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Buffer: The Two Keys to a Lasting Early Morning Routine.

Good advice. Our little wintering hummer forced an early morning routine on us (thawing feeders). The practice has boosted overall productivity.

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SciAm: Exercise Counteracts Genetic Risk for Alzheimer’s.

Several others reported that frequent exercise — at least three times a week in some studies; up to more than an hour a day in others — can slow cognitive decline only in those carrying the high-risk gene. Furthermore, for those who carry the gene, being sedentary is associated with increased brain accumulation of the toxic protein beta-amyloid, a hallmark of Alzheimer’s.”  Git movin’.

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Julia Butterfly Hill, the young lady who tree-sat in Luna, has been injured.

A car accident. Her friends are building a fund to meet her deductible, along with helping finance her recuperation.

Later: And a side comment, think of how many are living with 6k deductibles, “affordable” health care.

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NY Times: Run to Stay Young.

Of interest. As many studies have noticed, walking is nice, but not enough.

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CT Mirror Op-Ed: Doctors and computers — not the best examining room combo.

An old high school acquaintance co-wrote this. You’ve heard the story of my 45-minute doctor visit, in which I offered to type for them, in order to save my precious $$.

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Gluten-free article removed.

Too long, and I’m sick of talking about it. Embargoed.

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SciAm: Can Fear [Anxiety] Be Erased?

Give oxytocin to people with certain anxiety disorders, and activity in the amygdala — the primary fear center in human and other mammalian brains, two almond-shaped bits of brain tissue sitting deep beneath our temples — falls.

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BBC: Drug can repair spinal cord injuries, study shows.

He says further testing in larger animals is needed before human trials can take place.” Sigh.

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NY Times: Pace of Health Care Cost Increases Falls to a 54-Year Low.

Why? “... and the proliferation of high-deductible health insurance plans, which tend to discourage the use of care by requiring consumers to pay more of the cost.” That, that’s what I’m hearing quite a bit about. And it will affect voters for ‘16.

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ArtDaily: Australia’s Isis Downs sheep farm ‘car of kings’ arrives at Bonhams Bond Street Car Sale.

Taking in the Outback in style, they were. These old vehicles had some pretty outstanding suspensions. Model As and Ts will surprise you with their offroad capabilities.

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Guardian.UK: Muscular dystrophy experts on brink of therapy breakthrough.

Researchers hope injections of the newly made cells could boost the performance of failing muscles in patients and so alleviate some of the worst symptoms of the condition.

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PS Mag: The Exponential Benefits of Eating Less.

Eat Less You Pig.” HAHAHAHAHA ... poignant.

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The UpStanding Desk.

Another standing solution. I kind of admire the double-wide.

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SciAm: Vivid Dreams Comfort the Dying.

Of interest.

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OpenCulture: Behold a Beautiful Archive of 10,000 Vintage Analog Cameras at Collection Appareils.


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Science of Us/Sleep Hack: Keep Your Feet Outside Your Covers.

I seem to have inherited this habit from my maternal grandmother. Cover my feet, I get too hot, can’t sleep. At least one foot has to have fresh air. Weirdsville, but ... it works.

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Vox: Why vitamin D pills are probably worthless for most people.

Oh, piffle. Depends on which studies you cherry-pick. I don’t think there’s a single vitamin that’s done more noticeable good for me. SAD, fitness, you name it. Get tested if you think you need it; ignore mere news reports.

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Brain Mic: There’s a Suicide Epidemic in Utah — And One Neuroscientist Thinks He Knows Why.

Altitude, really? Flagging this for further study results.

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PBS/Frontline: New Report - Adam Lanza “Did Not Just ‘Snap’”.

The authors describe a symbiotic relationship between mother and son, with Nancy going to excessive lengths to protect him from stress, which had the damaging effect of isolating him from the outside world. She treated him as a close confidant, but ‘that may have been well beyond his relatively immature emotional capacities.’” Alas I know of more than one tragedy of this kind. I’ll agree with the psychologists who say, “Suffer the little children to grow at their own pace.

They need goals, don’t get me wrong. But we do them a disservice to ‘adultize’ them too soon. One can begin to accept them as ‘another adult’ and misperceive the actual abilities of the child, allowing them to get into situations where older and wiser heads are required to make safe choices.

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Science of Us: Look at How Texting Is Warping Your Spine.

An adult head weighs 10 to 12 pounds in the neutral position. As the head tilts forward, the forces seen by the neck surges to 27 pounds at 15 degrees, 40 pounds at 30 degrees, 49 pounds at 45 degrees and 60 pounds at 60 degrees.”  I was wondering why I see so many human ‘vultures’ around - and it’s worst in the young!

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PS Mag: How Old Brains Learn New Tricks.

In visual learning experiments in which participants must remember sets of images or look for minute changes in an image, older experimental subjects can learn at about the same rate as younger people.” An opening for online learning, certainly.

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PS Mag: Online Brain Exercises Are Probably Useless.

Of note.

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c|net: 3D-printed cremation urn replicates your loved one’s head.

How one can remain a good-lookin’ ash after death.

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The Atlantic: The Dutch Village Where Everyone Has Dementia.

Glimpses of lucidity like that make the relatives of people with dementia yearn for an environment built around life rather than death. Hogewey hasn’t found a cure for dementia, but it’s found a path that’s changing ideas of how to treat those who can no longer take care of themselves.” We in American can look at this and sigh, because profit-motive and fear of ‘creeping socialism’ will never allow it to even get off the ground. Only the 1%; they may see and emulate for themselves.

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Modern Farmer: Landmark 20-Year Study Finds Pesticides Linked to Depression In Farmers.

Earlier this fall, researchers from the National Institute of Health finished up a landmark 20-year study, a study that hasn’t received the amount of coverage it deserves. About 84,000 farmers and spouses of farmers were interviewed since the mid-1990s to investigate the connection between pesticides and depression, a connection that had been suggested through anecdotal evidence for far longer.

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