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Fooling ourselves with science: hoaxes, retractions and the public.

Scientific research was manufactured, which resulted in claims that appealed to some popular views, and the media broadly and uncritically promoted the results, advocating popular actions in response.” And we as bloggers, need to be extra careful about what we promote. Yet how are we to judge if even scientists are fooled?

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Vox: I have 227 browser tabs open, and my computer runs fine. Here’s my secret.

I tend to stash stuff, rather than keep tabs open. Free RAM uber alles.

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Authentic Jobs: Designers at Hillary for America.

If you’re looking, this could be very entertaining.

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Guardian.UK: Denton, Texas, banned fracking last year - then the frackers fought back.

Oil and gas is allowed in every zone [in Denton, yet] bakeries aren’t allowed in every zone because there’s a bit of morning truck traffic.” I suppose they could hire some biker toughs from Waco. The state isn’t going to lift a finger.

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NY Times: Couple’s Kayak Trip on Hudson Included Missteps and Dangers, Experts Say.

This one is bizarre. Every time a new article on this incident shows up in my feed, I look for new clues.

What gets me is not the accused, and the attempts at using cultural excuses for her post-incident behavior. It’s the ‘experts’ weighing in. Everyone around NM has a whitewater kayak rotting in their backyard, in various states of disrepair. When season comes, they get used - drain plugs or not. They’re simply awful - AWFUL - on open water in wind and current. They have flat bottoms and wind can push you around wherever you want. Yet folks still use ‘em on lakes. I’d like to say even the biggest fool knows to wear a PFD, yet I see folks consistently go out on flat water with none, thinking flat water is ‘safer’ than whitewater. Whitewater kayaks are designed to roll easily - if you enter the water without a PFD, it’s often suicide. Further, it seems these folks had no sprayskirts (preventing water from entering the cockpit), no paddle-leashes, in addition to the other important equipment mentioned in this article. Saying these two were ‘experienced’ kayakers is ridiculous. Two people went out for an ‘adventure’, completely unprepared for the conditions. Whether she left him to drown or not, it wasn’t ‘kayak sabotage’, given the current clues. And there’s not enough circumstantial evidence to convict, if the jury’s honest.

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In These Times: Inside the Happiness Racket.

The happiness industry exonerates capitalism. It’s not that the job is underpaid, the hours unreasonable or the product pointless. It’s that the employee is just unhappy. She should be encouraged to eat better, exercise and practice mindfulness. Or, if those things fail, seek a pharmaceutical remedy.” It’s enjoyable to be happy. Melancholy in solitude (*not* depression or sadness) tends to make me superhumanly creative. And I’m not the only one.

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naked cap: More on the Myth of Outsourcing’s Efficiency.

Particularly good. Do take this one in.

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NY Mag: This Is Why You’re Terrible With Names.

Names are ‘completely arbitrary, and hold no specific information in them’ ...” So, it’s not early-onset Alzheimer’s.

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Google NGram Viewer: AOL, Facebook and Twitter.

Of interest.

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WalletHub: 2015’s Best Cities to Start a Business.

Surprising results.

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100,000 Stars.

Cosmic fix for the morning ...

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Endless horse.” No false advertising here.

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ReadWrite: I Wore Suitsy For A Week—And No One Noticed.

Last weekend, the liberty-loving tech organization, Lincoln Labs, held a rally for presidential hopeful Senator Rand Paul. There were suits oozing out the front door waiting to get a selfie with the libertarian icon. I blended right in.Pfffffft.

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Hyperallergic: Entire First-Year MFA Class Drops Out in Protest at USC.

Bad form, on the part of the school.

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Italian Ways: Ancient Rome’s bikinis, in Piazza Armerina.

Veni, vidi ... and swooned.

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Seen today in Santa Fe: Passive political statement?

A large limo-like car pulls up next to me in traffic. Slowly advancing in its lane, I have a slow-mo view of the interior and side panels. The driver and passenger, a young couple. Female is driving, hands on top of the steering wheel, looking squished and nervous. Male is passengering, crossed legs propped on the wide dashboard, sloppily drinking a soda. The back seat filled with white bags. On the side, “COW MANURE.”  The C-pillar, covered in fabric-looking vinyl starts to slip by, and I notice a metal badge:

“CONGRESSIONAL TOWN SEDAN”. [Apparently a variant of Lincoln Town Car.]

You can’t make this stuff up.  Proposed soundtrack.

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DesignYouTrust: Astonishing Portraits of WWII Survivors.

Oral history is so important. Photos can only tell you so much.

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500px ISO: That ‘Most Used Cameras’ Stat Sharing Sites Like Promoting is Full of Holes.

Stats need context.

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Mashable: Your beard is dirty as a toilet?

Glass half empty? Look on the bright side - grow a beard, give yourself a free fecal transplant. There.

Later: Apparently a bit overblown, in sensationalist style. Your smartphone may worry you more.

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Kitfox Aircraft.

Always wanted to own a Cub. Fly with the doors open. Next best thing. And they have a radial now!

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HyperAllergic: Americans Are Losing the Art of Signing Their Names.

Mine has devolved. I need to ‘up the fancy’. My bank will hate me, I fear.

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ScholarlyKitchen: Version Control; or, What does it Mean to “Publish?”.

“But isn’t scholarship built on an architecture of citation? Even if one doesn’t credit the whiggish notion that we will know more and be better for it over time, the structures of scholarship are such that one builds on what has come before. Citation, the essential scholarly building block, requires some measure of fixity, a version of record.” Related to my astonishment at some pro blogger sites’ recommendation of altering your archives. If one references a mark that is not fixed, doesn’t that invalidate the reference and other works linked to that reference entirely?

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Slate: The Reincarnation Machine: Find out your past lives!

Cute. Useless, other than as a randomizing source for historical trivia. I was titillated to find out Errol Flynn died two days before I was born. 

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A Continuous Lean.: Living Vicariously Through Other People’s Junk.

Does this mean I’m not actually late with spring cleaning ... ? “I’m being trendy.”

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NJ.com: Landslide along Delaware River forces evacuation of 2 Florence homes.

Some are inaccurately labelling this a ‘sinkhole’ for sensationalist purposes. This article gives you better info.

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