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Guardian.UK: Laughing at Isis - Syrian video artists go beyond fear to ridicule jihadis.

The media, especially the western media, obsessively reproduce Isis propaganda portraying them as strong and intimidating. We want to show their weaknesses.

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Guardian.UK: ‘Kidnapped’ victims of Chicago police detail ordeal in federal civil-rights suit.

Keep a weather eye open on this one.

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The Atlantic: Manual Labor, All Night Long - The Reality of Paying for College.

$10/hour. A travesty. I was making $8.00 an hour helping build prestressed concrete components to try to pay for school in 1979. Up at 3AM to be at work by 4 (the work was out in the open, these hours prevented heatstroke). Work until 1 PM. I was injured - all of my fingers were broken in an accident. Ended up having to take two semesters off (two trimesters) for them to heal. ‘Manual labor’ can help pay your way, sure. But the intangibles ...

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Re/code: Monica Lewinsky Gives Poignant TED Talk on Cyberbullying.

A marketplace has emerged. [snip] Shame is an industry. [snip] The more shame, the more clicks. The more clicks the more advertising dollars.” And she’s right.  No link, Re/code? Shame.

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JeremyGreenwood: Economic model of the Rise in Premarital Sex and De-Stigmatization.

PDF. Parts are startling.

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OpenCulture: “Wife of the Master Mural Painter Gleefully Dabbles in Works of Art”.

Frida Kahlo. She certainly got the last laugh over this, I think.

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New Yorker: Nuns and Nuclear Security.

Tres long. If you don’t have a subscription, I was able to peruse it via RSS in its entirety.

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Paris Review: The Gruesome Case That Made Voltaire a Crusader for the Innocent.

A more entertaining read than you might think, given the title. “Waterboarding has not gone away. What has changed is the euphemism, from question extraordinaire to enhanced interrogation.”

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Youtube: Robin Hood in Reverse.

Bernie Sanders. Worth your time. “The economy’s doing so well!” Yah, sure.

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Vox: No, Tom Cotton did not commit treason.

I suppose we’re not talking even Lindbergh or the Duke of Windsor. But we are talking of an attempt to cut our President’s foreign policy off at the knees. A Senatorial censure should at least come up for a vote, symbolically. This behavior cannot be allowed to stand without a single response. Ignoring the ‘slippery slope’ is how we got here in the first place [the ‘94 reframing of opposition as ‘traitorous’, etc.]. We out in the wider US despair of Washington ever being able to control its own wilful tendencies.

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SF New Mexican: House approves bill limiting local control of oil and gas development.

Kill it. The NM Senate is still Dem majority. Fingers crossed.

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The Atlantic: The Forgotten 1980s Rule That’s Hurting Poor Families’ Savings.

The deck is stacked. I can’t help but contrast this with the ‘work hard’ charity some tout so strongly. They want the poor to prove themselves by ‘working hard’ to pull themselves up. Oftentimes the bar is inhumane. A rich person has never in their lives worked as hard - or put up with as much red tape and flat-out bullshit - as some of the folks I know who have to rely on welfare to make ends meet.

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WaPo: Outcry and fear as Pakistan builds new nuclear reactors in dangerous Karachi.

Minhaj said concerns about the effect of a tsunami are also overblown because the new reactors are being built on a rock ledge about 39 feet above sea level.” Jeez, worse within. You won’t believe it.

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Telegraph.UK: Ancient site of Khorsabad ‘attacked by Isil’ as coalition strike on Syria oil refinery

The winged bulls, presumably gone forever. Imagine how important photographs of these locations are going to become.

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The New Yorker: How Gay Was Sappho?

... some of these seemingly precious facts merely show that the encyclopedia — which, as old as it is, was compiled fifteen centuries after Sappho lived — could be prone to comic misunderstandings. ‘Kerkylas,’ for instance, looks a lot like kerkos, Greek slang for ‘penis,’ and ‘Andros’ is very close to the word for ‘man’; and so the encyclopedia turns out to have been unwittingly recycling a tired old joke about oversexed Sappho, who was married to ‘Dick of Man.’

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Past Horizons: Millions of Asian men are descended from 11 powerful ancient dynastic leaders.

The youngest lineages, originating in the last 1700 years, are found in pastoral nomadic populations, who were highly mobile horse-riders and could spread their Y chromosomes far and wide. For these lineages to become so common, their powerful founders needed to have many sons by many women, and to pass their status — as well as their Y chromosomes — on to them. The sons, in turn, could then have many sons, too. It’s a kind of trans-generation amplification effect.” After my earlier posts, I wonder about consent.

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BBC News: White House accuses Congress of ‘interfering’ over Iran.

The five-paragraph letter, signed by 47 Republican senators, reminds Iran that any deal is just an executive agreement unless it gets congressional approval.” Isn’t this giving an ‘enemy’ aid and comfort (treason)?

Later: Iran’s not buying it. What a lovely slap on the hindquarters (‘not fully cognizant of the nuances of their own Constitution’).

Even later: The subject is trending on Facebook, sans the Iranian response. FB, I call you out for manipulating public opinion. This sucks.

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The Nation: A Broken Compensation System Is Leaving the Most Vulnerable Workers in Pain.

The double injustice of paying for the physical suffering imposed by your employer is no accident; it’s calculated cruelty. The Workers’ Compensation system has been gradually eroded to limit employer liability, while disenfranchised, precarious workers often have little choice but to accept an inadequate award or none at all.” My italics.

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Dazed: India’s NDTV stages poignant protest of rape documentary ban.

A decent girl won’t roam around at nine o’clock at night. A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy.”  My first thought, besides rage, was “how or why does he believe this is so?” The details are much more nefarious, the reasons for rape culture within the country.

Later, related: UN finds ‘alarmingly high’ levels of violence against women.

Even later, related: “A recent interview between Karaki and Hani al-Seba’i, a Muslim scholar, is gaining international attention after Karaki cut the segment short following al-Seba’i’s sexist remarks, including telling Karaki to “shut up” and that it was “beneath” him to be interviewed by her.”

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The Mischiefs of Faction: The Obamacare Case - How We Got Here, and Why It Matters.

Yes, well ... many of the Republican/Conservative thinktanks got their start in the post-Nixon years, during the Carter Administration. They’ve been playing the ‘long game’ ... something Dems haven’t been particularly good with (having enjoyed long majorities in the last century).

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Zenobia: Empress of the East ... elegy for Hatra.

The bulldozers of ISIS continue to advance. Hatrene religion, by my recollection, was a pre-Islamic sun-worshipping culture.

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c|net: Man arrested for refusing to give phone passcode to border agents.

At the borders, though, it seems that the law may be pushed back in favor of national security concerns. That’s the way the world seems to be run these days.”  Clear as mud.

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NY Times: Hermosa Beach, Calif., Voters Give Thumbs Down to Oil Drilling.

As a result of the vote, Hermosa Beach now owes E&B $17.5 million to terminate the contract, under the terms of an agreement ending litigation with the firm.”  Ouch. With oil prices so low, companies may pursue mineral rights litigation not to actually drill, but to simply minimize the red in their ledgers.

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Historiann: Dad opens can of internet whoopa$$ on offensive Twitter jerks.

All Dads with daughters, take note.

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Mother Jones: The Brief Life and Private Death of Alexandria Hill.

This will make you livid.

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