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The Economist: Daily chart - The goodness of nations.

And the “peace and security” area is flawed: it penalises countries involved in armed conflicts abroad or that sell arms. Couldn’t one argue that this fosters a stable world?” Um … time for a chart that plots arms sales recipients to armed conflicts, methinks.

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ThinkProgress: Tokyo Assemblywoman Interrupted By Sexist Jeers While Advocating For More Support.

The assemblywoman, Ayaka Shiomura, was questioning officials about their plans to help working mothers when cries of ‘Why don’t you get married?’ and ‘Are you not able to have a baby?’ could be heard from seats held by members of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).”  I find myself doing a quick check to recall in which century we currently live.

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Vox: The theft of Native Americans’ land, in one animated map.

Since the concept of reparations has been broached … one should understand why “reparations have never figured prominently into American Indian calls for justice”.

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Chicago Trib: Washington Redskins trademark canceled by U.S. Patent Office.

Would you complain about a team calling themselves any other racial epithet? Of course you would. There’s a simple fix, just switch epithets: The Washington Rednecks. There’s even an anthem available. Or does that hurt someone’s feelings? Think about it.

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ProPublica: All the Things Hillary Clinton’s Book Doesn’t Say About Iraq.


Later: GiTM, Same Old Hillary.  I hear ya, man.

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The New Yorker: Ida Lupino’s Prescient “Outrage”.

It’s a haunting, infuriating movie—and it’s not available on DVD or, to the best of my knowledge, on streaming services. Lupino is among the greats, and her directorial career is sadly under the radar. A boxed set of her six films for The Filmakers would be essential.

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The Art Newspaper: Matisse painting in Gurlitt hoard was Nazi loot, researchers find.

Even though it could not be documented with absolute certainty how the work came into [Cornelius Gurlitt’s father] Hildebrand Gurlitt’s possession, the task force has concluded that the work is Nazi loot and was taken from its rightful owner Paul Rosenberg.” And, who is Paul Rosenberg?

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GigaOm: A startup is pushing an alternative to Facebook by showing how much info we really share.

Clever and timely.  Their site. Personally, I think it’s time to dump Facebook and embrace Path instead.

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Ancient Origins: Photographer captures last traces of the ancient tradition of foot binding.

Their foot bones would remain broken for years, and were prone to repeatedly re-breaking. Toenails often cut into the sole of the foot leading to infection, and women with bound feet were much more likely to fall and break their hips and other bones. Many women who underwent foot binding were left with lasting disabilities.” The full image gallery is here.

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YDR: Skull of Civil War soldier to be auctioned in Hagerstown.

The human remains were found in 1949 while someone tilled a garden on the Benner Farm in Gettysburg, according to auctioneer Tom Taylor with Estate Auction Company.” Given the history of how the dead were swiftly and carelessly dealt with, this individual should be reinterred with respect. Apparently the Gettysburg National Cemetery is for Union soldiers only; if the skull’s actual political polarity can be determined (and at this far remove, such an effort seems a little silly), he could be reinterred there, or sent to Richmond for a Confederate burial.

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KRQE: ABQ woman shot in face while driving.

Good lord. The entry point on the windshield is kinda low to come from a bridge and still hit her in the face, no?

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Vox: It’s three times cheaper to give housing to the homeless than to keep them on the streets.

A new study is out providing support to one of my favorite ideas in public policy — that the best way to deal with the challenge of homelessness is to give homeless people homes to live in.” One of the early popular Almanacs (remember that book craze in the ‘70’s) created an infographic showing that if you took the American defense budget and rerouted it for just one year to housing the homeless, you could give each homeless person a $250,000 house.

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ProPublica: Should a Mental Illness Mean You Lose Your Kid?

After Mindi started arguing, medical staff sent her for a psychological evaluation and notified local child welfare authorities, according to court records.” And, as per usual, everything went downhill from there. An important read.

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ArtDaily: Tacoma Art Museum presents a dazzling visual experience of contemporary Native America.

Tremendous Kickstarter funding, a network of savvy Native American volunteer professionals, artists, and leaders, and a multi-media powerhouse packed in her rolling “war pony” of a car have allowed this artist the independence, access, and apparatus to deliver meaningful photography that stands out in the post-modernist visual scene.” Her blog is currently down. The Kickstarter page is still up. She has an FB page. Indian Country Today has some samples.

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Dazed: Google brings you the ‘Edit Yourself’ form.

Unfortunately, the EU ruling only applies to European citizens, so Americans and those outside Europe can’t put in a request.

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Guardian.UK: Texas can keep source of execution drugs secret, attorney general says.

My guess? They’ll just reuse fracking chemicals.

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The Rumpus: Check Out These Girls ‘Write’ Now.

Title improved.  “And don’t miss this year’s Girls Write Now anthology, Breaking Through, with a Foreword from NYC’s First Lady Chirlane McCray, out on June 3.”

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CityLab: How Heavy Metal Tracks the Wealth of Nations.

This music of disillusion and despair is, strangely, biggest in countries with very high quality of life.

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Miami Herald: ‘Happy’ video arrests highlight tensions in Iran.

You do realize, this was sparked by a UN-sponsored day of happiness?  The videos are all over Youtube, of varying quality … but all wonderful in their own ways. I sincerely hope these youths are released unharmed.

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Vox: The interactive world map of MERS.

I thought about not linking this, but then recalled the increasing inefficacy of antibiotics. Forewarned is forearmed, I suppose.

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Vox: Six times victims have received reparations — including four in the US.

I have to admit, Mr Coates’ article turned my thoughts to Native Americans, who also suffered so much for so long … and continue to. For instance, one could mention the early attempts at biological warfare (handing out smallpox-ridden blankets to ‘extirpate the Indian race’) and more. There are many who deserve reparations. I suspect the US would rather not pay out a penny, simply declare ‘moral bankruptcy’ and start from scratch.  Yet the first step is recognizing one has a problem, so there’s hope.

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Ghost in the Machine: It’s Not Even Past.

Do take the time to read the article.

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DesignYouTrust: Elegant Henna Tattoo Crowns Help Cancer Patients Cope With Their Hair Loss.

Henna Heals is a community of henna artists based in Canada that creates beautiful flowering henna crown tattoos for women who have lost their hair to cancer and chemotherapy.

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Dazed: Chile’s student Robin Hood burns $500m of loan documents.

The Santiago Times reports that the university will now have to individually sue each student to continue collecting the debt.

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Roger Black: ‘An issue with management in the newsroom.’

Hmmm. As I recommended when this story broke, stay calm and wait for more information.

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