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Bicycling: Free Electric Could be The New Power Source of India.

... but I want one!

The Atlantic: Are Higher Minimum Wages Eliminating Restaurant Jobs?

Misleading. When Santa Fe increased the minimum wage, the businesses that were operating on a shoestring failed almost immediately. Restaurants cut back on personnel and portion size, but that was neither sustainable nor sensible (customers dwindled) ... so eventually supplies were re-sourced, economies found, prices raised a smidge or so ... and hiring resumed. So any ‘elimination’ is temporary at best.

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Salt Supply - A Safe Gun For A Safe Home.

Interesting concept.

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naked cap: Hysteresis and Aircraft Maintenance - Don’t Go Up In Any Large Planes.

Guys who grew up fixing cars and tractors on the farm are being replaced by newbies whose closest experience to ‘turning wrenches’ is the Playstation controller.” Good lord.

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WolfStreet: Fed Trips over Commercial Real Estate Bubble; Looks, Sees “Early Signs”.

It has been one heck of a party in commercial real estate.” Good lordy. “When the walls, come tumblin’ down ...”, I hear it in my head.

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MeFi: His Noodly Appendage.

Cool. I’ll have to try this with a gluten-free dough.

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NY Mag: Ambling Through America’s Most Stoned Suburbs.

I expected to see unicorns. [snip] But when I started smoking I just got so connected to God.

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The Atlantic: Regulating Payday Loans Is a Start But It Won’t Fix the Underlying Problem.

Short on cash and without a strong enough credit history to get a bank loan to tide them over, Melissa went to a payday lender, taking out a meager $450. When they weren’t able to pay the debt back in a matter of weeks, the amount ballooned to $1,700 thanks to the high interest rates, fees, and rollover loans (loans that get folded into new, larger loans when a borrower is unable to repay their initial loan).” On usury.

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PS Mag: Confessions of a For-Profit College Inspector.

Debt was what everyone paid off with lucrative post-college careers.” This idea was starting to grow moss even when I attended college.

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The Atlantic: For Some Americans, the Housing Crisis Isn’t Over.

I’ve been feeling mighty alone on the internet, saying the ‘recovery’ isn’t here. Look at the chart, ‘Negative Equity by County”. Looks like an entire third of New Mexico is affected. Presidential candidates, the ball’s in your court. Let’s hear what you will do.

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Smithsonian: Arsenic and Old Graves - Civil War-Era Cemeteries May Be Leaking Toxins.

... in 2002, a USGS-sponsored survey in Iowa City found arsenic levels at three times the federal limit near an old cemetery.” War, the gift that keeps on giving. Arsenic back then, depleted uranium today ...

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Grist: No BFF? You’re not alone, sad adult. Wait, never mind, you’re very alone.

The problem, of course, is that friendship is about more than FaceTime: It’s about face time. A tribe 3,000 miles away can’t pick you up from the airport or give you a couch to sleep on when your roof caves in.” I’m afraid that, except for a few wonderful exceptions, our attempts at friendship have been “What can you do for me, for free?” relationships. Is this a Santa Fe only situation, or encountered across the country?

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Swash 10-Minute Clothing Care System.

Saw this via another site. Looks pretty nifty, if just a smidge too much like a Keurig for your clothes ...

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NY Times: A Rainstorm in Penn Station.

And that is all I have to say for today about the state of America’s mass-transit infrastructure, the inability of government to build and maintain decent public spaces, the abandonment of excellence in construction and infrastructural integrity, and the gross loss of dignity suffered daily by workers who are forced to depend on neglected, rotting, overcrowded, underfunded, abysmal, soul-deadening transportation systems to get to work and home and back again.” Think about all the damage you *can’t* see. Here’s a thought - infrastructure failure may start killing more people than gun violence.

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The Atlantic: Unions Are Basically Dead and That’s Really Bad.

