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Ana White: Build a Leaning Wall Ladder Desk.

Looks pretty nice. Been thinking about putting a desk in one of my double-door closets. This might serve!

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DesignYouTrust: How to Be Productive During Daily Commute.

This! This is what’s wrong with America. I listened to music and SLEPT on my morning and evening commute. I put everything into my workday. If I slept the hour and a half back to P-town, I might have some energy to go out for a drink.

Here’s to the unproductive commute. Firewall work from home, if it works for you. No guilt.

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Psychology Today: Anti-Intellectualism and the “Dumbing Down” of America.

Famous science fiction writer Isaac Asimov once said: ‘There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” My italic emphasis.

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nakedcap: TPP Ministerial Negotiations Fail, with No Date Set for the Next Round.

Readers know I very rarely wave pom-poms… But ‘Yay!’

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SciAm: Big Polluting Vehicles Roar Back with Low Gasoline Prices.

Oh yeah. The paint-faded 3-cylinder Geo Metros are back in the fields and barns, and even Hummers are making a reappearance in Santa Fe.

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New York Post: For the love of God, stop dressing like crap.

When people were invited onstage at a recent performance of ‘Penn & Teller on Broadway,’ many women looked as if they had stepped out of a jazzercise class, while men ambled around in hideous cargo shorts.” Appropriateness; it is forgotten. A random trip to Wal-Mart is usually the agreed-upon best example.

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Guardian.UK: In US, 8 million baby boomers go hungry amid health and economic challenges.

Increasing chronic disease and disability in baby boomers can have consequences beyond poor health and higher medical bills. [snip] Disability can lead to unemployment and lower income, and lower income can lead to having less money for essentials such as food.” OK, candidates. Ball’s in your court.

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Vox: Rooftop solar is booming. But it may be more vulnerable than you think.

But as rooftop solar penetration rises, time-of-use pricing begins to have the opposite effect. As a bunch of solar floods the grid during peak hours, it will have the effect of suppressing peak prices, reducing the incentive for additional solar.” If price is the only motivator, that is.

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Vox: Living in Switzerland ruined me for America and its lousy work culture.

If you didn’t read this the other day, you should. And now here we have Jeb Bush saying he wants to scrap Medicare. What kind of America do we want? We’d best speak up this election season.

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Atlantic: America Is Even Less Socially Mobile Than Economists Thought.

... in the U.S., roughly half of parental income advantages are passed onto the next generation in the form of higher earnings. This proportion increases for the wealthier: For people whose parents are between the 50th and 90th percentiles of earners, about two-thirds of this parental edge is perpetuated. (It’s also worth noting that two-thirds of 90th-percentile earnings is substantially more money than two-thirds of 50th-percentile earnings.)

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PS Mag: There Are 22 Million Angry, Impulsive Americans With Guns.

... they advocate gun restrictions based on indicators of this personality type, such as convictions for misdemeanor violence, DUIs, and restraining orders. This, they think, would do a much better job of reducing gun violence than a focus on certified mental illness.” How about both?

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MeFi: “Where’s My Cut?” - On Unpaid Emotional Labor.

Read the linked article, and then read the long comment thread. I’ve opined elsewhere that the patriarchy’s back. The thread of comments here points to an almost-Victorian split of gender roles. I feel sorry for humanity as a whole. Each sex talking at each other, bouncing off like Teflon.

True emotional labor generally begets emotional rewards. I find many (of both sexes) who are not willing to share the emotional rewards (small as they sometimes are, in comparison with the work), thereby discouraging any continuance of burden-sharing.

I blame crummy role models. We need to see Wolverine flex his biceps cleaning a toilet. Supergirl using the command line to remove a virus from her work computer. Self-sufficiency without archetype or stereotype. Boiling a pot water has been conclusively shown to not affect a man’s testicles (unless you inadvisedly dunk them). Changing a tire has no effect on a woman’s ovaries (unless you forget to set the parking brake).

Maybe a national ‘switch roles’ day.

