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DiscoverMag: Freightliner Unveils World’s First Self-Driving Semi Truck.

I wonder how well it’ll handle our gusty winds. S was behind one the other week, who went up on two wheels (well, one-side ... more than two wheels), fishtailed across two lanes + breakdown lane, and took out a couple of signs when hit with a 60mph’er.

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vowe dot net: Microsoft Surface 3 - First impressions.

Volker’s starting a series of impressions on the new Surface 3. If you have interest in the product, you might want to snag his RSS.

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SciAm: The Anti-Drone Drone.


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EOSHD: Sony A7R II looks to feature 9K sensor / 56MP.

Things are getting crazy, man.

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The Register.UK: Close encounter - Apple Macs invade the business world.

Man, that title takes me straight back to the ‘80’s, do not pass ‘go’, do not collect $200 ... all the handwringing over Macs in IBM office-space. I recall that, because of IBM’s contracts, a certain company had an entire floor of unused MagCard II’s sitting around collecting dust. Yet, the IBM PC had supplanted them. And then the Laserwriter made the Mac the most-desired business tool for any executive. The clean, professional output of the Mac/Laserwriter combo shook NYC to its foundations. The concern then, was simply the ability to read files and/or 3.5” disks between IBM and Mac. Then along came MacLinkPlus ...

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B&H: Kensington Orbit Trackball with Scroll Ring.

I was discussing pointing devices with someone recently, and they mentioned they preferred a trackball. Here.

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Bloomberg.com: Amazon discloses cloud services sales, 49% jump.

Holy Hannah.

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WSJ: Best Way to Organize a Lifetime of Photos. [Comparing Apple Photos to Adobe LR, more.]

A bit fluffy, but worth referencing.

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PC World: Man fires 8 gunshots into his Dell PC after Blue Screens of Death push him over edge.

We’ve all felt like this, but this anecdote makes it even more hilarious, IMHO: “The deed went down behind Hinch’s home, where he and his girlfriend also run a homeopathic herb store.

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Mashable: Drone carrying bottle of radioactive material lands on Japanese PM’s office.

And the drone paranoia will turn to ‘11’ ...

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Anandtech: The 2015 MacBook Review.


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National Science Foundation: Restoring lost data on damaged optical media.

There is, of course, a region that is destroyed near where the disc has been cut. But for most part, you didn’t destroy the data, you just made it unreadable because you can’t spin the disc.” Hope.

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EOSHD: Magic Lantern run Linux OS on Canon DSLRs.

Magic Lantern just turned your 5D Mark III into a desktop computer.” HAH. Will some wag will try to install Open Office next ... ?

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Ask DN: Apple Thunderbolt Display Alternatives?

Of interest.

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c|net: Driver follows GPS off disused bridge, and wife dies, police say.

I assume self-driving cars will have failsafes for bad GPS coordinates ...

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Vox: Here’s how incredible computer word processing seemed in 1982.

And the comically underpowered computers people bought in 1982 were expensive.” Underpowered but not incapable. The dedicated word processors could churn out formatted text faster than today’s overaccessorized word processing software because they had *dedicated keyboards*. Indent? Press a clearly labelled button. Columns? Press a clearly-labelled button. It was the PC and WordStar that started us on the standard keyboard three- and four-finger keyboard commands (that so few people actually learn to use beyond the basics). Those of us using dedicated machines used to make terrible fun of the bargain-basement PC folks (PCs were cheaper than dedicated systems by a long chalk, and WordStar was trying to offer the same capabilities as the highest end dedicated setups. Trivia: Doing columns easily was a big deal back then, a litmus test of sorts.).

Granted, the output was limited by daisywheel printers. But you could switch fonts by snapping in and out different daisywheels. You know, working around a daisywheel could be why my left ear seems to not be as sensitive as my right anymore (that, and driving with the window open). And sheetfeed tractor-feed paper!  Ah, the memories. How many forests we burned through.

WordPerfect, I think, is still the closest thing to living history you can experience. Do they still have the ‘codes page’ - access to the source code of documents?

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Logitech: MX Master Wireless Mouse.

The thumbwheel interests me. I’m a born sucker for this kind of tech ... yet in use, it ends up being less than the fine photography and sales copy. I’ll wait to actually get my hands on one.

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ArtDaily: Bound to please - book-making machines star at French fair.

Forget 3D printing for the moment. Is this a paradigm-breaker?

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The Kernel: Plugging a 1986 Mac Plus into the modern Web.

Entertaining.  I don’t recall it being that hard on my Mac Plus; perhaps memory plays tricks.

Later, if you’re bored ... peruse a random 1988 PC Magazine. Man, the memories ...

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Apple mouse mayhem.

My Mac started up fine this morning, yet I found I couldn’t click the Dock. Or apps. All widgets called by the keyboard were working perfectly. Yet any window I’d open would be unresponsive to a mouse click. Because Bluetooth gets messed with frequently by local fire, police and rescue vehicles, I keep a USB mouse hooked up as a backup. It worked fine. The problem? Somehow, I’d half-closed the on/off switch on my Apple mouse.  Apparently that was just enough for the mouse to still work as it was moved across a pad, but blocked the click and top touch-functions. Seemed to mess with the BT connection after I turned it back on fully, so I had to do a full disconnect/reconnect sequence. All is well now. A once-in-a-lifetime sort of glitch, but I thought I’d mention it, for others to put in their mental basket of fixes.

It’s one o’ those days. I’d just previously opened the fridge door, and a bag of kale had gone off since last night. Man, what a stench.

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Packal: Package management for Alfred (Mac).

New to me. Bookmarked.

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Everyone pulls a boner at some point in time.

Two huge bits of dust on my 5D Mark II sensor - one dead center, immovable with a blower.  Pulled out the sensor cleaning brush, got the big stuff, left two patches of small dust. One more time, and managed to smear oil (from someplace) all over the left side. 5D’s aren’t supposed to have oil around the sensor, according to my reading ... so ... I get to try out Canon Professional Services.  I get five free cleanings for joining.  I’ll let them clean it off ... the camera could use a check after two years, anyway.

Relegated to my poor old 50D for a week. (sad face emoticon, if I had any.)

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Rent drones.  NYC-only, it seems.

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c|net: Man arrested for refusing to give phone passcode to border agents.

At the borders, though, it seems that the law may be pushed back in favor of national security concerns. That’s the way the world seems to be run these days.”  Clear as mud.

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EOSHD: Olympus E-M5 Mark II - love and hate at first sight.

This is ultra silly. Sillier than a weasel riding a woodpecker.” C’mon, tell us what you really feel.

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