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Dazed: Grimes turns down her Ice Bucket Challenge nomination.

Last Friday, Pamela Anderson declined her Ice Bucket Challenge nomination on the grounds that the ALS Association has a poor record of testing on animals. Over the weekend, Grimes has followed suit and turned down Canadian DJ Richie Hawtin’s nom, announcing that she’d be happy to give the money to a charity – just not the ALS organisation that kickstarted the charity challenge.

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alexcornellblog: Why It’s Impossible to Make Plans Anymore.

Cellphones. So this writer maintains. I’d critique, but I have to call someone ...

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BBC: Burning Man closed on opening day by rain.

‘Smoldering Man’ doesn’t quite have the same cachet ...

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The Dish: Calling Out Catcalls.

This brings up a point. If I’m walking on the street, and I see a man or a woman who is dressed so fantastically that I feel the desire to comment appropriately ... is there any method by which one can do so without seeming creeper/stalker/pervert?  I don’t think there is any method anymore for someone to say, “Jeez, you look amazing! Perfect!” and then just saunter on our merry way.

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Not One-Off Britishisms: “Expiry date”.

Ha! Say ‘expiry date’ anywhere inland of the two coasts, you’ll get some mighty curious looks. “What kind o’ date?”

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BldgBlog: The Spacecraft Cemetery.

Wreck-diving the fallen airlocks of the International Space Station!” More like sinking in a bathyscaphe to see gnarled, barbecued chunks of metal.

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OnStage Mag: Frampton personally enforces “No Camera” Policy.

He flings for the rafters.  Speaking of which, this self-absorbed behavior is getting worse and worse.  Our internationally-famed Canyon Road art galleries are now under siege by Shazam, the music-recognition app. Customers are bulling their way through fragile displays, shoving their cellphones next to speakers, and yelling “I GOT IT! I GOT IT!” for the entire block to hear.

These are not teenagers, in our galleries. These are comfortably middle-aged folks who should behave better.

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Pacific Standard: The Origins of the Chemtrail Conspiracy.

Just about every time I post a sky photo, I get some nutcase linking it and titling it “Look - chemtrails.” This foolishness has to stop somewhere. If anyone you know is spouting this dreck, shut ‘em down.

Oswald shot Kennedy. There were no explosives in the Twin Towers. There are a half-dozen Holy Grails of dubious authenticity scattered around. Benghazi’s only being kept inflated by right-wing gasbags.

Enough. Really.

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New Scientist: Robotic suit gives shipyard workers super strength.

About time.

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cole peters blog: Design culture is a frozen shithole.

We spend our time and energy not on things that improve the lives of people around us in an honest fashion, but on whatever seems most profitable and tempting to VCs; then, we convince ourselves that our profit-centric ventures are actually humanitarian causes because it sounds really good in the press and makes us feel special and warm and fuzzy.

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Longform: The Longform Guide to Miraculous Survivals.

Marked for later reading.

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If you think you’re seeing the Enola Gay flying over Santa Fe ...

You’re partially right.  The CAF B-29, “Fifi”, is here from today through the weekend.  I need to go over and take some pix!  It’s flying over Eldo.  I nearly fell over running outside.  It was doing a very low pass (under 1500 feet, IMHO).  The sound of those four engines, the thin fuselage, set me looking online. Totally cool.

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Guardian.UK: Home-built plane crashes in Idaho en route to experimental aircraft convention.

This points more to engine failure, than any sort of specific ‘home-built’ issue. Lancairs are really nice planes. Media loves to make homebuilders sound like crazy daredevils with no regard for their own lives. Just as they love to cite “failed to file a flight plan” as a cause of an accident. I’ll put in another plug for ballistic parachutes on single-engine aircraft.

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Phys.org: Researchers achieve ‘holy grail’ of battery design - A stable lithium anode.

Of all the materials that one might use in an anode, lithium has the greatest potential.

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Mashable: ManServants Startup Is Not a Joke and It’s Not a Gigolo Service.

Everyone who watches it thinks it’s a parody. [snip] Even the name of the company sounds like a joke. But it’s not.” You go, girls.

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Jarvis - Your SMS Personal Assistant.

Interesting concept.

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Seattle.gov: Space Needle Still Standing After Reported Drone Strike.

Another dope. Good luck to the President’s EO; the FAA is the proper venue, no matter what others say. If that thing had broken its props against the Needle, it could have killed or seriously injured someone on the way down. In a “Me, Myself and I” culture, this can’t end well without regulations.

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CNet: iPhone 5S vs. train goes exactly like you’d expect.

I despair of youth today. An iPhone won’t derail a train. The concept behind using pennies was not to derail a train, but to put enough of a slicker material (copper offers less traction than the rails, working as a lubricant) between the wheels and the rails to slow or stop the train. 

Not enough kids are growing up in rural areas, sans helicopter parents. I think it’s a huge, HUGE problem.

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I thought people bought/adopted dogs to help get themselves into shape?

Silly me.

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Upgrading the system to Mavericks today.

Pulled a bootable copy with SuperDuper. Running Time Machine *one more time*.  Think that’s enough?  You’ll hear from me ‘on the other side.’

Later: Postponed until sometime tomorrow. Realized it’s time to delete old apps, upgrade a few others … empty some junk off the internal drive.

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The Verge: Japan’s new Cruise Train is a luxury hotel on rails.


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Wired: Even the Gorillas and Bears in Our Zoos Are Hooked on Prozac.

In fact when Gus first arrived from an Ohio zoo in 1988, his favorite game was stalking children from the underwater window in his pool. [snip] But the zoo staff didn’t want Gus to scare children or their parents, so they put up barriers to keep visitors farther away from the window. Gus soon started to swim in endless figure eights.” I happened to visit Gus during his ‘figure eight’ period. I’ve seen sadder sights in zoos, but this was particularly horrible because you could see - no, that’s not enough. You could really feel he was slowly going crazy. 

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Vox: The ‘not everyone should go to college’ argument is classist and wrong.

More useful, applicable intelligence is never a bad thing. Problem is, not all colleges are in the business of increasing intelligence.

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The Airship: We Looked Deeply into the Trite - More Origins of Literary Cliches.

Ah, well.  Perhaps the absense of clichés makes the heart grow fonder? You might want to peruse the ClichéSite to see what you should avoid.

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The Rumpus: Revelations Of A First-time Novelist.

“Once a manuscript leaves your desk, subject matter is the primary (and often only) way it is discussed. So if you haven’t figured out a quick way to answer that cringe-inducing question ‘What’s your book about?’ in a way that interests other people, somebody else will.

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