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Mashable: Newark airport stores will stop selling drones ‘immediately’.

Airports. Selling drones. I ask you. How idiotic can one be?

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DP Review: Sony Alpha 7R II can match or beat DSLR low light AF performance.

I’m getting the distinct feeling this camera is going to clean Canon and Nikon’s clocks for them. Very excited to rent one.

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DP Review: iFixit tears down Sony’s new a7R II to find its secrets.

Of interest.

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The Register.UK: WD unleashes bigger, badder, Black and revved, rapido Red Pro.

I always welcome more capacity.

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Lifehacker: Performance Tests Show That 16GB of RAM Is Overkill for Most People.

Don’t want it? I’ll take it ...

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Youtube: Can You Spy With a Consumer Drone?

Tests how much you can actually see at common and uncommon distances. Useful for those who are nervous about quadcopters.

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Motherboard: Wildlife Drones May Stress Animals Out, Study Says.

As I’ve mentioned before, when you encounter one at a crowded event, stalking you for a photo opp, they’ll get your predator-alarms going too.

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DP Review: Elinchrom, Phottix and Sekonic form wireless common standard partnership.

Smart. Phottix as the low cost solution for the amateur, which can then allow you to add pro-level gear without breaking the bank. Keep those company coffers full!

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[Laughing] Running out of ‘monster’ names for my hard drives.

Ever since I bought my first Jasmine 20 megabyte (HUGE!) hard drive, I’ve given my drives monster names. [Looking back, I should have named that one “Dinky.”]

Moving into robots. My latest 6 terabyte is “Gigantor”. My first RAID will be ... wait for it ... Gort.

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DP Review: Fujifilm X-T10 Review.

Of interest. Most of the X100T, at a slightly lower cost (and lower weight).

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DSLR Video Shooter: Panasonic GH4 vs G7 Video Review.

If you don’t need 4K.

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Busy day already, links will be catch-as-catch-can.

Took time to remove an aging external (little used) from my Firewire chain, hunted down wasteful powerblocks, and rerouted some of my electrical wiring. Hopefully my externals and other accessories will be happier today.

Meetings yet to come, and I have to find time for my bodyweight workout. Let’s see what I can dig up in the meantime ...

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c|net: Intel, Micron debut 3D XPoint storage technology that’s 1,000 times faster than current SSDs.


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Bizarre Magic Mouse behavior.

My Magic Mouse has begun an afternoon “Duh ... you want me to do something?” routine. It simply stops working intermittently between 4 and 7 in the afternoon. I’m wondering if a neighbor’s starting using some sort of powerful device using Bluetooth. I may have to go back to a USB mouse.

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Northrup Photo: Life with a 50 Megapixel Camera.


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LuminousLandscape: Canon 5Ds Review Through Print Performance.

... people who buy prints don’t carry a magnifying glass with them – they look at what the picture is about and what it means to them. It’s a bit of a tough pill to swallow for some photographers, but most people couldn’t spot the differences in print quality between good and superb if it fell on them.” Great article, LL.

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Kickstarter: Double or triple your screens by Slidenjoy.

Unfold this at your local coffee joint, watch other techs’ gonads shrink ...

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EOSHD: Hands-on with the new Metabones Speed Booster Ultra.

I feel that most people will buy the Speed Booster Ultra for the impact it has on the image – F0.85 is very nice to have from a Canon 50mm F1.2!

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LensRentals.com: Variation Measurements for Telephoto Lenses.

My gracious. Older lenses, significant variation. Impetus to buy newer models for any given focal length.

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Register.UK: Disaster-gawping cam drones to be blasted out of the sky in California.

Possibilities include jamming drone control frequencies, shooting them down, or just letting firefighting aircraft drop water on a site like Cajon without fear of getting sued. With the popularity of drones increasing steadily and forest fire season coming to California, the politicians feel that legislation is needed.” I can’t blame them. One tap in a tail rotor, and down goes a helicopter. Difficult enough with airplanes and ‘copters in the same area [an aircraft pilot can’t tell, while in the air, what direction a helicopter is travelling in. Helicopters can move in multiple directions, not necessarily in the direction of the nose of the craft. This has caused so many crashes.] Drones? Even worse. Drones don’t belong, unless controlled by the emergency services themselves. Even then, it’ll be dicey with all the air choreography required.

If I were in a firefighting area and lives were at stake, you’d better believe I’d draw a bead with a shotgun and knock down the drone.

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Vox: Hackers can now crash cars from hundreds of miles away.

A new risk vector. Update your Jeeps!

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Guardian.UK: Teen’s video of handgun-toting drone prompts federal investigation.

Sort of expected, yet there’s a worrisome twist at the bottom of the article: “Haghwout made news last year when police charged a woman with assault after she confronted him about flying a drone at a state beach.” I hope the kid’s not bitter.

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AppleInsider: Serious iOS, OS X flaws lead to password theft in wide ranging security study.

The flaws remain unfixed in the latest pre-release versions of OS X Yosemite, though they have not yet been tested against OS X El Capitan, which was announced last week. The team was also successful in getting proof of concept apps into the Mac and iOS App Stores, where the malware was not detected during the approval process.” Just beware. 

I had a bizarre Mac outage yesterday afternoon; a web page navigated me to a screen I hadn’t asked for, and then my cursors and scroll bars went ape. All windows would repeatedly scroll to top. Endless beeping. Finder reloads. Restarts didn’t help. I calmly (hah) went through the usual safe boot, disk checking and after about five hours, got myself back to normal. I still don’t know what it was - all I know is, we believe in the solid reliability of our machines over time, yet over time that reliability frays without our overt realization of that degradation-in-use.

I always feel better knowing there’s a recent backup sitting inches away. Thank you, Time Machine ... though you weren’t required.

Later: It comes to me, that after the hour-long update of Adobe CC apps earlier in the day, a preference file might have become corrupted. I used Onyx and Cocktail to do various rebuilds and cleanups - one of those probably caught it.

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Hyperallergic: The Demolished Buddhas of Bamiyan Are Reborn as 3D Projections.

Much as I appreciate the effort, 3D projection will not stand the test of time, I’m afraid.

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EOSHD: First Sony A7R II user experiences - global shutter and native ISO 800?

Forget the other news - this makes it a serious contender for a possible switch to mirrorless: “Photographers meanwhile will appreciate user reports that Sony have moved to 14bit raw for the A7R II’s massive 42MP stills, vs the compressed 11bit raw of previous cameras.”  Soon as I see it in the rental lists, I’ve got to try it.

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