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SciAm/Analysis: Drugmakers Take Big Price Increases on Popular Meds in U.S.

Major drug companies took hefty price increases in the U.S., in some cases more than doubling listed charges, for widely used medications over the past five years, a Reuters analysis of proprietary data found.” Not surprised. All ACA plans in NM are HMO now. Visit a doctor, get a ‘script. Perfect for-profit pipeline.

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Vox: The truth about WebMD, a hypochondriac’s nightmare and Big Pharma’s dream.

Speaking of pharmaceuticals, did you see this?

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NY Times: What You Learn in Your 40s.

And I’m still smiling after reading it.

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BBC: Vitamin D ‘heals damaged hearts’.

In a healthy adult, the figure is between 60% and 70%, but only a quarter of the blood in the heart was being successfully pumped out in the heart failure patients. But in those taking the vitamin pills, the ejection fraction increased from 26% to 34%.” Medical study caveats apply.

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Vox: The truth about WebMD, a hypochondriac’s nightmare and Big Pharma’s dream.

In 2010, Sen. Chuck Grassley sent a letter to the site after finding that a WebMD quiz for depression, sponsored by pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, was rigged to suggest everybody who took the test was at risk for major depression. Naturally, that would make them a potential candidate for antidepressants, conveniently manufactured by Eli Lilly.

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Guardian.UK: If you don’t want people to pee in the streets, build more public toilets.

We should be prosecuting individuals who don’t make use of public toilets. But if those public toilets don’t exist, handing out fines and naming names is completely unacceptable.” You’d think Santa Fe, a tourist town, would be better with this. Most people rely on the La Fonda when downtown. The parking garage bogs can be creepy. There are some nice ones in the back of the Arcade (where the original Woolworth’s used to be), on the Water Street side.

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Science: Tackling toxics.

In 1977, Bruce Ames and I published a report that a flame retardant in children’s pajamas called ‘brominated Tris’ was a mutagen and potential carcinogen. Three months later, it was banned from children’s pajamas, only to be replaced by ‘chlorinated Tris.’ We determined that this too was a mutagen, and it was removed from pajamas. Such regrettable substitution of a harmful chemical with a less-studied cousin is like ‘a game of whack-a-mole’ ...” One of the reasons we’d wash new baby clothes in hot water repeatedly, to get all the crap out.

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Guardian.UK: Veteran scuba diver dies in underwater cave accident in New Mexico.

Caving’s dangerous enough. Underwater caving? No thanks. RIP, Mr Thompson. Here is the video showing the remains of the B-26 he found off CA.

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SciAm: A Hidden Factor in Stroke Severity - The Microbes in Your Gut.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. If I had my life to do over, I’d go into research on ‘gut bugs.’

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Boston Globe: High-deductible health plans make Affordable Care Act ‘unaffordable.’

November, 2015. This is *exactly* what ACA touters are missing. I went from a $500 individual deductible to $5,000 to keep my premium the same. The ACA has hurt me by giving me less. Significantly less. And I’m supposed to be happy? Sure, I appreciate the other aspects of the ACA (preexisting conditions, etc.). But this feels like a colossal ripoff. You wonder why Sanders does well in certain states - look no farther. Hillary would do well to propose common-sense repairs.

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The Verge: Theranos isn’t as reliable as conventional labs — and that could be bad.

Doesn’t sound good.

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CoolTools: PollenTec Clean Air Window Screen.

Filters pollen? This may help some readers out there. I may buy some to trial myself.

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naked cap: How McKinsey Helped Turn Big Pharma into a Rent Extraction Business.

Drug companies in the US benefit from decades of large-scale research and development by the National Institutes and Health and other Federal agencies. They also get R&D tax credits that to a large degree represent an acceleration of tax break for the expected future profits. Yet when those profits actually show up, they shift them offshore to avoid paying taxes in the US.” And more. How to raise your BP in one short article.

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Amazon.com: Duro-Med Waterproof Leg Cast Protector.

I’ll bet at least one of you knows someone who needs this.

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Gallup: U.S. Uninsured Rate 11.9% in Fourth Quarter of 2015.

