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NY Times: T.S.A. Moves Closer to Rejecting Some State Driver’s Licenses for Travel.

The law sets some minimum requirements for states to follow when issuing driver’s licenses. For instance, it requires applicants to provide documents to prove their identity, Social Security number and immigration status in the United States.” As if the intent of this isn’t perfectly transparent. Needs a checkbox: “Were your ancestors immigrants?” Might as well educate in the process.

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Guardian.UK: Meat eating could save the planet.

Interesting arguments I’ve not heard before.

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BillMoyers.com: The Plutocrats Are Winning. Don’t Let Them!

Over our dead body, Congress declared last Friday, proclaiming instead: Secrecy today. Secrecy tomorrow. Secrecy forever. They are determined that we not know who owns them.

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PS Mag: The Destruction of Workers’ Compensation.

Using its economic leverage—combined with time-honored wining-and-dining and behind-the-scenes arm-twisting—Tyson has helped steer legislative changes through several states in the South and Midwest. It has urged officials, often successfully, to remove or appoint workers’ comp judges. And the company’s lawyers have crafted novel legal arguments for limiting the rights and benefits of injured workers.” Listen to the money talk.

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NY Times: Donald Trump Goes Vulgar in Swipe at Hillary Clinton.

If this spikes his poll numbers again, I give up.

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NY Times: I Worry About Muslims.

Not what you might think.

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Dazed: Pharmaceutical boss Martin Shkreli arrested for fraud.

... federal prosecutors accused Shkreli of engaging in a complicated shell game after his defunct hedge fund, MSMB Capital Management, lost millions. He is alleged to have made secret payoffs and set up sham consulting arrangements.

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NY Times: What Donald Trump Has Built.

I weep for my country. Though I understand conservative talk radio is attacking him for badmouthing Mr Cruz. “They devour their own.”

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Slate: PPOs are disappearing from Obamacare. Why?

Many customers on the exchanges are going for the low monthly premiums, and they’re willing to take a narrowly restricted medical network that doesn’t compensate for out-of-network charges except in an emergency as the price they pay for the lower monthly bill.” Blaming the consumer? It’s all we can afford! Get better coverage, media. This is fluff. The ACA’s cost over 2 billion, moved the needle on uninsured by around 3 percent (!), and pushed deductibles to catastrophic levels. We pay more (much more), get less (much less), and we’re supposed to subsidize the bloody cock-up?

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NY Times: Martin Shkreli’s Latest Plan to Sharply Raise Drug Price Prompts Outcry.

As I keep trying to emphasize, there is no relationship between morality and capitalism. The pursuit of naked profit has no empathy.

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Hollywood Reporter: Camille Paglia Takes on Taylor Swift, Hollywood’s #GirlSquad Culture.

Tsk, tsk ... someone didn’t have a good time in high school. Ms Swift is just plodding along consistently, being a smart businesswoman in today’s culture (‘make hay while unwrinkled’). Is Adele any better, with that self-serving ‘impersonators’ video? Many missed the fact that was Adele-generated, not part of some game show. This is not the culture for modesty.

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AmTheatre: Why I Almost Slapped a Fellow Theatre Patron, and What That Says About Our Theatres.

This hits me wrong. An elderly white lady shares tickets, and ends up being the bad person? When someone shares something with me, and I’m sitting with them, I’d at least engage in conversation, get to know the person, let them know how appreciative I was. I would also comport myself within what I deemed they would feel as appropriate, within certain limits. I would feel obligation. There’s none of that here. Just, “We got free tickets and WOOHOO.”

The comments are apropos. Entertaining to see NYC still exists in its little bubble of unreality.

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Dissent: Trump’s Monstrous Call.

Worse, the silence from the establishment GOP makes it seem like they’re OK with all this. What you sow, is what you reap.

Later: More, from The Atlantic. A bifurcation of the GOP.

Even Later: Even the Mormons are asking Mr Trump to keep his breath to cool his porridge. The Southern Baptists may feel pressure to do the same (LDS has been making inroads into their traditional territory for decades).

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Vox: What it’s like to be black at Princeton.

I shouldn’t, but I have to chuckle a bit. We kids used to torture the campus police. Climbing a statue, we’d get ‘interrogated’ for ‘doing thousands of dollars of damage to priceless architecture’. Security’s used to being bullies. Frightening the first time, not so much on the dozenth. I’m in no way minimizing the effect of her race - Princeton’s had a fraught relationship with race/nationality for a long time. I feel the need to explain the situation: it was the campus rapes in the 80’s/90’s that saw campus security turn into jackbooted no-accountability thugs. The ‘blue light’ safety phones popped up all over campus, and the grey searchlight-equipped cruisers would dash around the internal campus road system like “Starsky and Hutch.” They get bored, trump up excitement. A litterer will bring out the SWAT trucks, I’ll bet. I’m sure other campuses are similar. They all need serious oversight.

