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Alternet/Robert Reich: Why the White Working Class Abandoned the Democratic Party.

... they’ve done nothing to change the vicious cycle of wealth and power that has rigged the economy for the benefit of those at the top, and undermined the working class. In some respects, Democrats have been complicit in it.” You’d think they’d have done more to steamroll the ‘edge cases’ the Republicans keep rolling out every election season. ‘Twould be easy enough to do, esp. in the age of the Interent, yet Dems sit, bite their nails, moan and groan. “Poor us!”

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Hyperallergic: Images Confirm the Destruction of Iraq’s Oldest Christian Monastery.

Bulldozers, heavy equipment, sledgehammers, possibly explosives turned those stone walls into this field of gray-white dust. They destroyed it completely.” I seriously dislike these idiots.

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Today would have been Denise McCluggage’s 89th Birthday.

I miss you, Denise. You’d have one hell of a lot to say to Ecclestone and Hill about women in F1. Hill saying, “Actually competing with and succeeding against the guys, I think is extremely unlikely.” is stupid and sexist to the nth degree. No doubt you’d have written a response already.

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New Republic: The Public Domain Still Needs Idealism.

The Idealist does not shed new light on Swartz’s life or death; what it does—and does very well—is put Swartz’s work in context. The book gives an engaging, if knowingly incomplete, account of the history of intellectual property and copyright law, the archaic roots (and current implications) of cyberlaw, and some key players in the ongoing fight between open-data philosophy and the federal government.” Oh, on my reading list for sure.

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NM Legislative Session: “No Bloggers Allowed.”


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Medium/Anil Dash: I’m the most magnanimous motherfucker you know.

Now imagine, if every other week a stranger said, “I think you intend to kill children.” Could you laugh it off three times in a row? Four? Eight?” Anil is one of the most extraordinarily decent people I know. When I read something that makes me want to blow a gasket, Anil can trace a route to resolution that is reasonable, ethical and respectful: he’s good in all senses of the word. That this kind of thing happens to him, hurts my heart. Angry-sad all at the same time.

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SF New Mexican: More quakes rattle Oklahoma but state avoids tough measures.

A lot of people say we just need the earth to stop shaking, and I understand that, but the fact of the matter is that without the ability to dispose of wastewater, we cannot produce oil and gas in the state of Oklahoma, and this is our lifeblood.” Read that one twice, and see if you have as hard a time believing anyone could state that.

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WarOnTheRocks: Reflections on the 25 Years of U.S. Military Involvement in the Middle East.

What a quote. “As a Taliban sympathizer reportedly remarked to an American in Kabul, ‘You might have all the watches, but we have all the time.’

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Bicycling: Kung Fu Nuns Ride for Gender Equality, Environmental Conservation.

Any article starting with “Kung Fu Nuns” deserves a link, don’t you think?

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Dazed: The Official Donald Trump jam is absolutely terrifying.

Yes, the historical parallels are terrifying. Delve into a bit of history American schools rarely glance over: Mosley in Britain.  Or watch Foyle’s War, Season 9 (in America, Season 8 elsewhere), “Trespass.” I happened to watch it last night, after seeing this bit of Trump-ism, and got chills.

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Vox: Where do Mexican drug cartels get their guns? The US.

Burglary and theft here in the Southwest is for firearms purchase (or discovery), according to what I read. Also, check the map of gun stores here.

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NBC Sports: Bernie Ecclestone - Female F1 driver wouldn’t be taken seriously.

Oof. The late Denise McCluggage would have his ears burning. When someone says “never”, wait five years. And then look back.

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AJ America: Newborns Addicted To Opioids On The Rise.

What the mother takes, the baby gets high on. I walked the floors with ‘crack babies’, I know it to be true. Even antidepressants, supposedly ‘safe’, give you odd behaviors in newborns.

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Guernica: Ted Cruz’s Stone-Age Brain and Yours.

