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Macworld: Seagate slapped with a class action lawsuit over hard drive failure rates.

Seagate has always had higher fail rates, seemingly. But for speedy drives, we’ve suffered the extra backups required. SSDs sort of make it a moot point now.

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Speaker selection update.

Logitechs going back. Overdone thunderous bass, booming midrange and fragile tinny highs ... and nothing between those three. They sounded like music played through yogurt containers in the bottom of an empty ship.

Bought a pair of Mackie CR3‘s, and they sound fab. Not overbalanced in any of the three ranges (tweet, mid, woof). For entertainment purposes, they could use a subwoof. But for what I want them for (quiet background music and judging audio accurately), I’m pretty damned impressed so far. I can even hear the MP3 compression noise floor when turned up. Not as pleasing an overall sound as my old Bose MediaMates, but their accuracy for audio analysis is much better. After years of working with audio engineers, they’ve drummed two things into my head - clean highs and clean mids.

Possible caveats: They’re large. Almost the size of bookshelf speakers. And I have a bit of a channel thing going with them, I had to move the balance over to the left a bit when at quiet volumes. I’ll update if I feel the need to return these.

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AnandTech: The Cherry MX Board 6.0 Mechanical Keyboard Review.

Not the switches you want.

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Anandtech: The Apple iPad Pro Review.

I take you to the conclusions.

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Pro Video Coalition: The best drone from CES 2016.

Dodges obstacles automatically. Not *gracefully*, note (watch the video).

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Anandtech: Seagate Introduces First 8 TB Hard Disk Drive for Consumer NAS Applications.

The MSRP of the new 8TB PMR NAS HDD from Seagate will be $385 when it ships later this quarter.

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AppleInsider: Lightning-connected Gamevice gaming controller for iPhone debuts in Apple Stores.

Hmmm. I used to enjoy “Real Racing” on my iPod Touch. Perhaps I should ...

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Pro Video Coalition: From the National Drone Show: What I Learned On The Floor.

The last person you want flying your RPV is a real-plane pilot.” Not true. I sincerely doubt a pilot would be any worse than another untrained drone operator. Knowledge of airspace, weather, weight and balance, responsibility - ‘pilot in command’ - and other intangibles is important. It brings a seriousness to the endeavor, rather than a videogame/toy mentality. Treat it as a toy, people/animals/property get hurt - as we’ve already seen, and frequently. No doubt a subset of a PP license is the better solution.

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Mashable: Toddler loses an eye after consumer drone spins out of control.

Just what I’ve been warning about. Use bladeguards, people. Even if you think you don’t need them, or want to save battery life. You never know what you’re going to hit.

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The Verge: A designer’s take on the iPad Pro.

Tempting, but every time I try to incorporate an iPad in workflow, I end up spending extra time dealing with the handicaps in the programs (compared to desktop versions). Extra time increases bottom line.

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Designer News: Using an iPad Pro for work.

This thread will grow over the next day or so. Worth watching.

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Luminous Landscape: Is Good, Good Enough?

Great convo. Then again, I’d probably listen to these guys even if they chose to read the phone book. Their likeability shines.

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EOSHD: Sony A7S II Review Part 1 - Major Sunspot Defect.

Wait a few months. The III will likely be out.

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Macworld: The case of the case-sensitive formatted drive and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Interesting problem. SuperDuper for the win ... something every Mac owner should own, anyway. Never enough backups ...

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DP Review: PocketWizard Plus IV transceiver gets TTL pass-through hotshoe.

‘Bout time.

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Boston Globe: A revolution rattling the world of organ music.

It doesn’t seem like there’s an artist sitting down and sculpting a brand new instrument. A collection of things, yes, but not an instrument.

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DP Review: Can the iPad Pro be a serious editing tool for imaging professionals?

Despite being a much more powerful device than other models in the iPad line-up, with the software that is currently available the iPad Pro remains an additional tool for specific tasks in your editing workflow, but not the centerpiece.” My italic emphasis.

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Register.UK: Why Amazon, Netflix, Tinder, Airbnb and co plunged offline.

It got so bad AWS engineers were unable to send administrative commands to the metadata systems. At about 0500 PT, the team paused the service so that it could get in and make changes to handle the overwhelming workload. By 0700 PT, DynamoDB was staggering back to its feet. Other services were hit by the outage: EC2 Auto Scaling, the Simple Queue Service, CloudWatch, and the AWS Console feature, suffered problems.

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LRB: Daniel Soar, Short Cuts.

New inventions – just check out the website for the Lethality Division of the US Army Research Laboratory’s Material Research Directorate – promise clever things, and better soldiers, but when it comes to dealing with the enemy nothing is really as effective as firing at people from far enough away that they can’t fire back.” I’ve read this twice now, and still can’t quite figure out where he stands.

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ReadWrite: Apple Builds A Larger Canvas For Tablet Appmakers With The iPad Pro.

Sort of ‘backing’ into a touchscreen computer. What this brings to mind is, innovation on the iMac platform to accommodate a touchscreen. Articulated stand? Exciting, IMHO.

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Anandtech: WD Red Pro 6 TB Review.

Of note.

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DP Review: Epson introduces EcoTank printer range.

... Epson ... has launched a range of printers called EcoTank that it claims will help users save 70% on home printing. The five new machines come with what Epson says is enough ink to last the average person two years, and once empty the tanks can be refilled from a bottle instead of being replaced.” It’s taken long enough. Should have been available a decade ago!

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Luminous Landscape: DxO One Hands On Review.

Scroll down to “The Final Word.” You might be better served waiting for the next generation of mobile phones.

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Yosemite/mouse problem licked.

Turns out, not Yosemite at all. When I’d previously had some cutouts, I’d noticed it happened after abrupt mouse movements. Seems the battery door doesn’t push the batteries into full contact.  I taped a piece of index card inside the door, and that fixed things. I’ve been having them so frequently lately, I thought - what the hell. Go for the easy solution. I slapped a full-length piece of duct tape over the taped index card (twice as thick as previously), and closed the battery door. No more ‘connection lost’ inconveniences.

And my apologies for picking on you, Yosemite.

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ReadWrite: Weaponized Drones Are Now Legal In The U.S.

The law’s author, Representative Rick Becker, originally wanted to require police to secure a warrant for drone surveillance. But then local law enforcement managed to sneak in the right to equip drones with tasers or rubber bullets by amending the original prohibition against lethal and non-lethal force to just limiting lethal weapons.

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