Farming Lead to Collectivist Thinking?

Spend a great deal of your time bending over, knee-deep in smelly fertile muck, you might think collectively as well.

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New Yorker: Vivian Maier and the Problem of Difficult Women.

… Maier’s story is titillating precisely because of how it deviates from the familiar narratives about artistic aspiration. They can’t understand why she never put aside her profession for her passion. People who never saw her without a Rolleiflex around her neck express bewilderment that they were in the company of a great talent. (‘She was a nanny, for God’s sakes.’)”  The perpetually misleading ‘they’. To be most accurate, it’s “we”. None of us can fathom her, because she doesn’t fit into our notions of what it is to be a surpassingly excellent street photographer. I say: drag those stereotypes out of the closet, switch on the strobes, and make ‘em dance.

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MessyNessyChic: The Congo Airport Playground.

I’d have given an eyetooth to play on plane wrecks as a kid.

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ShortFormBlog: The deadly, lingering toll of illnesses caused by Ground Zero.

60 vs. 71. Read, and you’ll understand.

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NY Times: A Sherpa’s Final Moments.

Tensions between Sherpas and Nepal’s government boiled over when state officials offered a compensation package of just $400 to the families of the dead men.”  No way.  No wonder they’re angry.

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Mashable: Soccer Team Hires First Female Coach in French History.

Her appointment is a major breakthrough in a sport where coaching is dominated by men. Not only has Costa become the first female coach in French professional soccer, but, according to Eurosport, she is the first women to be hired as head coach of a team in the top two divisions of Europe’s top five leagues.” Ms Costa, kickin’ it.

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