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Bill Moyers: Tell the Truth about Bernie’s Health Care Stand.

And here’s an ironic note: During that 1993 quest for a health care plan, Secretary Clinton sent Sanders an autographed picture of the two of them, wishing him the best and thanking the senator ‘for your commitment to real health care access for all Americans.’

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AJ America: Newborns Addicted To Opioids On The Rise.

What the mother takes, the baby gets high on. I walked the floors with ‘crack babies’, I know it to be true. Even antidepressants, supposedly ‘safe’, give you odd behaviors in newborns.

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Authority Nutrition: How Protein at Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight.

Yes, but I’d say beware the banana in the whey protein shake. Bananas can torpedo your belly-fat loss intentions. Unless you’re running immediately after, find something other than the ‘long fruit’.

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Guardian.UK: Alzheimer’s treatment closer as brain inflammation shown to be key.

... the latest research adds to evidence that inflammation in the brain is not so much caused by the disease, but is a driver of the disorder.” I wonder if a daily low-dose aspirin is enough to help here.

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Dazed: Turn your vagina into a soundsystem with this new gadget.

#%@^@^$&&$(Q(*%)??>!! Unborn babies have been shown to move around to minimize noise, and be startled by loud sounds. So why on earth ... ? Some fool will try piping Dr Phil or Oprah up the canal, I’m sure. Poor kids. A month of that, I’d self-abort.

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US News: The ‘lower risk of Alzheimer’s’ MIND Diet - What To Know.

Not draconian. I’d like to see the research first, though.

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MedicalNewsToday: Study links high sugar intake to increased risk of breast cancer.

Not the best source. Sorry. And it’s mice, not a human study ... yet still very concerning. The actual abstract is here.

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Health Care Policy & Marketplace Review: 2016 Obamacare Outlook. [Read this, if nothing else today.]

The most important piece you’ll read this week. Guaranteed. This echoes EXACTLY what we’re experiencing in NM. Thanks mucho, crazybutable.

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Salon: DuPont’s deadly deceit - The decades-long cover-up over the “world’s most s

I’ve mentioned before, any bird-owner can tell you. Cooking with Teflon in the vicinity of a pet bird will kill it. I know, I know ... species differences. However this article seems to indicate all is not peachy with Teflon and humanity.

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Salon: Does speaking a second language really improve cognition?

Seems the jury’s out, and not likely to render judgment for a while yet.

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NY Times: Many See I.R.S. Fines as More Affordable Than Insurance.

I do not believe it serves the public good to entrench private insurance programs that put actual care out of reach for those they purport to serve.” If Democrats lose in ‘16, it’ll be because of what they’re not appreciating about the awfulness of the ACA. People often vote based on who hits them in the pocketbook; noone’s impacted us like this – ever – in my memory. I repeat this point for a reason - if we as Democrats don’t start recognizing the problems, and offering solutions ... the Republican harangues will gain traction.

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MSNBC: Flint toxic water tragedy points directly to Michigan Gov. Snyder.

Rachel Maddow lays it out clearly. Watch the whole thing. Snyder aside ... Mr Obama, where’s FEMA right now?

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Vox: Martin Shkreli is the symptom, not the problem.

True. The only point I care about: “Either drug companies should be able to charge what the market will bear or America should — as every other developed country already does — directly set drug prices.

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Guardian.UK: Flint’s ‘toxic soup’ polluted water worse for children than thought, doctor says.

Worse than San Bernardino. So why isn’t this covered 24/7?

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Dazed: Pharmaceutical boss Martin Shkreli arrested for fraud.

... federal prosecutors accused Shkreli of engaging in a complicated shell game after his defunct hedge fund, MSMB Capital Management, lost millions. He is alleged to have made secret payoffs and set up sham consulting arrangements.

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Guardian.UK: Most cases of cancer are avoidable, say researchers.

He and his team examined the contribution of environmental factors to cancer risk, such as data showing that people who migrated from regions of lower cancer risk to those with higher risk soon developed disease at rates consistent with their new environment.” I wonder which theory will be proven out.

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Mashable: ‘Downton Abbey’ star Michelle Dockery loses fiance to cancer.

Very sad. I hope they had wonderful times together to counterweight the tragedy.

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Autoweek: Car books for holiday shopping.

Nope. This instead. Thank me later.

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Slate: PPOs are disappearing from Obamacare. Why?

Many customers on the exchanges are going for the low monthly premiums, and they’re willing to take a narrowly restricted medical network that doesn’t compensate for out-of-network charges except in an emergency as the price they pay for the lower monthly bill.” Blaming the consumer? It’s all we can afford! Get better coverage, media. This is fluff. The ACA’s cost over 2 billion, moved the needle on uninsured by around 3 percent (!), and pushed deductibles to catastrophic levels. We pay more (much more), get less (much less), and we’re supposed to subsidize the bloody cock-up?

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SciAm: Antidepressants in Pregnancy Tied to Autism.

The overall risk is low – less than 1 percent of the nearly 150,000 babies in the study were diagnosed with autism by age six or seven.
But children of women who took antidepressants during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy were 87 percent more likely to develop autism than kids born to women who didn’t take the drugs ...

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NY Times: Martin Shkreli’s Latest Plan to Sharply Raise Drug Price Prompts Outcry.

As I keep trying to emphasize, there is no relationship between morality and capitalism. The pursuit of naked profit has no empathy.

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Discover: New Form of Bacteria Invincible to All Known Antibiotics.

Mother Nature’s working overtime to find a way to reduce humanity’s burgeoning numbers.

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The Atlantic: Study - Happiness Doesn’t Help You Live Longer.

With apologies to the hundreds of machines pressing self-help books at this very moment that preach the life-changing benefits of happiness, it is incumbent upon me to say: It will not save you from death.” If you live your life by study-du-jour results, which, as we’ve already noticed, isn’t wise way to exist.

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SciAm: Antibiotic Use in Food Animals Continues to Rise.

U.S. sales of medically important antibiotics approved for use in livestock rose by 23 percent between 2009 and 2014, federal regulators said on Thursday, fueling concerns about risks to humans from antibiotic-resistant bacteria.” Good lord.

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Mashable: ‘I’m a warrior for the babies,’ accused Planned Parenthood shooter yells in court.

Killing innocent people to ‘save’ embryos, fetuses that may or may not make it to full term. If your actions were “God’s will”, maybe RU-486 is too ... to save innocent lives from you.

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