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TG’s Political Wire: Are Democrats Now More Extreme Than Republicans?

No. As I’ve said before, the Center has moved significantly Rightwards since 1980. Left only looks more extreme in comparison, to those who were not alive prior to 1980.

I have to face it, I’m gettin’ old ...

Later: Yep, Dems more extreme ... not.

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The Atlantic: The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and the Secret Ghostwriters of Children’s Fiction.

1905? Bah. Atlantic, vet your articles better. Mid-1800’s. Dumas was the first to turn ghostwriting into a cottage industry; small-scale, sure, but his remains the dominant archetype.

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Smithsonian: Why We’d Be Better Off if Napoleon Never Lost at Waterloo.

In war, the game is always with him who commits the fewest faults.” An observation that Iraq revisionists should listen to.

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NPR: Photographer Mary Ellen Mark Dies At 75.

RIP, good lady.  Try ‘Celebrities’ on her website. One of my faves.

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Western Digs: Fire Reveals Human Stone Effigy, Bison-Kill Site in Montana.

Among the formations are two large effigies — or figures made from arrangements of stones — one of a human and the other, perhaps, of a turtle. The burn also exposed six rock cairns, a multitude of stone tipi rings, and dozens of so-called drive lines — alignments of large boulders that ancient hunters used to chase bison into a killing pen.” Pretty cool find.

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Macworld: We miss you, Clarus the dogcow.

It’s hard for old-school Mac users like me to let go of the idea that the more cheerful, slightly-crazy, what-the-hell-is-that-thing-anyway approach is better.” *sigh* Agreed.

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Farnam Street Blog: How to Read A Book

Would that school effectively taught switching between the levels. Most would just chuck a book at you.

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MessyNessyChic: A Forbidden No Man’s Land Poisoned by War.

Before the President or Congress marches off to war again they should view — and contemplate — this.

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Telegraph.UK: Mary Renault’s hardcore classicism.

It is the mark of little men to like only what they know; one step beyond and they feel the black cold of chaos.

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DesignYouTrust: Arizona Desert “Boneyard”.

You’ve seen links like this before. Except this one has background on each of the aircraft; they each have a story.

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I understand John Nash and wife have died in a car accident.

I wrote a piece a few years ago about my experience of John Nash during his ‘dark period’ in Princeton, over on Quora.

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Archaeology News Network: Ancient shipyard used by Admiral Zheng He may lie beneath construction sit

Wow. Noteworthy is the fact that ‘austerity’ destroyed Zheng He’s 3,500 ship fleet in 1525. So much for Confucianism. History repeats thusly [thinking of other voyages of discovery we need to commit to].

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Guardian.UK: King Henry I, like Richard III, could be buried in a car park, say archaeologists.

Who knew ‘car park monarch’ would be a thing?

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Italian Ways: The Osca 750S, beauty times eighteen.


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Nice Marmot: The Growth of Oligarchy.

Yep. It’s been many years now since Princeton University made more money as a real estate holding company than as a university. They could drop the whole education side of things and be quite well off.

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Alaska Dispatch News: Alaska’s first full mammoth skeleton may be lurking under Arctic lake.

Great pic.

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BBC: Prince Charles visits Lord Mountbatten 1979 IRA murder site.

Shaking hands with Gerry Adams. Surprised he could do it. Trivia: the same man who embalmed Lord Mountbatten, also embalmed King George VI, Winston Churchill, Judy Garland, Jimi Hendrix and Bon Scott, among others. Amazing where a hyperlink will take you.

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Guardian.UK: Stone tool discovery pushes back dawn of culture by 700,000 years.

Rock on.

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Italian Ways: Anselmo Bucci and the Giro d’Italia - a sports commentary by images.

These speak to me. They make me want to break out my soft pencils, charcoal and newsprint.

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New Yorker: Why 2016 Is So Very Important.

In short, the 2016 election could bring a quick end to Republican gains, or it could assign them a position of dominance. It matters; it matters enormously.” He can’t predict the future, but he knows what would be bad.

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Archaeology News Network: New evidence for King Philip II Tomb in Vergina.

During the scientific process, the experts found marks on the skeletons that match the descriptions of the king’s battle wounds, as well as the injuries the princess suffered in her life.

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BBC: ‘True face of Shakespeare’ appears in botany book.

Bigger questions: Why put Shakespeare on a book of herbals ... furthermore, his popularity and influence during his lifetime are still up for debate.

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NPR: Cherokee Chief John Ross Is The Unsung Hero Of ‘Jacksonland’.

Which is why you never give a $20 bill in change to a Cherokee (Jackson is on the bill). The Cherokee went as far as anyone could to assimilate into white society, and were treated as chattel. A powerful lesson there. If you ever get the chance, visit New Echota in Georgia. Watch the video, when you have an opportunity.

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Mashable: How America has regressed since the ‘Mad Men’ era.

Lest you believe Mad Men is documentary, cue up McMillan & Wife [on Netflix], and check out something filmed in the era. Even the Mad Men folks didn’t dare go to the aesthetic lengths the period embraced. A plaid jacket makes an attempt, but you need to pair it with a striped shirt, paisley tie. Rock Hudson and Susan Saint James wear some particularly cringeworthy gear that will, if you were around during the era, will remind you of what we assaulted each other with daily. I remember wearing red, white and blue vertical stripe bellbottoms with a blue flowered big-lapel shirt, and thinking myself devastatingly handsome (erk). Such were the times. Another of the things they don’t portray (as far as I can tell) - the body odor. Showers became popular about the time of blow dryers; many houses just didn’t have them. A semi-weekly bath was considered clean enough. Greasy hair, damp pits. Even on businessfolk. [Yes, I know I just recently wrote about this. But the stills from Mad Men I’m seeing all over are just not period accurate.]

Regression? Everyone knows many conservatives worship the ‘50’s. I ended up attending a friend’s party, to my surprise a GOP fundraiser. Cigars, pearl necklaces. Brylcream and beehives. A total time capsule. Even more dated than my old man’s poker get-togethers when I was a tiny kid.

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Guardian.UK: Russia restarts Progress spacecraft and corrects ISS orbit after series of failures.

Russia is currently reforming its space industry, but experts say years of underfunding mean there is a shortage in new-generation specialists to replace those recruited in the Soviet era.” 

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