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Guardian.UK: Reports of English’s demise in US have been greatly exaggerated, experts say.

It [the U.S.] has 41 million native Spanish speakers and 11.6 million who are bilingual – more than Colombia or Spain – and is on course to be the biggest Spanish-speaking nation on Earth, with Spanish the mother tongue of almost a third of its citizens.

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Ars Technica: Tonight’s leap second may cause problems for the Internet.


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NewtBoot gets second life.

Reminds me. I bought a ‘NewtBoot’ for my Apple Newton, when they were still in vogue. A two-compartment case for Newton and other items (pen, card slots).  These days, when going out to shoot in the heat, I’ll carry my DSLR with wide angle zoom, and the NewtBoot will contain polarizing filters, pocketknife, energy bars, other bits and bobs in organizer pocket, iPhone in outer pocket. The main NewtBoot compartment holds an insulated water bottle! Strapped across my chest in opposition to the camera, it’s a good light portable rig. Until I find something better.

I’m having a hard time at the moment finding a good carrying solution, now that I’ve added a 70-200 to my arsenal.  The old Lowepro waistpack can’t handle it without straining the zipper, and it’s just too heavy. Looking at slings and things.  Any suggestions welcome. I like to be able to operate without having to put stuff down ... the waistpack format was perfect for my operating style.

[And for Newton purists, I can’t find my little rubber Newt. My wife stole him, because she thought he was so cute. He’ll eventually turn up in a storage box somewhere, I’m sure.]

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Bicycling: Man Wakes Up With Bike Lock Around His Neck.

Not funny. Tentative soundtrack.

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Mashable: Searchers find body of missing ex-White House chef.

I suppose I’d wager a heart event. Less than two miles from the trailhead. The Taos Ski Valley trails start at 9,200 feet. Noting of course that I can and probably will be abundantly wrong, I just thought couching it in a word of caution about acclimatization would be the best way to introduce the item.

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JunkCulture: Photos of Shopping Bags Tangled in Bushes Call Attention to Pollution.

Familiar. I just cleaned one out this weekend. You wear gloves, long sleeves, boots. Rats love to nest underneath cactus, so there’s flea/plague risk. All in all, no fun. Bag bans save lives, you could say.

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Surely a candidate should be able to come up with something better ...

than “thoughts and prayers” for the shooting victims. Just about every single one riffs off this tired old chestnut.

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Smoking Gun: NAACP Imposter Sued School Over Race Claims.

The story gets weirder: “The court opinion also noted that Dolezal claimed that the university’s decision to remove some of her artworks from a February 2001 student exhibition was ‘motivated by a discriminatory purpose to favor African-American students over’ her.

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YT: Pentax dust and weather sealing in Afghanistan.

This will sell a lot of Pentax’s.

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Mashable: A cat library in New Mexico encourages office workers to check out kittens.

Offered sans comment.

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BBC: Fatal A400M crash linked to data-wipe mistake.

A military plane crash in Spain was probably caused by computer files being accidentally wiped from three of its engines ...” Give me cables and levers, thankyouverymuch. Not a fan of fly-by-wire.

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Mashable: BBC journalist’s tweet causes panic over Queen’s health.

BBC, a precipitate “Queen sacrifice” will only rarely win you a chess game ...

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Guardian.UK: Study shows many US canned goods still contain cancer-linked BPA.

Less than one-third of the 252 brands surveyed by EWG use BPA-free cans for all products. Of those companies questioned, 43% gave ‘ambiguous or incomplete’ answers to EWG queries. Some companies did not respond entirely.” I’ll assume you already know to check EWG for sunscreen recommends, yes?

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The Economist: Manhood.

No news as to whether the Caitlyn Jenner treatment will help ... (ducking swiftly) ...

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Fooling ourselves with science: hoaxes, retractions and the public.

Scientific research was manufactured, which resulted in claims that appealed to some popular views, and the media broadly and uncritically promoted the results, advocating popular actions in response.” And we as bloggers, need to be extra careful about what we promote. Yet how are we to judge if even scientists are fooled?

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Vox: I have 227 browser tabs open, and my computer runs fine. Here’s my secret.

I tend to stash stuff, rather than keep tabs open. Free RAM uber alles.

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Authentic Jobs: Designers at Hillary for America.

If you’re looking, this could be very entertaining.

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Guardian.UK: Denton, Texas, banned fracking last year - then the frackers fought back.

Oil and gas is allowed in every zone [in Denton, yet] bakeries aren’t allowed in every zone because there’s a bit of morning truck traffic.” I suppose they could hire some biker toughs from Waco. The state isn’t going to lift a finger.

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NY Times: Couple’s Kayak Trip on Hudson Included Missteps and Dangers, Experts Say.

This one is bizarre. Every time a new article on this incident shows up in my feed, I look for new clues.

What gets me is not the accused, and the attempts at using cultural excuses for her post-incident behavior. It’s the ‘experts’ weighing in. Everyone around NM has a whitewater kayak rotting in their backyard, in various states of disrepair. When season comes, they get used - drain plugs or not. They’re simply awful - AWFUL - on open water in wind and current. They have flat bottoms and wind can push you around wherever you want. Yet folks still use ‘em on lakes. I’d like to say even the biggest fool knows to wear a PFD, yet I see folks consistently go out on flat water with none, thinking flat water is ‘safer’ than whitewater. Whitewater kayaks are designed to roll easily - if you enter the water without a PFD, it’s often suicide. Further, it seems these folks had no sprayskirts (preventing water from entering the cockpit), no paddle-leashes, in addition to the other important equipment mentioned in this article. Saying these two were ‘experienced’ kayakers is ridiculous. Two people went out for an ‘adventure’, completely unprepared for the conditions. Whether she left him to drown or not, it wasn’t ‘kayak sabotage’, given the current clues. And there’s not enough circumstantial evidence to convict, if the jury’s honest.

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In These Times: Inside the Happiness Racket.

The happiness industry exonerates capitalism. It’s not that the job is underpaid, the hours unreasonable or the product pointless. It’s that the employee is just unhappy. She should be encouraged to eat better, exercise and practice mindfulness. Or, if those things fail, seek a pharmaceutical remedy.” It’s enjoyable to be happy. Melancholy in solitude (*not* depression or sadness) tends to make me superhumanly creative. And I’m not the only one.

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naked cap: More on the Myth of Outsourcing’s Efficiency.

Particularly good. Do take this one in.

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NY Mag: This Is Why You’re Terrible With Names.

Names are ‘completely arbitrary, and hold no specific information in them’ ...” So, it’s not early-onset Alzheimer’s.

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Google NGram Viewer: AOL, Facebook and Twitter.

Of interest.

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WalletHub: 2015’s Best Cities to Start a Business.

Surprising results.

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100,000 Stars.

Cosmic fix for the morning ...

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