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The Verge: King of click - the story of the greatest keyboard ever made.

IBM’s Model M. The keyboard on which I could pass 120WPM without even thinking. I make one hell of a racket, however. I don’t think my current studiomate would be very happy (Sandra is keenly attuned to ambient noise).

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Server issue.  Be with you shortly.

Clients come first ...

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The Gadget Flow: Turn Your Apple Device Into A Virtual Reality Machine With AirVR.

The second photo down.  We all knew this is where we were going to end up ... [laughing] ...

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Apple Watch.

Yep, I’m going to sit back and just ... watch. Until someone says something useful. Given the posts flying around, I suspect it’ll be a week or more.

Later: Wrongo. Dave has something very useful to say.

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Ramming around with drones ...

You’ve seen these two?

Petapixel: Yellowstone levels criminal charges at drone users who are violating the park’s ban.

Mashable Drone Beat: Another Arrest in New York, NASA Working on Drone Safety and More.  Do scroll down and watch the ram video.

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SciAm: Personal Drones - Are They a Public Hazard?

Fluff again. Please show a video of a drone, sans bladeguards yet using higher performance carbon-fiber blades, impacting something the approximate density of human flesh. They’re like high speed paring knives. Even shuriken.

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DSLR Video Shooter: Sony A7s Review.

Of note. Significant pluses ... and significant minuses.

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Whoopsie ... gotta back up photos.

Doing a 365 project on a 5D Mark II uses a whole lot more disk space than a 50D. Gotta move stuff through LR over to the 4TB backup drive, and then dupe that over to the failsafe.  I’ll be a little slow with links again this morning. I’d nibbled my internal HD down to under 50GB.  No wonder programs were so pokey.

Later: Soon as I free up over 100GB, the system starts getting snappy again. Such a dope.

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The Register.UK: That 8TB Seagate MONSTER? It’s here ... Have a look (sans specs).

Precious little info, really. But worth keeping an eye on.

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SP Review: Sony a7S used to shoot Chevrolet commercial.

Check the pic. OR ... you could just rent a real professional video camera.

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B&H Photo: Rokinon 14mm Ultra Wide-Angle F2.8 IF ED UMC Lens.

All-manual, but $100 bucks off. FF and APS-C. Might be worth a shot. Not for P mode all-automatic shooters.

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300+ bloody gigabytes already this year ...

And it’s only a little beyond half over. My 365 project is eating up the hard drive space. Looks like another 4TB is in the cards for this Xmas. And my biggest photo projects of the year are still to come!  Ayayayay ... If anyone sees fire-sale prices on RAIDs in the next few months, remember ol’ Garret.

Later: It strikes me, I’m a rich man now. Rich in hard drive space, even though I’m running out of it. That 300 gigabytes, if priced the same as 1986 Jasmine drive space, would cost upwards of $15,000.

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Macworld: Flight Cases for iMac review: Heavy duty protection for your traveling iMac.

Take it from me, a dude who used to fly with PCs just about every other week. Check the baggage insurance on flights, and have separate insurance to cover your computer. And have a source for a local replacement. Commercial airlines do not baby baggage.  When you read the fine print on your ticket, you may find the replacement rates for lost luggage are comically low (they were $20 on some airlines in the 80’s).

Also, I would travel with four (4) duplicates of the hard drive’s content.  One on the travelling computer. One on the backup computer. One Bernoulli removable disk in my carryon, and the last left at the office.  Out of those four backup options, only twice did I have to resort to the carryon backup; never had to get the one from the office.  Cloud solutions today make this easier, of course. But I thought the circumstance would be of interest to you all.

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DP Review: LensRentals looks into the Canon EF 16-35 f/4 IS.

Of interest.

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AnandTech: OWC and SoftRAID create ThunderBay 4 RAID 5 Edition.


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The Bookseller: Sony to cease production of e-reader devices.

Analysts have previously indicated that e-readers have a short shelf life in the market now the versatile and popular tablet computer is  more affordable.”  Surprised it took this long. I predicted the dedicated e-reader was an interstitial form-factor; tablets, in various sizes, would win the long game.

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Fire Engineering: Drone Causes Problems at California Wildfire.

Another dimbulb who can’t think beyond the end of his nose. This is why the FAA may look to pilot training for drone operators; one needs to have knowledge of air operations.  Thanks, Mark!

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Mashable: Officials Search for 3 Days; Drone Finds Missing Man After 20 Minutes.

Match point, FAA. What are you going to do about the very positive aspects of quadcopter/drones?

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ReadWrite: An Ode To Jim Rockford’s Answering Machine.

Funny; my old man was an attorney, and drooled over the idea of having such an answering machine. Problem was, they were expensive at the time. Eventually a dual-cassette one was purchased ... and come to think of it, very similar to Rockford’s.

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AnandTech: Western Digital Updates Red NAS Drive Lineup with 6 TB and Pro Versions.

More space for your NAS.

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VaultSkin for iPhone.

Interesting.  I’ve seen others of this kind of case, of course. A photo of one on another site tickled my fancy. My concern is, pulling out of a pocket, does one dump their cards and/or phone all over the place?

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The Luminous Landscape: Out On The Streets With The Leica M8.

Some stellar shots within. You’ll want to go out and pound the pavement for some street photography after.

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RockHealth: Why Doctors Still Use Pagers.

Significant positives. Makes me want my pager back.

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LensRentals.com/blog: A New Old Lens, review of the Petzval Portrait Lens.

You aren’t going to replace any of your current lenses with this one. But for some of you, it might be a fun addition that gives your portraits some really different looks.

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Contour Mouse … comes in sizes for R and L hands.

I may have to trial one.

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