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SERoundtable: Google Issues Mass Manual Actions For Thin Content Over Weekend.

Thin content?” Really? Good grief. Beware whom we give power to.

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SELand: It’s Official - Google Says More Searches Now On Mobile Than On Desktop.

Google groups tablets with desktops. So this is just smartphones and does not include tablets.” I wonder; I suspect ‘bicoastalism’ effect again (better cellphone coverage than our rural areas). I have yet to see any of my client sites (responsive or otherwise) rise above 25% mobile use; Google search results are single digits within that 25%.

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SERoundtable: SEOs Prepare For Twitter Integration Into Google’s Search Results.

For now, it seems to only show for trending keywords, so you need to keep an eye on Google Trends.

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SERoundtable: Most Still Don’t See Significant Changes In The Google Mobile Results.

At this moment in time, 60% see no difference.

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PS Blog: Will Google’s Mobile Friendly Changes Impact Your Photography Website?

Finally, someone admits it in plain English: “Google’s change will only affect the search results initiated from mobile devices (not including tablets). Desktop searches will remain unchanged. Further, it only applies to individual pages, not entire websites.”  Too many designers are being mealy-mouthed about the specifics, trying to generate ‘panic’ business.

Later: SEOBook, “The problem with going early is you eat the expense upfront, while the rewards are still unknown.”

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Google “Mobilegeddon.”

I suppose, because I’m more interested in a site’s information than its mobile-friendliness, I should think about using Bing or DuckDuckGo instead. If they’re going to deprecate a good source because of mobile-unfriendliness, I want nothing to do with them. I want the info, regardless of format.

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ReadWrite: How To Blur Your Search Tracks On Google.

Of note.

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ReadWrite: Thanks To Google’s Mobilegeddon, Your Search Rank May Be Toast.

Is it Google’s web, or our web? I’m not seeing ‘mobilize or die’ numbers in any of my responsive sites’ stats.

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SERoundtable: Google Mobile Search Drops URL For Site Name & Breadcrumb Navigation.

Of note.

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SERoundtable: Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Is Yes Or No - No Degrees Of Mobile Friendliness?

But as we mentioned earlier, there are over 200 different factors that determine ranking so we can’t just give you a yes or no answer with this. It depends on all the other attributes of your site, weather it is providing a great user experience or not. That is the same with desktop search, not isolated with mobile search.” In other words, Google is not going to divert the ‘bum-rush’ to get mobile-compatible, because it benefits themselves. But it may not be as critical as the knee-jerk folks are panicking over.

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SER: Google Mobile Friendly Test vs Webmaster Tools Mobile Usability Reports.

Timely.  It seems April 21 is the date Google will start using mobile-friendliness as a ranking metric (of 200-some metrics, so don’t panic).

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SER: Google Discontinuing Original Google Webmaster Tools API, Killing Keyword Data.

FYI. “... you can no longer get keyword data for the content report from the Google Webmaster Tools API starting on April 20, 2015. Google did say there are other ways to get the data in Python, Java, and OACurl but many of the free and popular keyword tools use the API.

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Macworld: Google error leaks owner personal info for nearly 300,000 websites.


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DedaSys Journal: Alarming number of spam false positives in Gmail.

I also noticed a bit a month or so ago.  Those that were being caught - and they were vitally important - I whitelisted with a filter to guarantee they wouldn’t be grabbed again. I just peeped in this second, about ten items I would have preferred to see, but weren’t earthshattering if I lost them. I check the spam folder about once a month or ~500 pieces, whichever comes first, because I never do trust algorithms 100%.

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The Register.UK: Google chips at Amazon’s Glacier with Cloud Storage Nearline.

Of note. Particularly photographers who get nervous ‘n’ jerky when they can’t have instant access to their backups (guilty) ...

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vowe dot net: It was nice knowing you, Google+.

And then Google decided to add all my circles to my address book. Hundreds of people I don’t need in there. A quick visit to Google+, delete all circles, farewell.” Haven’t seen that yet. When I do ...

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ReadWrite: Google+ Is Poised For A Big Breakup.

I wondered for how long it would continue to limp along.

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Snapmail: Self-destructing emails for Gmail.

Of note.

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c|net: Google’s Blogger to put sexually explicit content behind privacy wall.

Remembering the early days when amateur First Amendment advocates would have had a cow over this. Crickets.

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ArtDaily: 2 masterpieces from Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden available in gigapixel resolution.

Article here, gigapixel here. I adore those two bored cherubs at the bottom of the frame ...

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Imgur: Updated Google Maps Middle Earth.


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Google LatLong: Google Earth Pro is now free.

Used to be $399.

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Bruce Clay’s 2015 Predictions for the SEO Industry.

BC’s always ridden the top of the SEO industry. You know I don’t like SEO in general, but he makes good predictions.

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Yanado - Task management inside Gmail.

Never heard of it. Thought some might be interested.

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Dither and Bicker: RIP Google Analytics, Casualty of Spam.

Spammers have figured out that its pretty easy to spoof Google Analytics traffic. When Google Analytics logs traffic on your site it uses a simple key. Since all tracking is handled through JavaScript on the client side, there’s no real checks to ensure that your key is run off your site. They can make requests directly to Google from their domains using your unique key and their bogus traffic shows up in your reports.” Of interest.

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