Because unions tend to benefit workers so much, corporate executives seem to have it in their heads that those benefits must, by definition, amount to drawbacks for companies.” This is the same old schtick, rehashed. I’ve seen both the benefits and the detriments. The unions of Las Vegas, NV were some of the worst I ever encountered. For every skilled A/V tech we brought, we had to hire a duplicate (at union rates) locally, even when their skillsets were nowhere near what we needed - limiting the needed overtime, because of the double-cost rates. A group of union thugs sat and watched what we did all day, every day, drinking all our coffee. One would come back and check the ballroom after hours to make sure noone was working - because if even one person was working, the whole crew was contractually set up to be paid their overtime rates. Those costs racked up damned fast. Someone made a mistake and didn’t include my role (video graphics) in the agreement. And I was working stupid amounts of overtime. They were NOT happy. Efforts were made to destroy my equipment and harm my person. So in spite of the benefits, the downs are pretty significant, too. Unions need to modernize. For all their benefits, their modus operandi isn’t supposed to be Mafia-like.

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naked cap: Hillary Clinton on Social Security Expansion - Words are Wind. A Cold Wind.

Let’s start with the caveat that with Hillary Clinton, as with Bill Clinton, you’ve always got to parse the words.” My italic emphasis.

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The Atlantic: The Recession Hurt Americans’ Retirement Accounts More Than Anybody Knew.

If someone had $10,000 in 2008 and lost 25 percent of it, they’d need a gain of 33 percent just to stay even. In fact, we found that the average gain was far smaller than what would have been needed to recover from the steep losses in 2008.” Read this idiocy. And they don’t even mention those who, because of the recession, had to make early withdrawals (with penalty). Few of my acquaintance have recovered their losses.

When you have a kid, slug about $5K in the best interest-earning account you can find. They should be taken care of, when they reach retirement age. In fact, the government should just go ahead and do it.

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MessyNessy: Book your Bedroom in the Paris Catacombs on Halloween Night.

Yeah, don’t forget your iPad, so you can have an all-night Vincent Price movie-fest.

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What Happens to Your Movies If Amazon Goes Out of Business? - The Atlantic

So what happens if the company that sold you that song goes out of business? Very quickly, things go from being complicated to becoming a ‘super complex’ problem ...” There are certain bits of music I’ve probably bought half a dozen different times. Records. Tapes. CDs. MP3s. There should be a way for me to prove ownership, and have access to what I’ve purchased, without having to re-$$ the situation.

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Guardian.UK: Afterlife - how hip replacements can end up in jet engines.

Given that these are most often implanted in the elderly, perhaps there should be recycling discounts up-front, during hip surgery ...

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The Atlantic: The Real Reason People Don’t Save Enough for Retirement.

If all workers were automatically enrolled in a savings account that couldn’t be tapped into until retirement (or disability, if that came first), they wouldn’t be burdened with investment decisions.” Where’s my paddle? Someone needs a paddling. If you’re going to play that game, prosecute those responsible for the last Wall Street debacles. The stock market and real estate plunges were paid for at the worker bee level by retirement accounts, early withdrawals. Come down off the high horse, Atlantic.

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MessyNessyChic: Chasing Ghosts in an East London Time Capsule.

Impressive. And, perhaps, a little oppressive.

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Guardian.UK: US stock markets fall due to renewed concerns about the Chinese economy.

New product idea: “The Money Mattress.” I’ll make millions.

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The Atlantic: Maids in America - The Decline of Domestic Help.

1912: “Ladies are sometimes not honest in money matters concerning the girls they employ. I have known many nice girls to work for little money — two dollars and a half or three dollars a week — and one week out of every five or six the lady would forget, or pretend to forget, to pay for. If the girl has given no written receipt for her wages, she sometimes has no proof of what is due her.

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NY Times: A Huge Overnight Increase in a Drug’s Price Raises Protests.

Doxycycline, an antibiotic, went from $20 a bottle in October 2013 to $1,849 by April 2014, according to the two lawmakers.” This pullquote is not the drug mentioned in the title, but a common script folks will be completely outraged over - or should be.

This is not capitalism. This is criminal.

Mr President, Congress ... this shall not stand.

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