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LRB: Hilary Mantel reviews ‘The Voices of Gemma Galgani’.

It ought to be possible to live and thrive, without conforming, complying, giving in, but also without imitating a man, even Christ: it should be possible to live without constant falsification. It should be possible for a woman to live – without feeling that she is starving on the doorstep of plenty – as light, remarkable, strong and free.” Powerful load of baggage to load on a book or four. But worth the read.

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ArtDaily: Electronica pioneer Edgar Froese of futuristic sounding Tangerine Dream dead at 70.

Virgin Records gave Tangerine Dream free rein in the studio and the result was 1974’s “Phaedra,” which became one of electronica’s seminal works. The album pushed the limits of the era’s sequencer technology to create a psychedelic atmosphere that some critics likened to space travel.” Seminal, indeed. Think of all that these albums spawned! Rest in peace, good sir.

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ArtDaily: Works by Leonardo da Vinci on display the Phoenix Art Museum for the first time.

The exhibition is focused around the Codex Leicester—comprised of 18 double-page and double-sided sheets (72 pages total). This is the only manuscript by Leonardo in a private American collection and one of the world’s most important intellectual manuscripts.” Oh man. I just might have to take a drive.

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Politico: The Hunting of Billie Holiday.

Horrific. A must-read.

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ArtDaily: Iconic Rolling Stone magazine photos featured at the Reading Public Museum.

Go. See. Baron Wolman lives here in Santa Fe; his work is legendary.

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Nerdist: Badass Danish YouTuber Destroys Every Hollywood Archery Myth.

Holy cow. Thanks, milov on FB.

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nakedcap: Announcing (Confirming) Our Focus on the CBO’s Dubious Models and Political Bias.

Republicans plan to mandate that the CBO use something called dynamic scoring, which has the effect of making tax cuts look far more beneficial to the economy than they are, by effectively claiming that tax cuts boost growth, which then boosts tax receipts. It would effectively institutionalize the Laffer curve, which has been widely and repeatedly debunked.”  The Laffer Curve’s been a laughingstock since Reagan’s first term. A tragic, maniacal laugh. As in, something like Heath Ledger’s Joker laugh.

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NY Times: ‘Sons of Liberty’ on History Looks at American Revolution.

The History channel admits there is quite a bit of license to this three-part series, calling it ‘historical fiction,’ not fact, but it is close enough.” The previews I’ve seen look dreadful. Produced by A+E. No wonder. Bodice-ripping history itself. Shame.

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Archaeology News Network: Ancient ‘red numbers’ discovered on Colosseum.

It’d be even cooler if they could find Roman documents discussing a weekend meetup in section 62, row 2 for the pagan-eating lion event ...

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Vox: Queen Elizabeth II once terrorized King Abdullah — by driving him around.

LOVE that story. Love.

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Archaeology News Network: Graeco-Roman necropolis uncovered in Alexandria.

Ooooh. You know that Alexander’s tomb is still yet to be found ...

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Archaeology News Network: New theories on Amphipolis Tomb occupants.

Tough calls.

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Archaeology News Network: Humans ate domestic dog, wild cat, fox and badger.

Shouldn’t surprise. Fluffy and Bowzer were fresh, self-maintaining protein one didn’t have to carry.

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Vox: This gorgeous tree shows early American history in a whole new way.

You know, I can waste hours in second-hand shops looking at out-of-date history books, encyclopedias. So much is edited out of modern texts, that add context to our understanding of past eras.

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The Economist: War in Ukraine - Airport saga.

If you’ve not seen photos of the airport ruins, you should go look. I never expected to see WWII levels of destruction in my lifetime.

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Paris Review: Remembering the Concorde.

I still recall the first time I saw a Concorde while travelling.  It was pulled up to the gate next to my mid-size passenger jet, and its tiny aspect totally threw my childhood fantasies out the window. I expected giant-pterodactyl-rocket-ship; instead, a veritable knitting needle with wings. A B-52 isn’t all that impressive, either, in real life. Oh, the wingspan’s huge, but the fuselage is more like a long cigar. Much shorter than a commercial airliner.

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The Art Newspaper: Pompeii to stage exhibition of objects returned by tourist-looters.

There is a colourful legend that says that those who steal from Pompeii will be persecuted by bad luck.” That probably does more than all the warning signs and CCTV.

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ArtDaily: British Library launches online collection of over 280 Holocaust survivors’ testimonies.

We are delighted that, through our partnership with the British Library, these important survivor testimonies are now going to be widely available to all”.

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Italian Ways: The MV Agusta 500-6 GP - superior class comes at a cost.

The things we used to do for improved aerodynamics ...

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HuffPo/Science: King Tut’s Mask Damaged; Beard Snapped Off During Botched Cleaning.

Click the Twitter pic link in the panel, center. Oh. My. Freaking. God. Heads should roll for this.

How *anything* comes to us intact from antiquity, amazes me. Even artifacts become opinion.

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Telegraph.UK: Experts say two mummies in the Vatican Museum are fakes.

A medieval shinbone in one. Not even the Vatican’s immune.

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Mischiefs of Faction: Looking presidential - reaction to the 2015 State of the Union.

The forty-fourth president is confronting the fact that his presidency has not only changed policy, but also changed politics, and not entirely in ways he would have chosen. He’s laying the groundwork for his legacy and his successor. And he’s made ambitious proposals that have no chance of being passed, because that’s how second terms tend to go, especially during contentious divided government.

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Coconino National Forest: FS seeking info on vandalism.

If you can identify any of these individuals, won’t you help the Forest Service out?

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Supercars.net: Cadillac V16 Hartmann Cabriolet.

Click through (top-right).  Oh my.

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NBC: A Rising Economy Lifts Obama Going Into State of the Union Night.

You can hardly tell from our NBC/WSJ poll that the Republican Party was the big winner from the midterm elections just two months ago. Somehow, Obama and the Democrats stole the Republicans’ post-election honeymoon. Or the Republicans somehow lost it.” Are you kidding? “Somehow”?!! They shat upon it by going ideological right out of the gate. The low turnout numbers were a limp desire to simply maintain the status quo, not a mandate to go batsh-t crazy. If there’s one thing blogging over many political seasons has shown - it’s that ‘there are no unimportant elections’.

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