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SF Gate: Police - Abused 4-month-old New Mexico girl dies.

“… on charges of child abuse resulting in great bodily harm and aggravated criminal sexual penetration.” I’m usually not fond of the death penalty, but in cases like this … I can’t help but prefer it.

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Guardian.UK: This is no recovery, this is a bubble – and it will burst.

Even more extraordinary than the inflated prices is that, unlike in the two previous share price booms, no one is offering a plausible narrative explaining why the evidently unsustainable levels of share prices are actually justified.” Very concerning, IMHO.

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ArtDaily: Anne Frank’s Diary vandalised in Tokyo libraries sparking alarm.

Disturbing, to say the least. I wonder why they tear away words, but leave the faces?

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truth-out.org: Toxic Legacy — Uranium Mining in New Mexico

“Most people are unaware that the third-largest nuclear disaster in world history occurred in New Mexico. Less than four months after the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor meltdown in 1979, three times as much radiation was released when a spill at a uranium mill at Church Rock, New Mexico, dumped 94 million gallons of mill effluent and more than 1,000 tons of acidic, radioactive sludge into an arroyo that emptied into the Puerco River.

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ArtDaily: How WWI shaped the 20th century and beyond

The economist J.M. Keynes, then a British Treasury official, resigned rather than be associated with a Treaty he denounced as ‘Carthaginian’ in its harshness. France’s Marshal Ferdinand Foch judged it ‘not so much a peace as a 20-year armistice.’ The ‘war to end all wars’ turned out to be the exact opposite. By ensuring Germany’s economic ruin and political humiliation, the post-war settlement laid the foundations — or at least provided fertile ground — for the rise of Nazism and the horrors that ensued. [snip] Just as important, the war served as the incubator for the 1917 Russian Revolution.” Nice excerpt; better covered in a scholarly book, IMHO.

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SciAm: New Highly Radioactive Leak at Japan’s Fukushima Plant.

I ask again, why are we letting this continue to deteriorate?

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The Dish: National Review Is To The Right Of The Kansas GOP.

Never enter the precincts expecting reason.

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Reuters: The French way of cancer treatment.

“The waiting room was quiet. I realized what was missing: There was no billing department.

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Western Digs: Genome of America’s Only Clovis Skeleton Reveals Origins of Native Americans.

The Clovis boy’s family is the direct ancestor to roughly estimated 80 percent of all present day Native Americans. Although the Clovis culture disappeared, its people are living today.

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NY Times: Artworks Removed From Austria Home of German Who Holds Huge Trove.

How many depots and caches were there?” Indeed.

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WaPo: Downtonomics — A fictional estate’s troubles echo in the modern world.

I can’t help but be strongly reminded, as the episodes pile up, that Julian Fellowes was part of Monarch of the Glen. A big estate, at risk of dissolution, in our modern age. A formerly-affluent family beset, along with their staff. And the soap opera throughout.

Problem with Downton … they don’t have a Lexie in the kitchen.

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Jon Lovett tweeting on the Allen/Farrow case.

Interesting. From one of the reports: “The Yale team used psychologists on Allen’s payroll to make mental health conclusions.”

Later: Chicago Now, Separating the art from the artist. I’d like to pose a question, albeit admittedly extreme. Can you separate the art from the politician? It’s a fair question. More importantly … should you separate these components of a personality? Raises the whole issue of moral relativism, a subject not unfamiliar to Allen fans.

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New Statesman: The lady vanishes - what happens to the women forgotten by literary history?

Behind most great male authors, there is a chief muse and bottle washer; a one-woman literary agency.” Great read; recommended.

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Photographer Emilio Morenatti: Victims of Acid Attacks.

This is a hard one to post; I’ve had it sitting in ‘drafts’ for an hour, thinking about it. There is an extreme level of malevolence in acid attacks; disgruntled men could always shoot their undesireable family. But no, they want to destroy their femininity; to break them. Things like this resurrect the avenging Count of Monte Cristo in my soul. One wishes to garrote cultural relativism.

I’d advise NSFW. And if you are sensitive, don’t view at all.

Clicking on an image gives the backstory behind each.

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NY Times, 1993 Archive: Allen Loses to Farrow in Bitter Custody Battle.

This was buried in a comment thread from a day or two ago, I thought it important enough to echo here as a FPP.  Please read this. As you work through the article, you’ll find Justice Wilk a commonsense, pragmatic soul. Direct quote: “Justice Wilk said it was unlikely that Mr. Allen could be prosecuted for sexual abuse based on the evidence. But while a team of experts concluded that Dylan was not abused, the judge said he found the evidence inconclusive.”  My italics. That study is being quoted and requoted as being a conclusive finding. Wilk did not believe so. And, the judge knows there are worse abuses than physical.  This article mitigates directly against the ‘neurotic Mia’ meme that is currently circulating.

No dogs in this race; just pointing out this justice is the only one to have weighed all the evidence, without bias. Apologies to Twitter folk for suffering through this twice. I have somewhat different audiences between the two.

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Guardian.UK: Native American groups request federal inquiry into adoption services.

Although these civil rights violations are well-known and commonplace, they continue to go unchecked and unexamined.” They even get portrayed in TV shows, and *still* nothing happens.

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Guardian.UK: The Sellafield shutdown raises the spectre of science as horror.

If defenders of nuclear energy are right, the gothic imagination that feasts on images such as this prevents us from making rational choices.” Perhaps. More important, to my mind, is that most nuclear plants are built by lowest-bidder contracts, and then not maintained to any level of actual safety. What if a nuclear plant was overbuilt, with the sort of ‘40’s “build it to last in perpetuity” mentality?

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Telegraph.UK: Will the 2nd Great Machine Age be a frightening jobless dystopia?

For those tempted by cry Luddism, hold your thought. This is nothing like the switch from agricultural revolution to the first machine age. The new displaced cannot migrate into textiles mills and great manufacturing hubs on the 19th Century. Labour-saving technology is now sweeping all sectors, including services.” Fear and panic link o’ the day. I’ll learn to fix robots, then.

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The Guardian: The return of the firing squad? US states reconsider execution methods.

Hmmm. I predict Joseph-Ignace’s invention resurfacing.

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WaPo: Pete Seeger, legendary folk singer, dies at 94.

His lyrics, if not his voice, will resonate in perpetuity. RIP, good sir. I grew up on your songs.

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The Guardian: Syria’s heritage in ruins - before-and-after pictures.

Across Syria, where a seemingly unstoppable war is about to enter a third year, a heritage built over 5,000 years or more is being steadily buried under rubble.” This is, I will remind folks, not unfamiliar in history. Egypt’s pharaohs used the monuments of the past to gild their reigns. Romans did similar. And more. What is astonishing is, that *anything* of the past survives humankind’s destructive avariciousness.

Destroy Golden Ages so the diminished Present seems ‘better’. Yeah, I’m in one of those moods.

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CNN Opinion: Huckabee’s ‘libido’ comment chilling.

Idiot. Excuse my French.

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Pacific Standard: Poor People Judge Harm-Doers More Harshly.

Moral transgressions don’t seem quite so bad if we’re in a financial position to easily deal with their consequences.” It would be interesting to see the percentage dollar threshold trigger for both poor and rich, to see if there’s a common amount.

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MetaFilter: Right-Wing Jesus Wants an Oscar.

See Pallas Athena‘s comment, about eight comments down, after reading.

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PoliticaySociedad: The First Photo Won a Prize, The Second Made a Controversy Explode.

Now it is known that at the moment of this girl’s death, there were 14 photojournalists present, which has unleashed criticisms and a debate over the ethics of photographers.

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