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Random Tumblr link ... a photo of the Kennedy Assassination I’ve never seen.

I doubt you have, either. And here I thought we’ve seen everything associated with the event a bajillion times.

Later: See the comments here. It’s a reenactment. Jeez-o-man (slaps knee), they got me.

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Smithsonian: The Media Needs a History Lesson When Addressing Civic Unrest.

... I think the way the media is depicting Baltimore, especially, is as if the choice is either don’t protest, which may lead to violence, or accept the lot. I mean part of the notion of calling people thugs is painting a lot of people with a broad brush and I think that’s a challenging thing to do.

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ArtDaily: In US, all presidents want their own temples.

Like the pharaohs, the presidents get to literally construct their own monuments, starting while they are in office, as we are seeing, and thereafter.

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The New York Review of Books: ‘Nadja à Paris’ by Nadja Tesich.

A pleasant visual confection.

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BBC: When did curators become cool?

Motley backgrounds!” I need to work that into my CV at some point. Note that, he tips into involuntary psychoanalysis here ... which is generally a fragrant load of ruminant animal ejecta.

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Aeon: Human beings do not have an instinct for war.

... chimpanzees are known to engage in violent, group-level encounters, complete with search-and-destroy missions that conjure images of human skirmishing and outright warfare. Bonobos, on the other hand — genetically, no more distant from Homo sapiens — do nothing of the sort, and are renowned for making love, not war.” The author is a budding Buddhist, so grain of salt.

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Guardian.UK: If it flew 100 years ago, it will fly again - the 1916 warplane built from drawings.

If they need a test pilot, they can find a couple at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. Anyone who can fly one of their original Bleriots, could handle the 1 1/2 Strutter. A Bleriot is a friggin’ nightmare to fly.

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ArtDaily: Bonhams to offer Sir Stirling Moss’s 1961 Porsche RS-61 Sports-Racing Car.

We are hugely honoured to have been commissioned to sell Sir Stirling’s cherished Porsche RS61 following his retirement from competitive motor sport. It is particularly appropriate that we should offer the car at the forthcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed – where Sir Stirling is the founder patron and where he achieved so much throughout his unmatchable career.” Watch the checkbooks fly for this baby.

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A Continuous Lean.: The Originals.

Wallabees were part of the unofficial high school uniform when I grew up. Nothing quite like walking on gum soles.

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Guardian.UK: Bear knuckle fight - California man sends bruin fleeing with punch on the snout.

Native and outdoorsman legend talk of dealing with hostile bears as hostile humans (fisticuffs, hand-to-hand knife combat). Example.

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Slate: The Venus de Milo’s arms - 3D printing the ancient sculpture spinning thread.

Nah. I’d expect she would resemble other contemporary poses.

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ArtDaily: National Air and Space Museum lowers Bell X-1 to floor level.

This is a rare opportunity for visitors to see the Bell X-1 up close and side by side with two other milestone artifacts.” Yeah, this, The Spirit of St. Louis and SpaceShipOne. The last interests me nowhere near as much as the previous two. I need to get back East soon ...

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Guardian.UK: Psychologists met in secret with Bush officials to help justify torture.

Based on an analysis of more than 600 newly disclosed emails, the report found that the APA coordinated with Bush-era government officials – namely in the CIA, White House and Department of Defense – to help ethically justify the interrogation policy in 2004 and 2005, when the program came under increased scrutiny for prisoner abuse by US military personnel at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.” I believe we knew a few individual psychologists had been hired, but not an entire organization.

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Open Culture: 110 Drawings and Paintings by J.R.R. Tolkien: Of Middle-Earth and Beyond.

Smaug was more of the classic fashion than Glaurung. Goggles are so out, dude.

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NY Times: As Human Crisis Takes Priority After Quake, a Nation’s Treasures Become Its Scrap.

Ineffably sad.

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Thirty artists illuminate the pivotal role that Hudson River School played in shaping American art

The show aims to highlight the continued vitality of the Hudson River Valley as an important site of contemporary artistic production.” If you’re in the area, sounds pretty boss.

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The Conversation: Even setting evolution aside, basic geology disproves creationism.

As a geologist, though, I think that the rocks beneath our feet offer even better arguments against creationism. For the creationist model doesn’t square with what you can see for yourself. And this has been known since before Darwin wrote a word about evolution.” My italics.

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CNN: When you’re the only white person in the room.

From last year.  I’m reminded - by the pious outcries from many who are distant from the conflicts - of an Omaha [native] saying: “It is easy to be brave from a distance.” I think we need to do a whole lot less talking, and do a whole lot more listening. And reading. Try these: one, two, three. Extend that with a search on “Baltimore Slums”.

Later: And this kind of crap is not helpful.

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Five Thirty Eight: Jeb Bush Has The Cash, But Not The GOP Support.

This Republican campaign is not following the trajectory of races like the Republican nominations of 1980, 1996 and 2000 ...” Even 2000 is dog-years ago. You couldn’t elect GWB on his platform now, either.

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The Register.UK: Close encounter - Apple Macs invade the business world.

Man, that title takes me straight back to the ‘80’s, do not pass ‘go’, do not collect $200 ... all the handwringing over Macs in IBM office-space. I recall that, because of IBM’s contracts, a certain company had an entire floor of unused MagCard II’s sitting around collecting dust. Yet, the IBM PC had supplanted them. And then the Laserwriter made the Mac the most-desired business tool for any executive. The clean, professional output of the Mac/Laserwriter combo shook NYC to its foundations. The concern then, was simply the ability to read files and/or 3.5” disks between IBM and Mac. Then along came MacLinkPlus ...

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Zoku: Space Pop Molds.

Sold out? Dang. Reminds me of the Good Humor space pop.

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ArtDaily: Last of its kind Vickers Supermarine Spitfire to be auctioned at Christie’s London.

As part of a hugely generous gift, Spitfire P9374 will be sold at Christie’s to benefit the RAF Benevolent Fund and Panthera, a leading wildlife conservation charity. Spitfire N3200 will be going to the Imperial War Museum Duxford.” Both should stay in the UK, IMHO.

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Popular Archaeology: Archaeologists rebuild 1608 church where Pocahontas was married.

Based on the evidence recovered from the initial excavation of the church, archaeologists know that the building was constructed as a ‘mud and stud’ structure, where the walls of the building were constructed of simple wood posts in the ground with mud fill for the walls.” Sounds familiar somehow (chuckle) ...

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ArtDaily: New research to shed fresh light on the impact of industrialisation on the human body.

Modern health trends have seen a shift towards increasing life expectancy but we want to look again at what are often thought of as ‘man-made’ conditions like obesity and cancer. Given today’s more sedentary lifestyles, far removed from the physically active and natural existence of most of our forebears, there are some big questions about the origins of these diseases and how they relate to the modern environment.” Note, scientists are finding cancer in some very old bones.

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ArtDaily: 7.8-magnitude earthquake deals heavy blow to Nepal’s rich cultural heritage.

A terrible thing. But: “According to UNESCO, ‘two catastrophic earthquakes’ in 1833 and 1934 led to some monuments in the Kathmandu Valley being rebuilt.” Everything looks bleak in the immediate aftermath.

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