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The Luminous Landscape: Fuji X100s Review.

Good review.

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DP Review: Sony Alpha 7R Review.

So close.

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ProVideoCoalition: Music Video Shot With All Three Blackmagic Cameras.

Of interest.

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Dell Laptop Forum: Installing VLC Media Player voids your speaker warranty!

Hmmm. Laptop speakers are so awful OEM, I suspect burning them out might be a service to audiophiles everywhere (joking, dryly). VLC does a bang-up job with FLACs. I like clean audio.

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DP Review: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4, a quick summary.

I still want 20MP, not 16.  But scroll down and just look at the ‘interface unit’!!  XLRs! Wow. I’ll have to consider this baby.

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Ian Johnson’s Blog: VPS disk performance, Digital Ocean vs Linode part II.

SSD vs. rotating platters? Your expectations will not be met, apparently.

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Fred Miranda: Sony A7R teams up with Canon glass.

Photogs, you’ll want to read this one. Particularly, if you choose to try this, about the shutter vibration. This is THE photographic link o’ the day. There, I called it.

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Apple Support: iPad Air Freezing.

Mine has begun this circus of freezing/key repeats. I use a Logitech external BT keyboard case. Very strange. If anyone hears of a fix, I’d appreciate a tip.

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Of iPad cases and keyboards ...

I wonder why extended storage is not part of iPad cases and keyboards. It would be simple enough to add an SD or CF card slot in most of these little Bluetooth beasties. It would be nice to have a thumbnail-sized set of hard drives to swap out as one works. As nice as cloud systems are, there are many areas in NM (even SF County here) where there’s no cell service and, upon asking someone about wifi, your question is met with a burst of hysterical laughter.

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Ars Technica: BeWifi lets you steal your neighbor’s bandwidth when they’re not using it.

Linkbait title, shame on you Ars. Not stealing - more premeditated sharing. You have to own a specific brand of router.

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Apple: Thirty Years of Mac.

I was still working on Wall Street when the Macintosh was announced. The fear was, in the midst of Apple III-dom, that it would be too much of a toy for serious work. It took years for that prejudice to dissipate. It was the Laserwriter [and ‘Desktop Publishing’] that kicked Mac into high gear.

The laser printer. Now there’s an invention I’ll really celebrate.

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AppleInsider: Zoom launches iQ5 professional-grade microphone for iPhone, iPad.

A bit expensive. Better make sure your recording app works upside-down or sideways on an iPhone. Not all apps do.

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DP Review: Sony Alpha 7 Review.

As usual, I cut to the chase and take you to the Conclusion page. You can backtrack after reading their take.

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Guardian.UK: Ten tools for digital and citizen journalists on the go.

Handy. I’d say if you are still a bit old-school and take paper notes, remember to snap them with whatever camera or smartphone you’re carrying. ‘Redundancy is good’, is the mantra. No matter if it is analog or digital.

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Just for grins.

Just for giggles.

I picked up a Zoom H4n to get better audio for my video projects. The wind widget makes the thing look like a troll … and that’s the new nickname for it. The Troll. “Go grab the Troll for me, will ya?”

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99U: Scribe Lets You Copy and Paste Between Your iPhone and Mac.

iPhone to iMac ‘workflow’ remains a bit of a challenge. This might help.

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Sonnet: Thunderbolt Storage, Adapters & Expansion Boxes.

Expansion chassis still quicken my blood ...

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Macworld: Great gear you may have missed.

A plethora of Apple iOS device cables and mods.

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Ars Technica: Google to buy Nest for $3.2 billion.

Nest actually knows a lot about its users, like when they are home and potentially what rooms they are in. So until the privacy policy changes, Nest is continuing to promise its data will only be used for Nest products. The FAQ implies that means it will be kept away from the all-knowing eyes of Google.” Needs to be stated explicitly. ‘Course, what are privacy policies for, but to be modified (and largely unread) on a semi-monthly basis … ?

Later: Thinking further about Google’s recent purchases. Robots, now proximity-sensing thermostats. AI burglary, then? [Joking …] No, wait. Drones. They need drones. That’d be the trifecta.

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DP Review: Sony introduces 20 megapixel a5000.

20MP? Now you’re talking. Let’s see what the reviews say about ISO quality.

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Amazon.com: Livescribe 4 GB Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen.

Neat idea. Where have I heard of that before? Ah yes. My umpteen year old Newton would do that, and store my writing as digital, editable text. This one doesn’t.

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MacStadium: Dedicated Mac Pro Server Hosting and Colocation.

Hope those racks have more cooling airspace than they seem to from a first glance.

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AppleInsider: New Mac Pro’s processor reportedly user-upgradeable.

Fantastic, if true. Fondly remembering the days of Powerlogix, et al (processor upgrades for PowerMacs).  At the end of my PowerMac days, I spent my time rigging cooling fans pointing at my accelerator boards ...

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Jaxenter: Data Democratization at SoundCloud.

Gawd, I don’t miss supporting business meetings in their modern incarnations. [Another guy clicking and looking at his slides. Yuck.] You can fast forward to the good stuff.

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Apple Insider Review: mPact Glass screen protector for iPad Air.

I point this out, because a product of similar design saved my 5D DSLR’s LCD screen a month or two ago. The head of my monopod swung into the LCD, hitting it obliquely just about a quarter of an inch from the corner. The protective Schott glass protector shattered, saving the LCD. There’s just the smallest nick on the edge of the plastic LCD screen. I think very highly of such products now.

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