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Macworld: DiskWarrior 5 - Essential drive maintenance and repair tool gets even better.

DW has always been the go-to fix in my arsenal. I haven’t had to purchase it for a while now, but I may spring for it soon ... as my original externals begin to age. I’ve got backups, but DW is extra insurance.

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AtomicObject: Setting up Cheap, Long-Term Backups on Glacier Storage.

Of interest.  Rather than collect local hard drives ...

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Mashable: The FAA just proposed regulations for commercial drones.

... frighteningly sensible ...

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PC World: Mattel’s iconic View-Master becomes a VR headset.

Starting this fall, Mattel will sell a virtual reality version of View-Master using the same software as Google Cardboard. Instead of sticking slide reels into the plastic frame, you’ll plop in an Android phone. Instead of seeing static images, you’ll use apps to explore virtual worlds.

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Slate: Reuters/Ipsos poll shows 42 percent of Americans support private drone ban.

Seventy-one percent said drones should not be permitted to operate over the property of others, while 64 percent said they hope their neighbors won’t add drone flying to their list of weekend pursuits.” Folks want privacy, I understand that. Irresponsible operators are already flying over properties without warning or clearance.

On a side note, I just heard about a recent dismissed arrest. There’s a new use for “selfie sticks”. Pervs are going out to do ‘upskirt’ shots in public. Seems some courts feel that walking in public, there’s no expectation of privacy.  Wait for that one to hit the social channels (the media won’t react until Twitter does, anymore) ...

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blessthisstuff: tuna knobs.

Cute, if you use your iPad for sound mixing.

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EOSHD: Canon 5DS takes a backwards step for video - severe rolling shutter, moire ...

Not every DSLR needs to have video ... this is a play for the high-resolution stills market, not a video play. This market *does* still exist. Studios. Landscape and architecture. Etc. Those who have dreamt of medium format, but didn’t have the green.

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DP Review: Go wide! Hands-on with Canon’s 11-24mm F4 L.

One big hunk of glass. The Nikon 14-24’s incredibly sharp; this lens had best be competitive with that level of performance.

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Hollywood Reporter: FAA Grants Additional Exemptions for Drone Use in Film/TV.

Meanwhile, the FAA continues to receive exemption requests faster than it can approve them, demonstrating the need for the agency to begin the rulemaking process and create regulations in order to allow for more widespread use of the technology, rather than regulating on a case by case basis.” Jes’ keepin’ an eye out.

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GadgetFlow: KeyMouse™ Re-invents the Keyboard and Mouse.

This is the kind of gizmo I’m usually a sucker for. Not at this price, though.

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ReadWrite: Why We Need A New Word For Drones.

I was all over this what, nine months, a year ago? Catch up, media. Or not. “Drone” sells ad impressions.

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EOS HD: DSLR Video Quality Rank, January 2015.

Of note.

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Vox: Someone successfully used a drone to breach the White House security perimeter.

Drugs over the border, visiting the President ... if you wondered why the FAA was dragging its feet, these seem to be good examples.

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Dazed: Drone carrying six pounds of meth crashes at Mexican border.

New commercial use. Not quite what anyone expected, I’m sure. Border Patrol’s going to get real good at ‘wing shots’.

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Wired: Moog Music Recreates a Trio of Its Legendary Modular Synths.

What? No mention of Rick Wakeman and Wendy/Walter Carlos? C’mon, kid-journalists. Do your research!

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Macworld: Unlocking Disk Utility’s hidden secrets.

Never knew you could multi-verify. Bookmarked. Macworld, please stop with the auto-play videos. We hates it, Precious.

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Mashable: GoPro stock plummets after Apple granted patent for mounted cameras.

Pulling the rug out from under, if Apple decides to compete. GoPro is pretty mature at this point; it’s a big leap from nothing to marketshare for Apple. GoPro has lots of competition, none have knocked it off yet. Color me skeptical.

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ReadWrite: How To Pick A Selfie Stick.

Distance does little to render the wide-angle view of a smartphone aesthetically pleasing. Any ‘selfie’ makes my head look like an exclamation point, with a Durante schnozz - neither of which are realistic interpretations. Perhaps with an add-on telephoto clip.

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AppleInsider: The best external monitor alternatives to Apple’s outdated Thunderbolt Display.

Useful; bookmarked for future reference.

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Prismatics, and a lens comment.


I have to say, I’m disappointed by this Tamron 150-600. I’ve yet to coax a single critically sharp image; the landscape yesterday was the best image by far, and an anomaly. The 600 end is so soft, I actively avoid it. 500 is much better, but still not as sharp as the old vs1 100-400 Canon. IMHO. YMMV [This may just be a less-than-stellar model.]

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Well, the Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 SP Di VC arrived.

365/2: 362 outtake. Tamron 150-600 Rental.

And there’s no hummer to use it on. So I’ve got it for a week. Might as well kick the tires. This shot was taken spur of the moment, handheld, through a window. Get this ... handheld, yes ... 1/25 of a second. 300mm equivalent. Pretty decent sharpness with the Vibration Compensation tech. Can’t wait for some sun (or just a bird or three) to try it out properly.  We’re currently punishingly cold with snow falling.

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Amazon: SanDisk - iXpand 32GB USB 2.0/Lightning Flash Drive.

We were just talking about this the other day. Getting photos off an iPhone, without iTunes and iPhoto (coyote howls for that workflow, Apple) is a bear.

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Macworld: Why the cute and quirky eMate was Apple’s most human product.

It’s such a beautiful little machine, so full of character, that I actually feel bad for not using it.

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AnandTech: Samsung SSD 850 EVO (120GB, 250GB, 500GB & 1TB) Review.

Of note.

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Two interesting bits o’ hardware. Teeny-useful USB/Flash drives.

Leef, really small. And Sandisk has a dual-adapter flash drive that can hook to micro-USB as well as USB 2.

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