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Youtube: The Collective Project - Robert Downey Jr. Delivers a Real Bionic Arm.


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SciAm: Beyond Resveratrol - The Anti-Aging NAD Fad.

How excited should we be about all this? If I were a middle-aged mouse, I’d be ready to spend some of the nickels and dimes I’d dragged off the sidewalk to try NR supplements. [snip] But the paucity of human data gives me pause. Nobel laureates notwithstanding, I plan to wait until more is known before jumping up from the supper table to run out for some NR.”  Wasn’t resveratrol proven to be a hoax? Or am I behind the times?

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MessyNessyChic: And now, a Catalogue of Crazy Customized Coffins.

Good choice, leading with the Airstream. But check out the crab, further down. Gravediggers probably *hate* these things.

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Guardian.UK: Why people leave their bodies to medical research – and what happens.

You can also donate yourself to be a ‘teaching skeleton.’

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Vox: A $10,169 blood test is everything wrong with American health care.

This is not a procedure where some hospitals are really great at lipid panels and some are terrible. There’s just not space for quality variation: you are running blood through a machine and pressing buttons. That’s it. And that all makes it a bit baffling why, in California, a lipid panel can cost anywhere between $10 and $10,000. In either case, it is the exact same test.” My italics. We’ve all heard stories like this. The other one I’ve heard: the cost of endoscopies varying hugely [with plenty of innuendo].

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The Nation: A Broken Compensation System Is Leaving the Most Vulnerable Workers in Pain.

The double injustice of paying for the physical suffering imposed by your employer is no accident; it’s calculated cruelty. The Workers’ Compensation system has been gradually eroded to limit employer liability, while disenfranchised, precarious workers often have little choice but to accept an inadequate award or none at all.” My italics.

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Guardian.UK: ‘Middle-aged businessmen are winning amateur cycling races on EPO’.

Masters races were said to have middle-aged businessmen winning on EPO, with some of them training as hard as professional riders and putting in comparable performances.”  Seems it’s true.

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The Mischiefs of Faction: The Obamacare Case - How We Got Here, and Why It Matters.

Yes, well ... many of the Republican/Conservative thinktanks got their start in the post-Nixon years, during the Carter Administration. They’ve been playing the ‘long game’ ... something Dems haven’t been particularly good with (having enjoyed long majorities in the last century).

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Youtube: Raw: Amateur Photogs Catch Harrison Ford Crash.

Given what little I know about the area, I think he did good. Probably had to dive over trees to get as much room as he could for a rollout on the green, but lost headwind as soon as he ducked below the tree level.

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Vox: Fruits and vegetables poison more Americans than beef and chicken.

Some of the processes farms have in place to clean produce actually trap bacteria in the plants, making them impossible to wash away. There are also types of bacteria that you simply can’t wash off, or the contamination happens in places you typically don’t splash with water, like inside the fruit or vegetable after entering through a core, opening, or bruise.

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MSNBC: Harrison Ford reported fair after plane crash.

Best wishes, Mr Ford. Stylin’ historical plane. Hope it can recover, too.

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Vox: These twins can teach us a lot about racial identity.

Heavenly, the miracles Mother Nature throws at unappreciating bigots.

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Slate: Baby boomers delaying retirement - It’s a myth, because retirement is bleaker than ever

Altered title for length. Read it.

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Independent.UK/Kristin Scott Thomas: Describes ageism ‘disaster’ for female actors as ‘boring’.

Until the average life-span is 150 years or something, I don’t think women in their 50s are going to be considered at all viable.” Our media rarely accepts wrinkles. Most 50-ish men in Hollywood are slamming Color Camo (to minimize gray). Women have it significantly harder - their skin in thinner, so wrinkles become pronounced much earlier. In a world based on aesthetics ...

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I seem to have ingested something that had more than just cross-contamination. No fever, just the inability to think, a feeling of flu-like aches, and the requisite digestive issues. This is what leukemia must feel like. Energy drained through the heels, every muscle reduced to the size of a shoelace.

I’ve gotten very good at avoiding ‘the g stuff’. Only rarely am I caught, and even more rarely with this kind of severity.

Links will be slow to appear, in other words.

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Popular Archaeology: More on the violent death of Pharaoh Senebkay.

Perhaps horses were widely used earlier than previously believed.

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The Register: Churchill’s blood valued at £560,000.

Dukes Auctions is estimating the phial of his blood obtained by a nurse in 1962 could fetch £1,000, although a spokeswoman from the auction house said that due to the age of the specimen it now resembles a congealed orange-red blob.” One can safely assume Hayley Atwell will not be choked up and dumping this in the Thames from Tower Bridge.

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BBC: The pioneering female astronauts who never saw space.

[Jerrie] Cobb was bought out the tank after nine hours and 40 minutes ‒ a record at the time, as no man had endured more than six hours and 20 minutes and no woman more than six hours. On top of that, Cobb had not suffered any hallucinations.

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Mashable: 11 Wesleyan students hospitalized after apparent Molly overdoses.

Molly often gets cut with compounds that ... compound .. the negative effects. It’s all an affair of the heart - you’ll go from feeling love for everything, into full cardiac arrest. 

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AuthorityNutrition: Gluten Sensitivity is Real, and “Wheat-Free” is Not Just a Fad.

This study made headlines all over the world, claiming that gluten sensitivity had been disproved and that gluten was safe for anyone except people with celiac disease. However, this is completely false. What this study does show, is that gluten probably isn’t a very big factor in irritable bowel syndrome, in which case FODMAPs are the main player. This study also happens to support the fact that many people (IBS is very common) are intolerant to wheat, and should make an effort to avoid it. It’s just that the mechanism is different from what was previously believed. The solution, a gluten/wheat-free diet, is still the same, and just as effective as before.” My italic and underlined emphases. I got into a dustup over this study on FB; this reinforces my contentions there.

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Discover/Neuroskeptic: Right-Wing Brain Surgeons - The Case of Surgical Neurology International.

Good lord. I suppose we’re used to climate change/GMO science being perverted, but health now, too? In such a particularly difficult field, it seems extremely inappropriate and wasteful.

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Daily Mail.UK: American Benjamin Miller gored by bull at Carnaval del Toro in Spain yesterday.

Benjamin Miller of Georgia underwent a three-hour operation to repair damage to his thighs, sphincter and back muscles after being tossed and gored by a bull.”  Darwin Award winner for the weekend. I now have a new mental image of ‘head butt’.

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BBC: HIV vaccine that transforms cell DNA brings fresh hope.

After so many false alarms, let’s wait and see how long this one lasts before debunking.

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PS Mag: When It Comes to IVF, Who Should Call the Shots?

As each failure occurred, I ended up doing more IVF research. Looking back, I cannot imagine having triplets and caring for their needs.

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Mother Jones: By Age 40, Your Income Is Probably as Good as It’s Going to Get.

Real earnings pretty much plateau after age 40.” Gee, thanks.  Continuing that youth-supremacy thing. But with larger numbers of active older Boomers? These stats will change, I guarantee it.

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