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Autoweek: Indian cars score zero stars in Global NCAP crash test, with video.

Cut to the chase: Everyone dies.

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NYT: Is Single Payer Our Health Salvation?

Listen to the doctors? I assume cherry-picked from a selection of responses; the choices an opinion in itself.

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Authority Nutrition: 7 “Toxins” in Food That Are Actually Concerning.

Real compounds to avoid.

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SF New Mexican: New Mexico health insurers propose rate hikes for 2017.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico also plans to sell coverage on the exchange this year, and proposals submitted to the state show average increases of as much as 83 percent for individuals.Jesus H. Christ. The next enrollment period starts November 1 - election is November 8. Once America sees the rate hikes ... ? The Dems have wanted to avoid mentioning the necessary ACA fixes during the election cycle - but if price hikes match these news articles, the nominee better start doing a fast dance or it’ll be a dull Trump-Trump-Trump sound over their political grave.

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Vox: Watch the rapid evolution of the American diet over 40 years, in one GIF.

I look at these, and become surprised that none have been correlated against disease (‘the reduction in whole milk perfectly tracks the rise in autism!’ etc.). Correlation, causation, and the whole internet amateur-research phenom ... then again, wait five minutes and check Twitter.

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Guardian.UK: GM food generally safe for humans and the environment, report says.

When farms switched from conventional crops to the engineered varieties, there was no substantial change in yields. While experimental results suggest that there should be an increase in production, the US Department of Agriculture data doesn’t show it, the report said.” One must separate the GM from the pesticides used. It’s the pesticides that manifest the problems, not the GM.

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Guardian.UK: Glyphosate unlikely to pose risk to humans, UN/WHO study says.

Playing games. Move those goal posts. Cancer isn’t the major concern; the detrimental effect on gut bacteria is. Many medical studies to back up even small amounts having great effects on the gut. This is not anti-GMO; this is overuse of pesticide. They’re using this stuff to dry out wheat crops for easier harvesting. By the millions of gallons. You’re getting more than you realize.

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NIAID.NIH.Gov: NIH-Led Team Discovers New HIV Vaccine Target.


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ABQ Free Press: Insurance Rates Headed Up.

The preliminary rates aren’t yet public and will most likely be adjusted by Franchini’s office, but a source told ABQ Free Press that two insurers are seeking average rate increases of 28 to 30 percent. Another is asking for increases of up to 80 percent, and two are asking for increases in the 3 to 12 percent range.” All the independent contractors of my acquaintance are going ballistic over this. Payment of the penalty and going without, seeking non-exchange out-of-state insurance are being discussed.

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MedicalDaily: Are Our Smartphones Afflicting Us All With Symptoms Of ADHD?

A two-week study. And a source I’m not familiar with. So grain-of-salt time. But interesting nonetheless.

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Dazed: Why I chose to have an illegal abortion.

Irish residents are not covered by the NHS and so have to go private – meaning that between flights and the procedure itself, you could be paying up to 1500 euros (£1186), possibly more. The abortion pills in comparison cost me 80 euros, and the fare to Belfast to pick up the pills was only 20 euros.” Not the coat-hanger variety of Texas and the rest of America. Guns are OK, safe and easy abortions are not. Interesting that both are designed to end human life, but are treated very differently. Be a good riff for a longer article.

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ScienceDaily: Study shows how memories can be intentionally forgotten.

Context. All-important.

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NY Times: ‘Second Skin’ May Reduce Wrinkles, Eyebags, Scientists Say.

The ‘skin’ can last for more than a day.” Oh, this is going to be lucrative.

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NY Times: Fraying at the Edges - Her Fight to Live With Alzheimer’s.

Harrowing, but she’s fighting.

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Guardian.UK: Doctors in US incorrectly prescribe antibiotics in nearly a third of cases.

Not especially surprising. 2009, look at what goes on with antidepressants too.

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Mashable: Small enough to fit in your pocket, this device can tell if your food is gluten-free.

Expensive, but compared to losing three days of work ... ?

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NBC: Bodies of Elite Climber Alex Lowe, Cameraman Found in Glacier 16 Years Later.

Preserved in blue ice. It’s going to be odd to see them unaged for 16 years. RIP.

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DiscoverMag: Liz Parrish Is Patient Zero in Her Own Anti-Aging Experiment.


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PS Mag: Meditation Keeps Your Brain Young.

Perhaps. The research referenced is not as rock-solid guaranteed as this article makes it out to be.

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NY Times: Colorado Weighs Replacing Obama’s Health Policy With Universal Coverage.

The system would be financed by payroll taxes of 3.3 percent for workers and 6.7 percent for employers. It would impose a 10 percent tax on investment income, people who are self-employed and some small-business income.” Sounds reasonable, if it can be supported on such. Yet 10% for self-employed ... ouch. Double-ouch. Compared to ‘workers’ and ‘employers’. We small businesses have a hard enough time. But if we could actually *use* it, we could bear it.

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AuthorityNutrition: Are Oats and Oatmeal Gluten-Free?

They are, but cross-contamination is a huge problem. I eat oats only when I know I can ‘take a chance’ with my health.

I’ll take the opportunity to interject another interesting cross-contamination source. Coffee. I bought some mass market coldbrew coffee, and had some problems. I chalked it up to acidity (even though cold brew is supposed to be lower), kept drinking, and had worse problems. Doing research (I’m SO sick of researching things) ... coffee in America is of course not subject to cross-contamination in general. It’s the source countries. They use the same trucks for the coffee harvest that they use for hauling wheat and other grains. So some, especially cheaper coffees, can be significantly contaminated.

Unfortunately, everyone changes their sourcing all the time. I stick with one brand until symptoms start, and then start gently trialing others.

Celiac/gluten issues blow the big one. I hate it.

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DJ: ‘All Belgians to get iodine pills’ in case of nuclear accident.

The reactor pressure vessels at both sites have shown signs of metal degradation, raising fears about their safety. They were temporarily closed but resumed service last December.” Show some sense. Close ‘em down.

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Neurodiversity.com: Screams, slaps & love (1965).

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Therapists got angry with my stutter, but I never had to experience this. Perhaps I should count myself lucky.

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Vox: More American children and teens aren’t just obese. They’re morbidly obese.

Gack. Well, I’ve pointed to this book before - expensive, but very much worth the price: Schooled on Fat. You will be shocked, I think. I was. It has the honor of being the first book I’ve ever reviewed on Amazon.

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Random emotion on Prince’s passing.

I hope someone comes up with a will that states he’d prefer to not be autopsied. The thought of that uber-private man ... who used his body so divinely ... being spatchcocked on a well-used stainless gurney bothers me. He who breaks something perfect to learn its springs and levers has left the path of wisdom and all that. Leaving his cause of death a mystery could be seen as a mark of respect. IMHO. We really don’t need to know, do we?

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