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National Park Service Press Releases: Drones prohibited.

Totally expected. “In April, visitors at Grand Canyon National Park gathered for a quiet sunset, which was interrupted by a loud unmanned aircraft flying back and forth and eventually crashing in the canyon.” Sounds like you can get a ‘special use’ permit, however.

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Finally took the plunge; trying a ‘cardboard box’ standing desk.

Stacked some storage boxes on my desk. I need a wider space for the keyboard and mouse. I’ll let you know how I fare as I give this workstyle a try.

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The Register.UK: Plugging the gaps in today’s Macs - Elgato Thunderbolt Dock.

There’s more to it than just a Gigabit Ethernet though, as you get three USB 3.0 ports, separate audio in and out, HDMI and two Thunderbolt ports. With the latter, you obviously need one to connect to your host device, but the other can be used to daisy chain to other Thunderbolt devices or hooked up to a DisplayPort monitor.” I’ve needed a USB expander for my iMac for quite some time. Perhaps this would be a better solution, if a little short of USB ports (4 would be better).  If you’re running a newer MacBook, it’s worth the look (be sure not to miss Page Two if you use Windows; the pagination is a little obscured).

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PC World: So long, TrueCrypt - 5 alternative encryption tools. [Mac/Linux options mentioned.]

Of note.

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Gizmodo: Here’s How a 1984 Macintosh Tutorial Taught People to Use a Mouse.

Oh, I remember this. But what was more stunning was the first use of MacPaint. That cursor, the paintbrush … they felt alive, in a way that a computer had never felt before.

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Gizmodo: How to Get Hit in the Head With a Drone.

Quadcopter operators, use blade guards.  $20 for a set of blades, $16 for blade guards. You can get super-light carbon fiber guards for like $70. Read about the attachment screw/motor burnout and possible descent issues before purchase. Better to have them; it’s only a matter of time before the crash or injury. The eyes you save may be your own.

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MeFi: FalseCrypt. [TrueCrypt is Dead.]

TrueCrypt is dead, and in an extremely bizarre way.

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EOSHD.com: Panasonic GH4 Review.

Likely most of what you’re dying to know: “None of the other 4K solutions at the moment including the upcoming Sony A7S are as practical or as affordable as the GH4 for shooting cinematic 4K.

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EOSHD: Best small camera for 1080/60p – Panasonic GX7 and A6000 review.

Of note. Panasonic seems to be making people happy these days.

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The Atlantic: The Library of Congress Wants to Destroy Your Old CDs (For Science).

The old custom music mixes you burned, may be starting to degrade.

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CNBC: GoPro gets ready to go public, but is it a good investment?

I was just wondering … remember the Flip video camera? It was all the rage for … two years? Where’d it go? Video is going to be iterating very swiftly over the next couple of years. Very swiftly.

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DSLR Video Shooter: $15,000 Camera Drone Disappears in the Amazon Rain Forest.

Always have backups. And insurance. The smallest thing can cause havoc. Even so, I suspect we’ll be finding more drone-related detritus in wilderness areas … “What’s that? Tent caterpillars? Nope. A wrecked drone …”

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Interesting observations on the Panasonic GH4 (and 4K video) ...

ProLost: A GH4 in the hand and EOSHD: Shooting 4K for 2K on the GH4. Seems to imply the GH4 needs a bit of post to get the best out of it.

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Bloomberg: Rackspace Hires Morgan Stanley to Evaluate Options.

Since climbing to a record in January 2013, Rackspace’s stock has plunged more than 60 percent, leaving the company with a $4.36 billion market capitalization. Analysts on average expect revenue to rise 16 percent this year to $1.79 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.” Still … ouch.

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The Gadget Flow: Mobile Stand for iPad Air.


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SIGGRAPH 2014/Youtube: Technical Papers Preview Trailer.

Missed this the other day.

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Guardian.UK: Clipless pedals: why you don’t need to be scared of switching.

The twist can play hell with vulnerable knees.

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GadgetFlow: Instax Share SP-1 Smartphone Printer by Fujifilm.

Print pix anywhere from your smartphone. $210 smackers. A little strategic duct tape, and you could have yourself a one-piece DIY modern Polaroid (or, form-factor-wise, a Kodak EK6 - remember those?!).

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Ars Technica: YouTube shuts down public RSS feeds of user subscriptions.

Random thought with no input … I wonder if the rise of set-top boxes and ilk [Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast, etc.] have something to do with this. Putting their efforts into the greatest payoff. Via Dave Winer on Twitter.

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DP Review: Rumors hint at pair of new Canon lenses.

Oh my. The 2.8 on the 16-35 isn’t really all that useful. I’d definitely be interested. The 10-18 … crop-sensor, cheap seat? The older 10-22’s already a stunner.

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TechCrunch: Why Apple Wants Beats.

Curious. At first I thought they simply wanted higher quality earbuds. Apparently there’s some other reason behind it. Apple’s been about style *and* substance. Beats seems to lack (in reviews) the substance angle. Maybe they’ll kick up the audio quality, keeping the already-established PR (and pricing scale).  But I’m just shooting from the hip here; no idea.

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Wired: An Inside Look at the Insanely Complex Formula 1 Steering Wheel.

Looks complex, but if that’s all you had to memorize to make a living … not bad.

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vowe dot net: Netgear TREK - Extend your hotel WiFi.

Of note to my travelling readers.

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ExtremeTech: Sony develops tech for 185TB tapes - 3,700x more storage than a Blu-ray disc.

A Renaissance for tape?

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Luminous Landscape: Sony a7R Wishful Thinking.

Wide angle options.

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