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MercerSpace: McMansions threaten Princeton’s unique character.

In which my hometown loses its soul. If you’re going to build something big and ugly, at least have the compassion to obscure it with trees.

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SciAm: Clinton Would Limit Fracking; Sanders Just Says No.

Well, now. Makes me feel a *little* better about Ol’ Hill. She’s gone on the record, and mentioned “locality”. Just saying “states” puts the choice in too many GOP Governors’ hands.

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Stat: Alzheimer’s activists splinter in angry fight over priorities.

Important read, if you have family members suffering - or caregiving. Thanks, E!

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Music Business WW: Paramount Pictures puts hundreds of full movies on YouTube for free.

Wow. The channel itself. A lot of old stuff, but old stuff is good stuff.

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Tuvie: Wash Your Clothes While Riding The Stationary Bike.

Hey, I’d purchase it.

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BBC News: IEA warns consumers of spike in oil prices.

Only in 2017 will we finally see oil supply and demand aligned but the enormous stocks being accumulated will act as a dampener on the pace of recovery in oil prices when the market, having balanced, then starts to draw down those stocks.

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Re/code: Amazon Free Shipping Minimum Is Now $49, Up From $35.

Yet ‘Prime’ is no longer prime. They don’t promise delivery dates anymore, and hand off deliveries from reliable FedEx to unreliable USPS. Two-day is now three, four day. The value of Prime is dropping. If you need to raise the price, Amazon, you should do it, rather than give us long waittimes on delivery. When I need something, I need something.

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Medium: To Men I Love, About Men Who Scare Me.

Consider that while you’re just joking around, a woman might actually be doing some quick mental math to see if she’s going to have to hide in a fucking bathroom stall and call someone to come help her, like I did three days ago. Please adjust your mindset and your words accordingly.” So many times I’d like to compliment someone, but there is just no way to do it in our modern day and age without freaking people out. So I stay silent. I’ll think: “Fantastic shoes. Perfect choice for the ensemble.” And I move on.

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The Economist: A vote for what? [On Bernie Sanders]

Compared with left-wingers there — Jeremy Corbyn in Britain, for instance — Mr Sanders is no socialist. It is freewheeling America which puts Mr Sanders on the far-left.” One of your more-important reads for the day.

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Messy Nessy Chic: Take an Eerie Tour of Greece’s Sinking Ghost Town.

The village is entirely uninhabitable and yet residents are still required to pay property tax on their broken abandoned homes.” Ye gods.

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GroopSpeak: GOP Congress Breaks With History For First Time In 41 Years To Snub Obama.

Beyond just gridlock. Remember this in November.

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Guardian.UK: Average gas price in US drops below $2 a gallon for the first time since 2004.

Good news. Price drops for consumer goods shipped by truck ... ? MIA?

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Mashable: Dick Nixon on the Democrats: Hillary’s weak and Bernie’s clueless

HAH. Worth checking Nixon’s ‘72 platform for similarities to today. Never ignore history.

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Atlantic: Clinton and Sanders Fight Over How to Tame Big Business.

Worthy read. Though I can’t help thinking articles like this award more historical background and altruistic motivation than actually exists - we saw this with the deep analyses of Obama’s policies, pre-election. No great shakes, in retrospect.

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The Nation: Elizabeth Warren Blasts a Republican Plan to Protect White-Collar Criminals.

Banks or payment processors would no longer be held criminally responsible for simply aiding fraudulent activity involving customer accounts, since the fraud was not primarily conducted by the bank, nor against it.” What the bloody hell? Mattresses, not banks. Mattresses. I’m convinced.

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The Register.UK: US taxmen borked in computer cockup riddle.

... right now, the IRS is unable to accept many returns via the internet. Its systems are likely to remain knackered until Thursday while its techies fix the unnamed problems, we’re told.

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Town and Country: New Study Finds Scented Candles and Air Fresheners Pose Dangerous Health Risks.

Some types of incense, such as agarwood and sandalwood, are even more toxic to our DNA than tobacco smoke.” I suspect this is a niche where the use of natural fragrance is proving to be more toxic than artificial fragrance.

Tangential - because of strong smells [the wife complained], I went out and replaced our commercial household cleaners with ‘natural’ ingredient brands. I’ll cut to the chase. They took a layer of skin off my hands, they were so caustic. And the smells may be ‘natural’, but my eyes were weeping. I’m now using gloves to do rudimentary cleaning, thanks to ‘all natural.’

I wanna go back to “Scrubbing Bubbles.” But I’ve got to use up this huge investment in ‘nature’. Damned stuff is pricey, in addition to being lethal.

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Ana White: Build a Leave it to Joy Triple Pedestal Wide Farmhouse Table.

A little extra detail work, this might end up an heirloom piece.

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McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Ayn Rand’s Objectivist House Hunters.

Hah, but also sad.

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New Economic Perspectives: Tax Credits and Dollars—Playing Charades with Low-Income Housing.

Affordable housing has leveraged more than $100 billion in tax credits for American corporations.” If true ... jeez.

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Valet.: The Wallet Backup.

Take photos? Brilliant.

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BBC: Oregon stand-off - Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum, a militiaman apart.

The leaders always seem to avoid consequences, the ‘true believers’ end up cannon fodder. He will be more powerful as a symbol now, because it is his words that will be reused, not the Bundys. What he asked for is more local control, more local decision-making - not at all unreasonable. Tax cuts and Republicanism have robbed Federal oversight of those features. The ironies are clear.

I feel so bad about his death, even though I did not agree with the methods used by these guys. I wish I could help his family.

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Italian Ways: The ghosts of the Fumone Castle.

Every castle must have a ghost, but Fumone has two – and famous ones, belonging to two popes.” One was allegedly killed by having a nail driven in his skull, on orders from the newer pope. Nice guys.

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Atlantic: Heartland Monitor Poll Shows American Pessimism Deepening Despite Improving Economy.

... the slow, unevenly distributed recovery that has marked its aftermath—crystallized for many Americans a new normal, one that presents them with reduced economic security and heightened risk even while it provides them with new opportunities and flexibility.” Offered sans comment, for now.

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Valet.: Embrace Your Mess.

Being in a messy room led to something that both industries and societies want more of: Creativity.

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