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The Coolist: Prevent Office Death with 12 Desk Stretches That Help You Live Longer.

Not terrible suggests, these. The “Seated Figure 4” is not terribly effective for the piriformis. You might have better luck lying down and putting a tennis ball under your buttocks. And never, ever round your back doing any of these. Ever.

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Atlantic: The Art of Handwriting.

For many artists, it is easy to see how writing is performative.” I’ve been working on my printing lately (a couple of nice fountain pens encourage that). My handwriting has suffered from years of keyboard-only writing. If in a rush, my script is on pharmacist/physician/attorney level.

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Youtube: Selfie Shoes.

You knew it had to happen.

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DYT: Wedding Photo Shoot Goes Wrong After A Snake Makes A Surprise Appearance.

And you may think you’ve had a bad day. Make your photog walk the area first. Tripods and monopods are particularly good for ‘snake’ attractors, esp. if they’ve been out in the sun for a bit (snakes like to hit hotspots).

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Dazed: Far-right group look for non-existent migrants in empty camp.

Pffft. In America, they would have been waltzing around with AR-15s.

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Paris Review: Hot Dog Taste Test.

Bit o’ fun. Gimme dry eggs. Can’t stand ‘em runny.

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FishbowlNY: The Caitlyn Jenner Sports Illustrated Issue Has Arrived.

Less retouching than usual. Like Jennifer Lawrence a couple of months ago, Jenner is flirting with overexposure. Believe me, I’ve had acquaintances going through trans issues ... but if you want to convince the masses that it’s OK or that it’s normal ... this isn’t the way to go about it. Jenner’s affluent. There are many in rural areas who are suffering exponentially more than Jenner ever did, and will never be able to afford the plastic surgery and other aesthetic tweaks associated with her/his transformation. Resembling one’s ‘correct’ gender makes things so much easier.

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The Atlantic: Why Managers Are So Bad at Recognizing Good Ideas.

Years of experience had trained them to believe that a certain type of show would be successful, and biased them against something that broke that mold.

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DYT: 1980s - The Period Of Women Rock Hairstyle Boom.

Oh man. There’s a blast from the past. Hairspray and blowdryers!

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GalleyCat: Writing Quality Decreases Among Those That Read Online Only.

Bah. I’ll argue sample size.

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McSweeney’s: List - Obituaries for Teen Girls If They Actually Died When They Say.

Someone is going to call ‘sexist’.

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ABQ BusinessFirst: Santa Fe’s Vista Clara Ranch and Spa Resort sold to Chi Center.

Finally! It’s a gorgeous property. I look forward to being able to peek in again.

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99U: Do You Have to Be a Jerk to Be Successful?

Hmmm. I’ve found those who focus only on ‘success’, tend to be the people who get attracted to the ‘Dark Side’. I’ve seen young programmers go from white hat SEO down the toilet hole to full-on black hat SEO, for instance (back in the ‘old days’ of SEO). Then, as the algorithms changed, drop from sight and change careers, only to have accepted a work ethic that is based on ‘gaming the system’. A personal, one-person boom-and-bust cycle appears.

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General observation: You know, with auto-correct all over the place ...

... I see more misspellings than ever. I was always taught that if it is worth saying, it’s worth spelling correctly. One of the pillars of self-respect, communicating well. Depressing that even news orgs don’t even bother anymore.

(Spurred by visiting a site I pay for, and finding ridiculous misspellings through their product. If it weren’t so useful, I’d cancel my subscription.)

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Guardian.UK: Annie Proulx - ‘I’ve had a life. I see how slippery things can be’.

Proulx was a latecomer to the literary world, publishing her first novel, Postcards, when she was 56.” This is what those ‘30 under 30’ articles miss. The wonderful late bloomers.

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Atlas Obscura: New FAA Flight Plans Making Life Very Loud for Some Americans.

... now that the GPS network is being implemented, planes can be positioned more closely together, creating new flight path opportunities.” About a year or so ago, a flight path was crafted over our development, which put small commercial jets about 1200 feet over our house. Unpleasant. Something changed, we don’t hear them anymore. But the military in the area continue to play ring-around-the-development as they test the rotorcraft in for repairs at the Santa Fe Airport. Some sound like unmuffled Wankels, they’re so loud.

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Boston Globe: At this tech startup, age is an asset.


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Guardian.UK: Want to imbibe wisdom by accident?

OK, but please understand they are the ‘snacks’ of wisdom. Short, easy to post and read. And then most of us move on, without any depth of thought. So many are posting mediocre images and tacking quotes on. It’s clichè turned to 11 now.

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FishbowlNY: Forbes Lists Richest, Self-Made Women.

Hmmm. That last paragraph.

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SciAm: New Study Finds That Roof Racks Are a Real Drag on U.S. Fuel Consumption.

I knew this already. Yet my roof rack stays on the car ‘just in case’. I should just go ahead and take the durned thing off. I’ve been chucking my bike in the back of the van, just because of the drag on the roof. In NM’s high winds and weather, a bent frame and tons of bugs are your reward for sitting on the roof. Better the back-of-the-car strap-on dealy.

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Vimeo: Bullshit!, with philosopher Harry Frankfurt.

Mostly agree. I think we cannot do without a certain amount of bullshit in our lives; what of the enormously entertaining ‘tall tale’, for instance? How dull life would be, without having someone pull our leg from time to time.

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Atlas Obscura: Exploring the Secrets of Soothing Spaceship Sound.

Best part is the link to the 24-hour loop of Enterprise ambient sound. Better yet, mix two - Enterprise and ISS (click play on both videos in this article).

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Two from Atlas Obscura.

Brilliant bus concept. And Aristotle’s tomb?

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BoingBoing: Technology’s “culture of compliance” must be beaten back in the name of justice.

Of note. Thanks, BillSaysThis!

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Lorem f-cking ipsum: A Good F-cking Design Advice Service.

Language! Of course you could never use it. But it’s funny for a second or three. I find Lorem ipsum causes more problems these days than solutions. Better to just grab some text from some innocuous source. How many times I’ve heard, “What language is Lorem ipsum? Can’t you just use English?”

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