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Modular crock pots.

Daisy chain ‘em. Now, if there were a cure for crock pot flavor/texture. It’s OK for a few days, but then I get the urge for fresh-cooked (rather than 8 hour stew).

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OpenCulture: The Wisdom of Alan Watts in Four Thought-Provoking Animations.

Fun, but he conflates Zen and Taoism, as many in the West do. The story of the farmer is straight from Chuang Tzu (Zhuangzi).  Better to get it from the original, from one of my favorite books. [Caveat: Published by the Princeton University Press, when my best friend was an editor there.]

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If you update to the latest Evernote for Mac ...

... and you seem to be missing the last month or so of notes, don’t panic. Hit the “Updated” column title a couple of times to re-sort.  Nothing’s missing, it just has a bit of brain fog.

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“The best [thing] ever.”

No need to click. Just wait five minutes. It’s actually the next best thing, I’m tellin’ ya. “Best” has a distinctly short half-life on the interwebs.

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TG’s Political Wire: Lowest Midterm Election Turnout Since World War II.

Here’s your mandate ... [*cough* *cough*] ...

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Guardian.UK: Poetry Brothel puts the bawd in bard.

Needs absinthe.

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DesignYouTrust: The Sad Story of a Stolen Truck.

Terrible end for a gorgeous truck.  I’ll keep my eye out for similar models; there’s a great old junkyard down in Vaughn that I’ve been meaning to troll with my camera for B/W shots - though from the Google Maps satellite cam, it looks like someone’s hauled away a lot of the great ones already (those grass rings nearest the road were some fantastic 40’s pickups).

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BBC: Virgin Galactic crash - Inquiry team lands in Mojave [Photos of the in-flight failure].

FYI. Looks like catastrophic failure of the rocket engine itself.

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Yahoo7.AU: Plane crash kills three in flight simulator.

Not The Onion.

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Dazed: Top 10 cult leather icons.

Okay, how could such a hip online magazine forget to include the Lizard King in his leather pants? Huh? Dump Cruise in Top Gun. That had very little cultural effect, comparatively.

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Mashable: British etiquette manual tells you how to behave in the 21st century.

The rule is that you should always give the other person more attention than technology.

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I picture Hulk sitting by the fireside, with half-glasses and a smoking jacket.

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The Verge: Google VP’s 135,908-foot leap breaks world record for highest free-fall parachute jump.

The accomplishment came seemingly out of nowhere with no fanfare or media buzz whatsoever; The New York Times’ science Twitter account first reported Eustace’s incredible feat.” A quiet one-up; I like it.

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WritersDigest: The Art and Craft of Wasting Time in 20 Quotes.

Of interest.  Forgive the sourcing.

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The Art Newspaper: Tullio’s Adam returns to view at the Met.

One of its greatest treasure, Tullio Lombardo’s life-sized marble sculpture of the nude Adam crashed to the stone floor as its medium-density plywood stand buckled and collapsed.”  Even the Art Newspaper doesn’t proof its copy.

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Guardian.UK: The half-life of disaster.

As long as disaster capitalism reigns – which no doubt will be as long as capitalism itself reigns – the world will be caught in a vicious circle: that of responding by increasingly draconian and ill-advised means to a threat environment whose dangers the response only contributes to intensifying.”  Via wood s lot.

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bruegel: Uber Economics - There is no such thing as bad publicity.

Be circumspect how you oppose. I’ve contemplated this for ages, particularly during Presidential elections years. Some things I just won’t blog, in order to keep the signal level lower.

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Aeon: The shame of poor teeth in a rich world.

Hmmm. Isn’t the European joke, “You must be from America. That’s the only place they manufacture such perfect teeth.”?

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FOX6: Toddler crawls his way into toy vending machine.

I grabbed his feet and he kicked my hand and he got in climbed up and over glass partition and sat down in the toys.

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TechDirt: Have Drone Will Travel — Slow-Moving Regulators Force Innovation Overseas.

In response to slow-moving U.S. domestic policy on commercial drone use, innovators are moving abroad, to jurisdictions where regulations have been updated to delineate when drones may be used in the commercial context.

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Jaguar Heritage Experiences.

Drive (or ride) a vintage Jag.

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NY Times: Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

If there is such a thing as divine justice or karmic retribution, the world we live in is not the place to find it. Instead, the events of human life unfold in a fair and just manner only when individuals and society work hard to make this happen. We should resist our natural urge to think otherwise.”  My italic emphasis.

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Vanity Fair: Why a Street Criminal Stole a Multi-Million-Dollar Violin.

If you look at it another way, there was something dangerous and almost deranged about it, the kind of crime Abbott and Costello might plan, after consultation with Cheech and Chong and Martin and Lewis.

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Boston Review: Conservatives Are Driving Americans Away from Religion.

Religiously-inflected politics of personal morality alienated more recently-born moderate and liberal Americans from the church.

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SF Reporter: Santa Fe’s Newly Improved Caboose.

The orphan caboose at St Francis and Cerrillos roads enjoyed a makeover.

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