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ArtDaily: You can now sing ‘Happy Birthday’ free of charge.

Never occurred to me that it was under copyright restrictions. This could have been a powerful motivator for change in copyright duration, if used in a campaign.

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Guardian.UK: Elizabethan theatre, Chateau d’Hardelot review.

Pretentious. The best Shakespeare performances I ever enjoyed, were on a simple curved platform in a wooded park. Esp. good for “Tempest” and “Midsummernight’s Dream”. You could imagine spirits flitting about.

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The Toast: Female Philosophers of the Early Modern Era.

Here’s another list of seventeenth century philosophers: Margaret Cavendish, Anne Conway, Elisabeth of Bohemia, Mary Astell, Damaris Masham, Catherine Cockburn, Bathsua Makin. You can take a philosophy degree, including Early Modern philosophy, and not come across a single one of these women.

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ArtDaily: US bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley dies at 89.

Another RIP. Get them all out of the way early in the day ... “O Death” was incredible.

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NPR: Bill Cunningham, Iconic ‘New York Times’ Photographer, Dies At 87.

Dangit. RIP. The king of streetstyle photography. I suppose we should be grateful he didn’t have to suffer the aftereffects of the stroke. You will find tons of tributes and other photos of the man on various social channels ... Tumblr, etc.

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Hazlitt: Our Adored Cadavers.

It provides a one-sided kind of sex—a necessity, because Catholicism’s persistent influence ensures we still love virgin-martyrs the very best.” Okay, because I have to. Here.

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Archaeology News Network: Massive vertebrae sheds new light on Alamosaurus sanjuanensis.

RATS! A co-worker and I spent MONTHS searching around Big Bend in his Bronco for dinosaur bones in ‘78. We looked in the wrong durned place.

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Hollywood Reporter: Led Zeppelin Wins ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Jury Trial.

After the “Blurred Lines/Marvin Gaye” trial, I suspected something awry. Digging further - and it’s hard to find - the attorney for Spirit is a bit of a nut, and threw his net way too wide. If he’d limited his argument to “Stairway/Spirit” *alone*, he likely would have won. He may appeal.

Question is ... virtually all of Zep is 12-bar blues. Yet everyone using that historical progression has copyrighted their individual works. How is that any different?

Music’s just gonna get more interesting.

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Pacific Standard: Our Memories Are Deeply Flawed, and We’ll Be Happier If We Accept It.

The recovered-memory movement in the 1980s and ’90s emboldened people to root out their supposedly forgotten pasts — usually with the help of a therapist — and confront their tormentors, often their own parents, while fueling an adjacent hysteria about uncovering clandestine, sometimes occult-themed, networks of sexual predators.” God, the damage this movement did ...

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DYT: 1980s - The Period Of Women Rock Hairstyle Boom.

Oh man. There’s a blast from the past. Hairspray and blowdryers!

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BillMoyers: America Has a Republican Problem — and the Media is Partly to Blame.

... the Republican Party, with its history of dog-whistle racism, sexism, homophobia, nativism, and gun addiction, salted now by incipient fascism, has been legitimized by the mainstream media for years.” All in the interest of keeping the old Fairness Doctrine at an arm’s length. And it ain’t just happening for the Red side of the aisle. Get the DLC dinos out of Washington. They’ve been ‘legitimized’ way too long as well.

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FiveThirtyEight: With Trump In The Race, The Battleground Is Everywhere.

The source’s recent inaccuracies over Trump has made them introspective. I wonder if it is not overdone.

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ANN: Codex Rossanensis, original Biblical manuscript, goes on display in Calabria.

Looks rather amazing.

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Popular Archaeology: Found - The “Throne of Agamemnon”.

OK. Protesteth a smidge too much? Schliemannizing?

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Telegraph.UK: Nose dives, tangles with phone lines and very bumpy landings.

How not to land a biplane.

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ANN: Study aims to uncover mystery of Luxor’s tomb KV55.

About time.

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BillMoyers.com: Inside the Shadowy World of America’s 10 Biggest Gunmakers.

You’ll notice something in the infographics. Not a single revolver (except for Dirty Harry). The military started using the Beretta in ‘85, and it was featured in Lethal Weapon in ‘87. You can track the exponential increase in the market for semiautomatic pistols to those dates. Before then ... revolvers. Mass shootings were a fraction of their current frequency when revolvers were the majority of the market. Hollywood is complicit with gunmakers, IMHO.

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FishbowlNY: NY Times - NRA Is Complicit in Terrorism.

I think the boldness of the NY Post is forcing forthrightness at the Times. That’s a good thing. A salutary aspect of 80’s/90’s Manhattan was simple matter-of-factness.

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WaPo: A shattering revelation about ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

... Page admitted he didn’t write the song at Bron-Yr-Aur, pronounced ‘bronariar.’ Instead, he wrote it elsewhere and first played it for his bandmates at the Headley Garage.

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ArtDaily: Detroit Institute of Arts - “The Open Road: Photography and the American Road Trip”

I’d love to see this.

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Guardian.UK: Lonelygirl15 - how one mysterious vlogger changed the internet.

The thing is, Bree wasn’t real. Lonelygirl15 actually had a small team of writers. Bree and her best friend Daniel were played by actors.” This has occurred in so many of the internet’s niches. A popular blog goes viral. Turns out, the long posts, the artful photography, the well-produced videos ... are the results of an uncredited team of people. And, more often than not, wealthy sponsors pushing brands. Bottom line tends to be if it’s too good to be true, if it looks perfect ... it’s a ruse.

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Autoweek: Riverside Museum cars for sale.

I want that Dan Gurney Eagle #42. What I’d do with it, I have no idea. But it’s a fond memory.

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Travelling Wilburys - End of the Line.

When in the middle of a tough deadline, 3AM, all of the crew on headsets, a seemingly endless tortuous slog rehearsing terrible speaker presentations ... we’d start singing this. It was a spark of hope in a dark time. I need it today.

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Italian Ways: Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A, luxury for the United States.

Note the size of the tires. These things are huge. Here’s the one I shot at Concorso a couple of years ago.

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Politico: Hill Republicans despondent over Trump.

I’m not going to be commenting on the presidential candidates today.” Hillary should just ignore Trump and run her own campaign regardless of his statements or positions. There’s no point in even debating him.

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