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WaPo: Hillary Clinton is not very good at running for president. It probably won’t matter.

Clinton’s top advisers are actually spending time trying to come up with a Trumpian nickname to hang on Trump ...” This is what boggles me about Dems. You don’t win a war by aping the tactics of your opponents. Sun Tzu had it right: “... that general is skilful in attack whose opponent does not know what to defend; and he is skilful in defense whose opponent does not know what to attack.”

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Wikipedia: Project Gnome. [More nuclear hijinks in NM]

A friend was lamenting the frequency of cancer in SW NM. Correlation isn’t causation (how many times I say that), but I was educated about a (new to me) nuclear test near Carlsbad. Ironic that it was underground and drilled horizontally - this is prime, prime fracking territory.

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Gizmodo: How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet.

There are other signals as well. On Stellar.io, a favorites aggregator that tracks what people are linking on Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr, the latter’s links fail to show up even daily in my stream.” *ahem* Stellar.io is dead in the water, dear author. Flickr’s not quite that bad yet. What infuriated me most, besides the Yahoo login, was the updating of the interface, making terrible design choices as they recrafted the experience. It still only rates ‘sorta usable’, IMHO. I surely do miss all the old activity. But as with Twitter over weblogging, Instagram offers a single crappy photo and a bit of text (sometimes). Less investment, less time. Just push, no pull. And Instagram’s far from perfect. It’s not a place to store your images - not at all. None of the current photo services get it right. None. That’s something I’d love to have input in, at the design/concept level ...

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BBC: WW2 aircraft pulled from Hudson River after crash.

I’m sure the deceased pilot (RIP) is very glad his steed will live on. P-47’s were amazing airplanes. They could take tons more damage than P-51’s and keep on flying. Some of the best bomber escorts ever.

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The Atlantic: The Astonishing Age of a Neanderthal Cave Construction Site.

She knew that Rouzaud’s date of 47,600 years was impressive but suspect. Carbon-dating is only accurate for samples younger than 50,000 years, so the Bruniquel material was hitting the technique’s limits. [snip] Their date? 176,500 years ago, give or take a few millennia.” My italic emphasis. Beautiful and strange. A real stunner for the world of science.

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BarnFinds: Another One, Slightly Nicer! 1975 Cosworth Vega.

Now, you may wonder why a Cosworth is worth saving. It has a real engine. Your standard Vega had one of the early aluminum engines ... with steel sleeves inside the pistons. They failed spectacularly and frequently. Your only option, often, was a complete engine replacement. Vegas had the worst of reputations, along with their competition, the rear-gas-tank-exploding Pintos. While the Vegas ran, they were cool. Busted, off to the junker, your wallet in tow.

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Hyperallergic: Why Museums Are Granting Google Free Access to Their Collections.

Of note. I wonder if this won’t actually depress museum visitation; Americans already consider ‘authentic fakes’ acceptable. Digital reproductions are the next best thing ... they won’t have to lift a finger to actually experience art. I suppose I’m a Luddite (once again). There’s a numinous feeling in the great museums.

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WaPo: WWII ‘Memphis Belle’ gunner, 94, revisits Britain. And dies quietly there.

RIP, good sir.

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c|net: Feds’ nuclear defense system uses ancient computer with 8-inch floppy drives.

You know, this doesn’t bother me so much. If it were suffering the latest Windows 10 ‘forced upgrade’ snafu, we’d be extinct.

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WaPo: Vince Foster was my brother. Donald Trump should be ashamed.

Remember this, if the conservatives continue to dig up Mr Foster. They made a great deal of hay off this in the ‘90’s.

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Youtube/Netflix: The Little Prince - Main Trailer.

Brings tears to my eyes. Saint-Ex comes to save the world, at just the right time. Only few will listen. Will it make a difference? I hope. Fervently hope.

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ANN: Friends, Romans - Help restore Rome’s ruins, monuments.

Reminds me of the middle industrial period. Industrial tycoons, robber barons had their hobbies, financing great public works. Longwood Gardens was one.

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ANN: Tyrannosaurus rex probably had lips says palaeontologist.

Umm. Probably had sticky fingers, too.

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Two from Atlas Obscura.

Brilliant bus concept. And Aristotle’s tomb?

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Literary Hub: On the Art and Writing of the 1980s (And Against the 90s).

That third paragraph. How I wish I’d written it!

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SF Reporter: Trump Stumps in ABQ [Photos].

Steven Hsieh does an excellent job illustrating the event. Consider this a followup to yesterday’s post.

