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ChargeCard: Micro USB Cable, Credit Card Sized.

A credit-card sized phone charger.  Absolutely brill.  Note there’s also a specific iPhone version.

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Mashable: iPad Air Explodes in an Australian Phone Store

A Vodafone spokesperson said a ‘burst of flames’ appeared near the charging port of the device.” In a store? Someone spilled coffee on it.

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Western Digital: External Drives for Mac Experiencing Data Loss …

WD recommends uninstalling their drivers, and supply a download. Have backups.

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xlr8yourmac: 10.9 Mavericks problems with WD Drive Manager/Raid Manager/Smartware.


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CNet/MacFixIt: External drives experiencing data loss after Mavericks installation.

Important. I never use built-in drivers for my externals; I always format with Apple’s Disk Utility.  If you haven’t — beware!  Apple needs to release a simple little test app for this.

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Anki: Bringing Consumer Robotics & AI Into Everyday Life.

Mixing slot cars and video games. I gotta tell ya, I get enough of a blast just racing against others on slot car tracks. Adding weapons? Meh. But then, I’m out of the demographic.

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VentureBeat: Apple, it’s not just the iPhone 5S — the 5C sensors aren’t accurate e

The upshot, of course, is that the sensors in the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C are simply not accurate. At least, not in my models, and certainly not in the models of others on Apple support forums, or in Gizmodo’s testing.” I would imagine that puts the kibosh on gaming, too.  I hope there’s a software fix.

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NotCot: Wildcat, all-terrain robot.

Soon as they start up that lawnmower engine, you’ll laugh. The potential, however, is palpable.

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ImagingResource: Fujifilm announces $200 Instax Mini 90 instant camera.

Missed this. Two bucks a print, but lots of control. Love to try one out.

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DP Review: Manfrotto revamps 190 series tripods with updated design.

Worth a look.  I still shoot on a bloody heavy old Gitzo that looks like I found it in an armed conflict overseas someplace. Heavy tripods rule.

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DxOMark: Apple iPhone 5s overview.

Scores a 76. Only the Nokia 808 scores higher, apparently.

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Designer News: Macbook Pro vs Macbook Air.

‘If you stay still, go pro. If you are on the move, go air.’ - Ancient California proverb.”  Perfect comment.

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DP Review/Connect: How does Apple’s new iPhone 5s perform as a camera?

It’s a multi-page article, but I take you to the conclusions page.

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Techfounder: 4 days charge on an Android? Yes.

The title pulled me in immediately, and for once, it delivers. I’ll start my own experiments soon. My Android HTC Sensation 4G barely lasts the day at present (two years old now).

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Macworld: WD My Cloud review—A better, more secure alternative to cloud storage.

Hmmm. Needs to have a built-in backup drive. I’ve only rarely had an issue with a WD internal drive, but I’ve had occasional issues with their externals. Just my experience: so I say, if you buy it, get a backup drive while you’re at it.

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Gizmodo: The iPhone 5S Motion Sensors Are Totally Screwed Up

Whoopsie. I make light of it, but some people rely on their smartphones these days (whether that’s wise or not, is for another discussion). The compass function is worrisome. This inaccuracy should be broadcast far and wide, so noone gets hurt by following incorrect compass directions. We see enough ‘wrong way’ tourists on the hiking trails in Santa Fe. We don’t need any more (though, cell service doesn’t usually extend far into our wildernesses).

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vowe dot net: Surface instead of iPad.

Much of the flight software is written in FORTRAN and there is no FORTRAN compiler for iOS. Wherever pilots are using iPads, it’s just a glorified PDF viewer for flight manuals. The real stuff is still done on laptops. Surface can be both.” Interesting point.

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Strobist: Super Cheap: Replacement Tubes for Your Broken Speedlight.

Respect the capacitor.  [Weblogger note: Kudos to Strobist, one of those sites who does titling beautifully and conservatively.]

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Canon 70-200 2.8 IS II, 2X TC III.

70-200 IS II, 2x TC II.

Cropped to about 1/10 of the photo; 400mm equivalent. Pretty damned decent, if you ask me.

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AnandTech: Moto X Update Dramatically Improves Camera Quality.

Goes to show. I remember people crowing about the quality, when it first came out (push, push, push for sales before serious reviews come out).

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Macworld: Unleash your inner Picasso with Pogo Connect’s new pressure-sensitive brush nibs.

Oh, cool.

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Guardian.UK: Peru’s archaeologists turn to drones to help protect and explore ancient ruins.

Small drones have been helping a growing number of researchers produce three-dimensional models of Peruvian sites instead of the usual flat maps – and in days and weeks instead of months and years.

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Got a drone? Share your best aerial pictures and let’s build a world map of our Earth with a bird’s eye view.” It had to happen. The photos are actually pretty darn great.

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iso50 Blog: The original Minox Riga.

I’ve always jonesed for one of these. Simply because they’re beautifully made; they ‘snick’ open and closed with silky precision.

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Apple: iMac (27-inch)—AMD Radeon 6970M Video Card Replacement Program.

Already been through this, but it cost nothing thanks to AppleCare. I wonder how I find out whether my newer graphics card is ‘good’?  I suppose I have to call the local Service Provider who did the replacement.

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