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I’ve added some ‘later’ comments to articles today and yesterday.

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ViralForest: This is the Pallet Emergency Home. It Can Be Built in One Day With Only Basic Tools.

Neat. Careful what pallets you use; some stink to high heaven.

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Salon: Gentrifying the dharma: How the 1 percent is hijacking mindfulness.

It’s been a litmus test among some social groups in Santa Fe for a while now.

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The Awesome Thing That Will Eat Upworthy’s Brains ...

First, read this. Then, read this. And laugh maniacally.

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nakedcap: What Good Are Children?

“Recent work by Benjamin et al (2013, 2014) confirms that people do not exactly maximise their wellbeing when making life decisions, but they often come very close. If so, those whose wellbeing will be improved by having children will have children, and those whose wellbeing would be worsened by having children will not.

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Youtube: World’s first manned RC Helicopter flight.

Next up, drone gymnastics in the Olympics?

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OpenCulture: Oxford’s Free Course Critical Reasoning For Beginners.

If you’ve got some time on your hands, the lectures, which average just over an hour in length, can be finished in less than a week. That’s peanuts, if you consider that all our knowledge is built on the foundations that this course establishes.

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BBC: Bird smashes through cockpit window in Florida.

Every pilot’s nightmare.

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Bios Urn: Biodegradable Urn with seed.

Let’s convert cemeteries into forests.” Great idea. I wanna be a tulip tree. I think.

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Giz: The Goodyear Blimp’s an Even Better Joyride Than You Thought.

Aaaah. What it must have been like to travel in one of the great zeppelins ...

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CNN: UPS pilots complained of fatigue before fatal crash.

Information about their actual flight hours is at the bottom of the article.

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Wired.UK: Wikipedia could become 1,193,014 page book.

I approve. It will outlast electronic storage media. Now, how much longer would it be if they included the edits (which would be of immense value to future historians)?

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Shift: Episode 019 - All change.

Euan and Megan bring another good episode to the metacosm. Change makes me think of Zhuangzi, the great Taoist teacher. “You can’t throw a lasso around the boundless.” All is change. Rather than leashing it, be more skilled at herding employees in the direction change is going. Or simply relinquishing control and following employees’ leads. Some would want to codify such procedures; but is codification an anti-change agent in itself? Anyway, check it out.

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DesignYouTrust: 75 Parisiennes.

I think I’ve linked this before; however, many of the images seem new to me. Boy, talk about tchochtkes.

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Guardian.UK: Royal ivory - Why Prince William is right.

I respectfully disagree. Destruction will not save a single elephant. Overseas buyers have never seen these ivory items in person; they’ve only seen photos. Are you going to destroy the photos as well? You’ll have to, in order to give this any sort of traction.

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“Passion is the secret …”

Oh, bull bananas. Fulfilling your audience’s fantasy. That’s the secret to burgeoning popularity. Think about it.

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Guardian.UK: Crew member hospitalised after turbulence causes injuries aboard flight.

Ouch. Everyone’s linked the 767 wing-flapping video, so I won’t link it again. Did you know a 747 is designed to allow 29 feet of ‘flap’ in its wings? Most other airplanes are 6-9 feet of flex.

Side note: The weather patterns over NM recently have gifted us with frequent lenticular clouds, which often presage severe (read: SEVERE) turbulence. If you’re flying over the Rockies this season, bring ye olde barf bags.

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Sploid: Stare at this illusion for 10 seconds to witness pure magic.

Feels like a visual hangover. Instructive, really. I need to allow more time between editing colorful bits of photos, otherwise my color judgment might be skewed.

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Pacific Standard: Not-So-Tortured Artists - Creativity Breeds Happiness.

New research finds college students are happier than usual when they are engaging in creative activities.” Unless they attend RISD and have a crit the next morning … (wink) …

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Youtube: Season 1/Episode 1 - The Dead Dog Café Comedy Hour.

Stay calm, be brave, wait for the signs.

I think I need to do a podcast session like this.

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The Atlantic: Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators.

… first, I put it off for two or three weeks. Then I sit down to write. That’s when I get up and go clean the garage. After that, I go upstairs, and then I come back downstairs and complain to my wife for a couple of hours. Finally, but only after a couple more days have passed and I’m really freaking out about missing my deadline, I ultimately sit down and write.

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The Atlantic: Now You Can Experience the Nasty Stench of Cities Throughout History.

They really need to do one for the fracking areas of southwest Texas, so both pro-frackers and anti-frackers can take a whiff of their future.

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Pacific Standard: Nope, That’s a Puma, Not a Wildcat, Panther, or Mountain Lion.

People wuv kittycats.

Until they start offing small children (one of their favorite human targets).

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Champagne & Cupcakes Tumblr: His arm, tho.

Steampunk cool.

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Twitter/ShortList: A brief history of cool ...

Useful. Now I don’t feel so out-of-date.

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