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Guardian.UK: I hate this US election and the dopey faux-confusion it inspires.

You hate it now; you weren’t old enough to experience the - *ahem* - entertainment of the first Clinton Administration, the misogynist attacks against ‘Hillarycare’, the birth of talk radio histrionics, the infamous GoPac memo/Contract with America loonybin, the impeachment, and oh so much more. Load your fridge with protein shakes. You’ll need ‘em.

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Deleted MeFi post: RIP Kuro5hin.

If you no longer have a valid URL, you can’t be an FPP. Apparently. Not even the Wayback Machine can show it. Wikipedia says it closed permanently today. Another piece of essential weblog history, as gradual disappearing screenshots ...

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SciAm: Unearthing the Atrocities of Nazi Death Camps.

The controversy that surrounds the investigations raises vital questions: How necessary is it to turn an exacting new lens on long-buried atrocities? And how can researchers strike an ideal balance between honoring the dead and gathering knowledge for future generations?” We rip Pharaohs out of tombs, Native Americans from their resting places. Why not investigate these atrocities? Many Vreelands (I have no Jewish heritage - I don’t think - my direct ancestor was Dutch Reformed - but there were many chances for crossbreeding between the 1600’s and WWII) died at Sobibor. I want to know what happened to these distant possible-relatives.

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medieval books: The Secrets of Medieval Fonts.

No surviving artefact underscores this point of variation better than advertisement sheets of commercial scribes.” Even the Dark Ages suffered advertisements?!!

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Economist: Language anxieties - A long decline.

It seems that the slovenly teenager, not to mention the purse-lipped schoolmaster, is at least 4,000 years old.

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Barnfinds: Motorhome Master - 1974 FMC 2900R Motorhome.

I would die. The ‘70’s burned me out on Avocado Green. I see it today, I have near-epileptic fits.

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Flickr: Labels and Tags.

I may have pointed to this before, or maybe just something similar. Tickles the back of my brain. Well, it’s always an aesthetic joy.

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Seattle Times: It’s official - Kennewick Man is Native American.

Obviously we are hearing an acknowledgment from the Corps of what we have been saying for 20 years. [snip] Now we want to collectively do what is right, and bring our relative back for reburial.

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The Atlantic: Trump’s Plan to Bring Jobs Back From China Misses the Point on U.S. Manufacturing.

The truth is, even if China blinked out of existence tomorrow, there just wouldn’t be a need for much of the work America lost. While low-skilled labor dominated manufacturing in decades past, automation and computers have made factory floors both tremendously productive and relatively human-free. A revitalized American manufacturing sector would raise employment, but not to the levels seen in 1979—a heyday that economists say is unlikely to be repeated.

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Archaeology News Network: Khafre pyramid much less dense than believed.

The interior is likely made of remarkably lightweight limestone that is produced in surrounding areas.” Yep, ‘only’ 3.98 million tons, instead of 5.5.

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National Geographic: Exclusive Photos Show Destruction of Nineveh Gates by ISIS.

According to Danti, the Islamic State’s scorched earth policy is psychological warfare intended to give the appearance that they are in control and to make onlookers feel powerless.” The payback for this wonton destruction, however, may be merciless.

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SF New Mexican: Tens of thousands set to gather for nation’s largest powwow.

If you haven’t experienced it, put it on the bucket list.

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Neurodiversity.com: Screams, slaps & love (1965).

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Therapists got angry with my stutter, but I never had to experience this. Perhaps I should count myself lucky.

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WSJ: How Trump Killed Reaganism.

Be even better if I could read the whole thing. When are newspaper sites going to give us micropayment per-article prices?

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Politico: Trump passes Romney’s popular vote total, likely to break GOP record.

Ouch. But, if you were wondering, Hillary’s over 12 million.

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Atlas Obscura: The Epic Century-Long English Battle to Rid Itself of American Squirrels.

Excuse me if I remind our Brit friends that they gifted us with overabundant English sparrows and starlings (to name just a couple of invasives).

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ArtDaily: London’s Big Ben to fall silent for months during “desperately” needed repairs next year.

In order to keep the clock ticking, we must now take the time to thoroughly inspect and restore it.

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PS Mag: Can Holy Lands Become Holy Democracies?

A very good, if somewhat light, read.

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Dissent: Is Labor a Commodity in Wisconsin?

Surely if labor (or labor power) is a commodity, it is as Marx and many others have noted a peculiar one. It has sentience, feelings, ideas and the capacity for resistance. It’s not just another bar of soap.

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PoG Photo Archives: Corner of Martinez Street and Hillside Street, Santa Fe.

Might even be the same building over on the right.

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BronxBanterBlog: The Strange and Mysterious Death of Mrs. Jerry Lee Lewis.

It might be innocent as a train wreck. But I’d like to see it investigated. To me, I just can’t believe that girl just got to that bed and lay down and died. You just can’t make me believe it.

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Washington Examiner: GOP insiders - Trump could hobble party for years.

If Trump is the nominee, it is likely there will be an independent conservative party.

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NY Times: Cindy Sherman Takes On Aging (Her Own).

Although Ms. Sherman expresses contempt for the superficialities of social media (“it seems so vulgar to me”) her new images of old-time film stars also hint at our digitized present. Ms. Sherman shot herself against a green screen, then used a computer to insert the landscapes behind her, many of which show off their digital origins.” If I may be so bold, and not incur wrath ... ditch the dye, embrace the grey. I have. Healthy acceptance of the hallmarks of age - and, hopefully, wisdom.

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Medium: Being A Developer After 40.

Fantastic. Read o’ the week. Big thanks to BillSaysThis!

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CNRSNews: The Lost City of Akhenaten.

The video eventually gives some scale to all this.

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