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Authority Nutrition: MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) - Good, Bad or Downright Toxic?

If you personally feel that you react adversely to MSG, then you should avoid it. Plain and simple. But if you can tolerate MSG without any symptoms, then there doesn’t seem to be any compelling reason to avoid it.

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Popular Archaeology: Study Lends New Support to Theory that Early Humans were Scavengers.

Perhaps, if someone’s looking for a ‘literal’ paleo diet, they might want to copy coyotes. Scavenge and forage. Though one would think we’d have stronger digestive adaptations to handle bad meat.

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NY Times: To Kill a Chicken.

I suspected it was bad, but not this horrifying. “Think about that. If a naughty boy pulls feathers out of a single chicken, he’s punished. But scald hundreds of thousands of chickens alive each year? That’s a business model.”  My italics.

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SciAm: Beyond Resveratrol - The Anti-Aging NAD Fad.

How excited should we be about all this? If I were a middle-aged mouse, I’d be ready to spend some of the nickels and dimes I’d dragged off the sidewalk to try NR supplements. [snip] But the paucity of human data gives me pause. Nobel laureates notwithstanding, I plan to wait until more is known before jumping up from the supper table to run out for some NR.”  Wasn’t resveratrol proven to be a hoax? Or am I behind the times?

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Vox: Fruits and vegetables poison more Americans than beef and chicken.

Some of the processes farms have in place to clean produce actually trap bacteria in the plants, making them impossible to wash away. There are also types of bacteria that you simply can’t wash off, or the contamination happens in places you typically don’t splash with water, like inside the fruit or vegetable after entering through a core, opening, or bruise.

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Hired Guns Creative: Baba Yaga Absinthe.

A guaranteed conversation-starter, surely.

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SF New Mexican: Flying Star Cafe closes in Santa Fe, Bernalillo.

She said the higher minimum wage in Santa Fe is not a factor in the closing; the lack of foot traffic around the Railyard and the still-sluggish Santa Fe economy is.” The Railyard has not performed as promised. With Flying Star gone, how long will REI last? Will the Railyard return to abandoned hulks, once again?

Further, everyone keeps talking about how “#NewMexicoTrue” is revitalizing Santa Fe. I beg to differ. The campaign is bringing more people in aggregate - that is a success, certainly - but not the right demographic. Social media is not the best spot to engage the affluent tourists that Santa Fe requires. Gallery and store owners are not impressed. Lots and lots of foot traffic, uninspiring sales for the amount of people passing through. You need big spenders, not cheap-tchotchke-buying tourists who gawp at all the expensive artwork, take selfies, leave naught but footprints and a bit of wrapper from a bargain burrito.

It’s a terrible thing when you see a fine art gallery selling postcards, keychains and gag gifts to help pay the rent. $5.00 purchases next to $50,000 artworks. Just terrible. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

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KRQE: Santa Fe diner named one of the best in the nation.

The Pantry.

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Peas from Austria. Why?

I just noticed on my package of frozen peas from Trader Joe’s, that they are grown in Austria. Why, I wonder? Did California drop off the map? The breadbasket Midwest get consumed in a tornado? Florida, sink? How can this be economical? Like their Dutch tomatoes and other products, I just don’t get where TJ’s transportation costs are hidden. And I won’t even start on the carbon footprint.

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Authority Nutrition: Phytosterols - “Heart-Healthy” Nutrients That Can Harm You.

Although eating phytosterols from whole plant foods is fine, it is best to avoid phytosterol-enriched foods and supplements like the plague.

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Archaeology News Network: Humans ate domestic dog, wild cat, fox and badger.

Shouldn’t surprise. Fluffy and Bowzer were fresh, self-maintaining protein one didn’t have to carry.

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BBC: ‘Safer GMOs’ made by US scientists.

What we’ve done is engineered organisms so that they require synthetic amino acids for survival or for life.” Plants as slaves? You know someone’s going to say it.

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NY Times: 20 Wines for Under $20.


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Sean Connery eating pasta, 1960’s.

Apparently some Scots don’t know how to twirl?

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Codex99: Hemingway and the Cocktail.

Of interest. You folks misspelled ‘correspondent.’

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Authority Nutrition: High Fructose Corn Syrup - Just Like Sugar, or Worse?

Commonly used high fructose corn syrup (HFCS 55) is virtually identical to regular table sugar. There is currently no evidence to suggest that one is worse than the other. In other words, they are both equally bad.” Their emphasis.

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Archaeology News Network: Dental plaque reveals key plant in prehistoric Easter Island diet.

Sweet potatoes, not bananas or taro or breadfruit.

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Gluten-free article removed.

Too long, and I’m sick of talking about it. Embargoed.

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Slate: Turkey eggs - Why we eat white and dark meat at Thanksgiving but not eggs.

Okay. And I suppose quail are similar. Imagine the little tiny omelets one could make.

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PS Mag: The Exponential Benefits of Eating Less.

Eat Less You Pig.” HAHAHAHAHA ... poignant.

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Modular crock pots.

Daisy chain ‘em. Now, if there were a cure for crock pot flavor/texture. It’s OK for a few days, but then I get the urge for fresh-cooked (rather than 8 hour stew).

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365/2: 323. There’s nothing like the smell of frying/roasting peppers ...

365/2: 323.

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Bush Smarts: Camp Coffee Kit.

How upscale. We used a clean sock, a pot, and lots of boiling in Texas. Stronger? Boil longer. Worked great. And so lightweight (one slightly-stained sock).

Later: I have to laugh. The ‘boiling in Texas’ was absolutely necessary. [Not.] Mangled grammar! I’ll leave it.

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Modern Farmer: Landmark 20-Year Study Finds Pesticides Linked to Depression In Farmers.

Earlier this fall, researchers from the National Institute of Health finished up a landmark 20-year study, a study that hasn’t received the amount of coverage it deserves. About 84,000 farmers and spouses of farmers were interviewed since the mid-1990s to investigate the connection between pesticides and depression, a connection that had been suggested through anecdotal evidence for far longer.

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The Atlantic: Japanese Whiskey Poised to Make Big Impact in United States Bars.

People are always looking for something new and will want to give these whiskeys a chance.” Perhaps. My love of Scottish scotch shall never be ... kilt ... by another nation’s.

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