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MeFi: Elie Wiesel, born Sept 30, 1928 - died July 2, 2016.

I come out of ‘weekend mode’ to mark the great man’s passing.

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The Nation: The GOP’s War on Voting Is Working.

If’n you wanna get mad.

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BillMoyers:The Political Industrial Complex: Government of, by and for… Consultants!

Of the more than $400 million into ‘independent expenditures’ to tout or troll candidates running for president and Congress this year, more than $500,000 has gone to pay consultants. Again, this does not include spending by dark money groups, which never have to disclose this level of detail about their expenditures. Who says politicians can’t create jobs?” My italic emphasis.

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TechDirt: Texas Judge Indicted For Making Secret 10-Year Deal With Red Light Camera Co.

Cameras have issued tickets to walls, parked vehicles, and many, many drivers obeying all traffic laws. Millions of dollars of refunds have been paid out by municipalities who once thought they’d have to do nothing more than sit back and let the cash roll in.” These things need to be removed from service. End of story. It would be just as fair to put a randomize script on the City’s events page, and send out bills.

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New Yorker: The Politics of the Benghazi Report.

Whether or not that is a tactical error for the Republicans, it is a loss for rational discourse.” By focusing on the tree, they lost the forest. A whole lot of 20/20 hindsight and armchair quarterbacking. No revelations.

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Dazed: Far-right group look for non-existent migrants in empty camp.

Pffft. In America, they would have been waltzing around with AR-15s.

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Aeon: Want to build a just society? John Rawls said to start by ignoring your identity.

Hmmm. I’ve always thought this idea would work best if there were a majority religion that believed in immediate reincarnation upon decease. Odds of being reborn into an affluent society are pretty small. We’d start floating all boats pretty damned quick.

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NY Times: Brexit Proponents’ False Promises Crumble.

They peddled exaggerations and lies to frustrated and angry Britons, some of whom have legitimate grievances about economic insecurity.

Okay, kids. You see the problem here, yes? WHERE WAS THE NEWS MEDIA? Where were the debunking articles? The in-depth stories? This is a HUGE warning for our upcoming election. You’re subscribed to entertainment rags, not hard journalism sources.

We have to start demanding better from journalism. Facts, not innuendo. No editorializing but on the Editorials page. More.

THIS is our challenge for the future. What is “news”? What is legitimate “journalism” in the internet age, when clickthroughs pay the bills? How can we have real news without sensationalism or fantasy?

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WaPo: Sanders’s next challenge - Where will he take his revolution?

... at the urging of his wife, Jane Sanders, he has been talking to his inner circle about launching a grass-roots organization to harness the energy of his supporters.” Listen to your better half, Bern.

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Independent.UK: Jesse Williams gives powerful BET Awards acceptance speech on racism in America.

Ironic that even the Brit Independent can’t parse his speech correctly. See if you can spot it - “critique of our impression”, not “critique of our oppression.” Underlines the problem, IMHO. Noone’s really listening.

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Forbes: Unless It Changes, Capitalism Will Starve Humanity By 2050.

... large corporations are able to continue engaging in increasingly environmentally exploitative behaviour by obscuring the link between endless economic growth and worsening environmental destruction.” Interesting, coming from Forbes. Note also, GM crops at the present time are not producing the yields projected. Something’s gotta give. We should begin controlling population now, before we continue on this viruslike trajectory.

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The Toast: Female Philosophers of the Early Modern Era.

Here’s another list of seventeenth century philosophers: Margaret Cavendish, Anne Conway, Elisabeth of Bohemia, Mary Astell, Damaris Masham, Catherine Cockburn, Bathsua Makin. You can take a philosophy degree, including Early Modern philosophy, and not come across a single one of these women.

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Prospect.org: Who’s to Blame for Brexit? The Elites.

If Europe responds to Brexit by consolidating more control, they’ll have learned nothing from the yearning for people to free themselves from the yoke of unaccountable external rule, and the UK won’t be the first to leave.” Great find from Kevin [GitM] on FB.

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BBC: North Korea missiles ‘a serious threat’ after new tests.

From my reading, these are conservative estimates of range. Accuracy, however, esp. over a polar route, is another question. Soviet missiles were woeful during the Cold War. Aim at Phoenix, hit Akron ... that kind of inaccuracy.

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BillMoyers.com: Inside the Shadowy World of America’s 10 Biggest Gunmakers.

You’ll notice something in the infographics. Not a single revolver (except for Dirty Harry). The military started using the Beretta in ‘85, and it was featured in Lethal Weapon in ‘87. You can track the exponential increase in the market for semiautomatic pistols to those dates. Before then ... revolvers. Mass shootings were a fraction of their current frequency when revolvers were the majority of the market. Hollywood is complicit with gunmakers, IMHO.

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ProPublica: An Unbelievable Story of Rape.

Long. Stick with it until the end. An amazingly well-written bit of journalism.

