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Collectors Weekly: Victorian Secret - Sitting in a Lobster Bustle Skirt Is Easier Than It Looks.

Says you.

Footnote: Listen to Jennifer Garner’s experience in a metal corset at the Oscars. More things change, more they stay the same. Or get worse!

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Register.UK: Flying Scotsman attacked by drone.

Operating a vehicle in 3D space doesn’t come naturally. There should be a training requirement for such use.

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DYT: The Last Honour.

How you eulogize - and bury - an elephant.

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Racked: The Last Lifestyle Magazine.

How Kinfolk created the dominant aesthetic of the decade with perfect lattes and avocado toast.” Never heard of it. But we in Santa Fe are immersed in lifestyle publications. I doubt Kinfolk has many vigas, ristras or green chiles in their photo essays.

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There’s an entertaining meme on Tumblr ...

... taking Donald’s “Apprentice” doll and putting it in various dangerous situations with plastic dinos. Or just putting pins in it.

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AmosDudley: Orthoprint, or How I Open-Sourced My Face.

CAD to the rescue!

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Mashable: Guns in the office seem like a good idea to some people.

Issuing a hand-held shotgun (revolver) to everyone in the company. Jesus, this guy ain’t kidding around. Whatever you aim that thing at, it’s going down. And by the time your wrist hurts, it won’t matter anymore.

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Guardian.UK: ‘What the hell have they done?’ Spanish castle restoration mocked.

They’ve got builders in rather than restorers and, like we say round here, they’ve cocked it up.” You mean locals never got to view the proposed repairs?!!

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Collectors Weekly: Our Pungent History - Sweat, Perfume, and the Scent of Death.

Not a mention of handkerchiefs, waved to dispel the scent of rotting teeth? Better yet, try Dean Swift’s Maw-Wallup.

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Aeon: ‘No kill’ animal rescue is a disaster for animal welfare.

While we dress our pets in matching pyjamas, saving, coddling and healing them, our ever-growing empathy for the furry has led us off the rails. As consumers, we are complicit in creating an inhumane and dangerous situation that leaves animals in pain, shelter staff overwhelmed, and pet owners burdened with unprecedented levels of financial and emotional stress.

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CNN: The world is running low on old single malt Scotch.

The industry woke up to the current boom too late. [snip] More capacity is being added now, but the bad news for whisky drinkers is the shortage could last another 10 to 15 years, experts say.QUELLE DISASTER!!

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Six Revisions: Can Handwritten Letters Get You More Clients?

This trick works. I had been doing well-formatted digital resumes for an engineer friend of mine. He had a hard time standing out from the crowd. He went ahead on his own - and in his own terrifying handwriting wrote out his complete resume and cover letters - and ended up getting a passel of interest, one of which hired him.

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Italian Ways: Maison Cilento in Naples: tailoring and tradition.

Now, here’s a proper place to buy a suit.

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Authority Nutrition: Fresh vs Frozen Fruit and Vegetables - Which are Healthier?

Interesting! I supposed ‘canned’ didn’t make the cut. I’ve always preferred canned corn to frozen, for some strange reason. More ‘tooth’, al dente ... mouthfeel.

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ArtDaily: Legendary steam train ‘Flying Scotsman’ returns in UK.

I think the steam trains have got this bit of extraordinary character to them.” Indeed. If you’re anywhere near PA, go see the Strasburg RR.

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The Verge: Inside America’s worst train station.

The departures board is hung ponderously in the middle of the room like a giant guillotine blade. Surrounding it were hundreds of frowning commuters waiting for the numbers to change so they could get the hell out of here. Classical music drifted from somewhere above in an all-too-obvious attempt to create a cultured environment. It failed.” There was music? Oh yeah. I’d hear it only when the place was near-empty, like 10PM or after.

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Tuvie: Wash Your Clothes While Riding The Stationary Bike.

Hey, I’d purchase it.

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SXSW Filmmakers In Focus: Texas Shorts.

Of note.

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Re/code: Amazon Free Shipping Minimum Is Now $49, Up From $35.

Yet ‘Prime’ is no longer prime. They don’t promise delivery dates anymore, and hand off deliveries from reliable FedEx to unreliable USPS. Two-day is now three, four day. The value of Prime is dropping. If you need to raise the price, Amazon, you should do it, rather than give us long waittimes on delivery. When I need something, I need something.

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New Republic: Does Amazon’s Data Speak for Itself?

I have a copy of Amazon.Via MeFi.

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It is embarrassing to relate ...

I received an email from Flipboard saying “Facts about Turbulence” ... but, since “Flipboard” was formatted right above “Turbulence”, my mind registered “Facts about Flatulence” ...

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Someone has to say it.

Neither a penis nor a vagina qualify you for the Presidency.”  But if you’re a feline and take a good photo, you might beat Trump.

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Quartz: Beware of the angry white male public intellectual.

... we need to start acknowledging that men with real power and authority are fostering online harassment. Such public intellectuals are perhaps even more dangerous—both because they give online harassment a larger and more mainstream audience, and because they give those campaigns the stamp of moral or intellectual seriousness.” This has been true almost since the start of the weblog metacosm. A powerful blogger with a large follower base need only point with derision - his minions do the rest. But it’s not just a male thing - though they are the most populous in this genus. Malkin, for instance? Via MiloV on FB.

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io9: The 12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rational.

Bit fluffy, but a nice refresher.

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NY Times: Is Humanity Getting Better?

Something is happening — especially since World War II — as we add more energy to our species. What future generations might marvel at most will be if we, in the midst of it, do not see it.” Thought-provoker.

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