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IMGur: Modern cavalry war horses. Against their instincts will lay completely still during battle.

This isn’t so strange, if you know history ... the era of the cavalry only ended in WWII. Germany, Poland, others were still using horses until about 1945.

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Phys.Org: Researcher argues that there’s more to the genus Homo than we may think.

Interesting theory. Bound to shake some folks up.

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Mashable: RIP, the Goodyear Blimp.

Always made me smile when it passed over Princeton during football seasons. Funny, I’ve never seen a blimp here out West. Ever. Balloons, sure. No blimps. Hmmm.

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ArtDaily: Archaeologists unearth ancient Greek palace with important inscriptions near Sparta.

No sign of Gerard Butler’s CGI abs, though. [Teasing.]

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RACV RoyalAuto: New York taxi collection.

The best part about a Checker cab was the voluminous room in the back. If you’ve never had the privilege of riding in one, manky from thousands of butts, they have two round ‘jump seats’ that fold down in back of the front driver and passenger seats. A rolling party! Bombproof. Reliable Chevy V8 running gear.

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NY Times: Keith Richards on ‘Crosseyed Heart’ - It’s Solo Rock ’n’ Rol

When you’re a musician, you don’t retire. You play up until you can’t breathe.” Not a quote from Keith, but a good one nonetheless.

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Mischiefs of Faction: Reimagining the presidency - Jimmy Carter’s impact on the office.

Carter rode a populist wave into office, and in six months, America was sick of him. No matter his record, no matter that his record made him uniquely qualified for the post, the Carter years were a grey, depressing muddle. His fireside chat experiments were a huge failure, after which he started suit-at-the-desk addresses, depressing in character. There was a particular image of him, dressed casually, bare feet on a desk or table in the White House, that sort of broke America’s mind. The Presidency required a certain style, and Carter’s early attempts at humanizing the office failed spectacularly (remember, this was post-Nixon, restoring-the-faith-in-the-office experimentation. Ford started well, but his pardon of Nixon rankled all and did not salve the wound). Interesting that photo does not seem to exist on the internet. Reagan supporters used it, in their ‘Restoring the Dignity’ materials. How much different our history would be, if Operation Eagle Claw had been successful. Israel had been successful with their hostage recoveries. It was a period of daring, and Carter greatly dared. The failure further greyed his Administration.

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Barn Finds: 1973 Chevrolet Bel Air Wagon.

Very similar to the ‘72 Buick Estate Wagon I had to learn to drive. Near 21 feet long. Failed parallel parking.

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Medium: The Evolution of Magazine Covers.

Genuinely entertaining article.

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Studio360: When Forgery Isn’t a Crime.

Landis makes his copies in just a couple of hours, often in front of the television, using cheap materials from stores like Hobby Lobby and Walmart.Whoopsie. So much for museum “experts”.

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BBC: ‘Temperamental’ Big Ben was ringing up to six seconds late.


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Time: The Next Revolution in Photography Is Coming.

For obvious commercial reasons camera manufacturers are careful to reconstruct the digital image in a form that mimics the familiar old photograph and consumers barely noticed a difference in the resulting image, but there are very few limitations on how the RAW data could be handled and reality could be reconstructed in any number of ways. For as long as there’s an approximate consensus on what reality should look like we retain a fingernail grip on the belief in the image as an objective record. But forces beyond photography and traditional publishing are already onto this new data resource, and culture will move with it whether photographers choose to follow or not.

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The Nation: Can Hillary Clinton Win Over the Left?

... in a historical irony, Hillary Clinton now needs to convince progressives that she really is who she was once widely believed to be.

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New Yorker: Shipwrecks Under Istanbul.

All they wanted to do was simply dredge the harbor. Then “... the real problem was the large number of Byzantine shipwrecks that began to surface soon after the excavation began, in 2004. Dating from the fifth to the eleventh century, the shipwrecks illustrated a previously murky chapter in the history of shipbuilding and were exceptionally well preserved, having apparently been buried in sand during a series of natural disasters.Thanks, WiredFool.

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BBC: New York stock exchange trader: Market ‘bordering on edge of panic’.

Mentions ‘87. Traders got near-suicidal then. Dismal train ride on the way home that day. Luckily reason prevailed, but it was a bad patch for Wall Street folk.

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FlightClub: Breathtaking Blue Bugatti 100P Replica Finally Makes First Flight.

Excellent. Sorry about the brakes. Thanks, Will!

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Israel21C: Shipwreck linked to Baron de Rothschild.

Imagine what you’d find if you drained the Mediterranean. Which, BTW, place a Bermuda “triangle” over any spot in that body of water, you’ll find more historical disappearances ... probably x100.

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Fusion: Second Life college campuses - A tour of abandoned worlds.

I had more than one client believe the hype. Luckily they listened to reasoned argument.

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Italian Ways: The loyalty and beauty of Stroncone.

Nice. If the stock market continues to tank, I’ll go over and volunteer as a mason.

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Archaeology News Network: Oldest case of leukemia found in Neolithic skeleton.

Many people seem to believe leukemia is a post-industrial phenomenon. You can educate them it’s not so.

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Archaeology News Network: Divers raise wreckage of Confederate warship.

Tons of scrap metal. Ironclads were pretty much cobble-together jobs with available parts. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a frying pan or three patching holes.

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Politico: Democratic Blues.

The party’s record over the past six years has made clear that when Barack Obama leaves office in January 2017 the Democratic Party will have ceded vast sections of the country to Republicans, and will be left with a weak bench of high-level elected officials. It is, in fact, so bleak a record that even if the Democrats hold the White House and retake the Senate in 2016, the party’s wounds will remain deep and enduring, threatening the enactment of anything like a “progressive” agenda across much of the nation and eliminating nearly a decade’s worth of rising stars who might help strengthen the party in elections ahead.

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Locanto: Mercedes home-built, made from Mercedes parts (and an Alfa windshield).

This would be great to drive to rallies and p-ss off Merc owners.

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Guardian.UK: Aztec skull trophy rack discovered at Mexico City’s Templo Mayor ruin site.

Heard of these, never seen one until now.

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Aeon: We are sacrificing the right to walk.

You know, even as a kid, I noticed the dearth of sidewalks west of the Mississippi. Cars rule the long ribbons of highway, and the grids of town.

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