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I picked up a Zoom H4n to get better audio for my video projects. The wind widget makes the thing look like a troll … and that’s the new nickname for it. The Troll. “Go grab the Troll for me, will ya?”

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99U: Scribe Lets You Copy and Paste Between Your iPhone and Mac.

iPhone to iMac ‘workflow’ remains a bit of a challenge. This might help.

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Sonnet: Thunderbolt Storage, Adapters & Expansion Boxes.

Expansion chassis still quicken my blood ...

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Macworld: Great gear you may have missed.

A plethora of Apple iOS device cables and mods.

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Ars Technica: Google to buy Nest for $3.2 billion.

Nest actually knows a lot about its users, like when they are home and potentially what rooms they are in. So until the privacy policy changes, Nest is continuing to promise its data will only be used for Nest products. The FAQ implies that means it will be kept away from the all-knowing eyes of Google.” Needs to be stated explicitly. ‘Course, what are privacy policies for, but to be modified (and largely unread) on a semi-monthly basis … ?

Later: Thinking further about Google’s recent purchases. Robots, now proximity-sensing thermostats. AI burglary, then? [Joking …] No, wait. Drones. They need drones. That’d be the trifecta.

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DP Review: Sony introduces 20 megapixel a5000.

20MP? Now you’re talking. Let’s see what the reviews say about ISO quality.

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Amazon.com: Livescribe 4 GB Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen.

Neat idea. Where have I heard of that before? Ah yes. My umpteen year old Newton would do that, and store my writing as digital, editable text. This one doesn’t.

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MacStadium: Dedicated Mac Pro Server Hosting and Colocation.

Hope those racks have more cooling airspace than they seem to from a first glance.

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AppleInsider: New Mac Pro’s processor reportedly user-upgradeable.

Fantastic, if true. Fondly remembering the days of Powerlogix, et al (processor upgrades for PowerMacs).  At the end of my PowerMac days, I spent my time rigging cooling fans pointing at my accelerator boards ...

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Jaxenter: Data Democratization at SoundCloud.

Gawd, I don’t miss supporting business meetings in their modern incarnations. [Another guy clicking and looking at his slides. Yuck.] You can fast forward to the good stuff.

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Apple Insider Review: mPact Glass screen protector for iPad Air.

I point this out, because a product of similar design saved my 5D DSLR’s LCD screen a month or two ago. The head of my monopod swung into the LCD, hitting it obliquely just about a quarter of an inch from the corner. The protective Schott glass protector shattered, saving the LCD. There’s just the smallest nick on the edge of the plastic LCD screen. I think very highly of such products now.

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Anxious Machine: Placebo-philes.

Funny that ‘audiophile’ is being framed as placebo-effect.  Entering that world as a late teen, I realized one very basic fact: I would never achieve the sound I wanted. The pursuit of perfect sound would be a lifelong one … and very expensive. So I chased the most expensive items I could afford, stayed in a state of marginal satisfaction (never anxiety), and ultimately put it all aside for other pursuits. I still have my NEAR metal-cone bookshelf speakers. I doubt they’ll wear out in my lifetime.

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Macworld: Ergotron WorkFit - Have a seat or stand at attention with your Mac.

Pricey, but will probably work with your existing desk. The convenience of fast sit/stand config might be worth the price.

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Fancy: MacCase Premium Leather Flight Jacket.

Pricey but solid and no-nonsense vintage.

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Gizmodo: This Dual-Screen E-Ink Phone Is Now Real (But You Can’t Have It, Yet).

The YotaPhone, priced at €499, runs Android and combines a standard 4.3-inch 720p LCD touchcreen up front with a 4.3-inch E-Ink screen around the back.” HAH. Told you. See previous.  Should have patented that idea (though someone else probably got to it long before).

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DataCent: Failing hard drive sounds.

By happenstance it’s a good day to troll for HD purchases.  Via Damien Barrett on FB.

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Western Digital Product update: Mavericks Data Loss Issue.

The fix.  See previous.

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vowe dot net: Yoga 2 Pro has landed.

Yoga 2 Pro looks very interesting. Since I’m handicapping iPad Air vs. competition, I need to get my hands on a Yoga to see if it will fit my work-needs. I will be hard-pressed to leave some of my iPad apps behind, but a tablet with built-in keyboard is quite seductive. No doubt sleepless nights before I make up my mind.

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DisplayMate: Mini Tablet Display Technology Shoot-Out.

The Kindle Fire HDX 7 and Nexus 7 both have Color Gamuts close to the sRGB/Rec.709 Standard, in the range of 97 to 103 percent, which is very good. However, the iPad mini Retina Display has a much smaller 63 percent Color Gamut, which is incredibly disappointing because it produces noticeably subdued image colors. In fact, it’s almost identical to the Gamuts on the much older iPad 2 and the original iPad mini. That is inexcusable for a current generation premium Tablet.”  Photographers, take note. [Later: Though the entertaining use of initial caps begs the question.]

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Macworld: Paper developer FiftyThree enters the stylus fray with Pencil.

Paper is one of my favorite iPad apps; I’ll be excited to see the reviews.

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CNet: Backblaze - Our bet on consumer hard drives looks good so far.

Interesting!  I suppose I should put any four-year-old or greater externals on my ‘replace soon’ list.

Later: Direct Backblaze post link.

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Macworld: WD My Cloud EX4 review ... Four-bay NAS wins on features, not speed.

RAID 5+Hot Spare and sheer capacity sell this to me more than the speed. Speed would be nice, but it’s a cost premium in RAID hardware at this point in time. I’ve got a lot of photos to keep online!

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On Taking Pictures: Fuji x100s Travel Camera Review.

It is definitely not the ‘Ooh, look at that! <instantaneous snap!>” camera that some other reviews have touted it being. It’s not even close to the shutter on a manual film camera. If there was a time element involved in getting a picture, the camera was slowing me down.Dealbreaker. Nothing drives me crazier with point-and-shoots and cellphone cameras.  I’ve been so curious about all the positive press over the Fuji. This puts paid on it, for me. YMMV.

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ChargeCard: Micro USB Cable, Credit Card Sized.

A credit-card sized phone charger.  Absolutely brill.  Note there’s also a specific iPhone version.

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Mashable: iPad Air Explodes in an Australian Phone Store

A Vodafone spokesperson said a ‘burst of flames’ appeared near the charging port of the device.” In a store? Someone spilled coffee on it.

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