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c|net: This quick-release parachute could save drones from going kersplat.

Ballistic parachutes for drones? I’m surprised noone thought of it before. Even me!

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Register.UK: F-35s failed ‘scramble test’ because of buggy software.

During the first 30 flights with Block 3iR6.21, which accumulated 75.6 hours of flight time, no less than 27 power cycles were required to get all systems functioning between initial startup and takeoff. These power cycles varied in degree – from “cold iron” resets, where the aircraft had to be shut down and then restarted, to component or battery power recycling.” This is simply ridiculous.

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c|net: Dropbox looks to declutter your hard drive.

‘Twould be lovely to free up some space on the old primary hard drive. Security issues twangle in the back of my brain, however. DB’s had some issues. Even so, they’re so ubiquitous among my clients, using them is the #1 option.

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Anandtech: Drobo 5D with BeyondRAID - Protected Direct-Attached Storage Made Simple.

They seem so simple and wonderful. But. More than one person has complained about this: “One of the main disadvantages of this proprietary scheme is that it is impossible for third-party tools to reconstruct data in case of a faulty unit. Unless the user has a standing warranty coverage from Drobo, getting hold of another similar Drobo unit is the only way out.” You need to stay well within warranty.

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PDN: What Photographers and Filmmakers Need to Know About Thunderbolt 3.

Thunderbolt 3 uses a Type C port just like USB Type C. That means, in practice, there’s no physical difference between a Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type C cable and port. And, like USB Type-C, Thunderbolt 3 has identical plugs on either end of the cable so there’s no longer a ‘right’ way to plug them in.” You mean there’s no longer a ‘wrong’ way to plug them in, hopefully ...

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PVC: Big Thunderbolt 3 LaCie. Really BIG!.

The LaCie 12big Thunderbolt 3, a professional 12-bay desktop RAID storage unit was announced.” Like, wow man.

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BookForum: The Program Era (how word processing changed the way we write).

What stands out to me most starkly, having lived through the sea-change: when the Macintosh/Laserwriter combo came out, how text looked became as important (sometimes moreso) as the text’s actual written quality.

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vowe dot net: Follow Volker and his experience with the new iPad Pro 9.7.

Dig down to when he receives his iPad, and work up from there. Volker’s never led me wrong yet. I’ve also used Paper, and also been frustrated by styli. My iPad’s due for an upgrade at the end of the year, methinks, if Volker continues to find benefits.

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PVC: Helium Core helps iPhoneographers add accessories to the camera.

This looks completely brilliant.

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The Register.UK: Ultra-rare WWII Lorenz cipher machine goes on display at Bletchley Park.

Only four exist.

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OpenCulture: Scientists Create a New Rembrandt, Using a 3D Printer & Data Analysis.

I suppose someday, we’ll all be able to generate authentic fakes with 3D printers at home. Oh, Eco, would that you were alive to comment on the circumstance.

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Mashable: Autonomous taxis may soon be coming to Singapore.

... nuTonomy’s cars will operate using a combination of algorithmic software that employs fleet management, partially culled from his work on U.S. military drone management systems. The nuTonomy cars will also use LIDAR to detect cars on the road as well as stationary objects.

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iPhone SE.

I have to laugh. It seems reviewers are falling over themselves to both trash it thoroughly *and* praise it to the skies at the same time. For me - with a 5S - it’s the logical upgrade. Same size, same accessories. Faster. No brainer. And I have a TMobile ‘Jump’ plan.

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Youtube: Mechanical calculator, a Facit ESA-01, dividing by zero.

Those were the days. Remember washing-machine size fax machines?

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DZone: New Drone Paves the Way for Smarter Search and Rescue.

The AI engine built into each device is capable of creating a safe route free from hazards for human rescue workers to make their way to the casualties.” Now that’s pretty cool.

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PVC: Backup application Hedge for Mac now available.


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SkyWall100 | Capture Drones - Protect Assets.

Nail that sucker, then bring it in for a soft landing. I wonder about the range.

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Mashable: A drone comes within 16 feet of Air France plane in closest encounter yet.

A recent study by Aero Kinetics suggested that a drone ingested into an aircraft engine would be more likely than a bird strike to result in an uncontained failure, in which metal spewed from the turbine can compromise the aircraft’s integrity.” Speaking of drones ...

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Logitech K480/Spotify epiphany.

Function key + Command key + f8 = Next in Spotify. Similar with f6 for Previous. Hit all kinds of forums after I bought the keyboard, and just did without. Small thing, but so happy.

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Macworld: Western Digital’s 8TB hard drives mix helium with mammoth storage.

Aw ... no liquid nitrogen?

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Macbook Selfie Stick.

Um, nope.

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DP Review: Tamron releases stabilized 85mm F1.8 and 90mm F2.8 macro full-frame lenses.

I’d like to have seen a 1.4 so that the 1.8 might be more usable. But I’ll, as usual, wait for reviews. Lotsa aperture blades, we like that ...

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Macworld: Seagate slapped with a class action lawsuit over hard drive failure rates.

Seagate has always had higher fail rates, seemingly. But for speedy drives, we’ve suffered the extra backups required. SSDs sort of make it a moot point now.

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Speaker selection update.

Logitechs going back. Overdone thunderous bass, booming midrange and fragile tinny highs ... and nothing between those three. They sounded like music played through yogurt containers in the bottom of an empty ship.

Bought a pair of Mackie CR3‘s, and they sound fab. Not overbalanced in any of the three ranges (tweet, mid, woof). For entertainment purposes, they could use a subwoof. But for what I want them for (quiet background music and judging audio accurately), I’m pretty damned impressed so far. I can even hear the MP3 compression noise floor when turned up. Not as pleasing an overall sound as my old Bose MediaMates, but their accuracy for audio analysis is much better. After years of working with audio engineers, they’ve drummed two things into my head - clean highs and clean mids.

Possible caveats: They’re large. Almost the size of bookshelf speakers. And I have a bit of a channel thing going with them, I had to move the balance over to the left a bit when at quiet volumes. I’ll update if I feel the need to return these.

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AnandTech: The Cherry MX Board 6.0 Mechanical Keyboard Review.

Not the switches you want.

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