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The Atlantic: Pilots on the Germanwings Murder/Suicide.

And when people start looking for whom to blame, the answer is simple: Joe-six-pack who wanted a $99 flight from New York to L.A, or Pierre Baguette who wanted a 65 Euro Paris-Casablanca…and the cynical bean counters who make this possible” Pilots used to be paid well, have peerless training and plenty of *useful* hours in type. Not so today. Huge issue.

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Youtube: AAA video analysis provides shocking results among teen drivers.

Ouch. Important to watch this; you’ll drive all the more defensively now. The way I used to cure this, was to have kids learn to drive a stick shift. No automatics until good driving skills are ingrained. The eye/hand/foot coordination required by shifting relieved boredom, and served to keep handheld distractions at a minimum. Not to mention that being able to disengage the engine via clutch in emergency situations saves lives. Via Cam Barrett on FB.

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Nautilus: What your tombstone material says.

A pile of rubble clearly does little to aid in the remembrance of a body that walked and talked and dreamed and thought. But a marker that remains too pristine loses its authority. An inscribed date might reveal when a monument was erected, but it’s the lichens, dirt, chips, and scratches that make that date convincing. We want time to be gentle, but not to stop.” Plastic hasn’t made any inroads. Surprised solid hunks of cloudy acrylic aren’t all over graveyards yet, come to think of it. Surely someone could come up with a recycled-plastic aesthetic as a business model, link it to the green graves movement.

Later: Speaking of interesting tombstones ... extra points for recycling.

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Mashable: German flight’s 8-minute descent is key mystery in crash.

The Airbus 320 has not recorded the slightest accident since it has been used by Lufthansa group.” Yet the 320’s been cited for being prone to ‘glass cockpit blackout.’  Power outage with no navigation and no communication capabilities. On a cursory glance, it would certainly fit the overall profile.

Later: Photos have been released of the crash site. As with any mountain crash, the slopes and terrain shred airplanes to tinfoil. There are no survivors. My deep condolences to the families.

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Youtube: Showing IKEA print to art experts.

Like putting oenophiles on the spot.

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Reddit/IAmA: I am Carl Estersohn, veteran and a WWII B-17 pilot. Ask me anything!

Fun. Sounds like a character.  I’ll point you to my photos of the B-17 and B-24 when they came through SF.

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Re/code: Monica Lewinsky Gives Poignant TED Talk on Cyberbullying.

A marketplace has emerged. [snip] Shame is an industry. [snip] The more shame, the more clicks. The more clicks the more advertising dollars.” And she’s right.  No link, Re/code? Shame.

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Project MUSE/Postmodern Culture: Zombie Apocalypse as Mindfulness Manifesto (after Žižek).

The terror of the zombie apocalypse is not the xenophobic fear of alien invasion, but the horror of our own radical (and contagious) dehumanization (perhaps resulting from foreign contamination); it is precisely our imagination of the human condition after the death of the ego.”  A distant acquaintance discussed arming themselves for the ‘coming zombie apocalypse’ the other day. Some people really believe this stuff. I’ve only had time to skim the article, linked for my audience and for deeper reading later. I feel like a zombie myself sometimes, what with the seeming lockhold of corporations over government. Via always surpassingly excellent wood s lot.

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On the uses and abuses of ‘charity’.

Lance Armstrong. Will Ferrell. Compare, contrast. For the TdF, I can see how they wouldn’t want Armstrong and his legacy anywhere near their event, charity or no. Because a given effort benefits a ‘charity’, does that automatically make it ‘right’?

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Modern Mechanix: Unique Bus of Future to Duplicate Speed of Railroads.

‘Cruise ship of the prairies’.  I like it.

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c|net: Apple extends iPhone 5’s on/off button replacement program.

Battery replacements, too. Bookmarked for my 5s.

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JUMP FOR JOY! Photo Project: Group #jumpforjoyphoto with fun International Students at the beach!

Made me smile, after a physically exhausting week.

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Bike EXIF: The Amazing Motorcycle Models of Pere Tarragó.


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Mashable: 11 Wesleyan students hospitalized after apparent Molly overdoses.

Molly often gets cut with compounds that ... compound .. the negative effects. It’s all an affair of the heart - you’ll go from feeling love for everything, into full cardiac arrest. 

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Flavorwire: Depressing Philosopher Motivational Posters.

Heh. [Sob.]

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Mashable: 1-800-Flowers is doing major damage control after a Valentine’s Day fail.

Normally, being deflowered on Valentine’s Day would be romantic ...

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KOAT: Chimayo man spots Virgin Mary in his truck.

Local color.

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Kickstarter: Chop-E - probably the coolest electric bike ever built.

Cute.  The Zero is more usable in my location. 

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ArtDaily: Sotheby’s unveils an extraordinary 100-carat perfect diamond unlike any offered before.

Oh, to be an international cat burglar.

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NPR: With Porches And Parks, A Texas Community Aims For Urban Utopia.

Don’t miss the comments.

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Guardian.UK: How George RR Martin is helping stem Santa Fe’s youth exodus.

The youth exodus is variously blamed on the city’s high cost of living, lack of affordable housing, uninspiring nightlife and limited employment options.” As fun as this sounds, it does very little to alleviate any of these situations other than hire a double-handful of young folk. The elephants in the room are not addressed. PR flacks are making lots of money, the politicians are buying it ... existing businesses aren’t seeing it.

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Matador: 9 American habits I lost when I moved to Germany.

These are great. Thanks to Roland on FB.

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The Millions: Calendars, Timelines, and Collages - Mapping the Imaginary

How some authors lay out a book.

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BBC: How do US cities get rid of snow?

NYC can be miserable in the snow, but after a day or two, it all goes in the Hudson and East River. Nice to have a dump at both ends of the cross-streets.

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Viral meme speed.

Amazes me how fast “Left Shark” has entered conversations around the world. Ms Perry and her sharks seem ‘the only bait in town.’ No Wikipedia article, so far.

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