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Bloomberg: Aetna’s Obamacare Reversal Is Latest Blow to U.S. Health Law.

Read further before judgment.

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Guardian.UK: ‘It wasn’t our time’ - Hawaiian pilots tell of crash, shark and 21 hours in open sea.

At 11.35am, only a mile and a half from the shore and after more than 20 miles of swimming and floating in the open ocean, they were pulled from the sea.” Now that’s a tale.

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SciAm: Where Does the Female Orgasm Come from? Scientists Think They Know.

They nearly choke on their own words trying to be PC over this.

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New Scientist: Mysterious dark brain cells linked to Alzheimer’s and stress.

Studies in patients show that inflammation arising outside the brain is associated with more rapid decline in Alzheimer’s patients, and it’s important to unravel what role microglia might play in this acceleration of disease.” Oh please no.

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New Scientist: Autoimmune diseases may be side effect of a strong immune system.

So healthy, you’re sick.

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Mashable: Fitness blogger posts empowering Instagram to show weight is just a number.

Let’s put this to bed also. Lots of these ‘losing weight’ stories from bloggers, social media stars and even scholarly articles quoted by news organizations.


The scale isn’t your only metric of fitness and health.

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SciAm: Nasal Bacteria Pump Out a Potential New Antibiotic that Kills MRSA.

Surprised the pun hasn’t been made: “Antibiotics? Snot a problem.”

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Mashable: Prince Harry’s live HIV test has had a pretty huge impact on HIV testing.

Just like Prince Harry’s rapid HIV test, the test requires a small drop of blood and can give you a 99.7% accurate result within 15 minutes.” Great example to set for young folks.

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New Scientist: Unprecedented Alzheimer’s drug slows disease by 80 per cent.

MRI brain scans revealed that brain atrophy slowed down in patients receiving LMTX by between 33 and 38 per cent, compared with those taking the placebo.” Hope!

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Discover Mag: Want to avoid malaria? Just wear a chicken.

Some smell chicken. I smell business opportunity.

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Metafilter: Two weeks, eight attacks, 247 lives.

Work through the thread, when you have time.

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Hodinkee: The ‘Dirty Dozen,’ A Collection Of 12 (Mostly) Inexpensive Military Watches.

Beware. Many watches of WWII vintage have radium dials. Enough to set off geiger counters, and perhaps give you accelerated skin cancer. And you could get thrown in the slammer for carrying WMDs.

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Guardian.UK: Treasure hunter who went looking for $2m in gold found dead in New Mexico.

Well, they finally discovered his remains.

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Guardian.UK: Harrison Ford could have died in Star Wars set incident, court hears.

Han Solo’s tough. Plane/helicopter crashes, having the Millenium Falcon door dropped on him, he prevails.

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AuthorityNutrition: Meat - Good or Bad?

As with most things, moderation seems to be key. And don’t prefer well-done (as I tend to).

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SciAm: Brain Training Cuts Dementia Risk a Decade Later.

There is growing evidence that remaining intellectually engaged (‘lifelong learning’) and certain forms of cognitive training can reduce the risk of plain old cognitive decline. But the new ACTIVE findings ‘are evidence that [that] may hold true for dementia, as well,’ said Maria Carrillo, chief science officer of the Alzheimer’s Association.

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Guardian.UK: Stem cell trial suggests damaged heart tissue could be regenerated.

One of the trial’s most dramatic results was a 40% reduction in the size of scarred tissue. Such scarring occurs during a cardiac event such as a heart attack, and can increase the chances of further heart failure. The scarring was previously thought to be permanent and irreversible.

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SF New Mexican: Zika carrier mosquito found in 4 New Mexico counties.

It’s in-state. Clear off your water-holding junk in the yard.

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Art Newspaper: Name of mystery woman who received Van Gogh’s ear revealed for first time.

Gabrielle, an innocent victim of a rabid dog and the temporarily deranged artist within the same year, later married and lived well into old age ...” Good for her. The tales she could tell, later on ...

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JAMA: United States Health Care Reform - Progress to Date and Next Steps.

The law has also greatly improved health insurance coverage for people who already had it.” An outright lie, in my own case. Sure, caps and preexisting conditions are gone. But I had to go from a $500 deductible to a $5,000 deductible to maintain my near-identical monthly payment. My wallet is not a fan.

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Mashable: Brits not happy about advice to take vitamin D supplements.

Silly. Take it. Esp. if you’re male and advancing in years. Your weight will be lower, your T levels slightly higher, your mood better. Saves me from the depths of SAD every winter, too.

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CBSNews: California’s Obamacare premium sticker shock.

Come this fall’s open-enrollment period, which starts just a week before the election, exchange customers can switch to a cheaper plan.” Yeah, the supporters of the ACA keep pushing this. Look at the copays, the deductibles. Insta-bankruptcy if you get seriously ill. Pushing ‘affordable health care’ into science fiction territory. It’s like using fix-a-flat on a tire; works, but it’s not equal to a functioning patched tire.

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SciAm: Human Brain Mapped in Unprecedented Detail.

Yet until now, most such maps have been based on a single type of measurement. That can provide an incomplete or even misleading view of the brain’s inner workings ...

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Vox: America’s health care prices are out of control. These 11 charts prove it.

Not the whole story [this is a Vox link, after all], but pointing directly at things Congress should already be talking about and proposing legislation to correct.

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In These Times: Many Pro-Bernie Groups Still Don’t Trust Clinton. Here’s Their Plan.

the bulk of People for Bernie’s efforts, Wong says, will be devoted to advocating for policies like single-payer health care and debt-free college that formed the core of Sanders’ platform—by holding Clinton accountable to the commitments she made during negotiations over the Democratic platform and pushing her to the left on issues where she and grassroots activists remain divided.” Well, that’s their only move at this point. Let’s hope they all stick to the agenda.

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