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The Mischiefs of Faction: Four perspectives on Jeb Bush and the Republican nomination.

Doesn’t really go anywhere, but still worth the read.

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Poets & Writers: Typewriters in the 21st Century.

The USB Typewriter is a kit of electronica that, when installed on a typewriter, sends whatever is typed on the machine to an attached digital device—a computer, tablet, or smartphone—where it is stored as electronic, and thus editable and uploadable, text. The converted typewriter still works on its own, in the traditional fashion, with or without a device attached.

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INET Economics: Joseph Stiglitz - Economics Has to Come to Terms with Wealth and Income Inequality.

What has happened repeatedly in recent years is that we’ve had monetary authorities allowing — through deregulation and lax standards — banks to lend more, but not for creating new business, not for capital goods.” Interesting read. Take the time.

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ArtDaily: All-original Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona to be offered by its first and only owner.

Meh. I never admired the design of the Daytona. The curves don’t tug at my heartstrings. Liked my 240Z of the same year much better.

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Ancient Origins: Ancient Humans Bred with Completely Unknown Species.

What it begins to suggest is that we’re looking at a ‘Lord of the Rings’-type world - that there were many hominid populations

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Ancient Origins: Intriguing discoveries from million-mummy necropolis in Egypt revealed.

OK, wow.

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The European Magazine: What techno music and war have in common.

The most famous ceasefire was among British and German regiments around Christmas Eve. German soldiers actually decorated their trenches with Christmas trees and began singing carols. British forces began singing back, and in a matter of hours over 100,000 troops were unofficially crossing into disputed territory to sing, exchange gifts, and celebrate with one another. This all occurred, mind you, during the second bloodiest conflict in European history.

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NY TImes: Dershowitz Seeks to Bring Close to Polanski Case.

Shenanigans in ‘08 shouldn’t trump what occurred in ‘77. They’re a separate issue.

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TPM: The Democratic Party Needs To Clean House After CRomnibus.

Republicans can vote in a bloc, the Dems herd cats and fail. Same old, same old. Surprised? Shouldn’t be. Remember that, in ‘16.

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Slate: Dick Cheney defends CIA’s torture.

Hmmm. And cast that Administration’s actions against the Nuremberg principles.  “The fact that a person who committed an act which constitutes a crime under international law acted as Head of State or responsible government official does not relieve him from responsibility under international law.”  We have judged others by these rules; how can we not judge of ourselves?

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Archaeology News Network: Chickens and turkeys ‘closer to dinosaur ancestors’ than other birds.

Gee, that means I just ate (yesterday) a green-chile-and-dinosaur tamale ...

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The Fully Intended: Death to uniform.

Funny. I wrote a similar thing in high school, ranting against the ‘school uniform’ of the day.  Or rather, the in-crowd’s ‘uniform’.  Painter’s pants (wrinkled). Polyester skin-tight shirts/blouses. Wallabees. Docksiders. Dr. Scholl clogs.

Of course, I wrote it wearing blue flowered western shirts, cheese-yellow bell bottoms, Raichle hiking boots,  schlumping about with a Sacs Millet bag.

My English teacher of the time loved it. My classmates ... not so much. I’ve never had so many irate girls yelling at me in my life. Heaven forfend you attack perceived ‘individuality’.

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Fiscal Times: CRomnibus Disaster Signals a Sad New Normal in D.C.

Your most important political read for the upcoming year. Thanks to Ghost in the Machine, on FB.

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ArtDaily: Rossetti’s Venus Verticordia soars at Sotheby’s in London to sell for £2.88 million.

Hmmm. A resemblance to Jessica Brown-Findlay [Lady Sybil, Downton Abbey].

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Guardian.UK: A tale of two cités: can the Philharmonie de Paris bridge the social divide?

The Philharmonie’s banks of seating are nested inside the much larger shell of the hall, floating free of its walls, making for an intimate experience in a large space: ‘no audience member will be more than 32 metres away from the performers,’ says chief executive Laurent Bayle, ‘but the room is large enough to be very resonant.’” Looks quite interesting. Proof is in the sound, of course.

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PhotoShelter Blog: The Most Expensive Photo in the World (or the Best Marketing Stunt).

If you take photos, take the time to watch the video in the center of this article.  Very interesting.  The ‘priciest’ photo? There are significantly better photos of Antelope Canyon, IMHO.

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Youtube: Mad Max: Fury Road - Official Theatrical Teaser Trailer [HD].

I honestly don’t know. Hardy’s not my vision of Max. If there’s no supercharger with a clutch on the shifter, I’ll want my money back.

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Hemmings: ‘Most expensive car crash’ Ferrari 250 GTO restored by Ferrari Classich.

No inkling of the final cost. But it sure is wonderful to see the short video of it out on the track for the first time since the crash. Lovely exhaust note.

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New Republic, 12/4/14: Law Requires US to Compensate Guantanamo Torture Victims.

I’ve been thinking about this. Those who were tortured should have the ability take their cases to court. Internationally? In Islam, there is Qisas (retaliation) and Diyya (blood money). If we wish to maintain good relations internationally, we must be making restitution in meaningful ways. Meaningful ways to those who were so wronged. Many of these torturees have to be permanently scarred mentally and physically. America has a moral debt, red in our ledger. Will we even attempt to wipe it out?

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The Dish: The Truth About Torture, Revisited.

In a civilized society, there really would be no debate over this. And before 9/11, there wasn’t. Ever since, this country has slid and then fallen out of the civilized world and out of the core American traditions of humanity and legal warfare.

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Italian Ways: Pinocchio and uncle Attilio’s murals.

These are great!

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NPR Interview: Molly Guptill Manning, Author Of ‘When Books Went To War’.

The paper iPod.

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Atlas Obscura: Quietly Growing Among Us, These Trees Flew to the Moon and Back.

There’s a bit of trivia that’s new.

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BarnFinds: The Original Commuter - 1972 Honda Z600.

Ah, memories. I remember the very first one I saw - I was walking back home from the Princeton Public Library, and one was parked in the lot. I saw it from the back first - and you have to get this - the heavy rubber gasket around the back window was originally dark black. It resembled a diving mask - and seemed not very much larger, either. Tiny wheels/tires, too. That one stuck in my history-banks, for sure.

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iainclaridge.net: The Complete Jacques Tati.

Wonderful designs on the DVD covers.

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