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Mashable: How to disable Chrome notifications.

Useful. Evernoted, to forward to clients.

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Re/code: Activists urge Google - ‘Don’t be evil, #DumpTrump’.

Our ask to Google is really simple: Don’t put your brand on a Trump-led convention.

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PCWorld: Chrome 50 ends support for Windows XP, Vista, and earlier versions of Mac OS X.

Less mentioned, any OS X earlier than 10.9.

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Google Webmaster Central: Continuing to make the web more mobile friendly.

Today we’re announcing that beginning in May, we’ll start rolling out an update to mobile search results that increases the effect of the ranking signal to help our users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly.

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c|net: Google copyright takedown requests jump to 76 million in past month.

The company reported Monday that over the past month it received more than 76 million requests to remove from search results URLs that point to such content.” How to bring a behemoth to its knees.

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ZDNet: Google’s hush-hush 100kW transmitter in New Mexico desert.

Skybender.” Millimeter-wave tech.

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Envato: AMP Project - Will it Make Your Sites Faster?

Developer info within. Bookmarked.

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WebmasterWorld: Finally got accepted on DMOZ listing.

Blast from the past, or ... ?

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Webdesigner Depot: Outlook takes on Gmail with huge new update.

Yeow. I’ve got a couple of accounts on Outlook - can’t wait to kick the tires on this. Tired of looking at ol’ Gmail, which seems feature-frozen.

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Google Webmaster Guidelines, updated in the last couple of days.

Worth a perusal.

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Three from Search Engine Roundtable.

1. Google says shorter URLs are better.
2. Google says links in footers or sitewides aren’t given much weight.
3. Google says title tags are ranking factors, but not worth rewriting for ‘better’ results.

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SERoundtable: Google Says Updating Images Can Take Months; We Don’t Index Them Frequently.

Photographers, be aware of this.

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SERoundtable: Google+ Photos Search Stopped Working.


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SER: Google’s Gary Illyes Is An Amateur SEO According To A Recent Test.

Even the experts aren’t experts.

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TechCrunch: Google Brings Street View To The Ancient City Of Petra.

The Coke machine opposite, sort of jars the senses. Like walking into the Hagia Sophia, and having AC/DC’s “What You Do For The Money Honey” playing ...

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The Verge: Gmail will soon alert users about unencrypted emails.


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Bruce Clay: Is Google about to Kill Its Penguin? Is It the End of Link Spam?

This tactic was so effective that it literally changed the face of the Internet. Blog spam, comment spam, scraper sites – none of them would exist if Google’s algorithm didn’t, for quite some time, reward the acquisition of links (regardless of source) with higher rankings.

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SERoundtable: Google’s John Mueller - Don’t Follow Big Sites SEO, They Often Get It Wrong.

Not a surprise, really.

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Re/code: Autonomous Cars and Their Ethical Conundrum.

one can imagine many types of ethical issues that a self-driving car will encounter. Understanding how the engineers, philosophers and ethicists design the final algorithms that sit at the heart of these autonomous vehicles will be very important to the success of these automobiles.” Denise McCluggage and I spent an afternoon debating these permutations, and came up with no solid Asimov-style ‘robot rules’ for driverless cars. I joked that perhaps a driverless car might contain a charge to blow itself up, in an answerless situation. I received a snort in response.

Later: I’ve got it! EJECTION SEATS.

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Register.UK: Google uses humans as Matrix-style ‘data batteries’ – Open Xchange CE

Brilliant observation.

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AppleInsider: DuckDuckGo takes shots at Google, says tracking isn’t needed to profit.

Most of the money is still made without tracking people by showing you ads based on your keyword, i.e. type in car and get a car ad. These ads are lucrative because people have buying intent. All that tracking is for the rest of the Internet without this search intent, and that’s why you’re tracked across the Internet with those same ads.

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Moz: Why I Stopped Selling SEO Services and You Should, Too.

Fantastic article. Right on the money, IMHO.

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SER: Google Recommends Keeping 301 Redirects In Place For One Year Or Longer.

... if you’ve moved your site, and we have been able to recognize that your site has moved, which might take maybe a half a year, maybe a year or so, then at some point, you can take that redirect down. The thing to keep in mind there is that if there are still links to the old version of the URL, then chance are, we might show the old URL too, if you remove the 301 redirect.” What a hot mess.

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SER: Google Says They Never Index All The Pages.

Only ‘important’ pages.

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Wired: Google Announces It’s All Grown-Up With Alphabet’s New Logo.

I get stuck at the lowercase ‘a’. Another sans-serif trying to look important; as if there aren’t enough out there already. You’ll be hard-pressed to tell if this is about the company, or an infographic scadged from Sesame Street. I keep seeing Elmo or Ernie poking in his head from the right ...

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