Though, given the current trends, that might destroy ‘marriage’ faster than any gay marriage legislation ever could.


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The Coolist: offSET Shed House on New Zealand’s Coast.

Cool, indeed.

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SF New Mexican: Ex-spy Valerie Plame accuses Mayor Gonzales of turning a deaf ear to constituents.

Bravo, Ms. Plame. Old Pecos/Old Santa Fe Trail is the best and most picturesque way to enter Santa Fe. I recommend it to all visitors. It’s already seen too much development in recent years, IMHO. We certainly don’t need more development along that stretch, nor do we need the requisite increase in traffic.

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Vox: 7 horrifying attempts at building a better mousetrap.

After living in New Mexico, I’ve become something of an expert in the issue. For mice, Snap-E traps. With four set up, I’ve nailed over two dozen mice in a few days. Simple, effective, easy to set - you won’t hazard your fingers unless you’re a total dolt. If you want to go cheaper, the wood-and-metal traps. Stay away from the wood-and-plastic ... they’re largely useless, and become even moreso after a few uses.

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TG’s Political Wire: We Could Be Headed for Another Government Shutdown.

Of note.

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nakedcap: Health Insurance Prices Take Off: Worker Pay Stagnant.

Most of us will pay an unconscionable amount to be underinsured and still face financial obliteration from one major health care episode.” Exactly. Precisely. This is the groundswell that may tip Clinton to failure, if nominated. The ACA has reached into everyone’s wallet and ripped out cash to no good effect except at the lowest levels of income. The WSJ was linked to by one of my most liberal friends today. One who *never* posts anything but optimism.

Dems, you’d better start listening. The ACA is not your magic carpet to the Presidency; rather cement shoes.

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Quartz: A Dutch city is giving money away to test the “basic income” theory.

Although working hours dropped, as skeptics had predicted, it happened mainly among young men, who instead continued their education, and mothers who used the financial freedom to focus on childrearing.” I should think one would get bored, doing nothing, and stumble into a career.

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NY Times: Theodore Roosevelt’s Sagamore Hill Home Cries ‘Bully!’

Really want to see, after reading the Morris trilogy. My old man was born days after Teddy died, hence being named “Theodore” in honor of TR’s passing. [Dad *hated* his name, however.]

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The Hill: Warren, McCain introduce bill to bring back Glass-Steagall.


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TechCrunch: Writers Are Going Cuckoo For Kindle Unlimited.

$0.006 per page.” Better we keep your day jobs and write on the side. Potential theme song.

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naked cap: Will the ECB Continue Its “Sherman’s March to the Sea” with the Greek Economy?

We need to stress that merely refusing to increase the ELA will strangle the banks and the economy, and quickly, too. The decay will not be liner and it will probably start to accelerate this week if the ECB does not relent. This is no different than Sherman’s march to the sea, when General William Tecumseh Sherman engaged in the first large-scale example of scorched earth warfare, destroying homes, crops and infrastructure on an over 300 mile swathe through Georgia.

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Guardian.UK: Reports of English’s demise in US have been greatly exaggerated, experts say.

It [the U.S.] has 41 million native Spanish speakers and 11.6 million who are bilingual – more than Colombia or Spain – and is on course to be the biggest Spanish-speaking nation on Earth, with Spanish the mother tongue of almost a third of its citizens.

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InTheseTimes: How the TPP Will Hand Corporations the Reins to Our Government.

Sure, corporations may still be considered people under U.S. domestic law — but under American trade policy, they get far more rights than almost everyone else.” I’ve never agreed with the ‘corporations are people’ judgment. If they were people, they’d make Scrooge look generous to a fault.

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Guardian.UK: US stocks tumble as market reacts to Greek crisis with biggest fall in two years.

Sh-t. “... wiping out all of the gains made so far in 2015.” And it’s not over. This has been known for years now, discussed and re-discussed on various media channels, and still here we are. And now it’s going to cost us all $$. My mattress is looking better and better.

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