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PS Mag: Trouble Ahead for Ritalin?

Meanwhile, many American parents seem to struggle with their decisions to medicate their kids, worrying about how difficult it can be to draw a bright line between behavior that’s restless, but “normal,” and behavior that’s worthy of treating with drugs.” I’m betting most kids are simply bored spitless at being ‘helicopter parented’.

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Guardian.UK: Pfizer’s injection of Botox may cause more than cosmetic damage.

... while Pfizer may be able to rush this deal to completion before US legislators can react, it is surely nonsense to think US politicians will then shrug their shoulders and carry on as if nothing has happened. Pfizer is a company that, like most US pharma giants, has prospered for decades on the back of the high prices Americans pay for their prescription medicines.” Please, Congress, start a brouhaha over this.

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Guardian.UK: Texas family struggles to keep health insurance – and survive cancer.

Just don’t go the doctor. Don’t do those preventative care visits that probably helped me find out I had breast cancer and thyroid cancer early on. Just don’t find out and don’t get it fixed. [snip] Which is ludicrous but at this point what do you do? It becomes insanely expensive, it’s a whole different ball game from what it used to be.

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Vox: UnitedHealth might quit Obamacare. That would be a huge deal.

But in the long term, United pulling out of Obamacare might signal something even more troubling: that the marketplaces aren’t a good business decision for other large carriers like Blue Cross Blue Shield or Aetna.” Uh, Vox? BCBS is already gone from NM. Wake up and smell the beginnings of a death spiral.

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Archaeology News Network: Prehistoric teeth reveal how our ancestors ate 400,000 years ago.

Grab some aurochs steak – or whatever is on the menu – with one hand. Grip it between your teeth and, with your other hand, use a small flint blade to slice off a manageable bite size. But watch out because those flint tools are sharp and if you’re not careful, you could chip or graze your own choppers.

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SF Reporter: New York City transplant is rescued by Search and Rescue teams in Carson National Fores

Proper prep is key. Eric [‘from Santa Fe’], were you in on this one?

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NY Times/Letter of Recommendation: The ‘Death in … ’ Books.

In their defense, there are indeed lessons to be learned from other people’s tragedies: Don’t pitch your tent at the edge of a cliff if you plan on getting drunk; don’t try to befriend the buffalo. Still, no one buys a book with a skull on the cover because they’re hoping for edification.” You will learn loads. Mostly that ill-preparation is a game of chance with Mother Nature, and she often wins.

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Youtube/XOXO: Amit Gupta, Photojojo.

Dramatic and moving.

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Guernica/Robert Reich: The Rigging of the American Market.

For example, Americans pay more for pharmaceuticals than do the citizens of any other developed nation. That’s partly because it’s perfectly legal in the US (but not in most other nations) for the makers of branded drugs to pay the makers of generic drugs to delay introducing cheaper unbranded equivalents, after patents on the brands have expired.” My italic emphasis. You learn something new every day ...

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NY Mag: Ambling Through America’s Most Stoned Suburbs.

I expected to see unicorns. [snip] But when I started smoking I just got so connected to God.

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Prestigious medical journals rejected stunning study on deaths among middle-aged whites - The Washin

An increasingly pessimistic view of their financial future combined with the increased availability of opioid drugs has created this kind of perfect storm of adverse outcomes.

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Guardian.UK: Robin Williams was ‘disintegrating’ before suicide, widow says.

I understand his choice better now, than just straight Parkinson’s.

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naked cap: The New York Times Covers ObamaCare as Enrollment Opens.

Oh yeah. In NM, now that BC/BS has pulled out, Healthcare.gov shows three providers: Molina, Christus (Catholic) and Presbyterian. All HMO. NM Health Connections screwed up something, and won’t be available on the Exchange until the 15th of the month.

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NCBI: Fungal infection in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

The Economist (paywall-hidden) has an article about fungal infection as being a potential vector for Alzheimer’s. Closest ref I could find.

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CancerResearchUK: Processed meat and cancer – what you need to know.

We know that, out of every 1000 people in the UK, about 61 will develop bowel cancer at some point in their lives. Those who eat the lowest amount of processed meat are likely to have a lower lifetime risk than the rest of the population (about 56 cases per 1000 low meat-eaters). If this is correct, the WCRF’s analysis suggests that, among 1000 people who eat the most processed meat, you’d expect 66 to develop bowel cancer at some point in their lives – 10 more than the group who eat the least processed meat.” My italic emphasis.

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nakedcap: Will Adverse Selection Force ObamaCare into a Death Spiral?

So if an ObamaCare death spiral moves from mere hints and intimations to harsh realities, progressives in and around the Democratic Party will be confronted with a historic choice: Will they die in the last ditch to defend ObamaCare as is? Will they advocate tweaks? Will they revive the so-called public option?[6] Or — especially given that Clinton has already head-faked left on so many other policies — will they finally push for the simple, rugged, and proven ‘Everybody in, nobody out’ single payer program advocated by Bernie Sanders?” What boggles me is, noone’s talking about this. Dems are silent, for the most part, or still showering encomiums on the ACA ... even when it’s doing violence their monthly budgets.

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Atlas Obscura: The Manhattan Burial Crisis of 1822 Makes Every Cemetery Today Seem Amazing.

Jeez. I used to take my lunch there, occasionally.

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Guardian.UK: Planned Parenthood vandal with hatchet damages New Hampshire clinic.

Politicians and press continue to impress with ideological irresponsibility. Instead of using facts, they goose the outrage, encouraging their beloved ‘edge cases’ to go postal.

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The Atlantic: Why Do So Many Workers With the Flu Still Come in?

Is this not the most useless article? Who can afford to lose those pay-days?

The Atlantic has been letting me down of late. I’m putting it in my ‘probation’ folder in NewsBlur.

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BBC: The dangerous art of the ultimate selfie.

At least 12 people have died this year while taking pictures of themselves making the practice more deadly than shark attacks ...

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Mashable: Defiant hedge fund bro still hasn’t lowered the $750 price of AIDS drug for babies.

How much time did it take to raise the price?

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LA Daily Post: Even When It’s Out Of Commission, Everybody Wants A Piece Of WIPP.

Another excellent Roger Snodgrass piece. They can’t even safely handle the low-level waste, and they still want to get approvals to chuck the high-level stuff in the Carlsbad hole ...

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Daily Beast: Sex In 2050 - More Robots, Less Humans.

It is hard to predict what sorts of sex AIs will invent for their own amusement, but likely they will do so. [snip] This is another area we’ll need to protect from hackers.” The things we find to worry about ...

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PS Mag: A Push for Greater Transparency on Big Pharma Payouts.

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants wrote 15 percent of all prescriptions nationwide in the first five months of this year, according to IMS Health, a health information company.” Oh, the perfect opportunity for Big Pharma. I can see why they love PA’s and NP’s.

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SciAm: Antioxidants May Make Cancer Worse.

Eschew the mega-doses. I’ve wondered about this. Everyone I knew using vitamin supplementation for cancer seemed to end up with an accelerated demise.

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