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Vox: I get food stamps, and I’m not ashamed — I’m angry.

It makes me burn when people assume I could give something up and then I wouldn’t need assistance.” And there is a very good point within - one can’t forget the preparation time for so-called ‘healthy meals’. Having to be gluten free, I can tell you even without foodstamps I can fully understand this argument.

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Mashable: Colorado park closes because people can’t stop taking selfies with bears.

We’ve actually seen people using selfie sticks to try and get as close to the bears as possible, sometimes within 10 feet of wild bears.” Rank stupidity knows no bounds.

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NY Times: ‘Lifesaving’ Study Urges New Goals on Blood Pressure.

I’d be very careful with this one. Lowering BP below 120, you can run into brain-fog and other significant issues. There’s a sweet spot between health and healthy function. Don’t let your doctor drug you into zombie-hood. And if they do, be bloody careful with vitamin supplements, which can tank your BP further. [Opined as a person who has had to care for a chronic low-blood pressure individual.]

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SciAm: Evidence for Person-to-Person Transmission of Alzheimer’s Pathology.

... the possibility remains that certain medical procedures, such as transplants and neurosurgery, may expose individuals to amyloid-beta seeds, and the possibility of transmitting them through blood will likely become an avenue of further research.” The usual research-warnings apply; don’t freak out. Followup studies often prove such things wrong.

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Authority Nutrition: Red Wine, Good or Bad?

Sorry, the bottom line: “Despite red wine being linked with some health benefits, none of them are worthy of encouraging alcohol consumption.

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naked cap: Obamacare to crapify health insurance for employers.

First, the tax was designed to slow the rising cost of health care and put pressure on employers to restructure employee health plans by increasing cost sharing on the part of employees. This would encourage employees to consume less health care, resulting in lower medical spending in the long-term.” I’ve seen some stupid statements, but this one takes the cake. Your buddy, fellow Dems. Looking out for your best interests.

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NY Times: Is Ben Carson Really the Anti-Trump?

Good lord. Another hot mess.

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SF New Mexican: New Mexico court schedules arguments on assisted suicide.

Of note.

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NY Times: The Problem With G.O.P. Plans to Sell Health Insurance Across State Lines.

Read the comments. The exchanges set their networks up very fast; this article makes it sound onerous.

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Dazed: Miley Cyrus just came out as ‘pansexual’.

Slightly NSFW photo. You don’t even have to look - I just wanted to make an observation: As opposed to what’s said in this article, you can browse Tumblr and find most young people today are finding it cool to list themselves as ‘pansexuals’. Don’t be surprised if your kids copy the trend. The frequency was already on the uptick, but it has exploded since Bruce/Caitlin Jenner’s PR push. So many are young ladies who live in the boondocks, who want to be ‘different.’ I can only imagine their reactions if they were hit on by some of the transsexuals I used to see in lower Manhattan in the ‘80’s.

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SF New Mexican: New Mexico insurer is pulling out of state health exchange.

The house of cards will come falling down. Folks I talk to, cannot find doctors to take some of the other exchange options. Not good.

Later: What happens if the ACA fails in a single state? Oh, people may be covered, but they may not find physicians to take that coverage. What happens then?

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NY Times: Usain Bolt Wins Easily but Is Run Down by a Segway.

Couldn’t have helped his back, though. I’d be cautious saying he’s uninjured. Besides, using a Segway that close? Crazy. I know folks want smooth pans, but really now.

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NPR: FDA Says Cigarettes Can’t Be Marketed As ‘Natural’.

American Spirit is, of course, based here in Santa Fe. Time to call the graphic artists.

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Atlantic: Modafinil Really Is a ‘Smart Drug,’ Study Says.

Where’ve you been? Prozac started the ‘work-doping’ trend. The perceived ‘mood brightener’ became a must-take for salespeople in the 90’s.

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WTKR: Roanoke reporter, photographer killed by shooter during live news interview.

Horrible. The perpetrator shot them down with no more consideration than a worker in an abbatoir. The frequency of shootings seems to be increasing.

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Guardian.UK: Jeb Bush joins conservatives in call to defund Planned Parenthood.

Yes, this is predictable, given his past. Fan of Crisis Pregnancy Centers. About those. What tends to happen, way too often, is after a young pregnant woman says ‘no’ to abortion, the organization disappears. If women make this choice, it’s support they need, not here-today, gone-tomorrow ideology. These organizations helped women *make* the choice - they have a responsibility to follow through. IMHO.

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Telegraph.UK: Dead teenager ‘wakes up in grave in Honduras’ – only to then ‘die in hospital’.

Nightmare of the day. If you don’t want to be totally bummed out, don’t read this.

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SciAm/Q&A: Why Is Blue Light before Bedtime Bad for Sleep?

I just checked out Amazon - there used to be a whole market of ‘blue light generators’ to *enhance* sleep. Thankfully, they’re disappearing fast. Only a few ‘aurora’ ceiling projectors left.

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IndyStar: Justin Wilson in coma after suffering severe head injury.

This is the first season IndyCar is using aero kits with multiple pieces, many of which fly off during the slightest contact.” Perhaps it is time for closed cockpits, if these aero kits continue to be used.

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Archaeology News Network: Oldest case of leukemia found in Neolithic skeleton.

Many people seem to believe leukemia is a post-industrial phenomenon. You can educate them it’s not so.

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BBC: Dementia levels ‘are stabilising’.

Even if a statistical anomaly, 2% fewer than predicted is a good thing.

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c|net: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ inspires kid to speak for first time.

I think the appropriate response is ... “WE are Groot.”

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Guardian.UK: There are 45 fracked wells within 2 miles of my daughter’s school.

Many students at the school suffer from asthma and serious, debilitating illnesses. What is causing this spike in health problems in normally healthy children? Fracking. It exposes our children to unsafe levels of air toxins that can cause a broad variety of serious health complications, including asthma. Students at my daughter’s schools were often forced to stay inside for weeks at a time because of the noxious fumes from the fracking sites. They think it’s strange when people don’t get nosebleeds every day.” Let me reiterate this - you cannot broadcast smells, so noone really understands this fact. Driving through southern NM and the Fort Stockton area of Texas, the stench of fracking is incredible, brain-pounding. Even with your car on a/c and recirculate, you cannot ban it from the passenger capsule. There’s no question in my mind it’s unhealthy. #endtodaysfrackingrant

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Authority Nutrition: Aspartame, Good or Bad?

Safe. Unless, perhaps, you’re prone to headaches or a child susceptible to seizures. Didn’t seem to have any studies about what it might do to the gut biome - a concern these days. Sucralose plays hell with the gut.

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Albuquerque Journal: Blue Cross pullout would mean new doctors for some customers.

Plans that Presbyterian, Christus and Molina offer through the exchange for 2016 restrict those insured to a specified network of providers, which would mean anyone switching from a different carrier likely would have to change doctors.

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