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Cleaning out my bookmarks in free time ...

gonna try using Chrome as my primary for a while. Even with Delicious and Evernote, I really rack up the bookmark crap ... do I ever refer to it? Never. Will I throw it away? Of course not.


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BusinessWeek: Apple vs. Google.

Missed this a couple of weeks ago. Congruent with my beliefs, in the wake of the Apple/Adobe invective of late. “Some analysts believe the Apple-Google battle is likely to get much rougher in the months ahead. Ovum’s Yarmis thinks Apple may soon decide to dump Google as the default search engine on its devices, primarily to cut Google off from mobile data that could be used to improve its advertising and Android technology.” No Flash, no Google? I wonder if Steve really thinks he could pull that one off.  Even my most Luddite acquaintances are gravitating to Google’s free web apps.

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Macworld: YouTube support of IPv6 seen in dramatic traffic spike.

Apparently turned on last Thursday.

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