... the uninsured rate declined 5.2 percentage points since the fourth quarter of 2013, right before the key provision of the health law requiring Americans to carry health insurance took effect in early 2014.” I have previously quoted the number of 3%, prior to this update, as the decline - the new number is officially 5.2%.

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Authority Nutrition: What is BPA and Why is it Bad for You?

Don’t microwave plastic.” Amen to that!

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Authority Nutrition: Juicing - Good or Bad?

Eat ‘em whole, the way nature intended.

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Autoweek: Video of Fernando Alonso’s crash in Australia.

And he flippin’ walks away, albeit with a slight knee injury. Unbelievable. Thinking back to what happened to Gilles Villeneuve. How far we’ve come.

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GlobalPost: Future American doctors train for free — in Cuba.

... the Cuban healthcare model is focused on primary and preventive care, where doctors are assigned to take care of people in their communities. In Cuba, doctors will track their patients to make sure specific needs are met.

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Still a bit under the weather [graphic].

Been wracking the brain trying to figure out what I ate. It was caused by either bad milk (old, or left out too long), or a stomach bug. Bears no resemblance to a ‘glutening’ (which would cause short-lived digestive effects and long-lasting fatigue). I figure campylobacter or salmonella, but there is a stomach flu going around. Yet I have no fever, no chills, no heating cycles. Any fatigue seems to be related to electrolyte loss. Digestive effects are largely over, but still very unhappy from the bottom of the rib cage to the top of my thighs. I assume burned and scoured, and needs time to heal. Like I’ve passed a bushel-basket of used X-Acto blades.

If you hear of anyone with a stomach bug in your vicinity, don’t hesitate a moment. Yell “GO HOME” as loud as you can, and run the other way.

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Food poisoning struck yesterday evening.

Not sure what I imbibed, but my body is in full-shred revolt. We’ll see how much energy I have for working and linking.

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c|net: Let there be light: Lost memories restored to Alzheimer’s mice.

This suggests that it is indeed an access problem to the information, not that they’re unable to learn or store this memory. However, memories activated with this method faded within a day. It was then that the team linked the fading memories to the loss of dendritic spines.

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BBC: Hillary Clinton sparks sexism ‘shouting’ row.

Oh, please. How many times can I say this, as a professional teleprompter? She’s out of her usable range - forgiveable on such a winning night - but bordering on voicebox damaging. It’s her major tool, and it should be protected. And, critiquing this is sexist? Oh, how short our memories. Has it never occurred to you that we men simply want her to be her best in the faceoff with Trump?

Some men, yes, have used the word ‘shrill’. I find her register too low to ever qualify as ‘shrill’. That term is absolutely sexist-loaded. I’d lean more toward ‘resonant rasp of overamplification.’ She turned her vocal-amp to ‘11’, and the woofers and tweeters are turning to mush.

I’m already hitting a wall with conversing about Hillary with many. Many women supporters will not brook hardly a single critique of her, without bringing up sexism at every point. Listen to me carefully, even if you disagree: Quashing reasoned debate reduces the chances of turning a Hillary-disliker into a Hillary-voter. Washington is, last time I looked, still awash in patriarchy. Hillary has to compete in this environment - you cannot change it in a month, nor in a single Presidential term. She can’t be both the best, most-qualified candidate, and the candidate that needs special accommodation in order to have a ‘fair shake.’ America is not so subtle. The more you defend her as being unfairly treated, the weaker she seems in many eyes.

I believe Hillary can handle the patriarchal heffalumps. Do you? Prove it. Engage in the debate, don’t shutter it.

And remember my basic rule - agreeing to disagree is an acceptable end to any argument.

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NPR: Forget About It - Your Middle-Aged Brain Is Not On The Decline.

Carstensen says in your 50s, your cognitive abilities – processing speed and fluid intelligence, for example – haven’t declined that much, while your knowledge and expertise are quite advanced.” HAH.

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c|net: Functional human hearts regenerated from skin cells.

Hey, maybe they can engineer a new one for the T-man ...

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