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OneHeadlightInk: Turns out movies DO make money for New Mexico.

It is interesting that on average full time movie jobs pay over $50,000 per year. Over 8000 jobs have been created over the last four years.

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Archaeology News Network: Ancient temple to be buried under apartment block.


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OpenCulture: Wearable Books - Medieval Manuscripts Were Recycled & Turned into Clothes.

Um. Yes. Well. Newspaper and book-paper are pretty good insulators, it turns out. We had a family friend who grew up in Austria post-WWI, and he related how he managed to keep warm in the terrible post-war poverty by lining his clothes with newspaper (and in the process, making me curious about what the Treaty of Versailles wrought that textbooks weren’t telling me). I later tried it myself (what kid wouldn’t?) … and found it worked extremely well. Except for the ink all over your skin.

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Collectors Weekly: Caftan Liberation - How an Ancient Fashion Set Modern Women Free.

It allowed you to wear really comfortable clothing in public, things that you might have reserved for just wearing behind closed doors in your own house. [snip] It was teasing the boundaries around your domestic space, like what you’re wearing at home versus what you’re wearing out. It had an ambiguous sexuality to it. It both freed the body and emphasized the body, while still remaining somewhat dignified.”  Better than having to look at folks in sweats and house slippers at WalMart.

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Paris Review: Notes from the Milk Cave.

Even if someone had told me ‘twenty minutes per breast per feeding,’ it would still have taken sitting down every two hours for forty minutes for me to understand, because just like every other aspect of pregnancy and motherhood—morning sickness, contractions—the imagined experience turned out to be laughably unlike the experience itself.

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Messy Nessy Chic: The Romeo & Juliet Villages of Santa Barbara.

One could wish more American architects took chances like this.

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Reason.com: Mom Jailed Because She Let Her 9-Year-Old Daughter Play in the Park Unsupervised.

Pffft. I walked by myself to kindergarten. Today, state-enforced helicopter parenting? Man, I’m so glad I grew up when I did.

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KomoNews: Man sets house afire while trying to kill spider with lighter, spray paint.

Today’s Darwin Award winner.

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Neatorama: “Human Props” Who Stay in Luxury Homes But Live Like Ghosts.

The trick is, one must be ready at all times to vacate the premises completely at the drop of a hat.

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The Atlantic: Turbulence Ahead - The Coming Pilot Shortage and How It Came to Be.

The First Officers I flew with at American Eagle came there with over $200,000 in debt for a job that pays $22,914 per year, to start.” Becoming a pilot used to be a virtual guarantee of a high-paying job; the industry was ‘Napstered’ even before Napster existed.

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Smeg: Small domestic appliances.

Very pretty. And likely pricey. “Available Soon” always makes me wonder where I put my wallet last.

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SciAm: Parched Texas Town Turns to Treated Sewage as Emergency Drinking Water Source.

Why not sell treated wastewater to the frackers instead? Spare the good stuff.

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Guardian.UK: Authors’ incomes collapse to ‘abject’ levels.

This rapid decline in both author incomes and in the numbers of those writing full-time could have serious implications for the economic success of the creative industries in the UK.”  Overlooked this item the other day. My bad.

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Guardian.UK: US drought to deplete Lake Mead to levels not seen since 1930s.

California, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming wouldn’t see direct cuts in their share of river water, but officials have acknowledged there would be ripple effects.”  Water wars are gearing up. Just wait.

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Aeon: I learnt to survive like an 11th-century farmer.

Funny, in that I mentioned thinking of buying a scythe just the other day.

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Holiday: Living in a Trailer (1952).

Talk about ‘evergreen content’via MeFi.

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VQR: Losing Sparta.

Long, important read. Leans a bit close to maudlin, but has good intentions. Via MeFi.

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NY Times: Why the Research on Viewing Is Best Ignored.

Anyway, yes, television affects our lives, as do microwaves, cellphones, cars, polyester, Tupperware. You can either study those effects to death — ‘Study Finds That Trying to Keep Up With Studies of TV Viewing Causes Insanity’ — or just accept that there’s a good-bad trade-off in watching television, and that you should negotiate it as best as you can, using common sense.

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Messy Nessy Chic: The Town that went Underground.


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ArtsJournal: Aging, as in Fine Wine.

Oh treacherous, fierce old age. [snip] Once I was beautiful … [shrug]. That’s how it goes with us.

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Finally took the plunge; trying a ‘cardboard box’ standing desk.

Stacked some storage boxes on my desk. I need a wider space for the keyboard and mouse. I’ll let you know how I fare as I give this workstyle a try.

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Modern Farmer: The Abstinence Method.

“Large-scale agriculture proponents reject any link between farms and human health problems. In publications and testimony, spokespeople for conventional meat production have said that taking away antibiotics would cut productivity and raise costs. But the Netherlands’ success demonstrates this isn’t true.

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NPR: Eccentric Heiress’s Untouched Treasures Head For The Auction Block.

She had three apartments on New York’s Fifth Avenue, all filled with treasures worth millions, not to mention a mansion in Connecticut and a house in California. But the enigmatic heiress Huguette Clark lived her last 20 years in a plainly decorated hospital room — even though she wasn’t sick.

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Las Vegas Sun: Jane Fonda puts New Mexico ranch on market for $19.5 million.

First Val Kilmer, now Jane Fonda. Hollywood seems to be abandoning NM.

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Medium/The Nib: The Case Against Sharing.

Of note.

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