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CBS News:

U.S. Marines contract malaria in Liberia.  “U.S. troops normally receive an anti-malarial drug regimen before deploying to a country like Liberia where there is risk of getting the disease.”  Someone screwed the pooch on this one.

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Antibiotic use drops among children.  Better late than never, I guess.

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Viagra may cure one thing, but may expose other, more complicated rifts.  The question seems to be, can middle-aged men deal with teenage physical response in an adult manner?

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Red wine molecule may extend life.  Add a glass of red wine to your apple-a-day.  Speaking of which, via NY Times, French winemakers are exceedingly optimistic about some of this year’s grapes.  The heat wave’s been good for something, at least ...

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Vision is more than merely eye function.  I wonder if he’ll ever try putting paintbrush to paper, or pen to paper, to render the world as he sees it.  Fascinating.

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Reuters Health:

Treating sleep apnea reverses heart enlargement.

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Seattle Times:

Longer immunity seen in vaccine against smallpox.  “A report scheduled for next month’s edition of the journal Nature Medicine indicates that lab tests can detect immune response in 90 percent of vaccinated people for many years, some for as long as 75 years.”

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