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ANN: Fix for 3-billion-year-old genetic error could dramatically improve genetic sequencing.

The new innovation engineered at UT Austin is an enzyme that performs reverse transcription but can also “proofread,” or check its work while copying genetic code. The enzyme allows, for the first time, for large amounts of RNA information to be copied with near perfect accuracy.” Exciting and mind-blowing. On the flip side, let’s hope it doesn’t make viruses more potent.

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Guardian.UK: Tony Robbins event attendees burned after walking on hot coals.

Only after he does it first.

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Discover: Antibiotic-Resistant Genes Hitch a Ride in Just Two Days.

So many of my acquaintances go overseas, bringing back hitchhikers (GI distress). Perhaps this is why.

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SciAm: No Flu Nasal Spray Next Season: Why Is This Vaccine Not Working?

So why isn’t the nasal spray working well now? Researchers don’t know for sure, but it could have to do with the strains of influenza that have been circulating in recent years.

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DYT: 1980s - The Period Of Women Rock Hairstyle Boom.

Oh man. There’s a blast from the past. Hairspray and blowdryers!

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SciAm: Viruses Hijack the Body’s Response to Mosquito Bites.

Ya know, I keep getting the idea Mother Nature ain’t wild about this human-overpopulation/global-warming stuff.

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Vox: The US is spending trillions less than expected on health care.

But for individual consumers, slower health spending likely doesn’t feel cheaper at all. In fact, it probably feels more expensive: One big way private insurers have held down costs is by asking consumers to pay a larger and larger chunk of their medical bills.” Yeah, we know about that in NM.

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Guardian.UK: Breast cancer cell growth halted by osteoporosis drug, study shows.

Well, that’s cool. Of course, “But this study was carried out in mice and on cells in the lab, so we don’t know how effective this approach could be at reducing breast cancer risk in women ...”

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Guardian.UK: Woman attacked by bear while running marathon in New Mexico.

Welp, it happens. Running + mad momma bear = big trouble. There tends to be more fauna in the Valles Caldera, because of its isolation in past decades. Carry bear spray.

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PS Mag: The Economics of Antibiotic Resistance.

The current business model for antibiotics is plagued by market failures and perverse incentives ...” My italic emphasis. The perverse incentives have been widely known for decades, and not a whit has been done about it.

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NY Times: F.D.A. Warns Whole Foods on Failure to Address Food Safety Problems.

I’m already buying less there. They’re replacing organic brands I like with their own crummy mass-produced garbage, chocked with sugar.

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Guardian.UK: Alligator drags two-year-old boy into lagoon at Disney World resort in Florida.

You know, I spent a lot of time supporting sales meetings down in Disneyworld and environs. Every lake, every water feature seemed to have that long silhouette of an alligator or three in it. I wondered why they were allowed to remain, even close to well-trafficked areas. Understand, this was fifteen-twenty years ago now.

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NY Times: AR-15 Rifles Are Beloved, Reviled and a Common Element in Mass Shootings.

‘Many of the new shooters attracted to tactical guns for their first firearms purchase will think that they know guns because they’ve played a lot of first‐person shooter video games. (snip) Gamers inspired by Call of Duty to purchase their first gun will eventually discover that they have a lot to learn.’ But despite such admonitions, the gun industry has used the popularity of these games to sell its products to ‘a youthful, aggressive, technologically savvy generation’ ...” Yep, it’s all harmless, right? Video games, assault rifles, the mentalities encouraged ...

Far be it for me to impose my ethics on any of you, but the longer I live, the more I believe that violence should not be recreation. Especially for children. Quote me all the stats you’d like to, I will not yield. In this, I’ll be a stubborn son-of-a-bitch. The above is one of those quotes that simply blows away all the video game/violence stats, because it’s a consequence researchers haven’t noticed.

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Telegraph.UK: Eric Clapton struggling to play guitar because of damage to his nervous system.

Age. Catches up with us all. That top-20 list ... putting Beck at 20. Ridiculous.

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SciAm: Relaxation Benefits Introverts More Than Extraverts in Boosting Creativity.

When you’re “up tight”, relaxation can only help.

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Lancet: Efficacy and tolerability of antidepressants for depressive disorder in children.

Old-fashioned Prozac seems to be the only one that manifests actual results. Again, children are not ‘small adults’ - they respond differently to meds.

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NBC Sports: Investigation shows Alonso’s Australia crash impact peaked at 46G.

And he walked away. Amazing.

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BBC: Yellowstone National Park - Man dies after falling into hot spring.

I just mentioned this sort of thing the other day. Horrible way to go. Boiled to death, with no way out. Death in Yellowstone is the book I mentioned previously, catalogs these stupidities.

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Guardian.UK: Scientists uncover 11 types of acute myeloid leukaemia.

Great news. My old man passed of myelodysplasia, turned into AML in the final stages of the disease.

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BillMoyers.com: Small-Town America Has a Serious Drinking-Water Problem.

Tip of the iceberg. There are a whole lot of other nasties besides uranium.

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Reuters: Boxing great Muhammad Ali near death in Arizona hospital: source.

Hopes for a gentle end. I had the experience of seeing Ali and Frazier yelling at each other from different cars in downtown Trenton (near the Farmer’s Market) before their first fight. Ali had the verbal advantage. Both had their ‘hangers-ons’ and other managers about them, to prevent any early dustups.

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Comment: Can we cease having leads with obvious plastic surgery acting in Austen plays?

I mean, really. Plastic faces render no emotion whatsoever. “If you cannot move your eyebrows up and down, you’re out.” (I don’t care the sex of the act/ress/or.)

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Guardian.UK: US death rate rose for the first time in a decade in 2015.

The CDC report also shows an increase in death rates from suicide, drug overdoses and Alzheimer’s disease, possible indicators of failing public health initiatives.

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Shameful that Americans must resort to GoFundMe and other sources ...

... to help pay catastrophic medical bills. Does noone else look at this and think, “For SHAME, America”?

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USA Today: Harvard researchers unveil new Alzheimer’s theory.

Very interesting. They already know gum disease contributes to plaque around the heart (different plaque, but still).

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