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NYT: Love. Labor. Lost.

Good God. Talk about overthinking things.

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Nat’l Post: If the gig economy is booming, why is ‘freelance’ still a fail?

As companies become less loyal to workers – creating work conditions most favourable to the Patrick Batemans of the world – people are pushing back and setting their own wages, hours and terms of employment.

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Fiscal Times: Not Just Cargo Shorts - The Slow Death of the Office Dress Code.

If they allow sweat pants and sneaks on Wall Street, it’s the end of the friggin’ world.

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c|net: Watch bowling balls plummet to their demise.

Strangely fascinating. I wonder if we guys ever outgrow the childish delight in ‘breaking stuff’ ...

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Steampunk Vehicles/SpeedWeek.

Lotsa photos. Pagination at bottom of design.

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BBC: Plane crashes into sea at air show.

Decent outcome.

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NY Times: Donald Trump Is Making America Meaner.

Art gallery personnel in Santa Fe, many of whom I associate with, have noticed a sharp uptick in unmannered, bigoted, self-centered people imposing their deeply-held manias on others. Past time for someone to shut the guy down.

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Teespring: Vote2016() by Techdirt.

HAH! Sure to offend everyone. I like it.

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PS Mag: How Incivility Breeds Incivility.

The team found that experiencing an inconsiderate or insulting act can drain an employee’s self-control, making it more likely he or she will act out in a similar way later in the day. Importantly, this cycle of abuse was only found in workplaces perceived as highly political.” Office politics - the worst. Absolute worst.

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NY Times: U.S.-Backed Militias in Libya Claim to Retake ISIS Stronghold of Surt.

Pro-government Libyan militias backed by American air power said Wednesday that they had seized the Islamic State’s last stronghold in the country, in the seaside city of Surt. If confirmed, the capture would be a severe blow to the militant organization’s expansion into North Africa.” If so, that’s a feather for Obama.

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Christie’s: Five minutes with Einstein’s leather jacket.

Hold your nose. Thanks, Tom E.

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Vox: The science of choking under pressure — and how to avoid it.

Pretty much the same advice as for a person with a stutter.

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NY Post: For the love of God, stop dressing like crap.

It’s enough to make you long for the days when high-end restaurants had loaner ties and blazers for forgetful dudes, and you could be turned away from a club for a slack outfit. Style, low budget and comfort aren’t mutually exclusive. Keep that in mind if you’re older than 12.” Yeah, I’ve been getting more conservative with clothes of late. Some things are just not appropriate.

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RABA Research: July 30 Poll Results.

Among likely voters, Clinton garners 46% support to Trump’s 31%. Libertarian Gary Johnson now captures 7% of the vote, while Jill Stein sits at 2%.” Interestingly, Johnson’s down a percent since the RNC. I assume some Bernie people having a tiff followed the crowd.

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Economist.UK: Defend me maybe.

Mr Trump is right that many European countries spend too little on defence. But to suggest ignoring treaty obligations is reckless.” See the chart. Countries that can easily afford it, don’t. Even Greece is paid up.

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Economist Daily chart: The economics of Donald Trump’s wall.

Looks like they did my same calculations, only better. Bravo. Thanks to @belledejour_uk on Twitter.

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SF New Mexican: Proposal for food trucks on Canyon Road moves through committee.

Um ... bathrooms and garbage come to mind. Bathrooms in particular, are in short supply on Canyon’s mile-plus stretch. The City even *advertises* some private bathrooms as being public in their printed materials. That’s not right. Build some bogs, legislators. You’ll have more tourists taking the walk.

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AMPWare Power Generating iPhone Case.

I need one. This would be great for backcountry emergency use (providing you can find a celltower to contact).

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Vice: I’m Sick Of Pretending - I Don’t “Get” Art.

Art, esp. in urban areas, has been seeking emotional and/or physical response for decades. Shock value. Disgust.

There are a whole lot of beautiful and sublime things in this world, but you’d never know it sometimes.

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Slate: Is 2016 the worst year in history?

Yes, but. Ain’t over yet. Oh, look. Cat photos.

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MessyNessy: A Forgotten Bowling Alley’s Steampunk Revival is a Perfect Strike.


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Randall Made Knives.

Beautifully made.

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NY’er: Headphones Everywhere.

You know, it’s curious. I stopped going to the gym about three years ago, and recently started back up. When I left, earbuds were the rage. Today, people are walking around with giant cans on their heads. My theory is (without any basis of evidence) that earbuds - no matter the price - sound like crap unless you have ears that fit the three-standard-size flanges. When you have ill-fitting earbuds, you tend to jack the volume, causing temporary deafness. I suspect everyone’s grokked to the fact that there’s nothing quite like the quality of sound of real headphones, and the volume can be set at an eardum-saving level. So you look like Mickey Mouse. At least you’ve got a soundtrack as you glazedly wander around the gym ... blissfully isolated from weight-banging, grunts and groans, fans, elliptical and treadmill whine ...

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Atlas Obscura: Would You Like To Be Buried In A Giant Eco-Egg?

I have to ask myself, why does this feel ‘better’ than a plain in-ground burial in a biodegradable coffin? Maybe it’s just marketing. Maybe it’s the symbology of the egg (life from death).

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NY Times: Why We Need to Pick Up Alvin Toffler’s Torch.

In many large ways, it’s almost as if we have collectively stopped planning for the future. Instead, we all just sort of bounce along in the present, caught in the headlights of a tomorrow pushed by a few large corporations and shaped by the inescapable logic of hyper-efficiency — a future heading straight for us. It’s not just future shock; we now have future blindness.” Another one, very worth your time.

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