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Outside Online: Alberta’s Tar Sands and the High Cost of Oil.

‘Industry is industry,’ he said. It exists for one purpose—profit — and pushes relentlessly toward that goal. If people want to control industry, they should elect government officials committed to strict regulation.

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TechDirt: Selling Fear - The First US School Installs A Shooting Detection System.

Congratulations, America. A defense contractor tried to sell you on the idea that our schools are war zones and you bit like a musky on a minnow.

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ReadWrite: K5, The Autonomous Security Robot, Is Now On The Beat.

Security Roomba.

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CJR: Why ISIS coverage sounds familiar.

Complete with lessons from previous conflicts, including new data-driven research on how the bombings of civilian areas during the Vietnam war ‘systematically shifted control in favor of the Viet Cong insurgents,’ the toolkit’s mission was clear: Let’s not repeat the mistakes of the past.

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Slate: Death with dignity is a gift to the family.


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The New Inquiry: The Ladies Vanish.

Much like the man who jams a chess grandmaster into a dark cage in order to be celebrated for “inventing” the cage, Amazon has built a massive network of casualized internet laborers whose hidden work helps programmers and technological innovators appear brilliant.”  The new sweatshops.

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Politico: The Police Are Still Out of Control - Frank Serpico.

In the NYPD, it used to be you’d fire two shots and then you would assess the situation. You didn’t go off like a madman and empty your magazine and reload. Today it seems these police officers just empty their guns and automatic weapons without thinking, in acts of callousness or racism. They act like they’re in shooting galleries.”

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A Continuous Lean.: The Unconventional Waltzing Matilda.

Mike Balitsaris of Waltzing Matilda used to buy toilet factories, but now he’s busy eyeing shoe factories. He’s journeyed from rust belt factories to a Nebraska mine to a Cupertino boardroom to a former shoe factory in Maine, but his goal has always remained the same. Baltisaris sees the potential for creating great things, and creating them right here in America, with all that he does.”  Refreshing.

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The Dish: The SJWs Now Get To Police Speech On Twitter.

Shades of Bella Abzug. Language matters.

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Archaeology News Network: In Flanders fields, the largest ever WWI excavation.

Digging up Flanders fields?  I’m not sure they shouldn’t just let it all lie. I suppose if farmers are getting injured, the bomb disposal units are needed at the very least.  But don’t photographs communicate enough, along with the reams of personal diaries and official reports?  Torn on this one.

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POPTech: Anil Dash, Holding to Account [Vimeo link].


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The Nation: People Voted for Republicans Last Night—That Doesn’t Mean They Like Them.

Perhaps the stupidest thing that Democrats could do now is to respond to last night’s beating by tacking right. If they don’t, there could be a miniscule silver lining. At the moment, conservatives are ebullient, which means they’re likely to overplay their hand.” Ack. I heard the word ‘mandate’. Grab me a barf bag, quick.

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ArtDaily: Outrage over theft of Dachau concentration camp gate with chilling inscription.

The letters set inside the gate at Dachau were also a replica, dating from 1965, after the original slogan was removed from the gate after the US liberation of the camp at the end of World War II.

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HyperAllergic: The First Shrine of Its Kind in Iraq Is Destroyed.

When does the ‘potential Holocaust’ trigger for ethnic and cultural cleansing go off?  Who is buying oil and gas from them, financing this? Turkey?! Have you learned nothing of history? Watch your borders. You’re next.

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PDN Pulse/PhotoPlus Expo 2014: Gerd Ludwig’s Tips on Shooting in Low Light.

One of the first things Ludwig shared was that he had never had an image published in National Geographic that was shot at a speed higher than ISO 500.”  Even more important quote, though: “When shooting underprivileged victims ... [snip] ... you have to realize that when you point the camera at them, you temporarily increase their pain.”  Would that everyone understood that last.

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Guardian.UK: Photographer criticised by indigenous people and Survival International.

When the indigenous have a voice (thanks to modern tech), all the photos (and photographers) of their culture get harshly judged. Travel photography no longer exists in a vacuum. The exposure can make even famed photogs’ images look like the equivalent of the Wal-Mart butt-crack snapshooters; just as exploitative, and just as misleading.

[Caveat: I know nothing of this book or this project, so I will not judge it. I’m merely using it as a lever for a larger opinion. I’ve been pondering the bigger issues of old-fashioned National Geo travel photography for a while now.]

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YahooNews: S.Leone Ebola outbreak ‘catastrophic’ - aid group MSF.

You have one nurse for 10,000 people and then you lose 10, 11, 12 nurses. How is the health system going to work?” And America is freaking out over an asymptomatic nurse ...

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Vice: The Town Making the Horrifying Discovery That It’s Built Out of Jewish Tombstones.

Fifteen hundred headstones have been found in Brest over the past six years, with the rate of discovery escalating since work on the supermarket began.”  Remnants of Nazi and Russian attention in WWII.

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Oct 15/WaPo: Dr Richard Besser on the risk of catching Ebola.

In all the media hype over the nurse in Maine, I thought what my former PHS classmate had to say on the subject was timely: “You are putting yourself in much greater danger if you don’t get a flu shot than if you talk to someone from West Africa.”  Read the entire piece.

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Vox: GamerGate’s scary plan to wipe Gawker Media from the face of the Earth.

On some fundamental level, GamerGate is driven by the thought that games publications shouldn’t just have ethical standards but should never publish an opinion the movement disagrees with ever.” If so, Joseph Goebbels smiles in pride.

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Youtube: 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman.

Excellent use of hidden video to illuminate a problem men only theoretically understand. Face it - we men would be in someone’s face after the third catcall, or filing harrassment suits. Walking through your office and having someone say “Oh, you got an ass on you” or “Shake it, baby” on a regular basis would probably break your composure quite effectively.

Later: Apparently this video is attracting rape threats. What’s happened to America, and ‘our’ internet?

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I picture Hulk sitting by the fireside, with half-glasses and a smoking jacket.

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NY Times: South African Prosecutors Say They’ll Appeal Pistorius Conviction and Sentence.

I’m still not buying the burglar theory. I suspect the prosecution simply couldn’t construct, from available evidence, a convincing enough alternate scenario in the time they had. In a private two-person relationship, the trail is thin on the ground.

If I were a young lady, I would never ever date a prominent sports star. The odds are against you.

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NY Times: Nurse Held in Ebola Quarantine Will Be Allowed to Go Home, Christie Says.

One has to ask, why is the CDC not involved, getting this poor lady out of the clutches of Christie?

Again, only the tip of the iceberg of how inhumane officials can get. In the meantime, if you’re flying back from Africa ... don’t land in Newark.

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Vox: Renee Zellweger’s new look reveals the pernicious demands we make of all women.

Age and a blepharoplasty. I’ve had ‘squinty eyes’ since childhood, taken the teasing, the terrible nicknames. Now that I’m 55, if my upper eyelid/brow sag gets any worse, I’ll need to follow Renee’s lead. I would trade a bit of character to be able to a) see better and b) not to have to hike my eyebrows up to my hairline to seem happy and/or not asleep. My fear is a plastic surgeon would make me look permanently frightened to death.

Damn the slings and arrows, Renee. I understand completely. Perhaps only another person with the ‘squints’ can.

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