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SF New Mexican: Bobcat Bite managers to leave over dispute with property owner.

Green chile burgers will never be the same.

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Valet.: Quality Tonic Water.

Oh yes. Now I’m ready for the heat-switch on June 1.

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Telegraph.UK: Mad cow infected blood ‘to kill 1,000’.

Mention ‘Mad Cow’ and watch the British lose it. Note that 1,000 number is a ‘high case’ scenario. Panic never solves anything.

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Guardian.UK: Weetabix supplies hit by dismal harvest.

Society will crumble!

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ABQ Journal: Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen In Santa Fe Being Sold to Gerald Peters.

Didn’t realize Mr Peters owned so many Santa Fe restaurants.

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BBC: US animal activist laws ‘may impact globally.’

Bad news. They want us to remain ignorant of their process. Whether it’s filmed or writtein in text, information will be released. Yet the operations may not really care about what you (here in America) think. An interesting article (see the chart, esp.) of the growth of meat consumption in America vs China. Guess where we’re importing tons of meat to?

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Boston Globe, Big Picture: Last of the Trawler Men.


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PacificStandard: Guinea Pigs, an Adorable—and Tasty—Dinner Companion.

Kinda missing the point. They can be sustainable protein on a very small scale, like crickets.

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NY Times: Study Points to New Culprit in Heart Disease.

If you know folks who’ve gone Paleo, or have kids chugging energy drinks, you really need to read this.

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SciAm: Feeding the World’s Under-Nourished…with Crickets.

Now, a group of students at McGill University, in Montreal, has has a plan to produce edible insects on an industrial scale. The idea is to distribute cricket-producing kits to the world’s slums as a way of improving diets, and giving people more income. Families would eat what they needed, while selling the rest for processing into flour, and other products.” This totally rocks. I’d eat crickets. No gluten intolerance issues, and high protein. Where do I sign up?

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NY Times: The Talmud and Other Diet Books.

Modern science corroborates Maimonides: it takes about 20 minutes for the brain to receive messages from the stomach that it has had enough. Satiety can be achieved with less food than one might think, and it requires more time to reach it.” The groaning board wouldn’t be so lethal, if we understood that simple stat.

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NY Times: Texas Monthly Hires Full-Time Barbecue Editor.

I’d have to bike from joint to joint, I suspect.

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Valet.: Make It—Cacio e Pepe.

I’d be hungry again within an hour. Prooootein.

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Bless This Stuff: Homemade Gin Kit.

Hmmm. Looks like you don’t need many berries. I have a juniper about four feet from my front door with about 100x this many berries … ideas, ideas ...

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Washingtonian: Experts’ Picks—7 Gluten-Free Beers.

Nice. I haven’t had the chance to try a couple of these. Omission sounds particulary interesting. There’s nothing in the gluten-free spectrum that will ever replace Guinness Stout, sadly …

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NY Times: Doubling Back for the Roadkill.

There’s a lot of good meat being wasted out there.” You know the old joke about a seven-course meal … roadkill and a six-pack.

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vox: Wine tasting—Is ‘terroir’ a joke and/or are wine experts incompetent?

The more you pay, the better you think it tastes?

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Flickr: Found Tea Tags 01.

A plethora of tea tags on Flickr.

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HuffPo: Guatemala Declares National Coffee Emergency.

Guatemala’s president declared a national emergency Friday over the spread of coffee rust, saying the fungus that has hit other Central American countries is affecting 70 percent of this nation’s crop.” Quelle disaster!

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Lifehacker: What to Look for in a Pressure Cooker.

Linked because of this great comment: “Sometimes I truly wonder if reading Lifehacker is really improving my life or if it’s just shrinking my bank account by convincing me to buy things I don’t really need.

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SciAm: Cod Comeback Lessens Gloom over Emptying Oceans.

Cod giveth, and … cod giveth.

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FT: Horsemeat probe widens after new scare.

Perhaps ‘scare’ is the wrong word. “It said it did not believe this was a food safety issue.” Disgust and mislabelling come to mind. The ‘morality’? Horses are smarter than dogs or cats … but roughly on par with pigs. And we certainly do love our bacon.

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New Scientist: Abnormal gut bacteria linked to severe malnutrition.

Trehan’s team found that the children were significantly less likely to become malnourished once the dietary treatment had ended if they were given a course of antibiotics along with the diet.” Antibiotics kill gut bacteria, without regard for type or benefit. I’d try the faecal transplant, personally.

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Mother Jones: Will Your Waiter Give You the Flu?

I had gone to my boss and asked if I could leave because I wasn’t feeling well. They asked that I finish the shift. And frankly, I couldn’t afford not to.

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SciAm Podcast: Coffee Boosts Recognition of Positive Words.

Speaking of coffee ...

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