Related: FactCheck.org, Trump ‘misleads’ on Martinez and Syrian refugees. His misunderstanding of simple facts is proving problematic; worse than Reagan’s, in my memory. Reagan had handlers to clean up the mess and assuage the press. Reagan would have a press conference, start ‘winging it’, and his handlers would take three days to clean up the mess. Friday -> Monday, typically. So the Reagan folks stopped having press conferences.

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ArtDaily: Native Americans step up fight over sacred object auctions.

Kraus specifically objected to one item in next week’s auction, lot #206 described as a warrior jacket of scalps. ‘In our world, if that’s human remains, you cannot sell human remains. It’s just not the thing to do’ ...” It is wrong, and it should stop.

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New Yorker: Do Trump and Clinton Matter?

If Trump can receive the same support as Mitt Romney, and if Clinton — who eight years ago ran to the right of Barack Obama, in a Party that since has moved substantially to the left — can receive the same baseline support as the President, then the populist anger that has moved through both primaries this year may matter less than we thought it would.

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Nat’l Review: Donald Trump & Newt Gingrich - A Potential GOP Ticket of Kindred Spirits.

It would be full-circle for Gingrich; locking permanently open the Pandora’s Box he opened in ‘94. My opinion? Blech. Hillary would need Jon Stewart as Vice to be able to compete.

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Vanity Fair: Olivia de Havilland and the Most Notorious Sibling Rivalry in Hollywood.

Long. Great story.

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Mashable: Female pilots who flew during WWII can now be buried at Arlington.

This surprised me. Even the women ferry pilots should be accorded this honor.

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Variety: ‘Mister Ed’ Star Alan Young Dies at 96.

Wilburrrrrrrrrr ...” RIP, good sir. Bamboo Harvester played Mr. Ed ... the location of his remains is actually a mystery.

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Daily Beast: Confederate Flag Loses More Hallowed Ground as US House Votes to Ban Flag in VA Cemeter

It is likely that the Senate will follow the House’s vote on Confederate flag at VA cemeteries and limit even further the right to display it on public property. We may not be far from a time when the only place that you can display a Confederate battle flag is on the back of a pick-up truck.

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Economist.UK: Musical innovation - Musicians who keep a-changin’.

Doesn’t explain Led Zeppelin. Or Pink Floyd. Does explain Jeff Beck. Like that time he used stuff written by David Torn.

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Bernie supporters, Nevada, and the larger picture.

I mentioned this on Facebook, but forgot to mention it here. The chairwoman in Nevada made a fundamental mistake. The voice vote should have been reinforced with another form of voting when opposition was raised. If you’ve not attended public meetings, you may not be familiar with Roberts Rules of Order. When she made what seemed to be a bad call, *any* member of the polled group should have been able to ask for a ‘division of the assembly’. I’ve been to enough public events, been the butt of enough bad calls, to predict that I would have been irate at this behavior as well. Roberts is used at just about every political or community meeting I’ve ever been to.

None of the media are pointing this out. Bernie’s run has been showing up the structural weaknesses of each state’s primary and caucus systems, and revealing how they might be gamed. I’m not saying they are, but certainly there’s enough “we’ve gotta make chicken salad out of chicken scratch” procedures that beg justification. I’m hoping these systemic flaws are fixed before the next Presidential election. Where there’s no wood, a fire can’t burn. The fact that thousands of primary voters were excluded because the polls simply could not handle the volume should disturb you enough. Yet the news media’s been remarkably silent. I hear from my readers here, directly (thank you all!). This broken system is just not acceptable in the 21st century.

I have to conclude that the dinosaurs in the DNC, the DLC should-be-extinct reptiles, are dialing up their pressure on Sanders to bow out. They don’t want to make compromises at the Convention (though they’re starting to creak just a little, I suspect it’s all just for show, going through the motions). “Liberal pundits” are starting to realize the situation. The 1992 strategies will not work today or tomorrow. Time for fresh ideas.

Expect more savagery aimed at Bernie, daily. The establishment wants him out, yesterday. The polling putting Trump ahead of Hillary is scaring the bejesus out of them. They think they can put a nice face on Clinton’s campaign and push Trump back. Cue up Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow” (released a couple of months before I graduated high school - 1977!) and talk up a two-executive Presidency (which roused unbelievable amounts of opposition in ‘92) and push Trump to the rear just as they’ve done so effectively with Bernie Sanders.

Excuse me while I engage in a bout of tragic laughter ...

Memories, like the colors of my mind ... thanks to Dan Lyke for this: Salon, June 2008, Why Clinton Voters Say They Won’t Support Obama. Take a breather, people.

Later: Hillary dropped out on June 7, 2008. I would not be surprised if the Clinton camp is telling the Sanders camp on backchannels that if the writing is on the wall after the votes in CA and NJ, he must kowtow or he won’t get any concessions.

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