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Santa Fe New Mexican:

Racists can’t spell.  “Neggur.”  Sounds Babylonian; maybe it was an errant Iraqi sympathizer?  All joking aside, I’m quite surprised to find this happening in Santa Fe.  It means kids are accepting conservative media stereotypes of the NAACP.  The timeline on their website is excellent, but needs hyperlinks to other historical references to really bring the history alive.  I found the 1982 entry refreshed in memory an item I’d forgotten, a correlation to today ... and to yesterdays linkage.

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Newspaper for the poor and homeless:

“Real Change.”  via Jerry Kindall.

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Sacramento Observer:

Marchers seek to rekindle King’s “Dream.”  Interesting stats in the midst of this, too. “From 1967 to 2001, the median income for Black families went from $26,570 to $43,938. In the same time period, the median income of White families grew from $40,943 to $69,856.”

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The concept of “gentle rape” defense angers activists.  Sounds like Humbert from Nabokov’s “Lolita” pleading in defense of his abominable behavior.  Rape is rape.  Rape of children is worse.  “Gentle,” my eye.

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City Journal:

How hip-hop holds blacks back.  Speaking from a local perspective, I’d like to hear how the defenders of hip-hop explain why young Hispanics embrace the mass-media hip-hop culture, throwing off the previous generations’ hard-won social status and actively seeking to simulate an authentic ‘ghetto’ experience.  Instead of embracing upwards societal movement, diving voluntarily, giddily, into an existence framed by violence and poverty.  Cut to Albert Camus’ “The Rebel”: “It is no longer either revolution or rebellion but rancor, malice and tyranny.”  It seems, in the face of history, the only ‘cure’ is that a new rebellion must supplant hip-hop.

Later: Mercurial comments.  But Hispanic is the correct term, at least in this local area, and one must be mindful of labels in New Mexico.  Hispanics are the majority, and are the forces of order and governance in Santa Fe; indeed, most of New Mexico.  So why embrace a disempowering image?  Because teens will simply embrace contrarianism?  In this case, simple contrarianism is marketed with an unhealthy dip into violent nihilism; a different beast altogether.  Though, they may be the first ‘postmodern teens,’ too ... depending on your interpretation.

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New York Times:

For Ugandan girls, delaying sex has economic cost.  For want of $30 a month.  Surely, in our Internet age, someone can come up with a donation scheme to reach these young women directly.

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Atlantic Monthly:

“People Like Us.” On diversity in America.  “The dream of diversity is like the dream of equality. Both are based on ideals we celebrate even as we undermine them daily.”

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