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Guardian.UK: Donald Trump speaks to shrunken Atlanta crowd as poll numbers drop.

The suspicion of protesters reached a point at which Trump supporters were informing on each other for not being “real” supporters.” Nazi Germany, at a similar stage, must have been just delightful. [Not.]

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Aeon: Free speech is vital to human flourishing, but it’s in a decade-long slump.

Of note.

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The Atlantic: No Driver’s License, No Job.

I miss in-depth reporting from media. Ah, for the old days. We’d have a television special or something about a first-person experience of this kind of situation. No money for it now, seemingly. Independent filmmakers, here’s your niche.

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Storify: A Trump Rally in Greensboro “Anger in here is palpable” (with tweets).

Knew it was bad, not this bad. Is there nothing we can do to stop this?

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TPM: Gingrich - Let’s Create New Version Of House Un-American Activities Committee.

Wait. Wait. WHAT?!!!!!

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Techdirt: Both Trump And Clinton Suggest Expanding Mass Surveillance, Bogus Watch Lists.

Not for the first time, someone locked up on a questionable basis is making a lot more sense, and sounding a lot closer to the ideals of America, than either of people running to lead the country.

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Slate/Trumpcast: Is Trump helping to invite terrorist attacks?

Of course he is. (Didn’t bother listening to the podcast, just using this as a lever). Just a month or so ago, he said: “There will be attacks that you wouldn’t believe. There will be attacks by the people that are right now coming in to our country.” There is a Manson-like psychopathy here. Inflammatory dialog begs for response.

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Looking for sense in a nonsensical world.

Orlando. Everyone is dividing themselves across the ‘usual suspect’ issues. You come here for sense, I do my best to deliver. I see three problems, more than any others:

1. Acculturative stress, and the experience of first- and second-generation immigrants.
2. Military-grade weapons being available for sale.
3. Self-radicalization via internet.

The first, the stressors on immigrants and their children in the US, is significant and unrecognized in these crises. Growing up in my hometown of Princeton, we had a significant number of immigrants, first and second generations, all having a difficult time between living in American culture of the period and remaining ‘true’ to their original cultural heritage. This link is not the greatest, but it’s the best I can find in a short period of time. Dig further, if you’re interested. This time it was a gay nightclub; next time it could be a concert, a play, a sports event, a school ... anything that defies an ‘old world’ belief or custom.

The second I’ve discussed before. The Founding Fathers never intended citizens to own military-grade weapons. The Second Amendment talks of militia, citizens who are not professional soldiers. Howitzers were stored at Springfield Armory after the Revolution, not parked in front yards. The ‘advanced’ Charleville muskets (supplied by France) were returned to the military after the Revolution, not taken home and hung over the fireplace. Further - and I cannot find it online right now - read the personal correspondences of major political players in the Whiskey and Shays Rebellions. Washington himself felt that armed and angry citizens were too much of a risk to the new government, whereas nutty old Jefferson (isolated with his books up at Monticello) felt occasional bloodshed was a ‘good thing’. The majority agreed that citizens should not have access to the stores at the Armory. Rebels were driven off, disbanded, prosecuted.

The third is also being virtually ignored. One can’t shut off the firehose of the internet. The ability of disgruntled people to build walls around themselves to keep out reality is nearly infinite. Bad enough our crazy militias with their supposed strict-Constructionist interpretations. Elements from outside the US are not only aiming for young Muslims, but going for Black Lives Matters and other cultural protestors. Convincing them that the only way to change culture is through violence.

Bottom line: Psychological stress and irresponsibly easy access to high-powered weaponry are a murderous combination. Psychological care is, illogically, divorced from governmental health care insurance ... as if it is not a true ‘health’ issue. And guns ... well, you know my take on that. If every LGBT person in America joined the NRA (you don’t even have to own a gun), they could change the direction of the organization. NRA has ~5 million members, there are ~9 million LGBT in America. It would take planning, but it could be done. I laugh, visualizing the impact. Nonviolent political change. Imagine that.

Later: Hill and I seem to be on the same wavelength. My concern is, eliminate the threat overseas, they could simply shift their angst to the internet and continue to harry Western Civ at home.

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Vox: Why Donald Trump keeps calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”.

... there’s no evidence that Warren ever used claims of Native American ancestry to help her get a job.” I, personally, am in this same spot. My family has the same oral history. I’m also the first generation on my mother’s side to not have Cherokee features (black hair, darker skin, etc.). I have a multitude of Cherokee Martins and Franklins in my maternal line, but I cannot find a definitive link to any one individual in the rolls. My ancestors avoided the “Trail of Tears”, staying in TN/NC, and therefore under the government’s radar. At best, I would probably be 1/32, but I suspect more along the lines of 1/64 or 1/128. Interesting, but essentially non-eligible for tribal affiliation. Even unverified, it remains a point of pride in the family.

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