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BBC: Scientists say parechovirus causes brain damage in babies.

Now that Zika has everyone frightened, folks will realize that many viruses can cause brain damage in babies. Pregnant women should seek medical help to reduce fever any time they’re ill.

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Autoweek: Another reason the roads were so scary in the 1950s - Booz Barometer!

I don’t know. Perhaps if there were a machine like this: You put your keys in. You put in enough cash or credit to buy a taxi/Uber ride home. You dine, drink. You have to blow below the legal limit to retrieve those keys and your deposit.

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DiscoverMag: Life After Almost-Death.

Makes one wonder if this isn’t a pre-coded routine in the brain for death preparation. Easing the transition.

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TechDirt: Optometrists Push For State Laws Blocking Online Eye Exams.

Wow. The service itself.

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Civil Eats: FDA to Start Testing for Glyphosate in Food.

This is from February, but I deemed important to post. In the past, I’ve cast aspersions on GMO for celiac/wheat intolerance issues. Research is making stronger and stronger links to glyphosate, the herbicide inextricably linked with GMO, as a possible culprit. The increase in celiac diagnoses and the overabundant use of glyphosate to ‘dry out’ non-GMO wheat for harvesting - the increases seem to match very closely when you view them on a chart. We are getting larger doses than we would imagine, even while making ‘smart’ food choices. Some major research was done on this subject back in 2013, seems to have been a harbinger. Not ‘proven’ yet, but getting closer.

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Scotsman.UK: Protein that works on mice could be key to treat Alzheimer’s.

Good progress.

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Guardian.UK: Do hay fever tablets shrink your brain?

New research has concluded that people regularly taking popular drugs including Clarityn and Piriton for hay fever and other allergies, the sleeping tablet Nytol, and Night Nurse Liquid containing promethazine did worse in cognitive tests and showed signs of loss of brain cells and connections.” Probably my vivid imagination, but I always felt mentally dull after taking Alka Seltzer Plus back when I’d commute to NYC (trains/subways/planes were petri dishes).

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BBC: Head and neck cancer drug ‘game changer’.

After a year, 36% of patients treated with nivolumab injections were still alive compared with 17% of those on chemo.

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Vox: My mother died of Alzheimer’s when she was 53. I don’t know if I’m next.

Heartfelt. Too many people are caregiving parents alone in America. The toll is devastating. If I start to go, give me a suicide option before I lose the will.

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Discover Mag: Stuttering Mice Could Reveal New Clues About the Speech Disorder.

Now that researchers have evidence that mice respond to the stuttering gene similarly to humans, they plan to test various drugs and procedures to see if they smooth out speech. And because the mechanism behind stuttering works the same in mice and humans, there’s a higher chance that a cure in mice will translate to humans.” Good news!

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NPR: Why Teens Are Impulsive, Addiction-Prone And Should Protect Their Brains.

... you had the expectation that their brain - because their body looks like an adult - that their brain should also be structurally like an adult. Well, it’s far from the truth.” Even the medical community was slow to realize children are not small adults - you cannot medicate them by difference in weight or size. Now, when it should already be obvious, we find out teens are just as different. Earns another “Duh.” Second one in a week.

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Vox: Hillary Clinton slams moderators for failing to ask a single abortion question.

It’s a great, important point. More of this, Hill.

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NY Times: It’s Not Cancer: Doctors Reclassify a Thyroid Tumor.

Wise. I’d still check it regularly, though.

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SciAm: Study Finds Evidence of Brain Injury in Living NFL Veterans.

*ahem* The sheer volume of ex-high-school football players could, in one fell swoop, explain the popularity of Trump ... ?

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UC San Diego Health: Higher Levels of Vitamin D Correspond to Lower Cancer Risk.

If you’re a male over 40, you should be taking a goodly amount anyway.

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Bicycling: This Piece of Gym Equipment Has 362 Times More Bacteria Than a Toilet Seat.

But the worst offender? Free weights. Next time you go to pick up your favorite 15-pounders for bicep curls, keep in mind that researchers discovered that these babies had 362 times (!!!) more bacteria than a toilet seat. Excuse us while we go invest in some hand sanitizer …” ICK ICK ICK.

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SciAm: Mysterious Antidepressant Target Reveals Its Shape.

For those who take SSRIs.

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SciAm/Analysis: Drugmakers Take Big Price Increases on Popular Meds in U.S.

Major drug companies took hefty price increases in the U.S., in some cases more than doubling listed charges, for widely used medications over the past five years, a Reuters analysis of proprietary data found.” Not surprised. All ACA plans in NM are HMO now. Visit a doctor, get a ‘script. Perfect for-profit pipeline.

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Vox: The truth about WebMD, a hypochondriac’s nightmare and Big Pharma’s dream.

Speaking of pharmaceuticals, did you see this?

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NY Times: What You Learn in Your 40s.

And I’m still smiling after reading it.

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BBC: Vitamin D ‘heals damaged hearts’.

In a healthy adult, the figure is between 60% and 70%, but only a quarter of the blood in the heart was being successfully pumped out in the heart failure patients. But in those taking the vitamin pills, the ejection fraction increased from 26% to 34%.” Medical study caveats apply.

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Vox: The truth about WebMD, a hypochondriac’s nightmare and Big Pharma’s dream.

In 2010, Sen. Chuck Grassley sent a letter to the site after finding that a WebMD quiz for depression, sponsored by pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, was rigged to suggest everybody who took the test was at risk for major depression. Naturally, that would make them a potential candidate for antidepressants, conveniently manufactured by Eli Lilly.

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Guardian.UK: If you don’t want people to pee in the streets, build more public toilets.

We should be prosecuting individuals who don’t make use of public toilets. But if those public toilets don’t exist, handing out fines and naming names is completely unacceptable.” You’d think Santa Fe, a tourist town, would be better with this. Most people rely on the La Fonda when downtown. The parking garage bogs can be creepy. There are some nice ones in the back of the Arcade (where the original Woolworth’s used to be), on the Water Street side.

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Science: Tackling toxics.

In 1977, Bruce Ames and I published a report that a flame retardant in children’s pajamas called ‘brominated Tris’ was a mutagen and potential carcinogen. Three months later, it was banned from children’s pajamas, only to be replaced by ‘chlorinated Tris.’ We determined that this too was a mutagen, and it was removed from pajamas. Such regrettable substitution of a harmful chemical with a less-studied cousin is like ‘a game of whack-a-mole’ ...” One of the reasons we’d wash new baby clothes in hot water repeatedly, to get all the crap out.

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Guardian.UK: Veteran scuba diver dies in underwater cave accident in New Mexico.

Caving’s dangerous enough. Underwater caving? No thanks. RIP, Mr Thompson. Here is the video showing the remains of the B-26 he found off CA.

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