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The Nation: The Apache vs. Rio Tinto.

Altaha spoke briefly in Apache before explaining her opposition to the mine, and her fears about the effects a mine would have on the sacred site, the area’s water supply, and on the safety of Apache women.” Wise woman. It’s not just the mine itself, but the consequences of mining. The tailing ponds (Animas River, anyone?), the exploitative labor practices, the increased need for law enforcement, the degradation of infrastructure (roads, water, etc.).

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New Yorker: The Chinese Lingerie Vendors of Egypt.

Fascinating look at how cultures coexist.

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VF: Hookup-Culture Promotion.

Tinder is tender over this article. Man, dating from my day looks even more passé than Victorian. Today’s internet version, sex is mere hydraulics. [You may quote me, with attribution.]

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Metafilter: Several secular Bangladeshi bloggers hacked to death.

Noone should be murdered for a mere opinion. Yet such is history; littered with idealistic corpses. The ‘dangerous gift of eloquence.’ Read “Scaramouche” by Sabatini. I love Dumas, but I love this just as much.

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Dazed: Why are photographers so obsessed with youth?

Well, perhaps because we have all been young. Bigger audience. Not everyone’s survived to old age.

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Vox: IUDs are now just as popular as condoms among young adult women.

Smart. And BCPs can cause significant hormonal changes - for some this is beneficial, for others, a nightmare. IUDs are on the pro-lifers hit list - many feel they’re abortion devices.

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New Republic: National Review’s Bad Conscience.

... William F. Buckley Sr., was an anti-Semite and fascist sympathizer who tried his best to pass along his ideas to his large brood. In 1937, four of the Buckley kids burned a cross outside a Jewish resort. The eleven-year-old William Buckley Jr. didn’t participate in the cross burning but only because he was deemed too young to participate and by his own account ‘wept tears of frustration’ at being left out of the hate crime.” It is, of course, generally agreed that “Nazism” and “Fascism” are far right philosophies. It is nonsense to accuse someone of being Left *and* fascist.

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Guardian.UK: Revised AP history standards will push ‘American exceptionalism’.

Many of the comments we have heard about the framework reflect either a misunderstanding of US history or a very limited faith in history teachers’ command of their subject matter.” I wonder if they still include discussion of the 1836 Gag Rule. Or Sand Creek. After all, they’re part of our ... *ahem* ... national heritage. We learn more from mistakes, right ... ?

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Facebook/Janis Ian: Thank you all for the response to my “Cosby memory”....

‘Well, no one else on TV is willing to have you on. Not out there, anyway.’ Why? I wondered. And was told that Cosby, seeing me asleep in the chaperone’s lap, had made it his business to ‘warn’ other shows that I wasn’t ‘suitable family entertainment’, was probably a lesbian, and shouldn’t be on television.

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Guardian.UK: In US, 8 million baby boomers go hungry amid health and economic challenges.

Increasing chronic disease and disability in baby boomers can have consequences beyond poor health and higher medical bills. [snip] Disability can lead to unemployment and lower income, and lower income can lead to having less money for essentials such as food.” OK, candidates. Ball’s in your court.

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The Toast: Visible Faith - On Grad School and Ageism.

... I was surprised by the degree to which the more mature male professors seemed unnerved by my presence, and they became the main source of my day-to-day anxiety. One of them, a jeans-wearing survivor of the pseudo-hippie revival of the ’80s, once announced to our class that Thomas Hardy only began writing poetry after he reached his sixties. ‘Just when the brain is atrophying for most people,’ he said, staring at me, ‘the man became a world-class poet. Imagine! You’ve got to be some kind of brilliant to defy those odds.’The more fool he.

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SciAm: What You Don’t Understand about Suicide Attacks.

Until suicide attackers are widely seen for the desperate, traumatized, and mentally ill people they really are—instead of ‘psychologically normal’ altruists—America will continue to suffer Islamic mass shooters who seek glory and heavenly rewards through death.” Yes, but there will always be depressed, isolated, vulnerable people. You will never cure those maladies in any effective manner. I hate to pick on the internet, but getting radicalizing texts and videos is exponentially easier today than in the recent past. We are seeing this result: a sick mind can be turned in days, instead of years.

