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Past Horizons: Rewriting the history of Glastonbury Abbey.

... the site of Arthur’s ‘grave’ was revealed to be a pit in the cemetery containing material dating from the 11th to 15th centuries, with no evidence linking to the era of the legendary King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.” Aw, rats.

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MessyNessyChic: The Art of Homemaking in a World War Dugout.

Documenting the creativity ... and ridiculousness ... of war.

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London Review of Books: Magical Thinking about Isis.

... the problem of IS can’t be laid exclusively at the door of Bush, Blair et al. The war in Libya, and Obama’s accommodation with the Sisi regime in Egypt, have encouraged the spread of IS well beyond Iraq. It is, however, the US’s dangerously incoherent Syria policy that has perhaps done the greatest damage.

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Guardian.UK: Scientists finally get under the skin of a 13th century publishing mystery.

It was a craft industry where the skills have been handed down from father to son, and stay within families, and we don’t know how they did it anymore.

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Random image link: 1969 Buick Century Cruiser, concept car.

Now that’s cool.

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NPR: You’ve Got A Home - June Millington’s Lifelong Journey In Rock.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

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ArtDaily: Bonhams returns to Monaco with ex-Stirling Moss Jaguar C-Type.

Legendary example of a wonderful car.If I had the expendable cash as a collector/enthusiast, a C-type is the first car I’d want to own.

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Crooked Timber: What We Owe the Students at Princeton.

The comments.

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Archaeology News Network: 23 heritage sites destroyed in Saudi airstrikes on Yemen.

Daesh is apparently not alone in desiring to wipe out history.

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Telegraph.UK: Secret pagan basilica in Rome emerges from the shadows after 2,000 years.

There were lots of cults worshipped at the time and the empire was in general fairly tolerant towards them.” Hmmph. ‘At the time.’ Constantine enjoyed practicing many cults much later than the family in the article (300s AD), and did not get baptized until shortly before death ... and even that, by an Arian bishop (heretical). Another case of journalists not knowing what the hell they’re writing about.

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Civil War Memory: Ta-Nehisi Coates and Civil War memory.

I don’t think anyone has gone further to engage the tough questions of the Civil War and interpret their relevance for both the black community and for a nation that continues to struggle with race relations.

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Archaeology News Network: Prehistoric teeth reveal how our ancestors ate 400,000 years ago.

Grab some aurochs steak – or whatever is on the menu – with one hand. Grip it between your teeth and, with your other hand, use a small flint blade to slice off a manageable bite size. But watch out because those flint tools are sharp and if you’re not careful, you could chip or graze your own choppers.

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Guardian.UK: Centuries-old Incan mummy’s DNA reveals untold story of ancient lineage.

It’s another brick in the wall ... [snip] ... people came to the Americas quite rapidly and then groups stopped in isolated places, creating their own demographic complexities.

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ByzantineBlog: Byzantine ‘flat-pack’ church to be reconstructed in Oxford after 1k years

You show your power by planting churches. He [Justinian] sent out flat-pack, self-assembly churches – Ikea churches.” Justinian, for you non-classicists, is the Byzantine emperor who built the Hagia Sophia, among other things. A very interesting individual. The set of laws in the Code of Justinian illuminates a great deal of Roman history, and at his decree, paganism was outlawed ... and the Greek schools of philosophy shut down for good.

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ArtDaily: Treasure hunter Ruben Collado seeks gold in sunken British ship off the coast of Uruguay.

The Argentine adventurer spent 14 years searching for the wreckage before finding it by accident in 2004, when the propeller of his boat struck a sunken mast as he trolled around the River Plate estuary. ” After fourteen years, that must have been an *amazing* moment.

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naked cap: 10 Economic Facts that Power the Sanders Insurgency.

Read of the day. Not anything we didn’t know, really, but piled together ...

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Atlas Obscura: Lower Trenton Bridge.

In fact, Washington’s famous Crossing of the Delaware was also somewhere near there.” Who writes the crap? I mean, really Atlas Obscura. You can do better than this. Greenwood Pottery in Trenton supplied the US Navy with china in WWI, enriching some of my ancestors. And there is a Washington Crossing State Park, where Washington *actually* crossed. More likely the Hessians put in where the Old Trenton bridge resides.

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Italian Ways: Sepo and Noveltex - from advertisement to art.

Pour le Soir, halfway down, is brilliant. The graphical shapes on the face. Wowzer.

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BloombergBusiness: What’s Really Warming the World?

Fantastic use of interactive animation. Scroll through it all.

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WaPo: Time for GOP panic? Establishment worried Carson or Trump might win.

We’re potentially careening down this road of nominating somebody who frankly isn’t fit to be president in terms of the basic ability and temperament to do the job. [snip] It’s not just that it could be somebody Hillary could destroy electorally, but what if Hillary hits a banana peel and this person becomes president?” Happy to hear the Establishment’s taking it seriously.

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The Diplomat: Russia’s Top Secret Nuclear Torpedo.

Codenamed ‘Kanyon’ by Pentagon officials, it has allegedly also been designed to target both naval ports used by the U.S. Navy’s submarine fleet as well as U.S. coastal regions.” Oh, just peachy if true. I’ve heard stories of their titanium subs, back in Cold War days. If their engines were quieter, they would have been a major problem.

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USA Today: The memoir George H.W. Bush couldn’t write.

Sounds interesting. A library borrow, perhaps.

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Dazed: Marina Abramović sued by former lover and co-creator Ulay.

She is not just a former business partner. [snip] The whole oeuvre has made history. It’s now in school books. But she has deliberately misinterpreted things, or left my name out.” I saw this on another major media outlet, but the link disappeared between RSS receipt and my desiring to post ... and unfindable in search. I assume being rewritten?

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Two car links, I’ll gang them to save space.

The 1956 Dodge “La Femme”, via MessyNessyChic. I can only imagine being a kid stuck in the back of that thing.

And, Alfa Romeo 33 Special Prototype, Ready to Fly, via Italian Ways. I remember that back end. Maybe I had a model ... ? Or a Corgi toy?

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Book titles with full text online.

Hey, like wow.

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