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Says: “Dead” Chinese Girl Was Actually Playing Games And Living In Cafes For The Past 10

Um, OK.

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DYT: This Man Spent 25 Years To Create The ”World Map” in Lake Klejtrup, Denmark.

Pretty neat!

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The New Yorker: E-Mail Legal Disclaimer.


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HuffPo Science: 18 Habits Of Highly Creative People.

A little too ‘new age’ for my taste. I’d like to see a definition of a ‘highly creative person.’

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Jetpack exhaustion.

Every day, I seem to come across another link with a jetpack video. Flying with planes. Flying with cranes. Flying with statues. Flying with other jetpacks. Enough.

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Vimeo: The Race of Gentlemen 2015.

By the Jersey shore. I need to haul my camera gear over thataway sometime soon.

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Vox: Are Democrats doomed or dominant? Yes.

*Sigh*. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve heard this and the obverse before. Must be a slow news week. Red cup Christianity and political poopnostication is at the fore. One assumes red Solo cups are suspect, also ... ?

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Paris Review: How Terrifying a Ship on Fire Is.

Imagining a backstory to a famed painting.

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Slate: Against subtlety - The case for heavy-handedness in art.

I assume the grotesque use of stock imagery was to make a point?

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FishbowlNY: Layoffs Hit National Geographic.

A Fox in the henhouse ... ? Waiting for the syrupy spin to start.

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The Atlantic: How to Beat Surge Pricing.

The researchers therefore suggest a method for beating the surge when requesting an Uber. Look at the surge map, figure out where the nearest adjacent pricing area is, and then change the location in the Uber app to request a car from inside that area. There’s a good chance the price offered will be cheaper. If so, and if it’s close enough to where you actually are, you should be able to request a car and walk to the new pickup point by the time it arrives.” Being a pedestrian saves you $$.

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The Rowfant from The Scamp Motor Company.

Rebody a Suzuki Samurai (if you can find one still in good shape) ...

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Youtube: Frank Grillo Shares Boxing and Workout Tips.

Packs a wallop.

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Re/code: Autonomous Cars and Their Ethical Conundrum.

one can imagine many types of ethical issues that a self-driving car will encounter. Understanding how the engineers, philosophers and ethicists design the final algorithms that sit at the heart of these autonomous vehicles will be very important to the success of these automobiles.” Denise McCluggage and I spent an afternoon debating these permutations, and came up with no solid Asimov-style ‘robot rules’ for driverless cars. I joked that perhaps a driverless car might contain a charge to blow itself up, in an answerless situation. I received a snort in response.

Later: I’ve got it! EJECTION SEATS.

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ArtDaily: Old, prestigious Pennsylvania collection of US coins to be auctioned.

Great backstory.

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Longwood Gardens - New Heights.

Beautiful and informative, but the design is slightly annoying. The ‘idle’ music in particular, makes you want to jab nails in your ears after a bit. If you love Longwood, you’ll find lots of info here.

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ArtDaily: SOS to rescue legendary US liner from scrap heap.

The organization is urgently appealing for donors and investors, in an effort to give the ocean liner a future it deserves such as a hotel, floating apartments, office space or a museum.” It would need an affluent visionary to save the ship.

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MessyNessy: Book your Bedroom in the Paris Catacombs on Halloween Night.

Yeah, don’t forget your iPad, so you can have an all-night Vincent Price movie-fest.

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Mashable: ‘Prettiest ankle’ competitions were a heel of a good time.

One still observes ‘nicely turned ankles.’

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SciAm: Men Are Attracted to Nonconformist Women.

‘Tis true. I married one.

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Atlantic: Will Anyone Come to the American Dream Super Mall?

So the question now is a different one: Does a giant shopping mall represent anyone’s American dream anymore?” The Meadowlands have been the repository for junk, in the 20th century. Mining, brickmaking, warehousing, landfills full of NY’s detritus, junkyards. Appropriate that an abandoned mall will eventually reside there.

Little known fact - some of the 19th century ‘plank’ wooden roads are still there, abandoned.

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FastCo: 8 Habits of People Who Always Have Great Ideas.

This is what I call the “SEO fluff article.” Is there any aspect of this that is unique or new, unexpected? Nope.

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Mashable: Town comes together to give elderly man a heartwarming makeover.

Needed this today.

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The Atlantic: The Best Job Candidates Don’t Always Have College Degrees.

Many companies find that skills-based pre-employment tests are better predictors of success on the job.” The airlines saw this most starkly in the ‘60’s and 70’s, though they did virtually nothing about it. They lost some of the best veteran stick-and-rudder flyers by pushing a degree restriction on pilots. Never overlook ‘naturals.’

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Mashable: Pope Francis is skeptical of unbridled capitalism, making for an uneasy fit with America.

Once capital becomes an idol and guides people’s decisions, once greed for money presides over the entire socioeconomic system, it ruins society.” Ample evidence in the news today, given the revelations over hideously criminal drug pricing ...

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