I think of going to the library in my high school years, trying to find a copy of ‘Mein Kampf’ just to *look* at it. Not even cracking it. I think every librarian tailed me as I went into the aisle to view the single copy (I’d asked at the desk). I wouldn’t doubt they called my parents, even.

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Register.UK: New study into lack of women in Tech: It’s NOT the men’s fault.

Really it happens a lot earlier than college.” You have to look at the whole timeline for young lives. Right down to the pink baby blankets.

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CounterCurrentNews: Native American Activist Found Dead In Jail Cell After Traffic Fine Arrest.

Not to discount the Bland tragedy, but some minorities seem much more important than others, don’t you think?

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WaPo: It’s not Dixie’s fault.

A worthy read. Written by one of our leading civil rights historians.

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Vox: Buying TOMS shoes is a terrible way to help poor people.

Hmmm. Made me look deeper into Whole Foods’ bag credits and ‘checkout charity’ in general. Smells funky to me. I’m going to stop all of the nonsense and give to charities of my specific choosing.

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Vox: Living in Switzerland ruined me for America and its lousy work culture.

If you didn’t read this the other day, you should. And now here we have Jeb Bush saying he wants to scrap Medicare. What kind of America do we want? We’d best speak up this election season.

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Atlantic: America Is Even Less Socially Mobile Than Economists Thought.

... in the U.S., roughly half of parental income advantages are passed onto the next generation in the form of higher earnings. This proportion increases for the wealthier: For people whose parents are between the 50th and 90th percentiles of earners, about two-thirds of this parental edge is perpetuated. (It’s also worth noting that two-thirds of 90th-percentile earnings is substantially more money than two-thirds of 50th-percentile earnings.)

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Vanity Fair: An Interview With Rachel Dolezal - “It’s not a costume”.

It is precisely the look of a white woman who tanned for a darker hue, who showcased a constant rotation of elaborately designed African American hairstyles, and who otherwise lived her life as a black woman, being asked if she is indeed African American. It is the look of a cover blown.” The bottom line is, of course, she can stop with the visual cues and resorb back into the majority race. A true minority can’t, and there are unique experiences and learning involved that one cannot acquire (or be burdened with) without the complete removal of the ‘escape route.’

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Guardian.UK: Apache tribe brings battle for Oak Flat to New York’s Times Square.

The company claims they will create 3,700 jobs over the next few decades ...” Oh, please. This ‘creating jobs’ routine is already old beyond years. Mineral extraction and oil outfits are getting carte blanche in Republican-governed states; frackers are encroaching Chaco NHP here in NM. It’s past time for a step back.

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Vox: Bernie Sanders has raised more money than every GOP campaign so far. Except.

Yet when the full picture of presidential fundraising is taken into account, this only bolsters Sanders’s case that the super wealthy have too much influence on our electoral system. Because when outside groups that can accept huge donations are taken into account, Sanders is getting swamped.

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Guardian.UK: Women rarely regret their abortions. Why don’t we believe them?

Yet for most women, according to this study, however complex their feelings are, they still believe abortion was the right choice.” Noone says it isn’t painful, heartrending. Choice needs to be preserved.

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Vox: Iran nuclear deal - Conservatives have opposed every diplomatic breakthrough for decades.

These denunciations have been brought forth against Republican presidents as well as Democrats for the simple reason that officeholders burdened with the responsibility of making actual decisions generally do need to recognize that wars are costly and unpredictable and that it is worth trying to avoid them.

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Bloomberg: What Does Harper Lee Want?.

Carter has refused nearly all interview requests related to Go Set a Watchman. When we met, she agreed to talk only if I didn’t quote her directly. She wouldn’t answer any questions about Lee.

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Guardian.UK: Psychologist who warned of torture collusion gets her due.

Former president Koocher spread false gossip about her family to try to undermine her credibility. [snip] No one in leadership stood up and protested.” Psychologists psychologizing each other. Except with nefarious purpose rather than parlor talk.

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