The U-Store’s security was a joke even when I grew up. Mix that with bored security people, add racial prejudice and ... a perfect storm of harmful stupidity.

But alas, minority/low income treatment is awful across the entire Ivy League. There are precious few parachutes for those working themselves to the bone, realizing their dream of attending such a storied institution. Noone should have to work so hard, feel so alone and isolated, they cannot excel. Alumni should band together and make a fund for such support; the affluent alumni probably wouldn’t lift a finger, but those who have kicked and scratched their way to diplomas should get together and do some meaningful good for future generations.

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LA Times: Oscar Castillo’s photos of Chicano life and protest are essential for understanding LA.

Looking through, I seem to detect how hyper-sexualized women’s clothing’s become in the last decades ... ?

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NY Times: ‘You Ain’t No Muslim, Bruv’: Response to London Attack Inspires Hashtag.

Exactly what’s needed right now.

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Express Tribune: Saudi must stop financing fundamentalist mosques abroad: Merkel’s deputy.

Wahhabism provided the ‘complete ideology of the Islamic State and contributes in other countries to a radicalisation of moderate Muslims,’ he said, adding that ‘this is something we don’t need and don’t want in Germany’.” I suppose one can outlaw dangerous fundamentalist interpretations as ‘cults.’ That way, Western mores won’t get bent - the guarantee of freedom shouldn’t be a suicide note.

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BillMoyers.com: Paul Ryan’s Seven Terrible Ideas.

Clownshoes honks his nose. [H/T to GitM for the nickname.]

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Washington Post: The five extra words that can fix the Second Amendment.

Public policies concerning gun control should be decided by the voters’ elected representatives, not by federal judges.” More dangerous, don’t you think?

The Supreme Court doesn’t just use the Constitution, but the earlier drafts as well. The Second Amendment has a curious comma, left out in some versions, which makes the Militia aspect specific. Perhaps just agreeing on the comma.

As I love to say, “Are you a Strict Constructionist? Good. You get a flintlock. Next?”

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The Nation: Here’s What a Man Who Studied Every Suicide Attack in the World Says About ISIS.

Interesting. Read of his background first, though.

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Guardian.UK: The County - the story of America’s deadliest police.

Guardian, you’re missing an important piece, though you briefly mention it. Oil drilling. Big in Kern County. Where there are oil workers, there is meth. And crime soars, requiring exponential police response. Breeds this kind of behavior, I hate to say. So the blame goes ... ?

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Guardian.UK: ‘American Isis Twitter scene’ reveals social media’s power to radicalise.

They are kids of their generation playing with avatars. Some change pictures almost on a daily basis. These are very suburban, normal American culture kind of kids with an Isis sympathy. It’s a hybrid identity.” Look on Tumblr, you’ll find lots of teens and twentysomethings looking for ‘meaning’, craving love and attention. They used to outgrow the stage in isolation, but now that isolation is shared with the world via internet. Known in the past as ... pigeons.

Kids should be allowed to remain young and naive. Our world no longer tolerates it. Sad.

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LRB: Thomas Chatterton Williams reviews ‘Between the World and Me’ by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

The acceptance of this pessimistic assessment means that forty million people must be seen as permanent victims.” Of note; make time to read through.

Tangential: I find that accepting ‘victimhood’ forces one to accept a whole host of maladies that one doesn’t actually experience (reference to my own speech issues through life). So I don’t. Accept ‘victimhood.’ I’m not a ‘victim’. America leans way to hard on ‘victimhood’. I’m a bloody survivor, and damned proud of it.

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London Review of Books: Magical Thinking about Isis.

... the problem of IS can’t be laid exclusively at the door of Bush, Blair et al. The war in Libya, and Obama’s accommodation with the Sisi regime in Egypt, have encouraged the spread of IS well beyond Iraq. It is, however, the US’s dangerously incoherent Syria policy that has perhaps done the greatest damage.

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The New Yorker: Telling the Truth About ISIS and Raqqa.

“Assad has killed so many innocents, and many people have lost hope. After Assad’s chemical attack, when he crossed the so-called ‘red line,’ the U.S. just took the weapons. It made America look like a liar and weak.

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