Storytelling can save us. Never a doubt in my mind.

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CNN Video: Tavis Smiley - Donald Trump is ‘religious and racial arsonist.’

Watch the whole thing. Tavis is a good guy; I’ve thoroughly enjoyed his discussions with Cornel West.

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WaPo: Not punishing the Bundys for the Nevada standoff led to the occupation in Oregon.

There should have been a number of arrests after the nonsense at the Bundy ranch. That there were none not only emboldened these right-wing radicals — and encouraged them to believe that their bizarre misinterpretation of the Constitution has some legitimacy — but, in the case of the Bundy brothers, directly empowered them to carry on as they did before.” Agreed.

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CNN Politics: Silently protesting Muslim woman ejected from Trump rally.

There is hatred against us that is unbelievable. [snip] It’s their hatred, it’s not our hatred.Sieg heil, Donald. I stand with Ms Hamid. Exactly what’s needed, only in larger numbers. Nonviolent resistance.

I’ve always said, the NRA could be interrupted in its course by a dedicated group of citizens. If every GLBTQ person in America bought a membership and voted in the group’s elections, they’d far outnumber the existing members. How fun would that be?

Likewise, the foci of Trump’s outrage should show up at his rallies and quietly stand each time he makes a slur.

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Guardian.UK: Let’s not shy away from asking hard questions about the Cologne attacks.

This is only slowly making some waves in America. Hard to tell what happened, in current reports. Hard to gauge who’s a ‘paper of record’ on this. Clearly social mores broke down, and hard. I’m having a hard time with this, however. Is this true, German friends?

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Aeon: What it’s like to be a sniper in an unpopular war ...

The voice-disguise and accent make it a bit hard to follow at times, but do watch it through when you have the time to ponder the consequences.

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Le Monde diplomatique: America revisits the dark side.

Candidates and reporters alike have ignored the obvious larger point — if, that is, we weren’t living in a country that had given itself a blanket pass on the issue of war crimes. Carpet-bombing cities, torturing prisoners, and rendering lands uninhabitable are all against the law. They are, in fact, grave crimes.” Their italics. I would say to LMD, this fact (candidates recommending illegal and inhumane solutions) is not unappreciated in America. I think we’re still at the point where we don’t believe this kind of rhetoric will get traction - a grave mistake, looking at past history. We must start pointing it out, highlighting it, condemning it ... every time. Otherwise it slips into our culture unbruised, ready for use.

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Ms Magazine: As Subtle as the Pose.

Important read. You’ve heard it before. We get pummelled by the same visual tropes over and over and over, until we’re numb. And, for the record, I’ve never seen a single woman adopt that ‘fashion hunch’ in real life. Other than one with severe spine issues, and she couldn’t move otherwise.

Fashion needs some serious reality. Sadly, fashion bloggers are merely making cold calculated plays for sponsorship and ad impressions. They seem to not realize that together, they could drive a wedge in this industry, split it to pieces and reassemble it any damned way they want.

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PopMech: Ingenious New Non-Lethal Bullet Burns Propellant Inside the Round.

The greatest risk of severe injury or death occurs from impacts to the head, face, or neck of the intended target or a bystander.” Current training emphasizes targeting the core, no? But if someone ducks and runs ... how nonlethal will this be?

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PS Mag: What Would Allah Do?

Our findings cast doubt on the notion that there is something special about religious faith ... that invariably favors promotion of violent intergroup conflict.” A worthy read, working directly against the religion/violence assumption.

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Slate: Oregon standoff - What does Ammon Bundy really want?

If this isn’t exaggeration, I find cause to worry. The Nazi Party built [what would today be called] ‘militias’ around Germany in each municipality, ready to take over if/when the Government was overthrown or collapsed. As they say, learn from history or be doomed to repeat it. I’d rather pass on dealing with local fascists.

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Making charitable donations at the EOY.

Feels good to shed stuff, and do some good for others.

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