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General observation: You know, with auto-correct all over the place ...

... I see more misspellings than ever. I was always taught that if it is worth saying, it’s worth spelling correctly. One of the pillars of self-respect, communicating well. Depressing that even news orgs don’t even bother anymore.

(Spurred by visiting a site I pay for, and finding ridiculous misspellings through their product. If it weren’t so useful, I’d cancel my subscription.)

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Guardian.UK: Annie Proulx - ‘I’ve had a life. I see how slippery things can be’.

Proulx was a latecomer to the literary world, publishing her first novel, Postcards, when she was 56.” This is what those ‘30 under 30’ articles miss. The wonderful late bloomers.

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Atlas Obscura: New FAA Flight Plans Making Life Very Loud for Some Americans.

... now that the GPS network is being implemented, planes can be positioned more closely together, creating new flight path opportunities.” About a year or so ago, a flight path was crafted over our development, which put small commercial jets about 1200 feet over our house. Unpleasant. Something changed, we don’t hear them anymore. But the military in the area continue to play ring-around-the-development as they test the rotorcraft in for repairs at the Santa Fe Airport. Some sound like unmuffled Wankels, they’re so loud.

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Boston Globe: At this tech startup, age is an asset.


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Guardian.UK: Want to imbibe wisdom by accident?

OK, but please understand they are the ‘snacks’ of wisdom. Short, easy to post and read. And then most of us move on, without any depth of thought. So many are posting mediocre images and tacking quotes on. It’s clichè turned to 11 now.

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FishbowlNY: Forbes Lists Richest, Self-Made Women.

Hmmm. That last paragraph.

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SciAm: New Study Finds That Roof Racks Are a Real Drag on U.S. Fuel Consumption.

I knew this already. Yet my roof rack stays on the car ‘just in case’. I should just go ahead and take the durned thing off. I’ve been chucking my bike in the back of the van, just because of the drag on the roof. In NM’s high winds and weather, a bent frame and tons of bugs are your reward for sitting on the roof. Better the back-of-the-car strap-on dealy.

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Vimeo: Bullshit!, with philosopher Harry Frankfurt.

Mostly agree. I think we cannot do without a certain amount of bullshit in our lives; what of the enormously entertaining ‘tall tale’, for instance? How dull life would be, without having someone pull our leg from time to time.

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Atlas Obscura: Exploring the Secrets of Soothing Spaceship Sound.

Best part is the link to the 24-hour loop of Enterprise ambient sound. Better yet, mix two - Enterprise and ISS (click play on both videos in this article).

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Two from Atlas Obscura.

Brilliant bus concept. And Aristotle’s tomb?

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BoingBoing: Technology’s “culture of compliance” must be beaten back in the name of justice.

Of note. Thanks, BillSaysThis!

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Lorem f-cking ipsum: A Good F-cking Design Advice Service.

Language! Of course you could never use it. But it’s funny for a second or three. I find Lorem ipsum causes more problems these days than solutions. Better to just grab some text from some innocuous source. How many times I’ve heard, “What language is Lorem ipsum? Can’t you just use English?”

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Catapult: The Fierce Triumph of Loneliness.

I moved through these scenes like a ghost yet felt astoundingly whole.” Well-expressed.

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NY Times: Unearthing the Secrets of New York’s Mass Graves.

New York is unique among American cities in the way it disposes of the dead it considers unclaimed: interment on a lonely island, off-limits to the public, by a crew of inmates. Buried by the score in wide, deep pits, the Hart Island dead seem to vanish — and so does any explanation for how they came to be there.

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YT: Acapella - The Millennials song parody.

You’ll die laughing. If you’re not a Millenial.

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Atlas Obscura: Take a Ride on 9 of the Most Incredible Model Trains in the World.

Forget Trump for a while, look at these model trains!

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SF New Mexican: Were neon green orbs hovering above Santa Fe a UFO?

Hmmmm. On an afternoon of high winds - note, right after they’d calmed - I saw a dot grow in size. Blacker than black. Moving west to east, about 2500-5000 feet in the air. Never gained or lost altitude - just kept moving East until out of sight. It revolved slowly (not perfectly round). No odd accelerations, no movements that defied physics. Occam’s razor. I’m telling myself it was a black garbage bag caught in laminar airflow overhead. My story, I’m sticking to it.

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Atlas Obscura: The Hidden Messages of Colonial Handwriting.

Synchronicity. I’ve been working on my handwriting - printing, first - because notes I’ve left to myself prove to be undecipherable without context. This article makes me feel a little better. My cure - stop slanting, embrace verticality, increase volume of closed loops in characters. And SLOW DOWN. Interestingly, purchasing a Lamy Al-Star (in burnt orange) with an extra-fine nib (I wanted fine, but the stockist was out) forced this change. There’s no unreadability like thin chickenscratch unreadability ... now that I’ve adjusted my technique, I rather like the extra fine nib. Blue ink at the moment, but I suspect black ink will seal the deal for me.

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NY Times: What Is the Met Gala, and Who Gets to Go?

Dream on.

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Atlas Obscura: The Unfathomable Collection of Lonnie Hammargren.

Is there any better display of American kitsch?

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BBC: Barbie challenges the ‘white saviour complex’.

... work and volunteering can work as long as some basic points are observed. Firstly, that people are aware that they are coming not to ‘save Africa’ but to help out locals who are already doing the work. Secondly, they need to acknowledge the privilege that they come with.” Even some budding journalists head over thinking they’ll find Africa still exists as 60’s National Geographic tableaus.

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The Atlantic: You’re More Likely to Die in a Human Extinction Event Than a Car Crash.

The Global Challenges Foundation estimates a 9.5 percent chance of human extinction within the next hundred years.” Oh, happy thoughts for the weekend. I didn’t read this. “La la la la ...

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One sentence equivalent articles.

I’m running into more and more lengthy ‘preach’ pieces ... you know, the old ‘best practices’ articles ... ones that run hundreds, even thousands of words long. And in each and every case, they could be communicated in one (admitted compound, but quickly-understood) sentence.

I’m reminded of a quote from Fowles’ The Magus: “Why should I struggle through hundreds of pages of fabrication to reach half a dozen very little truths?”

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TechDirt: FCC To Ban Charter Communications From Imposing Usage Caps If It Wants Merger Approval.

Like net neutrality, usage caps are a sign of a lack of competition in the broadband market, and streaming competitors like SlingTV worried that the Charter merger would simply result in yet another giant like Comcast - with a vested interest in using the lack of broadband competition to hammer emerging streaming TV evolution.” At least scan it.

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PS Mag: Tell a Good Tale, Find a Great Mate.

Research finds storytelling ability increases men’s attractiveness as long-term romantic partners.” Now, THAT, I believe.

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