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Autoweek: The best of the Monterey auctions

Here’s your car, Emmett. Not exactly perfectly art-deco, but close enough. Gorgeous.

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ArtDaily: Whey to go - 17th-century cheese found in Baltic wreck

But in the Kronan’s case, the blast was so powerful that pieces of the ship were scattered over a wide area of seabed. Fishing nets, minesweeping and the forces of the sea have added to the dispersal.” Given the fact it’s a bit ripe, maybe someone ... cut the cheese. Explosively.

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NY Times: Russia, Suspected in Hacking, Has Uneasy History With Hillary Clinton.

And the Times wonders why we think they’re shills. Not a peep about this (linked before), about the uranium deal from ‘09 to ‘13. Reported in their own newspaper! And ignored.

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BillMoyers: Patriot Games.

Echoes of Tricky Dick.

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Vox: Bernie-or-Busters are nothing like PUMAs.

... a lot of Sanders’s delegates don’t really come from the Democratic Party. Some are brand new to politics. Many, Yglesias notes, come from the world of political activism. Their loyalty is not necessarily to the party or even to Sen. Sanders, but to an issue or an agenda. They will support a candidate or a party only to the extent that it is a way to advance the agenda.” See Emmett’s comment on this post here.

In Santa Fe, the leftover ‘60’s hippies came out in force for Bernie. ‘60’s wannabees followed (new voters). They started with the candidate, but the candidate was ‘issues bundled.’ Now they don’t need the candidate.

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Political Wire: First Gentleman?

As close to a confession as he’s ever come? You have to laugh.

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Times of Israel: Turkey shutters dozens of news outlets in media crackdown.

The election is worrisome, but continuing events in Turkey serve to alarm.

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BBC: Dances with Wolves actor Chief David Bald Eagle dies at 97.

RIP, good sir. We’ll continue to wear our “7” patches upside down.

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Guardian.UK: Why Bill Clinton shouldn’t be the first first gentleman.

Oh come on. I really want to see video of him pointing his finger and lecturing roses in the Rose Garden.

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LA Times: Clinton might have more all-star wattage behind her than any nominee ever has.

Well, Hollywood stars are not generally people I take political opinions from. Apparently I’m a minority. Experienced politicians I admire, yes. Stars, no. Seems like she’s leaning towards the former, thank goodness.

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Italian Ways: Italy’s funiculars - wonderful all the way to the top.

Love these things.

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Hodinkee: The ‘Dirty Dozen,’ A Collection Of 12 (Mostly) Inexpensive Military Watches.

Beware. Many watches of WWII vintage have radium dials. Enough to set off geiger counters, and perhaps give you accelerated skin cancer. And you could get thrown in the slammer for carrying WMDs.

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Vox: How the DNC roll call vote managed to avoid disaster.

I spoke to several of them on Monday and Tuesday, and they said doing so was important as a symbolic demonstration of how many delegates Sanders had received in the primary — a way of recording for the history books how many votes he had received.

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BBC: Clinton gets Democratic nomination.

In a symbolic gesture of party unity, former Democratic rival Senator Bernie Sanders took the microphone to move to suspend the procedural rules and declare Mrs Clinton as the nominee.” Nice of Bernie. Congratulations, Ms Clinton! History made.

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The Nation: Obama Administration Has Brokered More Weapons Sales Than Any Other Admin Since WWII.

Why do other major US exports—from Hollywood movies to Midwestern grain shipments to Boeing airliners—garner regular coverage while trends in weapons exports remain in relative obscurity?” Big, big business.

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Atlas Obscura: The Miseducation of John Muir.


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Political Wire: Is Putin Trying to Meddle in the U.S. Election?

Theory-du-jour. I’m expecting some wag to accuse Bernie supporters (“Leftists”) of working with Russia, bringing McCarthyism back to a head.

Trump isn’t the only one with Russian connections. VERY IMPORTANT, if you’re interested in Russian influence, that you read this article about Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. NY Times link, not Breitbart, so we conservative-source-dislikers can’t poo-poo it. You will wonder why, as I do, that nothing has ever been followed up on.

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Slate: The people who hate Hillary Clinton the most.

