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Weezbo: Freeganism Movement in Canada.

Gluten-free need not apply.

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Valet.: Small-Batch American Gin.

I’ve wondered about local makers. We’re certainly awash in juniper, here in NM.

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DesignSponge: Crystal Sykes’ sidecar.


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Wikipedia: Mutation breeding.

For the GM-concerned. Some of our ‘organic’ foods are developed using mutagenic, teratogenic chemicals and … wait for it … radiation. They are, to quote WikiP, “not prohibited by any nation’s organic standards.” Another information point.

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Guardian.UK: Horse slaughter industry attempt by New Mexico plant fails legal hurdle.

We loves our horses in NM. Bad choice of state for locating this plant.

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The Brander: Ravinder Bhogal – Cook in Boots.

Check the videos at the bottom of the article … chocolate, raisin and brandy fudge? Where do I sign up?

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BBC: Apple-a-day call for all over-50s.

Give me the choice between chocolate and an apple, I’ll always take the apple. As long as it’s a snappy, tart one.

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Gear Patrol: 10 Best Mail-Order Meat Companies.

No, not a vegetarian.

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SciAm: The Gut’s Microbiome Changes Rapidly with Diet.

A new study, published Wednesday in Nature, indicates that these changes can happen incredibly fast in the human gut — within three or four days of a big shift in what you eat.

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Modern Farmer: Venomous Spiders Are Hiding in Our Grapes.

Erm, perhaps I simply go for wine and raisins instead …

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Serious Eats/The Food Lab: How to Roast Fall and Winter Vegetables.

Roasted brussels and bacon? Sold. Via Jake Sutton’s Blurblog.

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SlashGear: “Christmas Tinner” goes viral: authenticity unconfirmed.

Hilarious, even if theoretical.

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The desert apres-dessert.

the desert post-dessert.

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Nature: Study linking GM maize to rat tumours is retracted.

Wow. Now virtually half of the internet’s New Age/health segment is due for collapse. The type of rat this study used, the Sprague-Dawley rat, has been known to have significant spontaneous tumor issues since 1973. Their use for any long-term study guarantees invalidity. Given the date, one can’t argue a pro-GM conspiracy.

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Buck O’Hairen’s Legendary Sunshine: It’ll Clear the Clouds.

Reputedly a moonshine overindulgence cure. Gluten-free, too.  I’ll have to look for it.

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Guardian.UK: Ancient wine found on jars unearthed from 3,700-year-old cellar in Israel.

They found “… a blend of ingredients that may have included honey, mint, cedar, tree resins and cinnamon bark.” Seems wines of the past were quite a bit more flavorful.

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Mumanu: Archaeologists Officially Declare Collective Sigh Over “Paleo Diet”.

“The nutritional benefits of the diet are not what the grievance is about, said Dr. Britta Hoyes, who organized the event. She agreed that a high-carbohydrate diet can have a detrimental effect on long-term health, as many studies have demonstrated. Instead, the group’s protest is a reaction to the biological and historical pediments of the diet, in particular the contention that pre-agricultural societies were only adapted to eat those foods existing before the Neolithic Revolution.” Personally, I’ve not met a single person going ‘paleo’ who gives a rat’s bum about what cavemen ate. It’s all about reducing carbs, and the digestive benefits thereof. Nasty gut bugs love sugars and carbs, and the diet’s very helpful to many. How about we call it the ‘Pretend Paleo’ diet instead, and all get on with our lives?

Later: More studies linking carbs to obesity, sans name-argumentation.

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IdiotPull: Compost Today! [Screenprinting with spices?!]

Cinnamon and Paprika. Sounds a bit sneezy.

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Open Culture: Christopher Hitchens Names the “Best Scotch in the History of the World”.

Easy to get, but hardly the best. Sorry, Hitch.

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Foodbeast: Canned Wine is the New Boxed Wine.

“No word yet on how the canning process will actually affect the taste, but we are definitely excited to give this a try.” Just … no. No. Not excited.

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In These Times: Kaua’i Says No to GMOs.

Misleading title. Disclosure, not ‘no.’  And it’s a special case - “GM behemoths” (their terminology) use the island for year-round tests, and have clearance from the EPA for special pesticide use. If pesticides are truly dusting people’s homes, then this needs more action than just disclosure. I expect sprawl is happening, homes are encroaching on formerly distant fields.

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MailOnline.UK: Before dogs became ‘man’s best friend,’ humans regarded them as ‘vermin.’

The average hunting dog, he said, could bring in 40 pounds of meat every month.”  And were decidedly delicious at the end of their productivity.  Read Lewis & Clark’s journals.

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SciAm: GMO Labeling, I-522, and Why This Debate Sucks for Progressive Scientists Like Me.

If a scientist bombards a corn seed with radiation to introduce hundreds or thousands of mutations, and then selects for mutants with beneficial properties, that would not warrant a label, whereas a targeted insertion of a single gene would.” More within.

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NotCot: ‘Breathable Tea.’

I did a double-take at ‘skin tea’ before my brain resolved to the obvious. Not enough caffeine this morning!

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Bushel and a Peck Market.

Dixon’s was wiped out by the Las Conchas fire and the subsequent floods … they’ve up and moved to Wisconsin.

And yet I still see locals blogging about this year’s crop of “Dixon’s Apples.”

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