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JunkCulture: Man Glides Down City Streets on a Wooden Pallet Modified to Ride on Trolley Tracks.

Hacking mass transit; love it.

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Holiday: Living in a Trailer (1952).

Talk about ‘evergreen content’via MeFi.

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Paris Review: Speaking American.

An English writer’s relation to the geography of Britain feels familiar. It’s not exotic or particularly dangerous, unless you’re talking Heathcliff and the North Yorkshire Moors; there’s always the reassurance of a church, or a pub, or a field of daffodils just around the bend. But the vastness of the American landscape opens up possibilities, thrilling and threatening, for a writer.” The landscape defines us, in so many ways.

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Kickstarter: AirDog, World’s First Auto-follow Drone for GoPro Camera.


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Mashable: FAA Has Clamped Down on Realtors Using Drones ‘for Months’.

Sorry, there are huge differences between hobby and commercial use. You can see from these videos that the realtors are breaking property boundaries into neighbors’ airspace and flying in the general public airspace (over public roads, waterways, etc.). A drone is a disruptive machine: a noisy device, and even with blade guards it can do a bit of damage if lost control of (everyone seems to have a ‘lost control’ story to relate). Last time I saw one in use near a busy road, the rubbernecking alone could cause an accident.

Are drones being picked on unfairly? No. If a realtor wanted to do aerials of a house and hired a crane to do it with, they’d have to obtain appropriate permits for public use, personnel to clear traffic, etc. I think that’s what the FAA is aiming for - notifying the neighbors ahead of time, and simply making sure the public is safe. That means a level of skill in operation, too. My bet: Look for N-style numbers on commercial drones, professional testing and professional licensing of some sort. Signs and notifications in operating areas, much like a commercial film set. 

Rather than individual liberty, drone operators should be proactive in talking about their safety procedures while operating their little machines. I’d bet the FAA would really appreciate that, and take a softer stance. Anyone talking about it? Not in this article.  If I were a realtor, it would be the first thing I would be doing - showing off my safety protocols, perhaps in a video as well. Be smart, not grasping.

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Guardian.UK: Abominable news - scientists rule out yetis.

The yeti, and his shambling hairy cousins the bigfoot, almasty, sasquatch and migyur, may still be out there, high in the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, Rocky Mountains or Urals – but they have escaped a team of scientists who have been testing dozens of samples, all claimed to be genuine chunks of yeti fur.  They have turned out to be hairs from depressingly familiar animals including cows, raccoons, horses, dogs, sheep, a Malayan tapir, a porcupine, and, in the case of one sample from Texas, a human being. And also a blade of grass and a strand of fibreglass.”  I think, Guardian, this means it is not ‘still out there.’

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NY Mag: When ‘I Believe’ Backfires — Science of Us.

Positive thinking has its place, but don’t mistake the warm fuzzies that accompany daydreaming about achieving your goals for, you know, actually achieving those goals.

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BarnFinds: Corvette Graveyard in Upstate New York.

All that seems to be left, is the fibergrass.

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Alyxandria: I Can’t Afford a Bachelor’s Degree, So I’m Making My Own.

Some have been talking about ‘disruption’ … a great example, on the hoof.

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Telegraph.UK: MH370 captain plotted route to southern Indian Ocean on home simulator.

Sources close to the investigation confirmed to The Telegraph on Sunday that a deleted flight path had been recovered from Capt Zaharie’s simulator which had been used to practice landing an aircraft on a small runway on an unnamed island in the far southern Indian Ocean.” Curious.

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Medium/CatNoone: Your writing is crucial.

The human brain does something very interesting when it writes. It creates spatial tasks for the information we jot down.” Agreed wholeheartedly.

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U of Oxford.UK: Critical Reasoning for Beginners.

Of note.

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BBC: Rhododendron rescue - Couple ‘trapped’ in dense forest on Irish mountainside.

It was horrendous - I have been a member of mountain rescue for 15 years and it was probably one of the most dangerous exercises or rescues I’ve been on.”  Cue “The Day of the Triffids.”  [Via ‘Gallimaufries with that?’ on Newsblur.]

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Git-backed Evernote replacement.” Of interest.

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Pacific Standard: Study - Art Museums Foster Appreciation for Ambiguity.

Context affects the experience of art.

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99U: Born Hatin’ - Why Some People Dislike Everything.

This is incredibly important to be reminded of because it paints a very clear picture: no matter what you create, a small group of people will hate it, often without reason.

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FirstWeFeast: How Coffee Became the Hottest Accessory (Literally) in Men’s Fashion.

Thinking about how to take your coffee isn’t as simple as adding cream or sugar anymore — now, you have to consider what to wear while drinking it.” Personally, I think more about *where.* I don’t enjoy coffee in a mass-market noisy coffeeshop. I prefer the out-of-the-way, empty restaurant … with sidewalk tables.

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Aeon: If everyone’s an idiot, guess who’s a jerk?

I submit that the unifying core, the essence of jerkitude in the moral sense, is this: the jerk culpably fails to appreciate the perspectives of others around him, treating them as tools to be manipulated or idiots to be dealt with rather than as moral and epistemic peers.

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Coolist: Ford Troller V4.

We’ll start with the good news– the new Ford Troller V4 is one of the most exciting SUV revelations in years.  It is rugged, it is contemporary, and it’s one of the toughest-looking SUVs to approach the market today.  The bad news?  It won’t be coming to the United States …” Are they crazy? This is almost exactly what I’ve been asking for. It would be an ideal Santa Fe vehicle.

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Mental Floss; 11 Awesome Things You Can See At The Explorers Club.

These days, the Club serves as a fellowship that awards grants and provides a social and professional network for continuing generations of explorers. Entry into that network, which includes dozens of chapters around the world, requires a background of extensive travel and a number of recommendations from current members.” There is a patina of age that extends beyond the objects; check the dust caked in the carpet in the background.

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Blog warning. I’ve had two beers now.

God only knows what I’m going to post next. If you know me, you know I’m an alcohol lightweight. Always have been a cheap date. Sandra will, of course, take my keyboard away … or hide my mouse.

Later: Yep, she saw what I was going to post. I’ve been banned. Later, taters. (hic.)

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Flickr: Multi-story VW Bus.

OK. It’d last what … five seconds in NM winds?

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Paris Review: Wizards of the Coast.

Just a fun read.

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Supercharged: Ferrari 412 pickup.

If you didn’t like yesterday’s MINI Superleggera, perhaps this will fit your lifestyle. [Ducking swiftly]

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CycleEXIF: Mercatone Uno Bianchi.

Bianchi green is the only - the ONLY - green I like.

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