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Catapult: Dying Is More Difficult Than It Seems.

The knowledge of death is closed to one who goes alone, it is open only to two who travel united.

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The Atlantic: The Impact of Microaggressions and Why They Matter.

Using a person’s preferred or desired gender pronouns (such as the gender neutral ‘they’ instead of she or he) is not a meaningless exercise in identity politics—it is an acknowledgement of a person’s innermost identity, conferring both respect and dignity.” Navigating the emerging ‘microaggression’ meme is damned tricky. Those in college right now have the upperhand, learning it as reflex.

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Guardian.UK: Kim Cattrall’s nearly 60 – what can she teach me?

Cattrall replied that she considers that after 50 you live your life ‘on the balcony’. By which she meant that you are so self-aware that you’re able to look down on yourself and your life as if it were all happening to someone else. So you make better decisions and live a happier life.

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CodeVisually: Pullbox - Dropbox alternative with Git.

Of interest.

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HDR in real estate, tourist publications ... really, really bad.

What are photogs thinking? Eyebleeding saturation, Photomatix color-mush ... worse. I know everyone’s getting paid chickenscratch, but you’re producing chickensh-t. Back off the HDR!! Or hire a real photographer.

I can’t believe anyone’s actually buying this crap, much less publishing it in national magazines ...

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Random Memory ...

When on Wall Street, Gucci ‘horse bit’ loafers in black were the middle-managers’ go-to shoe for dressing to impress.

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Guardian.UK: Denali is not just the new Mount McKinley – it’s also 10 feet shorter.

Denali is, reportedly, no longer such a big deal ... [/rimshot/] ...

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The Atlantic: How America Lost Track of Ben Franklin’s Definition of Success.

If you’ve not read Franklin’s Autobiography, you should add it to your list. I usually read it about once a year. A shame he didn’t get to fill it out with his later adventures, but what we have, is treasure.

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Not One-Off Britishisms: “Stroppy”.

Perhaps I should rename the blog.

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Guardian.UK: Is it justifiable to show footage of people being killed?

Depends on how its framed, IMHO. Characterising the Flanagan video as resembling a ‘first person shooter’ game got me very uneasy. I saw a five year old rack an unattended 9mm Beretta like an old pro - parents were alarmed also. How many guns/shootings do kids see by that age? Not so much ‘what are we doing’ as ‘what are we allowing to happen’ with our culture?

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Pen Test Partners: Hacking DefCon 23’s IoT Village Samsung fridge.

Whilst the fridge implements SSL, it FAILS to validate SSL certificates, thereby enabling man-in-the-middle attacks against most connections.” No flying cars, but SSL in your refrigerator. Welcome to the future. Thanks, @emceeaich.

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WTKR: Roanoke reporter, photographer killed by shooter during live news interview.

Horrible. The perpetrator shot them down with no more consideration than a worker in an abbatoir. The frequency of shootings seems to be increasing.

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So ... is ‘athleisure’ a thing now?

We’re already casual enough in Santa Fe. I had a business meeting two years ago with a CEO in a tracksuit. The new normal?

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The Strad: US Airways criticised for ‘passing the buck’ after losing eight violins.

At least 150 phone calls later, we have it!” Read through the entire odyssey, esp. the second-to-last paragraph. If I were a symphony, I’d book rows of seats for my valuable oversize instruments.

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BBC: ‘Temperamental’ Big Ben was ringing up to six seconds late.


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Adding a ‘Future’ category to the blog.

That last post made me realize the deficit in not having one.

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Italian Ways: “Il Borro”: a mix of old and new beauty for splendid relax.

They had me at the garden, but the cellars made me swoon.

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MessyNessyChic: Tango on the Seine, for Strangers in Paris.

Now this looks like a blast. Of course I’d have to work on supressing the punk-rock moves from City Gardens ...

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A Continuous Lean: The Long Lasting Style of a Real Character.

Buster Keaton, style icon. Your clothes need never shout, or even talk at all.

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William Reichard: Self-employed as what?

Will’s got a stumper. Without looking, ‘professional scalp-taker for the Redskins’?

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Vice: The Battle to Save the Businesses That Make New York Unique.

We’re getting a city filled with this incredibly boring monoculture.

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NY Times: From the Right, a New Slur for G.O.P. Candidates.

Cuckservative is an amalgamation of the word cuckold — the husband of an adulterous woman — and conservative.” Excuse me for laughing, but who on Earth was so highbrow?

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BBC: Elderly man ‘calmly’ smokes pipe while ‘sinking’ in Loxley lake.

Gotta give him points for style, if nothing else.

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The Register: Typewriters suck. Yet we’re infinitely richer for those irritating machines.

Bit misleading. Manual typewriters, mostly. Depended on how their type was rendered to the page ... long twangy arms, etc. They were designed for speed, eventually. Electric typewriters, no problem with key overlaps.

Yet I have to go with other conclusions here. I’ve stated time and again, based on watching various organizations move to new accounting software on a near-yearly basis, that old fashioned ledger-books and pencils, Funky Winkerbean accountants, would be both more economical and accurate.

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Guardian.UK: Tali Lennox ‘shattered’ after boyfriend confirmed dead in Hudson river.

What is it, this thing with NY’ers not wanting to wear life jackets when kayaking?

You recall this.

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