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ArtDaily: The Vatican’s Sistine Chapel dazzles thanks to a revolutionary new lighting system.

The LEDs have a colour spectrum specifically designed with the pigmentation of the frescos in mind to ensure the light faithfully reflects the original colours, as the artists intended.” Someone will probably want to throw a stone at me, but I miss the patina. Easier to take in as a whole, before. Now, I’d have to spend a half hour or more looking at each individual tableau.

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Wired: Why It Took 23 Years to Link Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance to This Scrap of Metal.

The team then looked at every other kind of plane that could’ve flown over the Pacific at that time. But, again, nothing fit.” Pretty big statement. I see some (rivet) holes in this theory. Many other Lockheed-manufactured planes [Hudson, Lightning, Ventura] operated in that area; some might ostensibly have similar riveting - or also blacked out a window [windows were often standard sizes]. Or even a re-used piece of aluminum, inheriting double the rivet holes. Recycling was done extensively as planes were damaged.

A big question mark is Japanese aircraft, though the actual aluminum could be tested to rule most out (some models, such as the Zero, used a special grade of aluminum). Surviving specimens are thin on the ground to compare to, a problem. Yet they used stressed metal skins that would play directly into the damage patterns on this piece.

[Speaking as someone who has a relative still missing in action from ‘46 in the woods near Snoqualmie, WA. People find lots of metal, even tacitly link it to the plane type. Until you’ve got a part with a manufacturer number on it, your trail is but lukewarm.]

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Electric Literature: Searching for the Headless Horseman.

The Headless Horseman may have become one of America’s oldest ghosts, but his story was born in Europe and variations of him have long existed in Irish and German folklore.” Who minds? It’s so compelling.

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Archaeology News Network: Amphipolis dig shows no doorway to fourth chamber.

Let’s hope further access is only obscured and that the existing tomb is all there is (and stripped).

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Archaeology News Network: Searchers consider ‘winter dive’ to explore Erebus further.

Cool. Er, no. Cold.

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Italian Ways: Tato’s dynamic aerial paintings.

Aw, these are great.

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Amazon.com: Book - The Rolling Stones.

Coming December 15. An amazing list of photographers’ work in here.

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Archaeology News Network: Remains of French ship being reassembled in Texas.

Ill-fated La Salle.

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MessyNessyChic: Vintage Supercars rotting away in a forest (and that’s how the owner wants it)

Painful and beautiful at the same time.

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FWx: A Private Tour of the Eerie Abandoned Terminal at JFK.

Hey, I passed through there many a time on A/V shows. I still have, somewhere in the slightly-tame black hole of my closet, my TWA frequent flyer miles. Thanks to PapaScott on FB for finding it.

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Atlas Obscura: America’s Abandoned Insane Asylum Cemeteries.


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Paris Review: Happy Halloween from Thackeray.

... with Halloween around the corner, it seems as good a time as any to present a portfolio of Thackeray at his most imaginatively unhinged.” Delightfully grotesque.

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Civil War Memory: What Passes For Civil War History at Liberty University.

One historian to us: “This is just all around really bad.”  There is annoying mood-setting background music behind the speakers in the video - so annoying, one can’t really grok what they’re saying.

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LA Times: Marcia Strassman dies at 66; actress starred in ‘Welcome Back, Kotter’.

‘We didn’t think anybody would believe her with Gabe Kaplan.’ I said: ‘You believe me with Gabe Kaplan? Thank you very much.’”” Indeed. My heart lost a few beats over her, way back when. Beautiful eyes and a lovely smile. I note the Grim Reaper of breast cancer took her; he is too active these days. RIP.

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Telegraph.UK: Did Bach’s wife write his finest works?

Many of her papers are said to have been destroyed after her death, leaving little trace of her legacy.”  Somewhat suspicious in itself. None of us create in a true vacuum.

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Mashable: Photos of Veterans of the Napoleonic Wars.

Dapper. Obviously Napoleon supported a clandestine ‘army’ larger than his actual army ... the army of tailors and seamstresses to clothe all these soldiers.

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NY Times: Toxic Partisanship? Bill Clinton Says He Had It Worse, Yet Got Things Done.

For those who lived through it, yes - Bill had it worse.  Much worse. The Fairness Doctrine was shredded shortly before, and talk radio had just hit its stride. The wave of conservative partisanship (Gingrich’s GOPAC memo, that document and philosophy that shaped our modern news media and political culture) was to hit hard in the run-up to the ‘94 Congressional elections. These wolverines didn’t just go after Bill, but Hillary as well. Turning on the radio took a great deal of grit and bravery, given the millions of cubic feet of methane being generated.

Obama is the butt of racist attacks (veiled and otherwise), even I look askance at his lack of experience prior to the Presidency ... but the level is dialed down significantly in comparison. Who could forget the weeks of Republican ravings over the Vince Foster suicide? And the insinuations that Hillary and Foster had an affair, and that she offed him? Pound a conspiracy theory hard enough on radio in multiple markets, people start to accept it.

The conservatives hated Clinton because he was the most Centrist Democrat to ever win the Party’s nomination. Even longtime Dems were concerned. The Repubs feared losing a portion of their Southern/Midwestern bloc, as well as corporate donors ... feared it so, they pulled out every stop. Satan and Lilith were in the White House!

I suppose this is part of growing older. Seeing the facts as we lived them get challenged, watered down into a haze of ... ‘history.’

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NY Times: The Bushes, Led by W., Rally to Make Jeb ‘45’.

I’m betting he will. In spite of media assumptions, Hillary is no shoe-in. If he campaigns center and moves right after election, he has a strong chance. Question is, what can he do about the bozos in his own party?  Hefty baggage.

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Past Horizons: Romano British burials show less gum disease than modern population.

We were very struck by the finding that severe gum disease appeared to be much less common in the Roman British population than in modern humans, despite the fact that they did not use toothbrushes or visit dentists as we do today.

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BBC: Cream bassist Jack Bruce dies, aged 71.

We all now reside in the white room with black curtains. RIP, man.

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NY Times: Joan Quigley, Astrologer to a First Lady, Is Dead at 87.

... an astrologer had set the time for summit meetings, presidential debates, Reagan’s 1985 cancer surgery, State of the Union addresses and much more. Without an O.K. from the astrologer, he said, Air Force One did not take off.” The unelected woman who ran the US government. We all knew about this, yet noone really wanted to believe it. No wonder politics is so screwed up.

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Reuters: Some U.S. hospitals weigh withholding care to Ebola patients.

This is another example of how this 21st century viral threat has pulled us back into the 19th century.” During the European cholera epidemics, they’ll haul sick folks out to the pyres before they’d expired. Frightened humans do some pretty horrific things.

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The Art Newspaper: Tullio’s Adam returns to view at the Met.

One of its greatest treasure, Tullio Lombardo’s life-sized marble sculpture of the nude Adam crashed to the stone floor as its medium-density plywood stand buckled and collapsed.”  Even the Art Newspaper doesn’t proof its copy.

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Italian Ways: Flying high with Leonardo.

Wooden models of Leonardo’s most famous flying machines.

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Guardian.UK: The half-life of disaster.

As long as disaster capitalism reigns – which no doubt will be as long as capitalism itself reigns – the world will be caught in a vicious circle: that of responding by increasingly draconian and ill-advised means to a threat environment whose dangers the response only contributes to intensifying.”  Via wood s lot.

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