Offers no real fixes. Certain burning questions are avoided, as in “changes positions when politically convenient”, to focus on misogyny; “Americans tend not to like ambitious women with loud voices”. Footnote: Hillary’s voice. Scroll down in the article to see about her timbre specifically.

Personally, I just can’t listen to her speak. I last about 30 seconds to a minute. I thought she was great in the ‘90’s; clear and effective, even with hayseed accent. Lest you think me sexist, which seems to be the subtext here, I can’t/couldn’t stand GWB or Obama either. GWB, freespeaking or his four-word stretches on teleprompter. I made about 30 seconds of him before waiting for transcripts. Obama, his use of teleprompter is average, the speeches well-written, his delivery flat. Every speech looks exactly the same. Same movements, same tics. I just can’t at all. I’ll watch soundbites or head for a transcript.

Seeing the footage of Mario Cuomo broadcast at the DNC last night reminded me of the great charismatic speakers of our past. I went in search of Ann Richards and Barbara Jordan on Youtube, and relaxed in the glow of history.

Question: If I’m sexist, American and ‘don’t like ambitious women with loud voices’, how come I loved Bella Abzug?

Yeah, not buying what some are selling.

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In These Times: DNC Leaks Show How Blatantly Democrats Trade Access For Donations.

Um ... let’s be fair, people. Certainly NOT just Democrats. Republicans, too.

Smells funny, all of this. The media is dogpiling too hard on the Democrats right now. I feel they know a Trump win would keep them in clover, even beyond a Clinton win.

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Vox: The DNC has barely started and delegates are already booing Hillary Clinton.

Bernie basically fed us a bunch of Mountain Dew and now he wants us to go to bed. It’s not going to happen.” Only now is Bernie realizing what he unleashed. Hillary is the only one who can corral this - she needs to make some big, significant move(s) sooner than later, otherwise her coronation will be a disaster.

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Historical Times: Donald Trump, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton.

Blast from the past. I’m going to overuse it, but cue up “Eminence Front.” I’m beginning to suspect this whole campaign is the result of a bet Trump made to Bill Clinton during a golf game ...

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Guardian.UK: Crowd boos Sanders as he says Clinton must become president – video.

He’s skilled at generating outrage, but not very skilled at controlling it. I would have made pleas for ‘playing a long game’. At least he did mention ‘the real world’. I suppose ‘grow up’ would have caused chairs to be thrown?

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Independent.UK: In undermining Bernie Sanders, the Dems have proved themselves [untrustworthy?]

If Clinton is to appeal to the left, she must apologise immediate for any form of misconduct from the DNC, and put an end to the neo-McCarthyist attitude that pollutes it. These leaks show that Democrats were actively working against a US progressive movement which shares its aims and values – if not always the route of travel – with Democrat supporters.” Some odd verbs missing, some strange misspellings. And it’s a bit tone-deaf, given that Clinton has immediately hired Wasserman-Schulz. No apology will be forthcoming, I suspect. Just an appeal to ‘put all this behind us and beat Trump.’ Hillary wants her coronation, no matter how late in coming. Sad that it could have been something other than a tarnished crown. If she doesn’t wake up and smell the future, she could end up a mere footnote in history. The right-leaning DLC is hanging by its fingernails. Time to let it go. Let the superstructure (what’s left) fall away.

As Cromwell tells Anne Boleyn in Hillary Mantel’s books, “Drop your plans and schemes. Put down the burden of them.”

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HistoriAnn: Generation and gender in “hating” Hillary Clinton.

Information point. For myself, the prospect of another Clinton Presidency dredges up memories of the ugly media ‘90’s ... newly-created talk radio, the first of the 24/7 news cycle (including internet as it grew). I look at the Clinton Foundation and imagine endless investigations, ‘scandals’, contributing to evening harangues and legislative gridlock. We’ve had eight years of insane rhetoric against Obama. I wanted anyone but another Clinton and even MORE of this ‘noise’. Gender be damned. But I must sadly admit to myself, no matter who is in office, the dogs and wolves will howl with renewed volume no matter who is chosen ...

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538: 2016 Election Forecast.


Later: I wonder if anyone’s realized a Trump win will result in the White House having five giant gold letters mounted on the facade ... and a gold throne behind the “Resolute” JFK desk.

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