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SERoundtable: Google Gives Full HTTPS/SSL Secure Web Sites A Ranking Boost.

Hmmm. I don’t see any huge need here on DM!, do you?

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SERoundtable: Google Restores MetaFilter’s Traffic After 20 Months Of Poor Rankings.

So I wonder, did other sites also notice a boost in traffic, the ones hit by that update back in November 2012?”  Me? Not so far.

Later: Apparently Naked Capitalism is back, too.

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Google+: End of the nymwars?

Today, we are taking the last step: there are no more restrictions on what name you can use. ”  Background, here.

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SER: Did Metafilter’s Founder Matt Haughey & Google’s Matt Cutts Talk About Google Ranking Issues?

There is a chart, at the bottom, to show an uptick for MeFi. I’ll note that I have not had any more takedown notices since the last surge.

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Funny Gmail outage this morning.

Seemed strangely quiet, my email. I went to the SETTINGS > ACCOUNTS AND IMPORTS page, and found my main email address hadn’t been checked in over an hour and a half. Error? “Network connection can’t be made. Please contact other provider.” Other provider? Automatic mail checks were failing. I hit ‘check mail’ by hand [Occam’s Razor], and it hooked up again. 46 backed up emails.

Just mentioning it, in case anyone else is experiencing a strangely quiet email morning. Check your account settings directly.

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PC World: Google reacts to Office 365 momentum with unlimited cloud storage.

There are no asterisks on the storage. [snip] It’s truly unlimited at Google scale. We don’t want customers to spend time worrying about storage.” Been waiting for this cloud tier to drop; haven’t you all, also? But wait a bit … see if responses dive even further in price.

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SERoundtable: CNBC Highlights 17 Year Old Web Site Devastated By Google’s Panda 4.0 Update.

We need to rout around Google indexing.

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Naked Cap: Google Algorithm Change Whacks Naked Capitalism.

Another Huguenot.  Welcome to the club.

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SERoundtable: Google Working On Updated Algorithm That Hurt MetaFilter.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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inessential: One Year After the RSS Apocalypse.

Using NewsBlur, rather than a local app, I’m actually able to scan more feeds faster than before. So RSS ain’t dead … and losing Google Reader was a pretty good thing for my linkblogging. IMHO.

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liblfds.org: Google just lost it.

I suppose because it is top-of-mind, I’m noticing more posts like this. Or are they on the upswing? [Warning for language.]

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Dazed: Google brings you the ‘Edit Yourself’ form.

Unfortunately, the EU ruling only applies to European citizens, so Americans and those outside Europe can’t put in a request.

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SER: Google’s Panda 4 Update May Have Hurt The Press Release Industry.

… Panda 4.0 may have hurt press release sites and showed SearchMetrics data for PRWeb, PR Newswire, BusinessWire and PRLog all losing between 60% to 85% of their SEO visibility.” Who on Earth would build a business model that relies upon search engine results anymore?

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CNet: Google unveils self-driving car, sans steering wheel.

The future, perhaps. For me to be more fully convinced, I’d like to see a handful of these negotiate roundabouts and 4-way stops with unpredictable bicyclists, pedestrians, texting drivers, drivers who have no idea how to behave at a 4-way, etc. THEN I’ll be on board. For all of us who have played with little model robotic cars, the comedy usually appears when two robotic cars meet each other. Mayhem usually ensues.

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SER: Google Argues Deleting Your Web History Does In Fact Do Something.

Either way, technically, there are likely ways to associate your searches back to you even if you delete them. Like in the AOL example from 2006. But Google does do things to disassociate the queries to your Google account.

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All of a sudden, Gmail’s not blocking certain spam emails.

I suppose it has worked so well for so long, it’s just an abject shock to see a couple of spams in my inbox every morning.

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SER: Google - Panda 4.0 Is A New Architecture Brings Softer Side.

We’ve heard it before. Proof is in the takedown emails, as far as I’m concerned.

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SEOBook: The Side Effect Of Link Removal.

Good article. Just read it. Perhaps I’m caught in a losing battle. Twitter, increase your character allowance. I may be coming your way.

Later: Question. What would Google recommend for those of us who linkblog? What are their preferred practices? Or is there no room in the Google searchosphere for linkblogs?

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Google Chrome’s notifications are SO handy.

I just learned that my Amazon package arrived yesterday. Duh.

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Medium/Haughey: On the Future of MetaFilter.

Well, I don’t feel so alone. Doesn’t make me particularly happy. The question is how to move forward as a solo act. Matt’s got a staff and revenue to handle changes. I don’t.

I’m sort of in this kind of headspace at the moment.

I’ll wait and see if Google has a response for Matt before making any decisions. I would hope MeFi is a high profile enough site to deserve such a response.

I have to warn you all — too many takedown requests, I’ll have to pull my beloved weblog offline and request delisting. I have to earn a living, and I can’t do that by spending my time pulling links out of my archives. And my archives are huge - near 100,000 links within. So far the requests have been manageable, if not timed particularly well (“I need this done IMMEDIATELY”). I will give you all fair warning if this untoward eventuality comes to pass.

Death by algorithm as this weblog’s epitaph has absolutely no dignity. It’d be a pretty crummy way to go, after all these years.

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More link withdrawal requests today.

Google has truly lost their minds. Is there anyone at Google I can slap upside the head? It does seem that my most cryptic links (echoing a service or product name exactly) are being singled out. In other words, if I made a clever title and pointed to ‘Product X’, and linked only the text of ‘Product X’, Google is interpreting that as somehow trying to game the system for the product maker, as if I’m some sort of black hat site. This is deeply insulting. And this is way, way too much power for one single company to wield. They’re making us do all the hard work for their algorithm-du-jour’s convenience.

Perhaps my next iteration really should be an archive-less creation.

Related: My previous post on the subject.

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Dazed: Now you can legally edit your online history.

Not really, not yet. “Right now, the decision needs the consent of the 28 EU governments before it can become law. Google, Facebook and other internet companies have campaigned against the law, concerned not only about the invasion of internet freedom, but also the costs incurred by dealing with relentless requests for the removal of information.

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SER: Google’s Matt Cutts Says Over Time, Google May Rely On Links Less For Rankings.

Hmmm. I have to say, ‘author expert ranking’ concerns me. Those who rate high, don’t necessarily know what the hell they’re talking about. The means of measurement should be clear and open to scrutiny. More on ranking and potential impact.

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SER: Black Hat Documents How He Went From Rags To Riches & Back To Rags.

Of interest.

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Blogs are spam, according to Google?

I just received a second request in as many days asking for me to remove a post! It seems my linking to sites is occasionally being interpreted as spam or link-building by the latest update to Google’s algorithms.

My own Webmaster Tools account says I’m clear of any security or spam issues. I don’t get it.

All I have to say is, if you want to kill weblogging this is a way to do it.  Many more of these requests, I’ll have to take my whole site offline and go do something else. I do ride herd on something like 100,000 individual link-posts. How many people are going to complain? Near fifteen years of posting, to be removed at an algorithm’s whim?

Maybe there’s a lesson in that. I hear Ivan Venko in Iron Man II

Later: This was the tool used, and apparently I appear as a ‘spam backlink’. If anyone has further insight, that would prevent this from happening, I’d appreciate a tipoff.

Related: Another set of removals were requested May 15. Overjoyed. NOT.

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